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CALDWELL'S BOUND FOR GLORY PPV REPORT 10/22: Ongoing "virtual time" coverage of live PPV

Oct 22, 2006 - 9:55:00 PM

By James Caldwell, Torch columnist

TNA No Surrender Alternative Perspective PPV Review
October 22, 2006
From Compuware Arena in Plymouth, Mich.
By: James Caldwell, Torch columnist


- They start the preview show with a video package telling us that tickets are still available for the show.

- Don West was already screaming in the ring with Mike Tenay standing next to him. They fixed the sound so we could hear West talk about the PPV.

- Borash was outside the building looking for Samoa Joe. Joe, with a bandage on his forehead, was sitting in the middle of the parking lot waiting for Kurt Angle to show up. Borash said Angle delivered the headbutt heard 'round the world on Impact. Joe continued to sit in his chair and stare straight ahead.

- Back in the arena, no one told Christy Hemme that she was on. Eventually, she got the signal and talked about how excited the crowd is. She introduced footage of the NWA Tag Title feud.

- Mike Tenay tried to talk about the tag title match, but Don West kept talking over him, as if he couldn't hear that Tenay was on the air.

- Bobby Roode came out for his the opening pre-show match. He said the moment has finally arrived for him to announce his new manager. He called himself Robert Roode. Roode said he doesn't need someone like Heenan or Col. Parker to talk or manage for him. He said what he does need is an individual to make him the only priority and take care of his financial investments. Roode said he would be making the money as a main eventer. He announced that the new CEO of Robert Roode Inc. is Ms. Brooks. She bounced to the ring and joined Roode in the ring. Brooks took off Roode's jacket and carried it out. Lance Hoyt then came out as the opponent.

(1) Robert Roode (w/Ms. Brooks) beat Lance Hoyt at 4:00. Roode became too cocky playing to the crowd and Hoyt ran him over with a big boot to the face. Hoyt scored a flapjack out of the fireman's carry for a nearfall. Hoyt went up top for a moonsault, but Brooks rubbed his leg and distracted him. He then went for a moonsault, but Roode rolled out of the way. He hit a Northern Lariat from behind then connected with the Payoff for the win.

- Security was standing next to Samoa Joe outside. Jim Cornette tried to convince Joe to work him with so he wouldn't screw up the PPV. Joe just sat silent. Cornette was frustrated and he sounded sick.

- Back in the arena, Roode and Brooks were working over Hoyt before Ron Killings walked to ringside and cleared the heels. Killings played to the crowd and did one of his dance numbers with Hoyt.

- Hemme was backstage next to a sign reading "8 Mile Road". She talked about Rhino-Christian as a random man kept running across the bottom of the screen. Hemme eventually broke her concentration. She finally stopped the midget, who was flustered because he couldn't find the dressing room. He said he was here for the Kevin Nash gauntlet match. She told him which way to go for the dressing room, but he went the opposite direction. Hemme shook her head then sent it off to a Christian-Rhino video package.

- Tenay and West broke down the card again. They sent it to a Sting video package. Sting has been soul searching for two months.

- West was ringside next to fans. He screamed over the fans to run down the PPV card. No one was listening to a word he said because a lovely young lady was over his right shoulder drawing the camera to her.

- Suddenly, they went to the backstage area where Angle and Joe were being separated by security. Angle screamed at Joe to come find him in the ring.

- The Fozzy music video closed the pre-show.


- The opening video package talked about Henry Ford building up Detroit 100 years ago. The voice over man said 100 hundred years later, a company with dreams forges a new legacy to last eternity.

- Kevin Nash opened the show. He walked out in a suit while holding a trophy for the Kevin Nash Open Invitational X Division Gauntlet Battle Bound for Glory. Tenay said Nash was going to be on commentary for the match.


