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9/11 TNA Unbreakable PPV: Caldwell's Ongoing "virtual time" coverage of live event

Sep 11, 2005 - 7:01:00 PM

By James Caldwell, Torch Columnist

TNA Unbreakable PPV
September 11, 2005
Orlando, Florida


6:30 PM CST. Jeremy Borash and Shane Douglas are at the top of the entrance ramp. Borash says he can't believe who's going to be here tonight. The Jeff Hardy fans are in full attendance ringside. Douglas said the NWA Title match between Raven and Rhino is now a Raven Rules match.

6:33 PM. Traci Brooks is backstage with Larry Zbyszko. Traci stumbles through her first few lines as an interviewer. Zbyszko said wrestlers are calling TNA's front office looking for work. Zbyszko said he's going to give Raven his wish for a Raven Rules match.

6:34 PM. Mike Tenay and Don West are ringside to hype the PPV. West continues his streak of decent and stylish dress shirts on PPV. Better than those shiny eyesores.

1 -- Jerrelle Clark vs. Cassidy Riley

Riley is still looking for some love from the audience wrestling with the Raven's Flock get-up. Monty Brown comes to the ring two minutes into the match and clotheslines Jerrelle Clark to the mat. The bell sounds and Monty Brown picks up the mic. Brown pauses as Cassidy Riley steps back into the ring. Brown tells Riley to step out of the ring. Riley interrupts and takes a Pounce from Brown. The distraction swept aside, Brown takes the mic and says he's tired of waiting and waiting and asking and pleading for an NWA Title match. Brown challenges the winner of Raven-Rhino for the NWA Title at Bound for Glory.

6:41 PM. Our first Jeff Jarrett sighting at the pre-show. I wonder why it took 11 minutes. Jarrett's music interrupts and out comes Jarrett in full ring gear and guitar in hand. The fans aren't appreciative. Neither is Brown. Jarrett is dumfounded as to what Brown is doing in the ring. Brown says he's doing whatever he feels like. Jarrett says Brown doesn't get it. Jarrett says there are more unemployed wrestlers hanging around backstage than TNA has on roster. Jarrett continues with the hype-the-Spike talk, pleading with Brown to understand why he Brown the opportunity to be a huge star - "all because of me." Jarrett says there's a problem. Check the mirror.

Brown says the problem is that Brown has been handling business while Jarrett has been dancing around too much. Kip James joins the fun and stands in between Jarrett and Brown. Brown shoves Kip as Jarrett tries to be the voice of reason. Jarrett says TNA isn't booking him on the card, which he's fine with. Jarrett says he'll have possession of the NWA Title by the end of the night because he deserves it more than anyone including Kevin Nash, Sting, A.J. Styles, and Abyss.

6:45 PM. Jeff Hardy wants in on the fun. Hardy comes to the ring and charges Jeff Jarrett. The two sworn enemies go at it with Hardy running over Jarrett with a right hand. Hardy shoves Jarrett over the top rope to the floor then delivers a slingshot baseball slide. Hardy misses with a splash and crashes into the guardrail. Jarrett and Hardy brawl around the ringside area before Jarrett throws Don West's chair into Hardy. Back in the ring, Jarrett goes for the Stroke on a steel chair, but Hardy blocks and connects with a swinging DDT on Jarrett. Kip James, former ally of Jarrett, pulls Jarrett out of harms way as the Hardy fanz scream.

6:50 PM. After video packages, Jeremy Borash and Shane Douglas are back in the ring promoting the PPV.

Backstage, Traci is with A.J. Styles. Traci wants to know how Styles feels about his X Division Title match. Styles is complementary of Daniels and Samoa Joe. Styles mentions October 1. Styles says he will continue to be phenomenal just as he's been the previous three years.

2 -- Mikey Batts vs. Shark Boy

Shark Boy, the usual pre-show participant, is the fan favorite as usual. The fans don't like MIkey Batts's new attitude as they're chanting, "Mikey Sucks." Shark feigns some damage to the crotch on the top turnbuckle. Batts takes the bait and Shark delivers the Dead Sea Drop for the win.

6:57 PM. Borash and Don West are in the cheap seats to give the final PPV sell. Lots of kids in the seats. Don West mentions Ring of Honor in association with Roderick Strong's name. Cue the PPV.


Live PPV

7:00 PM CST. "The PPV is dedicated to the unbreakable spirit of the American people." The PPV begins with shots of empty sports stadiums followed by a mock Monday Night Football intro. "All eyes on the Impact zone." The fake Howard Cossell is nearly as annoying as the fake James Earl Jones. Good video package giving the PPV a feel of competition. I'll take the video, but not the voice.

