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KELLER'S TNA BOUND FOR GLORY PPV REPORT 10/12: Ongoing "virtual time" coverage of live event

Oct 12, 2008 - 9:19:11 PM

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

OCTOBER 12, 2008

-A video package aired previewing the event. Then Mike Tenay and Don West introduced the show as the camera panned the crowd. It panned the crowd in that old early-'90s WCW manner where you could tell they were doing close-ups to hide the clusters of empty seats if they went too wide. It still felt much bigger and more major league than usual for TNA. Tenay said it was "quite honestly" TNA's biggest event ever.


Tenay and West talked of Shelley and Sabin having an advantage in terms of teamwork and experience. They noted that Super Eric, Shark Boy, and Curry had the pure numbers advantage. Lots of spots early. Lots and lots of spots. Sabin leaped off of Shelley's back with a flying kick at Curry who was standing on the ropes. By 5:00 the crowd broke into a chant of "TNA, TNA..." Referee Rudy Charles was posted at the top of the domed red cage to watch to see who escaped first in case it was a photo finish. Shelley and Sabin got the majority of the offense. By 8:00 they were the last men standing other than Petey. Petey made a comeback with a Canadian Destroyer and then climbed the side of the cage. Sabin followed. Shark gave Petey and Sabin a double-stunner off the ropes. Rave got up and gave Shark his Rock the World finisher, then he climbed the cage. Devine yanked him back to the mat and delivered Devine Intervention. That move was among the most reckless and dangerous looking I've ever seen, with Devine dropping Rave right on his head awkwardly from a flip powerbomb type position. Lethal went for the Lethal Combination, but Devine reversed it and then moonsaulted him. As Devine and Dutt fought on the top rope, Curry joined in. He yanked Dutt to the mat, then pressed him and threw him upside down into the corner. Curry climbed to the dome's opening. Dutt caught up to him and knocked him to the mat. Curry landed on the mat feet-first with a thud. Lethal and Dutt hung upside down from the dome and punched each other. Lethal got the better of the exchange and then climbed out of the hole for the win.

WINNER: Lethal in 11:00 to earn an X Title shot.

STAR RATING: **3/4 -- Tough to grade a match like this on any standard as it was packed with highspots and told a better story than average for this type of match, but still felt like too much packed into too short of a time and too small a space. The crowd heats was good, the spots were mostly on, the finish was dramatic, so I'll go thumbs up. It's such a shame once it's over, it's pretty much forgotten about. It's also a shame that years into the X Division, they'll treated as a division where most of the talent is shoved into the same opening match.

-Tenay and West were shown on camera. Tenay wasn't wearing a tuxedo, which was nice. They previewed the rest of the matches of the show.

-Backstage Jim Cornette told Jeremy Borash how excited he was about Bound for Glory. He said he was proud of the role he's played in putting the card together. Mick Foley walked into the room. Foley told Cornette he appreciates Cornette letting him drive with the Midnight Express. He started to tell a story about putting a glass up against the wall to listen to "Sweet" Stan Lane's room. Cornette hushed him. Cornette told Foley he's a big part of Bound for Glory being the biggest event in TNA history. He said TNA Impact is going to debut in High-Def a week from Thursday with a live show from Las Vegas, so he has to go meet with some officials from Vegas. He left the office. Borash told Foley that Cornette almost never leaves his office, so he must trust him. The Beautiful People barged into the office looking for Cornette. Angelina Love told Velvet Sky they have bigger problems than "who this man is," pointing at Foley. Funny. They complained of having the wrong colored MnMs in their locker room. Sky complained about Foley's shirt being made of polyester and having dandruff all over it. They yelled at Foley to get the MnM situation taken care of. Borash made a joke about how Foley would "rather be in velvet." They laughed at the joke and high-fived, with Foley breaking into a Borat impression.


