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CALDWELL'S TNA LOCKDOWN PPV REPORT 4/19: Ongoing "virtual time" coverage of all-cage PPV - Sting vs. Foley

Apr 19, 2009 - 9:54:02 PM

By James Caldwell, assistant editor

TNA Lockdown PPV Report
April 19, 2009
Philadelphia, Pa.

Pre-Show Report

The pre-show PPV opened with Jeremy Borash inside the Liacouras Center hyping the Lockdown PPV from ringside. They cut to a shot of Danny Bonaduce arriving in the parking garage earlier today via a motorcycle. He's facing Eric Young on the pre-show.

After they showed Bonaduce trying to act like a tough guy, they cut back to Borash ringside to run down the PPV line-up. He then tossed it to Lauren backstage, but they opted for a Sting vs. Mick Foley video package to promote the TNA World Title main event.

Backstage: Lauren brought in Danny Bonaduce after plugging Danny's radio show in Philadelphia. Bonaduce said he's just going to do his best to win tonight. He then referenced a tooth hanging around his neck that's from Johnny Fairplay after he knocked him out. Lauren said this isn't TMZ, but it's the real deal in TNA. Bonaduce: "I've worked on my bumps as much as I can." Haha. Bonaduce said he's just going to do the best he can tonight against Young.

Video package: They cut to video from Young on Bonaduce's radio show a few weeks ago when the feud started after Young slapped Bonaduce. So funny listening to Borash in the background being Borash.

In-ring: Danny Bonaduce came out first to a chorus of boos. Suddenly, there was a planted fan ringside who got in Bonaduce's face. Bonaduce shoved him down into the front row. Some more plants then pretended to get involved. Ugh. Bonaduce smirked, then got into the cage. Young came out to polite applause.


Bonaduce busted out some numb chucks after the opening bell, then he landed a dropkick. Young shook it off, then started beating up Bonaduce with blows into the cage. Bonaduce blocked a corner splash, then hopped to the top rope and landed a forward somersault roll splash. Yes, a top-rope highspot in the pre-show. Bonaduce celebrated, then made a cover for a two count. Young came back with a moonsault attempt, but Bonaduce moved and grabbed the gimmick. Young ducked a chuck shot, then he rolled up Bonaduce for the pin and the win.

Post-match: Young looked very upset. Bonaduce then picked up the chucks and put them behind his back. Young extended a hand for a handshake and Bonaduce shook. Booked like an idiot, Young turned his back and Bonaduce attacked him from behind with the chucks. Bonaduce tried to choke him, but Rhino stormed the ring. He prepared for the Gore, then Bonaduce turned around and Rhino kinda Gored him. It was Bonaduce's bad, as he just stood there like a tackling dummy instead of taking Rhino's momentum with him to the mat. I thought he practiced taking his bumps? Rhino and Young celebrated before leaving the cage.

WINNER: Young at 3:33. It was what it was. There's no other way to put it. Not quite embarrassing, and perhaps something to get on TMZ or a Hollywood news TV show, but not a flattering portrayal of TNA or pro wrestling. (n/a)

Ringside: Borash and Lauren narrated Bonaduce leaving the cage, then they broke down the PPV line-up. ... After a video package aired on the Lethal Lockdown match, Borash narrated clips from the TNA Fanfest yesterday afternoon in Philadelphia. Borash said it separates them from the rest of the promotions in the world.

Borash said they aren't owned and operated by an "egotistical billionaire," but a mother of two from Dallas, Tex. Segue to TNA president Dixie Carter joining Borash on camera for her first scheduled TV appearance. Borash asked Dixie about meeting the fans. She thanked the fans for their support. Carter said it's been amazing three months and she thanked the fans tuning in at home to help breaking TV ratings records.

Video package: They ran a lengthy video on the Team 3D vs. Beer Money video package with heavy hype on the match being in Philadelphia.

In-ring: Borash and Lauren were inside the steel cage to hype the all-cage format PPV and specifically the Lethal Lockdown weaponry hanging from the top that would be lowered to create the War Games-style semi-main event.

Live PPV Report

Earlier today: A.J. Styles and Christopher Daniels arrived in the arena in street clothes. Styles was sporting a little golfer hat. ... Cut to another shot from earlier today when Main Event Mafia arrived together.

Earlier today: Team 3D walked up the steps where the famous "Eye of the Tiger" scene in the "Rocky" movie was shot in Philadelphia. Brother Ray said this is where Team 3D was born and this is Philadelphia. Ray addressed the camera that he knows he would not want to be in Beer Money's shoes tonight. He said they're fighting in the ring, in the stands, and perhaps all over the city tonight. Ray said he hopes they all take a shot at Beer Money tonight.

