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KELLER'S WWE NO WAY OUT PPV REPORT 2/16: Two Elimination Chambers, two new world champions, plus Michaels vs. JBL, Super-Shane-O-Mac vs. Orton

Feb 16, 2009 - 3:04:49 PM

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

FEBRUARY 15, 2009

-A video package previewed the matches on the show. It began with a bit of an over-the-top preview of Shane McMahon with narration saying "the hunter is about to become the hunted" and hyping Shane for being a son who is becoming an avenger. If the notion of Shane having a chance against Randy Orton weren't so absurd, this would be acceptable, but Shane isn't "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, so it's still bordering on comedy when he tries to get all serious on us. The video was well-done otherwise, marching through the key rivalries and matches.

-Jim Ross and Tazz introduced the show as the camera panned the sold out crowd. Then ring intros began for the Smackdown-brand Elimination Chamber.

1 -- EDGE vs. UNDERTAKER vs. TRIPLE H vs. VLADIMIR KOZLOV vs. THE BIG SHOW - Elimination Chamber for the WWE Title

Undertaker's ring intro came first, and upon entering the ring he was locked in a chamber. The Big Show came out next. They went to Ross and Tazz at ringside who explained the rules, which is that the match can only be won by pinfall of submission, a new wrestler enters every five minutes, and the winner is the last standing after all four others were eliminated. Third out was Kozlov, followed by Triple H, Jeff Hardy, and finally the champion Edge. Edge had a bug-eyed look of worry as he approached the camber. They opened with Edge vs. Hardy for five minutes. Show punched the plexiglass side of his holding area. Within a minute, Edge stopped Hardy's fast start and scored an early two count. Hardy came back at 2:00 with a head scissors, reverse atomic drop, a legdrop and a low drokick. Edge blocked a Twist of Fate and attempted a DDT. Hardy blocked it and hit the Twist of Fate. Hardy went for a Swanton, but Edge moved. Edge went for a spear, but Hardy turned it into a small package for an early surprise three count. As popped up in panic, Ross explained that this guaranteed a new champion would be crowned. The door opened and Edge was escorted out by the referees. He shouted, "No! No!" as he backed up the ramp. Hardy had some time to stand still waiting for the next pod to open. An overhead cam showed lights flashing in each pod, and it stopped on Kozlov's.

Kozlov caught a charging Hardy with a big boot. He dominated offense and scored some near falls. A few minutes later Hardy teased a comeback, but Kozlov cut him off quickly. Hardy dropkicked Kozlov's back and hit a swinging kick in the corner to Kozlov's face and chest. With ten seconds left, he hit a Whisper in the Wind. The lights flashed again and the overhead view was shown. The light stopped on The Big Show.

Show stepped over the top rope and went after Hardy with body punches. Vlad and Show worked together against Hardy as the crowd began booing. Hardy punched Show and went after Kozlov, but Show headbutted Hardy. Ross wondered if it was too little, too late for Hardy after being beaten on for nearly ten minutes. Kozlov took the first shot at Show, knocking him down with a headbutt. Show got up and locked up with Kozlov mid-ring. After a minute of them battling in a stalemate, the clocked expired and the lights flashed and it landed on Triple H.

Triple H went to work on both Show and Kozlov. He took Show down with a spinebuster, although it was obvious Show leaped into his arms. Hardy got up finally, but Triple H took him down right away with a forearm uppercut. He ducked a charging Kozlov, who flew over the top rope. A "Triple H! Triple H!" chant broke out. They went to ringside onto the steel platform for the first time. As Triple H set up a Pedigree, Big Show stopped him and yanked him back into the ring. Ross wondered why Show intervened to stop the move. All four men battled in the ring. Show hit a sideslam on Hunter for a two count. Taker began warming up by punching the plexiglass sides of his pod. Show press-slammed Triple H mid-ring. Tazz said it's like falling off the space needle, a nice geographically relevant reference. Show splashed Hunter against the chain fence. Hardy dove at Show. Show caught him and placed him next to Triple H. When he went to splash them, they moved. Hardy and Hunter doubled Kozlov with a stereo suplex. Hardy went after Hunter right afterward and hit the Whisper in the Wind. The final five seconds counted down to Taker as the final entrant.

