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CALDWELL'S SACRIFICE PPV REPORT 5/13: Ongoing "virtual time" coverage of live PPV

May 13, 2007 - 9:55:00 PM

By James Caldwell, PWTorch columnist

May 13, 2007
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
By: James Caldwell, Torch columnist


We start with Jeremy Borash and Christy Hemme breaking down the PPV line-up. Is it a conflict of interest when a manger of a team participating in the PPV is hosting the pre-show?

Video clip of Jeff Jarrett going from self-serving heel to "friend" of Eric Young, never mind that he's taking Young's payday in the match against Robert Roode. ... Video clip of Team 3D capturing the NWA Tag Titles last month at Lockdown. Name drop of the Steiner Brothers from the voice-over man.

Borash said we're going to see some athletic wrestling between A.J. Styles and Samoa Joe tomorrow night. Looks like the pre-show is the same show that aired last night.

Video clip of the Christy Hemme vs. VKM feud. We saw the Heartbreakers fail miserably two months ago against VKM before Serotonin failed miserably one month ago. They showed Basham and Damaja debuting on Impact, with Damaja a fanny pack short of looking like a tourist at Universal Studios.

Video clip on Chris Sabin as "the next generation title holder" ready to face Lethal and Dutt tonight. ... Video clip on the World Hvt. title picture with Christian vs. Sting vs. Angle. ... More recap video clips of all the big matches.


They start with a video package explaining that fans put wrestlers on a pedestal as living, breathing gods. The reality is that they are mortals and they sacrifice safety for adventure. Monotony for thrills. We see the hero in us. They are not us. They are different. They live on the edge for they know life is a daring adventure. Or it is nothing at all.


They start the match with graphics explaining the storyline plots. Don West said Sabin is at a disadvantage because the other two men are desperate for their first X Division Title reign. Sabin laid down on the mat after the opening bell so Lethal and Dutt would argue over who should score the pin, but it didn't work too well. Sabin and Dutt then worked together, but Dutt suckered Sabin into a double foot dropkick to the face. Sabin snapped off a swinging DDT on Lethal after kicking Dutt in the head at 3:00, then made a cover for a nearfall. The match spilled to the outside and Dutt hit a springboard moonsault on Sabin and Lethal on the floor. Back in the ring, Dutt went for a top rope dropkick on Sabin, but Sabin moved and Lethal took the blow. Suddenly, they cut to ringside where they introduced the new TNA masker, Stomper. Looks like a rat in need of dental work. I'm not even going to ask. I will ask who the handler was. Cute lady. Back in the ring, they went into a three-man highspot exchange before Sabin turned Dutt inside out with a clothesline. Both men collapsed to the mat and recovered. Lethal attacked Sabin with an enziguri and superkick combo, then he suplexed Dutt out of the ring. Lethal then came off the top with an ugly looking elbow drop. He had the cover and scored the three count, but the ref determined that Dutt broke up the pin when he actually didn't. Lethal came back with the Lethal combination on Sabin, then Dutt broke up a pin with the 450 splash on Lethal's back. The planted office workers in the front row went crazy, leading the crowd into a frenzy. Dutt then tried to make several pin attempts, but he couldn't come up with the pin. Dutt and Lethal then had a shoving match, which led to Sabin rolling up Dutt from behind for the win.

After the match, Lethal and Dutt fought in the ring. Kevin Nash then entered the ring and separated the two men. Nash started to talk to Lethal, and Dutt kicked Nash hard in the back of the knee. He then ran away like a kid who punched dad in the back and didn't want to face his wrath. Nash stared at Dutt as he backed up the entrance ramp.

WINNER: Sabin in 14:00 to retain the X Division Title. Good opening match with good energy and great action. A nice way to plant seeds for the Christian vs. Angle vs. Sting match, which has a similar storyline of the challengers wanting to tear each other apart. (***)

Backstage, Robert Roode and Ms. Brooks were standing with Jeremy Borash for an interview. Roode said Eric Young is at home where he told him to be. Roode said Jeff Jarrett is going to make him a superstar tonight.

