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Strap On, Strap Off - This Week in History, Halloween Havoc Remembered (Part II)

Oct 28, 2003 - 11:21:00 AM

By Keith Lipinski, Torch Team Contributor

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This Week in Title History (continued)

10/24/1999 From the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, it's Halloween Havoc 1999, the first PPV brought to you by the bookers "Russo" and "Fererra" and the number "negative sixty million." During the show, Goldberg defeated "The Millennium Man" Sid Vicious to win the WCW United States Heavyweight Title when the referee stopped the match due to Sid's bleeding and being woozy from Goldberg's punches, chokes and kicks (yes, your typical Hulk Hogan offense). WCW had heavily built up this match for a few months by giving Sid a mighty win streak (182-0), having the two guys hardly touch each other, using the power of lawyers, the fullest extent of the law, and some whacky car crushing antics. Earlier in the show, Goldberg attacked Sid, who "bladed" (ie using a razor blade to induce bleeding, most often done in the forehead) heavily, and might I add quite nicely. When coming out to the ring for the match, The Outsiders (Scott Hall & Kevin Nash) attacked Goldberg, and left him for bloody Sid. Where was Sid's sense of fair play and Justice? Goldberg kept on laying punches on Sid. The referee kept on asking Sid if he wanted to quit, yet Sid hung in. The match was finally stopped by when the referee determined Sid could no longer defend himself against the Goldberg onslaught. Also on the show, The Harlem Heat won a three-team match for the vacated WCW World Tag Team Title to become ten time, ten time, ten time, ten time, ten time, ten time, ten time, ten time, ten time, ten time, ten time tag team champions of the world. The titles were vacated due to a knee injury to filthy animal ltl' Rey Rey (Misterio Jr.). Other teams in the three team match were the Filthy Animals (Billy Kidman & Konnan) and Jimmy Hart's First Family (Brian Knobs & Hugh Morrus). The match ended when "Fruity Booty and Straight Shooting" Stevie Ray hit Knobbs with a mummy (the Yeti?) in the backstage area for the pinfall. While this was happening backstage, in the ring Kidman pinned "Tough Enough Hugh" Morrus with the shooting star press. Did I forget mention there were two referee's in this match? So did WCW. Apparently Harlem Heat got the pinfall before the Filthy Animals, so they won the titles. The Evil Russian (named because without his wrestler headgear, and with a full beard he looked incredibly evil and more importantly incredibly Russian) Rick Steiner defeated "The Crippler" Chris Benoit to win the WCW World Television Championship for the third time. The match saw Steiner hit stiff suplexes and stall. Benoit made a comeback with a rolling German suplexes, but the referee was bumped on the third suplex. Steiner brought a steel chair into the ring to block the diving headbutt. Revolution member Dean Malenko came down to the ring, grabbed the chair, teased hitting Rick Steiner and proceeded to turn on Benoit and cost him the title. In a historic note: Steiner's first Television title run was in 1988, due to the interference of Steiner's manager Alex (which was a manager drawn onto Rick's hand). Benoit would later gain the upper hand by marrying the object of Rick's affection the lovely woman. WHHHoooooooo! A woman, a woman, a woman, a woman, won't you marry me now?

Also on the Halloween Havoc 99 Pay Per View: The Disco Inferno defeated Lash "Viva Lash Vegas" LeRoux with his chartbuster to retain the cruiserweight title. After the match the "Rajun Cajun" gave Disco a powerbomb on the title belts. Filthy Animal Eddy Guerrero (with Ric Flairs stolen Rolex) defeated future Radicalz brother yet Revolution member Perry Saturn in an extremely competitive match when Ric Flair ran into the ring with a Crowbar (not Chris Ford), which he used to attack Eddy to retrieve his Rolex. He then kissed Torrie and danced around her, proving once again he is The Man! Goldberg, backstage defeated Sid in a first blood match. Brad Armstrong defeated Berlyn (with The Wall) with a "Candyman" like legsweep. After the match, Berlyn's music was played, because even though he didn't win, his theme still kicked ass. The Total Package defeated MadTV's Bret Hart when a "Total" half crab caused Bret to tap out. Bret had injured his shin/ankle on the previous Nitro during a match with World Champion Sting as The Total Package whacked his shin with his baseball bat. Mrs. Sexy Sexy, Madusa (in an all American bikini) defeated Bobby Heenan in a "Nitro Perfume" match, when she announced the Pay Per View audience "this is BULLS&^T" and proceeded to dump the perfume onto Bobby who had earlier reflected the perfume smelled like "liquid kitty litter." Sting defeated "Street clothes" Hulk Hogan to retain the world heavyweight title. Hogan's move set (punch, kick, choke, slam, boot, legdrop) was a little different then usual as he got into the ring, whispered sweet nothings into the ears of Sting and the referree and lies down for some peaceful Halloween Havoc slumber (possibly remember dream matches against Randy Savage, The Warrior, and The Giant). Diamond Dallas Page defeated a bloody Ric Flair in a strap match, DDP used his "diamond cutter" on Flair, who ironically never saw it coming. Charles "ltl nach" Robinson hesitatingly counted to three as Flair had his foot on the bottom rope. "The People's Champion" DDP then beated his frustrations on Robinson, as Kimberly Page beat on a crowbar crazy David Flair. DDP used David's crowbar on Ric, causing Ric to be stretchered out and placed into an ambulance. However, those damn filthy animals hijacked the ambulance and took Flair for a "ride." Sting came out again and put out an Open Challenge to be answered by Bill Goldberg, who proceeded to not sell any of the world champions offense (including a cover of Goldberg's "spear") and pin the "back in black" man after the jackhammer.