There's still no reason for this to be called a "Bimbo Brawl," but TNA has a thing for alliterations and naming their matches, sometimes for no reason. Traci Brooks was introduced as the special referee. She wiggled upon entering the ring and then bounced up and down, exuding self-esteem and dignity like any good authority-figure should. Rhino hugged Curtis Granderson of the Detroit Tigers who was front row. Kip also walked up to him and chatted briefly. We got the uncomfortable man-on-woman violence in this. First, Rhino caught Sky taking a shot at him. He twisted her arm. Khan tagged herself in, so Rhino left the ring. She called for Kip. Kip smiled and entered the ring. She got in his face. He grabbed her throat. She grabbed his throat. It was played for comedy as their facial expressions were cartoonish. Kip choked her again. She low-blowed him, then applied a crotch claw. West said, "It doesn't matter how big you are or what size you are, that will bring any man down to size." Love tagged in. Khan applied an armbar, then ODB tagged herself in. Kip KO'd ODB with a make-up box. ODB went down in a heap. Love made the cover and Traci counted to two. ODB spanked herself in the ass repeatedly to celebrate a back suplex on Love. She slapped her face and then tagged in Rhino. Kip corner splashed Rhino, then set up a Fameasser. Rhino scored with a Gore out of nowhere for the win.

WINNERS: Rhino & ODB & Khan in 5:00.

STAR RATING: * -- Ring intros took almost as long as the match, although that's not necessarily a bad thing because a little bit of Kip goes a long way.

-Lauren interviewed Consequences Creed who said Sheik Abdul Bashir's words about America disgust him. He said, "If you don't love it, leave it." (Those in favor of slavery could have made that argument to those who fought to abolish it. Instead of leaving, though, those against slavery stuck around to fight for what was right and changed this country for the better. Same for civil rights, women's suffrage, etc. So that's probably not the best cliche to repeat, even in this situation.)

3 -- SHEIK ABDUL BASHIR vs. CONSEQUENCES CREED -- X Division Title match

West said what's disgusting about Bashir is he's in America living the best life he could possibly live anywhere and he rubs that in our faces. Next, the ring announcer introduced a soldier from Chicago, Sgt. Daniel Casara, who has endured 24 surgeries after being severely injured in battle. Tenay said it was an honor to meet him earlier. West said young men like this who put their lives on the line allow us to have this wonderful freedom that we have today. Casara then introduced Creed. Bashir tried to talk into the mic, but his mic was cut. It was turned back on seconds later. He angrily yelled in farsi. Creed charged into the ring and took early advantage, flip-diving onto Bashir at ringside. Bashir took over at 2:00. He threw Creed into the security guard rails. The crowd chanted "USA, USA..." as Bashir settled into a bearhug on the mat. Creed elbowed out. Bashir settled into a body scissors, then shifted to a sleeper at 5:00. Creed punched out and schoolboyed Bashir for a two count. Bashir went right back to a sleeper. Creed dropped to the mat. The ref dropped his arm twice. The third time Creed held his arm up. West was surprised. He was the only one anywhere. Creed dropkicked Bashir, then collapsed himself. The ref counted with both men down. Both got up around five. Creed pressed Bashir and then dropped him onto his knees for a near fall that drew "oohs" and "ahhs" from the crowd at 10:00. Creed KO'd Bashir with a spinning roundhouse kick, then nipped up and climbed to the top rope. He postured to the crowd, giving Bashir time to get up. Bashir snap huracanrana'd him to the mat for a near fall. A minute later Bashir scored a three count with a roll-up and a grip on the middle rope for leverage. Sloppy pin as Creed kicked out before three but the ref counted anyway. No replay was offered. Why did Creed lift his shoulder before three if that was the finish?

WINNER: Bashir in 11:00 to retain the X Title.

STAR RATING: **1/4 -- Started okay. The middle was a little too slow with extended mat work. The build to the finish was solid. The actual pin was sloppy and really hurt.

-They went backstage where Foley was talking to Borash about people thinking he was smiling after taking that big bump off the cage. He said he had the presence of mind to try to stick his tongue through the hole in his mouth for a "good visual." Awesome Kong and Raisha Saeed barged in. Saeed demanded to know why he was there. As Foley talked about filling in for Cornette, Saeed interrupted with, "It doesn't matter why you are here!" Foley said that was gimmick infringement and he has Rock on speed dial. Saeed said Kong is not in a good mood. She told Foley to tell Cornette that he has been warned. Foley said Saeed seems misunderstood. He said she needs a visit from Yurpil the Clown. He got on the phone to East Lansing, Mich. to "Yurpil & Jo-Jos Fun-Time Palace."

