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RADICAN'S CHIKARA DVD REVIEW SERIES - "King of Trios 2011 Night 2" 4/16: F.I.S.T. vs. Osaka Pro, RDV tournament, Quackenbush & Toyota & Jigsaw vs. Michinoku Pro

May 13, 2011 - 9:22:43 PM

RADICAN’S CHIKARA “King of Trios: Night 2” review
April 16, 2010
Philadelphia, Pa.

Peck cut a promo in the ring before the match. He said it didn’t matter what month it is because anytime he and Veronica are in the ring, it’s March madness. He said everyone wants a piece of marching Archie. He said he was issuing an open challenge. Colt Cabana’s music played and Cabana came out to face him. Peck told Cabana he was the lucky one. He challenged Cabana to a duel and slapped him with his white glove. Cabana took off hit boot and slapped Peck with it.

(1) Archibald Peck (w/Veronica) vs. Colt Cabana. Peck is R.D. Evans of the Embassy in ROH, but is doing a bandleader gimmick in CHIKARA. It’s quite great. Peck took down Cabana with a trip, taunted him, and marched around the ring. Cabana took down Peck and mocked his celebration, which made Peck very sad. The crowd chanted “say you’re sorry” at Cabana. Peck caught Cabana with a boot in the corner. Cabana got up and Peck told him to get back down on the mat. Cabana got down and Peck came off the top, but Cabana punched him right in the gut. Cabana set up Cabana for a submission, but Pecked kicked him through the turnbuckles into the ringpost. Peck hit a blockbuster and went up top and missed a diving headbutt. Cabana went on the attack again, but Peck caught him with a leg lariat. Peck went up top once again, but Cabana got his feet up.

Cabana went for his signature elbow, but Peck poked him in the eye. Cabana took him down with a series of clotheslines and elbows. Cabana finally finished him off with an elbow for a nearfall. Peck hit MVP’s finish for a nearfall. Peck went up top again, but Cabana cut him off. Veronica gave Peck the baton and distracted the ref. Peck nailed Cabana with the baton and nailed Cabana with a flying headbutt for the pin. (**3/4)

Peck marched backstage after winning the match.

(2)Team Osaka Pro (Atsushi Kotoge & Daisuke Harada & Ultimate Spider Jr.) vs. F.I.S.T. (Chuck Taylor & Johnny Gargano & Icarus) in a KOT 2011 Quarterfinal match. Harada and Icarus went at it early and came to a stalemate. Icarus poked Harada in the eyes, but Harada fired back with a forearm that sent Icarus to the outside. Spider and Gargano went at it. Spider sent Gargano to the outside and posed for the crowd. Harada and Kotoge applied a double submission on Taylor. Spider then nailed him with a rolling frogsplash and the crowd applauded. Taylor fired back moments later with a powerslam and tagged in Gargano. F.I.S.T. got the heat on Spider as the crowd tried to rally behind him. Taylor grabbed Icarus’s hand while he applied a submission. Spider finally caught Taylor with a dropkick and tagged in Harada, who ran wild, but Icarus and Gargano cut him off. Harada quickly fended them off and suplexed Icarus into Gargano in the corner.

Kotoge took out Taylor and Icarus with a dive over the turnbuckle to the outside. Gargano fired back on Harada with a neckbreaker. Kotoge caught Taylor with a big kick. He caught him with a superkick, but Icarus ran into the ref to break up the pinfall. Icarus caught Spider with a double underhook suplex for a nearfall. Spider fired back moments later with a big dropkick and both men were down as the crowd roared. The action broke down and Kotoge and Harada ran wild as the crowd chanted “Osaka.” Team Osaka Pro isolated Taylor and nailed him with a series of charges in the corner. Harada and Kotoge obliterated Taylor with a combination of moves. Spider then came off the top with a senton, but Icarus made the save.

