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CALDWELL'S SLAMMIVERSARY PPV REPORT 6/17: Ongoing "virtual time" coverage of live PPV

Jun 17, 2007 - 9:53:00 PM

By James Caldwell, Torch columnist

June 17, 2007
Nashville, Tenn.
By: James Caldwell, Torch columnist

You know there are too many PPVs when your cable company tells you there's some sort of PPV purchase limit that has to be bumped up on your account.


After talking to the cable company, we join mid-Scott Steiner promo against Team 3D. Irony.

Lots of recap video packages for the matches on the card, and they've added Abyss vs. Tomko.


We start with a black-and-white photo from the origins of TNA, and what's on the cover of Jerry Jarrett's book. They cut to some Beverly Hillbillies music recapping the craziness that's happened in TNA dating back to Fairgrounds days. After touring the ghettos of Tennessee, they turn up the music and show the urban sprawl of Nashville with fast-paced clips from the current era of TNA. And they close with the FSN-era clip of "Tiger Woods" putting and Jeff Jarrett's boot blocking the putt. Ironic since Tiger lost the U.S. Open just an hour ago on the 18th hole.

Live in the building, a country group, the Lo Cash Cowboys, sang the Slammiversary theme. Something about cowgirls getting down.

LAX's music then hit and they came out to start the show. Hector Guerrero then led out Rhino and Senshi? instead of Harris. A sign of things to come with this PPV card in shambles.

1 -- LAX (HOMICIDE & HERNANDEZ w/Konnan) vs. SENSHI & RHINO (w/Hector Guerrero)

The bell sounded and the crowd was buzzing. Hard camera was positioned very low to the ring, creating an interesting look to the TV presentation. Has a Dome show look. Rhino dumped Homicide over the top rope to the floor in the opening minute. Senshi, sporting standard wrestling trunks, tagged in and worked on Homicide before Hernandez tagged in. Here's a super heavyweight, Hernandez, that really could be a World champion for this company because of how he carries himself and how versatile he is in the ring. Or, in Japan. Senshi used his kicks to work on Hernandez, but Hernandez caught his leg in the corner and threw him halfway across the ring. Crowd popped huge for that. Hernandez then ripped off his wifebeater tank top and choked Senshi with it. Homicide tagged back in and worked on Senshi. He hit a top rope elbow smash for a nearfall. Hernandez then came back in and slapped on a bear hug in center ring, and Senshi bit his way out of the hold, before Hernandez squashed him with the crackerjack overhead toss. Hernandez went for a powerbomb, but Senshi escaped and hit a double foot stomp. Rhino then took a hot tag and worked on Homicide before hitting a powerslam off the ropes. Rhino then took over Hernandez with a belly-to-belly suplex before dropping Homicide with a spinebuster for a nearfall. Senshi got involved and took Hernandez over the top rope to the floor before hitting a top rope splash. Back in the ring, Homicide hit the Ace Crusher and Konnan handed him a slapjack, but Hector got on the apron and ripped it away from Homicide setting up Rhino for a huge Gore and the win.

WINNERS: Rhino & Senshi in 8:00. Solid opener. Great energy, Hernandez was the super heavyweight badass he should be, and crowd got a happy ending to start the show. (**)

Ringside, Tenay and West talked about the tag title situation. West said Scott Steiner incurred a freak injury in Puerto Rico, and they don't know if the match will tag place. They're holding on to the last straw here. Tenay and West then broke down the rest of the card before discussing the mystery fifth man. They aired a video package on the King of the Mountain match.

Backstage, Borash was outside of Jim Cornette's office looking for some answers. Eric Young then entered the shot worried about Cornette. He said something about a cat and nine lives, then Miss Brooks interrupted and asked whatever happened to the heat and passion between them. She rubbed up against Young and said there are other ways to take care of their issues. Borash told Young not to listen to Brooks, who said the path leads to her bedroom. Gail Kim then interrupted and told Young not to listen her. She gave Young a kiss on the lips and said that's a kiss from a real woman. Gail pulled Young away, then told Brooks she's watching her. "Bitch!" Brooks screamed after Gail left.

