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DVD Review: ROH, "SuperCard of Honor II" (3-31-07), with Whitmer-Jacobs in a cage, Dragon Gate six-man tag

Jul 26, 2007 - 4:39:00 PM

By Chris Vetter, Torch Contributor

Ring of Honor continued its big Wrestle Mania weekend of shows in Detroit, Mich., on Saturday, March 31, 2007. This event is titled “Supercard of Honor II,” as it is one year to the day after the first “Supercard of Honor.”

Just like the night before, the crowd is packed, with maybe 1,000 fans – it’s hard to tell crowd sizes at ROH shows with the lights down low. On commentary are Dave Prazak & Lenny Leonard, and they make a great team.

* The DVD opens with another Jimmy Jacobs promo, and it looks like it was shot at the same time he did the excellent promo that closed the 3/30 DVD. Jacobs said that Whitmer walked out on him. Jacobs said that Whitmer is “fueled by pride.” Jacobs said that he fights for love. Lacey walked onto the screen. Jacobs said, “I fight to reclaim my innocence, my purity.”

(Quick backstory: Mark Briscoe injured himself by botching a Shooting Star Press off the top rope to the floor the night before. Honestly, he’s lucky to not be even more injured than he was. It was a sickening crash to witness, even on DVD.)

* To the ring! Jay Briscoe walked out by himself, and he said he knows his brother, Mark, wishes he could be here. Christopher Daniels & Matt Sydal came out, and Daniels ripped on the crowd, and he demanded a title shot. “Get your crippled brother out here,” Daniels said. Jay said Mark is in the hospital. Daniels called the Briscoes “accident-prone ba$tards,” and he said they should forfeit the tag titles! Jay introduced his partner for the night – Delirious!

(1) Delirious & Jay Briscoe defeat Christopher Daniels & Matt Sydal at 18:04.
Delirious cut a promo in his gibberish. The heels talked on the floor and hugged. Delirious, as always, went crazy at the bell. Jay and Daniels opened the match and traded shoulder tackles. Jay hit a quick armdrag and a dropkick, then a clothesline that sent Daniels to the floor. Prazak noted that Daniels has become more serious and more aggressive as of late. Sydal and Delirious tagged in at 2:30, but Daniels attacked Delirious from behind! Sydal accidentally kicked Daniels, and the heels bailed. Delirious nailed a crossbody block to the floor, but the heels caught him. Jay then hit a dropkick onto Delirious that knocked the heels to the ground.

Jay hit some chops on Daniels on the floor. In the ring, Delirious hit a back suplex on Sydal. Delirious & Briscoe hit the Football Double Shoulder Tackle (and the announcers didn’t acknowledge Delirious taking Mark’s spot in this move). Delirious nailed a spine kick for a nearfall at 5:30. Daniels kicked Delirious from the ring apron, and it allowed Matt to hit a spin heel kick on Delirious. Daniels slammed Sydal onto Delirious, and the crowd booed. Sydal hit his cannonball legdrop on Delirious, and he choked Delirious with a tassel, and the crowd booed, as the heels were in charge. Daniels applied an abdominal stretch, and Sydal hit a catapult dropkick into the exposed ribs at 10:00! Sydal hit a running clothesline into the corner. Delirious hit a headscissors takedown, then he nailed a Cobra Clutch backbreaker on Daniels, and the crowd was hot.

Jay made the hot tag, and he hit some clotheslines, then a headscissors takedown on Sydal, a Stunner on Daniels, and a Falcon Arrow slam on Sydal for a believable nearfall, then a Mafia Kick on Sydal and a flip dive to the floor onto the heels at 13:00! In the ring, Jay hit a frogsplash onto Sydal for a nearfall. Daniels hit a Death Valley Driver on Briscoe, then an STO, but he missed the Best Moonsault Ever and landed on his feet. Daniels hit an Iconoclasm for a nearfall, then he applied a Koji Clutch, but Delirious made the save. Delirious got the hot tag, and he hit a Panic Attack/running knee on Daniels, then he hit the Shadows Over Hell backsplash for a nearfall.