Austin Starr and Sonjay Dutt came out to start the match. Tenay said Starr hails from TVLand and he has a cocky attitude. He listed all of Aries's influences including Huggy Bear. On a contemporary basis, he looks like Jimmy Jacobs. Nash finally joined commentary and said he's one of the greatest high-fliers ever. Matt Bentley came out after one minute of basic action. Next out was Jay Lethal. Dutt and Lethal double teamed Bentley. Starr caught Lethal off the corner turnbuckle with a back elbow smash. A-1 came out next. The fans chanted, "You can't wrestle" at A-1. Zack Gowen came out next. We're going back to the FSN days here. Nash mocked Johnny Ace with a Dynamic Dude name drop. Kazarian is out next at 5:00. Bentley and Kazarian combined to toss Dutt over the top rope at 5:20 for the first elimination. Sirelda stumbled to the ring next. Why? Kazarian slapped her in the mouth when she hit the ring. Sirelda dropped Kazarian with a sidewalk slam. Starr and Sirelda fought. Starr gave Sirelda a mule kick then A-1 clotheslined Sirelda hard over the top rope to the floor at 6:50. Kazarian and Bentley then clotheslined A-1 over the top rope at 7:00. Shark Boy came out next. Nash called Shelley the biggest star in TNA beside him. The fans chanted for Shark Boy, who has that Jimmy Yang over factor going for him. Alex Shelley then came out at 8:05. "It's over," Nash said. Shelley spit water at Kazarian and did a Muta throat gesture. Nash said he wanted Shelley to come out last, but the athletic commission wouldn't let him. Nash said he booked six extra paramedics for the match because he's doing it right. D-Ray 3000 made his return. Shark Boy and D-Ray had a reunion before Shark Boy used the Fro Ram to run over everyone in sight. They dumped Bentley over the top rope at 9:45. Johnny Devine came out next. Devine eliminated Gowen at 10:20. Elix Skipper came out next. Skipper hit a moonsault on Devine. He then went up top, but Kazarian inadvertently crotched him by jumping on the top rope. Skipper appeared to injure his ankle. Aries then shoved Kazarian to the outside at 11:35. Short Sleeve Sampson ran to the ring as the next competitor. Shark Boy and D-Ray were eliminated at 12:25. The referees said Sharkie was out cold. Aries teased tossing Sampson over the top rope into the crowd, but he wouldn't toss him. Norman Smiley came out next with a hockey jersey for the local team. Sampson and Smiley lined up a Double Wiggle on Starr and Devine simultaneously. Devine then picked up Samson and tossed him over the top rope to the floor for an elimination at 13:40. Samson then chased referee Slick Johnson around the ring and into the ring. Petey Williams came out next. Skipper was eliminated at 14:20. Slick then ripped off his referee shirt and challenged anyone to go after him. Petey tossed him over the top rope for an elimination at 14:35. Petey dropped Lethal with the Canadian Destroyer and the crowd popped. Shelley then eliminated Petey at 15:30. Starr ran up behind Devine and eliminated him at 15:45. Starr then back dropped Shelley over the top rope to the floor at 16:05. It was down to Starr and Lethal for a regular wrestling match. Starr dropped Lethal with a brainbuster and scored the pin for the tournament win.

WINNER: Austin Starr at 17:10. A whole of action that added up to not much in the typical X Division warm-up match. They did get over Starr in his return to TNA by having him go the distance. The X Division will just never be taken seriously because Nash towers over all of them by a wide margin.

- Afterwards, Nash grabbed the bowling trophy and walked into the ring to hand it over to Starr. Shelley cut him off near the ropes and pleaded with him not to hand over the trophy. Nash and Starr shook hands then Starr posed with the trophy. Shelley was jealous that Nash was posing with Starr. Nash and Star hugged and shook hands as Shelley tried to join in the fun.

- They showed footage of Hernandez giving Gail Kim the Border Toss on Impact. Borash then interviewed AMW backstage. Chris Harris said they won't forget what LAX did to Gail Kim and they won't let them get away with it. Storm told Harris to calm down and have a drink. He said he doesn't know how people like Konnan get into his country. Storm said they might be the new Border Patrol in TNA.


Shane Douglas came to the ring to get himself over on the mic before the four-way tag match. The Naturals walked out as the camera shot them from between So Cal Val's legs. B.G. did running commentary on the way to the ring while sporting a Tigers cap. He went for the cheap pop name dropping Jimmy Leyland, manager of the Tigers. AMW came out followed by Team 3D. Ray took the mic and said they're the best tag team in wrestling. Kip said he had two words for that: Suck it. Shane Douglas then walked up the ramp leaving The Naturals alone in the match. B.G. and Ray did a choreographed dance move into right hand blows before turning on each other. The action broke down then four men set up a Tower of Doom spot in the corner. Team 3D hit a Doomsday Device on Stevens then Devon dropped a headbutt to Douglas's crotch. They called for the tables, but The Naturals cut them off. They hit the Natural Disaster on Devon, but he kicked out. Douglas then accidentally dropped Stevens with a high knee then Team 3D dropped him with a 3D for the win. Afterwards, Shane Douglas came to ringside with a scowl. He confronted Team 3D, who told him to check on his students. Douglas slapped Stevens across the face as he screamed at Douglas. He continued to berate them in the ring.