Tenay broke down the X Division Title match with graphics. Tenay said they still have no idea what's happening with the tag titles. Their handling of this is bush. Kevin Nash came out and West said he's the last guy you would ever associate with the X Division. Nash gingerly walked down the ramp to join the commentary table. Guru Sonjay Dutt then walked out in a white suit while sprinkling flowers on the entrance ramp. Nash said he flew coach yesterday and he wasn't even upset. West talked about doing a hookah pipe. After Sabin came out, Nash said he's tried to screw the kid many times, but he kept putting up a fight and he has new respect for him. This has already broke down.

2 -- CHRIS SABIN vs. JAY LETHAL (w/Sonjay Dutt and Kevin Nash)

Lethal delivered a right hand blow to Sabin to start things off while the fans did a dueling chant. Lethal knocked Sabin to the floor, then hit a suicide dive in the opening minute. Back in the ring, Sabin took control and sat down on Lethal's neck across the middle rope. He then sat down on Lethal's chest with a rear splash. Tenay then asked Nash about beating Backlund in nine seconds for the WWE Title. Nash corrected him that it was eight seconds. The youtube video clip has the bell sounding at 0:03 and the bell sounding at 0:12. Sabin took Lethal up top at 7:00 and did a Rick Rude hips grind in Lethal's face before hitting a huracanrana. He then caught Lethal with a sweet back kick and enziguiri kick combo for a nearfall. He went for the Cradle Shock, but Lethal escaped. Lethal went for the Lethal Combo., but Sabin blocked. Lethal then caught him with a crescent kick and the Lethal combination. Crowd came alive as Lethal went up top and he dropped an ugly looking top rope elbow drop, but it was good enough for a three count to finally win the X Division Title. Nash then entered the ring and hugged Lethal before he celebrated in the corner.

WINNER: Lethal in 9:00 to capture the X Division Title. Sabin dominated the match to make it Even Steven with Lethal picking up the win. Exciting X Title match for nine minutes. (**1/4)

They cut to clips of the Frank Wychek press conference and a promo from James Storm. No mention of Ron Killings or Jerry Lynn in the match until after the video ended.

They cut backstage where James Storm said Wychek crossed the line when he came to the Slammiversary press conference. Storm said Wychek better kiss his wife and kids good-bye before he gives him his last concussion of his career. Miss Jackie then looked at Leticia and asked her how much she paid for her boobs. She told Leticia to ask for her money back because they look lopsided.

Storm and Jackie then came to the ring, with Killings hiding in the background. They didn't even get a camera shot of him until he reached the bottom of the ramp. Tennessee Titans DE Kyle Vanden Bosch came out with Wychek and Lynn. Various Titans players were ringside to cheer on Wychek.

3 -- FRANK WYCHEK & JERRY LYNN (w/Kyle Vanden Bosch) vs. JAMES STORM & RON KILLINGS (w/Miss Jackie)

