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8/14 TNA Sacrifice PPV: Caldwell's "Alternative Perspective" Review

Aug 15, 2005 - 1:29:00 AM

By James Caldwell, Torch Columnist

TNA Sacrifice PPV Alternative Perspective Review
August 14, 2005
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: James Caldwell, Torch columnist

Countdown Show

- The show opened up with standard crowd shots before Jeremy Borash and Shane Douglas walked out to the stage to run down the card. Douglas said Jeff Hardy has been ordered to be at the show by the TNA rules committee.

- We went to some footage from earlier in the day when Jeff Jarrett and Rhino arrived at the building. Jarrett confronted Don West about the whereabouts of Larry Zbyszko. West said he's in a closed-door meeting.

- We saw video footage from last month's PPV when Jeff Jarrett confronted Larry Zbyszko about TNA officials firing TNA wrestlers to hire incoming WWE wrestlers before revealing that he was in cahoots with Rhino. We saw footage of Sabu's return to TNA to help Raven and team with him against Jarrett and Rhino at tonight's PPV.

- After a quick shot of So Cal Val ringside, we saw Cassidy Riley standing behind Jeremy Borash. Riley said he stood in line for nine days to get a seat for the main event match featuring Raven and Sabu teaming together. Borash introduced Mike Tenay, who was in the ring with Larry Zbyszko.

- Tenay said he had a huge announcement to make. Tenay recapped the history of TNA's television endeavors before introducing Bob Carter, who was ringside with his wife. Tenay thanked Bob for having faith in the TNA product in investing in the project. Tenay said his announcement is for the "greatest wrestling locker room" and for all the fans in the Impact zone and at home. Tenay announced that TNA will debut on Spike TV on October 1. Before Zbyszko could offer his thoughts, Jeff Jarrett's music hit. What would a TNA PPV preview be without a Jarrett interruption? Jarrett walked to the ring with Rhino and said his stomach hurts. Jarrett said Tenay and Zbyszko have nothing to do with the company. Jarrett said, "you two have cost us hundreds of thousand of dollars." Jarrett said Tenay should be thanking him because he's responsible for the Wednesday PPV's, Impact, and Spike TV. Jarrett said he turned his dream into a reality. Jarrett told Tenay he should be ashamed of himself. Jarrett, holding a piece of paper, said another 20 wrestlers will be in the unemployment line from WWE with the majority of them wanting to come to TNA. Jarrett said TNA wants to replace Jarrett. The crowd popped with many heads nodding in agreement with Jarrett being replaced. Jarrett wanted an answer from Zbyszko about the main event match. Jarrett wanted an answer that if he pins Raven in the main event, does he get a title shot. Zbyszko started to answer, but Jarrett interrupted to demand an answer. Zbyszko said Jarrett gets an NWA Title shot if he pins Raven. Jarrett celebrated and told Raven to get the NWA Title ready to hand over at next month's Unbreakable PPV. Before Jarrett could celebrate too much, Zbyszko clarified the statement - if Raven pins Jarrett, Jarrett doesn't receive a title opportunity for a full 365 days. Jarrett stood in the ring stunned following the announcement as Tenay and Zbyszko left the ring.

- Borash introduced a special feature on the Super X Cup tournament with highlights of each of the first six matches in the tournament.

- Borash told viewers to order the PPV that the wrestling world will be talking about Monday morning. Borash sent it to Tenay and West, who were ringside.

- Tenay recapped the new stipulations for the main event tag match. West, whose wardrobe has improved dramatically over the last several PPV's, screamed about the opening tag match.

(1) Sonny Siaki & Apolo defeated Jerrelle Clark & Mikey Batts at 4:27. Tenay gave some shout-outs to TNA Community members then talked about TNA allowing the fans to decide Christopher Daniels's opponent for tonight as a reflection of TNA's appreciation for the fans. Siaki and Apolo chose the heel approach for the match in response to the fans booing them for months as babyfaces. Siaki scored the victory for his team after some fast-paced action.

- We saw footage from last year when Jerry Lynn suffered a debilitating injury thanks to Juventud Guerrera in the World X Cup tournament. We saw footage of Jerry Lynn helping A.J. Styles defeat Sean Waltman at last month's PPV when Lynn was supposed to be an impartial referee. We saw footage of Waltman and Lynn's matches from 13 years ago mixed in with clips from Waltman and Lynn arguing on Impact a few weeks ago.

- Don West and Jeremy Borash broke down the PPV card. West labeled Austin Aries as "one of Ring of Honor's great champions." Well, Aries may not be a current champion, but West gains credibility points for mentioning ROH. Borash sold the PPV one final time then West said, "Order now."

Live PPV Show Review

(1) Sonjay Dutt & Shark Boy & Chris Sabin beat Diamond Young & Prime Time Elix Skipper & David Young. Diamond, Young, and Skipper came to the ring first. Sonjay Dutt's music hit, but Diamond interrupted to cut a promo. Young said Elix Skipper has been a lost soul since losing Christopher Daniels as his tag partner. Diamond said he will turn Skipper into the 24-carat star he is capable of becoming. All right, so we have a storyline to back up this match. West called this an "interesting match-up" then complemented Diamond on recruiting some talent to his fold. Young and Shark Boy started things off with Shark Boy taking Young down with a headlock. The two exchanged side headlock take-overs before standing off to crowd applause. Looks like a hot crowd. Shark Boy mounted Young in the corner for ten punches before Young threw him down to the mat. Shark Boy ducked a clothesline then bit Young in the rear. Diamond reprimanded Young then slapped him across the face. Fired up, Young dropped Shark Boy with a clothesline. Mike Tenay said Jeff Hardy has not showed up at the arena and if he does not appear, he will be fired.