Back ringside, Nash took the mic and said he's not going chase Dutt around the arena. He challenged Dutt to a match on Impact. They flashed a graphic "Earlier Today" as Tenay and West talked about the PPV card. Remove graphic! Tenay and West talked about each match.

They went to a video package from earlier in the day when VKM was meeting and greeting the fans before Basham and Damaja jumped them from behind. Damaja put B.G. James through a table. Terry Taylor came over and checked on B.G. with Kip. West said B.G. had a "super severe concussion" and he's in the hospital. It must be bad if it's super severe.

They aired a video clip on the Roode-Jarrett-Young program.

2 -- ROBERT ROODE (w/Ms. Brooks) vs. JEFF JARRETT

Tenay called this the biggest singles match of Roode's career. Jarrett's music came on, but he was a little late coming out to the ring. Roode then jumped Jarrett on the entrance ramp in the middle of his intro and threw him down the entrance ramp to the ringside area. Roode press slammed him across the guardrail, then went for a powerbomb, but Jarrett turned it into a back body drop. Jarrett then smashed Roode into the announce table and chased Brooks up the entrance ramp. They finally entered the ring and the bell sounded. Jarrett did the strut then sat down on Roode's throat on the ropes. Brooks distracted Jarrett on the outside, allowing Roode to attack him from behind. Roode slammed Jarrett hard into the ring steps and Jarrett came up holding his right elbow. Stomper rallied behind Jarrett, who came back with a snap powerslam. They had a mid-ring collision, then both men recovered for a few moments. Jarrett went on the attack before slapping on the figure four. Roode tapped out, but Brooks had the attention of the referee. Jarrett then released the hold and knocked Brooks off the apron. Roode then ripped off the turnbuckle pad. He tried to ram Jarrett into the exposed metal, but Jarrett blocked. Roode then chop blocked Jarrett and went to the outside. He threw a chair into the ring, then Roode and the referee had a debate over the chair. The tug of war ended with Roode taking a chair shot to the face. Jarrett then hit the Stroke, rolled Roode over, and had the cover, but Brooks pulled the ref out. He then sent Brooks packing too the backstage area. Brooks put up a fight on the way out, which allowed Roode to grab the handcuffs and drop Jarrett in the face with the cuffs. The ref returned to the ring and made a count, but Jarrett kicked out just in time. Roode retrieved Jarrett's guitar, then wound up, but the ref pulled the guitar away. Roode and Jarrett had a back-and-forth exchange which led to Roode blocking the figure four by shoving Jarrett into the exposed turnbuckle. Roode then hit a Fisherman suplex for the pin and the win.

After the match, Roode took the mic and said he just shocked the world. He said it's Jarrett's turn to take a guitar shot. Jarrett slowly came to his knees, then Roode grabbed the guitar and tried to smash him, but Jarrett tripped up Roode and put him in the figure four. Brooks ran back to the ring and wound up the guitar on Jarrett, but Eric Young made the save. He put Brooks in the figure four and she tapped with Roode.

WINNER: Roode in 13:00. A significant and surprising win for Roode, but it was overshadowed when Jarrett got his heat back by making Roode tap out after the match. Good, dramatic match with some bag of tricks and distractions, but not as deliberate as a regular Jarrett match. (**1/2)

Backstage, Christian Cage was organizing a victory party with A.J. Styles and Scott Steiner. Leticia asked if it's a bit premature to start celebrating. Christian said that must have been a record for Leticia to put together two sentences. He said Steiner and Tomko are winning the tag titles, Styles is going to embarrass Joe, and Christian is going to retain his title. Steiner then snapped on Christian because Tomko wasn't in the building yet. Styles took his promo time and said he's not intimidated by Joe because they have his back. Christian and Steiner ignored Styles, then Christian finished off his promo.


