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KELLER'S TNA BOUND FOR GLORY PPV REPORT 10/22: Ongoing "virtual time" coverage

Oct 22, 2006 - 10:07:00 PM

By Wade Keller, Torch editor

OCTOBER 22, 2006


-The pregame show began with Mike Tenay and Don West standing inside the ring. The panning of the arena wasn't smooth, and their mic levels were messed up to start, with an echoing sound at first. They wondered aloud what influence Kurt Angle would end up having on the main event, then went to Jeremy Borash outside the arena.

-Borash interviewed Samoa Joe who was sitting silently on a chair in the parking lot, waiting for Angle to arrive. They replayed the "headbutt heard around the world." Joe wouldn't answer Borash's questions.

-They went back to Christy Hemme. You could hear West and Tenay talking off air about mic levels or something. Hemme was completely unprepared to be on camera for a few seconds, then turned to the camera and went into that instant "I'm excited" smile that seemed disingenuous since she wasn't like that until she knew she was on camera.

-They went to a video feature on LAX vs. A.J. Styles & Christopher Daniels. West was heard talking to the producer as Tenay began previewing the PPV line-up. After running down the line-up, they threw to the ring.

-Bobby Roode came out from an entrance stage that was a step down from what WCW had in the mid-'90s. Not bad, but nothing that made any kind of statement that along with Kurt Angle, they were taking steps to become major league and on WWE's level or better from a production standpoint. The mic issues and timing issues in the opening minutes of this pre-show didn't help convey a professional image, either. Roode did mic work before the match, talking about all of the legendary managers who expressed interest in him. He said times are changing and it's a new era for Robert Roode, as he's now calling himself. He said he doesn't need someone like Sherri Martel to make Robert Roode look good. He continued talking in the third person. He said he doesn't need Col. Robert Parker or Bobby Heenan to do his talking for him, either. He said what he needs is an individual who makes Robert Roode their number one priority, manage his investment, and get what Robert Roode deserves, which is main event spots and title shots. He said he wants to make a lot of the most important thing in the world - money. He introduced Ms. Brooks as the new CEO of Robert Roode Inc. He seemed to trip up a little at the very end. West said it was an unconventional decision. Brooks crawled into the ring on all fours, then pulled off his robe. Roode's doing a full-fledged Mr. Perfect/Rick Rude take-off, but it does come off as a downgrade copy at this point, so he's got something to prove as this push continues to break away from that limitation.

A -- ROBERT ROODE (w/Ms. Brooks) vs. LANCE HOYT

Tenay noted that Sting hasn't been on Impact in two months and they don't know what he's been up to. They really needed to push that mystery better on Impact recently so his absence didn't come across as "he had better things to do." Roode dominated the first couple of minutes. Hoyt took over with a big boot and a clothesline in the corner. Hoyt scored a near fall at 3:00 after a face-driver into the mat. When Hoyt climbed to the second rope, Brooks distracted him for a few seconds. He went for the moonsault, but Roode had time to recover, so he moved. Roode then nailed Hoyt with a clothesline from behind, then finished him with the Payoff finisher.

WINNER: Roode in 4:00.


-They went to the parking lot where Jim Cornette, with a raspy voice from a cough, tried to talk Joe into coming into the arena. He said he can't solve anything with Angle tonight. Joe refused to acknowledge Cornette's presence.

-Roode beat on Hoyt after the match. Ron Killings made the save, so Roode bailed out with Brooks. Hoyt danced as Killings sang his song. Is it just me, or is Killings almost always off by about a half second compared to the music?

-Hemme backstage hyped the PPV. A little person (i.e. "midget") was running around frantically backstage. He said he was there for the Kevin Nash X Division Invitational Battle Royal, but he was nervous because he was late.