-A video feature aired with Taylor talking about her match. She said it's a clash of personalities and styles. Roxxi said she's done a lot to prove herself and show she deserves a chance at the title. She promised payback to Kong for giving her stitches. Roxxi said it's her time to show what she can do. Taylor said anything can happen. Taylor still looks she was plucked right out of World Class Championship Wrestling back in 1984.

4 -- TAYLOR WILDE vs. AWESOME KONG (w/Raisha Saeed) vs. ROXXI -- TNA Knockouts Title match

Roxxi and Taylor worked together to double-team Kong early, knocking her out of the ring with a Rock & Roll Express double dropkick. Taylor appeared to come up about three feet short, though, and Roxxi barely grazed her. Still, Kong dutifully rolled out of the ring. Roxxi and Taylor locked up mid-ring. Kong returned to the ring at 2:00. Saeed yanked Roxxi out of the ring by her legs and stomped on her on the floor as Kong beat on Taylor in the ring. A minute later Roxxi returned to the ring and went on a flurry of offense. She dove off the top rope with a double knee onto Kong for a one count; Taylor broke it up. Roxxi lifted Taylor, but Kong kicked both of them over. Kong bodyblocked Roxxi for a two count. Tenay and West noted they hadn't seen that move from Kong before. Kong followed up with an Implant Buster for a two count. Kong chopped Taylor to the mat with a hard chop. Kong climbed to the top rope. West said, "Get a spatula." Taylor met Kong on the second rope and kicked her to the floor. Taylor then bridge suplexed Roxxi for the win. Tenay said Taylor wisely took advantage of Kong being knocked to the floor.

WINNER: Taylor in 6:00 to retain the TNA Knockouts Title.

STAR RATING: *3/4 -- Solid six minute match. Most well executed.

-Tenay talked about the crowd as the camera panned the arena. The upper deck was completely blocked off, and some lower deck seats were empty near the entrance set.

-A.J. Styles approached Foley backstage. Styles said he's glad he's there, but he's not happy about everyone from the other company who comes to TNA. (At least he didn't say "up North" in reference to WWE.) Brother Ray walked in and told Styles he's a "huge mark." He said he's no big deal and told him "kiss him on the mouth already." Styles and Devon almost came to blows. Foley stepped between them. Foley encouraged Styles to prepare for his big match. Styles left. Foley asked Ray why of all wardrobes in the world, why did he raid his. "You stole my gimmick," Foley said. Ray shot back, "Hey, Cactus. Good to see you, old buddy." He said he looks better in that outfit than he ever did, adding, "You're not going to be walking on "Project Runway" anytime soon." Should Rey's character have ever even heard of "Project Runway"? He said just like in ECW and WWE, he and Devon have run rampant in TNA. Foley said he's already tired of hearing him brag about 20 tag team title reigns. Ray said that's more times than he's ever showered. Foley said he has to get ready to be special enforcer for Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle. Team 3D left with a last sarcastic "bang bang" for good measure. Cornette walked back into the office and asked if he missed anything. Foley said not much. Foley added he'll be the "sock of the walk tonight." Cornette asked Borash if he said "sock."

-A video package introduced the Monster's Ball.

5 -- BEER MONEY INC. (Robert Roode & James Storm w/Jacqueline) vs. TEAM 3D vs. MATT MORGAN & ABYSS vs. LAX (Homicide & Hernandez) -- Monster's Ball TNA Tag Team Title match