7:04 PM. The Diamonds in the Rough have new theme music and a more unified look. Konnan says he's sorry for doubting the rest of the Kru and is ready to entertain the fans. Get your shoes ready.


7:07 PM Skipper attacks James right off the bat but James comes back with a shake rattle 'n roll knee drop. David Young tags in and James takes him into an arm drag before tagging in Killings. Killings and James with a dance step before laying the boots to Young. Strong unity so far. Diamond is screaming at Skipper to pump him up. Tenay throws out a Charlie Weiss reference, referring to Diamond's favorite team - Notre Dame. Konnan enters and drops Skipper with an inverted DDT. Diamond sends Konnan to the corner but Konnan chucks his shoe at Diamond and Young. Konnan drops Young with a facebuster and makes the pin for the win. Short match, as it should have been because the rest of the matches hold more importance.

WINNERS: 3 Live Kru by pinfall

7:11 PM. We see a recap of the pre-show segment involving Monty Brown, Jeff Jarrett, Kip James, and Jeff Hardy. Mike Tenay wonders why Jeff Jarrett was dressed to compete if he's not booked for the card.

7:14 PM. Austin Aries comes to the ring amidst a very positive response. "Austin Aries" is the chant. Aries looks focused. Roderick Strong, without the goatee, has a smile on his face. "Dixie, please sign these guys," is the sign in the front row. Tenay says TNA listens to its fans and wants to bring in top indy talent.


Don West says both men are stablemates in Ring of Honor, but are here to compete in TNA. The fans chant "ROH" and "Austin Aries." Aries dominates the early action with some nice mat wrestling and a standing drop kick. Aries delivers stiff left hands and screams out the fans. Strong cartwheels out of an attempted Boston Crab as the fans chant. Stand off to applause. Nice opening segment.

7:17 PM. Aries whips Strong to the ropes and charges for a splash, but Strong counters with a backbreaker into a baseball toss straight into the turnbuckle. West says TNA gets the best independent talent in the world and puts them on display for the fans. Strong stomps on Aries's head and back before delivering another backbreaker. Strong with a pin attempt for a nearfall followed by a hard Irish whip to the corner. Aries is favoring the back. Strong locks in a nice back wrench submission followed by a reverse chinlock while driving a knee into the lower back. Aries fights to his feet then runs into a sick dropkick to the chest. The fans are hot and into the match.

7:20 PM. Strong with a stiff chop to the chest followed by a second chop. Aries fights back with a chop then a left forearm. Aries connects with a sick left arm clotheslines followed by the pendulum swing elbow to the chest. Aries misses with a clothesline and Strong goes for a Full Nelson, but Aries fights out. Aries delivers a neck breaker across the top rope then delivers a slingshot elbow from the apron to the mat. "ROH" chant from the TNA fans. Aries stares at the hard camera as he sets up for a suplex, but Strong counters with a suplex into a back breaker. Strong with a fireman's carry into a back breaker. Aries kicks out of a believable nearfall and the fans oooh and aaah.

7:23 PM. "You asked for this match and TNA delivered," Tenay says. Aries nearly scores a pin with a small package, but Strong kicks out. Strong tries a Boston Crab, but Aries blocks and scores a drop kick. Aries drops Strong with a sick brainbuster then goes to the corner turnbuckle. Aries connects with the 450 splash for the pin and the win. The fans stand and applaud. Very hot match. Both men showed something in the ring.

WINNER: Austin Aries via pinfall

7:24 PM. Shane Douglas is backstage with Monty Brown. Kip James interrupts the promo. The fans interrupt with an "That was awesome" chant in the background. Brown says he's doing things his way from now on. Kip says he's the most decorated wrestler in this business. Kip asks Brown to get his head in the game. Brown tells Kip to get his head in the game and compete with him. Brown says the Pounce is coming. Period.

7:27 PM. Kip James and Monty Brown come out to separate ring entrances. Tenay and West discus the vicious attack Brown delivered on Sonny Siaki two weeks ago on Impact. Apolo comes to the ring with Siaki, who's sporting a neck brace. The fans are jeering Siaki and Apolo as Kip and Brown mock Siaki. Lance Hoyt comes to the ring to a major pop as the Hoytamaniacs begin screaming. Apolo and Hoyt tell Siaki to leave the ringside area for his health. I'm feeling a heel turn for some reason.


