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CALDWELL'S TNA TURNING POINT PPV REPORT 12/2: Ongoing "virtual time" coverage of live PPV

Dec 2, 2007 - 9:56:35 PM

By James Caldwell, Torch columnist

December 2, 2007
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
By: James Caldwell, Torch columnist

They opened with A.J. Styles crying to the Angles backstage with Jeremy Borash holding the mic. Styles talked to Kurt about working with Christian tonight. Tomko sat on the couch quietly while Styles rambled on about Angle needing to talk to Christian about joining their group. Kurt said it's his turn to talk to Christian, so Karen sat down. Styles said he likes that.

They went to the intro video package set to a rock ballad version Silent Night, Holy Night.

1 -- TEAM 3D & JOHNNY DEVINE vs. CHRIS SABIN & ALEX SHELLEY & X Division champion JAY LETHAL -- tables match

The bell sounded and Ray took a house mic to proclaim that Team 3D is the best tag team of all time. The babyface trio cleared 3D and Devine out of the ring at 5:00, then Shelly ripped into Ray with forearm strikes to the chest. Several tables were entered into the ring and Ray ate one table, but only because Lethal moved out of the way. No victory for the Machine Gun team. On the floor, Devon leaned a table against the guardrail then placed Shelley on it. Devine went for a splash on Shelley, but Shelley moved and Devine ate the table. Back in the ring, Lethal and Shelley had a suplex on Devon through a table, but Ray moved the table just in time. The ref took a bump, then Lethal placed Devine on a table and nailed a top rope elbow drop. Of course, the ref was KO'ed, so the match continued. Ray then placed Devine on top of Lethal on top of the table, then 3D revived the ref and he awarded the victory to Devine.

WINNERS: Team 3D & Devine in 16:00. Not a good omen for tonight if they have to use a b.s. finish in the opening match. Then again, there's nothing on the line tonight with only a Women's Title match tonight, so this PPV will be quickly forgotten by the next TV taping. (**1/2)

Backstage, Nash and Samoa Joe stood with Crystal. They're doing an angle where Scott Hall hasn't showed up yet. Nash said he'll be here, don't worry. He then talked about Kurt Angle and said he only hung around with him so he could close to the hot broad, Karen. Joe had enough and took the mic away. He said they're about to go to war and Nash is making jokes. He told him that when Nash and his buddy are ready to fight, to meet him in his locker room. Nash was slightly taken aback and remained calm.

Roxxi LaVeaux came out, then ODB came out bouncing her boobs and drinking from her flask. The girls with the TNA porn star names, Velvet Sky and Angelina Love, followed out next. One of the blondes did her rope-burn entrance to quiet Don West.


They started with sideshow-wrestling antics with the opponents giving each other and the referee wedgies. I will give ODB credit for getting herself over by being a completely nutty chick. Love took a hot tag and dominated folks before kicking Roxxi in the face. Love made the cover for the win.

WINNERS: Love & Velvet in 5:00. Basic women's match after the silliness to start things off. Good athleticism from Love after the hot tag. (*)

Jeremy Borash followed Kurt Angle to Christian's locker room and told him to be cool, calm, and collective. Borash talked to Kurt about his "deep breathing thing" with Karen. Kurt stopped cold and said, "You've been deep-breathing with my wife?" Kurt then told off Borash and walked into the office where Robert Roode was waiting with Christian. Angle pitched a group union and said they don't need to like each other, just co-exist. The deal breaker was Angle suggesting him as the team leader. Angle called himself the George Bush of TNA. Christian told George to take his offer and stick it up his ass because he's no one's lackey. Angle said he's going to regret that and he stormed off. Roode congratulated him for standing up to Angle, then Christian told Roode to follow his lead tonight. Christian walked off, then Roode called him an asshole. In the background, Brooks muttered something under her breath, then she stood up and said it takes one to know one. Roode told her to get out of his face.

They showed a video package on James Storm taking out Eric Young on Impact. They cut backstage where Storm was looking for a pre-match beer, but Jackie slipped him silly and told him to go wrestle, then have a beer after the match. Whoa, momma.

3 -- ERIC YOUNG vs. JAMES STORM (w/Jackie Moore)

The bell sounded and Young just went right after Storm. No games tonight. He jumped him on the entrance ramp and landed a dropkick that cleared Storm down to the ringside area. Jackie then tried to hold Young on the floor, but Storm accidentally knocked out Jackie with a dropkick. Young took Storm back into the ring and stalked him, but Storm gained control by sending Young shoulder-first into the ringpost. Young suddenly rolled through on a top rope splash for a nearfall, then Storm came right back with a hard clothesline to go back on the offensive. Storm nailed the Eye of the Storm, then he posed with his cowboy hat. Young, with that hurt shoulder, made a comeback with a top rope elbow drop for a nearfall. Storm drew inspiration from the beer being held by Jackie, then he went for a top rope move, but Young countered with a bridge pin for a nearfall. Storm went for a superkick, but Young nailed a powerslam for a nearfall. Jackie took a swig of some beer, then accidentally spewed it in Storm's face. Storm then took down a full beer and tried to use the bottle as a weapon, but the ref stole the bottle. Young then rolled up a surprised Storm for the pin and the win.