Lynn and Killings started things off and Lynn mocked Killings's dancing. Killings landed a leaping leg whip before asking the crowd what's up. Lynn responded with an elbow smash before Killings made a come back and tagged out to James Storm. Wychek then took a tag and jumped up and down in the ring. Storm looked around the crowd before dancing around the ring and grabbing a headlock. Storm caught him with a huge shoulderblock, then asked for a Titans helmet. He handed off to QB Killings, who threw a pass that Storm bumbled around. The crowd booed Storm, and Lynn told Wychek to keep focused. Storm continued to talk trash before Wychek ran him over with consecutive shoulder blocks and a dropkick. Killings then ran in and missed with a leg whip and spilled to the outside. The heels regrouped on the floor, then Wychek press slammed Lynn onto the heels. Wychek gave chase on the floor, then Storm caught him with a clothesline on the concrete. Storm then took Wychek back into the ring and gave him a running boot to the face. Still on the outside, Killings retrieved a chair and slid it into the ring, but the ref stole the chair. Wychek tagged out to Lynn, who battled Storm until Killings pulled Lynn down across the apron. Back in the ring, Storm gave Lynn the Eye of the Storm and took a beer bottle from Jackie. He spit beer in Vanden Bosch's face, then he tried to get in the ring, but the ref held him back. In the ring, Lynn and Killings had a mid-ring collision, then each made a tag. Wychek scoop slammed everyone in sight before landing drop kicks. He then slammed the heels together head-first, but he ran into a sidekick from Storm. The fans popped for Storm, then he made a cover, but Vanden Bosch pulled Storm out of the ring. Craziness ensued on the floor before the action returned to the ring. Storm tried to smash Wychek with the beer bottle, but Lynn caught Storm's arm and Killings took the bottle to the head. Wychek then hit an ugly cradle piledriver on Storm for the win.

WINNERS: Wychek & Lynn in 10:00. Not a bad showing from Wychek, who knew how to get the crowd riled up. The crowd was behind Storm, though, based on him being a wrestler defending the wrestling ring. They created enough movement in and out of the ring to keep the action from slowing down or exposing Wychek's weaknesses. (**)

They aired a video package on the Backlund vs. Shelley feud.


Backlund went for a handshake in the opening minute and Shelley accepted reluctantly. Shelley dipped to the outside and punched the whiteboard held by one fan, who was writing messages throughout the show. Back in the ring, Shelley locked in an arm bar, but Backlund countered into a lift-up slam before executing a double-underhook suplex. Backlund followed with an atomic drop, then Chris Sabin came to ringside to cause a distraction, but Backlund sent Shelley headfirst into Sabin's crotch. Backlund then put Shelley in a bridge and scored the pin for the quick win.

After the match, West stated the obvious that Shelley just lost to an old man. Backlund went for a handshake as Sabin snuck up behind him, but Backlund snapped on Sabin and Shelley with consecutive crossface chicken wings. Kevin Nash then hit the ring and stared down Backlund. Jerry Lynn randomly came down, then Nash gave him a big boot to the face. Nash shook hands with Shelley and Sabin, then Jay Lethal hit the ring and cleared Sabin and Shelley. Meanwhile, Nash escaped the ring and Lethal looked down at Nash, looking for some answers, but Nash didn't show his cards.

WINNER: Backlund in 4:00. Quick match to set up the post-match action that left everyone confused. (*1/4)

Somewhere in the building, Christopher Daniels called out for Sting. He said the mistake isn't his, but it's Sting's. He said Sting told him to be true to himself. Daniels said he's always been an angel sent from the heavens to do his god's bidding, but the god he follows says take an eye for an eye and a life for a life. Daniels said his god gave him the gifts to become a tag champion, and X Division champion, and eventually a World champion. Daniels said his will be done in the ring. Very uncomfortable promo, and the crowd wasn't sure how to respond.

They aired a video package on the VKM vs. Bashams feud.

5 -- VKM (B.G. JAMES & KIP JAMES) vs. BASHAM & DAMAJA (w/Christy Hemme)

VKM didn't waste any time going right after the Bashams before the bell sounded. They went after Christy and threw her in the ring, but she escaped when the Bashams made the save. Basham caught B.G. with a flying leg whip to the face, then the Bashams double-teamed B.G. in their corner. Text messaging so far: Samoa Joe is leading the voting for who will KOTM. VKM took a hot tag at 3:00 and cleaned house. B.G. then speared Basham and Kip rolled up Damaja for the pin and the win.