7:30 PM. Hoyt and Kip start things off after Kip and Brown have trouble deciding who should start. Kip runs over Hoyt with a shoulder block then Hoyt reciprocates the move. Hoyt delivers a hip toss and Kip scampers to the outside. Kip complains about his back and Brown tells him to get his head straight. Kip returns and Brown tags himself in. Hoyt takes advantage of a disagreement and clotheslines both opponents. Hoyt scores a nearfall on Brown. Apolo tags in and the cheers for Hoyt turn to boos for Apolo. I'm telling ya, Apolo and Siaki need to turn heel.

7:33 PM. Brown and Apolo exchange stiff chops then Apolo scores a clothesline. Hoyt and Apolo work on Brown with quick in and out tags. Kip tags in and drops Hoyt with a neckbreaker. Kip drops a knee across the face then tags in Brown. Time for Brown and Kip to work on Hoyt with the quick tags. The fans begin cheering for Hoyt's comeback. Hoyt ducks a clothesline and lands ten punches in the corner on Brown. Brown reverses a whip to the ropes and delivers a side belly-to-back suplex. Hoyt slips out of a back breaker and misses with a clothesline. Brown delivers a sidewalk slam then takes his time making the cover, resulting in a nearfall.

7:37 PM. Kip tags in and works on Hoyt. The fans clap and stomp their feet in support of Hoyt. Hoyt delivers a back elbow then charges Kip. A dual clothesline is the result. Apolo takes a not-so-hot tag and runs over Brown with a clothesline. Kip takes a powerslam then Apolo chops Brown. Apolo kicks Brown in the gut then drops him with a sitdown slam. Kip delivers the fameasser to Apolo then Hoyt drops Kip with a big boot. Hoyt scores with a moonsault on Kip. Brown clotheslines Kip over the top rope to the floor after Hoyt fails to make a cover. On the outside, Brown sends Hoyt into the ringpost leaving Apolo in a difficult situation. Kip misses with a big boot and catches Brown in the face. Apolo catches Kip with a superkick and makes a cover for a nearfall. Brown breaks up a fireman's carry move by Apolo on Kip then delivers the Pounce on Apolo. Brown with the cover for the win. Brown and Kip argue outside of the ring. Decent match with some good action. Good tease of Brown and Kip's dissention.

WINNERS: Monty Brown & Apolo via pinfall

7:40 PM. Traci is backstage with Team Canada. Eric Young is having his usual anxiety attack. Bobby Roode has to slap him around to keep him in check. Roode calls Jeff Hardy a "half-baked nut job." Traci asks Petey about his match with Chris Sabin. Petey mentions the long history he's had with Sabin. Petey says there's one thing that's always set him apart from Chris Sabin - the Canadian Destroyer. Petey says Sabin is just like every other American - inferior.

7:43 PM. Petey Williams comes to the ring to the tune of Abyss's theme music. They cut the music and Petey comes to the ring without the Canadian National Anthem. The anthem finally comes on as Petey enters the ring. Good timing. Tenay points out that Sabin was supposed to face Shocker, but Shocker was unable to make it to the PPV because of Shocker's booking problems.


Sabin takes Petey down with an arm drag right off the bat. Petey slips out by tossing Sabin through the middle ropes to the outside. Petey and Sabin battle outside of the ring with Sabin sending Petey into the ring steps. If TNA utilized a ten or twenty count for outside-the-ring action, the match would have been counted out.

7:46 PM. Petey takes Sabin back into the ring and hangs him upside down in the corner before standing on his crotch for the "O Canada" move. Petey drops Sabin with a backbreaker in the center of the ring before making a cover for a nearfall. Sabin fights back with an elbow after Petey is distracted by the fans. Sabin kicks Petey in the gut then goes for a powerbomb, but Petey counters with a nice DDT. Dueling chants of "Let's go Sabin" and "Let's go Petey." Petey has the deeper voices on his side. Sabin fights out of a chinlock with back elbow smashes, but Petey cuts him off with a hair pull.

7:49 PM. Tenay with the first September 11 reference, extending condolences to the people affected by 9/11, as well as Hurricane Katrina. West said the people need an escape from Katrina. West plugged the relief hotline number. Petey delivers a back elbow to the gut then tries to float over Sabin in the corner, but Sabin delivers a double foot kick to the lower back. Sabin comes up with stiff forearm blows, but misses with a clothesline. Petey and Sabin exchange stiff chops to the chest then Sabin delivers two kicks to the head. Sabin scores with a fisherman suplex for a nearfall. Good action so far with the crowd hot for the match. Petey blocks a suplex with an attempted Canadian Destroyer, but Sabin slips out. Petey drops Sabin on his back then locks in the Sharpshooter. The fans chant, "tap!" Sabin breaks the hold by reaching out to the ropes for a rope break.