-They went to video packages for the Monster's Ball and Rhino vs. Christian. Tenay and West plugged the PPV line-up again, giving it a hard final sell. Then they went to a video package for Sting vs. Jeff Jarrett. West then stood in front of fans in the front row and gave a final hard sell for the PPV. A fan held up a sign behind him that said, "Yes, Don West, we DID see that!" As he talked, they cut to chaos in the parking lot. Joe and Angle were being held back by security. Angle told Joe that if he wants him, come find him because he'll be at the ring.

-They ended the preshow with the Chris Jericho music video set to clips of the wrestlers on Bound for Glory.


-The James Earl Jones voiceover guy narrated a video package, one of the Dave Sahadi specialties, the producer who was with WWE for many years and was known as the best in the biz at producing video packages such as this. The theme of the package was built around the evolution of Detroit at Motor City and the factory workers who built the town.

-They opened live by panning the crowd as pyro shot off and Mike Tenay introduced the show. A laser show was added as TNA's signature addition. Nothing close to Pride's entrance set the night before, but respectable.

1 -- KEVIN NASH X DIVISION INVITATIONAL BATTLE ROYAL (Austin Starr, Sonjay Dutt, Maverick Matt, Jay Lethal, A1, Zach Gowen, Kazarian, Shark Boy, Sirelda, Alex Shelley, D-Ray 3000, Johnny Devine, Elix Skipper, Short Sleeve Sampson, Norman Smiley, Petey Williams.

Kevin Nash walked to the ring in a suit with bowling trophy. I assumed, and I'm not sure why, that Nash was going to actually wrestle in it. It's probably better this way, as he joined Tenay and West on commentary. Austin Starr (Austin Aries) came out first. Tenay said his influences include Jesse Ventura, Rick Rude, Randy Savage, Valiants, Superstar Graham, and Grand Wizard. His role model was Huggy Bear from Starsky & Hutch and his musical inspiration was Cindy Lauper. Sonjay Dutt came out next.

A new wrestler will be added to the gauntlet every minute, but it began with Dutt vs. Austin. Nash complained about getting a dead mic to start. Tenay asked him what his fascination is with the X Division. Nash said everyone who has followed his career knows he basically a high-flyer, and the X Division has high flyers. The mic levels were just terrible, with Nash overmodulating. Third out was Maverick Matt. Jay Lethal came out fourth. Nash said, "Does he have a cup on?" Draw your own conclusion why he said that. Nash said Austin has had more build-up than anyone else in years, adding, "I hope this guy does better than Glacier."

A1 came out next. West and Tenay didn't understand why he was in the match he's never been in the X Division before. West did note that they always say the X Division isn't about size limits, it's about no limits. Nash said that describes his career. Zach Gowen came out next (a Michigan native). Zack hit a one-legged moonsault on Lethal. Star beat on Zach. Next out was Kazarian. Dutt was the first eliminated by Matt and Kazarian. Sirelda came out next, one of the goofiest gimmicks of TNA's 2006. She beat up Kazarian and Austin. Austin mule-kicked her. Tenay said that shouldn't have any effect. He should kick his wife between her legs when he gets home and see how she responds. Shark Boy was out next, and the crowd chanted, "Let's go Shark Boy!" loudly for a half minute.

Out next was Alex Shelley. Tenay said he was shocked he didn't have Shelley come out last. Out next was D-Ray 3000. Shark Boy and D-Ray worked together on the Fro-Ram. They eliminated Maverick Matt. Johnny Devine came out next. Devine eliminated Gowen. The crowd chanted "Alex Shelley." Next out was Elix Skipper. Starr eliminated Kazarian by knocking him off the top rope. Nash said that's why his knees are so bad, because of all of those high risk moments on he top rope. Next out was Short Sleeve Sampson. Shark Boy and D-Ray were the next two out. Austin lifted Sampson, teased tossing him over the top rope. The crowd stood and wanted Austin to throw him into their section.