After the match, Kip chased Christy around ringside and up the entrance ramp. Christy ran up the ramp, but Lance Hoyt grabbed her and took her up the ramp. Kip then told Hoyt to bring her to the ring. Hoyt was all smiles as he carried her back into the ring. Kip grabbed Christy around the throat and asked the crowd if he should chokeslam her, then Hoyt turned on Kip with a big boot to the face. He did the same to B.G., then Christy paraded around the ring like a chesire cat. Hoyt then told B.G. and Kip that it's his time. Christy jumped in Hoyt's arms, and they smooched.

WINNERS: VKM in 4:00; Hoyt after the match. Pat McNeill called it with Hoyt turning on VKM after "just missing" making the save for VKM for weeks. This should spice up the stale VKM vs. Christy feud. Well, maybe. (1/2*)

Backstage, Jim Cornette told Rick Steiner that he's sorry Scott got hurt in Puerto Rico, but Rick can't fight Team 3D by himself. Rick said he got himself a partner, then he whispered it in Cornette's ear. "He's here?" Cornette asked. Rick laughed hysterically, then Cornette said Rick has a match. Leticia wanted to know who the partner is, but Cornette wouldn't tell.

Back live in the building, LAX pulled Hector Guerrero away from the Spanish announce table and beat the crap out of him. Security eventually intervened as Konnan tried to choke out Hector.

6 -- ERIC YOUNG vs. ROBERT ROODE (w/Ms. Brooks) -- Freedom match

Roode slapped Young across the face to start things off, so Young slapped himself across the face. Young then dumped Roode to the outside before going up top, but Brooks stood in between Young and Roode. Brooks thought she had convinced Young not to jump, but Young flew over Brooks onto Roode with a crossbody splash. Back in the ring, Roode took control with boots to the back of the head. Brooks then slapped Young with his contract while Roode distracted the ref. Roode sat down on a reverse chinlock, but Young slowly built up to his feet for an electric chair drop. Young then landed a back body drop and a clothesline. He went upside down in the corner, then dropped to the apron and danced with Brooks before pantsing her. He then ran back into the ring and hit a suicide dive on Roode on the floor. Back in the ring, Young hit a top rope elbow drop, but it was good for a nearfall only. Roode then came back with a jawbreaker and left-arm lariat. He lowered the kneepads and went for an exposed knee blow, but Young blocked. Roode entered the ring, then Young put Brooks on his shoulders in fireman's carry position. He then caught Roode in the corner and put Roode on top of Brooks for a huge double Death Valley Driver. Sick sick sick spot. Crowd popped huge. He made a cover, which we didn't see on camera, and it was good for a nearfall only. Roode slipped to the outside and Young tried to grab him, but Roode smacked him in the face with a chair. He then covered Young for the win.

After the match, Roode tried to fire Eric Young, but Cornette interrupted and said Roode needs to open his ears and shut his mouth. He said he needs to settle things fair and square. Cornette said what he just saw wasn't fair and it wasn't square. He said the match is not over. Brooks said Cornette can't do that, but Cornette said he could and told referee Rudy Charles to re-start the match.

The match re-started and Roode smashed Young with right hand blows. Gail Kim then ran to ringside and smashed Ms. Brooks from behind. Gail and Brooks fought up the ramp, then back in the ring, Roode slowly tried to pick up Young, but he was lifeless. As everyone with a pair of eyes could see coming, Young surprised Roode with a roll up for the pin and the win.

WINNER: Roode in 8:00, then Young in 11:00 to earn his freedom. Solid match with a memorable double DVD spot from Young. We could use some closure on this feud, but I doubt that will be the close.

Backstage, Borash interviewed Team 3D about facing Rick Steiner and an undisclosed partner. Ray started off by saying the legendary battle isn't going to happen tonight since Scott Steiner has a throat problem. He said Scott has a throat problem because he's been talking too much and he punked out on the business, the fans, and his partner. Ray said it pains him to bury the Steiners, but when they spit on their faces four weeks, they lost respect for them. He said the bottom line is that they hope Rick found someone good and they hope Scott gets better soon so they can beat the crap out of them like they said they would. One of Ray's better promos in a while.