7:52 PM. Petey misses with a corner move then Sabin hits an amazing tornado DDT out of the corner. Sabin tries for a tilt-a-whirl slam, but Petey counters with a Russian legsweep. Both men on the mat trying to get some air. Petey calls for the Canadian Destroyer, but Sabin drops to one knee and blocks. Sabin flips to the apron then misses with a springboard dropkick. Petey drops Sabin with a strange forward roll for a nearfall. Petey goes back to the Sharpshooter. Petey pulls Sabin to the middle of the ring. Petey can't hold onto the hold so Sabin slips out.

7:55 PM. Petey stomps on Sabin then sends him to the corner. Petey missed in the corner and finds a crotch-full of turnbuckle. Sabin grapples Petey then delivers a sick running powerbomb with Petey crashing into the corner tunbuckle. Sabin sets up for the Cradle Shock as Petey tries to power out. Petey holds onto the top turnbuckle then slips out and grabs Sabin's jaw or eyes. Petey shoves the referee into Sabin, who can't see. Sabin shoves the referee and Petey appears to have Sabin prime for the Canadian Destroyer, but Sabin slips out for the umpteenth time and delivers the Cradle Shock. Sabin pins Petey for the win. Solid match with believable nearfalls. Nothing special for either man, but more than held its own on the card.

WINNER: Chris Sabin via pinfall

7:57 PM. Matt Bentley runs to the ring from behind and drops Sabin with a superkick. Shane picks up the mic and says a lot of people thought he was going up North. Really? The fans boo. Shane says he's staying home in TNA because that's where he made his name. Bentley said he's laying out a challenge for an Ultimate X Match at Bound for Glory next month. Bentley and Petey stare each other down then Bentley feigns an exit before catching Petey by surprise with a superkick.

8:00 PM. Four matches in one hour. TNA is making good time so far with five matches remaining - all of which deserve ample time. After video packages highlighting Abyss's path of destruction, James Mitchell leads Abyss to the ring. "Oh oh, Abyss Sucks" is one sign in the crowd. Mitchell takes the mic and says Sabu is on the "fast track to extinction." Mitchell says, "Sabu may be a hardcore icon, but not even you can withstand a head-on collision with a weapon of mass destruction." As I predicted in my preview, a No DQ stipulation is added to the match. The lights go out and Sabu is in the ring when the lights come back on.

5 -- SABU VS. ABYSS (w/James Mitchell)

Abyss and Sabu exchange stiff right hands after the opening bell as the fans chant for Abyss. Abyss dominates Sabu early with stiff chops and forearm blows to the chest. Sabu blocks a corner charge with a boot to the face. Sabu runs into a belly-to-belly overhead suplex then rolls to the outside.

8:05 PM. Sabu grabs a chair while he's outside of the ring then takes the chair back into the ring. Sabu takes Abyss's feet out from under him then delivers a magic carpet ride splash onto Abyss's chest. Sabu sets up the chair a few feet away from Abyss then flies off the chair for a clothesline on Abyss, taking both men over the top rope to the outside. Sabu reaches under the ring and grabs a table. Sabu sets up one of the table legs. Abyss comes back with a right hand to the face. Abyss doesn't like Sabu's table, so he grabs a table of his own from underneath the ring. Abyss sends Sabu back into the ring but doesn't return to the ring. Sabu flies over the top rope with a somersault splash on Abyss leaving both men flat on their backs. Back in the ring, Sabu goes for another chair spot, this time connecting with a tornado DDT after flying off the top turnbuckle. Sabu with a cover for a nearfall.

8:08 PM. Sabu places Abyss in between the middle and top rope then charges him, but Abyss catches Sabu and suplexes him over the top rope through both tables outside of the ring down below. Sick spot and the fans recognize. West says Sabu added a few extra scars to his body after the move. Back in the ring, Abyss makes a cover for a nearfall. Abyss wants another table and it's under the ring. The fans want thumbtacks. Be patient! Abyss brings the table into the ring, but takes too long setting up the chair. Sabu cracks a steel chair over Abyss's head then makes a cover for a nearfall. Sabu places Abyss's head in between a chair and the table then delivers a sick leg drop taking Abyss through the table. Another sick spot. Sabu makes a cover and James Mitchell places Abyss's leg on the bottom rope.