Sydal came back with the “Here It Is” Driver/pumphandle sitdown powerbomb for a nearfall on Delirious at 15:30. Sydal hit a standing moonsault for a nearfall. Delirious nailed the Bizarro Driver/fisherman’s Michinoku Driver on Sydal, but Daniels made the save. Daniels and Briscoe traded forearms and punches, and this was hot! Jay hit a second-rope X-Factor faceplant on Daniels, but he couldn’t hit the Jay Driller. Daniels hit an STO on Briscoe, then the Angel’s Wings/spinning pedigree, but he couldn’t make the cover! Sydal missed a Shooting Star Press. Delirious nailed the Chemical Imbalance 2/flip powerbomb on Sydal for the pin. A very good opener!

* B.J. Whitmer spoke backstage, saying that this issue began two years ago when he picked Jimmy Jacobs to be his partner. “I almost feel like I’ve created a monster,” Whitmer said. B.J. said he would take out Jacobs later tonight.

(2) Claudio Castagnoli defeats Yamato at 6:57.
Solid, short match. Claudio wore red pants, and Yamato wore blue trunks. Yamato turned to the crowd and said, “too tall!,” referring to Claudio. The bell rang, and Yamato couldn’t reach high enough to grab Claudio’s hands for a test of strength. Claudio overpowered him early, and they traded mat holds. Yamato hit a dropkick and a shoulder tackle to finally knock Castagnoli down at 2:30. Yamato hit some chops. Claudio fired back with a European Uppercut for a nearfall, then a guillotine legdrop and a diving European Uppercut to the back.

Claudio tied him in a knot. Prazak mentioned that Claudio is working on a new finisher: a gutwrench piledriver. Yamato hit a spear, and they were both down. Yamato hit a T-Bone suplex for a nearfall at 5:00. Claudio hit a bicycle kick to the face and a running European Uppercut for a nearfall. Yamato hit a German Suplex for a nearfall. Claudio hit his Waterslide/modified Angle Slam for a believable nearfall. Claudio hit the gutwrench piledriver and scored the pin.

* A clip aired of Jacobs & Whitmer celebrating in the ring after winning the tag titles.

(3) Erick Stevens defeats Mitch Franklin at 0:40.
Mitch hit some stiff forearms, but he couldn’t get a sunset flip. Stevens put Franklin across his shoulders and hit a TKO stunner. Stevens then nailed the Dr. Bomb/gutwrench powerbomb for the pin.

* A clip aired of Whitmer hitting Jacobs at the “Dissension” show on Jan. 28, 2006.

* To the ring, where Larry Sweeney walked to ringside and talked about hanging out with “Hollywood A-listers,” and he introduced Chris Hero and Johnny Fairplay! Fairplay has much darker hair than when he was on Survivor a few years ago. The heels got in the ring, but fans shouted, “Shut the F*** up!” Fairplay got on the mic and said that ROH fans suck. Hero called out “Nigel McLoser” for the next match!

(4) Nigel McGuinness defeats Chris Hero (w/Larry Sweeney & Johnny Fairplay) at 9:39.
Basic match, but it had tremendous crowd heat, as the fans HATED seeing Fairplay. A boom mic for VH1 or MTV could be seen at ringside. Ugh. Nigel attacked Hero from behind and hit some European Uppercuts. Jimmy (Gabe Sapolsky) Bower joined the booth and apologized to fans for Fairplay’s role here, comparing it to prior ROH disasters like the appearances of Konnan, ICP and Abdullah the Butcher. Nigel hit an inverted DDT. Prazak was annoyed with Fairplay playing up to the cameras. “What is he even doing here?” Prazak said.