WINNERS: Team 3D at 6:55. Too short to amount to anything more than making The Naturals look even more like Douglas's whipping boys. Counter productive match.

- Borash was outside Samoa Joe's locker room. Jake Roberts approached Borash from behind. He asked Borash if he wanted to see his snake. He said sometimes when you hold a snake, it grows a little bit. Roberts said Joe just needs to be ready for his match. He said his job is to check the pulse and make sure someone's alive. Roberts said he would make damn sure that Borash would see his snake.

3 -- SAMOA JOE vs. ABYSS (w/James Mitchell) vs. RAVEN vs. BROTHER RUNT -- Monster's Balls match with Jake Roberts as special referee

Roberts walked out first with the snake in the bag over his shoulder. Abyss and Mitchell walked out next. Runt came out with blue hair and a red goatee. Raven came out third and he wore a mask of some sort. Joe came out last and Roberts called for the bell. All three men ganged up on Joe. Abyss then tossed Joe to the outside. Joe ran back into the ring and cleaned house. He washed Raven's face then ran into a chokeslam from Abyss. Abyss caught Runt and threw him over the top rope into the stands. A rather large man in an orange t-shirt caught Runt and easily tossed him back over the railing to the ringside area. The action cleared to the outside then Joe flew over the top rope with a cannonball dive onto all three men. Joe brushed off his shoulders as if it weren't any big thing. Raven used his mask to knock Joe off the entrance ramp with Joe falling through a collection of tables below the stage. Runt and Abyss climbed the light structure and Abyss chokeslammed Runt off the light tower onto the stage down below. Something happened, but the camera was focused on Jake Roberts. So, we have no idea why Abyss was on top of Runt. Raven took Joe back up the ramp and threw him off the stage through another table near the railing at 5:20. In the ring, Abyss hit the Earthquake splash to Raven's chest for a nearfall. Joe re-entered the ring and cleared Raven to the outside. Abyss went for a chair shot, but Joe kicked him in the crotch. Abyss no-sold after a few seconds then Joe snapped off a powerslam on the chair. Raven cleared Joe to the outside then Abyss cleared Raven. Mitchell handed Abyss a bag of thumbtacks. Roberts told him not to open it because he would open his snake bag. Roberts took a bump then Abyss spread the tacks across the ring. Joe entered the ring and dropped Abyss to his knees. He then splashed Abyss on his back and Abyss ate the tacks. Joe applied a rear naked choke, but Raven broke it up with chair shots. Roberts then gave Raven a DDT and the crowd popped. Joe grabbed Raven and hit the Muscle Buster for the win. Afterwards, Joe celebrated ringside. Roberts had the last moment by dumping his snake on Raven.

WINNER: Joe at 11:05. Some big highspots that will be forgotten in five minutes. Joe had to win the match and Abyss had to eat the tacks per the formula of the tacks always backfiring on him.

- Eric Young was breathing into a brown paper bag as Borash interviewed him. Borash tried to talk him up. Larry Zbyszko, with almost a full head of hair, entered the picture and told him that he doesn't have any experience or confidence to beat him. He told Young htat he would be out of TNA soon enough. Borash told Young to have confidence.


Young nearly crapped his pants when his pyro went off. The fans chanted, "Don't fire Eric," when the bell rang. West made an absurd statement that once you leave the company, you don't have a good chance of being asked back. They stalled early on with Young asking the crowd the cheer for him and boo Zbyszko. The referee took a bump early on when Zbyszko smacked him in the eyes when trying to escape the abdominal stretch. Zbyszko then grabbed a gimmick from his trunks. Young ducked the gimmick shot and hit a low blow. He stole the gimmick then dropped Zbyszko for the win.

WINNER: Young at 3:20. So Young is re-hired and Zbyszko is fired and we're off to the next segment. Not an important match.

