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11/7 TNA Victory Road PPV review: Gartshore's "alt perspective" detailed report

Nov 8, 2004 - 1:34:00 PM

TNA PPV report
November 7, 2004
Orlando, Fla.
Report by Chris Gartshore, Torch Team Contributor

Well, I'm back from my two-month vacation and ready to give you all the good and bad of what went down on TNA's first three-hour PPV, Victory Road. First, I have to say thatliving in Canada, we have no access to the weekly Impact show. I cannot give much of a back-story to the feuds, or the set-up of the matches, but I had read all the results so far and I feel that I know enough to understand what was going on and why. So, without further ado, let's begin.

The opening of the PPV had the great looking, slickly produced, "history" of TNA and their impact, no pun intended, on wrestling and being the future of wrestling.

Throw to a shot of Universal Studios and then we go inside the studio. Pyro, lights, fire and smoke kick off the PPV, as we go to Mike Tenay and Don West, introducing us to the show. They run down the card.

We go to a previously recorded video of Shane Douglas outside the arena as he tries to get a word with Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett says that he talked to Scott Hall and he says that Kevin Nash will not be there.

(1) Hector Garza won the 20-man Gauntlet match. This was over-the-top rules, with the winner being crowned with an International Cup. The first two wrestlers in were Kazarian and Sonjay Dutt. As with all other matches of this type, it's veryhard to keep track of who, what, where and when, so I'll try my best here. Every 60 seconds, a new challenger enters and when it gets down to the final two, it becomes pinfall or submission. Dutt and Kazarian go at it right away. Kazarian tries to throw out Dutt, but he hangs onto the ropes and hits a huracanrana on Kazarian from the outside in. Third man is Puma. He trades blows with both Kazarian and Dutt. Fourth man out, is LA Park. He hits everyone with the chair. Fifth wrestler out is, Jerelle Clark. He hits a springboard plancha on Dutt. Sixth man out is, Miyamoto. Clark hits his 630 splash off the top-rope. Seventh man out is, Michael Shane. He teams up with his partner, Kazarian and they eliminate Puma, Clark and Miyamoto. Eighth wrestler out is, Hector Garza. He goes right after Kazarian and Shane. Ninth man out is, Nosawa. Number ten is, Mikey Batts. Batts hits a spinning stunner on Kazarian. All men pair off. The eleventh man out is, Alex Shelley. Shelley throws Dutt over the ropes, but he hangs on until Shelley kicks him off, eliminating him from the match. Kazarian backdrops LA Park over the ropes, eliminating him. Twelfth man out is Matt Sydal. He hits Shelley with a beautiful standing moonsault onto his back. Shelley rolls to the outside with an "injured" back. The thirteenth wrestler out is Sonny Siaki. Siaki backdropsKazarian into the ropes. Siaki hits a high powerslam on Sydal. Siaki gets a Samoan drop on Shane. Siaki flips Nosawa over the ropes to the floor, putting him out of the match. Garza monkey flipsBatts over the ropes, eliminating him. Number fourteen out is, Jason Cross. He hits a swinging head-scissors on Siaki. Sydal misses a plancha on Siaki and as he rises, Siaki hits him with a clothesline, sending him upside down. Cross hits a dirty looking brainbuster on Sydal. The fifteenth wrestler out is, Shark Boy. Shelley is shown, still down on the arena floor. Cross throws Sydal over the ropes, but manages to hold on. Shelley now gets up and yanks him off the edge to the floor, ending his night. Sydal goes after Shelley and then throws him back inside the ring. The sixteenth man out is Psicosis. Garza hits a reverse slam on Psicosis. D Ray 3000 is the seventeenth man out. Shark Boy uses his 'fro as a battering ram on Shelley, Kazarian and Shane. Cross and Shelley backdrop Shark Boy and D ray over the ropes, but hang on. They kick their way back in, but Siaki hits a double clothesline them over the ropes, to the floor, eliminating both men. Number eighteen out is Amazing Red. Shelley climbs to the top-rope, but is pushed off by Cross, sending him to the lockeroom. Number nineteen out is, Spanky. Spanky goes after Shane before Kazarian makes the save. Kazarian throws Spanky over the ropes, but hangs on, then backflips over Kazarian and walks into a superkick from Shane. The final competitor out is Chris Sabin. Siaki is sent to the floor by Spanky and Sabin. Spanky eliminates Shane after he sends him over the ropes with a reverse huracanrana. The remainingseven men are hit with a pyramid backdrop/powerbomb/superplex from the top-rope. Psicosis clotheslines Cross out of the ring to the floor. Red backdrops Psicosis to the ring apron and then kicks him off to the floor below. Red and Kazarian go over the ropes, but both men hang on. Kazarian then kicks Red off, eliminating him. Sabin throws Spanky over the ropes after Spanky tries for a bulldog from the top-rope. Kazarian goes to the top-rope, but is hit with a German suplex by Sabin, who hits Garza on the way down. Great looking spot. Sabin has Garza in the corner and goes for a running dropkick. Garza moves and is sent over the ropes. Sabin is straddling the ropes as Garza hits him with a dropkick, sending him to the outside. Kazarian and Garza are the two remaining competitors. Kazarian hits a springboard legdrop from the ropes on Garza. Garza hits a beautiful moonsault on Kazarian and goes for the pin, but he kicks out. Kazarian hits a slingshot DDT on Garza. Garza goes for the corkscrew moonsault, but Kazarian moves out of the way and rolls him up for the pin, but only gets a two count. Garza reverses it and gets the pin on Kazarian. Hector Garza win the International Cup. This was a match that didn't stop from beginning to end. Just over thirty minutes of high-flying action. Great match. Garza is interviewed afterwards in Spanish.