8:11 PM. Sabu grabs Mitchell and tries to get in a cheap shot, but Abyss prevents any managerial damage by dropping Sabu with a Torture Rack Slam. Abyss makes a cover but can only score a nearfall. Abyss goes back to the outside and reaches under the ring for his trademark bag of thumbtacks. Those impatient fans finally get their wish as Abyss re-enters the ring and scatters the tacks across the ring. Sabu comes back with a kick to the face but Abyss sets up for a chokeslam. Abyss teases a chokeslam as Sabu fights out. The two dance over the tacks then Abyss sets up for a powerbomb on the tacks. Sabu fights out then smashes the chair over Abyss's head. Sabu flies off the chair and goes for another tornado DDT, but Abyss counters with a Black Hole Slam into the tacks! Oh goodness, Sabu's back is torn into pieces. There wasn't a whole lot of meat to begin with and whatever muscle Sabu had was torn into tiny pieces. Abyss makes the academic cover for the victory. Decent car wreck match, but the formula is becoming repetitive.

WINNER: Abyss via pinfall

8:15 PM. Shane Douglas is backstage with Alex Shelley. Douglas says he's supposed to be interviewing Shelley and Sean Waltman. Shelley says he doesn't know where Waltman is, but knows Waltman comes through in the clutch despite being a little cooky. Shelley says he's going to the ring for his shot at the NWA Tag Titles with or without Waltman. Tenay and West speculate as to the whereabouts of Waltman then talk about Chris Candido's impact on the TNA locker room.

8:18 PM. Bobby Roode comes to the ring without anyone from Team Canada. Could we be looking at a second Team Canada match without outside interference? Jeff Hardy's music hits and the girls go crazy. Hardy spent a lot of time in the bathroom working with the face and body paint.


Roode scores with a stiff right hand right off the bat. Hardy comes back with a flying clothesline then a dropkick sending Roode through the ropes to the outside. Hardy sends Roode into the guardrail with a drop kick then follows to the outside with a splash. Hardy sends Roode into the ring steps then makes a cover back in the ring. Roode catches Hardy in the corner and drops him throat-first across the top rope. Roode chokes Hardy in the corner and asks him who the greatest is.

8:22 PM. Roode delivers a stiff clothesline in the corner then walks into a kick to the chest. Hardy charges Roode and, predictably, Roode scores with an offensive move of his own - a back breaker. Roode sits on the back of Hardy's head after placing Hardy's neck across the middle rope. Roode locks in a surfboard stretch while driving a knee to the small of the back. Hardy quickly returns to his feet without building heat for a comeback. Hardy with a sunset flip for a nearfall, but Roode comes back with repeated knees to the gut. Roode drops Hardy with a side belly-to-back suplex. Hardy slips out of a suplex and goes for the Twist of Phate, but Roode slips out. Hardy finally takes the offensive advantage with a side kick to the head.

8:25 PM. Hardy is the first to his feet and scores with a twisting splash after running off the top turnbuckle. Roode comes back with a knee to the gut followed by a forearm to the head. Hardy splits the uprights with a double leg drop to the gut. Roode delivers a back elbow to the face then walks into a modified STO. Hardy slowly walks to the corner and sets up for the Swanton Bomb. Petey Williams decides to interfere by running to the ring and poking Hardy with his Canadian flag/hockey stick. Roode climbs up top and Hardy shoves Roode off. Roode quickly recovers and runs up the turnbuckle for an overhead slam ala Kurt Angle. Petey gets on the apron and distracts the referee. Roode grabs the Canadian flag but misses with a flag shot. Hardy knocks Petey off the apron then hits the Twist of Phate on Roode. Roode rolls to the outside then Hardy climbs up top. Petey picks up Roode so Hardy takes out both members of Team Canada.

8:29 PM. Roode recovers and lands punches on Hardy. Hardy reverses a whip to the ring steps and sends Roode crashing into the steps. Hardy sends Roode into the ring then prepares to climb back in, but Petey grabs Hardy. Petey attempts the Canadian Destroyer for the thousandth time on the night, but Hardy back drops out of the move. Jeff Jarrett runs to the ring and attacks Hardy from behind with the Canadian flag. Jarrett cracks the hockey stick portion over his back then sends Hardy back into the ring. Roode with the pin for the win. Well, we couldn't have two Team Canada matches without interference, could we? An adrenaline rush match and effective for setting up Hardy-Jarrett Part III.

WINNER: Bobby Roode via pinfall

8:32 PM. After video packages highlighting the tag title situation, Shane Douglas is backstage with Jimmy Hart and the NWA Tag Champions, The Naturals. James Storm and Chris Harris of America's Most Wanted interrupt to talk down to Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas. Harris says The Naturals need to get used to not holding the titles. Harris says there's nothing The Naturals can do about losing the belts. Storm says they have 15 minutes to hold onto the belts. Tenay breaks down the bullet points for the tag title match. This is elimination style, so this should take awhile.