Nigel hit a running European Uppercut on the floor at 2:30, and he slammed Hero into the guardrail. Sweeney grabbed Nigel’s ankle as Nigel got back into the ring, allowing Hero to hit a Mafia Kick for a nearfall. Hero hit some forearm shots, and he paused to celebrate, and the crowd booed him. Fairplay hit Nigel. Hero hit a senton, and he hugged Fairplay at 5:00. “This IS worse than ICP,” Prazak said. Nigel nailed a short-arm clothesline and a backbody drop, then another short-arm clothesline for a nearfall.

Hero applied a cravate, then he hit a flip slam with the cravate locked on, for a nearfall. Hero hit some “Tracey Smothers” thrusts to the chest. Nigel nailed a Tower of London/Hangman’s stunner for a nearfall, but Sweeney & Fairplay made the save at 8:30. Suddenly, Nigel was alone in the ring with Fairplay! Nigel nailed a short-arm clothesline on Fairplay for a HUGE pop. Hero hit a Mafia Kick, but it sent Nigel to the ropes, and Nigel hit the Jawbreaker (Rebound) Lariat for the pin. Great heat, but pretty average match.

* A clip aired of Jacobs vs. Whitmer from a year ago in Detroit, where, both of them fell off the top turnbuckle to the floor. Wow, that’s scary to watch, even now.

* Roderick Strong & Davey Richards walked to the ring. Fans chanted, “Please don’t talk!” Strong was in a button-down shirt and slacks; he clearly wasn’t ready to wrestle. Strong said he would teach a lesson to Austin Aries later on. But for now, he was introducing the newest member of the NRC … Rocky Romero!

(5) Jack Evans & Naruki Doi defeat Rocky Romero & Davey Richards at 14:36.
Fans chanted, “Jack!” Doi and Romero started and they traded chops and armdrags and had a standoff. Evans faced Richards, and Evans hit a headscissors takedown. Doi hit a springboard flip senton on Richards. Evans hit a Pele Kick on Richards. Richards tossed Evans into the guardrail at 3:00, and he mocked Evans. Richards nailed a LOUD chop on the floor. Lenny Leonard said Romero has the same style of the NRC, and he is a good choice to be the third member. The heels worked over Evans in the ring. Romero nailed a flying dropkick to Evan’s face.

Richards nailed a kick to Evans’ exposed chest. Romero nailed a springboard kneedrop to Evans’ chest at 6:00. Richards hit more kicks to the chest. Evans nailed his springboard flip double-back-elbows, and he made the hot tag to Doi. Romero accidentally nailed Richards with a kneestrike. Doi shoved Romero to the floor, and Doi traded chops with Richards, then Doi nailed a dive to the floor on Romero! Richards nailed an enziguri and a Falcon Arrow for a nearfall on Doi at 8:30. Doi came back with a sitdown powerbomb on Richards for a nearfall. Doi stacked the heels in the corner on the ropes. Evans hit a doublestomp flip onto the heels! Doi followed it up with a tumbleweed splash in the corner for a nearfall!

Romero hit a suplex and dumped Doi on his gut for a nearfall. Doi and Romero traded slaps to the face. Romero hit a second-rope DDT on Doi for a nearfall. Doi hit a second-rope German Suplex, tossing Romero across the ring, and they were both down at 12:00!! Richards couldn’t hit the DR Driver/butterfly piledriver on Doi. Evans hit a doublestomp off of Richards’ back, and Evans flipped over the top rope onto Romero! Doi hit an RKO move in the ring on Richards.

Evans made the hot tag, and he hit some stiff forearms and slaps on Richards, then a baseball slide dropkick to the face as Richards went for the handspring-back-enziguri!! Evans nailed a Reverse Rana on Richards for a nearfall, but Romero made the save. Evans tied Richards in the Tree of Woe, and he hit a Ghetto Stomp-style kneedrop to the chest!! Evans then nailed a 630 Splash and pinned Richards. The crowd gave these men a standing ovation and chanted, “Dragon Gate!” Innovative offense throughout this match.

