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WWE Raw Report
XANDER'S WWE RAW REPORT 5/16: Alt. perspective review of full episode, final Over the Limit hype

May 17, 2011 - 10:08:14 AM

WWE Raw Alt. Perspective Report
May 16, 2011
Live from San Antonio, Texas
Aired on USA Network
Report by Xander Assaad, PWTorch contributor


-- WWE Open.

-- Raw Open.

-- A full pyro display opened the arena portion of the show. Josh Mathews introduced the show and instantly started hyping Over The Limit. John Cena’s music hit. The WWE Champion burst on stage to a loud (and largely popular) reaction from the live audience. As Cena tried to speak, Alex Riley suddenly cut him off. Riley started spouting off Cena’s catch-phrases, then threw it to a video. The video focused on the numerous times Miz had gained the upper hand on Cena.

Back live, Cena put on his best serious face. Riley introduced The Miz, who stepped onto the stage in a dress suit. He and Riley shook hands then walked towards the ring. Cena sold trepidation. Riley said that the WWE Universe had underestimated The Miz from the very beginning. He took a shot at the San Antonio Spurs for some cheap heat, then waited out a loud “You Suck!” chant. Riley vowed that The Miz would prove the WWE Universe wrong again at Over The Limit by making John Cena quit.

Cena took a microphone and said that Riley was as stupid as he was useless. Cena took some digs at Miz by focusing on his maturity level and masculinity. Cena turned serious and said that Miz had accomplished a lot in his WWE career. He respected that, but that was beyond the point. He explained that the reason he chose an I Quit match at Over The Limit was because he wanted to see fear in The Miz’s eyes. Cena finished his promo by saying that Miz’s new catch-phrase would be, “I’m The Miz, and I quit.”

The Raw G.M. chimed in. From the Cole Mine, Michael Cole announced The Miz could announce a match stipulation and opponent for Cena tonight. The Miz took a microphone and acted as if he was pondering what his decision would be. The Miz said that he didn’t know what the choice would be, but that it would be honest. Miz’s music hit to close out the opening segment. He and Riley celebrated as Cena stood in the center of the ring and continued to look pensive.

[Commercial Break]


-- Back live, Kofi Kingston’s music hit. The United States Champion made his way to the ring. C.M. Punk’s music hit. He entered the ring surrounded by the New Nexus. At the top of the entrance stage, Punk gave his followers explicit instructions. A replay aired of Big Show and Kane tearing apart the New Nexus last week.

1 -- United States Champion KOFI KINGSTON vs. C.M. PUNK (w/The New Nexus) -- non-title match

Punk started off the match by trying to keep Kingston on his toes. Kingston knocked Punk out of the ring with a dropkick. The New Nexus started to approach the ring, but Punk waved them off. Punk rolled back into the ring and knocked Kingston down with an axe-handle. He started to elbow away at Kingston’s chest, then went for an early near fall. Punk wrapped Kingston up in a neck-vice. Kingston tried to escape, but Punk whipped him over and went for another nearfall. He then stepped onto the ring apron and climbed to the top rope. Kingston caught him up top with a heel kick. Punk fell back down to the canvas. Kingston went up top and nailed Punk with a flying cross-body block. He followed that up with the Boom Boom Drop, then signaled for the Trouble in Paradise. He missed. Punk hoisted him up for a Go To Sleep, but Kingston flipped out and rolled up Punk for a near fall. Kingston missed a splash in the far corner. That allowed Punk to hoist him up and nail the G2S. That was good for the win.

WINNER: C.M. Punk in about 4:00.

Post-match, Punk sat down in front of the New Nexus. He took a microphone and promised to rebuild his group. He promised to make each member of the New Nexus the most dominating man in WWE.

Backstage, The Miz was talking to Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero. Michael Cole hyped up the official contract signing between Lawler and himself. Great, another top of the second hour talking heads segment between non-wrestlers.

[Commercial Break]


-- WWE Slam of the Week: A replay of Kharma destroying Eve on last week’s Raw.

-- Back live, Kelly Kelly’s music hit. The Diva made her way out for a match. Out next were The Bella Twins.