Team 3D came out for the tag title match. Rick Steiner then came out alone. Some generic rock music hit, then Road Warrior Animal hit the ring. Wow, a guy who couldn't get over on Smackdown and got released by his own brother in WWE.


Team 3D was fired up seeing Animal come out as Rick's partner. Rick and Devon started things off, and Devon knocked around Rick's flab before Rick came back with a lift-up slam. Rick asked Animal if he was ready for a tag, but Animal didn't show any desire to take a tag. Ray then took a tag and Animal tagged in. Ray dropped Animal with a piledriver, but Ray got a dose of his own medicine when Animal no-sold and came to his feet fired up. The fans chanted "L-O-D" before Ray took Animal to the 3D corner. Rick took a tag, then 3D double-teamed Rick. Animal took a hot tag at 6:00 and cleaned house. He landed a double clothesline, then Rick tagged in and they landed a double clothesline on 3D. Animal then tried to set up the Doomsday Device, but 3D caught him with a reverse neckbreaker. Rick then landed a double clothesline on 3D, but they quickly recovered and hit the 3D on Rick for the win.

WINNERS: Team 3D in 7:00. Typical 3D match with very little long-term selling and power offense. Fans were receptive to Animal, which is encouraging if he's brought in for more than one date. (*1/2)

They aired a video package on the Sting vs. Daniels feud. Daniels came to the ring first, then Sting repelled from the rafters into the ring. Can't help but think about Owen Hart.


Sting went for the Scorpion Deathlock in the opening minute, but Daniels reached the bottom rope to break the hold. They fought to the outside and Daniels took control. He slapped Sting across the face then stood on Sting's chest while Sting was flat on his back. Daniels slapped on an abdominal stretch, the referee Hebner asked for a break, but Daniels became indignant. He chest bumped Hebner, but then looked to the ceiling and agreed to chill out. He continued to work on Sting in the corner and hit a springboard BME. He followed with a Stinger splash, but Sting made his Superman comeback when Daniels showboated. Sting fired up with right hand blows, then ran over Daniels with clotheslines and a face toss. Daniels came back with a leg whip out of the corner to block the Stinger splash. Sting blocked Angel's Wings, then went for a Stinger Splash, but Daniels got both knees up to block the hold. Daniels went for Last Rites, but Sting countered into the Scorpion deathdrop and the pin for the win.

WINNER: Sting in 7:00. Another short and sweet singles match. Crowd was hot for Sting. Amazing that there wasn't some sort of outside interference or bag-of-tricks here. Not sure why Sting gets the clean win unless this is the end of the program. If they're continuing the feud, Daniels will probably attack Sting on TV, but it doesn't bode well for Daniels to lose clean in his first match against Sting. (*3/4)

They aired a video package on Abyss's feud against Christian's group. Leticia then interviewed Christian, A.J. Styles, and Tomko backstage. Christian took exception to being called former World champion, then he said he would be new champion tonight. Styles said he's in the match as well, then Christian talked quietly to him about sacrificing himself to let Christian become champion. They shared a hug as Christian shed a few tears. Styles was still confused.