10/25/1999 The sexual Ivory defeated the former four time WWE Women's Champion The Fabulous Moolah in Providence (no, not the fabulous NBC dramatic series), RI to win the Women's title for the second time. Other matches on the big "Raw Is War" saw: Viscera pinned The Godfather. World Tag Team Champions Hardcore & Crash Holly fought Edge & Christian to a no-contest. In a battle of gigantic and hairy proportions, The Big Show and Prince Albert fought to a double count out. In a "Parejas Increibles" match, Chyna & D'Lo Brown defeated Chris Jericho & Stevie Richards. Mankind defeated World Heavyweight Champion Hunter Hearst Helmsley by disqualification. Kane defeated Buh-Buh Ray Dudley by disqualification. Test, seeking revenge from an amnesia-ridden fiancee Stephanie McMahon defeated Davey Boy Smith by disqualification in a steel cage match. The Rock & "Stone Cold" Steve Austin defeated World Tag Team Champions The New Age Outlaws by disqualification as Degeneration X was reformed.

Meanwhile on Nitro, Konnan & Billy Kidman defeated Harlem Heat to win the WCW World Tag Team title from Phoenix, AZ. The Booker T, five time champion, therefore a five time sucka, hit his harlem sidekick on Kidman. Stevie Ray, Mr. Fruity Booty, countered a Kidman bulldog headlock with a backdrop suplex. Both men went down, with both shoulders on the mat (much like Muta vs. Sting at The Great American Bash 1989), Kidman lifted his shoulder up, while Stevie had his shoulders down and was pinned at 5:04, knowing the midnight hour for Harlem Heat would be coming soon. Replays showed that Stevie Ray had his shoulders up at the two count as well (much like Muta vs. Sting at The Great American Bash 1989), however unlike Sting vs. Muta in 1989 the title was not held up, also unlike 1989 no one seemed to give a s#*t. An injured (with a hairline fracture of the shin) Bret "The Hit Man" Hart defeated Goldberg in a first round match for the WCW World Heavyweight Title to win the Goldberg's United States Heavyweight Title. Goldberg used the non-Olympic anklelock on the Hit Man, but unlike the night before at Halloween Havoc, the Hit Man refused to quit. Hart made a valiant comeback, with punches and a sleeperhold. Goldberg, in his gentle Goldberg like way, snapmared Hart into referee Micky Jay. Meanwhile, the Outsiders (Scott Hall & Kevin Nash) and the "non-millennium man" Sid Vicious hit the ring and delivered the plunder to Goldberg. Hall hit an urinage, Nash hit his patented worlds slowest sidewalk slam, and Sid hit the powerbomb. Hart came back into the ring and covered the prone Goldberg for his second loss in WCW at 7:52. Also on the big show which saw the return of "The Chosen One" Jeff Jarrett to WCW, in World Heavyweight Title Tournament Matches: "Screamin" Norman Smiley pinned Bam Bam Bigelow. Lash Leroux defeated Curt Hennig by disqualification (possibly due to the whacky antics of the "Powers That Be"). Revolution member Perry Saturn defeated Filthy Animal Eddy Guerrero. The Monster Meng pinned Madusa after the Tongan death grip. The Total Package defeated Rick Steiner. Billy Kidman pinned Konnan. Chris Benoit defeated Dean Malenko in a Last Man Standing match. Sting pinned Brian Knobs. Diamond Dallas Page defeated David Flair by disqualification after a deep soul kiss remembered lovingly in this weeks, DDT Digest WCW Memorial Picture Of The Week. In the Frank A. Gotch memorial contest of the evening, in a mixed gender handicapped match, The Vegas Vixens defeated The Outsiders. The Vixens threw such classical maneuvers like side headlocks, punches, "the flying mare (on the face)," and healthy spankings. Hall & Nash layed down for the dupe.