The Dusty Rhodes DOA promo is shown. He wants to be the Director of Authority in TNA. You could vote at the TNA website.

Scott Hudson is in the back with The Naturals, Dallas and Kid Kash. Kash says that the boys he's in there with tonight, had better listen to him because he's been around the longest.

(2) Johnny B. Badd and Ron Killings and Erik Watts and Pat Kenney defeated The Naturals and Kid Kash and Dallas. Kash and Kenney start off. They trade arm-drags. Badd is tagged in. Andy Douglas is tagged in. Watts is tagged in. Chase Stevens is tagged in before handing it off to Dallas. Watts hits a slam on Dallas. Dallas hits a sideslam on Watts. Kash is tagged in and is met with a boot to the face. Watts tags out to Kenney. Kash tags to Dallas. Dallas climbs the ropes and goes for a very impressive looking moonsault, but misses. Killings is now in and takesdown all four men. Everyone else jumps into the ring. Everyone but Badd and Stevens are left in the ring. Badd hits a huracanrana off the top-rope on Stevens. Killings grabs Stevens and hits him with adouble-arm DDT and gets the pin. Pretty short match and nothing all that great here. It was yourtypical eight-man tag.

We see another limo arrive at the studio as Shane Douglas tries to see who's inside. He thinks it's Kevin Nash and tries to get a word from him. The limo driver tells him that he doesn't want to be disturbed.

We see Abyss in the back, locked up, awaiting his match later on.

(3) Mascarita Sagrada pinned Piratita Morgan. This was the bathroom break of the night. Your very typical mini-match. They could have used this waste of six minutes to allow AJ Styles and Petey Williams more time later on in the night, but more on that later. There is nothing you need to know about this match. Next.

Scott Hudson interviews 3 Live Kru. Konnan says that he's going to finish this tonight. BG James also says that they're going to get the tag titles back.

Scott Hall comes down to the ring. He says that since there's a party going on, he's there because he's not one to miss too many of them. He tells us that Kevin Nash will not be there tonight. Hall says "may the best Jeff win".

A video promo of 3 Live Kru is shown and how they got to tonight's match.

(4) 3 Live Kru defeated Team Canada to become the new NWA Tag Team champs. BG James and Bobby Roode start off. Roode hits powershots on James. James comes back and rolls Roode to the outside while Eric Young comes in. James misses a flying bodypress. Roode and Young make quick tags in and out, as they work over James. James makes the tag to Konnan, but the referee didn't see it. Scott D'Amore distracts the referee and throws in the hockey stick to Young and Roode. They try to clothesline him with it, but James reverses it andhe falls on the hockey stick, sending Roode and Young crashing into each other. James makes the tag to Konnan. Konnan cleans house. Konnan and Young roll outside. James and Roode fight in the ring. Roode sets-up in the corner for a move, but Konnan trips him up and James hits a kick to the face. D'Amore rolls into the ring to hit James with the hockey stick, but Killings runs out and sends D'Amore, scrambling up the ramp. Back inside the ring, James is watching Killings and D'Amore. Roode hits him with a clothesline to the back of the head. Roode sets up fora clothesline on Konnan, but he sidesteps it, sending Roode into the ropes. He falls back out of the corner and Konnan grabs him and gives him a faceplant to the mat. Konnan rolls Roode up for the pin and we have new,NWA tag-team champions. Pretty good match, but it was over a little too quickly.