9 -- ABYSS vs. TOMKO -- No DQ match

West made the assumption that Abyss laid out Tomko on TV last Thursday. They fought to the outside in the opening minute and Abyss slammed Tomko into the guardrail. Tenay said this is a No DQ match. Back in the ring, Abyss placed Tomko on the seat of his pants in the corner. He then went for a charging rear splash and nailed the bottom turnbuckle, with the reverberations knocking Tomko in the head. Abyss then slid to the outside and went under the ring for a bag of tacks. He laid out the tacks in center ring, then Tomko blocked a slam and casually threw Abyss back-first into the tacks. What a surprise! Tomko made a cover for a nearfall. Abyss suddenly came back with a Black Hole Slam, with the tacks apparently having no affect on him. He made a cover for a nearfall. The video game match continued with Abyss going back under the ring and retrieving another bag. This time, he dumped shards of glass in center ring. Tomko then clotheslined Abyss into the glass, but it got no pop since there was no build up. Tomko then picked up a big piece of glass and jabbed it into Abyss's forehead. Tomko picked up Abyss and gave him a knee drop to the back of the neck, sending Abyss face-first into the shards of glass. Abyss slowly left the ring, then Tomko followed out and picked up a barbed wire baseball bat. He slammed it into Abyss's gut, then across the back. They walked up the entrance ramp, then Abyss started climbing the entrance set. Tomko followed up and met him at the top of the lighting stage, but Abyss grabbed him by the arm and flung him off the stage through the padded table below. That looked fun with the bean bag landing! Abyss then fell off the stage and crashed on the padding below. After a few minutes, both men crawled away from the giant bean bag. Tomko rolled on top of the entrance stage, then Abyss gave chase. They comically rolled down the ramp on hands and knees before Tomko slid into the ring. Abyss eventually slid into the ring and Tomko met him with right hands before Abyss caught him with the Black Hole Slam into the broken glass. Abyss waited for Tomko to sell the effect, then he made the cover for the win.

WINNER: Abyss in 14:00. They saved all the tricks, stunts, and bag-of-tricks for this match so it could stand out on its own. A bit comical at the end with the super padded bump, but they got over the brutality of the match by making it unique. (***)

Backstage, Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe had a face-to-face staredown. Angle said they need to agree to hurt and bloody each other. He said they need to do what they gotta do. Joe pulled Angle in tight and said he would break him. Angle said it's real, damn real.

Back live, Mike Tenay was center ring. He directed our attention to the big screen for an important interview with Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett, from his living room, said the last five years have been the most trying of his life. He said TNA is on the cusp of greatness. Jarrett took us back through the history of TNA, including his trip to Japan to take out Hulk Hogan. He mentioned Jill and started to choke up. Jarrett said she believed, to a fault, in him and the company. They cut to pictures of Jill smiling. He talked about Jill being diagnosed with breast cancer and showing deep love to a number of people over the years. Jarrett brought it back to TNA and said he doesn't know when or if he'll come back. He said being inside a wrestling ring is the worst place for him right now. He looked into the camera and thanked the fans for their support. He said, "Thank you on behalf of Jill. Thank you." They aired a memoriam for Jill, then came back live where the fans applauded and some fans were shown crying. A chant of "Thank you, Jeff" broke out in the arena.

Back in the ring, Jim Cornette stood with Tenay and referee Rudy Charles, who held the TNA Title. Cornette said there were only two choices for who should be the fifth man in the KOTM match. He said both men were very deserving and he went to Jarrett, insisted that he give the opportunity to the second man. He then introduced Chris Harris as the fifth man, which explains the opening match. A.J. Styles came out second, followed by Samoa Joe to a big reaction. Christian Cage came out fourth, then Kurt Angle rounded out the field. With all five men in the ring, they aired a graphic with all of the rules in size 2 font. You had to squint to read that. Borash then handled the formal intros for all five wrestlers. Mix of cheers and boos for Harris. Boos for Styles. Rudy Charles stood in Joe's camera shot. Minimal reaction for Joe, but a great sign over his shoulder: "Joe killed Vince McMahon". Boos for Christian. Strongest reaction for Angle.