Undertaker went right after Big Show then Kozlov, giving him an awkward snake eyes and a big boot. he followed with splashes against Hunter and Hardy in opposite corners. He set up a double chokeslam on the two babyfaces, but Big Show broke it up. Taker hit a flying clothesline on Show seconds later. Taker grabbed Hunter's arm and walked the top rope. He dove of the top rope onto Show and then DDT'd him on the steel platform outside the ring. Ross asked if he heard the "splatter of brain matter" on the steel. Taker went back to his top rope walk into an armbar. Hardy charged at Taker, but Taker took him down with a big boot. Kozlov then tackled Taker. He elbowed Taker in the corner. Taker fought out of the corner with a Last Ride for the three count, eliminating Kozlov at 23:00.

Show immediately chokeslammed Taker. Triple H went for a Pedigree on Show, but Show backdropped out of it. Show picked up Hardy and threw him onto Triple H and Taker on the platform. Ross wondered if there can be any true winners in the Chamber given what their bodies go through. Show threw Hardy against the chain wall, but Hardy grabbed onto the chains and climbed to the top of the pod. Show climbed up to meet Hardy, knocking him off balance. Taker met Show at the top rope and gave him a superplex. Triple H followed with a Pedigree on Show. Everyone was down and slow to get up. Hardy hit the Swanton on Show by diving off the pod. Triple H covered Show and the ref counted to three at 26:00.

It was down to Hardy, Triple H, and Taker at htis point. Taker punched Hunter repeatedly in the corner and then threw him over the top rope to the steel perimeter. Taker did the top rope walk with Hardy in hand, but Hunter knocked Taker off balance. Taker crotched the top rope, or what Ross called "a tender landing." That may be a first time that term has been used for that. Hardy dove over the top rope at Hunter on the perimeter platform. Taker grabbed Hardy and gave him a Tombstone for the three count at 28:00.

It came down to Triple H vs. Undertaker. Ross said it was down to "arguably the two biggest superstars in the WWE." Taker got the best of Hunter at first. Taker went for a running big boot in the corner, but Triple H moved. Taker tumbled over the top turnbuckle and fell ringside. Hunter threw Taker head-first into the side of the Chamber. Triple H leaped off the top rope; Taker caught him by the throat and gave him a chokeslam for a believable near fall which got a crowd pop at at 31:00. Hunter came back a minute later with a spinebuster out of nowhere for a two count. Taker blocked a Pedigree at ringside and catapulted Hunter into the side of the Chamber. Taker followed with a Tombstone. He crossed Trple H's arms over his chest, Ross declared it "Title Time!", but Hunter put his leg over the bottom rope to break up the pin. Hunter fired back with a Pedigree a minute later for a near fall. The crowd popped and Ross went nuts. Hard to believe this was the opener of a PPV, setting the bar rather high for star power and drama for the rest of the show. They exchanged punches mid-ring. Hunter mounted Taker in a corner and punched him repeatedly. Taker powered out of the corner with a Last Ride attempt. Hunter popped out of it and hit a Pedigree for the pin. Ross called it one of the greatest contests in WWE history. Triple H celebrated mid-ring for several minutes.

WINNER: Triple H at 36:00.

STAR RATING: ****1/2 -- Excellent Chamber match. Everything you could expect or want out of this format including a title change at the end. A little drama was created and eliminated all at once when Edge was taken out early. I'd content that Ross's call of the match added a quarter star to the match. He was at his best here.

-Edge, talking like he had just had six cups of coffee, told Vickie Guerrero they need to restart the match. Vickie said it was his fault because he lost. She immediately regretted her words and asked for forgiveness for being so blunt. Edge sat and pondered what's happened.

-Footage aired of the Farmer's Market down the road. Then they went to Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler at ringside. They threw to a video package on Shane McMahon vs. Randy Orton. This marked the beginning of the second hour already.

-A promo aired with Orton telling Shane to listen up. He talked very slowly as he asked, "How is your father?" He said he must be home from the hospital now with his wife by his side, hoping that their only son will avenge him. Orton said, "Well, that's not going to happen." He said tonight will be the first time Vince McMahon is completely helpless as he watches his only son cry, then cry out in pain, as he takes him apart piece by piece. He said his father will try to turn away and close his eyes, hoping he carnage will stop, but it will not stop because he won't stop until he has destroyed the entire McMahon family. "I will make my legacy at the expense of yours," he said. "And after it's all over, Shane, you and your father together can watch as I take my rightful place in the main event of WrestleMania."