* A clip aired of Whitmer giving Jacobs a powerbomb to the floor at the June 17, 2006, “In Your Face” show. I REALLY like these clips, building up to this match later on!!!

(6) Homicide defeats Brent Albright via DQ at 1:18.
They immediately traded punches on the mat, and Homicide hit a Tornado DDT. Fans chanted, “Homicide!” Adam Pearce ran down to the ring and jumped in and attacked Homicide, causing the DQ. The heels beat on Homicide, until Colt Cabana ran out and made the save. Colt got on the mic and said that Homicide shook his hand a year ago and showed him respect. So, Cabana offered to be his partner tonight! The heels tried to leave, but Homicide & Colt attacked them on the ramp, and dragged them back to the ring.

(7) Colt Cabana & Homicide defeat Adam Pearce & Brent Albright at 12:29.
They fought around ringside. (No commentary during the brawl on the floor). They brawled into the crowd, and Cabana whipped Pearce into the chairs. Albright and Homicide swung chairs at each other. Fans chanted, “Holy sh!t!” as everyone beat up each other with chairshots. They entered the ring at 3:30, and the bell rang to ‘officially’ start this match, and Prazak & Leonard returned to commentary. The faces hit a backbody drop on Albright, then on Pearce. Colt hit a clothesline on Brent, sending him to the floor. Homicide hit an Ace Crusher on Pearce, and he went for the Copkillah, but Albright made the save.

Pelle Primeau jumped in the ring and attacked Shane Hagadorn (who also had jumped in the ring), and they brawled into the crowd and vanished. Suddenly, Jim Cornette was in the ring at 6:00, but Homicide grabbed Cornette! Albright hit a German Suplex on Homicide for a nearfall. Fans chanted, “Fire Russo!” Albright hit a back suplex, and the heels were in charge of Homicide, and they made illegal switches, and they slowed the match down. Albright hit a standing powerbomb for a nearfall. Pearce nailed a piledriver on Homicide, and Homicide rolled to the floor at 9:00.

Colt made the hot tag, and he hit some punches on both heels, then Dusty Bionic Elbows, and a Lionsault Press on both. Colt hit a headscissors takedown on Pearce, then a running Buttbump in the corner on Albright; Homicide immediately followed with a running knee in the corner on Albright. Homicide nailed a tope con helo to the floor on Albright. Moments later in the ring, Cornette accidentally sprayed something in Pearce’s eyes. Colt hit Cornette! Colt then grabbed a weapon and hit Pearce with it, and Colt hid the weapon in his singlet, and Cabana pinned Pearce. Good brawl.

* A clip aired of Jacobs and Whitmer brawling at the June 29, 2006, “Throwdown” show.

* Rebecca Bayless interviewed Erick Stevens backstage. Stevens said he is “tearing it up in FIP. Rest assured, this is just the beginning.” Austin Aries stood in the background, nodding his head approvingly at Stevens’ words. Well done.

* Another clip aired of Whitmer and Jacobs brawling at the Nov. 25 “Dethroned” show.

(8) Jimmy Jacobs (w/Lacey) defeats B.J. Whitmer (w/Daizee Haze) in a steel cage match at 24:26.
Fans chanted, “Please don’t die!” at Jacobs as he climbed in the cage. Jacobs dove through the door and onto Whitmer on the floor, then he tossed Whitmer into the guardrail. Jacobs leapt off a chair and hit an elbow drop on the floor. In the ring, they traded chops, and Whitmer picked up Jacobs and slammed Jimmy’s head and back repeatedly into all the cage walls. Whitmer got a chair at 3:00, but Jacobs blocked it. Whitmer hit a hesitation dropkick in the corner onto the chair, lying across Jacobs’ face! Whitmer hit a Spinebuster onto a folded chair, and he nailed Jacobs’ head with a chairshot!

