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CALDWELL'S CYBER SUNDAY PPV REPORT 11/5: Ongoing "virtual time" coverage of live PPV

Nov 5, 2006 - 9:40:00 PM

By James Caldwell, PWTorch columnist

NOVEMBER 5, 2006

Tech Note: Wade Keller's cable company had a SNAFU prior the PPV, so he will not be able to cover the event in real time. I will be updating the PPV as it happens throughout the night.

Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler introduced the show. Ross said over 14 million people have voted for the match-ups on Probably about one percent of that total ordered this PPV.

(1) Umaga (w/Armando Alejandro Estrada) beat Kane at 7:40. Todd Grisham and Maria announced the results between Kane, Chris Benoit and Sandman for Umaga's opponent. Kane had 49 percent, Benoit 23, and Sandman 28. Umaga went to the second rope at 4:00 and connected with a diving headbutt for a nearfall. He then landed a charging rear splash in the corner, sending Kane to the outside. He missed with the Samoan Spike on the outside, then Kane slammed him into the ring steps. Back in the ring, Kane fired up with ten punches in the corner. Kane landed consecutive clotheslines in the corner, but he missed a clothesline and Umaga landed a Samoan Drop. Kane sat up and blocked the Spike, which generated a strong crowd reaction. Kane slammed Umaga at 7:00, then went up top. He shoved off Armando from the apron, then flew off the top and met a thumb to the throat. Umaga then waited for Kane to get up and he clotheslined him with the Spike for the win. Good opening match that involved the crowd.

Big Show met up with Sharmell backstage. She said being Champion of Champions doesn't really matter; retaining their respective titles is what's important. Show wasn't so sure. Sharmell then suggested Show and Booker protect each other's belts, but go after Cena's belt if that's how the vote goes. Show said Sharmell might be pretty, but he doesn't trust her or Booker. Show began telling Sharmell to take her scepter and shine it up, but Sharmell cut her off and said he would take Show's message back to Booker.

(2) Cryme Tyme (Shad & J.T.G.) beat Viscera & Charlie Haas and Cade & Murdoch and The Highlanders (Rory & Robbie) at 4:17 in a Texas Tornado match. Grisham and Maria announced the results as 15 percent for a Fatal Four way match, 35 for Tag Team turmoil, and 50 for Texas Tornado. The wrestlers instantly began brawling in and out of the ring. Shad threw J.T.G. onto Viscera for a splash before Haas broke up a pin. The Highlanders then cleared the ring before executing individual planchas onto Cade and Murdoch. Haas caught J.T.G. with a German Suplex, then Shad ran him over with a big boot. Ross said Shad has 23 arrests for assault. Viscera caught him with the Black Hole Slam, then Viscera accidentally splashed Haas in the corner. After brief brawling in the ring, Cryme Tyme ended up in the ring to score a dual pin for the win. Afterward, Cryme Tyme shared an awkward moment with Ross and Lawler. Shad jacked Lawler's laptop. Too much happening in four minutes for anyone to stand out. Cryme Tyme is probably in line for a title shot.

Shawn Michaels was pecking on a laptop backstage. Triple H walked up to him and asked why he was still voting. Hunter said he shouldn't vote for Vince McMahon or Coach. He suggested they vote for Eric Bischoff because Bischoff said they weren't controversial. HBK snapped. He said he put Bret Hart in the Sharpshooter. He said Hunter married whats-her-name. "I know!" Hunter said. Oh, how cute. HBK then turned to a stagehand and asked him what his name is. He said Stan, so HBK gave him a superkick. Hunter smirked. He then ran down the hall and superkicked another random man, causing papers to fly into the air. He superkicked someone else further down the hallway. Hunter said he's not sure whether that's controversial, but it is funny.

(3) Jeff Hardy beat Carlito at 14:25 to retain the IC Title. Grisham and Maria revealed the results with Carlito receiving 62 percent, Shelton 25, and Nitro 13. Shelton looked like a complete dork clasping his hands together in prayer form while pleading with the fans to vote for him. Carlito and Hardy shook hands before the opening bell. They went back and forth early on before nearly botching a spot when Carlito grabbed Hardy in mid-air off the ropes and fell backwards into the ropes. The match slowed to a crawl and the fans chanted "boring" at 7:50. Carlito caught Hardy out of the corner with a pancake slam. Lawler, at 9:00, said Hardy looks worn down. He then said Carlito didn't have a sleeper hold applied correctly to put anyone to sleep. Hardy landed clotheslines, then a front face brainbuster for a nearfall. Sick move. He went to the corner and missed with the Swanton Bomb when Carlito got his knees up in time. The crowd came to life for the first time in the match. Carlito followed with a springboard moonsault for a nearfall at 11:30. Hardy caught Carlito off the top with the Whisper in the Wind for another nearfall. Carlito met Hardy up top and went for a huricanrana, but Hardy hooked the top turnbuckle and Carlito crashed to the mat. Hardy then hit the Swanton Bomb for the win. The first ten minutes were slow and uneventful. They picked up the pace in the final three minutes to make it a passable match.