2 -- RANDY ORTON vs. SHANE MCMAHON -- No Holds Barred

Orton came out first, then Shane to almost no pop. He was listed on the screen as an "Executive Vice-President." They showed Stephanie watching on a monitor backstage. Shane was wearing tennis shoes, of course. He hopped and bounced around the ring, throwing the first jab at Orton's chin. After six punches the landed, Orton backed off. Orton kicked Shane in the gut and pounded away at him in the corner. He should have just given him an RKO and pinned him right here. Then all would be forgiven. For no discernible reason, the ref scolded Orton for punching Shane in the corner. That just makes less than zero sense given the no-rules stips of the match. Shane caught Orton by surprise with a punch to the gut. he fought back with a few punches knocking Orton to the floor. Cole said he was stunned. Shane slidekicked Orton to the floor. He pulled a table out from under the ring, followed by a trash can. When Shane picked up Orton, Orton surprised him with a backbreaker. Lawler said Shane couldn't just casually walk around picking up objects because it gave Orton time to recuperate. Exactly. It was ridiculous that Shane was so casual about grabbing and setting up objects. Being this massively big of a underdog (which he doesn't see himself as, apparently), he should have a much greater sense of urgency here to take advantage of any situation that favors him.

Back in the ring, Orton took off a turnbuckle pad and whipped Shane into it. After Orton stalled for a while, Shane surprised Orton with a kendo stick shot to the head. Cole called Shane "ever-resourceful." Shane continued to bash Orton with stick shots. Orton rolled to the floor where Shane hit him with a clothesline. Shane began taking apart the announce table, removing expensive objects that could hurt Orton really badly. Nobody ever addresses why in a no holds barred situation, a wrestler would remove monitors, but they always do it. Shane then hit Orton across the side of his head with a monitor. Orton bled from his forehead. Shane lay Orton flat on the edge of the table, then he climbed to the top rope. Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes jumped Shane and knocked him to the mat. Cole said anything goes. The two heels double-teamed Shane in the corner. Cody grabbed a chair and swung it at Shane, but Shane twisted around and the chair hit DiBiase on his back. Shane then DDT'd Rhodes onto the chair. Steph was shown overacting backstage with cartoon facial expressions. Shane then set up Cody in the corner, knocked out. They showed Orton bleeding badly at ringside, still groggy. Shane wedged a trash can into the corner against Cody, and then he climbed to the top rope. Shane launched himself "Coast to Coast" with a dropkick into the garbage can.It made a nice loud noise.

Shane climbed the top rope again and dove at Orton on the table. Orton moved and Shane landed on the table and then slide fast to the floor. Orton ordered DiBiase to take Rhodes to the back to check to see if he's all right. What heart and compassion. He began to recover himself and gave Shane a menacing look as Shane tried to drag himself back into the ring. Cole said if Orton began by taking Shane lightly, he's not now. Orton gave Shane a DDT off the second rope. Orton scored three two counts in a row. Orton pulled a table into the ring. The crowd chanted, "We Want Tables." Orton superplexed Shane off the ropes through the table. The pace was especially methodical. The crowd was popping for the big moves and near falls, but it still felt a bit slow. Orton hit a kneedrop on Shane's chest, which Shane sold nicely, gasping for air. Orton scored a two count. Shane speared Orton to counter Orton's punt attempt. Shane bashed Orton across the back with a chair. Then he swung the chair and hit his foot three times in a row as Orton cried out in agony. Orton begged off before a fourth. Shane paused, but then swung and hit Orton across his arm. Cole said that was for the entire McMahon family. Shane charged at Orton, but Orton hit an RKO for the sudden win.

WINNER: Orton in 18:00.