Daniels came to the ring first with the Sting mask and Sting baseball bat. Rhino went for the gore in the opening minute, but Daniels moved and rolled to the outside. Rhino then went for a plancha, but Daniels moved. Rhino wasn't phased and he quickly slammed Daniels on the floor. He went for the Gore again, but Daniels re-directed Rhino shoulder-first into the ringpost. Back in the ring, Daniels went to work on the left arm. He applied a cross arm breaker, but Rhino reached the ropes to break the hold. Daniels tried to build momentum for another attack, but Rhino met him with a spear. Daniels had the presence of mind to grab the bottom rope to stop the pin count. Daniels then slipped to the outside and picked up the baseball bat. Rhino moved the referee away, then Daniels smashed Rhino with the plastic baseball bat. It made a thud on Rhino's shoulder, then Daniels hopped back into the ring to make the cover for the win.

After the match, Daniels crossed himself and looked up to the ceiling. Rhino took the mic and said he didn't come here tonight to be cheated. Rhino then chased Daniels up the entrance ramp and down into the tunnel. After Tenay and West talked ringside, Rhino threw Daniels back to the ringside area. Daniels was bleeding from his right eye. Rhino then held up a chair and smashed Daniels in the face. Back in the ring, Rhino set up two chairs in center ring. Rhino took Daniels to the corner for the Rhino driver, but security intervened and held Rhino back. West was pissed at security for letting Daniels escape. The fans chanted, "bulls---," which means they put the heat on the security guards since the fans didn't get their big highspot of Daniels taking a piledriver through two chairs.

WINNER: Daniels in 10:00. A good win for Daniels, but, as usual, the post-match activity overshadowed the in-ring result. Decent action. Could have passed for a TV match. (**)

We saw a video package on the VKM vs. Christy Hemme feud. Backstage, Borash was with Kip James for an interview. Borash said B.G. is in the hospital and Lance Hoyt's flight is delayed. Kip James then cut a very intense promo. He said he's not going to let two jabronis take out his brother and get away with it. Kip directed a comment at Christy that she's going to get hers tonight.

4 -- KIP JAMES vs. BASHAM & DAMAJA (w/Christy Hemme)

Kip ran to the ring and quickly knocked down the brothers before Damaja surprised Kip with a clothesline. Kip then ran into a double-team back elbow smash. Kip then made his comeback, but Damaja caught him with the brain damage front slam. Basham then came off the top with an ugly diving headbutt and covered Kip for the win. After the match, Kip fought out of a double team and tried to grab Christy, but the Bashams quickly cut him off. Basham hit a leg whip on Kip before Lance Hoyt hit the ring and made the save. He sat over Kip's body to protect him. Tenay sarcastically said his plane must have arrived.

WINNERS: Basham & Damaja in 5:00. Just a match. The Bashams had to win the handicap match, or else any credibility they had coming into TNA would have been damaged. TNA hasn't pushed VKM as a serious tag team in months, so Kip didn't lose much by losing. People will probably remember the promo more than the match.

They showed a video package on the Chris Harris vs. James Storm feud. Leticia then found Harris walking backstage. Harris was wearing an AMW t-shirt, then he said all Storm needed to do was ask to go their separate ways. Instead, he smashed him in the face with a beer bottle and tried to end his career. Harris said he woke up for five months wondering if this would be the day he sees again. He said it's time to do this.

