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CALDWELL'S TNA SACRIFICE PPV REPORT 5/11: Ongoing "virtual time" coverage of live PPV

May 11, 2008 - 9:58:01 PM

By James Caldwell, Torch columnist

TNA Sacrifice PPV Report
May 11, 2008
Orlando, Fla.
By James Caldwell, Torch columnist

Opening video package: They focused on Joe, Angle, and Steiner wanting nothing more than to be TNA Hvt. champion. Joe posed the question of who wants the title more than him, then said there's no one who will do what's necessary to take the belt from him. Angle said he's in the best shape of his life. Well, except for a neck injury, but that's beside the point. Steiner predicted title victory. Joe said the belt belongs to him and he will DIE before he gives it up.

Backstage at 7:07 p.m.: Kurt Angle walked out of the white limo and Jeremy Borash said he was there when Angle injured his neck. He asked for status. Angle said he can't wrestle tonight on doctor's orders. Angle said he's not 25 years old anymore, and if he injures his neck again, that might be the end of his career. He said he won an Olympic gold medal with a broken neck, won the WWE Smackdown World Title with a broken neck, and has two herniated discs. He said if it was up to him, he'd wrestle, but he can't afford to.

Backstage at 7:27 p.m.: Steiner's limo pulled up and Lauren confronted Steiner with Angle's commentary. Steiner said this is the first he's heard about Angle being injured. He said he doesn't trust or believe Angle, so he'll wait for the main event to find out for sure. But, if it's true, Steiner said he finally gets what he deserves: one-on-one against Joe. He said he can beat Joe. Rick Steiner then emerged from the limo. Kevin Nash emerged from the opposite side of the limo and simply walked around past Lauren, who wanted to know why Nash was with Steiner.

Backstage minutes ago: Samoa Joe emerged from a white limo with the TNA Title belt. Borash gave Joe the news on Angle. Joe said it's always a shame for a great competitor to go down, even if he didn't put him down. Borash then asked Joe about Nash with Steiner. Joe simply shot him a look and walked off. This continues the "Joe's oblivious" theme of TNA lately.

1 -- JAMES STORM (w/Jacqueline Moore) & STING vs. TEAM 3D (BROTHER RAY & BROTHER DEVON) -- Deuces Wild first round match

Storm started things off for his team, then he found himself in trouble at 3:00 and decided to tag out to Sting, who reluctantly tagged in. Storm tried to give orders from the apron, which distracted Sting and allowed 3D to double up on Sting. While 3D worked over Sting, Storm took the opportunity to sit down on the apron and take a few swigs of his beer. Sting made a comeback with a Stinger splash on Devon, but 3D caught him in the corner and set up the diving headbutt to the crotch. 3D set up a table in the ring, then Storm stepped into the ring and yelled at the other three men to do something. 3D stared at Sting, then they turned and walked away. Sting then tossed Storm off the top turnbuckle through the table. Sting walked out of the ring, then Devon covered Storm for the win.

WINNERS: Team 3D in 9:00. Well, since we know the tag division isn't a big deal per Kevin Nash's promo with A.J. Styles two weeks ago, it makes sense for Sting to walk away from a tag title opportunity to set the tone for this tournament. Fine opener, but nothing memorable. (*1/2)

Backstage: Lauren brought in Frank Trigg to comment on Kurt Angle's injury. Trigg said it's a little confusing, but he basically re-aggravated his neck injury. He said they tried some drills today, but it's not working out for him. They don't want the injury to turn into a few months. Lauren asked Trigg about Joe vs. Steiner. Trigg said Joe is deceptive because of his size. He predicted Joe will win, then said he's just a little more concerned about Angle's injury at this point. Trigg kept talking and talking, then he wrapped up and Lauren sent it back to the ring.

In-ring: Robert Roode came out for another Deuces Wild match. What a shock, Booker T. is his tag partner. After Booker posed in the ring, he shoved Roode in the chest. They had a shoving match that spilled to the outside. Roode then grabbed a steel chair, but security held him back. Rhino, then Christian Cage came out as the opponents.

2 -- ROBERT ROODE & BOOKER T vs. RHINO & CHRISTIAN CAGE -- Deuces Wild first round match

The bell sounded and Booker and Roode continued their argument. Roode eventually decided he will start for his team. The fans chanted for Booker, but Roode taunted the crowd and kept himself in the match to upset the audience. Christian then spiked Roode with a DDT, and Roode made the reluctant tag to Booker, who cleaned house. Booker went for the axe kick, but Christian moved and nailed a reverse DDT. Rhino took a tag and Booker set up Rhino for an axe kick, but Roode blind-tagged himself into the match. Rhino cleared Booker to the outside, then he dropped Roode with the Gore for the pin and the win.