Norman Smiley was out next. Smiley wore the local hockey team's jersey. Smiley and Sampson gave Star and A1 stereo Big Wiggles. Nash said he watched the same thing in his room earlier. Austin then tossed Sampson onto Shark Boy and the ref at ringside. Sampson chased ref Slick Johnson around ringside. Petey came out to Team Canada's music. That music must be retired. Now. Bad memories, and Petey deserves much better. Skipper was eliminated by Slick, then Petey eliminated Slick. Petey got a pop as he set up the Canadian Destroyer on Shelley. A1 made the save. Petey then gave Lethal the Destroyer, getting a big pop and a "Petey" chant. Shelley then eliminated Petey at 16:00. Austin eliminated Devine. It came down to Shelley, Austin, and Lethal. Austin backdropped Shelley out of the ring onto A1. Lethal gave Austin a full nelson overhead suplex. He went for the cover, but Austin draped his leg over the bottom rope. Star gave Lethal a brainbuster suplex to win the match shortly thereafter. Nash entered the ring and turned his back on Shelley and presented Austin the trophy. Shelley looked hurt that Nash was turning on him. Nash and Austin hugged. Shelley reluctantly clapped for Austin.

WINNER: Austin Starr in 18:00.

STAR RATING: **3/4 -- Acceptable opener, with a mix of hit-or-miss comedy, TNA nostalgia acts, and some solid X Division action.

-They went to a video clip hyping the AMW vs. LAX brawl on Impact leading to Hernandez giving Gail Kim the Border Toss.

-Backstage, Jeremy Borash interviewed AMW. He said Gail Kim wasn't able to be there because of the Border Toss. Chris Harris lost his temper talking about how LAX cost Kim her chance to be at the biggest TNA event ever. James Storm hinted that they may seek revenge sooner than later.


Shane Douglas introduced The Naturals before the match. Early on, B.G. James and Brother Ray worked together, but then turned on each other. West said he's never seen B.G. seem so serious before a match as this. Team 3D beat up The Naturals with a Doomsday Device on Chase Stevens and then the diving spread-eagle headbutt by Devon on Andy Douglas. Stevens blindsided Devon to make a comeback. Team 3D came back and finished off Douglas with the 3D. Shane Douglas returned to the ring to chew out his team.

WINNERS: Team 3D in 7:00.

STAR RATING: *1/2 -- What you'd expect in seven minutes with these four teams.

-Backstage, Borash said still no word from Joe as he stood outside of his locker room. Jake Roberts walked up behind Borash and asked if he wanted to see the snake. "If you really want to, I'll let you hold it, but sometimes when you hold a snake and treat it real nice, it does tend to grow a little bit." He said there's no reason for Borash to want to talk to the wrestlers about the match. Just let them wrestle. He said as ref his job is to make sure there's still a pulse, and that's it. He said to trust the unexpected. He closed by telling Borash that if he wants to, he'll make damn sure he sees the snake. Who does Jake think he is, Sen. Foley?

-A video package aired on the Monster's Ball match.