They recapped the DX-Edge/Orton feud. DX then came out first. Ross said Charles Manson would be more objective than the three referee choices for the match. Yikes. HBK ran around the ring with a microphone, then he stopped and sucked wind. Hunter pointed to his ears looking for a cheer from each side of the arena. HBK and Hunter went back and forth to each side of the arena trying to find the loudest cheer. Hunter took the mic and tried to quiet the crowd. He said the three referee choices boil down to one man who loves one, one man who is one, and one man who wishes he had one. HBK set up for his Two Words part, but the fans jumped the gun. He complained about not getting his stuff in, then he finished the intro. Maria then said she voted for Vince McMahon because she didn't want to get fired.

(4) Edge & Randy Orton beat DX (Triple H & Shawn Michaels) at 18:10 with Eric Bischoff as special referee. Grisham announced the voting as 60 percent for Bischoff, 20 for Coach, and 20 for Vince McMahon. The fans want the NWO. Edge walked out without Lita. Bischoff called for the bell and DX did rock, paper, scissors to determine who would start the match. HBK caught Edge with a chop early on. He tried to sunset flip Edge to the mat, but Edge held onto thin air. HBK turned him over by pulling his pants down, exposing his full rear. Bischoff wouldn't make a count. HBK then took Edge to the corner and gave him a chop to the left cheek. The fans laughed it up. Eventually, Edge pulled his pants up and Hunter tagged in and work on Edge. Orton took a tag after Edge thumbed Hunter in the eye. Hunter took control, DX then double-teamed Orton in their corner. After DX regained control, HBK hit a top rope elbow drop at 7:30. He warmed up the band, but Orton crotched HBK into the ringpost. Bischoff said he didn't see anything. The heels then worked on HBK for several minutes. Ross and Lawler focused on Bischoff being impartial and counting pinfall attempts with a consistent cadence. Orton applied a trademark chinlock at 12:30. Orton cut off HBK as he made his comeback with a fallaway backbreaker. Edge tagged in and set up for the spear, but HBK sidestepped Edge and Edge speared Bischoff. Edge grabbed his hair in frustration.

HBK kicked Edge in the head, then both men made tags. Hunter came in and cleaned house before setting up the Pedigree on Orton. However, Edge speared Hunter. HBK then pulled Edge to the outside and landed a plancha at 16:00. Orton then caught Hunter in center ring with an RKO. A new referee slid into the ring to make the count, but Hunter kicked out. The fans roared following the nearfall. Orton went for a second RKO, but Hunter shoved him off and HBK dropped Orton with Sweet Chin Music out of nowhere. Bischoff then pulled the new referee out of the ring to prevent a pin. HBK tried to go after Bischoff, but Edge slammed a chair over HBK's head. Hunter blocked a chair shot, but Orton grabbed the chair and slammed it over his back. Orton then hit the RKO on Hunter on the chair. Orton rolled over on top of Hunter for the win. Ross was indignant that it wasn't a No DQ match and Bischoff cost DX the match. Dramatic match with a hot finish. This feud is certainly continuing on TV. I'm never a fan of heel refs, as Bischoff could have just DQ'ed DX in the opening minute to give Orton and Edge the win.

They aired a video package on The Marine.

Edge and Orton were walking backstage. Lita ran up to them and offered congratulations. Edge told her to win her match. Orton and Edge said they were going to get the party started early. Grisham then walked up to them for an interview. He said the victory was tainted. Edge and Orton didn't appreciate Grisham's analysis. Edge called him a chump stain, then shoved him away after Orton said they just beat DX and a new era would begin on Raw. They jumped into a vehicle and sped off. Ross said Edge and Orton didn't even shower.

Divas walked out to ringside. "The miracle of modern medicine," Ross said. Mickie James walked out and Ross reminded us of the crazy version of Mickie that was dropped in the storyline on TV.