Gargano caught Harada with a kick and launched him into the turnbuckles. Kotoge then ran in and hit an ace crusher. Icarus cut off Spider and went up top, but Harada ran across the ring and suplexed him off the top and the crowd erupted. Wow! The action picked up at an incredible pace. Taylor tossed Kotoge into an ace crusher from Taylor, but Spider broke up the pin. F.I.S.T. hit a combination of moves on Spider and Harada came out of nowhere to make the save and the crowd went nuts again. Kotoge and Harada hit stereo dives to the outside to take out Icarus and Gargano. Spider went for a dive, but Taylor rolled him up and held the tights for the win. What a match. (****)

The crowd chanted “please come back” and “stay” at Team Osaka Pro after the match.

Zack Sabre. Jr. cut a promo backstage. He said he couldn’t be in King of Trios, but he would be in Rey De Voladores tournament. He said he would win via arm bar and rename the tournament King of the Arm Bars.

(3) Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Pinkie Sanchez vs. Marshe Rockett vs. El Generico in a Rey De Voladores Elimination match. Sabre tied up Sanchez on the mat while slamming his leg over and over. He then rolled him into a pinning combination for a 2 count. Sabre caught Sanchez with a sweet arm bar, but he escaped and held onto the ropes. Sabre blasted Sanchez with a knee to the head. Sanchez rolled to the outside where Rockett blasted him with a chop. Sanchez went into the crowd and begged off. Generico went at it with Rockett and sent him down to the mat, but Sanchez blind-tagged himself into the match and went on the assault. Sanchez played to the crowd, which allowed Rockett to get the upper hand while lighting up Sanchez with chops.

Sanchez fired back with some weak chops, but Rockett took him down with a dropkick. Sabre tagged into the match and took down Rockett with a headbutt to the chest. Generico tagged in, but Sabre took him down and worked over his arm while wrenching his fingers. Generico fired back, but Sanchez grabbed the ropes and Generico spilled to the outside. Sanchez ran into the ring and choked Sabre. Sabre fired back and caught Sanchez with a suplex. Rockett tagged in, but the heel ref wouldn’t allow it. Sanchez jumped off the ref’s back and nailed Rockett with a kick in the corner. Rockett fired back with a powerslam and tagged in Generico. Sanchez went for a springboard, but Generico nailed him with a kick. Generico went for his dive through the ropes, but the ref stopped him. Rockett then nailed Sanchez with a dive over the top while the ref scolded Generico.

The ref helped Sanchez again, which allowed Sanchez to eliminate Rockett with a springboard DDT. Sabre and Generico went at it and exchanged blows. Generico went for a running kick in the corner, but Sabre got out of the way. Sabre got a two count hitting a kick to the back of Generico’s head. Generico caught Sabre with a kick in the corner, but Sabre fired back with a kick of his own and grabbed an arm bar on Generico, but Sanchez nailed Sabre with a springboard and pinned him for the elimination.

Sanchez went up top, but Generico cut him off. The ref grabbed Generico away to prevent a top rope brainbuster. Sanchez nailed Generico with a double stomp off the top and the ref counted quickly, but Generico kicked out. Generico caught Sanchez with a sit down Michinoku driver, but the ref counted slowly and Sanchez kicked out. The Director of Fun came down and gave the ref a proper CHIKARA referee shirt. The ref took off his white shirt and looked upset. Sanchez yelled at the ref, who told him to focus. Sanchez charged at Generico in the corner, but he got caught with a suplex. Generico hit a running kick in the corner. Generico hit a brainbuster on the top turnbuckle for the win. Generico advances to the Rey De Voladores finals. (***1/4)

The Osirian Portal cut a promo backstage. Amasis said they were on a roll and it felt good. Ophidian said they’ve been undefeated for months. He guaranteed Dragon Gate would not stop them tonight.

(4) The Osirian Portal (Ophidian & Hieracon & Amasis) vs. Team Dragon Gate (Akira Tozawa & Super Shisa & Kagetora) in a Quarterfinal KOT 2011 match. Tozawa and Ophidian went at it. Tozawa mocked Ophidian after he slipped out of the ring, which allowed Amasis to come into the ring and attack him from behind. Tozawa fired back and tagged in Shisa, who worked over Amasis on the mat. The Portal got the heat on Tozawa. Amasis & Ophidian hit an impressive combination of moves on Tozawa for a nearfall. Tozawa countered Amasis coming off the top and tagged in Kagetora, who cleared the ring. Shisa then tagged in and began working over Amasis. Team Dragon Gate continued to isolate Amasis for a long period time. Kagetora locked in a variation of the cloverleaf on Amasis. Tozawa and Shisa cleared the ring, but Amasis eventually managed to escape the hold.