Opening video package: They aired a music video featuring Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins with TNA Lockdown hype clips set to a revised version of their "Rat in a Cage" song. Mick, Mick, Mick, Mick, it's Showtime. Nice video feature on Foley's split personality promo from Impact on Thursday.

In-ring: Jay Lethal came out first for the Ultimate Xscape opener. Rules are that men are eliminated, then when it comes down to the final two, it's the first one out of the cage who wins the match. Kiyoshi came out second, then Consequences Creed. Fourth and fifth were Sheik, then X Division champion Suicide.


Before the bell sounded, Suicide jumped Kiyoshi. He was still wearing the X Division Title belt, so he gingerly took it off and handed it to ref Rudy Thomas, who randomly held up the title belt before finding someone to dump it off to. Suicide was essentially the fifth wheel in here against Lethal Consequences and Team Anti-American Uprising. Kiyoshi took a top rope elbow from Lethal, then Lethal and Creed double-pinned him for an easy elimination at 3:15.

Some crazy four-way spot ensued that looked off, then all four men were knocked down. Bashir then grappled Creed and gave him a specialty DDT for an elimination at 5:12. Now, it's a three-way deal as Don West harped on Lethal and Creed missing an opportunity to eliminate Bashir a few moments earlier. Lethal and Suicide then picked up the action and Suicide turned Lethal inside-out with a running clothesline. Nice move. Lethal was perfectly fine 30 seconds later to miss with a moonsault before Suicide nailed him with the Suicide Solution. Bashir then rammed Suicide into the cage wall and pinned Lethal at 7:55 for the third elimination.

Now, it's one-on-one between Suicide and Bashir. Bashir then tried to dropkick one of the cage walls to escape, but he fell down before he could reach the floor. Suicide then instantly grabbed him to keep him inside the cage. Bashir measured Suicide for a DDT, but Suicide rammed him face-first into the turnbuckle. Suicide started climbing the cage wall, but Bashir cut him off. They battled on top of the cage until Suicide head-butted Bashir back inside the ring. Suddenly, Kiyoshi stormed the cage wall, but security held him off. Meanwhile, Bashir was climbing to the cage door for an easy escape. Suicide spotted Bashir, then jumped off the top of the cage into the waiting arms of Kiyoshi and security to win the match by "escaping" the cage.

WINNER: Suicide at 11:40. Memorable conclusion to the opening match. Final exchange between Bashir and Suicide could have been stretched into an actual X Division Title match on a non-gimmick-PPV event. Good way to start the PPV. (**1/2)

Backstage: Lauren was with A.J. Styles and Christopher Daniels. (Pre-tape or Frankie Kazarian was under the Suicide hood.) Samoa Joe and Jeff Jarrett were missing in action. Is Team Jarrett on the same page? Styles said he and Daniels are definitely on the same page. Uh...oh...Styles said this is about showing they belong in the main event. Daniels, how did you get back in the fold? Daniels said it's good to be home. He said how he got back here will remain between him and Jarrett. Daniels walked off with Styles...

2 -- MADISON RAYNE vs. ODB (w/Cody Deaner) vs. SOJO BOLT vs. DAFFNEY -- Queen of the Cage match

Sojo was sporting a crazy blonde wig after being off TV for several weeks. ODB was the most-popular Knockout competing in the QotC match. West dryly said he was talking to Angelina Love long into the night to get a word on Madison's standing in the Beautiful People group. Consensus from West, the apparent mouthpiece of the group, is that Rayne could be official if she wins. ODB sold a leg injury at 2:30, then she took a breather until Cody gave her several shots from the flask. ODB started firing up with offense until Sojo kicked her in the throat. Daffney and Rayne battled until they had one of those spots where you're not sure who actually scored the offensive move. With them two down, ODB spewed the flask contents into Sojo's face and scored with a powerslam for the win.

WINNER: ODB at 6:06. Okay action. It's become obvious three matches in that TNA running a mid-sized building brought a very "corporate/family-friendly/relaxed" crowd without that "rough" Philadelphia atmosphere that TNA was trying to sell the PPV on.

Ringside: Tenay and West hyped the PPV card before talking about Mick Foley and Sting. Both were shocked - shocked! - that word was received about a development backstage. Jeff Jarrett pulled up in the parking garage in an SUV, then he grabbed his suitcase and walked toward the locker room area.

In-ring: LAX came out first for the New Japan jr. tag title match. Apparently it's Texas Tornado rules with all six wrestlers in the ring at the same time. No Limit came out second, followed by the Guns.