5 -- JAMES STORM (w/Jackie Moore) vs. CHRIS HARRIS -- Texas death match

So, it's Tennessee vs. Kentucky in Florida in a Texas death match. That about covers everything. Rules are that you have to score a pinfall to begin a ten count with Last Man Standing rules. Harris came out second and waited for Storm to meet him on the entrance ramp. They instantly brawled into the stands and up the grandstands to the top of the building. They did the usual spot where the babyface teases throwing the heel over the top of the grandstands to whatever lies beneath, but Storm blocked and they continued to brawl down the aisles. Down on the floor, Harris whipped Storm into the Sacrifice poster at the base of the grandstands. Back in the ring, Harris took a swig of beer, then he flew over the guardrail with a splash onto Storm and security guards. Harris then made a cover at 5:00 and the referee began his ten count, but Storm reached his feet at eight. Back in the ring, Storm caught Harris with a chair shot to the face, opening up Harris with blood pouring from his forehead. Storm then introduced a table in center ring. Harris blocked a huracanrana attempt from the top rope, then he catapulted Storm across the metal piece at the bottom of the table. Ouch. Storm came up bleeding profusely, then Harris landed left hand blows. Harris went for a suplex on the table, but Storm landed a straight crotch kick. He then gave Harris the Eye of the Storm through the table in center ring. Storm made a cover for a three count, then the ref applied his ten count and Harris reached his feet at nine. Storm knocked him right back down, then he went back under the ring and found a second table. Storm set it up on the floor, then he went for a powerbomb from the ring to the floor, but Harris blocked. They fought on the apron, then Storm caught him with a horizontal DDT.

Storm went to the outside and tossed a trashcan into the ring. He then hopped on the apron, but Harris speared him off the apron into the table on the floor. Jackie Moore tried to intervene in the match, but the ref pulled her away. Harris grabbed a steel chair, then he missed with a chair shot and Storm superkicked the chair into Storm's face. He made a cover for an assumed pinfall, but Harris kicked out just before three. Storm landed a series of trashcan lid shots to the face, but Harris came back with can shots of his own. Harris blocked a can shot, then hit the Catatonic on a trashcan for a close pin. Jackie interrupted again, but Gail Kim came to ringside and dragged Jackie up the entrance ramp to the backstage area. Each man then came up with beer bottles, but Harris landed a beer bottle shot to the face at 15:00. He made a cover and the referee began his fast count. Storm reached his knees at 9, but Storm collapsed to his face at 10. Harris raised his arms in victory from his knees, then they went to a super close-up of Storm's face as he breathed blood out of his nose.

WINNER: Harris in 17:00. Hundreds of times better than the blindfold match. Great drama, a good storyline to work with, and two guys just beating the crap out of each other. An old-school brawl, granted with the bag of tricks, but it worked. Harris looked like a star here. (***3/4)

They didn't give us match time to soak in the ending, as they cut backstage. Sting reprimanded Daniels for something, but we didn't have any audio. Daniels answered Sting, then left. Sting then turned his attention to Angle and Christian. He said it's Showtime.

Back live, they showed the ring crew taking away the apron to give us a clean ring for the remaining matches. Tenay and West discussed Harris finally getting his revenge on Storm. Good follow-up on the match.


Tiger Mask came out first and Tenay broke down the history of the Tiger Mask character. Senshi and Lynn started things off and went through the feeling out process. Senshi got the best of Lynn with some shoulder work, then Shelley tagged in. Tiger Mask came in and exchanged holds with Shelley, then he went up top, but Shelley met him with a top rope jawbreaker. They went back up top and they had a nice camera shot of a double underhook driver by Tiger Mask off the top turnbuckle. Senshi broke up a pin attempt with a swift kick, then he dropped Shelley with a kick to the back of the head. Lynn entered the ring went for a piledriver on Senshi, but Tiger Mask answered with a back kick on Lynn. Shelley was cleared to the outside by Lynn. This set up a three-way spot where Tiger Mask executed a Tiger Driver while Lynn sunset flipped Senshi into a pin attempt. Sweet spot. Lynn hit the TKO on Tiger Mask, but Shelley broke up the pin. Lynn went up top, but Senshi nailed a hand spring eniziguri kick. Nice. Tiger Mask knocked Senshi off the top rope, then Shelley shoved Tiger off the top into Senshi's awaiting arms. Shelley climbed up top and hit a huracanrana, but Lynn rolled through the made the cover for the win. After the match, Shelley jumped Lynn from behind. Chris Sabin then helped Shelley work on Lynn. Mr. Backlund made the save, though, and cleared Shelley & Sabin from the ring to inflict further embarrassment.