Amasis finally made the hot tag. Hieracon and Tozawa traded blows in the center of the ring. Shisa ran into the ring, but Hieracon took both men out. Hieracon rolled up Tozawa while hitting a German on Shisa, but Kagetora broke up the pin. Hieracon caught Kagetora with a slick arm bar, but Shisa broke up the submission. Shisa hit a head stand splash off the top on Amasis for a 2 count. Shisa caught Amasis in the STFU as his partners held the Portal back, but Ophidian managed to break up the submission. Ophidian hit a twisting splash to the outside to take out Tozawa and Shisa. Tozawa hit a Saito suplex on Amasis, but Hieracon broke up the pin. The action broke down with all six men going at it. Amasis finally took down Shisa with a knee to the head and everyone was down. The crowd chanted for both teams as they struggled to get to get to their feet. The Portal hit a combination of moves on Shisa. Amasis then finished him off with the 450 for the win. This was good down the stretch, but really dragged at times. (**3/4)

A graphic hyping the “12 Large” tournament to crown the first CHIKARA champion aired. The Tournament begins on May 21.

(5) Arik Cannon vs. Eddie Kingston. Kingston came out and appeared to be very emotional. He wore a Larry Sweeney t-shirt. Cannon and Kingston hugged before locking up. Archibald Peck came in on commentary and asked if he was the NWA Champion after beating Cabana. That was hilarious. Kingston hit a Saito suplex and followed up with a dive to the outside. Cannon fired back moments later and hit total anarchy off the guardrail and the crowd popped huge. Both men exchanged blows in the middle of the ring. Cannon hit a T-bone suplex for a nearfall. Kingston hit two suplexes on Cannon, but he kicked out at two. Cannon fired back moments later with a brainbuster for a nearfall. Cannon hit a Saito suplex and another total anarchy, but Kingston kicked out at the last second.

Cannon went for a second rope moonsault, but Kingston got out of the way. Kingston hit a back fist. Cannon countered another back fist with a forearm strike. Kingston caught Cannon with another back fist and a running knee to the head for the pin. (**3/4)

After the match, Kingston broke down. Cannon took Kingston’s Larry Sweeney t-shirt and draped it over the top rope. The crowd chanted for Sweeney. Wow, that was emotional.

The Colony cut a promo backstage. Green Ant said BDK had robbed them last year at King of Trios. Green Ant said they would take the BDK out. Green Ant said the Colony would win King of Trios because there’s no other option.

Hammermeier came out dressed with as BDK ant. He introduced Team BDK. He then ran backstage and came out with his team.

(6) B.D.K. (Tim Donst & Delirious & Jakob Hammermeier w/Tursas) vs. The Colony (Fire Ant & Green Ant & Soldier Ant) in a Quarterfinal KOT 2011 match. BDK tried to jump the Colony at the bell, but they countered the BDK and had all three members taking punches in a circle. The BDK tried to regroup on the outside, but Fire Ant and Green Ant launched Soldier Ant to the outside wiping out everyone. Donst fired back and cut off Fire Ant before tagging in Delirious, who continued working him over. The BDK dominated Fire Ant for a long period of time until he fired back on Hammermeier and rolled outside, which allowed Soldier Ant to tag in. Soldier Ant ran wild, but Donst cut him off. Soldier Ant ducked a clothesline and wiped out Delirious with a dive through the ropes. Green Ant tried to suplex Donst, but his arm gave out. Green Ant caught Donst in a cloverleaf as the Colony held the B.D.K. back, but they eventually made the save.