Skipper entered the ring and worked on Shark Boy before Shark Boy made the hot tag to Sonjay Dutt. Dutt came in with knock down clotheslines but walked into a back breaker. Skipper worked on Dutt as Tenay commented that Skipper's career took a downturn after losing Christopher Daniels as his tag team partner. Young tagged in and dropped Dutt with a swinging sidewalk slam. Young missed with a shoulder block then Dutt flew off the top rope with a nice huricanrana. Diamond and Sabin took hot tags for their respective teams. Sabin snapped off a huricanrana into pin on Diamond and scored a nearfall. Sabin kicked Diamond in the gut before flipping to the apron and leaping off the top rope with a drop kick. The action broke down with Skipper and Young breaking up a pin attempt. Dutt flew off the top turnbuckle with a cross body block on Skipper and Young, but both men caught Dutt and held him. Shark Boy helped with a drop kick sending Dutt crashing onto both Skipper and Young. Skipper placed Dutt across the top rope then tried to walk the top rope into a huricanrana and scored a glancing blow. Young connected with a spinebuster on Dutt and went for a pin, but Shark Boy broke up the pin. Shark Boy and Young took their battle to the outside leaving Skipper and Sabin in the ring. Sabin went for the Cradle Shock but Skipper slipped out. After an awkward counter and reversal exchange between Sabin and Skipper - where the audience held its collective breath for something to happen - Sabin rolled up Skipper for a quick three count for the victory.

- After the match, Diamond chastised Skipper for blowing the match. Diamond shoved Skipper and Skipper pleaded his case saying he had him.

Match View: Hot opening match, but the finishing sequence seemed to be too cute causing an awkward set of reversals and counters. Nevertheless, good action to get the crowd excited. Skipper being relegated to Diamond's whipping boy is pretty reflective of how far down the ladder Skipper has slipped.

- We saw video footage from the pre-show when Jeff Jarrett interrupted Mike Tenay's Spike TV announcement. We saw Larry Zbyszko introduce two new stipulations for the main event tag match.

- Backstage, Shane Douglas was with Jimmy Hart and The Naturals. Douglas talked about the relationship between The Naturals and America's Most Wanted. Hart said he has a good game plan for their match against Team Canada. Chase Stevens said tonight is about ending Team Canada's reign of terror. Jeff Jarrett interrupted and warned The Naturals about heading to the employment line when TNA moves to Spike TV. Jarrett told The Naturals to hold onto the title belts. Stevens said Jarrett hasn't talked to them in nine months and now Jarrett wants to talk. Jarrett insulted the intelligence of The Naturals and Jimmy Hart. Hart responded that Jarrett has a look of paranoia on his face.

(2) Alex Shelley defeated Shocker Shelley, sporting a biker get-up complete with aviator sunglasses, biker jacket, and black leather pants, threw his shades into the camera on the way to the ring. At least he's not the baby bear anymore. Shocker, sporting bright white pants, took Shelley down after the opening bell before Shelley locked in a seated leg stretch. Shocker countered with a leg trip before the two men stood off to the applause of the crowd. Shocker dropped Shelley with a leg trip before locking in a half crab. Shelley reached the ropes to break the hold. Shelley and Shocker locked up again with Shocker taking Shelley down with a deep arm drag. Shelley twisted out but Shocker took Shelley down with an arm bar. Shelley kicked Shocker in the face to break the hold before ducking an enziguiri kick and scoring with a leg whip. Shelley placed Shocker's leg between the corner turnbuckle and middle rope then kicked Shocker's knee. Shelley charged Shocker in the corner, but missed and flew over the top rope to the floor. Shocker set up for a somersault splash, but Shelley moved and Shocker walked right into an enziguiri kick. Shocker countered a sidewalk slam into a tilt-a-whirl back breaker on the floor. Back in the ring, Shelley caught Shocker with a stunner across the top rope before missing with a shoulder block against the ropes. With Shelley on the floor after missing, Shocker flew off the top turnbuckle with a cross body splash.

The action returned to the ring where Shocker landed a ferocious right hand to the face after showing some nice intensity. Shocker scored with a clothesline then a bulldog followed by a kick to the face. Shocker locked in a twisting reverse figure four as Shelley reached out for the ropes. Shocker pulled Shelley to the middle of the ring then Shelley crawled to the ropes and reached the bottom rope to break the hold. Shocker landed a head butt to the face then Shelley reversed a corner whip into a tornado DDT out of the corner. Shelley landed forearm blows to the face then walked into a unique submission move from Shocker - a seated abdominal stretch combined with a neck grapevine. Shocker locked in another reverse figure four then released the hold and scored with a German Suplex. Shelley countered a drop kick into a Dragon screw leg whip before making a cover for a two count only. Shocker blocked a punch to the head then slingshot himself from the apron to the ring with an elbow smash. Shocker caught Shelley with a sunset flip off the ropes but Shelley countered with a double foot drop kick. Shocker no-sold and scored a double foot drop kick in response. Shocker went for a quick roll up, but Shelley countered with a roll up using the ropes for additional leverage to score the pin.

