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CALDWELL'S TNA TURNING POINT PPV REPORT 11/9: Ongoing "virtual time" coverage of live PPV

Nov 9, 2008 - 9:54:46 PM

By James Caldwell, PWTorch columnist

TNA Turning Point PPV Report
November 9, 2008
Orlando, Fla.
By James Caldwell, Torch columnist

We're in Orlando this month. The PPV opened with the PPV trailer video package that was online earlier this week. Key quotes that I posted in the Daily Word on Wednesday...

Sting as heel Steve Borden: "Ah c'mon, you gotta be kidding me. They're going to tune into TNA to watch what's happening because of same of the names. That's just a shoot. Period."

Kurt Angle as, well, Kurt Angle: "These young guys think that they know everything and they don't. They're not going to fill seats and they're not going to draw PPV buys. We are. And if they can't respect that, then screw them."

Angle: "Who's Samoa Joe? If I saw him in an airport, I wouldn't recognize him."

Borden: "You've got a generation of guys that just are expecting their cake and they want to eat it too. They want the big contract. Now."

Samoa Joe: "Why are these guys getting paid almost two, three times what most of the wrestlers working their asses of for TNA are getting paid? And they barely even show up."

Angle: "Yeah, we make a lot of money. A heck of a lot more than them. But, we deserve it. We are the ones who make the show. And we are the only ones who will continue to do it until these dumbasses smarten up."

Booker T, with accent: "I have been here one year and the ratings have been through the roof." JC: If the roof is on a very tiny house with the top floor 1.0 and the bottom floor 0.9.

A.J. Styles: "The issues that I have with the veterans are simply, 'What are you doing here? Did you not save your money?' You don't want to pass the torch? Fine, we'll take it from you. It's not about respect. It's about the veterans losing the spotlight."

BACKSTAGE: A stretch limo pulled up, then Kurt Angle, Sharmell, Booker T, Kevin Nash, Scott Steiner, and Steve Borden walked out of the limo. They all ignored Jeremy Borash, but Steiner stopped short and hyped up the Mafia. Steiner said they earned their respect and paid their dues, so it's shocking to them to see the young punks reading their comic books and playing video games. He said they're ending the War tonight before it even gets started. Steiner said the young punks don't even deserve to be in the same ring with them.

IMPACT ZONE: They're going for the generic X Division rankings match to start things off. Consequences Creed, Sonjay Dutt with So Cal Val, Petey Williams, Jimmy Rave, Volador, Eric Young, Doug Williams, Tanahashi, Homicide (biggest pop), and Jay Lethal came out for the match. Order of elimination will determine the top 10 rankings with the winner getting a title shot.


Lucha Rules match here. Dude leaves the ring and someone else can jump in for the one-on-one action. No gauntlet this month. Lethal and Volador had a Lucha exchange into a stand-off that generated a nice standing ovation from the crowd. Volador then worked on Dutt and nailed a top rope huracanrana for the pin and the first elimination at 7:00. Dutt gone (#10). Volador then took out Jimmy Rave on the floor. Rave recovered immediately in the ring and nailed the Rock the World slam on Volador for the pin. Volador out (#9). Doug Williams then stepped in and nailed his signature victory roll into rolling German Suplex on Rave for the pin. Nice. Rave out at #8.

Petey teased the Canadian Destroyer at 7:00, but the whole deal just broke down in the ring. Homicide then went for a big dive through the ropes onto wrestlers on the floor, but he over-shot badly and smashed his legs on the guardrail. The referees came over and checked on Homicide, saying he's injured. Hernandez then showed up and helped Homicide, who was declared eliminated being unable to continue. Homicide out at #7.

At 10:00, the six remaining men squared off to set up Creed and Petey exchanging slaps to the chest. They went into video game style with some counters until Petey nailed the Canadian Destroyer out of nowhere for the pin. Creed out at #6. Doug and Tanahashi then double-teamed Petey and Tanahashi hit a top rope frog splash on Petey pretty much directly on Petey's head for the pin. Petey #5. Lethal then eliminated Tanahashi with a small package. Tanahashi picks up #4. Doug, Young, and Lethal the final three tonight.

At 15:00, Petey blocked Doug's rolling German Suplex and hit a hangman's neckbreaker for the pin to eliminate Doug. He grabs #3. So, it's Young vs. Lethal. They had a nice exchange, then a stand-off, before going back to work on each other. A little sloppy here, with both guys going way too fast and trying to do too much. Young then executed a Northern Lights Suplex and held onto Lethal to secure a three count for the win. Lethal gets #2.