All six men exchanged blows in the middle of the ring. The B.D.K. got the better of the exchange and isolated Fire Ant in the ring. They were about to hit their finish, but Green Ant and Soldier Ant saved Fire Ant. Hammermeier didn’t see them make the save. The Colony hit the ant hill on Hammermeier, but Donst made the save. Donst blocked a spinning DDT from Fire Ant and hit a DVD, but Fire Ant kicked out. After a wild sequence, Green Ant had Hammermeier alone in the ring. The ref got distracted and Tursas tried to hit a splash on Green Ant, but he ducked and hit Hammermeier instead. Green Ant then bodyslammed Tursas and the crowd went ballistic! Green Ant then submitted Hammermeier with the torture rack for the win. Wow! What a finish. (***3/4)

1-2-3 Kid came out to a huge pop for the Rey De Voladores Elimination match.

(7) Frightmare vs. Amazing Red vs. Obariyon vs. 1-2-3 Kid in a Rey De Voladores Elimination match. Red sent Frightmare to the outside during the early stages of the match and wiped him out with a springboard flip. Kid and Obariyon then went at it. Kid school Obariyon on the mat and went for the crowd chop, but the ref stopped him because it wasn’t PG. The crowd started a “that’s not PG” chant. Kid hit his signature kicks on Obariyon in the corner, but Obariyon avoided the bronco buster. Kid then nailed him with a springboard splash to the outside and the crowd went nuts. Red sent Kid and Obariyon to the outside. Red wiped out both men with a corkscrew dive over the top to the outside. Frightmare then caught Red with a flying press off the top. He scared Red to the outside and went for a dive, but Obariyon cut him off. They built up to a triple sleeper spot, but Frightmare hit a stunner that broke it up.

Red and Frightmare hit kicks on Obariyon in the corner. Kid took out Red and Frightmare with clotheslines and nailed Obariyon with a bronco buster. Moments later Red cut Obariyon off up top. They went at it and Obariyon pushed Kid off and caught him with a leaping DDT to eliminate Red. Kid and Obariyon went at it. Kid hit the x factor, but Frightmare broke it up and nailed Obariyon with the flipping double knees to eliminate him. Frightmare then nailed Kid with an insane dive over the ropes. Frightmare missed a flipping senton back inside the ring. Moments later, both men battled up top. Kid caught Frightmare with a super x factor for the pin. Kid faces Generico in the finals tomorrow night. (***1/2)

Kid got on the mic after the match. He apologized for forgetting about the PG rating of CHIKARA. The crowd chanted “we forgive you.” Kid then thanked the crowd. Kid dropped the mic and helped up Frightmare. The crowd chanted for both men. Kid then told the crowd to give it up for the entire roster and the crowd chanted “CHIKARA.”

Quackenbush and Jigsaw cut a promo backstage. Jigsaw said he wasn’t sure if they could win tonight. Quackenbush told Jigsaw there was no room for quit this weekend. Toyota ran in and said something in Japanese. Jigsaw said he was now ready.

Huge ovation for Team Michinoku Pro coming out.

(8) Jigsaw & Mike Quackenbush & Manami Toyota vs. Team Michinoku Pro (Great Sasuke & Dick Togo & Jinsei Shinzaki) in a Quarterfinal KOT 2011 match. Sasuke and Jigsaw kicked things off. Quackenbush and Shinzaki tagged in and the crowd popped. They came to a stalemate and Togo tagged in. Quackenbush looked excited at the prospect of going at it with Togo, but the crowd wanted Toyota and she tagged in. Togo kicked Toyota low and then laid her out with a chop and the crowd booed. Togo tried a shoulder tackle, but Toyota wouldn’t go down. Toyota took Togo down and nailed him with a big missile dropkick and the crowd chanted “Toyota.” The action picked up with rapid-fire exchanges. Sasaki took down everyone with a dropkick through the ropes. Toyota then took out everyone with a dive off the top and the crowd chanted “holy poop.”