Match View: Shocker and Shelley could have used about two to three more minutes so the match didn't feel so rushed. Beyond that one beef I have with the match, they put together a solid match with some nice submission and technical wrestling spots. This was definitely the best match in the three-match series especially with Shocker bringing some new intensity and new submission-style moves to the ring that really added to the match.

- Shane Douglas, who used a World War II analogy that was on the level of a middle school student who never learned about what really happened, was backstage with James Mitchell and Abyss. Douglas said Hoyt made a pre-emptive strike on Abyss. Mitchell called the people who cheer Hoyt a bunch of "white trash, dirtbag" fans. Mitchell said there's only room for one big man in TNA and it's not Lance Hoyt.

(3) Abyss (w/James Mitchell) defeated Lance Hoyt. Hoyt charged the ring and attacked Abyss before the bell sounded. Hoyt took Abyss to the corner and landed ten hard punches to the head. The front row "Hoytamaniacs" popped while there were some mixed boos from some of the other fans in the Impact zone. Abyss knocked Hoyt down but Hoyt popped to his feet and clotheslined Abyss over the top rope to the floor. Hoyt flew over the top rope with a slingshot splash right in front of his front row of supporters. Hoyt avoided a distraction by James Mitchell but Abyss reversed an Irish whip sending Hoyt back-first into the corner guardrail. Abyss sent Hoyt headfirst into the corner ring steps as the fans ringside were split in their support of Hoyt and Abyss. Back in the ring, Abyss charged Hoyt in the corner and landed a big splash. Abyss landed a stiff chop to the chest to slow down the action. Hoyt countered with a stiff open-hand slap to the chest before missing with a running leg kick in the corner. Hoyt blocked a chokeslam then Abyss pulled Hoyt down by the hair. Abyss went to the top turnbuckle and flew down with a modified frog splash. (Modified in that it was something Eddie Guerrero would cringe at the sight of.) Abyss sent Hoyt shoulder-first into the corner ringpost before sending Hoyt shoulder-first into the opposite ringpost. Abyss stared down Hoyt then Hoyt came back with a flying clothesline off the corner turnbuckle.

Hoyt knocked over Abyss with a shoulder block then walked into a boot to the gut. Abyss flew off the top turnbuckle with a double axe handle attempt, but Hoyt countered with a chokeslam. Hoyt climbed up top and connected with a beautiful moonsault. Hoyt made a cover, but scored a two count only. Hoyt waited for Abyss to get to his feet and went for a super kick but Abyss countered with the Black Hole Slam. Abyss made the academic cover, but Hoyt kicked out at two. Very believable nearfall although Tenay went into that dejected announcer's voice giving away that the match wasn't going to end. Mitchell handed Abyss a steel chair, but referee Rudy Thomas restricted Abyss from using the chair. Abyss turned around and Hoyt kicked the chair directly into Abyss's face. Hoyt made a cover but scored a close two count only. Hoyt picked up the chair and placed it right next to Abyss's face as he lay in the corner. Hoyt went to the opposite corner and flew off the top rope with an amazing Van Daminator-style double foot drop kick sending the chair straight into Abyss's face! The Impact zone exploded as Hoyt went for a cover, but scored a two count only. Hoyt charged Abyss, but Abyss caught Hoyt with the Black Hole Slam. Abyss made the cover and scored the three count for the victory.

- After the match Tenay put over Hoyt as elevating his stature even in defeat similar to Chris Sabin losing to Samoa Joe last month.

Match View: The crowd was unusually split in their support of Hoyt - a reflection on the Impact fans taking pride in being anti-norm - but Hoyt won over nearly everyone with his amazing Van Daminator from across the ring. Amazing spot. The ending nearfalls could have meant a lot more if Abyss and Hoyt were given more time to build up the heat leading to those final few minutes. However, great wrestling action with the interest of both men protected. Abyss comes out strong kicking out of several nearfalls while Hoyt looks strong for taking Abyss to the limit with a dominating offensive attack.

- Shane Douglas was backstage with B.G. James. After stumbling over his words trying to get to his point in interviewing B.G. James, Douglas asked James about his role as special referee for the 3 Live Kru vs. Kip James and Monty Brown match. Konnan and Ron Killings interrupted and told James to check his alliance and realize who his friends are.

(4) Konnan & Ron Killings defeated Monty Brown & Kip James with B.G. James as Special Referee. Brown and Kip jumped Konnan and Killings before the bell sounded. Kip and Brown's early offensive advantage was thwarted when Konnan took Kip to the outside as Killings took Brown to the outside with a drop kick. Kip came back into the ring and Konnan dropped him to the seat of his pants before holding Kip's legs open for Killings to deliver a leg drop to the crotch. The fight spilled to the outside with Konnan picking up a steel chair. Konnan threw the chair into Kip's face as Killings and Brown fought back into the ring. Konnan took Kip back into the ring as B.G. James tried to restore order. James told Konnan he had to stay on the ring apron. Meanwhile, Kip and Brown double-teamed Killings as James's back was turned as he argued with Konnan. Brown stomped on Killings before taking Brown headfirst into the corner turnbuckle. Kip tagged in as James was caught up arguing with Konnan. Kip covered Killings and scored a two count only. Kip and James exchanged looks over the speed of James's count. Foreshadowing or red herring?