3 -- ABYSS (w/James Mitchell) vs. SAMOA JOE vs. BROTHER RUNT vs. RAVEN

Jake "The Snake" Roberts came out first with the snake bag. Runt now has a blue mohawk and a red goatee. Raven wore a strange protective mask on his way to the ring. Joe wore a bandage above his left eye to sell the cut from the Kurt Angle headbutt. The fans chanted "Joe's Gonna Kill You." At 3:00 Abyss pressed and threw Runt into the first few rows of fans. Raven clotheslined Abyss over the top rope to the floor, then flipped over the top rope onto Abyss. Joe flipped over the top rope onto all three opponents on the floor, then landed on his feet. Raven and Joe brawled up the rampway. Raven used his mask to knock Joe off the ramp, crashing through tables on the floor. Runt and Abyss, meanwhile, climbed the entrance set rafters. Abyss chokeslammed Runt onto the stage below. The camera focused on Jake Roberts as the crowd moaned, completely missing a huge spot. Inexcusable. Some day they need to address their pattern of inexcusable missed shots. They replayed and showed Abyss diving off the rafters onto Runt, crashing him through the stage. The crowd chanted, "This is awesome!" Abyss got up and staggered away. Raven threw Joe off the ramp again, send him through another table on the floor. Abyss rolled Runt into the ring and made the cover. Roberts slapped the mat twice, but Raven yanked Abyss off of Runt. Abyss gave Raven a sitdown splash in center-ring and made the cover. Raven kicked out at two. Joe came back against Abyss in the ring. He went for a senton, but Abyss moved. Abyss grabbed a chair. Joe roundkicked him before he could use it. Abyss went for a choke, but Joe spun around and slapped him. Joe then snap powerslammed Abyss near the chair, just missing it. Raven broke up Joe's pin attempt. Raven used a drop toe hold to send Joe through the ropes to the floor. Mitchell handed Abyss a bag of thumb tacks. Abyss held the bag in the air. Jake waved his finger at Abyss. Raven stepped in. Jake shoved him away. Raven attacked Roberts and set up a Raven Effect. Abyss hit Raven first. Abyss then opened up the bag of tacks. Why does Mitchell tie those knots so tight. Abyss poured the tacks onto the mat. Joe pulled the rope down, so Raven fell to the floor, Then the legdropped Abyss's face onto the thumb tacks, then he applied the rear naked choke. Raven hit Joe from behind with a chair. A second chairshot broke the hold. Raven hit him another time, but Jake then yanked the chair away from him and gave him a DDT. Joe then gave Raven a Muscle Buster off the top rope for the three count, as counted by Roberts. After the match, Roberts poured his albino snake over Raven. Jake then held the snake over his head.

WINNER: Joe in 12:00.

STAR RATING: ***1/4 -- For that style match, really solid. It had some big spots, some good brawling, some false finishes, and a little controversy with Jake Roberts and Raven.

-Borash interviewed Eric Young backstage. Young was nervous, breathing into a paper bag. Larry Zbyszko interrupted and gave Young a tongue-lashing to try to deflate any self-esteem he had left. Borash tried to talk Young into being confident in himself.

4 -- ERIC YOUNG vs. LARRY ZBYSZKO -- Loser Is Fired

Zbyszko stalled early. Tenay and West noted that Zbyszko is known for using stalling tactics to get under the skin of his opponents over the years. The crowd chanted "Don't Fire Eric" and "Fire Larry," which Tenay equated to "Tastes Great/Less Filling" chants years ago. Tenay and West talked about what a great time they had at the Fan Fest event on Saturday. West said he even met a fan from Bulgaria. West said it's not a good idea to get fired from TNA because there are so many people calling wanting work in TNA that the loser will have a tough time getting their job back anytime soon. Zbyszko applied an early abdominal stretch. When Young reversed it, Zbyszko hit the ref. Young went to check on the ref. Zbyszko pulled out a foreign object. Young, though, countered with a low blow. Young then used the object against Zbyszko and the ref counted to three.

WINNER: Young in 3:00.

STAR RATING: n/a -- They kept it short, and the crowd was into it, so it worked, but it hardly qualifies as a full-fledged match.

-Jim Cornette walked out to the ring. He could barely talk. Cornette said he is sick as a dog and can hardly talk, but he would have been intensive care before he would have missed the event tonight. Cornette said the fans have seen a great show, but they haven't seen anything yet. He said everybody knows Joe and Angle have problems, and this isn't the time or place to settle it, but that time will come. The fans booed, wanting to see the fight tonight, of course. Cornette said if Joe interferes in the World Title match in any way, he will be removed from the TNA roster effective immediately. Kurt Angle's music then played and he walked. Young acted shocked when Angle stepped out, even though his music had been playing for ten seconds first. I guess the music is pretty new, but still.