Raven is shown locked away "preparing" for his match tonight. He says that it's good for him to be locked away because he can take out his craziness on his opponents.

The TNA DOA promo for Vince Russo is shown. You could still vote for him at the TNA website.

Roddy Piper comes to the ring for his In The Pit With Piper segment. There is a Scottish tarp on the mat inside the ring. The crowd chants "you're a legend". He says that exactly what he's going to talk about tonight. He says that TNA is great, showcasing X Division matches, but his guest invented X Division beforetoday's wrestlers did. Piper introduces Jimmy Snuka. Piper says that for 21 years, he's had the coconut incident on his mind. Piper has a coconut and he begs Snuka to hit him with it. Piper turns his back. Snuka refuses to hit him. Piper tellsof how he used to make fun of him back in the day, hoping that would be enough for Snuka to hit him. Snuka again refuses to hit him. As Piper turns to Snuka, you hear Kid Kash interrupting them. Kash says that Snuka is nothing. Kash goes on to say thatSnuka was only famous for his 20 foot leap off a steel cage and how he's gone through tables from that same height. Kash says he's wants to say something else as he tries to hit Snuka. Snuka ducks and grabs Kash by the throat. Snuka throws Kash off the ropes and does his trademark chop. Kazarian and Michael Shane come out and help Kash. Sonjay Dutt comes out to the aid of Snuka. Dutt hits a leaping bodypress on Kazarian and Shane and then roll out of the ring. Piper checks on the condition of Snuka. Kash grabs the coconut and smashes it into the face of Dutt. Kash rolls outside and Kazarian and Shane tell him that wasn't cool. Kash says that it wasn't him that brought the coconut to the ring and that it wasn't his fault.

Monty Brown is shown caged in the back, also awaiting his match. Brown says that he will take down both Abyss and Raven with the pounce. Period.

A video promo for the next TNA PPV is shown, scheduled for December 5.

Trinity's open challenge promo is shown.

(5) Trinity pinned Jaqueline. Upon arriving in the ring, Trinity says that no one is about to accept her offer. She asks Glenn Gilbertti and Johnny Swinger to raise her on their shoulders for the pictures. As their backs are turned, Jaqueline comes in and grabs Trinity's hair and she falls to the mat. She throws Trinity over the ropes and kicks her off, but manages to fall into the hands of Gilbertti and Swinger. Jaqueline jumps over the ropes and splashes all three of them, sending them to the floor. Jaqueline throws Trinity back into the ring and tries to roll back in, but Gilbertti grabs her leg, allowing Trinity to get the upper hand. Trinity beats on Jaqueline. Jaqueline comes back and hits Trinity with a German suplex. She sets up Trinity in the corner and punches her. Gilbertti triesto help get her off of Trinity, but is met with a punch to the face by Jaqueline. Swinger also tries to help and manages to bounce her neck off the ropes, sending her to the mat. Trinity climbs the ropes and hits a moonsault and then rolls Jaqueline up for the pin. It was good to actually see Jaqueline in the ring wrestling, instead of being a referee.

Scott Hudson talks to Triple X. Christopher Daniels says that he's sorry about saying that Triple X should have been more on the attack. Prime Time also says that tonight, they go back to doing things the way they used too and that America's Most Wanted is going to find that out.

A video recap of the Abyss, Raven and Monty Brown feud and how they came together is shown.