2 -- WWE Divas Champion BRIE BELLA (w/Nikki) vs. KELLY KELLY -- non-title match

Kelly and Brie started off with a grapple. Kelly took the advantage with a snap-mare takedown, then mounted Brie with a Lou Thesz Press. Brie tangled Kelly up in the ropes, then Nikki gave her a hotshot from the outside. Brie locked Kelly in a sleeper hold, then smashed her head against the mats. Kelly started to make a comeback. She hit her spinning huracanrana, then nailed Brie with a handspring/elbow combination in the far corner. Brie tried to gain a little more offense, but Kelly awkwardly rolled up the Divas Champion and scored a surprise pinfall.

WINNER: Kelly Kelly in 2:30. I can’t tell who the green Diva is in these matches. I feel like it’s Brie Bella, but it is just so hard to tell.

Post-match, the Bellas attacked Kelly. Suddenly, Kharma’s music hit. The twins backed themselves into a corner, then stood up and acted like they were actually going to try and take her on. Kharma locked her eyes on Kelly Kelly, then made her way over to the unconscious Diva. Suddenly, one of the Bellas attacked Kharma from behind. Kharma took them both down. Brie exited the ring. Kharma continued to destroy Nikki. All the while, she never stopped staring at Brie. Then, Kharma turned her attention to Kelly Kelly. She helped Kelly to her feet, then glared at her disapprovingly. She flicked Kelly on the forehead, laughed maniacally, and exited the ring.

Backstage, The Miz tried to convince The Big Show to be his chosen opponent for John Cena.

[Commercial Break]

-- Back live, Josh Matthews threw it to a video package for the movie “That’s What I Am.” You know, I actually feel like this film could be the best WWE Studios’s production yet. Not that that’s saying a lot. Back in the arena, Rey Mysterio’s music hit to a very light reaction from the live audience. The announcers discussed last week’s Number One Contender’s match, then threw it to a replay of R-Truth attacking Mysterio after the match.


Mysterio took a microphone and said hello to San Antonio. He said that he was out there to speak the Truth. He recapped R-Truth’s attack on him last week, then said that he knows what Truth feels right now. The difference was that he never took his frustration out on someone else. Mysterio called R-Truth to the ring so that he could handle their business man-to-man. Mysterio finished his promo with, “And that’s the truth.” He remained in the ring, waiting patiently for Truth to show up, as the show went to commercial.

[Commercial Break]

-- Back live, Mysterio continued to wait for R-Truth. Instead, Alberto Del Rio’s music hit. Ricardo Rodriguez stepped onto the stage and introduced Del Rio to the audience. Del Rio drove to the ringside area in Bentley Convertible. He stepped out of the car with a microphone in hand, then introduced himself to the audience. Del Rio called Mysterio a “little Chihuahua,” then blamed him for ruining his chances at destiny. He showed great intensity as he declared himself a real Mexican, unlike the people who lived in San Antonio. Del Rio entered the ring and said that the United States of America begged him to come into the country, unlike Mysterio and the Texans, who came to America like rats. Mysterio shot back that he wasn’t going to let Del Rio disrespect his people, then proceeded to speak in Spanish. In English, he said that he was proud to be both a Chicano and an American. He proclaimed that he would happily take on Del Rio instead of R-Truth. And just like that, the men jumped into a match.


The initial action was fast and furious. Mysterio seemed to be a step ahead early on. Finally, Del Rio sat Mysterio on the top rope, then slammed him to the mat with a jumping arm-breaker. He dropkicked Mysterio in the head. Mysterio rolled out of the ring.

[Commercial Break]

-- Back live, Del Rio had Mysterio in an armbar. Mysterio kicked Del Rio in the gut and escaped the hold. Mysterio followed that up with a leaping bulldog, but Del Rio stopped his momentum with a clothesline. Del Rio continued to focus on Mysterio’s arms and upper-body.


The crowd came alive as Mysterio seemed to make a comeback. Del Rio floored him with an enziguiri, then scored a nearfall. He locked Mysterio into another armbar, then tried to rip off Mysterio’s mask. He nailed Mysterio with a dropkick to the face and went for another pinfall attempt. After that, Del Rio returned his attention to Mysterio’s arm. Mysterio escaped the hold. Del Rio charged at Mysterio, who ducked out of the way. Del Rio slid between the middle ropes and crashed to the outside of the ring.

Suddenly, R-Truth’s voice blared over the house p.a. Truth screamed for someone to call the police because Mysterio was a thief. He continued to psychotically scream that someone should call the cops. Del Rio tried to sneak up on a distracted Mysterio, but Mysterio rolled him up for a near fall. Mysterio climbed up top and hit a seated senton. That was followed with a huracanrana, then Mysterio went for the 619. Ricardo Rodriguez grabbed Mysterio’s feet and broke up the move. The referee instantly threw out the match.