WINNER: Lynn in 12:00. The obvious man to take the fall after a nice four-way match. A bunch of spots, some that didn't mean much at the end of the match, but good energy for the time allotted. (**1/2)

They aired a video package on Team 3D winning the NWA Tag Titles last month at Lockdown.

Backstage, Leticia found Tomko, who said he can't discuss strategy with Steiner because the guy's an idiot. He said it's one thing for Steiner to call him out on the carpet, but it's another thing for Christian to call him out. He said if he's not in the arena, he's taking care of business somewhere else.


LAX walked out first and glared down Hector Guerrero, who was at the Spanish announce table. Tomko and Steiner came out without much show of unison, then Team 3D came out to start the match. Ray and Steiner picked up where they left off on Impact, with Steiner hitting an overhead suplex. A brief "3D sucks" chant from the crowd. Homicide then hit a double dropkick on Ray and Steiner. Both men no-sold Homicide and popped right up. They talked strategy, then Steiner and Homicide double-teamed Ray. Homicide walked into a big boot, though, and Ray tagged out to Devon. Tomko took a tag as well. Hernandez then blind tagged himself into the match and hit a slingshot shoulder block on Tomko. Steiner and Tomko then used a distraction of the referee to drop Devon on his stomach and crotch him into the ringpost. Suddenly, Ray and Homicide started fighting on the apron and Ray got the best of that exchange. What a surprise. Tomko then entered the ring and continued to work on Devon, but Devon nailed a top rope Tornado DDT in center ring. Ray finally took a hot tag and cleared the heels. The action completely broke down at 10:00. Team 3D hit the diving headbutt through the uprights on Homicide, then they called for the tables. Suddenly, Hernandez came flying over the top rope with a splash on Devon. In the ring, Tomko and Steiner took turns working on Homicide, then they went for a Doomsday Device, but Homicide rolled through on Steiner for a nearfall. Steiner and Tomko had an argument in center ring, then Ray rolled up Tomko and scored a nearfall. They did the usual spot where Steiner held back Ray, but Tomko missed with a big boot and nailed Steiner in the face. Tomko then took the 3D and they made the cover for the win. After the match, Steiner and Tomko had a shoving match before Steiner landed a right hand blow. Tomko then landed a series of blows before Rick Steiner came to the ring from behind and jumped Tomko. They cleared Tomko, then posed in center ring.

WINNERS: Team 3D in 14:00 to retain the tag titles. A lot of action that was more to fill 14 minutes than add up to much in the end. Not bad, but inconsequential. (**1/4)

Backstage, Borash found Kurt Angle at Sting's interview set. Angle then buried Sting's gimmick, called him a clown, and asked for the lighting guys to kill the strobe light effect. He said he doesn't need Sting's gimmick and doesn't need to holler like some biatch. Angle said he's a wrestler and Sting's a cartoon character. He said this schoolteacher is about to school Sting.