(6) Monty Brown defeated Raven and Abyss. This was a Monster's Ball match, where anything goes. Abyss goes right after Raven. Abyss sends Raven out to the crowd. Brown comes down and tries to take out Abyss. Abyss throws Brown into the ringpost. Abyss goes back into the crowd and hits Raven with a garbage can. Abyss also throws Raven down onto the steel steps in the aisle. Ouch. The mystery man, who has been talking for Abyss, is shown in the rafters. Back inside the ring, Abyss hits his sit-down torture rack. Raven gets back to the ring and helps Brown double team on Abyss. Raven and Brown try a double-clothesline on Abyss, but he reverses it andhits a clothesline of his own. Raven goes outside and brings a chair in the ring. Abyss grabs it, but is superkicked by Raven. Raven takes down Brown. Raven hits the drop toe-hold on Abyss into the chair. Raven tries the same thing on Brown, but he stops, takes the chair and throws it into the face of Raven. Brown also throws the chair into the face of Abyss. Abyss rolls to the floor. Brown works over Raven. Brown sets up for the pounce, but Raven pulls the referee in front of him, knocking him to the floor outside. Abyss comes back inside the ring. Brown picks up Abyss and powerslams him to the mat.That was an incredible feat of strength from Brown. Raven was trying to get back into the ring. As Brown was setting up for the pounce on Abyss, he came off the ropes, sending Raven to the floor and catching Brown off guard. This allowed Abyss to hit his blackhole slam on Brown. He tries for the pin, but the referee is still out. Abyss goes outside and brings in his satchel. Brown is set-up on the top-rope by Abyss. Abyss opens the bag and we see that it's filled with thumbtacks. Abyss dumps the contents onto the mat. Abyss tries to throw Brown off the rope onto the tacks, but Raven comes in and powerbombs Abyss onto the thumbtacks. They are stuck all over his back, arms and hands. Raven tries for a pin as a new referee makes his way down to the ring. Abyss rolls outside and Raven brings a table into the ring. Raven sets up the table in the corner and Abyss tries to get back into the ring. Raven knocks off Abyssthrough a table that was set-up outside the ring previously. As Raven turns to Brown, Brown hits his pounce, sending Raven through the table head first. Brown then pins Raven for the win. This was a great match with lots of brutal action.

Shane Douglas was outside, again beside the limousine. He said that he was there to interview Kevin Nash, or whomever was in it. Don Harris came out and told him to leave the limo alone.

A video of the TNA interaction weekend was shown.

Scott Hudson is with Petey Williams and Scott D'Amore. Williams says that he wants to see how phenomenalAJ is, when he hits his Canadian Destroyer. D'Amore tells Williams he's so sure he'll win, that if he doesn't, he'll go back to Canada, never to be seen in TNA again.

A video promo of A.J. Styles and Petey Williams is shown.

(7) Petey Williams pinned A.J. Styles. Williams and Styles take it to eachother with mat wrestling. They both try for quick pins. Styles hits his dropkick to the face of Williams. Williams rolls outside. Styles tries a plancha, but hangs on and goes over the ropes to the ring apron. Williams gets heel kicked by Styles. Williams ducks out of the way as Styles moonsaults to the floor, but Styles stops and kicks Williams in the back of the head. Styles goes back in the ring and then hits his suicidedive on Williams outside on the floor. Back in the ring, Williams hits a kick on Styles. Scott D'Amore beats on Styles as he's lying against the ropes. Williams hangs Styles upside-down on the ropes and steps on his lower region, while singing the Canadian national anthem. Williams throws Styles off the ropes, but Styles reverses it into a kick, that I'm sure went wrong. It looked as though he was supposed to stop and grab Williams and hit him with the reverse DDT that he does. Anyway, back on his feet, Williams hangs Styles on the ropes once again. As he's about to step on Styles, he somehow reverses it into a neck scissors takedown, throwing Williams across the ring. Williams comes back at Styles, but he backdrops Williams to the apron and he hits his bicycle kick, sending Williams to the floor. Williams climbs back into the ring and Styles grabs him and repeatedly hits him with forearms. Styles hits a suplex on Williams. Styles is thrown outside, but he gets right back up and hits a diving punch to the face of Williams. Williams hits a Russian leg sweep on Styles. Williams sets up for the Canadian Destroyer. Styles reverses it and throws Williams into the turnbuckles, back first. D'Amore is shown with the X Division belt. Styles tries for the Canadian Destroyer himself, but Williams reverses it and tries to roll up Styles, but Styles manages to roll him up instead. The referee is distracted by D'Amore as Williams tries to hit Styles with the hockey stick. As the referee is putting the stick outside, D'Amore throws the X Division belt into the ring and Williams hits Styles with it. Williams tries for the pin, but Styles kicks out. Styles puts Williams on the ropes. D'Amore holds Styles feet, so he cannot lift Williams off. Williams throws Styles to the canvas, face first. As Styles gets back up, in one fluid motion, Williams hits his Canadian Destroyer on Styles and covers him for the pin to retain his championship. What a great finishing sequence. Now, as for the match itself, awesome as you would expect. My only gripe, as I'm sure any of youwho watched it, was the length of time they were given. Take out that mini-match earlier and this would have been an even better match. As it was, it was only about eleven minutes long. It was very good. It's just too bad it wasn't that much longer.

Jeff Jarrett is shown in his locker room with Scott Hall. Jeff Hardy is then shown in his locker room as they prepare for their NWA title match.

The history between America's Most Wanted and Triple X is shown.