WINNER: Eric Young in 18:00. Good credibility boost for Young to continue rebuilding him. A little heavy on the highspots in a typical X Division match, but not over-done as is the case in X Division Gauntlet match type deals. Good opener. (**1/2)

Afterward, Young took the mic. Petey and Creed returned to the ring to join Petey and Lethal, then Young addressed the Main Event Mafia. Young said what they saw here was a display from some of the best pro wrestlers wrestling. He said they're wrestlers, not showmen or entertainers. Young said they're wrestlers and this journey started as a dream. It was everyone's dream - in the ring, in the back, and in the Impact Zone. Young said it started in Nashville six years ago, and they're kids with heart to prove their legacies. He said they'll leave no doubt that their legacy will not be forgotten. Young addressed MEM that the legacy continues tonight. He had an intense look on his face as he addressed the camera to say these kids become men tonight. Great promo from Young. Good delivery.

ANNOUNCERS: All of this took 30 minutes, then Tenay and West broke down the rest of tonight's card. ... BACKSTAGE: Lauren was with Mick Foley and Jeff Jarrett. She said the TNA Originals have answered the War call from Main Event Mafia. Jarrett said he's responsible for what happens in and out of the ring, so he's going to take care of Mafia while Foley talks to the kids. Wait, I thought they become men tonight. Whatever.

2 -- Knockouts champion AWESOME KONG & RAISHA SAEED (w/Rhaka Khan) vs. TAYLOR WILDE & ROXXI

Roxxi and Taylor just went to town on Raisha's left arm with about 15,000 tags in and out to continue working over Raisha. That was awesome. Raisha had enough and slapped Taylor. Khan then grabbed Roxxi's foot to allow Kong to splash Roxxi and begin the attack on Roxxi. They continued to work over Roxxi before Raisha went Cali-style with a Curb Stomp on Roxxi while the fans tried to rally behind her. Kong then tagged in and went to the second rope for a big splash, but Roxxi moved out of the way. Raisha tagged in, but Roxxi finally made the hot tag to Taylor, who went off on Raisha, then knocked Khan off the apron. Taylor tried attacking Kong, then things broke down into a four-way brawl. Roxxi effectively took Kong out on the floor, then back in the ring, Taylor nailed a German Suplex with a bridge on Raisha for the pin and the win.

WINNERS: Roxxi & Taylor in 9:00. An expected finish to give Taylor the win without giving Kong a loss. Not much memorable here. (*1/4)

Backstage: Borash was in the Mafia's plush locker room. Or a country club backroom. Appears to smell of rich mahogany and leather-bound books. Borash tried to address Sting, but Jeff Jarrett barged in to address them. He gave them a pep talk about being professional tonight. Kurt Angle stepped up to Jarrett and questioned the line about being one of their peers. He said Jarrett has to be a wrestler if he wants to be a peer. Angle said his word means nothing around here until he grows some balls. Nash stepped in to ease things, but Angle stormed off. Nash very quietly talked to Jarrett about needing to talk to Joe in the other locker room. Jarrett told him to get in his shoes and look at his future. Nash said this - pointing around the room - is his future. Jarrett simply put his hand on his head and walked off.

IMPACT ZONE: Sheik Abdul Bashir came out to the ring for the grudge match against Rhino. Dave Penzer then announced retired Army Sgt. Autry from Orlando to announce Rhino. You know, the sexist xenophobic character.

3 -- X Division champion SHEIK ABDUL BASHIR vs. RHINO -- non-title match

Rhino quickly beat up Sheik, who went to the floor to avoid the Gore. Back in the ring, Sheik begged off before bowing down. Suddenly, Insane Clown Posse (ICP) showed up on the front row of the Impact Zone facing the hard camera to distract from the match. (Are they still relevant?) Sheik then landed a low blow kick to the groin right in front of the ref. Apparently it's No DQ. But, the history here is between Bashir and ref Shane, so the heat is on the ref for not calling a DQ. Bashir taunted ICP ringside, then one of them chucked a brew at Bashir. The camera focused on ICP, but the announcers didn't acknowledge their presence. Ringside, Bashir taunted ICP. Tenay: "Let's just say there are some familiar faces around the ringside area." It's a shoot, brother! Lame. Back in the ring, Sheik worked over Rhino. He continued to ground Rhino, but Rhino nailed an electric chair to escape. Rhino nailed a spinebuster, then he wanted the Gore, but Bashir kicked him in the elbow to block. Bashir started arguing with ref Shane again, then Rhino took advantage by nailing a Gore for the win. Afterward, Rhino stormed right to the backstage area. He did not look happy. It's a shoot, brother!