10 -- CHRIS HARRIS vs. A.J. STYLES vs. SAMOA JOE vs. CHRISTIAN CAGE vs. KURT ANGLE -- King of the Mountain match -- TNA World Hvt. Title match

The bell sounded and the action broke down. 30 percent of the text votes for Samoa Joe as the winner, with the mystery person going from 10 to 5 percent over the course of the show. Styles and Christian argued about scoring pins, then Styles caught Harris with a leaping kick to the head. Styles set up for a springboard splash on the apron, but Joe stood casually on the outside and flung him to the floor. He then tossed him into the guardrail. Back in the ring, Joe landed a kick and slap combo on Christian before dropping a knee to the face. Harris then threw Joe out of the ring onto Angle on the floor. Harris stalked Christian in the ring, but caught Styles with the Catatonic, giving him first eligibility to hang the title on the hook above the ring at 4:00. Styles then went to the penalty box for two minutes. In the ring, Joe worked on Angle and went for the boot following the face wash, but Angle caught his ankle and transitioned into a trio of German Suplexes. Christian entered the ring and Angle put him in the anklelock while Joe put Christian in the rear naked choke. With only ref for this, Rudy Charles had to unlock Styles since his time was up. In the storyline, poor planning by Cornette for only one ref. Styles, fresh, caught Harris with a springboard reverse DDT at 7:00. Styles then caught Joe with a Pele soccer kick and a springboard forearm blow. He then caught Angle with the Styles Clash, but Angle countered into an Anklelock. Harris re-entered the ring and flung Styles over the top rope on top of Christian on the floor. Harris then retrieved the title belt and started to climb a ladder with the belt, but Angle caught him with the Olympic Slam for a pin to earn eligibility. Harris then went into the penalty box.

At 10:00, Joe fired up on Angle, then Christian. He dropped Christian with a front slam, then Styles took a Celtic Cross in center ring. Joe then picked up Styles and gave him the Muscle buster, but Angle broke up the pin. Angle then went for a clothesline on Joe, but the ref took a blow. Joe placed Angle in the rear naked choke and Angle tapped out, but the ref was out cold. That allowed Christian to smash Joe in the face with a ladder. Christian then covered Angle and brought the ref over to make the three count. Harris left the penalty box, while Angle entered the box. Christian tried to climb the ladder, but Joe fought him off and hit an Ace Crusher from the top of the ladder to center ring. After a brief interlude, Harris started to climb the ladder with the belt, he fought off Joe and Christian, but didn't see Styles coming with a springboard dropkick to the ladder, knocking him to the mat. Styles then climbed on top of the penalty box. Joe met him on top of the box, then they teased a suplex. Joe put him in a choke, but Styles landed a mule kick. Joe recovered and tossed Styles off the penalty box through the announce table a few feet away. Harris knocked Joe off the box, then Harris and Christian fought on the box. Harris suplexed Christian into the ring, then he flew off the box with a left-arm clothesline on Angle in the ring. Harris KO'ed everyone in sight with the ladder, then he started climbing with the title belt in hand. He took too long, allowing Christian to knock him off the ladder before creaming him in the corner with the ladder itself. Christian then grabbed the belt and staggered around the ring before climbing up the ladder. He was close to hanging it on the hook, but Angle came to life and put him in the anklelock on the ladder. Christian and Angle then had a fight on the ladder and Angle wrestled the belt from Christian. Harris then speared Christian off the ladder. The crowd recognized the situation and Angle reached up to place the belt on the hook to win the match and become TNA champion.

After the match, Joe was upset and stared down Angle. He then extended a hand to Angle, who looked around the arena before kicking him in the gut and hitting the Olympic Slam. And that's how they present Joe to close the show. Angle then celebrated with the belt high in the air as they closed the show.

WINNER: Angle in 20:00 to become TNA Hvt. champion. Exciting match, and the crowd was red-hot throughout. A bit silly with the rules, penalty box, and only one ref for the match, though. Aside from that, fans got their satisfying finish with Angle as champion after a well-fought, dramatic match. We sure don't need another Angle vs. Joe feud, but TV should be interesting with Angle as champion. (***3/4)

The Victory Road PPV preview for July hinted at some sort of NASCAR involvement.

We welcome your 1-10 score and comments on this show for a "TNA PPV Reax" feature in the Torch Feedback section of To contribute your thoughts on the PPV, click here.

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