Steve "Mongo" McMichael walked out wearing a half ref shirt in the front and a half Chicago Bears jersey on the back. The crowd chanted, "We want tables!" early. At 2:00, right on cue with all of his other matches, Hernandez dove to ringside with a flying shoulder onto both Roode and Storm. West, who sees that move nearly every week, still exclaimed, "Unbelievable! Un-be-lievable!" Devon bled early. Ray used a cheese grater against Abyss's forehead, then licked the grater. He went back to slicing Abyss's forehead with it, then licked the blood off of it. We don't need that. As prudish as it may sound to the hardcore wrestling mind, that's just something management should stop anyone from doing for multiple reasons. Morgan walked the top rope and then dove onto Storm for a two count. West thought Mongo's counts were slow. They were. It was one of those pins, too, where Storm's shoulders were down and Morgan had him covered for three, but because Roode kicked Morgan at two, the ref needlessly stopped the count. Roode and Storm got in Mongo's face at 8:00. Storm put on his football beer helmet. He challenged Mongo to a mini-football game. Mongo clotheslined Roode. Homicide made the cover for a near fall. West said at least Mongo is counting slowly for everyone. Hernandez clotheslined Roode to the floor at 9:00. The crowd again chanted for tables. Morgan stood mid-ring and kept everyone out. Everyone else brawled at ringside. Morgan climbed to the top rope and dove onto a crowd on the floor. Team 3D pummeled Abyss with trash cans up the ramp. Ray then used a staple gun against Abyss's forehead. Abyss came back after Ray mistakenly hit Devon. Devine came out and hit Abyss from behind with a kendo stick. West and Tenay played up the disadvantage to Abyss since he's vowed not to use weapons. Devine and Devon set up a table on the floor by the stage. Ray and Devon then held up bottles of lighter fluid. They squirted it all over the table on the floor. Devine lit his kendo stick on fire and then set the table on fire. Abyss was on fire for six seconds. Two people with fire extinguishers put the fire out at first, then scurried away to try to stay off camera. The unfortunate part is they didn't actually put the fire out completely. Abyss panicked briefly as he tried to pat out the fire with his hands. The guys rushed back out and made sure they extinguished the fire this time. West said it's good those guys were standing by "just in case."

Meanwhile, back in the ring the others brawled in the ring. A "This is awesome!" chant broke out. Hernandez caught Storm in mid-air and then hit a sitout powerbomb for a two count. Mongo's count was slow again. Hernandez complained. Hernandez lifted Roode and then dropped him just in time for a Homicide frog splash for a two count. Homicide also complained about the slow count. LAX gave Storm a Gringos Cutter. Jackie stopped Mongo's count. Mongo spanked her in retaliation. Morgan came back into the ring and threw some punches and then gave Hernandez a big boot. Homicide ducked a clothesline. Homicide slipped out of Morgan's arms, so he just dropped him. Fans sensed a botched spot and did the asshole booing when something doesn't go perfectly. Homicide gave Morgan a Border Toss. Morgan rolled out of the ring as Hernandez celebrated. Brothe rRay returned to the ring and slammed Hernandez. Devon then gave him the diving headbutt to the crotch. As they signalled for the tables, Hernandez gave them both a springboard clothesline. Hernadez set up a table mid-ring.In one of those embarrassing moments, he couldn't get the knot untied. Why is there a knot in that bag to begin with? He eventually asked Mongo for help and then told him to pour them on the table. Mongo did just that. As Hernandez set up a powerbomb on Devon, Ray made the save. Team 3D gave Hernandez the 3D on the table. Storm spit beer in Devon's eyes, then Roode made the cover. Mongo counted to three. Abyss hadn't been seen since being set on fire. Hernandez grabbed a bag of thumb tacks. The announcers didn't mention him or wonder how he was doing or promise an update. He was only set on fire, after all, hardly worth talking about. Even after the replay of the powerbomb through the flames, they just breezed through that to the finish with the thumb tacks. There should have been a lot more curiosity - intense, urgent curiosity - about Abyss's condition.

WINNERS: Beer Money Inc. in 22:00 to retain the TNA Tag Team Titles.

STAR RATING: ***1/4 -- They pulled that off as an exciting match. There was four stars worth of action, but it crossed into gratuitousness and dangerous and a few times awkward (knot in the bag) and dangerous (obviously the fire). But a lot to satisfy fans who like that style. It felt like a big deal type of match given the time it was allotted and all that happened.