Team Michinoku Pro isolated Jigsaw and began working him over in their corner. Sasuke cinched in a leg lock and warned Jigsaw’s partners not to interfere. Team Michinoku Pro continued to work over Jigsaw’s leg. Sasuke bit Jigsaw’s foot and he writhed in agony. Jigsaw sent Togo to the outside and nailed him with a dive. Quackenbush tagged in and ran wild on Shinzaki. Sasuke ran in and ate a backbreaker for his troubles. Toyota got a rolling cradle on Sasuke and the crowd went nuts for the nearfall. Sasuke fired back and went for a chair. The ref argued with Quackenbush and Jigsaw. Sasuke set up Toyota on the chair and went for a senton, but she got out of the way. Toyota went up top and nailed Sasuke with a moonsault, but Togo broke it up. Togo then nailed Toyota with a big clothesline and the crowd booed.

Jigsaw came into the ring and exchanged chops with Togo. Jigsaw nailed Togo with a brainbuster, but he kicked out at the last second. Togo fired back and hit a blockbuster for a 2 count. Togo got a cross face. Shinsaki took Quackenbush off the apron and Sasuke nailed Toyota with a kick, but Jigsaw got the ropes. Jigsaw fired back and hung Togo upside down. He followed up with a coast-to-coast dropkick, but Shinsaki broke up the pin. Toyota rolled through on a powerbomb attempt and got a pinning combination, but Sasuke broke it up. Quackenbush isolated Sasuke with the CHIKARA special, but Shinsaki broke it up. Togo nailed Quackenbush with a pedigree. Sasuke then nailed Quackenbush with a dropkick, as Jigsaw and Toyota were held at bay, but Quackenbush kicked out. Togo and Shinsaki held Jigsaw and Toyota in submission. Sasuke then hit a big powerbomb on Quackenbush for the pin. This was really good, but the ending fell a little flat. (***3/4)

After the match, the crowd applauded both teams. Both teams gave each other respect after the match and the crowd chanted for Toyota after Team Michinoku Pro left the ring.

Overall thoughts: (7.5) This was another strong show from the KOT tournament. It wasn’t as strong as night 1, but it was close. The show had a number of really good matches and nothing was bad. The crowd seemed tired at times and weren’t as electric as they were on the first night.

The show started out really strong with a hilarious match between Cabana and Peck. Peck really plays his role well and Cabana was the perfect foil for him here. The second match featuring Team Osaka Pro vs. F.I.S.T. was simply electric. It was the best match of the show and the crowd really came unglued for the incredible action.

I enjoyed both matches in the Rey De Voladores tournament, but I didn’t like the heel ref getting involved in the first match, although he was forced to count the three on Sanchez in the end. Sabre was impressive, but he needs to add more to his arsenal to vary his offense.

The card slowed down for a bit, but picked up for some great moments during the Colony vs. B.D.K. match. CHIKARA really does a good job of paying off long-term storylines and when Green Ant slammed the giant Tursas CHIKARA’s careful booking paid off as the place totally became unglued for the spot. Green Ant also cut a really good promo backstage setting up the match against their B.D.K. rivals.

Once again, 1-2-3 Kid put in a game effort in the other Rey De Voladores match. It was great watching the fans react to him. I’m not big on Obariyon, but the rest of the men involved kept the pace going well. The match seemed to lose a little steam once Red was eliminated first, but it picked up for a really good finish involving 1-2-3 Kid beating Frightmare to advance to the finals against Generico on Night 3.

The main event was really good and the crowd was hot for most of the match, but the finish seemed to fall flat. It’s a lot of fun to see Team Michinoku Pro in action and the crowd was really hot for Quackenbush and Toyota going at it with the likes of Togo, Shinsaki, and Sasuke. Toyota is a treat to watch and she shined here going toe-to-toe with the male wrestlers while hitting some huge spots.

This show is definitely not worth skipping, as the first two shows have tied together nicely. I really like the intensity Green Ant showed during this show and I’m looking forward to see how the Colony fares on the third night.

You can purchase this DVD at

Stay tuned this weekend for a VIP Radican's Wrestling Community Audio on King of Trios 2011: Night 2 with Torch specialist Mike Roe. A roundtable review of this show will also be posted in the near future.

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