(8) America's Most Wanted defeated Triple X in a last team standing match. Any man who is pinned, has to the count of ten to get back to his feet. All four men go out to the floor. As they get back in the ring, James Storm hits a superkick to the face of Christopher Daniels. AMW set-up for their finisher, but PrimeTime breaks it up, as he gets caught with the legdrop to the head. (As a note, I really think, if you go back and watch this happen, you'll see PrimeTime's head hit the mat hard. As he lay there awkwardly, he really didn't seem to move properly afterwards. You could also see him trying to get some feeling back into his hands. To me, he seemed out of it. In the end, I think that's what made this match such amess. If not, there is no excuse for what they put on). Back to the match, James Storm hits a neckbreaker on Daniels. Storm pins Daniels and gets up before the ten count. Storm hits a powerbomb on Daniels. Daniels tags out to PrimeTime. PrimeTime and Daniels double-team Chris Harris. They make quick tags. Harris makes the tag to Storm. Storm sets up for a superkick, but Daniels kicks him in the knee. Daniels and PrimeTime hit a combination powerbomb and neckbreaker on Storm and pin him. Storm makes it to his feet before the ten count, but as the referee is distracted by PrimeTime, Daniels hits Storm in the knee with a chairshot.Daniels pins Storm and he doesn't answer the ten count. The match continues with Chris Harris against both PrimeTime and Christopher Daniels. Daniels takes down Harris and goes for his moonsault. Harris moves out of the way and Harris hits the spear. Another flub as Storm was attempting a pin, PrimeTime was supposed to come off the ropes and break it up as the referee was counting. He didn't make it and PrimeTime hit Daniels instead, after the fact. PrimeTime climbed the ropes, but was knocked to the floor by Harris. Harris goes over and pins Daniels. Daniels does not answer the ten count. It's now down to Harris and PrimeTime. Harris tries a powerbomb, but almost drops PrimeTime on his head. He goes for it a second time and hits it. PrimeTime kicks out of the pin attempt. PrimeTime goes for his spinning neckbreaker, but he blows that move. At this point, the crowd is starting to chant "boring". It wasn't boring, it was bad. There's a big difference. PrimeTime goes out and brings a chair into the ring. Harris kicks PrimeTime in the stomach to retrieve the chair and puts it on the mat. Harris grabs PrimeTime and hits the Catatonic on the chair. Prime- Time's head hit the chair flush. Harris pinned PrimeTime. He kicked out, but the referee still made the three count. What else can go wrong? Thankfully nothing, as PrimeTime didn't answer the ten count. AMW get the win in this awful match. Post match, Daniels and PrimeTime handcuff Harris and Storm together and hit them each with a chair, before security come out and stop them. As I said earlier, this match was a huge letdown. These two teams are the best in TNA and four of the best wrestlers in the company. They have done much better and can do much better. I don't know what it was, but as I said, it may have been because of an injury to PrimeTime early on in the match. If Wade is able to find out any information, I would hope that he would put something up for you to read.

Scott Hudson is with Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett says that Hardy doesn't have a chance without Nash by his side.

The DOA results are in and we have a new Director of Authority in TNA, Dusty Rhodes. Rhodes says that at the next PPV, AMW and Triple X will fight in the six sides of steel cage match. Rhodes tells WWE that they had better watch themselves because TNA has revolutionized the sport of wrestling tonight. Rhodes says that he will do things his way as the DOA of TNA.

A video of theevents leading up to tonight's Jeff Hardy vs. Jeff Jarrett NWA World Heavyweight title ladder match is shown.