8:35 PM. A-1 Ralphz and Eric Young of Team Canada are out to the ring first. A-1 has a new hockey stick in hand. Alex Shelley comes to the ring without Waltman by his side. We see Chris Candido's family ringside. No Tammy Sytch. The Naturals give Candido's traditional yellow towel to Candido's father. Nice move.


The match begins with a seven-person brawl as Alex Shelley tries to fend for himself without Sean Waltman. Shelley nearly scores a quick pin on Chase Stevens before settling into a standard exchange. Eric Young tags in and Shelley nearly pins him with a quick roll up. Quick in and out tags to begin the match. Shelley desperately looks for a tag from someone, but no one wants to tag out. Tenay raises his voice to another level because he's upset at Sean Waltman for no-showing the show.

8:42 PM. Chris Candido's brother, Johnny Candito, hops the guardrail and takes the tag from Shelley. Candito scores some quick offense then takes a punch to the back. Andy Douglas kicks Candito in the crotch then rolls him up for a quick pin. Shelley and Waltman/Candito are eliminated. Team Canada begins to work on James Storm with quick in and out tags with the match reduced to a three-team battle.

8:48 PM. After nearly five minutes of Team Canada working on Storm, Storm fires back with a superkick on Eric Young. Storm tags in Chris Harris, who comes in with clotheslines and forearms on Team Canada. Harris and A-1 collide with A-1 popping to his feet first. Harris ducks a clothesline and scores with a sit down slam on A-1. Harris measures A-1 and goes for the Catatonic, but A-1 blocks. Harris blocks a move by A-1 and scores with an elevated vertical suplex. Harris goes for another suplex, this time on Young, but A-1 cracks a hockey stick across Harris's back. Young takes advantage and rolls up Harris for the three count. AMW is eliminated. Scott D'Amore's booking at work - Team Canada in the final two.

8:50 PM. The Naturals begin dominating Eric Young with high-impact offense. Team Canada takes a shortcut to regain the offensive advantage. Jimmy Hart cheerleads with the "USA" chant against Team Canada. Andy Douglas fires back with stiff right hands on Young before Young drops Douglas with a sidewalk slam. Young sends Douglas headfirst into the corner turnbuckle then throws him to the outside. Young shoves Jimmy Hart back-first into the guardrail. Hart is quickly silenced as Chase Stevens checks on Hart. Andy Douglas drops Young with a knee lift back in the ring then tags in Stevens.

8:53 PM. Stevens enters the ring and drops Young with the Alabama Slam. Stevens makes a cover, but A-1 breaks up the pin. A-1 and Stevens battle in the ring with A-1 taking advantage via a powerbomb. Douglas cuts off A-1 and attempts a suplex, but A-1 perches Stevens on the top turnbuckle. A-1 climbs up, but is quickly shoved down. Young climbs up to meet Stevens. Young scores with a textbook superplex. Young makes a cover on Stevens, but scores a nearfall. Young jaws with Jimmy Hart as A-1 takes Stevens into the electric chair. Young goes up top and Jimmy Hart crotches Young across the top rope. With Young removed from the equation, Stevens and Douglas deliver the Natural Disaster on A-1 leading to the pin for the win.

WINNERS: The Naturals via pinfall to retain the NWA Tag Titles. Decent tag match that could have been much better if Waltman and Shelley were around at the end where the formula could have been changed up. Seeing Team Canada, The Naturals, and AMW in another tag title match is becoming very repetitive. Whether Waltman's absence was storyline or real, the match missed my expectations because his presence could have added plenty.

8:58 PM. Shane Douglas is backstage with Rhino. Rhino says he doesn't need any "Hollywood bitches" telling him to show emotion in the ring. Rhino says he will deliver all the emotion and pain Raven can handle in the Raven's Rules match.

9:01 PM. After video packages highlighting the feud between Raven and Rhino, Tenay breaks down the bullet points surrounding Rhino vs. Raven. X Division Title match in the main event slot. Two hours for two title matches - good timing. Raven brings a shopping cart full of weapons to the ring. Someone call Homeless Jimmy.


We have a swordfight early on with Raven and Rhino holding sticks in the middle of the ring. Rhino drops a leg across the throat after choking Raven with a weapon. Raven comes back with a pizza cutter, slicing Rhino's face. The fans chant, "We want pizza." We see blood flowing heavily from Rhino's forehead.

