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CALDWELL'S TNA BOUND FOR GLORY PPV REPORT 10/12: Ongoing "virtual time" coverage of live PPV

Oct 12, 2008 - 9:55:25 PM

By James Caldwell, PWTorch columnist

TNA Bound For Glory PPV Report
October 12, 2008
Chicago, Ill.
By James Caldwell, Torch columnist

The PPV opened with a Chicago mobster video package playing into the Bound for Glory video packages we've seen on TV building to the PPV. This video went a full three minutes, then they went live to the Sears Centre where a cage was already lowered to the ring. They're starting with the X Division Steel Asylum monkey bars match. Out came the cast of character X Division wrestlers, including Sonjay Dutt with So Cal Val in a ridiculously stunning outfit. Side note: Dutt's bacne does not look good up close.

1 -- X DIVISION DEAL -- SUPER ERIC vs. SONJAY DUTT (w/So Cal Val) vs. JAY LETHAL vs. SHARK BOY vs. PETEY WILLIAMS vs. JIMMY RAVE (w/Christy Hemme) vs. CURRY MAN vs. CHRIS SABIN vs. ALEX SHELLEY vs. JOHNNY DEVINE -- #1 Contender to the X Division Title

Ref Rudy Charles has the assignment of being on top of the cage opening to check for any photo finishes. Lots of show-boating from everyone early on here, as the X Division guys are more known for doing a spot, then playing to the hard camera, then taking a boot to the gut from someone. Plenty of crazy spots here that got the crowd hot and wanting more, more, more from the wrestlers. Not an example of long-term selling, as bodies just kept flying in and out of the "center of the action" for the camera to pick up. Petey picked up the biggest pop at 10:00 with the Canadian Destroyer on Shelley. If TNA just focused on Petey and put full effort into developing his character, he could be the star the X Division needs to pave the way for these guys to give them a unique feel rather than just seeming like interchangeable parts.

Curry was the first one with a legit shot to climb out of the cage, but he fell off. Lethal and Dutt then traded blows on top of the dome, then Dutt got his legs caught in the monkey bars. Lethal then powered himself to the center of the dome and he escaped through the roof to secure the victory. Lethal is number one contender.

WINNER: Lethal in 13:00 to become #1 Contender to the X Division Title. Lots of coordinated stunts and bumps that require a complete suspension of disbelief, but provided some entertainment value in the opener. It's going to be tough to sit through five minutes of a slow-down period in future matches after they "fed the monster" every possible second in this one. (*1/2)

Ringside: Mike Tenay and Don West broke down the PPV line-up while the workers tore down the cage to carry on the rest of the card.

Cornette's office: Jeremy Borash was with Jim Cornette for some words on the PPV. Mick Foley walked in and Cornette gave him a huge hug before offering him his chair. Foley thanked Cornette for those days of being able to ride around with the Midnight Express. He name-dropped Sweet Stan Lane, but Cornette waived him down not to mention him. Is he a surprise backstage announcer? Cornette said he has Vegas peeps here, so he needs to run. Suddenly, Beautiful People interrupted and realized Foley was there instead of Cornette. Did they not just walk by him? Angelina Love said they specifically requested blue M&M's, so she started throwing them at Foley. Angelina called for the fashion police on Foley's polyster outfit, leading to an awkward exchange. They walked off, then Borash quipped to Foley, "Wouldn't you rather be in Velvet?" Foley laughed, then they shared an awkward laugh and high-five. Foley acknowledged the weak up-top and end the segment.

In-ring: Time for a six-person bimbo brawl, so Traci Brooks bounced to the ring as special referee. She forgot to pull her pants up. Unless that was intentional. In any event, Angelina and Velvet came out with Cute Kip first. It's quite obvious they are at another superstar level from the rest of the Knockouts. Rhaka Khan then came out in the strangest spaceship outfit possibly ever. ODB then came out and tossed her flash to some dude ringside already holding a brew. She then pounded her chest in the ring before Rhino came out as the final participant. Rhino slapped hands with Detroit Tiger Curtis Granderson, who was ringside. Cute Kip wanted a piece of Curtis, but Curtis brushed him away.