STAR RATING: *3/4 -- Really slow paced, lacking that sense of urgency that Shane especially should have had as soon as he was fortunate enough to have any kind of advantage on Orton. Having Orton need help from two cohorts and for Shane to single-handedly fend them off was just embarrassing to watch, but Super-Shane-O-Mac strikes again. There were a few big spots by Shane, but nothing we hadn't seen before, and for me seeing him hold his own without any reasonable explanation for how he could hold his own against the younger, top-of-his-game actual full-time wrestler just ruins it for me. This was a match that called for Orton to just beat down Shane relentlessly and drag out pinning him. It would have put Orton over, and really other than some bizarre needless ego about being a tough fake fighter because he's a McMahon and all, it would have had zero effect on Shane. Seeing Orton barely beat Shane, and needing help from two others, hurts Orton's stature. It's not like the crowd was popping for Shane himself, only his big spots. If Shane were just a super-popular underdog crowd favorite who fed off of their frenetic cheers, this even-steven type of match might be tolerable. In the end, it all felt a bit pointless since nothing was really accomplished for the better after the match over. Orton doesn't have any more heat and Shane didn't get any substantial revenge.

-A video package aired on the WrestleMania tradition. This marks the 90 minute mark of the show; two matches down, three to go.

3 -- JACK SWAGGER vs. FINLAY (w/Hornswoggle) -- ECW Hvt. Title match

During Swagger's ring entrance, they cut to Todd Grisham and Matt Striker at ringside. Grisham talked about back-to-back losses for Swagger after a four-month winning streak. Striker said Finlay cheated to win. Striker brought up Christian's return briefly, which could have been the first time some WWE viewers knew he was back since it wasn't mentioned on Smackdown. Finlay worked over Swagger's leg early. Striker said Swagger is a great combination of yesterday and today. Some shouts of "Boring!" could be heard early. Swagger came back with an arm extender on the mat. Four minutes in, they were still in Finlay-style first gear slow-build. Swagger threw a couple body kicks in the corner at 5:00. He charged Finlay in the corner, but Finlay ducked and cradled Swagger for a pin attempt. At 6:00 Finlay dove off the second rope for a near fall. He followed with three clotheslines and a sit splash for a two count. Hornswoggle jumped onto the ring apron. Swagger knocked a distracted Finlay into Hornswoggle, knocking him to the floor. Striker said, "There's no reason for a child to be there." Uh, he's not a child. He's a little adult. Swagger hit his finisher afterward for the pin. Grisham called the finish before the three count.

WNNER: Swagger in 8:00.

STAR RATING: 3/4* -- If this was meant as a match to reset the bar low and give everyone a chance to take a deep breath, it worked. If it was designed to further Swagger's introduction to the PPV audience as a rising star, it didn't work.

-Cole and Lawler updated Shane's condition, saying he's in ad out of consciousness. Cole and Lawler had these looks of deep concern. Hey, either Shane is Orton's equal and he should be able to handle a beating or he's not and he shouldn't be in the ring in the first place, but nothing Orton did to Shane was out out of the realm of the rules, so this solemn selling of Shane having issues after the match is a little much.

-A video package aired on the Shawn Michaels-JBL feud.


They showed Shawn's wife Rebecca at ringside. JBL taunted her after his ring intro. Michaels made his ring entrance second. Michaels had some of his flamboyance, but also broke into moments of prayer or contemplation over what he was about to put on the line. He walked up his wife at ringside. She gave him encouraging looks, but was also expressing worry. JBL told Michaels early, "One mistake. That's all I need!" Lawler said, "That's something a lot of people can relate to, being brow-beaten by your boss." Boy, did that ring true for Cole. Michaels unloaded at 1:00 with a barrage of blows. JBL retreated to ringside. When Michaels came after JBL at ringside, JBL handed Michaels a chair, daring him to get DQ'd. Michaels shoved the chair out of his hands and then went to work with his fists. JBL sat down on a sunset flip attempt for a near fall. Michaels went for a backslide, but JBL slipped out right away. Michaels locked on a figure-four at 3:00. JBL grabbed the bottom rope. The ref got to four and Michaels let go. The ref warned Michaels not to push it or he'll get DQ'd.