(5) Lita beat Mickie James at 8:10 to retain the Women's Title in a lumberjack match. Maria announced the results for what type of match. No DQ match scored 40 percent, 46 percent for Lumberjills, and 14 percent for submissions. The divas then surrounded the ring. Mickie was tossed out of the ring early on. The heel divas tried to attack her, but she fought her way back into the ring. She tossed Lita to the outside, then the babyface divas tried to attack Lita, but she fought back into the ring. Lita tried to slip out of the ring for a time out, but the divas gave her a difficult time. Torrie rhythmically slapped the mat to get a rally going for Mickie. Lita jumped onto Mickie's back and applied a sleeper, then she fell back into a rear naked choke. Mickie countered into an arm bar submission. Apparently, they didn't get the note on this not being a submissions match. Mickie caught Lita in the corner with a reverse huricanrana to the floor. Considering Lita's history of knee problems, this was not a smart move. All of the divas began brawling ringside. They rolled Lita into the ring and Lita favored her knee as Mickie went on the offensive. Lita dropped Mickie in the corner then tried to roll her up with her feet on the ropes, but Candice shoved Lita's feet off the ropes. Mickie went for a small package, but Lita kicked out. Victoria then caught Mickie's feet to distract her. Lita grabbed Mickie and planted her in the mat with a DDT for the win. Slow opening few minutes. Lita looked tentative, as if she didn't want to risk injury. They created a lot of movement for the finish to get the crowd involved.

Spirit Squad pepped themselves up backstage. Kenny stormed in and said they've been a bunch of losers lately. He said he's the only winner on the team. He confronted Johnny about his smug look. He wanted to know who made him the boss. They had a shoving match. Kenny said he made himself the boss when he pinned Ric Flair. Johnny went quiet then said there's no problem. Kenny pumped up Mikey. He wanted to make sure he was ready to beat the old fossils. Johnny wouldn't put his hand in for the team cheer. Kenny stared him down, so Johnny finally put his hand in the cheer. Finally some real character development for these five.

(6) Ric Flair & Roddy Piper (w/Dusty Rhodes and Sgt. Slaughter) beat Spirit Squad (Kenny & Mikey w/Johnny, Nicky, and Mitch) at 7:00 to capture the World Tag Titles. Ric Flair walked out first. Grisham and Maria announced the results for Flair's partner. Maria cut off Grisham with repeated Whoos. The results showed Slaughter with 19 percent, Piper with 46, and Dusty Rhodes with 35. Dusty's ego will be hurting tonight. Ross said that if Flair and Piper win the belts, it could be the longest title celebration ever. Piper took off his t-shirt, which was not a good idea. Before the match started, Flair told Dusty and Slaughter to come out to watch their backs. Kenny caught Flair with an elevated dropkick early on. Mikey missed successive elbow drop attempts, then Piper tagged in. He threw errant right hands then Piper tried to bite Mikey. Ross said he might need a tetanus shot. I had one earlier this week and my shoulder is still sore. It's not a fun experience. Piper caught Mikey with a backslide at 2:40 before Squad began tagging in and out to work on the beer-bellied Piper. Lawler said Piper should have spent at least a day or two in the sun before the match. Truer words have never been spoken. Ross said Piper is obviously not in long-match shape. Squad missed a double team move when Piper rolled out of the way. Flair took a hot tag at 5:00, then landed chops on everyone in sight. Flair slapped on the figure four on Mikey in center ring. Kenny then flew off the top rope with a leg drop on Flair. After a brief rest for both men, Flair landed chops. He went for the figure four and Piper fought off Kenny. Mikey then tapped out to the figure four. The crowd jumped out of their seats because they weren't expecting the finish. The legends cleared Squad out of the ring. They cued up Dusty Rhodes's music for some reason. Dusty and Flair then began dancing. Lawler said he hopes these two men don't have a live sex celebration. Ross said they're just going to go out to share some beers and tell some stories. Ross said it's November 2006 and Flair & Piper are champions. They have to break up Squad now. There's no other choice after losing to men with a combined age over 100 to kill any credibility they had left over from the DX feud.

King Booker and Sharmell walked into John Cena's locker room. He proposed a royal pact that they protect each other to prevent the Big Show from taking one of their titles to the cesspool of ECW. Cena agreed, which surprised Booker. He qualified his acceptance that he wanted one night with the Queen. Sharmell snapped at Booker, who told her to leave so he could handle things. Sharmell left, then Booker confirmed the details with Cena. Booker paused then said, "Ok." The fans popped and Cena began laughing. He said he was only seeing if Booker was stupid enough to accept his proposition, and he really didn't want a night with his wife. Booker became indignant. Cena said he wouldn't be against taking the World Title from around Booker's waist if that's how the fans vote. Cena left the room, then confronted Sharmell. He told her that everything is fine. Cena suddenly said he would like Hacksaw Duggan's 2x4, a bottle of Jager, Finlay's leprechaun, and he would like to watch. Sharmell screamed at Booker for not taking care of the issue. Ron Simmons then walked into the picture and said, "Damn." He walked off. Sharmell wanted to know what in the world was going on. Who knows.