WINNER: Young in 12:00. Finish played into the storyline with Young always having the one-up on Storm in competition. Good singles match with Young playing the babyface role well. (**3/4)

Tenay and West talked from ringside, then they broke down the Feast or Fired 15-man match. They said Rhino is out of the Abyss vs. Reign & Rellik match. Abyss has a partner.

Backstage, Homicide and Hernandez cut a promo about the 15-man match. Homicide said TNA management hasn't given them their tag title shot, so they have to take down a briefcase. Crystal brought up possible consequences from man on woman violence involving Christy Hemme with the random LAX gang member a few weeks ago. Hernandez said no one tells them what they can or cannot do.

Daniels, Skipper, Senshi, Sonjay Dutt, Shark Boy, Rave, Hoyt, Petey Williams, Chris Harris, B.G., Kip, Homicide, Hernandez, and Steiner showed up for the 15-man match with three title shots and one pink slip on the line.


Petey Williams has apparently been hiding in a tanning bed the last two weeks and his new gimmick is that he's a bodybuilder. Petey then grabbed one of the briefcases and dropped down to the floor with possession of the case. So, I guess he sits out the rest of the match until the big reveal at the end. On the floor, B.G. James took a fall and he was escorted from the ring by trainers. Chris Harris complained to the commentators while B.G. was tended to on the ramp. Kip James then grabbed a case and he was surrounded by people. B.G. made a miraculous recovery and Kip tossed the case over the ropes to B.G. Senshi grabbed the third case and fell to the floor with possession of it. Down to one case. Christy became involved, then the random LAX thug showed up and whacked Christy. Men battled near the announce table, with Scott Steiner dominating folks. In the ring, Chris Harris looked at the final case, but decided not to climb up for it. Kip went for the final case, but Hernandez cut him off. Kip got the best of him with a dropkick, then Steiner came in and dropped Kip with a belly-to-belly suplex. Daniels nailed Steiner with a dropkick, then he went for the final case, only to be cut off by Hernandez. Daniels took down the case, then Kip stole it, then Steiner stole it from him and went to the floor. Match over. They recapped the match while Steiner's music played. They're not revealing the winners until Impact. Unbelievable.

WINNERS: Who knows. Just a stupid gimmick match and they don't even give the results on the PPV. (n/a)

They recapped the Gail Kim vs. Awesome Kong feud. Backstage, Crystal interviewed Gail about Kong. Gail said she takes pride in being a wrestler while Kong takes pride in hurting people. She said she's going to her level to have a vicious brawl. She said the only way Kong is taking the belt is if she kills her. Ah, they had to go there.

5 -- GAIL KIM vs. AWESOME KONG -- Women's Title match

Gail posed on the apron before entering the ring, so Kong shoved her to the floor. Kong followed on the outside and Gail wanted a fight. They entered the ring after two minutes on the floor and the bell sounded to officially start things off. Kong dominated Gail and sat down on a Camel Clutch while grabbing a handful of hair. Gail tried a comeback, but Kong squashed her in the corner with a big splash. She then put her up for the Thighmaster squeeze, but Gail grabbed the ropes to block the hold. Kong blocked a suplex attempt and gave her a chest bump. She then went for a powerbomb, but Gail blocked. She tried to knock down Kong, but Kong stayed on her feet. Gail went up top and finally got her down with a second top rope dropkick. Gail then went up top and nailed a leaping sentaun splash. She made a cover for a close nearfall as the Impact zone breathed a deep sigh. Gail pulled Kong to her feet, then Kong nailed a big slap to the face. She stomped on Gail in the corner and shoved the ref aside. Kong tried to squeeze the life out of Gail with a boot to the throat, then ref pulled her away. Kong then piefaced the ref and the ref threw the match out.

Afterward, Kong went back to squeezing the life out of Gail with a boot to the face. Kong realized what happened and she stalked the ref. She then dropped the ref with a sit out powerbomb in center ring to a big pop. Kong then turned her attention to Gail and picked her up again. Kong went for a powerbomb, but Velvet Sky intervened, only to take a chokeslam. Kong went back to Gail and dragged her to her feet, but Love showed up with a steel chair. Kong ducked a shot and smashed the chair into Love's face. The fans popped, then chanted for ODB. Kong picked up Gail a third time and this time finished her off with a powerbomb on the chair. She signaled that Gail is done, then Kong crouched on the mat to survey the damage. Kong then choked the life out of Gail until security showed up. Kong screamed as she tried to squeeze the life out of Gail and security eventually sent her out of the ring.