JBL whipped Michaels into the corner and Michaels flipped over the top rope to the floor at 4:00. JBL rammed Michaels back-first into the ring apron. JBL threw a series of elbows and looked over at Rebecca in between. Cole and Lawler talked about the massive ramifications on Michaels's life if he were to lose. An "HBK" chant started as JBL applied a bearhug mid-ring at 6:00. JBL se up a superplex at 8:00, but Michaels punched out of it and knocked JBL to the mat. He followed with a flying elbow drop, but JBL moved. JBL then fired back with a Clothesline from Hell. Cole and Lawler called it over before JBL made the cover, but Michaels kicked out. There was more of a nervous pop than a celebration pop from the crowd. JBL hit a second clothesline, this one to Michaels's chest. Michaels collapsed to the ring apron as Rebecca held back tears. JBL kicked Michaels to the floor and told the ref to begin a ten count. The ref reached nine before Michaels pulled himself back into the ring. JBL tossed Michaels over the top rope back to the floor. JBL walked toward Rebecca and taunted her. Rebecca punched JBL. Michaels then made a spirited comeback with punches and a flying forearm. He nipped up and played to the crowd, then hit a Thesz press and mounted JBL and punched away at him. Michaels hit a top rope elbow at 13:00 and woked the crowd into a frenzy. He then stomped the mat with enthusiasm to set up Sweet Chin Music. He nailed it and covered JBL for the win. "Could it be the emancipation of Shawn Michaels?" asked Cole. "Yes!" he said as the ref hit the third count. They cut to Rebecca's mascara running with tears of joy a ringside. Michaels and Rebecca hugged and kissed at ringside.

WINNER: Michaels at 14:00.

STAR RATING: **1/2 -- Pretty slow-paced also most of the way, but the story was told dramatically and effectively, including some clever attempts by JBL to get Michaels DQ'd. They ignored that Rebecca punching JBL could have led to a DQ. Perhaps in retrospect, JBL will point to that as a technicality since it was the turning point.

-A video aired hyping WrestleMania 25.

-Grisham interviewed Chris Jericho backstage. He said he is the best in the world at what he does and his confidence level is where it should be. He said he is walking out as the champion. He said when he wins, he's going to invite Flair to come out of retirement and give him a chance to become 17 time World Champion at WM25. He then said he actually isn't going to do that and lower himself to a charity case like Flair. He said he's going to win the title and prove why he is Superstar of 2008 and why he'll repeat in 2009.

-They showed the Space Needle in Seattle's skyline. Does any televised event ever come to Seattle without showing that?


Cole said because Triple H won the title earlier, John Cena's chances just got worse because in Chamber matches, the title changes hands 67 percent of the time. Of course, Triple H's win has nothing to do with Cena's chances of winning or losing a completely separate match. Here's where "main evented PPV" stats get skewed a bit since Knox certainly isn't a bona fide PPV main eventer, but in a six-person gimmick match, he can slip into that category, but it's a bit like being an All-Star because six other guys at your position get hurt. It's not bad, though, to do it because just being in that setting can add to someone's drawing power in the future because they've been in the mix with other top stars. During Kofi's ring entrance, Edge attacked him from behind. He laid him out face-down on the steps and then bashed him from behind with a chair. He then ran into a pod and insisted the door close behind him. Rey ran out and checked on Kofi's condition. Medics and agends ame out to check on him. Rey went after Edge in the pod. Edge hid behind the plexiglass door. Jericho's ring entrance then took place. The refs threw their hands up after a conference and allowed Edge to be in it. This is a farce if you think even one second about it, but obviously Edge is a bigger star than Kofi and it opens up some intriguing possibilities at the start of the match. Rey and Jericho were the first two in the ring. Jericho side-stepped a charging Rey and shoved him into the ringpost. It made a loud noise because he hit the plexiglass, too. Rey scaled to the top of the chamber and dove down onto Jericho's shoulders and executed a huracanrana. He followed with a springboard seated senton for a near fall.

At 5:00, the lights flashed and the overhead cam showed it stopping on Kane's pod. He got out and made a move toward Edge in his pod. Edge backed down. Jericho jumped onto Kane's back. Kane brushed him off and went after Rey, scoring a two count after a side slam. Kane then worked over Rey for a minute. Rey came back with a slidekick. Kane returned fire with an uppercut. Rey caught Kane charging with a big boot, then countered a side slam attempt. Jericho re-entered the picture and went for a Lionsault. Kane moved and then extended his boot. It seemed to come up short, as Jericho flinched and bumped a bit early. Rey set up a 619 in Jericho, but Kane broke it up and went for a chokeslam on Rey and Jericho. Rey turned it into a head scissors and then gave Kane the 619. Jericho gave Kane a Code Breaker. Rey head scissored Jericho over the top rope to the floor. Lawler said Rey and Jericho missed their chance to get Kane out of the match. Rey dove off the top of a pod onto Kane for the pin at 9:00.