Rhino wanted a gore on Velvet at 2:00, but Kip made the save and pushed her out of the ring to begin a game of cat and mouse. Rhino ended up in the ring with Velvet, who tried a clothesline, but Rhino ducked and Rhaka tagged herself in. Rhino wasn't too pleased, then Kip tagged in to go face-to-face with Khan. They had a double chokeslam grip, but Khan turned it into a crotch grab. Kip hopped over to the corner and tagged out to Angelina, then ODB entered the picture to work over Angelina. At 6:00, the action broke down with ODB tackling Angelina to the floor. Rhino then blocked the Fameasser from Kip and nailed the Gore for the pin and the win. Rhino then celebrated with Khan and ODB after the match.

WINNERS: Team Rhino in 6:00. Entertaining undercard match. Won't be memorable in the grand scheme of things, but served its purpose. (*)

Backstage: Lauren was with Consequences Creed to discuss his X Division Title match tonight. Creed said that at BFG last year, he debuted, and now he gets the title shot this year. Creed said the way Sheik Abdul Bashir talks about the U.S. disgusts him. He said he'll be fighting for all Americans tonight.

In-ring: Sheik Abdul Bashir came to the ring for the title match, then Dave Penzer introduced Sgt. Daniel Casara from the U.S. Army to be honored in the ring. Penzer said he was injured in battle and Tenay said he has had 24 surgeries to recover. Casara came to the ring to a "U-S-A" chant, then he introduced Creed as the challenger while Daivari cursed him out under his breath. Creed helped Casara out of the ring, then Daivari took the mic and cursed Creed in his foreign language.

3 -- X Division champion SHEIK ABDUL BASHIR vs. CONSEQUENCES CREED -- X Division Title match

As Daivari put the mic down, Creed charged the ring and flipped into a clothesline on Bashir to start things off. Creed then knocked Daivari to the outside before cutting a promo for Tenay and West. Back in the ring, Creed picked up a nearfall following a top rope cross-body block. Daivari then caught Creed with a boot to the gut and he went on the offensive. Everytime Creed tried to make a comeback, Daivari cut him off with a frustrating mat hold. Frustrating in a good way from the perspective of him trying to win a match, not trying to be entertaining. Creed finally made a comeback at 7:00 with a gorilla press into gutbuster across his knees, but Daivari kicked out. He followed with an enziguiri kick before pointing up top. He took way too long, allowing Daivari to crotch him. Daivari then rolled up Creed near the ropes and secured the bottom rope for a three count despite Creed actually kicking out before three. Ref didn't see the kick-out or the rope-grab, so Daivari retained.

WINNER: Daivari in 10:00 to retain the X Division Title. Good singles match. Daivari won in a heelish way to generate about as authentic of a reaction you can get from a 2008 crowd, so it worked. Creed's journey continues on Rough Cut. (**)

Backstage: Foley was with Borash name-dropping Jim Ross while talking about the deal in the Hell in a Cell where he wiggled his tongue through the empty tooth to create a good visual. Raisha Saeed then barged in with Awesome Kong and demanded a word with Cornette. Foley said he's filling in for right now, but Raisha demanded answers. He joked about Raisha gimmick-infringing on The Rock, who he claimed to have on speed dial. Raisha wasn't amused, then she told Foley to relay a message to Cornette that Kong will not be responsible for the damage she inflicts tonight. They walked off, then Foley said he'll be sure to relay the message. Foley then got on the phone with East Lansing, Mich. for his clown friend.

In-ring: Awesome Kong came to the ring with Raisha to challenge for the Women's Title.