- Jim Cornette walked out. His voice was shot. He said he's sick as a dog and he can hardly talk, but he would have to have been in intensive care before he missed the show. Cornette had an announcement regarding the NWA Title match. He said Joe and Angle have problems, but this is not the time or place to settle their issues. Cornette said that time will come. He let Samoa Joe know that if he interferes in the World Title match, he would be removed from the roster. The lights went down then Kurt Angle's music played. Angle walked out in street clothes with an American flag draped over his shoulders. A few streamers were thrown into the ring. Angle took the mic and said he wanted to kick some ass. He said the TNA audience is the best and screw the rest. Angle said he will be ringside enforcer for one of the greatest main event matches off all time - Jarrett vs. Sting. Not much crowd reaction. He said he would call the match down the middle. Angle said he understands where Joe is coming from because if he were punked out by Joe, he would feel the same way. Joe's music hit then Joe ran to ringside and attacked Angle ringside. Security immediately intervened. The crowd heat died down then Joe broke free from security and ran up the ramp to attack Angle. The action died down again. Joe screamed at Cornette to let him fight. Angle then plowed over a security guard and ran down the ramp to attack Joe. Finally, Angle was dragged to the back. Tenay and West then discussed the inevitably of Joe vs. Angle. They're doing a good job of building up the match now for when it happens later.

5 -- SENSHI vs. CHRIS SABIN -- X Division Title match

As Sabin entered the ring, Tenay said Samoa Joe has been ejected from the arena. Senshi dominated early on with stiff body kicks. They exchanged open hand slaps at 4:45 before Senshi kicked him in the stomach and scored a nearfall. Senshi then set up for a move, but Sabin caught him with a missile dropkick. Sabin threw Senshi to the outside then Sabin flew the ropes with a suicide dive sending Senshi crashing into the guardrail. In the ring, Sabin hit a kick to the gut followed by an enziguiri kick. Sabin hung up Senshi in the Tree of woe then he hit a basement dropkick for a nearfall. Sabin went for a cartwheel move, but Sabin cut him off with a drop kick to the gut. Sabin took Senshi to the corner and went for a huricanrana, but Senshi rolled through and hit a double foot stomp out of nowhere for a nearfall. Sick spot. Senshi then flew off the top with a side kick for a nearfall. The fans were pretty hot for this. Sabin ducked a clothesline then landed a Yakuza kick to the face in the corner. Senshi then escaped the Cradle Shock once, but Sabin hit it on the second attempt for a big pop. Sabin thought he had it won, but Senshi kicked out just before three. Great nearfall. Sabin was shocked and he couldn't believe he didn't win. Sabin took Senshi up top for a Cradle Shock, but Senshi escaped with stiff kicks to the chest at 11:30. Senshi then charged Sabin and kicked him into the corner turnbuckles. Senshi went up top and hit the double foot stomp to the chest. Senshi made the cover, but Sabin casually placed his foot on the bottom rope to break the hold. Senshi followed with a Dragon Sleeper on the mat. He pulled him back to center ring then tried to land elbow smashes, but Sabin grabbed him and scored the pin with a small package.

WINNER: Chris Sabin at 12:50. They damaged Sabin on TV, but they started to rebuild him with a well-put together match. Easily the best match on the PPV so far. This was a match that could propel the X Division back to a previous level of importance, but only if they focus on Sabin on TV, which they weren't consistent about with Senshi.

- Borash was backstage with Christian Cage. Christian cut off Borash before he could do his canned set-up before his question. Christian said he's sick of videos about Rhino, like with the locals putting him over as "one of them." He said Rhino is a bum and he really hasn't accomplished anything in his life, but even that's more than what the people sitting in the arena have accomplished. Christian went for the cheap heat by saying the Cardinals handed the Tigers their ass last night, which is what he's going to do in Rhino's hometown. He said he's going for the clean sweep.