WINNER: Rey Mysterio via disqualification.

Post-match, Del Rio attacked Mysterio and continued to try and separate Mysterio’s arm from his shoulder socket. The referee pulled him off of Mysterio. R-Truth then snuck into the ring and lit into Mysterio. He hammered away at Rey’s face and continued to call him a thief. He dropped Mysterio with Pay Dirt, then knelt in front of his opponent’s fallen body. Truth grabbed a microphone and once again acted as if he wasn’t sure of his actions. Truth asked Rey why he would challenge him. Truth said that he makes all of the challenges. He said that at Over The Limit, Mysterio was “going to get got.” He nailed Rey in the head with a microphone, then crawled backwards as if he was having second thoughts. The surge of conscience didn’t stop him kicking away at Mysterio one more time, though. Truth exited the ring and muttered to himself as he walked up the entrance ramp.

Backstage, Miz tried to convince Punk to allow Mason Ryan to fight Cena tonight.

[Commercial Break]

-- Back live, Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole were already in the ring for their contract signing. Cole was in a leather chair with his feet on the table. Swagger stood behind Cole with his hands on his hips. Cole thanked Lawler for agreeing to one more match with him. He said that the only way he would sign the contract was if Lawler promised to give Cole his Hall of Fame ring and to personally induct him. Cole eagerly signed the contract. Lawler did the same. Cole said that Lawler jumped the gun -- he didn’t read the fine print of the contract. Apparently, there was a stipulation added that their match would be a “Kiss My Foot Match.”


Cole threw it to a video of Jim Ross kissing Cole’s feet a few weeks ago. Back live, Cole laughed it up and made some jokes at J.R.’s expense. He brought up Lawler’s history in “Kiss My Foot Matches,” then threw it to a video package of the match between Lawler and Bret Hart from the King of the Ring in 1995. It was the first match with the aforementioned stipulation. Cole sat his foot on the table and removed his sock. It was green and moldy and looked like it was covered in crusted puss. Lawler told Cole to shut up and said that Cole was not on the same level as Bret Hart. He said that he even respected Swagger, who was a former World Champion.

Cole responded that the best thing to ever happen to Swagger was becoming his sidekick. Swagger grew irritated and got in Cole’s face. He mouthed off to Cole and exited the ring. Cole screamed out for Swagger to come back. He begged and said that he didn’t mean any disrespect. On the other side of the table, Lawler was all smiles. Cole tried to kiss up to Lawler and said that everything he had done over the last few months was all a joke. Lawler told Cole to stuff it. He grabbed Cole by the tie and slammed him head first into the table. He leaned in close to Cole and vowed to shove his foot down Cole’s throat on Sunday.

Backstage, Miz gave his sales speech to Kane. Big Show walked up and pulled Kane away for a match.

[Commercial Break]

-- Back live, Lawler was all-smiles. In the Cole Mine, Michael Cole was dejected. The Big Show/Kane hybrid music hit, and the Tag Team Champions made their way out for a match. Kane and Big Show vs. C.M. Punk and Mason Ryan was announced for the PPV on Sunday. The New Nexus made their way out. Kane and Show would be having a warm-up match against Michael McGillicutty and David Otunga.


4 -- WWE Tag Team Champions KANE & THE BIG SHOW vs. MICHAEL MCGILLICUTTY & DAVID OTUNGA -- non-title match

Kane and McGillicutty (MMCG) started things off. MMCG tried to hit a sunset flip, but Kane hoisted him into the air via the neck. Kane dropped MMCG with a seated dropkick and tagged in Big Show. Show chopped away at the young man’s chest. MMCG slipped out of a body slam attempt and kicked away at Big Show’s knees. He quickly tagged in David Otunga, who dropped Big Show multiple times with boots to the face. Otunga tagged MMCG back in, and he continued to work on Big Show’s knees.

Multiple quick tags from the members of the New Nexus ensued. At ringside, Punk cheered on his followers. MMCG went for a grapevine on Big Show’s left leg, but Show wrapped his right knee around his head and pulled the Nexus member off. Otunga tagged back in. Show went for a choke slam, but Otunga kicked out of the move. Big Show then took Otunga down with a belly-to-back suplex and made the hot-tag to Kane.