4 -- TNA Knockouts champion TAYLOR WILDE vs. AWESOME KONG (w/Raisha Saeed) vs. ROXXI -- Knockouts Title match

Taylor and Roxxi tried to work together early on, but their temporary alliance broke down when Roxxi flung Taylor to the outside. Kong then worked over Roxxi, but Roxxi came back with a swinging neckbreaker and running butt splash for a nearfall. Roxxi then went top and nailed a double-knee smash that took Kong off her feet for a nearfall. Kong has been knocked off her feet way too many times early on. She then got up, though, and nailed a double boot on both women that generated a few oohs from the crowd. Kong finally started to dominate with an implant buster on Roxxi, then a huge splash on Taylor for a nearfall. Kong then went up top for some reason, and Taylor knocked her off the top to the floor. Back in the ring, Taylor nailed a German Suplex with a bridge on Roxxi for the pin and the win. Kong was not particularly happy after the match.

WINNER: Taylor in 6:00 to retain the Knockouts Title. Short, but a good match. Exciting drama and some big moments from Kong, but Kong is being knocked off her feet far too many times to retain her monster image. Taylor continues to be a good champion for the Division, though. (*3/4)

Cornette's office: A.J. Styles cut an A.J. promo (imagine voice escalation, repeating some words twice for emphasis, and Styles having just taken three quick sips of Red Bull) about being glad that Mick Foley is here. He said he's usually not happy with the guys who come over from the "other company," but he's good with Foley being here. Team 3D barged in and called Styles a mark. Styles got in their faces, but Mick stepped in and sent Styles away to get ready for his big match tonight. Foley and Brother Ray shared a few words about ECW and WWE to feed TNA's inferiority complex, then Ray told him to stay out of their way and they would stay out of Foley's way.

In-ring: Steve McMichael came to the ring as special ref for the Monster's Ball match. The former lineman from the no. 1 ranked Texas Longhorns came out sporting a half-referee and half-Chicago Bears t-shirt. Out first was Beer Money, Inc. with James Storm sporting a beer helmet. Abyss led out Morgan, then Team 3D came out, and finally LAX.

5 -- TNA tag team champions BEER MONEY, INC. (ROBERT ROODE & JAMES STORM w/Miss Jackie) vs. ABYSS & MATT MORGAN vs. TEAM 3D (BROTHER RAY & BROTHER DEVON) vs. LAX (HOMICIDE & HERNANDEZ) -- Monster's Ball match -- TNA Tag Title match -- Steve McMichael special referee

The bell sounded and everyone tried to jump Beer Money while the fans chanted for tables. LAX got the first round of high spots, with Homicide nailing a dive onto BMI, followed by Hernandez flying over the top rope with a big splash on Roode and Storm. Hernandez strutted a little, so Ray popped him across the back with a chair shot. Back in the ring, Homicide picked up a fork and started to stab Devon's forehead ala Abdullah the Butcher to get a stream of blood from Devon. Abyss had enough of Homicide and gave him the Shock Treatment torture rack slam. Ray then entered the ring with a cheese grater and he nailed Abyss "right in the nuts," as West called it. He then opened up Abyss with a grater shot to the forehead. McMichael was a touch slow making counts here, but he ripped away a bag of tacks from Storm when he was teasing Abyss. BMI wasn't happy with that, so Storm put the beer helmet on and told McMichael to line up for a little showdown. Roode went to the QB position behind Storm, then McMichael exploded past Storm for a big clothesline on QB Roode. Nice swim move. Homicide tried to capitalize with a pin at 10:00, but McMichael didn't see it, so Roode kicked out.

Wrestling action resumed with Morgan landing a big splash on everyone on the floor, but Morgan clutched his right arm in pain after smashing his arm into the announce table. Having been on the front row for a TNA PPV, I can vouch that there is barely any room between the ring and the table based on TNA's configuration. Ray and Devon then took apart Abyss some more on the entrance ramp, but Devon accidentally nailed Ray when Abyss ducked a right hand. Suddenly, Johnny Devine showed up and cracked a Kendo stick over Abyss's back. He returned with a table and Ray held up lighter fluid. Ray and Devon doused the table with fluid, then Devine set the table on fire. Team 3D grabbed Abyss on stage, then they threw him down through the flaming table. Only one man in TNA would be dumb enough and that insecure to take that spot. Abyss remained on fire as he rolled into the fire, so staff used the fire extinguisher on him. He was still on fire, so another round of extinguishing was necessary. Abyss then rolled away under the curtain to disappear.