Lenny Leonard said Jacobs had lost a tooth, and was bleeding from the mouth. Jacobs hit a drop-toe-hold onto an open chair, and they each got a spike at 6:00! They both began jabbing each other REPEATEDLY with the spikes at each other’s heads, and the crowd popped for this sick, sick spot! “This is absolutely barbaric!” Lenny Leonard shouted. Both men were BLOODY. Jacobs even jabbed himself a few times in the head! Whitmer hit a powerbomb into the corner, then a big boot, and at 9:00, he got a barbed-wire bat! Jacobs avoided a bat shot, and Jacobs stuck Whitmer in the forehead and the arm with it! Jacobs put the bat into his own hair, so it was dangling. Jacobs grinded the bat into Whitmer’s arm, as fans chanted, “You sick F***!”

Jacobs licked the blood off of Whitmer’s face, and he hit Whitmer with spikes in each of Jacobs’ hands, then he hit more chairshots. This was VIOLENT. They traded slaps. Jacobs missed a spear and crashed into the corner. Whitmer hit an Exploder Suplex at 14:30, and they were both down. Jacobs hit a second-rope headscissors takedown. Whitmer hit a powerbomb into the cage, then he got the barbed-wire bat, and Whitmer hit Jacobs on his chest and back with it! Fans chanted, “This is awesome!” Whitmer grinded the bat into the head. Jacobs hit a barbed-wire bat shot to the head for a nearfall, and he nailed a top-rope senton splash for a nearfall at 17:30, and he paused to blow a kiss to Lacey.

Whitmer dropped Jacobs head-first on the top turnbuckle, then he nailed a German Suplex, a Dragon Suplex, and a powerbomb for a nearfall. A table was brought to ringside. Jacobs hit a top-rope hurricanrana, but he couldn’t hit the Contra Code/flipping overhead bulldog. Whitmer hit a jumping sitdown piledriver for a nearfall at 20:30. Whitmer then hit a jumping sitdown piledriver on Lacey! Whitmer went for a frogsplash off the top of the cage, but Jacobs rolled out, and Whitmer crashed to the mat.

Jacobs hit the Contra Code for a nearfall. The table was set up in the ring. They fought to the top of the cage, and Jacobs was pushed over backward so he was dangling by his leg (and I believe this spot caused his current knee injury.) Jacobs leapt off the top of the cage and nailed a senton splash onto Whitmer, who was lying on the table, for the pin! Fans chanted, “That was awesome,” and “Thank you, Jimmy!” Several replays of the big spots aired. Jacobs hobbled to the back, clearly in pain in his leg. Whitmer slowly got to his feet and also went to the back, as fans cheered for him. Awesome match, and a perfect way to cap this feud.

* A clip aired of Austin Aries and Roderick Strong working together at Final Battle 2006.

(9) Roderick Strong defeats Austin Aries at 21:43 to retain the FIP World Heavyweight Title.
Excellent match. They tied up, and Strong backed off. Aries applied a cravate on the mat, and this was intense mat wrestling. Aries hit a Japanese Armdrag and worked the left arm. Strong hit some punches. Fans taunted him with the slow, “Rod-A-Rick” chant. Aries hit a basement dropkick to the head at 4:30. Aries went for a flying-back-elbow, but Strong cut it off with a dropkick to the back. Strong hit some basic punches and boots, then he finally hit his first chop. Strong did a slingshot, sending Aries’ neck across the bottom rope at 7:30.

Strong applied a modified Camel Clutch, and he hit a loud chop and jawed at the fans. Strong hit a slingshot suplex. Aries hit a missile dropkick, and they were both down at 10:30. Aries hit a running dropkick to the face in the corner for a nearfall, and he dove through the ropes, barreling into Strong on the floor! In the ring, Aries hit his catapult corkscrew press, but he went for a Lionsault, and Strong got his knees up to block it. Strong hit a backbreaker over his knee for a nearfall at 13:00. Aries hit a Lionsault as Strong was lying on the ropes, and Aries’ feet struck Strong’s head! Strong hit a second-rope fallaway slam for a nearfall.