10/25/2000 "Mr. Wrestling" Nick Dinsmore defeated young padawon, turncoat American Serviceman and must underrated member of the Raw roster, "Ironman" Rob Conway to win the OVW Heavyweight Title for the sixth time in Jeffersonville, IN. Dinsmore originally got Conway into the business while Conway was working as a personal trainer at a "Fitness Zone."

10/26/1982 Proud native Americans with love of beads and hatred of firewater, Jules & elder statesman/brother Chief Jay Strongbow defeated Mr. Fuji & Mr. Saito in Allentown, PA to win the WWE World Tag Team Championship for the second time.

10/26/1997 In one of the greatest matches of 1997 during Slim Jim's Halloween Havoc 1997, Rey Misterio Jr defeated Eddie Guerrero in Las Vegas, NV in a Mask vs. Title match to win the WCW Cruiserweight Championship for the second time. Plenty of two counts by both guys, as both used most of the moves in their offensive playbooks in attempt to win the match. Eddie worked on Rey with stiff shots, submission holds, and kept the match on the ground. Ray caught the advantage with his marvelous aerial offsense by hitting planchas, head scissors, corkscrew moonsaults. Rey reversed a splash mountain attempt by Guerrero into a huracanrana rollup (a west coast pump without the springboard) at 13:49 to win the fast paced action packed match, keep his mask and win the title. Other matches on the show Former IWGP World Heavyweight Champion with the record for largest number of title defenses (13) "Mr. IWGP" Yuji Nagata defeated WWE Velocity superstar Ultimo Dragon with the armbar submission at 9:47. In a rematch from the Japanese WAR promotion, Chris "Lionhart" Jericho defeated "Team No Respect" member and head dancer Gado with the liontamer for the submission victory at 7:16. Alex Wright defeated former Chicago Bears and "Steve, Steve and Gary" host Steve "Mongo" McMichael in 6:30 when "The First Lady Of WCW" Debra distracted the referee as Bill Goldberg interfered and jackhammered him. Later on in the year Goldberg would steal Mongo's super bowl ring, a year later a Goldberg lookalike would steal Mongo's wife. In a dream match several months in the making, which caused Disco to temporarily leave WCW, Jacqueline defeated TV Champion Disco Inferno with a cradle at 9:39. Curt Henning defeated Ric Flair by disqualification in their United States Title match at 13:55 when Flair used the cruiserweight title belt (the United States Title was MIA, misfits! In action!) on Henning for the loss. With special guest referee who was taken away from his Sunday golf game, Larry "Stall" Zbyszko, Scott Hall and Lex Luger battled to a no-contest. Hall had originally pinned Luger after Syxx kicked Luger (more like attempted as Syxx missed, and badly) while Luger had Hall racked. Zbyszko asked for an instant replay (once again wrestling and football, nah!) and restarted the match. Luger put Hall in the rack again and Syxx interfered for the end of the match. After the match Eric Bishoff ran in to show his "Cat Bo" prowess with Larry Z. In a Las Vegas Death Match of the street rapper and motivational speaker, Randy "Macho MC" Savage (with the late Ms. Elizabeth) defeated Diamond Dallas Page (with taped up ribs and "Ironman" magazine cover woman Kimberly Page) after a ten count at 18:05. DDP had Savage pinned with his "Diamond Cutter," but very typically the referee was sleepy, and "Sting" came down and hit DDP with his "bat." "Sting" in this case was Hulk Hogan, the "bat" in this case was a VHS copy of "Mr. Nanny." PWI would later name DDP vs. Savage as their feud of the year. Of course back then, this meant something, unlike the last two "feuds of the year" (Shane vs. Vince, Stephanie vs. Eric). In a non-title cage match or the "age in the cage", Roddy Piper defeated Hollywood Hogan with the sleeper hold in 13:14. After the match, the other half of the Mega Powers, Randy Savage ran up the cage and jumped off the top (keep in mind this cage was huge!), fake Stings ran in after Piper was handcuffed to the cage.