At 15:00, the action picked up in the ring where Hernandez landed a huge powerbomb on Storm. McMichael took forever to make a count, so Storm easily kicked out. Homicide then nailed a top rope splash on Roode and Roode kicked out. LAX became quite frustrated with McMichael's slowness. Announcers reasoned he's been the same for everyone. Homicide then nailed the gringo cutter on Storm, but Jackie hopped on McMichael's back to stop his count. McMichael spanked Jackie out of the ring, but Morgan entered the action to kick around LAX. Crowd was not into Morgan, who was getting booed. The crowd came back to life when Hernandez came back on Morgan with a giant Border Toss. Team 3D re-entered the ring at 19:00 and gave Homicide the "what's up?" diving headbutt to the crotch. 3D wanted tables, but Hernandez took out both members of LAX with a flying clothesline. He set up a table in the ring, then threw the tacks on the table with some help from McMichael. But, 3D recovered and put Hernandez through the table with tacks. Ray took some of the tacks himself, then Storm spewed beer in his eyes. Ray was taken out of the picture, then BMI scrambled to make the cover on a lifeless Hernandez for the pin.

WINNERS: Beer Money in 22:00 to retain the TNA Tag Titles. Heck of a stunt brawl if that's your kind of thing. Fortunately, the crowd has been red-hot all night, so this came off pretty well with tons of energy. Abyss taking a mid-match flaming table spot was typical Abyss. (***1/2)

In-ring: Booker with Sharmell, then Cage, then Styles came out to the ring. They took their time to give everyone a little breather after the wild gimmick match.

6 -- BOOKER T (w/Sharmell) vs. A.J. STYLES vs. CHRISTIAN CAGE

Action moved to the floor early on, with the ref being shoved aside by Styles, which caused Styles to get nailed in the face by Booker's briefcase behind the ref's back. Back in the ring, Booker worked over Christian and nailed a spin kick for a nearfall. Nice analysis here from Tenay and West on a standard ref's cadence on a three count (following Mongo's slow count), just like the players in baseball have to adjust to the strike zone of a home plate umpire. Good way to make this seem more like a sporting event. Styles finally re-entered the deal at 6:00 and nailed a leaping fist smash on Booker. He landed a short-arm clothesline, then caught Christian in the corner with a leaping splash. Styles looked a bit wobbly, but he went into that trademark drop down, leap frog, and dropsault combo. Only, Christian flipped Styles over on the dropsault and clotheslined Booker to the floor. Styles waited for Christian to turn around, then Styles nailed the dropsault on Christian. He followed with the back flip reverse DDT on Christian for a two count. Sweet goodness from Styles. Get that man in the ring and stop the stupid "character development" for Styles and he's a star.

Booker tried an axe kick on Styles, but Styles ducked down and rolled into an armbar in center ring. Christian broke it up, though. Booker then gave Styles the book-end, but Styles kicked out at 10:00. A tower of doom was formed in the corner, then Styles shoved Booker down and wanted the spiral tap on Christian, but Christian moved. Christian and Styles talked audibly about setting up a spot, then Booker landed an axe kick on both men. But, both men kicked out of a pin. The sequence took the crowd down for a sec, but they went back to a tower of doom spot. Clunky again. Christian ended up in position for the Unprettier and he dropped Styles in the corner. Booker then came flying off the top with the axe kick on Christian and he scored the pin and the win.