Afterward, Booker re-entered the ring and gave a handshake to the opponents. Everyone had a good moment, then Booker slowly left the ring and grabbed a chair. He then snuck back into the ring and smashed Christian, then Rhino with chair shots to the head. They had time to get their hands up to block to at least cushion the blow, but it's still unnecessary. Refs then stormed the ring to prevent Booker from inflicting more damage.

WINNERS: Rhino & Cage in 7:00. Not much to see here during the match. Booker turning heel was inevitable based on the TV build-up, but I don't see the point. We'll see whether the follow-up makes this something worth paying attention to and caring about. (*)

Backstage: Nash was in Steiner's locker room while Petey was working the weights. Nash said Joe has been his meal ticket for months. Steiner said he knows Nash is just using Joe, but he can have the first title shot if he helps Steiner win. Nash stood up and shook hands. He said he'd think about it.

3 -- KIP JAMES & MATT MORGAN vs. LAX (HOMICIDE & HERNANDEZ w/Hector Guerrero) -- Deuces Wild first round match

The bell sounded and Kip made fun of Homicide's height. Kip, with MEGA on the front of his trunks and a star on the back of his trunks, took Homicide to the corner, but Hernandez knocked him to the floor. Homicide suddenly nailed a dive over the top rope onto Kip and slapped hands with Don West. Morgan then lawn darted Homicide back into the ring, setting up Kip and Morgan on the attack. Morgan did Taker's old school, but he looked far shakier than Taker ever has. Hernandez took a tag at 4:00 and did battle with the big men on the other side. Kip and Morgan tried a combo on Hernandez, but Hernandez moved and Morgan gave Kip a bicycle kick to the head. Hernandez then smashed Kip with a dropkick and covered him for the win.

WINNERS: LAX in 5:00. What a surprise - Kip and Morgan with a disagreement leading to them losing. Just a payday match. (1/2*)

Backstage: Borash brought in A.J. Styles to talk about preparing for Awesome Kong. Styles stated the obvious that she's a lady. Suddenly, Kurt Angle stormed Styles and accused Styles of messing around with his wife. Angle said he's still Styles's boss and Styles didn't have the courtesy to check on him when he was injured. Styles said he's sooooo sorry. Angle wanted an answer on whether he's seeing his wife. Styles said he won't answer that question. He told Angle to take care of that neck, then he walked off.

4 -- A.J. STYLES & SUPER ERIC vs. B.G. JAMES & TNA Knockouts champion AWESOME KONG (w/Raisha Saeed) -- Deuces Wild first round match

West said you can't help but be intrigued by the possibilities with Kong in the ring with the men. B.G. and Young started things off, then Styles shoved B.G. to his corner where Kong took a tag. Crowd came to life with Kong in the ring against Styles. They locked up and Styles drove Kong to the corner he broke the hold and adjusted Kong's hair braids. Suddenly, Kong surprised Styles with the spinning back fist. Styles got upset and kicked Kong in the knees. Kong came back with a handful of balls to drive Styles to their corner. B.G. tagged in and landed an atomic drop to keep the attack focused on the um...body parts. B.G. and Kong started working on Styles with quick in-and-out tags. Crowd is into this one. B.G. missed with a shake and rattle punch, and Styles surprised him with a Pele kick that popped the crowd.

The action broke down at 4:00 with Young scoop slamming Kong onto B.G. Young then knocked Kong to the outside. Back in the ring, Styles went for a springboard move on B.G., but Styles tripped on the top rope and smashed his face into the mat. After a pause to call an audible on the finish, B.G. went for a suplex, but Styles rolled him up for the pin and the win.

WINNERS: Styles & Young in 5:00. First intriguing match of the night with Kong having a good showing in her first inter-gender match. I'm not sure if she benefited, but at least it was intriguing on a less-than-intriguing PPV thus far. This wasn't exactly one of Styles's best matches. (*)

Bracket: Team 3D vs. Rhino & Cage and LAX vs. Styles & Young. ... Announcers: Tenay and West killed time while they set up the Terrordome. Tenay said Jim Cornette will make an announcement later in the show about the main event title match.

Backstage: Lauren was with Rick Steiner to talk about showing up tonight. Rick said tonight is probably one of his brother's biggest nights of his career. Lauren suggested Rick and Scott always seem to stir up trouble when they're together. Rick played innocent that he's just here to get some sun in Orlando and support his brother. He closed by barking like a dog.