WINNER: Gail via DQ in 8:00. Kong is officially the greatest heel of all time. The heat on the finish and post-match was amazing and Kong played her part to perfection. My goodness, stick her in the men's heavyweight division asap. (**1/2)

Backstage, Styles screamed at Kurt Angle that he can't function without Christian Cage. Angle asked Styles what Christian ever did for him. Karen then came up with an idea. She said she saw Joe talking to Hall and Nash earlier. Um... Hall isn't in the building last time I checked. Some consistency, please. Tomko then said Karen might have a point, so they need to talk to Joe about turning on his partners. Kurt suggested he should talk to Joe, then Styles mocked him since he couldn't even talk to Christian. Kurt told him to wise up because he's the captain of the ship. He's talking to Joe.

Backstage, Crystal approached Black Reign, who told Crystal not to be afraid. Reign formally reintroduced himself and Rellik, then Misty the arctic fox. Crystal said she thought it was a rat. Reign said the only rat he sees is her. Ah haha. He then addressed Abyss and Raven. Wait, Abyss's partner hasn't even been revealed yet. What is going on here? Ringside, Tenay acknowledged that Raven is the partner.

6 -- ABYSS & RAVEN vs. BLACK REIGN & RELLIK -- 1,000-tack match

They played up Rellik's kick on Rhino on Impact as what knocked out Rhino from this match. They must have overlooked the fact that Rhino was so injured that he ended up pinning Rellik clean. The fight quickly moved to the floor, then Abyss took Reign to the front row of fans. They went to a split screen of the action on two sides of the ringside area. Abyss set up a table near the bed of tacks near the announce table, then he placed the tacks on the table. Reign caught him from behind and shoved him into the ring. Abyss then grabbed the Darkness Falls object and jammed it into Reign's head. Rellik came back on Abyss, then Reign shoved Abyss into a chair wedged in the corner. Abyss came up bleeding like mad, then Rellik grabbed a handful of tacks and jammed them into Raven's mouth. Kendo sticks entered the equation, then Raven tossed Reign off the apron through the bed of thumbtacks on the table ringside. Reign was motionless, then Raven went after Rellik, but Rellik tossed Raven through a board ringside. Back in the ring, Rellik grabbed a bag of thumbtacks and dumped them in center ring. He then spewed something in Abyss's eyes and Abyss flailed around the ring. Rellik thought he had Abyss where he wanted him, but Abyss dropped Rellik into the tacks with the Black Hole Slam. Abyss made the cover for the win. Afterward, Raven spit blood while Abyss tried to hold himself up against the ropes in victory.

WINNERS: Abyss & Raven in 14:00. Not my kind of match, but a heck of a bloody battle. Let's hope they actually reinforce the brutal nature of this match on Impact rather than having the participants show up fresh as a daisy on the next TV show. (**1/4)

Borash followed Angle into Samoa Joe's locker room. Joe said Angle is in the wrong locker room. Angle said they're on the same wavelength, as the whole locker room is talking about Hall and Nash using Joe to get themselves over since they can't go anymore. Angle said they're similar in that they both want to compete and win. He told Joe to do the right thing in the main event tonight. Joe stood back on his heels in thought.

Tenay and West talked about Booker T.'s speech on Impact, then they aired a video package on Booker & Kaz vs. Christian & Roode. Backstage, Crystal interviewed Booker and Sharmell. Booker said him and Christian have a lot of history together, and he came here to wrestle with and against some of the top young athletes in wrestling. Booker said he respects Kaz for having his back on Impact without any past interaction between them. Booker said Roode is slipping on a banana peel and taking the axe kick tonight.

7 -- BOOKER T. (w/Sharmell) & KAZ vs. CHRISTIAN CAGE & ROBERT ROODE (w/Ms. Brooks)

Kaz started things off and he exchanged control with Christian. Roode came in and Kaz slapped on an arm drag, which drew a smile from Brooks ringside. They spotlighted the crazy Roode fan standing on top of the building peering around. Kaz stacked up the heels in the corner and landed a dropkick on the sandwich. He then nailed a somersault splash onto both opponents on the floor. Back in the ring, the heels took control on Kaz and started working on him. Kaz came back with the Wave of the Future on Christian, but he couldn't make the hot tag, as Roode yanked Booker off the apron. By the time Booker was in position, Christian had cornered Kaz again. Kaz then dropped the heels with a double DDT and finally tagged out to Booker, who cleaned house. He dropped Christian with a spinebuster for a nearfall, then he went up top, but Roode crotched him from behind. Christian then climbed up top and went for a superplex, but Booker shoved him down and nailed a missile dropkick. Booker set up for the spinarooni, but Roode cut him off. Booker tried to nail Christian with a leaping kick, but Booker got crotched on the top rope. Kaz then came into the action and got dropped to the floor by Roode. Booker then ran over both heels, did the spinarooni, and went for the axe kick on Christian, but Booker cut him off. Roode then grabbed the chair from Brooks, but Kaz intervened. Back in the ring, Roode went for a chair shot on Booker, but Booker ducked and Christian ate the chair. Kaz dropkicked Roode out of the ring, then Booker measured Christian and nailed the axe kick. He rolled over and covered Christian for the win.