10/26/1999 Real life European and first European champion Davey Boy Smith (with evil henchmen the Pete Gas, Joey Abbs, and Rodney, the Mean Street Posse) defeated D-Lo Brown in Springfield, MA to win the WWE European Championship for the second time. Smith turned heel when he hit Stephanie McMahon with a trashcan before her wedding to Test, causing severe amnesia and a wedding postponement. I hate to ask, Where was Davey Boy when we needed him on Saturday? Also during the show, Too Cool defeated Edge & Christian. Stevie Richards pinned Chris Jericho (what?). The Hardy Boyz defeated Mark Henry & Viscera. Al Snow defeated Hardcore Champion Big Boss Man by disqualification. New York Times Best Selling Author Mankind defeated Val Venis.

10/26/2002 The Mighty Team Of OH GUN (Shinya Hashimoto & Naoya Ogawa) defeated Team Stiff, I mean the New Skyscrapers (OVW alumni "Big" John Heidenreich & OVW hopeful upstart Nathan Jones) in 10:41 in Osaka, Japan to win the NWA International Tag Team Title with the amazing Oregoto Kare (STO by Ogawa with a German suplex by Hashimoto) on Heindenreich for the win. During this time, "Little Johnny" was just a figment in the lame imagination of a WWE writer.

10/27/1987 Robbie Dupree's favorite tag team of all time, Strike Force (Tito Santana & Rick Martel) defeated The Hart Foundation (Bret "The Hit Man" Hart & Jim "The Anvil" Neihart with Manager Jimmy "Mouth Of The South" Hart) in Syracuse, NY to win the WWE World Tag Team Championship. Martel used his award winning Boston Crab on Anvil for the submission victory. When American Pretty Boy Tom Zenk left the WWF (after many late night arguments with Martel over which country was best, America or Canada?), it left Canadian Pretty Boy Rick Martel without a partner in his feud with the sinister Hart Foundation. In order to find a new tag team partner, The Future Model issued an open invitation for a partner. Tito Santana, skipped matador class, jumped at the invitation and "Strike Force" was born, and we are all better off because of it. Just remember the words of Robbie Dupree in "Girls In Cars": At sixty miles an hour any girl could be the star of my dreams! Eat your heart out Rick Springfield!

10/27/1990 During Halloween Havoc 1990, in front of a sellout crowd (thanks to many Black Scorpions in attendance during the evening) at the UIC Pavilion (oddly enough, my alma matter due to attending many wrestling events there during high school) in Chicago, Illinois, Stan "The Lariat" Hanson defeated proud Chicagoan "The Total Package" Lex Luger to win the WCW United States Heavyweight Championship and end Luger's record eighteen month reign. The end of the match saw Luger use a mighty lariat (oh, the irony) on Hansen, but the referee was incapicated. "Dangerous" Danny Spivey, former skyscraper and running mate of Hansen in All Japan Pro Wrestling, and tossed Hanson's bullrope and cowbell into the ring. Luger used his non-loaded forearm to block the shot, however Luger made a big mistake in trying another clothesline, as Hansen caught Luger with a mighty stiff lariat to end the match and the title reign.

Other matches on the show saw: Tommy Rich & Ricky Morton (with an injured Robert Gibson on crutches) defeated The Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton & Stan Lane in their final WCW pay per view appearance as a team) in 20:49 when Rich pinned Lane after hitting him with Jim Cornette's tennis racket. Cornette was attacked by the "Southern Boys" who were both dressed like Mr. Cornette, winning the Halloween Havoc costume contest. Terry Taylor pinned "Cowboy" Bill Irwin. "Candyman" Brad Armstrong pinned JW Storm. The Master Blasters (Blade and Steel) defeated The Wild Eyed Southern Boys (Tracey Smothers and Steve Armstrong) (7:17) when Blade pinned Armstrong. The Freebirds (Jimmy Garvin & Michael "PS" Hayes with road manager Little Richard Marley) defeated The Renegade Warriors (Chris & Mark Youngblood) when Garvin pinned Chris after a DDT in 17:28. In one of the most amazing matches I have ever seen live, United States Tag Team Champions Rick & Scott Steiner defeated The Nasty Boys (Brian Knobbs & Jerry Sags) at 15:24 when Scott pinned Knobbs with his Frankensteiner to retain the tag team titles. Junkyard Dog pinned Moondog Rex. World Tag Team Champions Doom (Ron Simmons & Butch Reed with the Godfather of WCW Theodore R. Long) and Ric Flair & Arn Anderson fought to a Double Count Out at 18:20. Amidst a ring full of colorful balloons, Sting defeated Sid Vicious in 12:38 after a stinger splash and a rollup. Sid was announced to the crowd as the new world champion after he faught Sting to the back, then returned to the ring where Sting went for a bodyslam only to have Sid fall on top of him for the pin. Wait, that wasn't Sting, it was a "bogus" n W o Sting! The real Sting was backstage as the evil Horseman plot revolved around cutting Barry Windham's hair and painting him up like Sting (for Halloween). I believe Inside Wrestling did a mighty investigation of this story, including the Horsemen treatning Sting's tailor!