Kip scored with a knee lift that floored Killings. Kip made a cover but James counted a two count only. Brown tagged in and scored a snap suplex. Brown had a pin but James was distracted by something floating in the air or random thoughts or a girl in the crowd as he waited a full three seconds to drop down to the mat to count a nearfall for Brown. Brown made another cover after a knock down clothesline and James counted a two count only. Killings and Brown knocked heads after bouncing off the ropes. Don West referred to Carlos Beltran and Mike Cameron's collision in the outfield earlier in the week to describe the mid-ring collision. Kip and Konnan eventually scored hot tags with Konnan knocking Kip down with a rolling thunder clothesline. Brown re-entered the ring and took a face buster from Konnan. Konnan took his shoe off and threw it directly into Kip's stomach. Konnan tried to hit Brown with the shoe, but Konnan's toss was a little off and James took the shoe in the back. Konnan and James argued over Konnan's errant toss? Foreshadowing or red herring?

Konnan went to the outside and brought a chair into the ring. James disallowed the chair allowing Kip to hit Konnan in the face with a clothesline. Kip picked up the chair and tried to hit Konnan in the face, but James ripped the chair away. Kip shoved James and James responded with a stiff right hand to the face. Konnan, who picked up the chair, cracked the steel chair over Kip's face. James told Konnan to make the cover on Kip and James made a quick three count giving Konnan and Killings the victory.

- After the match all three members of the Kru celebrated the victory as B.G. James showed his alliance to the Kru. Monty Brown was not pleased with Kip James after the match since he did not trust B.G. James even though Kip assured him that B.G. was on their side.

Match View: Finally! After four months of stalling, TNA finally closed this chapter in the feud with B.G. James showing where his alliance lies. Of course, TNA may decide to re-visit the storyline in some capacity at a later date - specifically when TNA debuts on Spike TV - but at least there is some closure to where James's alliances lie. Monty Brown and Kip James may settle into a feud or at least tease tension with Brown being proven correct in his assessment that they shouldn't trust B.G. James despite Kip's belief that James was on their side.

- During the video teaser for next month's PPV, we actually saw the person behind the "James Earl Jones" voice.

- Tenay continued to develop the storyline that Jeff Hardy is still not in the building.

- Christopher Daniels came to the ring for his match against Austin Aries. Daniels took the mic and talked about Jeff Jarrett's paranoia over replacements being made in TNA. Daniels said, "No one in the world can replace the Fallen Angel." Daniels said he thought things over and saw that TNA brought someone in from the outside - Austin Aries. Daniels said, "Aries may be Mr. Independent scene and Mr. Ring of Honor, but this is TNA." Daniels said this may be Aries's chance to shine on national PPV, but this is a tune-up match for Daniels.

(5) Christopher Daniels defeated Austin Aries in a non-title X Division match. Aries came to the ring to an "Austin Aries" chant. Aries ripped away the X Division Title leading to Daniels kicking Aries in the gut to start the match. Daniels chopped Aries across the chest before Aries countered with a back elbow smash to the face. Aries took Daniels to the mat with a front facelock grounding the X Division champion. Daniels became frustrated, as he could not escape the front facelock. Tenay said he's watched Aries on DVD and VHS. Aries knocked Daniels to the outside then flew through the middle and bottom rope with a sweet suicide dive. The fans chanted, "Austin Aries." Aries smacked Daniels across the chest before sending Daniels back into the ring. Aries flew off the top rope with a springboard twisting corkscrew splash. Aries made a cover but scored a two count only. Daniels caught Aries out of the corner with a back breaker. Daniels delivered a series of scoop slams before making a cover for a nearfall only. Daniels landed a forearm blow to the face before Daniels sent Aries crashing to the corner. The fans exchanged "Fallen Angel" and "Austin Aries" chants as Daniels became frustrated with his inability to finish off Aries. Daniels kicked Aries in the back before locking in a reverse neck breaker. Aries fought back to his feet and took Daniels down with a sunset flip before Daniels scored with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker. Daniels made a cover but scored a two count only. Daniels landed several punches to the head out of frustration.

Daniels dropped Aries with a scoop slam then connected with a springboard moonsault onto Aries's back. Daniels set up Aries for Angel's Wings, but Aries slipped out. Daniels slapped Aries across the face then screamed in Aries's face. Daniels set up for a suplex, but Aries slipped out and slapped Daniels hard across the face. Daniels turned around and charged Aries but walked right into a drop toehold. Aries and Daniels exchanged body blows before Aries missed with a discus clothesline but didn't miss with a second discus clothesline. Aries scored with a back elbow then landed a swinging elbow smash to the gut followed by a running drop kick to the face. Aries with a cover but a two count only. Aries dropped Daniels with a back breaker into a cover, but only for a two count. Aries walked into a jawbreaker then an STO from Daniels. Daniels went to the corner for the Best Moonsault Ever, but Aries rolled out of the way. Aries kicked Daniels in the head before he went up top and hit the 450 splash! Aries made a cover but Daniels barely got his hand in his rope. West pointed out that Daniels didn't actually grab the rope, but grazed the ropes. Daniels scored with the STO and had the pin, but referee Slick Johnson didn't count to three because Daniels had his feet in the ropes. Aries made a quick roll up but scored a nearfall only. Aries rolled up Daniels with a back slide and scored a two count only. Aries went for a swinging neck breaker but Daniels connected with Angel's Wings. Daniels made the cover and scored the three count for the victory. Tenay and West were impressed by Aries's debut.