9:06 PM. Raven slams a trashcan lid across Rhino's head then takes him to the outside. Raven clears the production assistants away from the announcer's table area. Raven slams a beer keg into Rhino's body. Rhino pulls out a ladder from under the ring and Rhino meets him with a forearm blow. Rhino slams the keg into Raven's body with repeated blows. What is this, a frat party? Raven blocks a third keg shot and slams a Singapore cane across Rhino's head. Raven makes a cover for a nearfall. Raven locks in an ankle lock as Rhino tries to fight off the loss of blood to reach the ropes. Rhino grabs the ropes and breaks the hold.

9:10 PM. The action spills to the outside with Rhino taking a steel chair to Raven's back. Rhino has a trashcan, folks, and Raven takes the brunt of the can square in the back. Rhino stomps on Raven back in the ring as we see that Raven is sporting the crimson mask. Rhino kicks Raven in the gut then washes his face ala Samoa Joe. Rhino charges Raven, but Raven blocks Rhino's foot and locks in a second ankle lock. Rhino quickly retakes the offensive advantage then pulls out a staple gun. Rhino tries to stitch up the cut across Raven's forehead with some staples. Rhino goes for a frog splash from the top rope, but Raven rolls out of the way in plenty of time.

9:14 PM. Raven comes back with a discus clothesline then a running clothesline. Raven calls for a kneelift and knocks Rhino backwards to the corner. Raven connects with a bulldog out of the corner followed by a cover for a nearfall. Raven takes too much time preparing a chair for some crazy move and Rhino cuts him off with a clothesline into the chair. Meanwhile, Cassidy Riley has come to the ring inexplicably. Raven drops Rhino with an Evenflow DDT and has the pin, but Riley distracts the referee on accident. Riley finally hops off the apron and the referee counts a nearfall. Riley apologizes profusely as Raven stares down Riley. Rhino sets up a ladder against the seat of the chair in the middle of the ring. Rhino attempts a top rope move, but Raven shoves Rhino off the top into the ladder.

9:18 PM. Rhino comes back with a sick ladder shot to the face then brings the shopping cart into the ring after smashing Raven in the face. Jeff Jarrett runs to the ringside area and grabs the NWA Title. Jarrett tries to smash Raven with the belt, but Jeff Hardy runs to the ring and grabs the belt from Jarrett. Jarrett turns around and finds the Raven's Effect DDT. Rhino sets up for a DDT on Raven, but Raven counters with the Raven's Effect DDT. Raven makes the pin for the win.

WINNER: Raven via pinfall to retain the NWA Title. Brutal hardcore match. Good adrenaline rush but nothing separated the match from previous TNA hardcore matches.

9:21 PM. With a good 35 minutes of PPV time available, we see video packages highlighting the X Division Title match. Mike Tenay goes over the bullet points surrounding the title match. No elimination, first pin or submission decides the match. Mike Tenay hypes Joe's undefeated record in TNA as the crowd chants, "Joe, Joe." Styles is pumped up and so are the fans.

9:25 PM. Tenay points out that Christopher Daniels is the longest reigning X Division Champion in TNA history. Jeremy Borash is in the ring for the official introductions.


Daniels is paranoid about no one taking his belt so Styles and Joe attack Daniels right away. Joe kicks Daniels in the back with a stiff kick. Styles wants to play games with Joe so Styles delivers a stiff kick. Joe delivers a stiffer kick. Styles doesn't like being shown up. Styles with a stiff kick. Daniels pops up to his feet and challenges both men. Joe and Styles deliver simultaneous stiff kicks silencing Daniels. Awesome exchange.

9:29 PM. After the crowd exploded, Styles tried to roll up Styles with a quick pin. Joe blocks with a sick armbar submission hold. Daniels breaks the hold and works on Styles with forearms followed by a dropkick. Joe sends Daniels to the outside with an enziguiri kick. Joe punts Styles in the gut as Daniels trips Joe from outside the ring. Joe recovers and stomps on Daniels in the corner. Joe whips Styles to the corner then takes a slap to the face from Daniels. Joe sends Daniels into Styles and Daniels charges Joe only to find a front throw. Styles comes back with stiff kicks to Joe's chest. Styles flies to the corner with a forearm blow on Daniels. Styles charges Joe and Joe meets him with an overhead release suplex, sending Styles crashing to the corner turnbuckle. Joe drops Styles to the seat of his pants and washes his face before charging. Daniels cuts Joe off before Joe can kick Styles in the head and sends him to the outside. Daniels flies out of the ring to the outside with a plancha.