WINNER: Rhino in 8:00. Bashir had enough offense to remain credible, but as the key representative of the X Division, it didn't look good for one of the "Young Lions," even if he's a heel not associated with Joe and Styles, to lose decisively to a mid-card act like Rhino. (*1/4)

Backstage: Lauren barged into the Young Lions locker room where Mick Foley was talking to Styles, Joe, Lethal, et al. Foley tried talking, but Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin were goofing around and not listening. Shelley said they simply don't care what he has to say. Foley said the entire reason why he invested money in TNA was to support them. Shelley said he just needs to go back to his desk and start pushing a pencil. Lethal then shoved Shelley into a locker, setting off a mini-brawl. Shelley and Sabin were booted from the locker room, then Styles apologized to Foley for their behavior.


No hype for this tag match for the belt. Not on TV or on this PPV. By the way, is that Scott Hall ringside with ICP? Sure looks like it. During the first five minutes, the champs worked on Shelley for a while. Roode and Storm posed together while Hall mocked them from ringside. Hall then lifted up a bottle of water to toast the crowd. Storm put on his Cowboy hat for a moment, then wanted the Bronco Buster, but Shelley moved and Storm ate the turnbuckle. Sabin took the hot tag at 8:00, but the ref disallowed the tag when he didn't see it. Roode then accidentally punched Storm and Shelley landed a double DDT in center ring.

Sabin took the legit hot tag at 10:00, and nailed a double crossbody block before cleaning house. The match slowed down to allow for a few more moves where Roode and Storm had trouble communicating before Sabin went up top and nailed a huracanrana on Storm. Shelley followed with a frog splash, but it was good for a two count only. Guns with some double-team combos on Roode, but Storm broke up the pin. Back to more Texas Tornado style action with everyone hitting power moves and no one selling a dang thing. They then set up a crazy Tower of Doom spot while Shelley was hung upside down in the Tree of Woe. Everyone collapsed to the mat with Shelley selling a right knee injury.

Guns tried to finish it off on Roode with a series of kicks, but Jackie ran interference. Sabin teased an attack on Jackie, then he pulled away before grabbing her for a scoop slam. Sabin flexed for the hard cam for no apparent reason other than because he's scripted to be a showboat idiot, so the ref pre-occupied himself with Jackie to allow Storm to spit beer in Sabin's eyes. Sabin and Roode then combined for a hangman's neckbreaker for the pin and the win.

WINNERS: Beer Money in 17:00. Sloppy isn't the right word, but it just wasn't a very good tag match. Just a lot of spots without any flow or continuity. Throw in a good ole fashioned TNA eye-rolling finish that we've seen over and over and over and over and over and over and over again ad nausea, and this wasn't laid out well ahead of time at all. Machineguns are better than what was shown in the ring tonight. (*)

Backstage: Borash was in Booker T's locker room to discuss some issues as Legends champion. Asked about facing Christian Cage tonight and what would happen if Christian beats him, but Sharmell interrupted and said there will be no comment from Booker tonight. Sharmell said this is more than just another belt; it represents the legend he is.

5 -- Legends champion BOOKER T (w/Sharmell) vs. CHRISTIAN CAGE -- Legends Title match or Christian joins Mafia if he loses

Before the bell sounded, they had a staredown that resulted in Christian shoving Booker a little bit. Ref Rudy Charles then held up the title belt before calling for the bell. By the way, ICP has left ringside. Apparently they only wanted to hang around for the Detroit-themed matches involving Rhino and the Guns. Booker grabbed a headlock, so Tenay said the Genesis PPV in January will take place in Charlotte, N.C. Hey, look, female interference in a TNA match. Shocking, as Sharmell distracted Christian at 8:00 to set up Booker for a superplex. Booker then wanted the bookend, but Christian blocked into a reverse sit-out slam for a nearfall. Christian teased the Spinarooni, but Booker nailed him with an axe kick with Christian hanging across the top rope, resulting in a nearfall.

Christian made a comeback at 10:00 for the Sharpshooter, but Sharmell jumped on the apron to argue with Christian. She slapped Christian, then Booker almost accidentally axe kicked Sharmell. He stopped short, freaked out Sharmell, then Christian nailed a bookend for a nearfall. Christian avoided an axe kick, went for a victory roll, but Booker reversed it into a pin near the ropes for a quick three count to retain the gold and bring Christian into the Mafia fold. Afterward, Christian was shocked and he argued with the ref about the decision.