-A video package aired on Christian vs. Styles vs. Booker T. It talked about Styles as a TNA star from day one defending the honor of the company. It characterized Christian as an accomplished veteran who helped take TNA to the next level. And then Booker T as a wrestling legend looking to guide TNA to mainstream dominance. It's still odd to hear Booker's main desire to be characterized as wanting to help TNA become bigger rather than treat TNA as already being a big deal and just talk about his desire to win more titles. Why would a heel give a rat's ass about TNA's growth? And why in the process acknowledge that TNA needs to grow?


Christian walked out at the start and watched from ringside as Styles and Booker battled. A few seconds in, he entered the ring and got in Booker's face. Booker asked if he's with him. Christian and Booker shook hands, but Booker turned his back and immediately Christian DDT'd him. Styles and Christian then battled. Styles did a backflip dive off the top rope. He barely grazed Christian, who had to make a great effort to catch him and barely did. It just looked choreographed and awkward. Of course, TNA replayed it in slo-mo. Styles threw ref Shane Sewell to the side, but then Sharmell handed Booker the mystery briefcase, which Booker then used against Styles. Booker battled Christian in the ring with Styles KO'd on the floor. At 5:00 when Styles tried to re-enter the ring, Booker knocked him back down. Christian surprised Booker with a small package for a near fall. Styles eventually got back into the match. There was a cool spot where Christian run underneath Styles in mid-air and clotheslined Booker to the floor. Styles nailed Christian with a dropkick right afterward. Tenay called it "freakin' poetry in motion." Christian came back with an Unprettier attmept, but Styles escaped and flipped into an interted DDT attempt. Booker intervened. Styles knocked him out of the ring, then hit the inverted DDT. Eventually all three battled. Christian mocked Booker's set-up for the Spinarooni. Styles intervened and hit Booker with a Pele kick. Christian surprised Styles with a DDT for a very near fall. Styles was a bit late kicking out. Styles dropped Christian to the mat. Styles went for Spinal Tap. Christian moved. Booker then gave both Styles and Christian a double-axe kick. he covered Styles and got a two count. Booker crawled over and covered Christian, who also kicked out. Booker climbed to the top rope at 12:00. Styles knocked him off balance. Christian speared a charging Styles or a two count. Christian catapulted Styles into the corner. He joined Styles on the second rope. Christian gave Styles an augmented Unprettier off the ropes. Booker then leaped off the top rope with an axe kick on Christian for the win.

WINNER: Booker T in 13:00.

STAR RATING: *** -- There was too much that was too contrived looking and overly complex, including the awkward moment at the very end where Christian just stood there bent over waiting for Booker to hit his spot of the axe kick off the top rope. There was enough good about this match, though, that overall it was above-average. They definitely worked hard to produce a PPV-caliber match that filled its slot well.

-A video package aired on the Jarrett-Angle feud. It included a photo of Jarrett's three daughters and a replay of Angle telling Jarrett to tell his daughters that "daddy's not coming home after Bound for Glory." I love how they totally tapped into that same phrase that Jeff had to tell his daughters about mommy on her last trip to the hospital before she died. What a great way to cash in on a personal tragedy of the death of one's wife, incorporate the daughters into it, and sell extra tickets! A lot of wrestlers have daughters, although they're never talked about on the air. But very few wrestlers have daughters who recently lost their mommy to a terrible disease, so what an opportunity to bring their sorrow into this to really get a heel over. (I know, it's Jarrett's life story to use how he wants, but someone in TNA should have had the sense to let him know that playing up the real-life death of his wife was bad enough, but bringing his very young daughters into it isn't entertaining in the context of pro wrestling. It's at best tone deaf and at worst exploitative and desperate.)

-Lauren interviewed Angle backstage. He complained about Foley being the "ring enforcer." He said he's there to protect Jarrett. He said he doesn't give a damn of Jarrett is the owner of TNA or if his little girls are watching the match. Angle complained that Jarrett showed him up, so he's going to make an example of him. He told his daughters, "Don't worry, daddy will stop bleeding... eventually."