Match View: Great wrestling match. Believable nearfalls at the end with the finish coming after a nice exchange of offensive momentum. Aries was given plenty of room to get in his signature spots to impress the audience and he came out looking strong in his debut. Solid booking to give Aries some rub without compromising Daniels - who is the character TNA will be focusing on in the future. As if he even needed to, Aries earned a spot on the roster.

- Shane Douglas was backstage with James Storm and Chris Harris of America's Most Wanted. Harris said he didn't want to team with The Naturals, but if it meant beating Team Canada, he was willing to team with The Naturals. Jeff Jarrett interrupted and tried to reason with AMW that people are going to be fired including top tag teams and top talent in favor of recently released WWE stars. Harris asked for proof and Jarrett offered no proof just an empty statement. James Storm wasn't sold but Chris Harris had a look of concern.

(6) Jerry Lynn defeated Sean Waltman. The crowd gave Lynn a strong round of applause in his return match to TNA. Tenay said the feud between Waltman and Lynn in Global Wrestling Federation on ESPN astounded him when he saw them wrestle back in the early '90s. Waltman and Lynn shook hands prior to the opening bell then Lynn and Waltman went into a series of counters and reversals before standing off. Lynn pointed to his head as Waltman smirked in recognition of Lynn. Waltman drove Lynn to the mat with a left arm bar and Lynn countered with an arm drag take over. Waltman came up gasping for air with a look of disbelief on his face. The two slapped hands before going for a lock up. Lynn pulled back before they could lock up and delivered a crotch chop. Waltman smirked. Lynn and Waltman went into a quick exchange before popping up to stare each other down again. They went for another lock up with Waltman knocking Lynn down with a spinning leg whip. Waltman stalked Lynn's fallen body then chopped Lynn across the chest. Waltman sent Lynn to the corner and followed in with an attempted shoulder block, but Lynn countered with a reverse huricanrana sending Waltman straight through the ropes to the outside. Lynn flew off the top rope with a cross body block and came up holding his previously injured shoulder. Lynn charged Waltman for a shoulder block but Waltman grabbed Lynn in mid-air and sent him headfirst into the corner ringpost. Waltman went back into the ring and bowed in front of the crowd, but the crowd booed him. Lynn tried to climb back into the ring but Waltman sent him back to the outside with a baseball slide. Lynn came up holding his left shoulder as West speculated that Lynn may have come back from injury too soon.

Waltman choked Lynn across the bottom rope then stomped on Lynn's left wrist. Waltman chopped Lynn across the chest then Lynn came back with hard chops of his own. Lynn and Waltman exchanged stiff right chops to the chest then Waltman scored with a shoulder chop before taking Lynn down with a leg roll up into a pin attempt for a nearfall. We saw that Shark Boy had moved to the entrance ramp to watch the match. Waltman locked in a surfboard arm stretch but Lynn fought to his feet and broke the hold. We saw that Chris Sabin and Sonjay Dutt had joined Shark Boy at the top of the entrance ramp to watch the match. Waltman knocked Lynn down with a leg whip before taking Lynn to the corner. Waltman charged for a Bronco Buster but Lynn moved just in time. Lynn scored with a head scissors sending Waltman to the outside. Lynn waited for Waltman to climb back into the ring then charged him, but Waltman side stepped Lynn and sent Lynn through the ropes to the outside. Lynn bounced off the opposite side of the ring and flew over the top rope with a somersault splash onto Lynn's head. Waltman tried to suplex Lynn back into the ring from the apron but Lynn countered with a suplex from the apron to the floor! Sabin, Dutt, and Shark Boy looked on with amazement. Lynn sent Waltman back into the ring then went to the top turnbuckle and flew off with a missile drop kick. Lynn fell flat on the mat, as did Waltman. Lynn landed forearm blows after recovering to his feet then delivered a high back body drop. Lynn dropped Waltman with a Lou Thesz press before landing a series of blows to the head. Lynn screamed in exhilaration but walked into a right hand from Waltman. Lynn countered a huricanrana into a sit down powerbomb and scored a two count only.

Lynn set up for the cradle piledriver but he couldn't execute the move because of his shoulder. Waltman delivered a low blow before landing the X Factor. Waltman made a cover but Lynn was able to get his foot on the bottom rope to break up the pin. Waltman went to the corner and climbed up top for a cross body block. Waltman connected but Lynn rolled over on top to cover Waltman for another nearfall. Lynn waited for Waltman to get up then scored with a sweet Tornado DDT. Waltman made a cover but scored a two count only. Waltman went for a Tombstone Piledriver but Waltman countered with a Tombstone Piledriver of his own. Waltman made a cover but scored a two count only. Waltman took off his bandana and threw it into the crowd before calling for the end. Waltman went for a scoop slam but Lynn landed on Waltman's neck and rolled up Waltman with a victory roll for the three count and the win.