WINNER: Booker in 13:00. Some really good moments in this one from Styles, who is a star when he's in the ring. The two attempted Tower of Doom spots were unnecessary and hurt the flow of the match. Could have been well above three stars, but they tried to do too much here. (***)

Video package: They focused on the build-up to Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett tonight. ... Backstage, Lauren brought in Kurt Angle to discuss the match against Jeff. Angle said it's not one-on-one tonight since Mick Foley is there. He said he's going to make an example out of Jeff tonight. He addressed Jeff's three little girls that Jeff will stop bleeding. Eventually. ... Elsewhere, Borash was with Jarrett, who watched Angle's comments on a monitor. Borash spoke in hushed tones about what would happen to TNA if something happened to Jarrett. Jarrett choked back tears as he talked about everything he's gone through the past two years. He said his three girls kept him going even when there were days he didn't want to get up. Jeff said this one's for his girls. He then picked up his guitar and left.

7 -- JEFF JARRETT vs. KURT ANGLE -- Mick Foley special enforcer

Bell sounded and the fans chanted, "Thank you, Jeff." My, how things have changed from two-three years ago. Angle landed an early takedown during the feeling-out process, then Jeff recovered, only to be taken down again. Angle laughed, then Jeff went for a couple of headlocks to slow down Angle. Nice start to this one and they appear to be paced for a good 15-20 minutes tonight. The action moved to the floor at 4:00 and Jarrett landed a slingshot plancha. Angle came back with a whip into the guardrail, though, and Angle went on the offensive in the ring.

At 10:00, Angle missed with a shoulder tackle in the corner and nailed the ringpost. Jarrett then nailed a single-arm DDT and both men recovered on the mat. They came to their feet and exchanged standing right hand blows before Jarrett landed a series of decisive clotheslines for a two count. They went up top and had a battle that resulted in Jarrett landing a superplex for a close count. Jarrett then slapped on the figure four and Angle finally reached the bottom rope to get a rope break. Fans went into a dueling chant as Angle ducked a clothesline for a German suplex. He landed three of 'em, but Jarrett did the lazy shoulder-roll to "kick out."

Angle wanted the Olympic Slam at 15:00, but Jarrett rolled through into arm drag. Nice sequence with Jarrett slipping out of a back drop, but Angle slapped on the anklelock in center ring. Jarrett tried to get the ropes, but Angle kept the hold locked in. This probably looks ridiculous to an MMA fan who is accustomed to seeing guys tap in two seconds to a properly-applied anklelock. Jarrett finally flipped out of the hold, but Angle nailed the Olympic Slam for a two count. Angle went for the home run majestic moonsault, but Jarrett moved. Jarrett then sat up and gave himself a pep talk as he Hulked Up. Suddenly, ref was KO'ed on a ref bump. Jarrett then nailed the Stroke, but the ref was down. Foley instinctively jumped into the ring, though, and counted a nearfall.

Foley checked on the ref, then Angle nailed Jarrett with a low blow with Foley's back turned. Angle then went for a steel chair, but Foley said no way. Angle waited for Foley to look back at him, then he nailed Foley square in the face with a chair shot to the head. Some people never learn. Angle then went into the ring and smashed Jarrett with a chair shot to the head. Angle revived the ref as he pinned Jarrett, but Foley made a superman comeback and yanked the ref out of the ring. He then ran into the ring no-selling the chair shot and confronted Angle. Foley punched out Angle, then took out Socko from his pants and stuffed it down Angle's throat. Jarrett grabbed his guitar and then smashed it over Angle's head, causing Angle to take a lifeless flatback bump. Jarrett then made the cover and Foley counted it for the win.

WINNER: Jarrett in 20:00. Really nice match with a good story until the finish in typical Jarrett fashion. The finish didn't hurt the drama and it was fine on a relatively-clean card so far, but two clean chair shots to the head indicates some people just won't ever learn. Jarrett looked to be in great physical condition in his first match back. (****)

Video package: They focused on Samoa Joe and Sting. Not a single promo from either man on this show thus far. Barely any look or focus on your TNA champion, Samoa Joe. ... Backstage: They showed Sting slowly walking in anticipation of the main event. A video package aired, focusing on Sting winning gold the past two editions of BFG. Sting then came to the ring to a mixed reaction, as Tenay called it. Backstage, they showed Samoa Joe walking. After a video aired on Joe, he emerged talking trash on the way to the ring. Lots of boos for Joe.