-Elsewhere backstage Borash interviewed Jarrett. He said people are concerned. He asked what would that mean to the company if something happened to him. Jarrett cried and struggled to speak. He said Borash knows there are days he struggled to get out of bed, but his daughters kept his going. He said they gave him the strength to be the man he knows he can be, so he's doing it for them.

7 -- KURT ANGLE vs. JEFF JARRETT with Mick Foley as special enforcer

Foley was introduced first, then Angle, then Jarrett. Angle flipped off Foley during pre-match instructions. The crowd chanted "Thank you, Jeff" in the opening seconds of the match. Angle outwrestled Jarrett early. Jarrett came back and locked on a series of three headlocks. Angle came back at 4:00 with some uppercuts. Jarrett fired back with a leapfrog and dropkick. Then he clotheslined Angle to the floor. He followed with a slingshot bodyblock to the floor onto Angle. Angle dominated for a few minutes until Jarrett hit an enzuigiri at 8:00. He then did the Jarrett Strut. Angle replied with a hard clothesline. Both were slow to get up. Angle went to a long side headlock. At 11:00 Jarrett came back with a DDT. Both were slow to get up. Jarrett top rope superplexed Angle at 14:00 for a near fall. Jarrett followed up with a figure-four. Angle reached the bottom rope to force a break. Angle hit a series of German suplexes, then applied the anklelock at 16:00. Jarrett reached for the bottom rope, but couldn't quite get there. Jarrett flipped out of it, but didn't have the strength to stand. Angle gave him an Angle slam for a near fall. Angle climbed to the top rope, but was unsteady and slow doing it. When he flipped into a moonsault, Jarrett moved. Jarrett then sat up and began to shake his fists to indicate a comeback. Angle charged with a clothesline, but Jarrett ducked and the ref went down. Jarrett hit The Stroke. Foley entered the ring and counted. Angle kicked out just before three. Foley then checked on the ref. Angle then gave Jarrett a low-blow. Angle rolled out of the ring and grabbed a chair. Foley said he can't use the chair. Angle swung and KO'd Foley in the skull with the chair. It was unprotected, of course, because Foley just hasn't had enough concussions. Angle entered and did the same to Jarrett. He dragged Jarrett to mid-ring, revived the ref as best he could, and made the cover. The ref counted to two. Foley, though, yanked the ref by his leg out of the ring. He then entered the ring and punched Angle. Then he reached into his pants and pulled out Mr. Socko. Tenay called it "the sock." Apparently Mr. Socko is property of WWE. Tenay was able to call the Mandible Claw by name when Foley applied it. Jarrett then bashed Angle over the head with his guitar and Foley counted the pin. Tenay named Jarrett's three daughters and told them this match was dedicated to them. They better not be actually watching.

WINNER: Jarrett in 21:00.

STAR RATING: ***1/2 -- A good old-school match for most of it, but a bit slow with some bland extended mat holds. Things picked up half way through. The finishing sequence played out dramatically and was well-timed, but it felt like so many other TNA main event finishes that were overly convoluted. It set up Foley vs. Angle if they want to go there.

8 -- SAMOA JOE vs. STING -- TNA World Hvt. Title match

After ring intros, Jeremy Borash did the "big match" in-ring introductions. Sting got mild cheers and almost no catcalls. Not really a superstar reaction, but his character is muddled right now, fans obviously aren't sure what to think or how to react to him. Joe got mostly boos and a few scattered cheers. It's sad when the booking of TNA led to a crowd reaction for main event ring intros so ambivalent. If the ratings aren't an indictment of this booking approach, that should be. Joe opened with an early dive through the ropes with an elbow that almost hit Sting's face at ringside. Joe threw a chop and headbutt at ringside. They took it into the crowd at 1:00. Since they hadn't done that yet on the show, it was effective. It's also a good way to hide Sting's limitations by having a stand-up brawl for easy heat. Joe dragged him through the crowd where fans cheered on the action. They brawled all the way up to an empty luxury box. Joe leaped out of it and dropkicked Stingand landed hard on the stairs, almost crotching a guard rail. Crazy spot. They brawled back to ringside. Sting leaped off the hockey boards onto Joe among fans at 7:00. A chant of "TNA, TNA" broke out. Sting took control of the brawl. He yelled and the fans yelled back. Sting leaped at Joe, but Joe crotched him and then gave him a ole' kick. Another chant of "TNA, TNA" broke out. At 8:00 they entered the ring for the first time since the opening seconds. The crowd sang, "Joe's gonna kill you." Tenay said the respect from fans for Joe is growing tonight because of his performance in this match.