They fought on the ring apron, and Aries nailed a Death Valley Driver onto the apron for a pop! Strong collapsed to the floor, and Prazak reminded viewers that the FIP title can change on a count-out. Strong got in at the 15-count, and he immediately got a rollup for a nearfall. Strong hit his Gorilla Press Gutbuster across his knees. Aries fired back with a clothesline and a brainbuster. Strong shoved the referee, which caused Aries to get crotched on the top rope. Strong shoved Aries off the top rope at 17:30, and Aries crashed through a table on the floor. The crowd rallied for Aries. Strong went to the floor and beat up Aries outside the ring, and he whipped Austin into a guardrail. Strong hit the Gibson Driver/butterfly powerbomb onto a horizontal barricade at 20:00!

Aries was able to crawl back into the ring at the 19-count! Strong nailed a big boot, then a half nelson backbreaker! Strong hit another Gibson Driver, and he applied a Boston Crab, then he sat down and turned it into a Stronghold, as he yelled for Aries to tap out. The referee checked on Aries, saw that he had passed out, and he stopped the match. Very good match.

* Strong continued to hit Aries after the match, until Delirious made the save and chased Strong off.

* In a very short backstage segment, a bloodied B.J. Whitmer said, “I couldn’t get it done,” and he walked out the door and left the building. Intriguing.

(10) CIMA & Shingo & Susumu Yokosuka defeat Dragon Kid & Ryo Saito & Masaaki Mochizuki at 27:15.
Yokosuka wore silver pants. Everyone was introduced in Japanese. Prazak talked about last year’s match being a “Match of the Year” candidate, and he said expectations were high. CIMA started against Ryo Saito, and they traded quick reversals. Saito hit a modified Northern Lights suplex, then a headscissors takedown, and they had a standoff at 3:00. Shingo and Mochizuki traded chops and kicks to the thighs, and Mochizuki hit a hard spine kick, then spin kicks to the chest. Shingo came back with a bodyslam. Yokosuka hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Dragon Kid. Dragon Kid hit a quick armdrag, then a headscissors takedown.

Shingo hit some chops on Saito, then a flying kneedrop for a nearfall at 6:00. Mochizuki hit some more spin kicks to Shingo’s chest. Yokosuka hit a backbreaker on Mochizuki. Dragon Kid hit a basement dropkick on Mochizuki. CIMA nailed a nice catapult senton on Saito, then he applied a Full Nelson, and he hit a dropkick to the rear in the corner at 9:00. Dragon Kid hit a kneedrop on CIMA for a nearfall. Mochizuki tagged in and hit some right & left kicks on CIMA, and he twisted CIMA’s left leg. Saito swung Dragon Kid into CIMA for a nearfall. Mochizuki hit a running spin kick on CIMA as CIMA sat on the apron. Saito hit a frogsplash on CIMA for a nearfall at 12:00.

CIMA hit a doublestomp on two opponents, then a piledriver on Dragon Kid onto another opponent! Yokosuka hit an Exploder Suplex for a nearfall on Mochizuki. Dragon Kid hit a springboard headscissors takedown. Shingo hit a standing powerbomb on Dragon Kid, and Shingo applied a half-crab, and the crowd rallied for Dragon Kid. Yokosuka twisted Dragon Kid’s leg. CIMA & Yokosuka tossed Dragon Kid crotch-first into the ring post at 15:00! In the ring, Shingo hit a delayed vertical suplex for a nearfall on Dragon Kid, then a delayed vertical suplex for a nearfall. CIMA hit a doublestomp on the back as Dragon Kid was tied in the ropes. CIMA hit a Lungblower for a nearfall, and he tied Dragon Kid in a submission hold, placing Dragon Kid’s neck on his knee! Shingo hit a clothesline in the corner on Saito.