8 -- TNA World Hvt. champion SAMOA JOE vs. STING -- TNA World Title match

Jeremy Borash was in the ring for the formal ring intros, which should give us a firm look at the fan reactions. Ref Earl Hebner was booed. No surprise. Sting, at 255 lbs., was booed a little and cheered a little. Samoa Joe, at 290 lbs., was mainly booed. The bell then sounded and both men tried to attack each other. And this quickly moved to the floor where Joe landed a flying smash following a suicide dive. Action went into the crowd where Joe dragged Sting toward the bleacher seats. They went to the very top of the first level of seating to give us a good look at the upper section completely tarped off. Joe then ran off a luxury box with a sick dropkick that took him about seven rows in the air. Sting flew down a few steps, and Joe landed on the edge of the stairs, which must have been a ridiculously hard landing. They continued to brawl all over the arena after this, then they finally made it back to ringside after five minutes of craziness.

Back in the ring, Joe worked over Sting and landed a hard chop to the chest. Sting tried to fire back, then he caught Joe with a nice tornado DDT. Sting then came off the top with a frog splash for a nearfall. Joe suddenly popped up and kicked Sting in the gut, landed a powerbomb, got a two count, and rolled right into an STF. He transferred into a crossface, but Sting escaped. Awesome sequence where Sting fired up on his feet, slapped Joe, bounced off the ropes, but Joe answered with a snap powerslam for a two count.

Joe then played to the hard camera at 10:00 instead of seizing his prey, allowing Sting to move out of the way of a corner clothesline and hit the Stinger Splash. Sting then nailed a Muscle Buster, but Joe popped up and no-sold. He popped Sting with a chop, then nailed Sting's reverse DDT. But, this time, Sting popped up and no-sold. Joe turned around and tried to tackle Sting, but Sting moved and nailed another Stinger Splash. Joe blocked a second one, though, and hit his E. Honda front slam toss. Both men recovered at 12:00, then Joe landed knee strikes. He told Earl to apply a ten-count and Joe flexed for the hard camera. Sting got up at eight, then Joe started kicking the back of his leg. He landed a hard kick to the head and Earl checked on Sting before starting another ten count. Joe became unsatisfied when Hebner reached eight, so he landed punches on Sting. Earl and Joe had a discussion, then Kevin Nash strolled out to ringside. Nash walked over to where Sting was recovering and he surveyed the situation. Joe and Earl continued to talk, then Joe finally went back on the attack.

Joe landed a DDT, then Joe and Earl continued their talk. Sting, meanwhile, grabbed the baseball bat and wanted to use it, but Nash ripped it away from Sting. Joe landed a clothesline for a nearfall, then he went for a move off the ropes, but Nash smashed (well, kinda love-tapped him) on the back. Joe stumbled down to his knees and turned around to face Nash, but Sting caught him from behind and positioned him for a reverse DDT. Sting then rolled Joe over and made the cover for the win. Afterward, Nash stoically walked up the entrance ramp with the bat over his shoulder. Sting celebrated the title victory and Joe remained motionless on the mat to close the PPV.

WINNER: Sting in 16:00 to capture the TNA World Title. This was a really good main event match...until the finishing sequence that killed the momentum. Joe and Earl having an endless debate hurt the match, then Nash turning on Joe was straight out of the WCW playbook. Look at the winners in the last three matches... Booker, Jarrett, and Sting. Throw in Nash and Foley as "winners" and you can see where this company is stuck in life 10 years ago. (***1/2)

We welcome your 0-10 score and comments on this show for a "TNA PPV Reax" feature in the Torch Feedback section of To contribute your thoughts on the PPV, click here.

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