- After the match, Shark Boy, Sabin, and Dutt cheered from the top of the entrance ramp. Waltman moved to one knee then held up Lynn's arm out of respect for Lynn. The two hugged and exchanged a great moment in the ring with Waltman nearly in tears. As expected, Waltman ruined the moment with a single arm DDT sending Lynn's shoulder directly into the mat. Waltman took Lynn to the outside and sent him over the guardrail to the floor. Waltman picked up a chair and smashed Lynn's exposed shoulder over the guardrail. Having apparently left for no reason, Shark Boy, Dutt, and Sabin came back to the ringside area and checked on Lynn as Waltman screamed at Tenay. Tenay screamed back that Waltman ruined a great moment. Waltman walked off to a chorus of boss as tonight's victorious curtain jerkers tended to Lynn.

Match View: Great display of pro wrestling. Tenay and West did a nice job integrating some of the historical aspects of the feud into the match commentary. Waltman proved that last month's solid performance against A.J. Styles was not a fluke and Jerry Lynn shook off any lingering ring rust to wrestle an outstanding match. The post-match angle was well done to keep heat on Waltman and keep heat on the feud to continue into a re-match or series of matches. I would not mind seeing the re-match on next month's PPV.

- Shane Douglas was backstage with Team Canada as the members of Team Canada were warming up for their match against The Naturals and AMW. After looking at a picture of Scott D'Amore hanging in the locker, Eric Young was about ready to break down and cry because Team Canada didn't have Scott D'Amore in their corner. Petey slapped him around and introduced a hockey stick as their saving grace. Team Canada gained more confidence after talking out their feelings then they headed to the ring.

(7) Team Canada (Petey Williams & A-1 Ralphz & Bobby Roode & Eric Young) defeated The Naturals (Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas w/Jimmy Hart) & America's Most Wanted (Chris Harris & James Storm). In the opening minute, Eric Young accidentally hit A-1 when Andy Douglas ducked a clothesline. James Storm entered the ring and dropped Petey Williams with the Eye of the Storm spinning body slam. Out of nowhere, A-1 entered the ring and dropped Storm with a chop block to Storm's left knee. Tenay, trying to play off the serious nature of the Lynn's injury, checked with the boys in the truck for the status of Lynn's injury. Tenay relayed information that Lynn has been taken to the hospital. James Storm finally regained the offensive advantage with a big clothesline on Petey. Storm hobbled over to his corner and tagged in Chris Harris. Harris cleaned house before dropping Eric Young with a high-elevated suplex. Harris made a cover on Young but scored a two count only. Stevens tagged in and worked together with Harris for a high back body drop on Young. Stevens and Harris exchanged a rare handshake before Young delivered a kick to the groin on Stevens as the referee was distracted by Team Canada's shenanigans in the corner. Roode tagged in and pounded on Stevens before cinching in a reverse chin lock across his knee. Roode ran over Stevens with a double axe handle blow before tagging in the captain of Team Canada. Petey stalked Stevens's fallen body then stomped on his back. Petey landed a chop to the chest before tagging in Eric Young. Tenay said Shane Douglas is going to attempt an interview with Samoa Joe prior to the Super X Cup finale. Good luck with that.

Stevens took Young to the corner and went for a side belly to back suplex but Young fought him off. Stevens countered with a sweet enziguiri kick to the side of the head sending Young flying off the top turnbuckle to the floor with a flat-face bump. Douglas scored a hot tag after Team Canada dragged Young back into the ring. Douglas cleaned house before Stevens came into the ring to help Douglas connect with the Natural Disaster double team move on Young. The action broke down into several brawls in the ring and on the outside. Harris scored with the Catatonic on Petey. Roode measured Harris for his lariat move, but Storm blocked Roode with a super kick to the gut. The action spilled to the outside as Harris flew off the top turnbuckle with a splash onto every single person except Roode and Stevens, who were still in the ring. Roode took Stevens to the corner turnbuckle then set up for a German Suplex, but Harris entered the ring and powerbombed Roode as Stevens flew off Roode's shoulder face first into the mat. Nice corner spot. Petey Williams walked into a double team by AMW, but A-1 hooked Harris's leg and pulled him to the outside. Petey tried to use his hockey stick, but Storm ducked a stick shot and hip tossed Petey off the apron to the floor. With everyone scrambled in and around the ring, Roode rolled up Stevens hooked the tights to secure the three count.

- After the match, AMW and The Naturals got into each other's faces exchanging blame for the loss. Security entered the ring and separated the two sides as Team Canada walked away in celebration.

Match View: Pretty much a buffer match to lead into the final two matches of the show. The chaotic nature of the match had its place on the card after several technically sound matches. It appears TNA is going to set up another tag title feud between The Naturals and AMW with Team Canada probably finding a way into the mix to make a possible three-way match for the NWA Tag Titles at next month's PPV.

- Shane Douglas tried to get a word with Samoa Joe but Samoa Joe was too busy taping his wrists. After three attempts to ask Joe a question, Douglas demanded Joe's respect then Joe stood up and got in Douglas's face. Joe told Douglas, "What you fail to realize, Shane, is that I just gave you your respect by not bitch slapping your Franchise ass." Joe walked away as Douglas stared him down with eyes that could burn a hole in a wall. Nice.