10/27/1991 At Halloween Havoc 1991, featuring the "Chamber Of Horrors" and more importantly the electrocution of Abdullah the Butcher, "Flyin" Brian Pillman used a flying bodypress off the top rope to defeat York Foundation Recipient Richard Morton in a tournament final to win the WCW Light Heavyweight (Cruiserweight) Title in Chattanooga, TN. Other matches saw: El Gigante, Sting, Rick & Scott Steiner defeated Abdullah the Butcher, The Diamond Stud (Scott Hall), Cactus Jack, & Big Van Vader at 12:33 in a "Chamber Of Horrors" match when Abdullah was put in the electric chair. The "dream team" of Big Josh & PN News defeated The Creatures ("Jumpin" Joey Maggs & Johnny Rich) at 5:16 when News made the pin with the broken record splash from the top rope. "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton pinned Terrance Taylor at 16:00 with his lethal right hand punch, swinging neckbreaker and Alabama Jam. Johnny B Badd pinned Jimmy Garvin at 8:16 with his "Tooty Fruity" punch, after the match Badd and manager Teddy Long enjoyed a nice dance. World Television Champion Steve Austin went to a fifteen-minute time limit draw with "The Natural" Dustin Rhodes. Bill Kazmeier used his mighty torture rack to defeat Oz (Kevin Nash) at 3:59. "Heavy Metal" Van Hammer pinned Doug Sommers after his slingshot suplex at 1:13. The Halloween Phantom ("Ravishing" Rick Rude) pinned Tom Zenk after a "Phantom Awakening" at 1:27. World Tag Team Title Match: The Enforcers (Arn Anderson & Larry Zbysko) defeated The WCW Patriots (Pvt. Todd Champion & Firebreaker Chip) when Anderson pinned Chip after a MAIN EVENT SPINEBUSTER at 9:51. World Heavyweight Champion Lex Luger defeated Ron Simmons in a Best Out of 3 Falls Match to retain the title. Simmons pinned Luger after a spinebuster to win the first fall at 4:54. Simmons was disqualified for throwing Luger over the top rope (OLD SCHOOL!)(15:00). Luger pinned Simmons at 18:59 with a piledriver to win the third and deciding fall.

10/27/1992 During the final episode of "Saturday Nights Main Event" as broadcast November 8, 1992 on Fox, Shawn "I'm too sexy for this Jacket" Michaels with Sensational Singing Sherri defeated Davey Boy Smith in the gorgeous metropolis of Terre Haute, IN to win the WWE Intercontinental Title. Michaels won the title when he ripped off the turnbuckle pad and rammed the Bulldog into the exposed steel for the title. Davey Boy would be gone from the WWE shortly afterward due to the steroid scandal. Other matches on the show saw The Ultimate Maniacs (Ultimate Warrior & Randy "Be A Man" Savage) defeated Tag Team Champions Money Inc (Ted DiBiase & Irwin R. Shyster) by count out when they ran like bloody rich cowards. After the match, Ric Flair & Razor Ramon attacked the Maniacs to build to their Survivor Series matchup (which ironically never took place as the Ultimate Warrior left the WWE due to the steroid scandal). Bret "The Hit Man" Hart defeated Voodoo Priest Papa Shango by submission due to the lethal sharpshooter.

Speaking of which, lets take a break to get an update on everyone's favorite from The following appeared on his website over the weekend.

**Check back here on Tuesday October 28th for an important announcement regarding Ultimate Warrior's return to professional wrestling!**

Yippie! Then this morning the following the following message was posted:

**Hello Warriors. Those of you who have continued to follow my career going-ons know Ultimate Warrior has long been waiting for the perfect (and principled) time to unleash a ring return. Amidst the never-ending rumors and mistruths spread by others, the time to return has come and is now and it is with Acclaim! An entertainment promotion with class, pride and integrity. After many years of absence, I am thrilled to be working again with Acclaims talented, creative and professional staff on the new, next-level of their Legends of Wrestling: SHOWDOWN video game! Acclaim has assured me that Ultimate Warrior rises and soars and rules, shakes ropes, shatters hopes and awakens the Gods of Parts Unknown again in this incredible opportunity to settle ALL SCORES, unfinished business and even new beefs!, in the ULTIMATE place to do battle -- THE SHOWDOWN RING! The intensity of Ultimate Warrior lives again. AWESOME! F-F-F-e-e-l t-h-e P-o-w-e-r!! For more lowdown! on Showdown go here:

Yes, a crummy commercial! Of course, in traditional Warrior fashion, when I clicked on the link earlier this morning, I received the following message on the site (and I swear I am not making this up, and the link has been fixed since the morning)

Oops! Welcome to Nowhere
You've clicked a link that is no longer active, or a link that is pointing to the wrong place.