6 -- CHRISTIAN CAGE vs. RHINO -- Eight Mile Street Fight

Rhino came to the ring through the bleachers. He then ran up the entrance ramp to find Christian. He found Christian in the parking lot then he slammed Christian headfirst into the hood of several cars. They fought back inside the arena. Rhino chased Christian up a Zamboni. Rhino revved up the Zamboni with Christian on top of the vehicle. He took the vehicle into the arena and threw Christian off the vehicle to the floor. Rhino then chased Christian to the ringside area. Christian grabbed a randomly placed street light and tried to use it, but Rhino ducked a shot and slammed it over Christian's body. Tenay said it was like swinging a 25-pound baseball bat. He meant 25-ounce. A 25-pound bat would have killed Christian and splattered his brains across the arena. Rhino then dragged another street light into the ring. He smashed it over Christian then scored a nearfall at 4:20. Rhino set up for the Gore, but Christian cut him off with a chair shot to the head. The referee checked on Rhino to sell the concussion angle. The fight spilled to the ringside area for the traditional TNA PPV fan interaction brawl. Rhino downed a beer from a fan after bashing Christian into the hockey boards. Back ringside, Rhino set up a table below the ring apron. In the ring, he set up a table in the corner, but Christian quickly rolled him up for a close nearfall. Christian grabbed the 8 Mile Road over-sized street sign and smashed it over Rhino's head. He then spit on the sign. Rhino came up bleeding heavily. Christian tried to smash a ladder over Rhino's face, but Rhino ducked and dropped him into the ladder with a drop toe hold. Rhino then missed a top rope splash and ate the ladder. Christian hit the Unprettier and West did the "That's it, that's it, one...two...NO! NO!" bit when Rhino kicked out. Christian went under the ring to retrieve a chair and straightjacket. Christian choked him with the jacket then strapped him inside. Christian grabbed two chairs then went for the Conchairto, but Rhino rolled out of the way. Rhino fought to his feet and landed kicks while his arms were strapped around his neck. Rhino low blowed Christian then told the referee to take off the jacket. The fans booed when the referee obliged. They teased a few moves from the apron before Rhino took Christian off the apron with a piledriver through the table ringside. Christian put his foot on the bottom rope to break up a pin attempt. Rhino then tried to Gore Christian, but Christian moved and Rhino crashed through a corner table. Christian dropped Rhino on top of the table scraps with the Unprettier for another nearfall at 13:35. Christian stacked several weapons and scraps on top of Rhino's head. In a wild rage, Christian smashed all of the weapons onto Rhino's head with a chair. Christian rolled him over and scored the pin for the win.

WINNER: Christian in 14:35. Standard TNA PPV gimmick match, but they had a good back story that they carried out well. Christian needed a convincing win if he's going to be pushed in main event matches.

- Konnan cut a promo for LAX with Borash. Konnan had a Dodgers cap with an "X" next to the "LA" on the cap. He said they're so close to Christmas that they will be willing to have a gift exchange with Styles and Daniels. He wanted a Dirty Sanchez for a Rusty Trombone. What the?

- Tenay and West killed time talking about David Eckstein's comments about TNA during the World Series press conference before Game 1 while they set up the cage. West talked about the World Series program where there's an interview with A.J. Pierzynski. They continued to talk up the promotion for being hot and drawing what they're calling a turn-away crowd.

7 -- A.J. STYLES & CHRISTOPHER DANIELS vs. LAX (HOMICIDE & HERNANDEZ w/Konnan) -- NWA Tag Title match -- Steel cage

Homicide entered the ring by climbing up and over the cage wall. Konnan was heavily favoring his hip as he gingerly entered the cage. Konnan left as Styles and Daniels entered the ring. A bell never sounded to officially start the match, but Daniels and Styles jumped LAX to start the action. Styles came up with some bleed on his forehead after taking a second face-first slam into one of the cage walls. LAX exchanged tags working on Daniels. Konnan handed Homicide a fork through the cage and Homicide drove it into Daniels's head, drawing blood. Somehow, referee Hebner didn't see this. Hernandez tagged in and set up for a powerbomb. He rammed Daniels's back into the cage before hitting the powerbomb. Homicide grabbed a tequila bottle and spit some in Daniels's blood-soaked face before dousing his head with the alcohol. Homicide took Daniels to the corner for a top rope move, but Daniels landed head butts before dropping Homicide to the mat with a hip toss. Styles took a hot tag at 7:35 and hit an inverted DDT on Homicide. He then came off the top with a turnaround elbow smash that grazed Hernandez. Styles and Daniels caught Hernandez off the ropes and threw him into one of the cage walls. They dropped Homicide with the Hi-Low combo. Daniels then grabbed the fork and drove it into Homicide's forehead. Styles opened up Homicide's head with the fork. Homicide made a sudden comeback, but Daniels cut him off. Hernandez then football tackled Daniels into the cage wall. Styles answered with a Pele kick out of nowhere. The fans chanted for TNA then Styles climbed the cage wall. Homicide followed him up as Styles reached the top of the cage. The fans chanted, "Please don't die." Daniels then climbed up. Hernandez grabbed him and they did a three-person Tower of Doom powerbomb spot. Styles remained on top of the cage then flew off the top onto Hernandez for a big splash. The fans popped. Hernandez was the last remaining man on his feet after a series of power moves. Hernandez then climbed to the top of the cage. He went for a splash, but Styles moved out of the way. They reset the action as Konnan gave Homicide a coat hanger. Homicide choked Daniels with the hanger. They trapped Daniels by the throat inside the cage door. Styles fought off LAX as Konnan continued to choke Daniels. Tenay said Daniels passed out. He then went for the Styles Clash on Homicide, but Hernandez dropped him with a clothesline. Homicide hit the Cop Killer on Styles for the win to capture the NWA Tag Titles. After the match, LAX beat down Daniels and Styles. Konnan landed hard punches to Daniels's head.