(8) Samoa Joe defeated A.J. Styles in the Super X Cup Finals. Christopher Daniels, having changed into a suit, joined Tenay and West for commentary on the match. Daniels said he's looking forward to the finals of the Christopher Daniels Invitational. Before bringing out the participants, the camera focused on a giant silver trophy sitting at the entrance ramp. Joe stared down Daniels on the way to the ring as the camera focused on a sign that read: "Samoa Joe is pro wrestling." A.J. Styles came to the ring to a tremendous crowd reaction. To make this match feel as important as it is, Jeremy Borash did the official ring introductions. Joe and Styles locked up to a chorus of dueling "Let's go A.J." and "Let's go Joe" chants. Styles kicked Joe so Joe kicked Styles. The two exchanged a few more rounds of kicks before Styles blocked a kick and took Joe down with a leg sweep. Very nice spot that set the tone of the match. Styles landed shoulder thrusts to the gut then dropped Joe with a scoop slam. Styles landed a scissors knee drop to the face before sending Joe headfirst to the corner turnbuckle. Styles kicked Joe in the back then landed a series of forearm blows. Joe landed a kick to the gut sending Styles to the ropes. Joe charged Styles and drove a running knee to the face sending Styles to the floor. Joe measured Styles then flew through the middle rope with a sick suicide dive driving a forearm straight into Styles's face. Joe sent Styles to the guardrail but Styles hopped over the guardrail in one swift motion. Joe charged the guardrail and Styles caught Joe with a back elbow before flying off the guardrail with a flying fist to the face.

Back in the ring, Styles locked in an Indian Deathlock before leaning back with a reverse chin lock bending Joe into an unhealthy position. Styles caught Joe with a huricanrana from his feet before waiting for Joe to get to his feet. Styles set up for his dropsault sequence but Joe held onto the ropes and blocked the move. Styles tried to clothesline Joe over the top rope to the floor, but Joe resisted. Styles tried a second time but Joe resisted. Styles went for a running clothesline but Joe caught Styles with a front body slam. Joe sent Styles to the corner and washed Styles's face before running from the opposite corner with the running Yakuza kick to the face. Joe picked up Styles then dropped him with a leg sweep after Styles tried to fight back with fists to the gut. Daniels mentioned that both men have wrestled hour-long draws in their careers, which means both men are capable of going awhile in the ring. Joe dropped Styles with a scoop slam followed by a running knee drop to the face. Joe locked in a reverse chin lock before dropping Styles with a shoulder block. Joe blocked a huricanrana and dropped Styles with a powerbomb. Instead of turning the nearfall on the powerbomb pin into an STF, Joe turned it into an amazing Boston Crab. Styles escaped but Joe went right for the STF. Sweet spot. Styles reached the ropes breaking the hold. Joe charged Styles for a clothesline but Styles ducked and scored with a drop kick. Styles connected with his back flip reverse DDT spot and made a cover for a two count. The fans chanted, "This is awesome."

Styles went up top and Joe caught Styles with a shoulder thrust. Joe climbed up top and the two exchanged blows. Styles threw Joe off the floor to the mat then Styles flew off the top rope with a springboard sentaun splash onto Joe. Styles made a cover but Joe kicked out at two. Joe missed with a side sweep kick and Styles scored with the Pele soccer kick. Styles went for the Styles Clash but Joe broke free and dropped Styles into a rolling pin. Joe locked Styles in the pin attempt then rolled all the way around the ring before stopping to score a two count. Joe scored with a sick clothesline then scored a two count. Joe taunted Styles then Styles fired back with slaps and chops. Joe came back with kicks and punches then Styles answered with sweet kick to the face. The fans popped and went absolutely nuts. Joe went for the Muscle Buster but Styles slipped out and put Joe in a torture rack. In the most predictable move of the night, the referee was knocked out as Joe kicked free of the torture rack. Christopher Daniels came into the ring and hit the STO on Styles. Joe stared down Daniels as Daniels backed away. Daniels went for a sneak attack on Joe, but Joe saw it coming and stared down Daniels again. Styles came back to his feet and sent Daniels through the ropes to the outside. Joe took Styles to the corner and connected with the Muscle Buster. Joe locked in his choke out submission and Styles stretched for the ropes but could not reach the ropes. Styles tapped out giving Joe the victory.

- After the match, Joe hoisted the Super X Cup trophy over his shoulder and stared down Daniels, who had a nervous look of fear on his face.

Match View: Match of the night for an outstanding display of professional wrestling. Both wrestlers are more then capable of having a great match every time out on an individual basis and being placed together in a one-on-one situation was a definite formula for success. There were more than a few sequences that put the fans - whom you could tell came to see Joe vs. Styles - into a state of frenzy. If TNA took the seven minutes given the opening six-man tag match and held off on the outside interference until after the match, I'm sure the match would have reached the five star level. I wouldn't mind another match between Styles and Joe sometime down the road and both men proved that TNA can build the promotion around the X Division and satisfy the audience.

- We went backstage where Raven cut a promo on Jeff Jarrett. Raven said Jarrett has been raised from birth to win the World Title under Jerry Jarrett's tutelage. Raven said he and Sabu hate each other but they have mutual respect for each other. We saw Sabu sitting on the staircase above Raven.