Dragon Kid hit a headscissors takedown on CIMA, and he made the hot tag on Mochizuka. Saito hit an overhead belly-to-belly suplex on Shingo. Dragon Kid hit a satellite headscissors takedown in the ring, then another one to the floor. Mochizuki and Shingo traded hard blows in the ring, and Mochizuki applied a cross-armbreaker at 20:00. Shingo hit a standing powerbomb for a nearfall. Saito hit some rolling fisherman suplexes for a nearfall on CIMA. CIMA hit a DDT for a nearfall on Saito. Dragon Kid applied an Octopus in the middle of the ring on CIMA, but Yokosuka made the save by nailing Dragon Kid in the head with a kick! Dragon Kid hit a Stunner on Yokosuka for a nearfall. Yokosuka hit a release suplex on Dragon Kid for a nearfall.

CIMA hit a dropkick across the ring, then an Air Raid Crash on Saito for a believable nearfall at 22:30, and fans chanted, “This is awesome!” Saito hit a Dragon Suplex on CIMA. Mochizuki hit a missile dropkick on Shingo. The announcers at this point decided to stop talking, and let “the action speak for itself.” Mochizuki hit a running kick to Shingo’s chest for a nearfall. CIMA hit another Air Raid Crash on Dragon Kid. Saito hit a German Suplex. Shingo hit a release spinning powerbomb, then a Michinoku Driver for a nearfall, and EVERYONE was down, and the crowd popped for this action, chanting, “Dragon Gate!”

Shingo and Saito traded stiff forearms, and Shingo hit a hard clothesline. Saito hit a Dragon Suplex for a believable nearfall, and fans chanted, “Please don’t stop!” CIMA hit a Superkick on Dragon Kid. Dragon Kid got a Crucifix Takedown for a nearfall. Dragon Kid hit a springboard hurricanrana, but Yokosuka rolled through the move and pinned Dragon Kid! The crowd popped for the finish. Fans chanted, “Thank you!” and “Please come back!” All six wrestlers celebrated and bowed to the crowd.

* Backstage, Rebecca Bayless walked up to Jimmy Jacobs & Lacey, who were knocked on the ground. They looked dazed, and it appeared someone attacked them… but who did it? We know it wasn’t Whitmer, because he had left…

Final thoughts:
DVD runs 3 hours, 27 minutes.

WOW, what a fun, fantastic event. If you didn’t like this show, then you shouldn’t bother watching any ROH shows. This show had a little bit of everything. A bloody cage match. Insane, quick high-flying. Brawling and mat-based wrestling. Good stuff all the way around.

Best match goes to Whitmer-Jacobs, as they perfectly finished their feud, with Jacobs bloodying himself and Whitmer, and the spike shots were just insane! It was violent and bloody, but there wasn’t the usual hardcore spots of guys just ‘standing there waiting to get hit by an object’ that I see too often in hardcore matches.

Second-best goes to the Dragon Gate six-man, which was a total treat, just like last year’s six-man. These guys just are so smooth in the ring and execute every move well. Well done stuff. Sure, the match had very little selling, and I know that turns off some people. But it was an acrobatic, athletic display, and a blast to watch. Aries vs. Strong was a very good match as well, and earned third-best, ahead of the Evans/Doi tag match. Again, that’s four very strong matches at the top of a show.

I liked this show more than night one in Detroit, largely because the Mark Briscoe botched Shooting Star Press on night 1 seemed to take so much wind out of the sails of the wrestlers and the crowd. On this night, the crowd was much hotter and into the matches, and Whitmer & Jacobs delivered a truly memorable match.

My complaints are few. The Johnny Fairplay appearance was acceptable as a one-time shot, but I’d be annoyed if he were back on a regular basis. I could do without the Stevens squash matches altogether.

This DVD earns a huge thumbs up, and it can be purchased at for $20.

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