Mike Knox was released next. The crowd seemed to mostly groan. He went right after Rey. Then he focused on Jericho. Rey dove onto Knox's back, but Knox flipped him over and hung him upside down in the chain wal. He hung by one leg which is dangerous no matter what the planning or circumstances. Rey dropped to the platform after a kick. Knox then threw Jericho into Cena's pod, then pressed him and tossed him back into the ring. Rey threw some roundkicks to Knox's legs, but Knox was unaffected. He gave Rey a bakbreaker mkd-ring. Jericho surprised Knox with a Code Breaker for the pin. Knox was the second to be eliminated, or third if you count Kingston.

The light flashed and Edge's pod was chosen. Rey went right after Edge aggressively at the start. Lawler and Cole commented that he shouldn't even be in the ring. Jericho caught Rey by surprise with a clothesline, drawing boos from the crowd. Jericho went for a Lionsault on Rey, but Rey lifted his knees. Edge then caught Jericho from behind and scored a leverage two count. Edge set Rey up for a spear, but when charged, Rey leapfrogged him and Edge went into the corner. Jericho went for a Code Breaker, but Edge avoided it. Rey set up a 619 on Edge, but Jericho intercepted Rey mid-stride. Jericho slidekicked Edge. Rey set up Jericho for a top rope move, but Edge came up behind Rey and set him up for a back suplex. Jericho sunset flipped Edge and Rey to the mat. Cool spot. Cena was due any second to enter, and the crowd chanted "Cena, Cena" in anticipation. Edge got up first and stomped on Rey, but then turned his attention to Cena as his pod opened. Cole said Cena looked like a bull about to be released from his chute. Cena went to work both Edge and Jericho to a decent crowd pop. He played to the crowd after slamming Edge. Eventually boos also rang out and matched the cheers. He smashed Edge with a fistdrop and then lifted him for the Attitude Adjustment. Jericho intervened and gave Cena a Codebreaker to stop him. Rey then hit Cena with a 619. Edge hit a spear on Cena a second later and scored the three count for a big pop at 22:00. Edge got bug-eyed and couldn't believe what just happened. Edge then smiled as he realized what he might be on the verge of doing. It was down to Edge, Jericho, and Rey. WWE did a nice job making it seem as if Jericho was a legit option because of that pre-match promo. Had they done more to set up Rey for a realistic title reign, also, in recent weeks or even on this show, this would have been an even more dramatic final three. Rey set up Edge and Jericho next to each other. Rey hit Jericho with a 619 as Edge moved. Rey then springboarded into Jericho, but Jericho caught him. Rey flipped over and leverage pinned Jericho at 24:00.

Edge waited for Rey to stand, and then charged at him with a spear. Rey moved and he leveraged Edge into a schoolboy for a believable, dramatic near fall. Nice sequence including Edge milking the anticipation for the spear. A chant of "Rey, Rey" broke out. Rey dove at Edge with a body press for a near fall. Rey kicked Edge in the head and scored another two count. The crowd again popped. Lawler cheered on Rey. Rey flp dove into Edge's arms. He countered Edge and DDT'd him for another near fall. Rey hit a modified 619 on Edge at 28:00. Rey charged at Edge, but Edge ducked and propelled Rey into the wall of a pod. Nice loud noise and nice crowd pop of oohs and ahhs. Edge then followed up with a spear and the win.

WNNER: Edge in 29:00 to capture the World Hvt. Title.

STAR RATING: **** -- Not as good as the first Chamber, and Edge being allowed to enter it was pretty preposterous, but at least Cole and Lawler open questioned whether this could be allowed. The final few minutes of this were very strong with Rey being a surprise underdog story whom the crowd bought as a possible winner. The twist with Edge makes for good drama, but there ought to be some sort of explanation for how that's legal because it does make a mockery out of the qualifying matches for the Chamber if a precedent is set that you can just attack someone on their way in and replace them.

FINAL THOUGHTS (7.5): Obviously the show ended on a newsworthy note and this card overall shakes up the whole WrestleMania 25 assumed landscape. The two Chamber matches carried the show, with JBL-Michaels solid. The other two had their problems, but all in all it didn't matter as there was enough action in the Chambers and news coming out of them to carry the show. This was a slightly better JBL-Michaels match and a faster-paced Swagger-Finlay match away from being a PPV of the Year Contender. Shane's whole act is irritating and well past its freshness date.

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