Kane entered the match and tore apart MMCG. Kane with all of his signature offense. Suddenly, Mason Ryan slid into the ring. Kane glared at him. Ryan quickly slid back out. On the outside, Big Show took Ryan down with a monstrous spear. The referee was distracted and Punk jumped on the ring apron and blindsided Kane. That was enough for The New Nexus to score the pinfall.

WINNERS: David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty in about 5:00.

Backstage, Miz and R-Truth were chatting.

[Commercial Break]

-- Back live, the announcers hyped up the Over The Limit PPV.

-- Backstage, Kane and Big Show were interviewed. Big Show said that they will easily beat The New Nexus at the PPV. Kane said that Sunday would not be Punk’s salvation or redemption -- it would be the destruction of him and the New Nexus.

-- Backstage, John Cena said hello to Zack Ryder. Ryder handed Cena a shirt. Cena made his way out for the main event.

[Commercial Break]


-- WWE Rewind: John Cena soundly defeating Alex Riley last week. I hope that doesn’t mean that Riley is Cena’s mystery opponent tonight.

-- Back live, The Miz’s music hit. The Miz stepped onstage with a microphone and announced that the main event would be No Hold’s Barred. How original. Miz told Cena to get out there. Cena’s music hit, and the WWE Champion solemnly stepped onto the entrance stage. He was hesitant to walk past Miz and Riley, but Miz gave him an opening. Suddenly, Jack Swagger burst out and attacked Cena from behind. Miz officially introduced him as Cena’s competition. The match started before either Swagger or Cena made it to the ring.

5 -- WWE Champion JOHN CENA vs. JACK SWAGGER -- non-title match

Finally, Swagger rolled Cena into the ring. He pulled Cena’s shirt over his head and hammered away at Cena’s midsection. On the stage, Miz and Riley smiled. Cena mounted an early comeback, but Swagger cut him off. He dropped multiple elbows across Cena’s chest and followed that with a jumping leg drop. Swagger backed Cena into a turnbuckle and hammered away at his back. After a snap-suplex, Swagger nailed his running Vader Bomb and went for a pinfall attempt. Cena kicked out as the show went to commercial.

[Commercial Break]

Back live, Swagger was still firmly in control. The announcers talked about the No Holds Barred stipulation… which seemed to not play into any of the match at all. The action spilled to the outside. Swagger whipped Cena into an exposed ringside barrier and rolled him back into the ring. Swagger approached the announce desk and grabbed a steel chair. He smashed it across Cena’s back, then went for a pinfall attempt. Cena kicked out. Swagger grabbed his hair in frustration. He put the chair on Cena’s chest and hit a second running Vader Bomb. Cena managed to kick out again.

Swagger positioned the chair in-between the top and middle turnbuckle. Suddenly, Cena popped up and lit into Cena with right hands. Swagger blocked a shoulder block and used a Firemen’s Carry to kill his momentum. Swagger finally put Cena in the Anklelock, but Cena flipped out. Swagger charged at Cena, who was conveniently position right in front of the chair. Cena moved. Swagger speared the chair.

[Over-run] This gave Cena the opportunity to mount his full comeback, which included all of his signature offense. Within thirty seconds, Cena dropped Swagger with the Attitude Adjustment. He locked in the STF and Swagger quickly tapped out.

WINNER: John Cena in about 12:00.

Post-match, The Miz pranced around the top of the stage and mock-clapped for Cena. He said that Cena’s win was impressive. He asked Cena to embrace this brief victory because Sunday would feel the exact opposite. Miz talked about the numerous ways he could make Cena say “I Quit.” He walked around the production area and pointed out all of the different items he could use as weapons, then grabbed the hanging camera and smashed it into the entrance stage. Miz and Riley walked down to the ringside area. Miz told Riley to pull something useful out from under the ring. Riley obliged and found a steel pipe. Miz said that all of those things would be obvious and that none of those would be his weapons of choice. He painted himself as the new “Cerebral Assassin,” and promised that he had found a way to destroy Cena on Sunday. Just short of Alex Riley putting a gun to Cena’s wife’s head, I can’t imagine what Miz could do that would match the hype from tonight.

Miz held the steel pipe and said that he had no problem using it tonight. Riley attacked Cena, and Miz struck Cena with the pipe. Suddenly, Cena popped back up and cleared Riley and Miz from the ring. Cena grabbed a microphone and screamed that Miz would need more than a million ways to beat him. He continued to scream as he vowed that Miz would say, “I quit!” on Sunday. That may have been the most realistic intensity that Cena has ever put on display.

[End Show]

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