(9) Jeff Jarrett defeated Jeff Hardy to retain his NWA World Heavyweight Championship in a ladder match. Ihoped that if Hardy was on tonight, it would be a good match. I was right and it was. Before the match, Hardy brought two ladders into the ring. Hardy goes right after Jarrett. Jarrett kicks Hardy and grabs a ladder and sets it up in the corner. Jarrett tries to throw Hardy into the ladder, but Hardy reverses it and throws Jarrett into one and then the other. Hardy beats on Jarrett. Hardy sends Jarrett back into the turnbuckle with the ladder and then climbs up it and dropkicks Jarrett in the face. Hardy drives Jarrett's head into the ladder that he placed on the mat. Hardy opens up the ladder and places Jarrett inside it and opens and closes it on him repeatedly. In a move I've never seen before, Hardy turns the ladder upside down and puts Jarrett into it. Hardy then climbs into the ladder and steps on the bars that keep it from closing, so that Jarrett is now being squeezed by the ladder and Hardy's weight. Hardy sets up the ladder and tries to climb it to the belt hanging above the ring. Jarrett stops him from doing so. Hardy climbs the other ladder and tries a legdrop off of it, but Jarrett rolls out of the way. Jarrett throws Hardy into the ladders. Jarrett sets up a ladder across the barrier and the ring. Jarrett drops Hardy on it twice. Jarrett rolls Hardy back in the ring. Hardy is hit in the ribs with the ladder by Jarrett. He is knocked out to the ring apron and is knocked off by Jarrett into the referee as well. Jarrett sets up the ladder to climb up for the belt. Hardy stops Jarrett from getting to the top. Hardy bodyslams Jarrett onto the ladder. Hardy goes to the top-rope and hits a swanton on Jarrett. Scott Hall comes down to the ring as Hardy is climbing the ladder. He grabs Hardy and gives him The Edge. Security get Hall out of the ring and he takes a chair and sits at ringside. Hardy hits the facebuster on Jarrett with a chair. Hardy makes a catapult with the two ladders. He takes Jarrett into the corner, but Jarrett reverses it and tries to throw him off. Hardy kicks Jarrett off and leaps over Jarrett onto the ladder, sending the end of it into Jarrett's face. Very cool spot. Hardy climbs the ladder again, but Jarrett climbs up the other side. Hardy grabs Jarrett's head and drives it into the mat from the top of the ladder. Hardy is beating on Jarrett, but Hall grabs his leg and pulls him out of the ring and starts punching him. Hardy ducks one punch and rolls back into the ring to stop Jarrett, who has now climbed the ladder. Hardy sends the ladder and Jarrett over into the ropes. Hardy sets up a ladder to go for the belt, but Jarrett knocks over the ladder, sending Hardy out to the floor, right onto Hall. Hardy then beats on Hall. Jarrett also comes out to the floor. Hardy catches him and climbs back into the ring. Hardy jumps off the ladder onto Hall and Jarrett outside the ring. Hardy brings out a huge ladder from under the ring. Hardy sets it up and Jarrett and Hardy both climb it. From there, they knock it over as it falls onto Hall, crushing him on the rampway. Both men fall to the side of the ramp as the ladder lays on top of Hall. Both men go back to the ring. Both men set-up a ladder and they both climb one. Hardy kicks Jarrett between the legs and tries a sunset-flip on Jarrett off the ladder. He gets a piece of Jarrett but not all, but he still goes down to the mat. Hardy, again sets up the ladder in the middle of the ring. Hardy then goes for a sunset-flip over the ropes on Jarrett and this time he connects, albeit not fully. Hardy goes back to the ring. Hardy climbs the ladder again. Hall comes into the ring with a chair, but Hardy kicks it into his face. Hardy comes down off the ladder and hits the twist- of-fate on Hall. Hardy is climbing the ladder once again, but Jarrett hits him with the chair and knocks him off. Jarrett climbs the ladder with his guitar to go for the belt, but as he does, Kevin Nash comes down to the ring with two guitars. He hands one to Hall and keeps the other for himself. They look at each man, but it's both Hall and Nash that hit Hardy with the guitars. Jarrett also hits Hardy with his guitar. Hardy falls to the canvas. This allows Jarrett to reach up and take the belt off the hook and to win the ladder match and remain the NWA World Heavyweight Champion. After the match, Nash gets on the mic and talks about "taking over" and that all the guys in the back had better fear them. He issues an open call to anyone to come down and face them. A.J. Styles is the first to come down to the ring. He hits a springboard double-clothesline on Jarrett and Hall. He hits athrust kick on Nash, sending him to the mat. Jarrett gets back up and Styles tries to hit his Styles clash, but Nash hits him with the boot to the face. 3 Live Kru come to the ring. They are put down by Hall, Nash and Jarrett. We cut to the parking lot as we see Macho Man Randy Savage heading to the ring. He is held back by security as the show goes off the air.

Notes: To sum everything up, this show was very good. From the opening 20-man gauntlet match, to the closing ladder match, this show was a great way to start their new beginning. Sure, there was two bad matches, but overall, in my opinion, there was nothing that really brought the show down to call it a bad PPV. The new graphics and the videos helped make the show seem like a contender and not just an "Indy" fed as some say. It was a refreshing change to see wrestling and at run time of exactly three hours, you sure as hell got your $30 worth. This show rates an 8.5 out of 10 from me.

I'll see you next month, on December 5.

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