Angle grabbed the mic and addressed the crowd. Angle said he knows Cornette wanted to give Angle a big intro., but when he heard the fan chants, he had to come out and kick some ass. He said he came to TNA because the fans are the best. He said, "TNA is the best, screw the rest." He said is going to call the main event right down the middle later. He said he respects that is his job. He looked at Cornette and said he doesn't need a buffer to keep Samoa Joe away from him because if someone walked to the ring and headbutted him and punked his ass out like he did to Joe, he would do the same thing. Joe charged to the ring. As soon as they locked up at ringside, security again separated them. Joe broke free, but was caught by security again. Angle stared at Joe as he was pushed to the back. Joe turned to Cornette and yelled, "Let me fight!" Angle then broke free and charged at Joe. Security again separated them right away. Excellent confrontation number two, a step up from the first in intensity and duration. I'm not sure Angle should do too many cheerleader type rhyming chants, though. Spirit Squad comparisons shouldn't be invited, although if anyone can get away with it, Angle can.

Tenay and West talked about the Joe-Angle confrontation. Tenay said Angle says he punked Joe out, but said nobody has ever punked Joe out.

-A vignette aired on the X Division and Senshi vs. Sabin.

5 -- SENSHI vs. CHRIS SABIN -- X Division Title match

Tenay said Joe has been ejected from the building by security. Sabin and Senshi circled each other to star the match. Senshi opened with kicks, taking Sabin to his knees. Sabin came back with a dropkick. Sabin scored a quick two with a magistral cradle. Sabin fired back with some cool kicks. It really sends a bad message to have this title match before Christian vs. Rhino, as if two former WWE wrestler are more important than the top two X Division wrestlers, or that heavyweight contenders fighting means more than the X Champ defending. The crowd competed with chants for both wrestlers. Senshi threw a barrage of chops and cool kicks and scored a two count at 6:00. Sabin came back with a missile dropkick off the top rope, then threw him to the floor and spear dived right into Senshi's chest. Senshi flew back into the security railing. Sabin came back in the ring with an enzuigiri, then hung Senshi upside down in the corner and hit his hesitation dropkick for a near fall at 8:00. Sabin scored a near fall after a DDT. Another "This is awesome" chant began. Sabin gave Senshi a hurancanrana off the top rope, but Senshi rolled through and then gave him a double stomp. The director cut to a crowd shot just as Senshi went for a pin. Senshi got a two count. Sabin charged at Senshi with a boot to the chin. Sabin lifted Senshi for Cradle Shock. Senshi fought out of it, but Sabin tried again and hit it for a very near fall that popped the crowd. The crowd chanted, "TNA, TNA, TNA." Tenay and West amazed that Senshi kicked out at 12:00. They battle on the top rope. Senshi kicked Sabin with several roundkicks to the face as he stood on the second rope. Great balance. Senshi then gave Sabin a flat dropkick, sending him into the corner hard. He followed with the top rope double stomp Warrior's Way finisher. He was slow to make the save. Sabin draped his foot over the bottom rope. The crowd again applauded. Sabin escaped Senshi's inverted sleeper attempt with a roll-up to win. Lethal and Dutt ran out to celebrate with Sabin.

WINNER: Sabin at 13:00 to capture the X Division Title.

STAR RATING: ***3/4 -- Just not quite long enough to reach four stars, but it was well on its way. Good, crowd-pleasing match that had state of the art athleticism.

-Borash interviewed Christian backstage. He told Rhino the post-concussion syndrome is nothing compared to what he's doing to do in front of his family and friends. He said after tonight, he probably won't be invited back to the house for a family dinner, that's okay because his aunt's cooking always sucked. He made a World Series reference to turn the Detroit fans against him. He said he's going for the clean sweep "because that's how I roll."

-A video feature aired on Christian and Rhino.