Post-match: Booker took the mic and said he didn't want to hurt Christian because Bookah, the legends champion, would like to welcome you to the Main Event Mafia. And one more thing, Christian. We do things with a protocol. Tomorrow morning, they have a meeting. Show up.

WINNER: Booker in 12:00 to retain the Legends Title. Just the same Christian vs. Booker match we've seen before. Christian in the Mafia is quite intriguing, fortunately, otherwise this would have been completely forgettable. (*3/4)

Backstage: Lauren with Matt Morgan (in street clothes) and Abyss (in his janitor suit). Lauren asked Abyss if he's recovered from the burn marks. He said he's fine. And Lauren looks beautiful today. Aww shucks. Abyss pointed at the camera and said the only thing he's worried about is Kurt Angle tonight. He giggled as he recounted his request for Falls Count Anywhere tonight. Abyss said he's taking it to the concession stands, to the top of the arena, or anywhere else he can drag Angle. Abyss giggled, then left. Morgan said that should be him out there.

6 -- ABYSS vs. KURT ANGLE -- Falls Count Anywhere match

Of note, pretty strong reaction for Abyss tonight. For some reason, Don West attempted to address the live audience on the PPV broadcast to be careful when Angle and Abyss brawl through the crowd. Angle stalled early and often to start things off here. He then walked into the Shock Treatment at 2:00 and Abyss pumped his fist during a pin attempt thinking he had it won, but it was good for only a two count. Abyss then rolled Angle to the outside and the action moved over the guardrail to the stands. And cue up the usual stunt spots on the floor to give everyone their money's worth. Er... their investment of time's worth. Angle then grabbed a steel chair ringside and cracked it across Abyss's back. Angle slowly slowly walked up the stage, then he suddenly busted out a crazy awesome somersault dive onto Abyss on the floor. Okay, that was kinda sweet. Led to a two count, though, and Abyss was no-selling in 30 seconds. Geez. Don West: "How do you get up from that?" It's called no-selling.

Suddenly, the wrestlers crashed through a wall near the stage area. They disappeared from sight, so they took a wide shot of the arena. Angle then showed up on the other side of the stage area through another wall. Abyss and Angle then dragged themselves back into the ring where Angle slipped out of the Shock Treatment and nailed an impressive Olympic Slam on Abyss for a two count. Crowd is finally energized tonight, then Angle picked up a chair and Abyss punched the chair back into Angle's face. Abyss then shoved Angle head-first into the chair wedged into the corner before nailing a chokeslam for another two count.

More chair shots came into play as Angle came back with a clean blow to the head. He then went up top and nailed the majestic moonsault onto the chair and Abyss for another close two count. Abyss then no-sold and wanted a Tombstone Piledriver, but Angle slipped out into the anklelock in center ring. Abyss escaped, though, and hopped to his feet for the Black Hole Slam. He had the pin, but Angle escaped again.

Angle decided he couldn't win it in the ring, so he made Abyss follow him up the grandstand area toward the Spanish announce table. Angle then climbed up some scaffolding where a camera was positioned high above the arena. Abyss followed up, punched Angle, then pointed down to the Spanish table below. Abyss wanted a press slam, but Angle wiggled out and shoved Abyss about two feet down through the Spanish announce table. They tried to make it look spectacular with the camera angles being deceptive on the depth involved, but it was barely a drop. Angle then made the cover on the table scraps for the pin and the win. Afterward, refs checked on Angle for his condition. Angle sold being completely spent and potentially injured as they recapped the finish.

WINNER: Angle in 17:00. I'm not a fan of the stunt bump matches, but that was a heck of a match. It was unique on this PPV, told a good story, had limited risk, and both men came away elevated. We know Angle is a big-game player, and he reinforced it. We know Abyss is capable of a good story once in a while, and he really stepped up tonight. (****)

Backstage: Lauren sat down with Samoa Joe alone in the locker room. Joe said he under-estimated Kevin Nash's ability to be a petty bitch and expected the turn to come later. He said one thing Nash can't stand is standing next to greatness. He said he's going to use everything Nash taught him - he's calm, collected, and focused.


They didn't waste any time just throwing haymakers. Joe was ripping up Nash, who kept trying to throw his own, but Joe ducked and landed blows of his own. Joe then landed a running elbow smash into a kick to the shoulder before running over Nash with a shoulder block. Joe then knocked Nash to the outside and rammed Nash head-first into the announce table. Nash then reversed a whip into the ringpost to end Joe's momentum. He went under the ring and grabbed some clippers to remove the top turnbuckle in the ring. After doing some handiwork, Nash turned around to accept a smash to the hand from Joe.