In-ring: Curry Man came out first for the Terrordome match. This structure looks like a plastic toy cage suitable for something found in a Lego's box at Toys R Us. More ring entrances took place for the generic X Division men. Tenay said they're all wearing gloves because it's tough to get a firm grip on the structure. With all 10 men in the ring, Cornette came out on stage and said he wants to sweeten the pot. He said that with the injury to Kurt Angle, there's a spot open for the TNA Title match. Cornette said the winner is #1 Contender to the X Title and will take Angle's spot in the main event. The top was then lowered on top of the steel structure to start the match.


Bell sounded and the monkey bar match commenced. Just a ton of spots early in this. They did a huge Tower of Doom spot at 4:00 in the corner. No one will remember it in five seconds, as more spots ensued. Curry and Dutt had been battling on top of the cage forever, then a collection of men decided to huddle up so Curry and Dutt could fly off the cage onto them. Shelley instantly ripped off his elbow pad and grabbed his arm in apparent pain. More men executed finishing holds to pop the crowd temporarily. Devine tried to escape through the roof, but Kaz yanked him off the top of the cage and he crashed onto a collection of men below. Kaz then whipped himself around the roof of the cage and climbed through the hole to reach the top of the cage and win the match.

WINNER: Kaz in 11:00. Spots, spots, and more spots. For the loyal TV audience that's actually going to buy a TNA PPV, the match was suitable for them. Fine for what it was appealing to a certain audience. Good win for Kaz in his "start-stop-start-stop-now start" push in TNA. (**)

Backstage: Borash was with Samoa Joe for commentary on the new title picture. Joe said Kaz is a tremendous competitor who deserves the spot. He said business is business and he will retain his title. Borash asked Joe about the Nash deal. Joe told Borash he always tries to stir it up. He then grabbed Borash around the neck and said he doesn't know why Nash was with Steiner and he doesn't care why Nash was with Steiner. Joe screamed into the camera for Scott and Nash to bring an army if they have to, but it won't matter.

Announcers: Tenay and West talked about the new title situation while the cage structure was taken down. ... In-ring: Team 3D came out for the Deuces Wild deal. Rhino, then Christian came out shaking their heads in pain from Booker's chair shots to the head.

6 -- TEAM 3D (BROTHER RAY & BROTHER DEVON) vs. RHINO & CHRISTIAN CAGE -- Deuces Wild semi-final match

The story here was Team 3D focusing its attack on Rhino and Christian's "concussions". Christian took a hot tag and knocked 3D to the floor. He then came off the top with a splash onto both men while West talked about Christian fighting through his "concussion" symptoms. On the floor, Ray reversed a whip into the ring steps. Ray then lawn darted Christian head-first into the ring steps and rolled him back into the ring for Devon to get in some work. The action broke down at 8:00, then Johnny Devine came to the ringside position. He crouched below the ring, then discreetly handed a Kendo stick to Ray on the floor. Back in the ring, Rhino nailed Devon with the Gore. Devine slipped into the ring to distract the ref, who stopped counted a pin by Rhino for no reason. The distraction allowed Ray to crack Rhino over the head with the Kendo stick. Rhino was then covered for the Team 3D win.

WINNERS: Team 3D in 11:00. Just a tag match. And, of course, the featured presentation of a been-here-before finish containing outside interference and referee incompetence. (*)

Backstage: Borash was with Nash to comment on Joe. Borash excitedly stirred up with Nash, so Nash suggested they handle the issue face-to-face with Joe. They walked off.

7 -- SUPER ERIC & A.J. STYLES vs. LAX (HOMICIDE & HERNANDEZ w/Salinas and Hector Guerrero) -- Deuces Wild semi-final match

Before the match, Hector and Styles had a shoving match until LAX restrained Hector. The match started with Styles and Homicide trading holds and counters. Nice opening. Young then wanted a test of strength against Hernandez, who easily overpowered him until Young used his quickness to whip Hernandez through the ropes to the floor. Styles and Young worked on Hernandez, who eventually took Styles to the mat with the electric chair. Hernandez then put Young in the air for the longest delayed vertical suplex of all time for a nearfall. Action kinda broke down with Hernandez taking Young to the floor. Styles had a roll up on Homicide, but Salinas had the ref distracted. Hector then slipped into the ring and reversed the pin. Styles's shoulders weren't even close to being on the mat, but the ref came back over and counted the pin for the win. Afterward, Young was bleeding from the mouth and Styles tried to explain himself for losing.