10/27/1996 In the hot opening match of Halloween Havoc 1996, "The Man of 1,000 Holds" Dean Malenko defeated Rey Misterio Jr. in Las Vegas, NV to win the WCW Cruiserweight title. Malinko used hold #976, reversing Misterio's top rope huracanrana into a powerbomb to win the title at 18:26. Also on the show, "The Outsiders" Kevin Nash & Scott Hall defeated Harlem Heat (with sister Sherri and Col. Robert Parker) to win the WCW World Tag Team Title. The Heat had the matchup won with the most excellent Harlem Hangover, however as referee Nick Patrick (who would go on to fame as the masked n W o referee) was putting Stevie Ray out of the ring, Kevin Nash stole southern gentlemen Robert "Tennessee Stud" Parker's cane and used it Mr. Fuji style on Booker at 13:06 to win the titles for the first of many times.

10/27/2002 Keiji Muto in his Great Muta persona defeated Genichiro Tenryu in Tokyo, Japan to win the All Japan Triple Crown Championship for the second time. The rematch of 2001's match of the year went 17:17, did three moonsaults on his bad knees (which where what put him in the hospital eight days before after blowing out his right nee). In one spot Muta came off the top rope over the head of senior referee Kyohei Wada with a shining wizard. The match saw the use of tables, mist, chairs and was very hardcore. Speaking of hardcore, 58 year old Terry Funk & 60-65 year old Abdulah the Butcher reunited to defeat Tarzan Goto & Tomoaki Honma in 13:45 when Abby pinned Honma with the elbow drop.

10/28/1995 From the Viking Hall at the corner at Swanson and Ritter, everyone's favorite underdog, Mikey Whipwreck defeated the Sandman in a ladder match to win the ECW World Heavyweight Championship. The good people of London Media didn't recognize the title as a world title until 1999. In a world television and world tag team title match, Too Cold Scorpio pinned Rocco Rock in 24:54. Due to pre-match stipulations, Scorpio won the World Tag Team titles and chooses Sandman as his partner and retains the television title. Also on the big show, Axl Rotten defeated Dudley Dudley (or D-Squared). The Pitbulls (I & II) defeated Tony Stetson & Don E. Allen. The Eliminators (Kronus & Saturn) defeated "The Human Suplex Machine" Taz & "White Lightening" Scott Steiner. Rey Misterio, Jr. & Konnan defeated Psicosis & La Parka by count out. Johnny Grunge defeated Dancin' Stevie Richards in a "loser wears a dress" match. Full Blooded Italian JT Smith defeated El Puerto Ricano. "The Shaw" Hack Myers defeated Dances with Dudley. Former suspender wearer Tommy Dreamer defeated Cactus "He's Hardcore" Jack.

10/28/2000 During All Japan Pro Wrestling's 28th anniversary show, Genichiro "51 years old" Tenryu defeated Toshiaki Kawada in a tournament final to win the All Japan Triple Crown Championship for the first time since 1989 in Tokyo, Japan. Tenryu, returned to All Japan for the first time since 1990 (when he left to form the ill-fated SWS promotion, and enjoy some rice with Bobby Heenan and Shawn Mooney on the "live studio version" of "Prime Time Wrestling") after a major exodus of talent to form Pro Wrestling NOAH. Tenryu pinned "Dangerous K" at 26:28 after his "dynamite knockout punch" to the face (ala Nintendo's "Mike Tyson's Punch Out"), at the Northern Lights Bomb. First round tournament matches saw Genichiro Tenryu defeated Mike Barton, Stan Hansen defeated Jinsei Shinzaki, Shiro Koshinaka defeated Johnny Smith, Toshiaki Kawada defeated Steve Willaims. Second round saw Tenryu defeated Hansen, and "Dangerous K" defeated Shiro Koshinaka.