WINNERS: LAX at 14:35 to capture the NWA Tag Titles. Good head throughout the match with a bunch of big spots, to the point of being overkill at some points. Just a notch below Sabin-Senshi for match of the night so far.

- They aired a video recap of how we got to Jarrett vs. Sting.

8 -- JEFF JARRETT vs. STING -- NWA Title match with Kurt Angle as special enforcer

Tenay said Angle is the biggest signing ever in TNA. So much for Sting being the biggest signing ever. Borash was in the ring for the title match introductions. Angle came out first. Jeff Jarrett, making his first appearance on the pre-show or PPV, came out before Sting. Jarrett got right up in Angle's face when he walked into the ring. Sting's new look is a combination red NWO Wolfpac, Crow Sting, and Surfer gimmick Sting. He came to the ring swinging a baseball bat. After ring intros, Sting took off his shiny ring jacket revealing a much smaller upper body than when he was last in TNA. Tenay said Sting has lost 20 pounds for the match. Jarrett scored with a series of arm drags early on. The story was that Jarrett threw Sting off his game and Sting seemed unprepared to wrestle. Tenay said doubt might be creeping into Sting's mind. Jarrett caught Sting with a dropkick that cleared him to the outside. Angle talked to Sting as Jarrett strutted in the ring. Jarrett spit on Sting when he re-entered the ring. Sting answered with a hard clothesline at 4:40 sending him to the outside. Angle checked on Jarrett and Jarrett shoved him in the chest. They argued then Sting followed him to the outside. Sting sent Jarrett into the guardrail. Angle shoved the referee into the ring and told him that he's got the outside covered. Jarrett tried to use a chair, but Angle ripped it away. Jarrett argued with him then turned around and walked into a double ear smash. Sting suplexed Angle on the entrance ramp. He tried to use a chair, but Angle ripped it away from him. Jarrett then came up behind Sting and shoved Sting into Angle, causing Angle to crash hard to the ramp and roll to the base of the ramp. Jarrett then took Sting into the ring at 7:45 and worked on him with boot stomps. Sting broke out of a sleeper hold as Angle reached his feet, and then Sting and Jarrett collided mid-ring with cross body block attempts. Neither man moved as the referee reached a count of nine. Angle decided to enter the ring and give the referee an Olympic Slam to stop the count. Angle screamed that it's time to get it on as both men came to their feet. Sting ran over Jarrett with hard clotheslines. He hit a Stinger Splash in the corner then the Scorpion Deathdrop for a nearfall. Jarrett ducked a clothesline then hit the Stroke for a nearfall. Sting, like Jarrett, barely rolled his shoulder to break the count. Sting countered a Tombstone Piledriver and dangerously dropped Jarrett with a T-stone of his own. Sting made a cover and Jarrett lazily just rolled up his shoulder to break the count. Sting went up top and Jarrett low blowed him. Angle reprimanded Jarrett then Jarrett went for a top rope Stroke, but Sting fought him off at 12:15. Jarrett then applied a Figure Four center ring. Angle checked on Sting then Jarrett switched the hold to an Ankle Lock. Jarrett pulled Sting to center ring, but Sting rolled out of the move and shot Jarrett through the ropes to the outside. Sting grabbed his baseball bat and Angle grabbed it. Sting pointed it at him then Angle grabbed the bat. Jarrett entered the ring with his guitar and waited for Sting to turn around. Jarrett smashed it over Sting's head. There was a momentary pause then Sting no sold the guitar shot and pounded his chest for the biggest pop of the match. That could have been reserved for Joe a few weeks ago, but oh well. Sting then applied the Scorpion Deathlock and Jarrett tapped out to a big crowd pop. Afterwards, they focused on Jarrett staring at Sting with a look of shock on his face. Sting held up the title belt to salute the fans then he put the belt on around his waist.

WINNER: Sting via submission at 15:08 to capture the NWA World Title. Slightly above-average for a Jarrett PPV title match. The crowd seemed worn out by the time the match rolled around, but the finish generated one of the larger crowd pops of the night. Obviously, they're setting up Angle-Sting for a future title match and Jarrett for his journey to figure out where he goes from here.

We welcome your 1-10 score and comments on this PPV for a "Bound For Glory Reax" feature in the Torch Feedback section of To contribute your thoughts on the PPV, click here.

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