Joe caught Styles with an enziguri kick in the opening minute, but missed with a rear splash. Styles then tried to charge Joe, but Joe kicked him through the ropes to the floor. Joe then hit a suicide dive with an elbow smash that cleared Styles over the guardrail to the front row. Joe then landed right hand blows knocking Styles off the apron and Styles grabbed his right arm as if he was in pain. Joe knew what was going on, but the referee got in the way and Styles landed a thumb to the eye. Joe quickly recovered, though, and set up Styles on the floor for an Ole kick, but Styles got right up and blocked the move. Back in the ring, Styles nailed a dropkick at 5:00 that took Joe off his feet. Out of nowhere, Joe hit a trademark snap powerslam for a quick nearfall. Styles countered with a soccer kick, then he hit a springboard forearm smash for a nearfall. He went for a back flip reverse DDT, but Joe blocked, until Styles connected on the second try for a nearfall. Styles went for the Clash at 11:00, but Joe countered into a Death Valley Driver that crunched Styles's neck, resulting in a nearfall. Styles then sidestepped Joe and guided him to the outside. Joe came up holding his left knee. Tenay and West said they heard a snapping like sound. Joe Boxer re-entered the ring to avoid a ten count, then Styles grinned and worked on the knee. Styles went for a knee wrench, but Joe kicked him away. He then charged Styles in the corner, but Joe collapsed mid-ring and grabbed his knee. The ref checked on his condition, and Styles went up top for the Spinal Tap. Joe moved, though, and came right up to his feet showing no pain. He brushed off his knees, then looked right in Styles's face and pointed at his head to show that he outsmarted him. Joe then put Styles in a rear naked choke. Instead of applying it as a submission hold, he hit a suplex and covered Styles for the win.

WINNER: Joe in 14:00. Good action, but not on the level of their previous matches in 2005. Looking at the match in and of itself without comparisons to previous matches, it was a good, but not great semi-main event match. Another seed being planted that the deck is stacked against Christian, with his stablemates having a rough night. (**3/4)

They did the tale of the tape on Christian vs. Sting vs. Angle. Angle came out first, followed by Sting. Christian came out with the NWA Title belt around his waist, then Borash handled the formal ring intros. Rudy Charles is back to being the senior TNA official. No Earl tonight. Angle received cheers. Sting was initially booed before being cheered. Christian with a mix of boos and cheers.

9 -- CHRISTIAN CAGE vs. STING vs. KURT ANGLE -- NWA Title match

Christian thought he was hot stuff early on, but Angle and Sting momentarily agreed to deck Christian with dual right hand blows. Angle was then KO'ed early on when he missed with a shoulder block and nailed the ringpost in the corner. Sting set up for the Stinger splash, but Angle grabbed his feet from the outside. Angle then pulled him to the outside and put him on the floor. Back in the ring, Christian worked on Angle and choked him on the ropes. He suddenly left the ring and landed right hand blows on Sting. Back in the ring, Christian slapped Angle across the face. That pissed off Angle, who landed a series of German suplexes. Eight, in fact. Angle then made a cover, but Sting barely broke it up. He then tossed Angle out of the ring and tried to cover Christian, but Christian kicked out. Suddenly, they hit a three-man spot in the corner with Sting superplexing Christian as Angle hit a German suplex on Sting. Nice. Angle made his comeback, but Sting threw Angle head-first into Christian's crotch. Sting then hit a dual Stinger splash on Angle and Christian. Sting dropped Angle with the Scorpion Death drop, but Christian pulled the referee out of the ring to stop his count. Suddenly, Angle put both Christian and Sting in the anklelock, but Sting and Christian talked it out and they flipped Angle to the outside. Sting brought the ref back into the ring, but Christian hit a low blow. He went for the Unprettier, but Sting rolled him up. Angle then grabbed Sting's ankle and applied the anklelock. One referee counted a three count by Sting on Christian, while another referee entered the ring and said Sting tapped out. In real-time, the pin was counted before Sting tapped out. Anyways, we have a Dusty Finish without any recognition of the referee confusion and they suddenly cut off the PPV with Angle being awarded the NWA Title.

WINNER: Angle by one referee's decision; Sting by real-time in 11:00. Well, they didn't make any official announcement regarding the status of the NWA Title, but we can deduce that they're going to hold up the title on TV, and introduce a new TNA Title at Slammiversary for the King of the Mountain match with Sting, Angle, Christian, and probably Jarrett and Joe. Rushed main event with only 11 minutes given to the headline match. (**1/4)

We welcome your 1-10 score and comments on this show for a "TNA PPV Reax" feature in the Torch Feedback section of To contribute your thoughts on the PPV, click here.

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