They showed members of the Cincinnati Bengals ringside pretending to fight. That was a quick flight back from Baltimore after a loss.

(7) King Booker (w/Sharmell) beat John Cena and Big Show at 21:15 to retain the World Heavyweight Title. Ross talked about the historical nature of three champions in one match. He said he saw Superstar Graham vs. Harley Race at the Orange Bowl in 1977 in a WWF Title/NWA Title unification match that ended in a draw. Booker came out with Sharmell first. Show followed out and they showed Bengals players snapping pictures of Show. Cena walked out to a strong reaction. Grisham and Maria revealed the results of Cena's WWE Title receiving 12 percent, Booker's World Hvt. title receiving 67, and Show's ECW Title receiving 21. Booker's lip quivered when he saw the results. The bell sounded then Booker tried to talk Cena into teaming up with him. Cena answered with a right hand blow. Ross said Cena is like Lord Littlebrook against Show. Booker stood on the apron to watch Show take Cena apart. Show reached over the top rope to grab Cena, but Booker caught him with an Axe Kick across the top rope. Booker then went on the attack. Ross said Booker has become uppity since becoming king of Smackdown. Cena and Booker tried to work together to knock down Show, but they couldn't move him. They eventually ran off the opposite ropes and double clotheslined Show over the top rope to the floor. Booker capitalized on the moment with a quick roll up on Cena for a nearfall. The females started a "Let's go Cena" chant and the males answered with "Cena sucks." Females won that chant in terms of who was louder. Booker took Cena to the outside, then Show grabbed ring steps and measured Cena. Show charged him, but Cena dropped Show with a drop toe hold and Show ate the ring steps on the way down.

Back in the ring, Booker caught Cena with the Book End at 7:50 for a nearfall. Booker went into a prolonged attack on Cena in the ring. Cena made a comeback, then went up top for a splash, but Booker rolled out of the way in time. Not something Cena should be scripted to do. Booker went for an Axe kick, but Cena caught him in FU position. Booker slipped out and landed a slam for a nearfall. Cena came back with a Russian legsweep at 15:10 for a nearfall. Cena then applied then STFU, but Booker grabbed the bottom rope to break the hold. Cena made his comeback, but his offense looked weak and he didn't get any reaction. Show re-entered the ring as Cena was up top. Booker shoved Cena onto Show's shoulders, then Booker dropkicked Show in the face and Cena fell to the mat with Show. Booker and Cena set up for a suplex on Show, but Show countered into a dual suplex. He made his comeback with headbutts knocking around Booker and Cena. Show then splashed both men in the corner. He ran them over with shoulderblocks. Show chokeslammed Booker, then absorbed Cena's weak right hands and speared him hard to the mat at 17:00. Cena rolled to the outside, then Show bounced his head off the announce table. Cena regrouped and slammed Show head-first into the ringpost. Cena re-entered the ring and knocked down Booker with hard clotheslines. He set up for the Five Knuckle Shuffle amidst boos. Before executing the move, he kicked a steel chair into Show's head when Show stood up near the ropes. Sharmell ran into the ring with the World Hvt. Title belt, but Cena caught her and FU'ed her to the mat at 20:00. The fans exploded.

Cena then dropped Booker and applied the STFU. The referee checked on Sharmell as Booker fought off the hold. Kevin Federline then ran into the ring and attacked Cena from behind with the belt. Cena chased Federline from the ring. Cena turned around and took a belt shot to the face by Booker. The referee came back around and counted a three count for Booker. This match damaged Cena. His offense was weak throughout the match and he took the pin. His entire run has been built on the idea that he's not a great wrestler, but he always wins even when the deck is stacked against him. This match exposed him as a bad wrestler and as a vulnerable champion. The match needed to be the greatest triple threat match ever to save this PPV, but it didn't come close. Just a standard WWE main event style match. Not good, not bad, just there.

After the match, Federline re-entered the ring and mocked Cena's You Can't See Me hand gesture. Cena remained motionless on the mat. Referees ran to the ring to check on Cena as Federline continued to mock Cena's gesture all the way up the entrance ramp. They signed off 38 minutes into the hour.

We welcome your 1-10 score and comments on this PPV for a "Cyber Sunday Reax" feature in the Torch Feedback section of To contribute your thoughts on the PPV, click here.

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