Joe attempted a Muscle Buster, but Sting fought out of it and then gave Joe a leaping DDT that slipped out and came up short. Some fans booed. Sting hit a top rope splash for a two count. Joe came back with a powerbomb for a two count. Joe rolled right into an STF. Sting draped a leg over the bottom rope to force a break. Joe came back with a snap powerslam for a two count at 11:00. Joe paced in the ring and let Sting get up. Joe whipped him into the corner. Sting moved and then hit a sudden Stinger Splash. He gave Joe a Muscle Buster, but Joe popped up and no-sold it. Joe chopped Sting hard in the chest twice, then hit a hard corner clothesline. He slapped him twice and then delivered a Scorpion Death Drop. Sting, though, popped up, no-selling that. No-selling spots are very 1985 and almost always counter-productive in the big picture. Joe gave Sting a one-armed slam, then kneeled and waited for Sting to get up. Tenay said he saw in his face a level of intensity that he's never seen before from him. Joe kneelifted Sting and dropped him hard onto his back. Joe again sat back in the corner and waited for Sting to get up before the ref's ten count. West said to Joe this may not be about the title, but may be about making this Sting's last match. A battle of chants took place with "Let's Go Joe" and "Let's Go Sting." The crowd was into the match and split on what they wanted to see happen. Joe continued to just stand and shake his head at Sting as the ref counted him down. When the ref got to eight, Joe stepped in and pounded away at him. The ref scolded Joe. Joe got in the ref's face. Kevin Nash then walked to the ring with a very serious look. Tenay said they hadn't seen him in TNA in months. Nash chewed gum and stood at ringside as Joe continued to talk to the ref. Joe finally turned back to Sting and gave him a DDT. It was 56 minutes into the third hour at this point, so there was little mystery the finish was very, very near. Sting reached for his baseball bat in the corner. He grabbed it and got up. Nash yanked it away. Joe then clotheslined Sting and scored a near fall. Joe ran into the ropes. Nash swung the bat and KO'd Joe from behind. Tenay asked, 'What in the hell did we just see?" As Joe looked at Nash, Sting gave Joe a Scorpion Death Drop for the win.

WINNER: Sting at 17:00 to win the TNA World Hvt. Title for the third BFG PPV in a row.

STAR RATING: ***1/4 -- Another fine match that fit its slot on the PPV well. The really slow spots near the end with Joe just waiting around seemed odd, even with the story they were trying to weave. The finish was horrible because Nash at first interfered in a way that could have easily, out of his control, led to Joe winning, so his turning on Joe a minute later wasn't an opportunity he knew he'd have again, so it was just one of those utterly low-IQ booking finishes that we all too often see in TNA - too clever by half.

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PWTorch offers a VIP membership for $10 a month (or less with an annual sub). It includes nearly 25 years worth of archives from our coverage of pro wrestling dating back to PWTorch Newsletters from the late-'80s filled with insider secrets from every era that are available to VIPers in digital PDF format and Keller's radio show from the early 1990s.

Also, new exclusive top-shelf content every day including a new VIP-exclusive weekly 16 page digital magazine-style (PC and iPad compatible) PDF newsletter packed with exclusive articles and news.

The following features come with a VIP membership which tens of thousands of fans worldwide have enjoyed for many years...

-New Digital PWTorch Newsletter every week
-3 New Digital PDF Back Issues from 5, 10, 20 years ago
-Over 60 new VIP Audio Shows each week
-Ad-free access to all free articles
-VIP Forum access with daily interaction with PWTorch staff and well-informed fellow wrestling fans
-Tons of archived audio and text articles
-Decades of Torch Talk insider interviews in transcript and audio formats with big name stars.


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