9:33 PM. Styles, not to be outdone, flies off the top rope with a springboard Shooting Star Press onto both Joe and Daniels Awesome spot! Styles comes to his feet with fire and passion. Styles sends Joe back into the ring and delivers the back flip dropkick. Styles delivers forearm blows on Joe as Daniels re-enters the ring. Daniels, Styles, and Joe get mixed up in a sick spot with Daniels monkey flipping Styles onto Joe with Styles delivering a huricanrana on Styles. The crowd went nuts. Daniels catches Styles near the ropes and flips him over the top rope to the floor. Daniels delivers punches to the head. Joe fires back with his patented slaps and chops before landing some vicious knees. Daniels ducks a clothesline and rolls up Joe, but Joe counters with the Kokina Clutch. Styles sees a possible win for someone else and flies off the top turnbuckle with the Spiral tap on both opponents. Styles with a pin on Joe for a nearfall. Someone check the pulse of everyone in the Impact zone.

9:36 PM. Everyone takes a breath as Joe shoves Styles to the outside. Daniels sets up for the Best Moonsault Ever on Joe, but Styles cuts him off and hangs him upside down. Styles forgets about Joe and Joe charges Styles with a sick running knee. With Daniels still upside down, Joe charges Daniels and kicks him square in the chest region. Goodness. The fans say it all: "this is awesome." Joe catches Styles and drops him with a stiff kick to the face. Joe squashes Styles with a flying rear bomb before making a pin for a nearfall. Somehow, Daniels catches Joe and delivers the Death Valley Driver. The move takes everything out of Daniels as he's slow to make the cover on Joe.

9:39 PM. Styles and Daniels exchange punches before Daniels and Styles counter each other's trademark spots. Out of nowhere, Joe flies over the top rope with a cannonball twisting splash onto Joe and Styles. Holy crap. The Impact zone has officially gone nuts. Joe takes Daniels back into the ring and positions him for the Muscle Buster. Daniels fights out by gouging Joe's face. Styles climbs into the ring and meets Daniels up top. Joe meets Daniels and Styles and throws both men off the top turnbuckle with an overhead slam. The fans chant, "TNA."

9:42 PM. Another deep breath for everyone. Styles and Joe exchange right hands. Joe covers up then fires back with stiff right hands. Styles misses with a back kick and Joe drops Styles with a release suplex. Joe takes Styles to the corner and drops Styles with a spinning Muscle Buster. Joe calls for the end. Daniels re-enters the ring with the X Division Title but Joe cuts him off with a powerslam. Joe holds the title belt and taunts Daniels. Daniels takes advantage and kicks the belt into Joe's face with an enziguiri kick. Daniels and Styles exchange blows with Joe off to the side of the ring. Daniels catches Styles off the ropes with a turnaround sitdown slam before making a cover for a nearfall. Daniels drops Styles then hits the Best Moonsault Ever, but Joe breaks up a pin attempt. Joe kicks Daniels then walks into a jawbreaker. Daniels locks in a Dragon Sleeper into a swinging front face slam. Daniels and Styles do battle with Joe outside of the ring.

9:45 PM. Styles ducks a clothesline and hits his back flip reverse DDT off the ropes. Styles with a cover for a nearfall. Hands are clapping and feet are stomping in Orlando. Daniels and Styles meet up top with both men exchanging punches. Daniels scores with a nice superplex leaving both men winded on the mat. Joe climbs back in and covers Daniels for a nearfall. A hush comes over the crowd as Joe drops Daniels with a powerbomb. Joe takes the nearfall and turns it into an STF. Daniels reaches the ropes with ease after the camera gets too close to hear indecipherable low-voice talking. Styles catches Joe with his soccer kick out of nowhere. Styles grapples Joe and places him in the Torture Rack before dropping Joe out of sheer exhaustion. Daniels takes out Styles and the match begins again with Styles vs. Daniels. Styles counters a roll-up with the Styles Clash. Styles has the pin, but Joe breaks up the pin attempt at a split second before 3.

9:49 PM. Joe charges Daniels, but misses, and Joe spills to the outside. Daniels and Styles pick up their fight once again. They exchange right hands before Daniels rakes Styles in the eyes. Daniels tries to hit Angel's Wings, but Styles blocks the move and rolls up Daniels with a bridge for the pin and the win to capture the X Division Title.

WINNER: A.J. Styles via pinfall to capture the X Division Title. Amazing, special match. The high spots were paced and woven into the match magnificently and Orlando was hanging on every second. The finish came a bit out of nowhere with a good five minutes of PPV time remaining, but you can't complain after a performance that good. Pro wrestling at its finest in 2005.

9:51 PM. Daniels is in utter disbelief as the crowd goes nuts. Styles takes the X Division Title and hoists it in the air as we see blood trickling down his nose. Joe is breathing heavily outside of the ring as Daniels appears to be on the verge of a mental breakdown. The fans give a standing round of applause as we fade to black.

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