WINNERS: LAX in 7:00. Fine. This is just one of those shows with too many similar matches that doesn't allow for anything to stand out. (*1/2)

Backstage: Lauren brought in Samoa Joe's family to comment on Joe's situation tonight. One of his brothers said they're here to back up Joe because blood is blood. They cut a promo about defending Joe and the Samoan nation tonight.

Ringside: They showed Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins ringside. Dixie Carter, with lighter hair color, was in the second row behind Billy.

In-ring: Knockouts did ring entrances for the gimmick ladder match. New video packages for many of the divas as an extension of a new Knockouts-themed "Cross the Line" video that aired during the pre-show.

8 -- ANGELINA LOVE vs. VELVET SKY vs. RHAKA KHAN vs. SALINAS vs. CHRISTY HEMME vs. ODB vs. ROXXI LEVEAUX vs. JACQUELINE MOORE vs. TRACI BROOKS vs. GAIL KIM -- #1 Contender match to Knockouts Title or Runner-up gets head shaved

Apparently this is starting as a battle royale. Salinas kinda fell to the floor and she was eliminated. Traci knocked Velvet to the apron and the camera got a ton of cheekage jiggling in the lens. Traci knocked Velvet to the floor, then Angelina knocked out Traci. Rhaka then knocked out Hemme. The girls then ganged up on Rhaka, who flopped around the ring like a fish. They eventually dumped her over the top rope. Jacqueline, then ODB were eliminated. Roxxi eliminated Angelina, leaving Gail and Roxxi. So, apparently, the deal is that if Roxxi wins, then Angelina gets her head shaved because Gail has immunity.


The ladder match portion of this crazy deal began with Roxxi trying to grab the ladder from ringside. Angelina tried to block her, but Roxxi smashed Angelina with a ladder shot. Back in the ring, Gail had her own ladder, which she smashed into Roxxi's head. Instead of climbing the ladder to grab the #1 Contender contract, Gail tried to attack Roxxi, but Roxxi made a comeback. Gail and Roxxi then started climbing the ladder simultaneously. Gail could have grabbed the contract, but she instead did a sunset flip powerbomb off the ladder. After some shenanigans took place, Roxxi started to climb the ladder, but Angelina shoved Roxxi off the ladder. Angelina woke up Gail, who started climbing the ladder. She then reached up and grabbed the contract to win the match. Gail, the top babyface in the division, was booed for her efforts of indirectly helping out Angelina avoid a haircut.

WINNER: Gail in 10:00 overall to earn #1 Contender. We finally got a one-on-one match on this show, even if it was just for five minutes of a ten-minute gimmick match. Action was solid, even though it was booked all over the place, with Gail ending up in a negative light. (**)

Post-match: Gail attacked Angelina and tried to throw her into the barber's chair, but a tag team brawl broke out. The announcers reiterated that Roxxi is supposed to get her head shaved. The brawl continued on the floor until Slick Johnson put Roxxi in the barber's chair for her haircut. Some dude in a white coat then took the shears to Roxxi's head for the shaving. The other divas came ringside to watch the proceedings. This led to a "Fire Russo" chant. The announcers even paused at the inopportune time for the chant to make air. Well, this segment had the most heat on the entire show with the babyface divas selling the story with tears while Angelina and Velvet laughed in Roxxi's face. Angelina and Velvet then grabbed clumps of hair and paraded around while Roxxi huffed and puffed in the chair. The barber finished the haircut and Roxxi surveyed the crowd, which chanted her name.

Backstage: Borash and Nash approached Samoa Joe's locker room. Nash said he's going to show the rookie how things are going down. Nash walked in and sarcastically apologized for being late because he was watching the chick get her head shaved. He told Joe to calm down because he's doing old school business of picking Steiner's brain. Nash said Joe can't go month by month trying to use his body to retain the belt. He said at some point you have to use your brain. Joe didn't want any part of Nash's strategy, so he told him not to show up ringside.

9 -- TEAM 3D (BROTHER RAY & BROTHER DEVON) vs. LAX (HOMICIDE & HERNANDEZ w/Salinas and Hector Guerrero) -- TNA Tag Title match -- Deuces Wild tournament finals

Before the match started, Team 3D was giving Hector Guerrero a word or two. Homicide had enough and smashed 3D with a dive through the ropes to the floor. Hernandez then smashed Ray into the guardrail setting off a ringside brawl. Announcers took us back to April 2007 when LAX vs. Team 3D was for the belts. No mention of the horrific electric cage match. The action finally entered the ring and the bell sounded to officially start the match.