10/28/2001 B.A.T.T. (Bad Ass Translate Training) members Taiyo Kea & All Japan Triple Crown Champion Keiji Mutoh defeated Tatsumi Fujinami & Osamu Nishimura in 23:47 in Fukuoka, Japan to win the IWGP International Tag Team Title in addition to the All Japan Tag Team Title they won a week earlier. The finish of the match saw Mutoh and Kea delivering shining wizards to Nishimura before muta and his awful knees got the pin. Mutoh held six title belts during this time, including the NWA International, PWF Heavyweight, NWA United National, IWGP Tag Team, All Japan World Tag Team, and All Japan International Tag Team.

Speaking of Mutoh/Muta/Muto, Ring Of Honor is holding an All Japan vs. ROH supershow! F&^k, yes! December 27th in Philadelphia, PA at the Pennsylvania National Guard Armory. First match signed for the show (are you sitting down??) "The Notorious 187" Homicide vs. Satoshi Kojima. Also, Mutoh & Arashi vs. a mystery Ring Of Honor Tag Team, also Kaz Hayashi, Tomoaki Honma and Kazushi Miyamoto.

Anyone from Chicago want to hitchhike to Philly with me for a "Very Special" Ring Of Honor X-Mas?

10/29/1988 The Road Warriors (the late Hawk & Animal with Precious Paul Ellering) defeated the Midnight Express (Stan Lane & Bobby Eaton with Manager James E. Cornette) in New Orleans, LA to win their only NWA World Tag Team Title. As "The Louisville Slugger" was about to announce the champions being from "every woman's dreams and every mans nightmare," Precious Paul (and his trusted Wall Street Journal) grabbed Cornette and started beating him up by pie facing him and beating him down with the newspaper. As "Sweet" Stan Lane came down to help Cornette, the Legion Of Doom took advantage and jumped Bobby Eaton. They brutally assaulted his "Beautiful" face by ramming it repeatedly into the ring post, making Eaton a bloody and possibly even more beautiful mess. Black Belt and future WCW Announcer, Stan Lane tried to fight off the Warriors in the ring. Stan was successful, and sweet, however he made a tag to Eaton, who fell victim to a running clothesline from Animal for the Road Warriors title victory. RIP, What a rush!

10/29/1995 In an evening which saw the Giant fall off the historic Cobo Hall in Detroit, MI, yet survive and even wrestling in the main event. Johnny B. Badd defeated "Diamond" Dallas Page (with Max Muscle and The Diamond Doll) to win the WCW World Television Championship for the second time. Miscommunication, the downfall of many relationships and the basis for many episodes of "Three's Company" and now "Frasier" led to DDP losing the title. Max Muscle kept on interfering and the interference led to Johnny "I'm a Badddddd man" pushed DDP into Max Muscle and rolling him up for the title. After the match, the lovely Kimberly scored Diamond Dallas Page's performance a "10," of course the "10" was the only number Kimberly had on her, as she wanted to give him a "3," and DDP was forced to give himself a "self high five." Fellas, see what happens when you steel your girlfriends million dollar winning bingo card? Other matches on the show: Randy Savage pinned Zodiac with his elbow drop at 1:30. The mighty Kurasawa (Manabu Nakanishi with Col. Robert Parker) pinned Road Warrior Hawk at 3:15. In his only WCW Pay Per View appearance, Sabu (with his uncle the Sheik) pinned Mr. JL (Jerry Lynn as a mighty morphin power ranger) at 3:25. After the match, the Sheik tosses a fireball in Lynns face. Lex Luger defeated the monster Meng after 13:14 by disqualification. Sting & Ric Flair defeated Brian Pillman & Arn Anderson by disqualification at 17:09, when Flair surprise, surprise turned on Sting and reformed the four horsemen. Randy Savage pinned Lex Luger at 5:23, when Luger collided with evil manager Jimmy "Mouth Of The South" Hart. In the World Heavyweight Title Match: The Giant defeated Hulk Hogan by disqualification at 16:57 after Jimmy Hart turned on Hulk Hogan. The next night on a very special Nitro, it was announced that Hart had double crossed Hogan (in more ways then one) before the match and waved the disqualification rule into the contract, which meant the Giant had legal recourse to the title. The Giant was stripped of the title when WCW claimed the decision was dubious.

10/29/1998 D-Lo Brown defeated X-Pac in the non-European settlement of East Lansing, MI to win the WWE European Championship for the second time.

10/29/2000 At Halloween Havoc 2000 in Las Vegas, NV, General Hugh G. Rection (Hugh Morrus) defeated Lance Storm & Jim Duggan in a handicapped match to win the WCW Canadian Heavyweight Title. Other members of Team Canada (Elix "Prime Time and member of the Canadian Pro Football Hall Of Fame" Skipper), and MIA (Major Gunns) interfered during the match. Rection hit his former American Idol Clay Aiken Duggan with a Russian legweeep and a missed by inches "No Laughing Matter (or no laughing rection)" moonsault for the pin. Meanwhile, Minoru Tanaka defeated Tatsuhito Takaiwa by submission at 14:07 to win the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Title at the Kobe World Memorial Hall in Sapporo, Japan.