6 -- CHRISTIAN CAGE vs. RHINO -- Street Fight

When Christian didn't come out for his ring intro, Rhino met him out back and they brawled into the parking lot. They fought on a car and then back into the arena. They used various street fight props as weapons including street lights and street signs. Rhino was bloodied first. They fought into the ring where Christian dominated. Rhino came back and piledrove Christian off the ring apron through a table on the floor. Back in the ring, Rhino went for the cover. Christian draped his leg over the bottom rope. Rhino went for a Gore into a table propped up in the corner, but Christian moved and shoved Rhino through it. He then gave Rhino an Unprettier on a table in the ring. Rhino kicked out. Tenay said the blows to Rhino's head considering he's fighting against doctor's orders due to post concussion syndrome have to be taking their effect. Christian stacked the weapons and objects including a ladder over Rhino, then smashed them with a chair multiple times. "I just wish he would pin him and get this sickness over with," said Tenay. Christian did just that.

WINNER: Christian in 15:00.

STAR RATING: ***1/4 -- Good brawl. The intensity and big spots carried it to three-stars plus. The backstory of Rhino's concussion syndrome helped give him an excuse for the loss, yet Christian still came out looking strong getting the win, solidifying him as a future opponent for Angle and Joe and perhaps Jarrett as a babyface down the line.

-Borash interviewed LAX backstage. Another convincing promo from Konnan.

-As the cage was constructed, Tenay and West talked about David Eckstein's comments about TNA during the World Series press conference before Game 1. Then they went to a video package on the tag title cage match. Then Tenay and West stalled another minute before ring intros.

7 -- A.J. STYLES & CHRISTOPHER DANIELS vs. LAX (Hernandez & Homicide w/Konnan) -- Six-Sides of Steel Tag Team Title match

They went right at it as soon as Styles & Daniels entered the cage. Styles and Daniels dominated offense in the opening few minutes. West did a nice job pointing out how the cage walls have very little give because of the six-sided set-up, and said that the fence acts like a cheese grater against the skin as a result. He heels took over control at 4:00. Daniels was the first to bleed as Homicide beat on his forehead. Daniels came back at 7:00 by hip-tossing Homicide off the top rope to the mat. Styles tagged in and took on an attack from both heels. Styles gave Homicide an inverted DDT, then springboarded off the top rope onto Hernandez with a forearm, although he slipped a bit on the top rope. Four-way ensued with Styles and Daniels knocking the heels down with clotheslines. Then they rammed Hernandez into the side of the cage and gave a high-low to Homicide. Styles ground a fork into Homicide's forehead. Homicide tried to make a comeback, giving Hernandez the opening to threw Daniels into the cage. Styles, though, surprised Hernandez with an enzuigiri. Styles climbed to the top of the cage at 11:00. Tenay told Styles to think things through. The crowd chanted "Please don't die." Homicide went after Styles. Daniels then grabbed Homicide. Hernandez then grabbed Daniels. Hernandez yanked Daniels back, and Daniels took Homicide with him to the mat. Styles then leaped off the top of the cage onto Hernandez. He was slow to make the cover. When he did, Homicide broke up the pin. Hernandez made a full comeback a little too quickly and went to the top of the cage himself. He dove toward Daniels, but Daniels moved out of his path as he crashed to the mat. The fans chanted "TNA, TNA." Konnan slipped Homicide a coat hanger, which he used to choke Daniels. Konnan grabbed it and held Daniels down as Hernandez choked him with his boot. Styles intervened and tried to take down both Hernandez and Homicide. The crowd chanted "This is awesome!" Styles set up the Styles Clash, but Hernandez nailed him with a clothesline to stop him. Homicide then gave Styles a nasty looking Cop Killer finisher for the win.

WINNERS: LAX in 15:00 to capture the NWA World Tag Team Titles.