Back in the ring at 5:00, Nash landed a series of knees to the lower back. Joe made his comeback, but Nash ended up on the floor where he retrieved a chair. Joe didn't see it, so he went for a suicide dive on the floor, but Nash smashed him in the head. Ref apparently didn't see it or he's just letting it go. Who knows. Joe was knocked out taking a nap in the ring, but Nash took a while to re-enter the ring for a cover. Nash then stood up and threw up the Wolfpack signal for the Jackknife. He landed the powerbomb in center ring, made the cover, but Joe kicked out. Nash was shocked.

At 10:00, Nash rammed Joe head-first into the exposed steel again. Ref Rudy Charles told him he can't do that. Joe came up bleeding from the forehead, then Nash went back to the well a second and third time. And a fourth. And a fifth. Joe fell backward flat on the mat as the ref checked on Joe, then Nash went for the Jackknife a second time. He nailed it clean, then made the cover, but Joe kicked out. Nash's expression went from frustration to sheer anger this time. He leaned over Joe to yell at him, but Joe suddenly went for a submission hold. In the scrum, the ref was kicked away.

Joe got to his feet, then Nash came up behind with a low blow clean to the groin. Nash dragged the ref over, then Nash made another cover. He put his feet on the ropes in clear sight of the ref, but Charles made a three count anyways to give Nash the win. Afterward, announcers tried to put over Joe for his resiliency while Nash walked out of the ring. Nash sold a left arm injury from Joe's submission hold, then security helped Joe out of the ring.

WINNER: Nash in 12:00. Another win for the Mafia. Good drama here with a big game veteran vs. a big game "Young Lion" in a compelling match-up. Joe losing should be treated as a huge deal with proper follow-up to move Joe up to the next level. If he's losing, it needs to mean something for his overall growth. (***)

Backstage: Borash sat down with Sting for a nice little chat prior to the TNA World Title defense against A.J. Styles. Borash said he was with Styles on day one six years ago, and he's never seen Styles as focused as he's looked tonight. Borash asked Sting if he regrets referencing Styles's father. Sting said no regrets. He struck a nerve with A.J. when he talked about his dad kicking him out of the house at 15 years old. Believe it or not, he's trying to help Styles. Tonight, his will is stronger than anything Styles can bring tonight. Tonight, he kicks Styles out of his house.

8 -- TNA World Hvt. champion STING vs. A.J. STYLES -- TNA World Title match

During the ring intros, Styles and Sting were both booed more than cheered. Styles wanted the classic drop down, leap frog, and dropsault combo early on, but Sting had it scouted and held onto the ropes to block. Sting thought he had Styles figured out, but a few moments later, Styles suddenly busted out the dropsault to finish the combo on Sting. Nice sequence. Sting then bailed to the floor to catch his breath, which led to a little cat and mouse between the two of them. The action spilled to the floor as a result with Sting crunching Styles across the guardrail. Back in the ring, Sting took Styles apart by focusing on the injured ribs. Really aggressive Sting here.

Styles made a comeback at 11:00 with a flying forearm smash from the second rope for a two count. He executed a snap suplex for another nearfall, then went for a splash in the corner, but Sting moved and nailed the Scorpion Deathdrop for a two count. Sting decided to go up top, but Styles moved out of the way of a dive. Styles wanted the Clash, but Sting slipped out and nailed an elbow to the chin. He followed with the Stinger Splash, wanted a second, and connected. Sting got a third, but Styles come back at 14:00 with a Spiral Tap. Styles then mouthed, "One more time" and Styles went back up top. Back to the well again. Suddenly, Angle and Booker stormed the ring. Styles knocked them off the apron, then he turned back to Sting. He wanted the Pele soccer kick, but Sting moved and rolled up Styles for the sudden win.

WINNER: Sting in 16:00 to retain the TNA World Title. Okay main event. Middle of the road with some moments, and carried by a sense of drama being in the main event position. The drama could have been heightened if TNA had played up the easy angle of this being an epic Styles vs. Sting dream match. (***)

Post-match: Styles looked at Sting with shock, then he walked out of the ring as Steiner and Nash came to ringside to celebrate with Sting, Angle, and Booker. Styles could only look in the ring with frustration and disgust. They recapped how the Young Lions were swept on the PPV to close the PPV. The final shot was of Styles crouched on the entrance ramp in a beggar's position while the Mafia posed in center ring.

We welcome your 0-10 score and comments on this show for a "TNA PPV Reax" feature in the Torch Feedback section of To contribute your thoughts on the PPV, click here.

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