3D worked over Homicide for the first four minutes of the match before Homicide finally made a hot tag to Hernandez, cleaned house. He knocked both to the outside, then he flew over the top rope with a super flying dive onto both men. Suddenly, Devine came to ringside and reached under the ring to grab a table. Hector saw what was going on, so he walked over to Devine and smashed him in the face with a Kendo stick. Hector set up the table ringside, then he placed Devine on the table. Hector went into the ring and the crowd went nuts. He went up top and hit a sort of double-foot kick that took Devine through the table.

Back to the regularly scheduled programming, Hernandez and Ray battled in the ring. Ray ripped open Hernandez's t-shirt with open-hand chops before taking off the top rope with a superplex. Homicide then took a hangmen's neckbreaker and Team 3D tried to pin him, but the ref wouldn't allow it as Homicide wasn't the legal man. There are legal men in TNA? Well, in any event, the action broke down. Hernandez gave Devon a top rope Border Toss, then Homicide came off the top rope with a frog splash on Devon. Homicide, the man who wasn't legal, covered Devon for the pin and the win.

WINNERS: LAX in 9:00 to capture the TNA Tag Titles. Great story to this with LAX finally getting the belts back to hopefully rejuvenate a wacky tag division. Of course, Homicide scoring the pin as the illegal man was typical TNA tying themselves into knots trying to figure out when to apply rules. (**1/2)

Slammiversary promo: King of the Mountain returns next month. ... Announcers: Tenay and West were prepared to talk about the main event until Eric Young showed up to talk about meeting Elvis in Memphis for the PPV. His mission is to find Elvis. Apparently he's going to be gone for a month.

Main event hype: Announcers talked up the storylines, then they showed Kaz pacing nervously backstage. He came out first for the main event. They cut backstage to show Scott Steiner flexing in the hallway on the way to the ring. After a video package aired on Steiner's career, Frank Trigg joined the broadcast position while Steiner and his crew came to the ring. Samoa Joe was shown walking alone backstage before a video package aired on his title reign. Joe's family then did their traditional dance on stage before Joe walked to the ring.

10 -- TNA Hvt. champion SAMOA JOE vs. SCOTT STEINER (w/Petey Williams and Rhaka Khan) vs. KAZ -- TNA World Title match

Jeremy Borash handled the formal ring intros. Joe was given a combination of boos and indifference from the crowd. Not a lot of time given to this match, as the bell sounded 20 minutes prior to the top of the hour. Joe dominated early on with a ton of submission holds. The action spilled to the outside at 4:00 and Steiner gave Joe a suplex on the entrance ramp. Joe took a few minutes to recover on the floor, then Steiner ripped off successive belly-to-belly suplexes on the opponents. Steiner applied the Steiner Recliner on Joe, who fought to his feet into an Electric Chair with a missile dropkick combo from Kaz. At 9:00, Rhaka hopped on the apron to distract the ref. Joe went for a suicide dive on the floor on Steiner, but Steiner caught him in mid-air with a pipe shot to the head. Steiner and Kaz battled in the ring with Petey crotching Kaz on the top turnbuckle to set up Steiner with the Frankensteiner for a nearfall.

Joe re-entered the scene and went off on the opposition with power offense. He sold a left shoulder injury, then Kaz dropkicked Joe off the top rope to the floor. Kaz tried the Flux Capacitor, but Steiner kinda fell on top of Kaz. Spot just wasn't right. Kaz tried it again, but Steiner shoved Kaz to the floor. Joe then smashed Steiner with an enziguiri kick. He caught him with the Musclebuster off the top for the pin and the win. Trigg said he is so amazed by Samoa Joe after doubting him for years. Joe stood tall in the ring with belt in hand to close the show.

WINNER: Joe in 15:00 to retain the TNA Heavyweight Title. Well, it had its moments. There were some spots that were off and there were some moments that showed the guys weren't in synch with each other. The match needed to be a blow-away main event to bring this show to a thumbs up, but it never could quite get to that level with Kaz instead of Angle. No knock on Kaz, but TNA wasn't building him up at all on TV prior to the PPV. Just fine with Kaz providing a good dose of athleticism, but the match wasn't memorable. (**3/4)

We welcome your 1-10 score and comments on this show for a "TNA PPV Reax" feature in the Torch Feedback section of To contribute your thoughts on the PPV, click here.

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