(9) Jeff Jarrett & Rhino defeated Raven & Sabu. As Raven came to the ring, Cassidy Riley was shown ringside cheering for Raven. The fans greeted the opening bell with a chant of "ECW." Raven laid down the NWA Title in the middle of the ring as Jarrett shoved Raven across the chest. Raven came back with strong words before Jarrett slapped Raven. Raven came back with a stiff right hand causing Jarrett to scamper out of the ring. Rhino came in and went after Raven. Raven and Rhino went to the outside where Raven sent Rhino into the guardrail with three Russian legsweeps. Raven sent Rhino back into the ring and tagged in Sabu. Sabu took Rhino to the mat with a drop kick to the ankles then walked into a right hand. Rhino ran over Sabu with a shoulder block then walked into a spinning leg kick to the face. Sabu placed Rhino in a camel clutch but Jarrett broke it up. Raven and Jarrett went to the outside with Raven sending Jarrett across the broadcast table. Raven picked up a trashcan and pulled out a pizza cutter. Raven ran the pizza cutter across Jarrett's face and Jarrett came up with a streak of blood across his forehead. Raven smashed Jarrett across the face with the trashcan as Sabu and Rhino battled at the top of the entrance ramp. Sabu and Rhino went back into the ring. Sabu set up a chair then flew off the chair and caught Rhino with a huricanrana. Sabu took Rhino to the top turnbuckle then scored with a huricanrana. Sabu went for an Arabian Facebuster, but Rhino tripped Sabu causing Sabu to eat the seat of the chair.

Jarrett hit Sabu in the face with a chair allowing Rhino to roll up Sabu for a nearfall. Rhino smashed Sabu across the face with a chair shot before making another cover for a nearfall. Rhino tagged in Jarrett, who took Sabu up top for a superplex. Jarrett tagged in Rhino who made a cover for a two count. Jarrett, bleeding profusely, gasped for air on the apron. Rhino took Sabu to the corner turnbuckle and went for a superplex but Sabu fought him off with forearm blows. Sabu flew off the top turnbuckle with a somersault cannonball splash. Sabu collected himself then tagged in Raven. Raven delivered left hand fist shots to Rhino then knocked down both Rhino and Jarrett with discus clotheslines. Raven dropped Rhino with a high knee drop before connecting with a simultaneous bulldog on Jarrett and clothesline on Rhino. Rhino broke up a pin attempt on Jarrett. Raven dropped Rhino with the Raven Effect DDT and had a pin but Jarrett pulled the referee out of the ring before he could count to three. Sabu sent Jarrett back into the ring and Jarrett caught Raven with a low blow. Jarrett brought his guitar into the ring but Cassidy Riley ran into the ring and took the guitar away. Jarrett dropped Raven with the Stroke then made a cover but Raven kicked out. Rhino entered the ring and took a bite out of Raven. Rhino made a cover on Raven, who was now cut open, and scored a two count only. Jarrett took a tag back into the match.

Jarrett went for the figure four to absolutely no crowd reaction. Jarrett locked in the figure four but Raven reversed it and Jarrett broke the hold. Jarrett set up a chair in the middle of the ring then went for a drop toehold, but Raven blocked the move and threw the chair into Jarrett's face. Sabu took a hot tag and threw the chair into Rhino and Jarrett's face. Sabu set up the chair and flew off the seat of the chair with a dragon leg whip onto Jarrett. Sabu placed the chair next to Rhino's fallen body then ran off the chair onto the top rope for a springboard turnaround leg drop. Sabu made a cover but scored a two count only. Sabu ran off the chair again for a splash onto Rhino outside of the ring. Back in the ring, Jarrett dropped Raven into the seat of the chair with a drop toehold. Raven countered Jarrett's DDT attempt with the Raven's Effect DDT. Raven made a cover but Rhino broke up the pin. Rhino went for the gore on Sabu but Sabu moved and the referee took the gore. Sabu dropped Rhino with a chair shot then went up top where he flew off with the magic carpet leg drop using the chair as an aerial device. With no referee awake, Sabu was unable to receive an official three count despite having Rhino pinned. Sabu went for a splash onto Rhino but Abyss entered the ring and threw Sabu over the top rope through a table outside of the ring. Jeff Hardy made his first appearance as he hit the ring and attacked Jarrett and Rhino with a chair. Hardy dropped Jarrett with the Twist of Phate before connecting with a Sentaun Bomb from the top rope. Hardy left then Rhino re-entered the ring and set up a table in the corner. Rhino gored Raven through the table then made a cover and scored the pinfall victory, as Sabu was too late to break up the pin attempt.

- After the match, Jarrett questioned Rhino as to why he scored the pin when they were supposed to be on the same page. Tenay screamed that Rhino scoring the pin was not discussed as part of the stipulations that were discussed beforehand. Tenay said Larry Zbyszko has to make a major decision about who's next in line for the NWA Title. As revealed on after the show, Rhino will challenge Raven for the NWA Title.

Match View: The main event match was a change of pace brawl that had to combat the preceding Styles vs. Joe match. TNA could have closed out the PPV with Styles vs. Joe and I would have been satisfied with the PPV. That said, TNA did a nice job avoiding discussion of what happens if Rhino were to win the match when introducing the new stipulations earlier in the PPV. Closing on a cliffhanger moment was a nice touch keep interest in the storyline. Rhino vs. Raven doesn't sound like the type of PPV main event to sell next month's PPV, but Rhino impressed given the opportunity to work in a main event situation this month.

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