After the match, Booker and Kaz celebrated. In the ring, Roode tried to help Christian to his feet, but Christian was lifeless. Roode eventually got Christian up while Brooks stood ringside with her arms folded. Christian then came to life and shoved Roode. They suddenly had a shoving and screaming match until A.J. Styles showed up to play peacemaker. Styles escorted Christian to the back while Roode stood in the ring.

WINNERS: Booker & Kaz in 16:00. Decent semi-main event tag match with star power to carry the match. Typical finish with the heels taking each other out on accident. (**1/2)

Back in Joe's locker room, Joe screamed about Hall not showing up. He said maybe Hall couldn't pass the breathalyzer test to start his car. Joe screamed about them playing games and doing business wrong. Nash screamed back that maybe he's more concerned about Hall's health than their match. Joe took exception to that and said maybe Nash needs to be worried about their match. Nash said he would be out there by himself if he has to. Joe said he'll be out there and he won't be alone. Joe stormed off while Nash stood speechless.

A.J. Styles and Tomko walked out first for the six-man tag main event. The Angles walked out to round out the heel team. Kevin Nash came out first for the face team. Samoa Joe's music hit, but he didn't come out. Nash stood in the ring by himself while the heels stood ringside. Joe then walked out following a delay. He asked for a mic and gave a half-smile. Joe said Scott Hall no-showed this event, and he would like to tell everyone something nice like management asked him to do, but the fact is that Hall punked out on them and on the fans. Joe smiled again and said he realizes that they just gave him a live mic on live PPV, so he's going to talk. He said there are two types of wrestlers in TNA. One group show up and bust ass to entertain. Joe shot a look toward Angle and said then there are superstars who show up and feel like they can take a check and screw the rest of the wrestlers. He said TNA is the Motor City Machine guns, Jay Lethal, and himself being the best damn pro wrestler in the world. Joe said TNA is a bunch of guys risking their asses for a break while other guys pad their pensions. He told Hall to kiss his ass because he punked out. Joe looked down at someone ringside on the other side of the hard camera and asked if he or she is mad. He told him or her to fire him. Joe said he went to the back and asked who wants to be his partner tonight. He said everyone in the X Division stood up and said he wants in the match. Joe said there was one person who stood out the most and said he wanted in the match to get his break. Joe looked at Nash with scorn, then told Eric Young to come on down. Young came down with a serious look on his face, then Nash slowly left the ring. This has Vince Russo's fingerprints all over it.

8 -- A.J. STYLES & TOMKO & TNA World Hvt. champion KURT ANGLE (w/Kurt Angle) vs. SAMOA JOE & KEVIN NASH & ERIC YOUNG

Joe started things off, then Young tagged in while Nash slowly returned to the ring apron. Nash then took a tag with Angle in the ring, and Angle scurried to his corner. Tomko took a tag and locked up with Nash, who dropped him with a big boot. Young took a tag and nailed an innovative wheelbarrow hold into a reverse neckbreaker. Angle and Nash eventually met up in the ring at 7:00 and Nash cleared Angle. The action broke down, then Young and Joe landed a combo dive on Styles and Tomko on the floor. Back in the ring, Angle slapped on the anklelock on Nash. Joe entered the ring to break up the hold, but paused. He then turned his back to Nash and Angle before dropping Angle right in the mouth with a superkick. Joe took an official hot tag and cleaned house. The action broke down and Nash landed the Jacknife powerbomb on Angle. Joe then worked with Young to take out Tomko before nailing the musclebuster on Tomko for the win.

Afterward, Joe, Nash, and Young circled around the ring. Nash left the ring while Joe stood with Young in center ring. Hebner wanted to get his big TV moment holding all three arms up in the air for the winners, but Joe told him to forget about Nash. Hebner left the ring while Joe and Young stood tall. On the outside, Karen helped Kurt to his feet and they slipped out from ringside. Joe pounded his chest toward the audience as they signed off.

WINNERS: Joe & Nash & Young in 10:00. Well, they obviously cut this one short due to Joe's promo. There was no energy for the match, as everyone in the building was thrown off. A rather interesting way to close TNA's 2007 PPV year. (*1/2)

We welcome your 1-10 score and comments on this show for a "TNA PPV Reax" feature in the Torch Feedback section of To contribute your thoughts on the PPV, click here.

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