10/29/2001 During a dark match during the Raw tapings in Louisville, The Minnesota Stretching Crew (Brock Lesnar & Shelton Benjamin) defeated Brolin Services Members Prototype (John Cena) & Rico Constantino (just Rico) to win the vacant OVW Southern tag Team Titles. The Crew vacated the titles in July due to Benjamin's injured knee.

10/30/1999 From land of the Rocky Mountains, the man they call "Vader" defeated Mitsuharu Misawa in Tokyo, Japan to regain the All Japan Triple Crown Championship. Misawa had defeated Vader for the title at the Tokyo Dome on May 2, 1999 Giant Baba Memorial Show. Currently Baba's fighting spirit lives in the in-ring work of Pro Wrestling NOAH, All Japan Pro Wrestling and suprisingly in a rich full bodied beer!

10/30/2001 Booker T & Test, former WCW World Tag Team Champions, defeated The Rock & WCW World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho to win the WWE World Tag Team Title in Cincinnati, OH. Jericho did a "fozzy" and accidentally hit Rock with a missile dropkick and Test used his boot of death on the Rock for the win. After the match Jericho and Rock argued and Jericho snapped and hit the star of the "Rundown," Jericho then was rock bottomed by the Rock. The Rock left the ring, but enjoyed the move so much; he gave Jericho another one for "good luck." Also on the show Christian defeated Bradshaw to win the WWE European Title, however due to time constraints the match was not shown on Smackdown. Lance Storm ran in and got the clothesline from hell for his troubles (yet, amazingly he did not develop breasts after taking it). Christian grabbed the European title ad hit Bradshaw in his financially sound (ha!) it for the pin.

10/31/1979 Shohei "Giant" Baba defeated "King" Harley Race in Nagoya, Japan to win the NWA World Heavyweight Title for the second time. Baba first won the belt 5 years earlier against Jack Brisco and held it for seven glorious days. During this reign, Baba would hold the belt for an additional seven glorious days, then regain the belt again for six days. Giant Baba's Total NWA title reign was twenty days total. And they say short title reigns didn't become in vogue til 20 years later!

10/31/1998 During the main event of All Japan's 26th anniversary show at Budokan Hall, in a match voted by readers of the Wrestling Observer newsletter as "match of the decade," Mitsuharu Misawa defeated Kenta Kobashi in 43:29 with a series of roaring elbows to regain the All Japan Triple Crown Championship for the fourth time. Both guys hit each other with multiple stiff chops, lariats, elbows and played off the finishes of previous matches for many near falls. The match saw Kobashi hit backdrop drivers, half-nelson german suplexes, a top rope legdrop, a head-first powerbomb on the top turnbuckle, and a dragon suplexes. Misawa used the multiple tiger drivers, huracanranas, elbow suicida, an amazing tiger driver off the ring apron to the floor, somersault legdrops and the legendary tiger driver 91 for near falls. In amazing must-see match, although their rematch on the March 1, 2003 at the Pro Wrestling NOAH Budokan Hall show was another MOTYC (match of the year classic).

10/31/2000 Right To Censor member, sexy sexy librarian, and "Christine Sullivan" in the RTC version of the "Night Court Role Playing Club" (with The Goodfather as "Mac," Bull Buchanan as "Bull," The Cat as "Billie," and Val Venis as "Assistant District Attorney Dan Fielding") Ivory defeated Lita in Rochester, NY to win the WWE Women's Title for the third time. Co-Commissioner Debra was having a pleasant conversation with Lita in her office about the joys of Debra's cookies when Ivory rudely interrupted their delicious (like the cookies) conversation. Ivory demanded a title shot to bring respect and honor to the WWE Woman's title. Debra proclaimed he was doing things "Debra Style" and made a Four Corners Match for the Women's Championship by including the lovely Trish Stratus and Jacqueline, and further stated if T&A (Test & Albert), the Hardy Boyz and the Right to Censor would not be allowed to interfere in the contest! Lita had the match won with a moonsault on Ivory, however Hardy Boyz nemesis' Edge & Christian attacked Lita with a double arm DDT behind the back of referee. Ivory then covered Lita to win the Women's Championship. After the match, to celebrate the victory, Ivory let her hair down by doing some fancy crocheting and might cross-stitching.

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