8 -- JEFF JARRETT vs. STING -- NWA World Hvt. Title match

In a tale of the tape, they had Jarrett listed at 6-1 and 238 and Sting was listed at 6-3. Sting was listed as having 21 years experience compared to 20 for Jarrett. Jeremy Borash did the formal ring introductions. Kurt Angle came out first, then champ Jeff Jarrett, and then Sting. West put over how good Sting looked, saying he must've been training like mad during his two month absence. Sting did look better with pants, but no coverage of his torso, showing off that he doesn't have any signs of a gut anymore. Tenay said this could be the last time we see Sting compete in a wrestling ring. Angle watched from ringside. The match began at 10:37, leaving well under 20 minutes to do the entire match and any post-match happenings. Sting showed signs of frustration as he was outmaneuvered early by Jarrett. At 3:00 he bailed out to ringside for a breather and walked past Angle. Jarrett strutted in the ring. Tenay said Jarrett was not intimidated by Sting's new look with brighter facepaint and red and black pants. Sting came back with a powerbomb on Jarrett, then dropped him over the top rope and clotheslined him to the floor. Jarrett shoved Angle at ringside. Angle shoved Jarrett back. Angle told Jarrett to get back into the ring. Sting decided to go after Jarrett instead, ramming him into the ringside barrier. A cameraman was knocked over at ringside. Angle threw ref Rudy Charles into the ring as his way of telling him he'll handle things at ringside. Jarrett whipped Sting into the railing. Angle yanked the chair away from him. Sting suplexed Jarrett on the rampway, then he gave out a signature yell. Angle yanked a chair out of Sting's hands. Jarrett charged at Sting, but instead knocked over Angle. Jarrett then DDT'd Sting onto the rampway. Sting landed on Angle as he tumbled down the ramp a few feet. Tenay wondered if that was really an accident that Jarrett knocked over Angle. Jarrett threw Sting into the ring and applied a sleeper. After both men knocked each other down with a simultaneous bodyblock, the ref began to count them down. As he got to nine, Angle entered the ring and gave an Olympic Slam to the ref. Angle yanked off his shirt and then threw the ref out of the ring. Jarrett and Sting got up and exchanged punches and chops. Sting came out ahead with clothesline and a Stinger Splash in the corner followed by a Scorpion Death Drop for a two count at 10:00. Jarrett came back with a Stroke out of nowhere. He made the cover, but Sting lifted his shoulder. Sting reversed a piledriver attempt and dropped Jarrett. Angle counted, but Jarrett lifted his shoulder just before three. Jarrett jawed at Angle. Jarrett set up a Stroke, but Sting blocked it and knocked Jarrett to the mat. Sting went for a splash, but he landed (kinda) on Jarrett's knees. Jarrett signalled for the figure-four and applied it in center-ring at 12:00. Sting reversed it, so Jarrett released it. Jarrett then applied the anklelock. Sting reached for the bottom rope. Jarrett dragged him back to center ring. Sting crawled to the bottom rope again and flipped Jarrett out of it, tossing him with his legs to the floor. Sting limped to his feet and grabbed his baseball bat. Angle yanked it away from him. Sting put the bat up to Angle's neck, then finally handed it over. Jarrett hit Sting with the guitar, but Sting no-sold it and flexed and yelled. The crowd popped. Sting then put Jarrett in the Scorpion Death Lock. Jarrett tapped out.

WINNER: Sting in 15:00 to win the NWA World Hvt. Title match.

STAR RATING: **1/2 -- Pretty much an average match. The layout of the storyline was pretty solid, and the involvement of Angle was satisfactory, but the execution wasn't top notch. It felt soft and at times a half-step off. The finish of Sting no-selling the guitar shot was a nice spot.

-As Sting celebrated with the belt, West said there's no way Jarrett's history in TNA will be forgotten as he's accomplished so much. Jarrett just sat on the ring apron and watched Sting's celebration. Sting strapped on the belt. Jarrett "passed the torch to Sting" over 15 years after the last time a top heel passed the torch to Sting back when Sting was going on his way to being the top star in wrestling, but never quite arrived.

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