3 -- NJPW Jr. tag team champions MOTOR CITY MACHINEGUNS (ALEX SHELLEY & CHRIS SABIN) vs. LAX (HOMICIDE & HERNANDEZ) vs. NO LIMIT (NAITO & YUJIRO) -- New Japan Jr. tag team title match

First big "wow" spot was Hernandez giving Sabin a giant shoulder-block from mid-way in the ring into the cage wall. Sabin sold it like a pro for added effect. Guns then tried to suplex Hernandez, but he countered with a double gun suplex. Everyone subdued Hernandez eventually, leading to one corner of the ring being used for about seven or eight straight clotheslines from a revolving door of characters. LAX then set up a spot on Yujiro where Hernandez held him across the top rope and Homicide landed a Low Ki double-stomp from the top turnbuckle for a two count.

First big reaction of the night from the crowd was Hernandez power-lifting Sabin overhead and upside down into the cage wall. Shelley took a similar, but less impactful, fate. Just a lot of spots ensued without a whole lot of selling. Homicide then hit a top rope Ace Crusher on Yujiro before Guns took out LAX and double-teamed Yujiro with a combo Sliced Bread and Powerbomb (Made in Detroit) for the pin and the win.

WINNERS: Guns at 11:50 to retain the belts. Just a lot of spots before the finishing sequence captured the crowd for the finish. Typical "X-Division style" fare that won't be remembered on Monday because so much is thrown against the wall. (**1/2)

Backstage: Lauren tried to talk to Abyss with her concerns about facing Matt Morgan tonight. Abyss quietly thanked her for her concern before entering dark, deep Promoland about his father abusing him as a child. He said he's going to take out all of his frustrations and let it all out tonight on Morgan. Lauren tried to talk him down, but Abyss was having none of it.

In-ring: After an over-dramatic video package on The Blueprint vs. The Big White Janitor aired, Morgan came out first. He didn't appear to be showing the effects of the car accident he was reportedly in over the weekend. Tenay gave the rules that someone has to bleed, but the match doesn't end with blood. At that point, it's pin or submission to win. Morgan tossed some weapons and such into the cage before Abyss came out to face him.

4 -- MATT MORGAN vs. ABYSS -- Doomsday Chamber of Blood match

Before the bell sounded, Morgan tried a chair shot, but Abyss ducked and punched the chair into Morgan's forehead. Two big men in there needed to take things slow to build heat for the match in front of a tough crowd, but they went right into bump, spot, bump mode. Abyss tentatively picked up a steel chair, but he waited too long and Morgan kicked the chair into Abyss's head. Abyss came up bleeding and Morgan chucked the chair out of the cage.

Morgan, now able to score a pin, went to work on Abyss to wear him down. He pulled out a bag of broken glass and scattered the items across the ring before holding Abyss's head over the glass to allow the blood to flow onto the glass. Morgan then took a piece of glass to use as a spike, but Abyss blocked and started ramming Morgan head-first into the cage walls. Abyss made a cover, but ref told him he can't make a cover until Morgan is bleeding. Everyone seemed confused, then the ref was bumped with a top rope splash.

Abyss grabbed a piece of glass and shoved it into Morgan's forehead to draw some blood. Both men came to their feet and had a right-hand exchange before Abyss KO'ed Morgan. A second ref, Slick Johnson, then stormed the cage to count a nearfall. Abyss then left the cage to find a steel chair, but Stevie Richards showed up to take the chair away. Mike Tenay acted shocked that it was Stevie who was playing Dr. Stevie. What an insult to the intelligence of the audience. Fans finally came to life chanting, "E-C-W" as Stevie told Abyss no more violence or weapons.

Abyss, conflicted, went under the ring and grabbed a bag of thumbtacks. He then stumbled into the ring and dumped the tacks into the ring. Stevie was not going to allow this to happen, so he entered the ring to slap and punch Abyss. Meanwhile, Morgan gave Abyss a low-blow from behind. He then dumped Abyss back-first into the tacks to absolutely zero reaction for the second straight PPV where Abyss took a bump that meant nothing. Morgan made the cover for the win, then Richards stormed off.

WINNER: Morgan at 12:45. Another rinse, repeat gimmick weapon match between Abyss and Morgan. Crowd just wasn't into it and the wrestlers didn't give themselves a chance to involve the crowd by just going into spot sequences without listening to the crowd. TNA insulting the intelligence of the audience by having the announcers shockingly declare it was Stevie Richards playing therapist all along was pretty rough. (*1/4)

Backstage: Borash was with Jeff Jarrett, who was wiping his brow and in deep thought and trying to look like he had the most-important decision of his life to make. What side is he on? Jarrett said Styles and Daniels need to stop looking to him and start worrying about his own business. Jeff said he's going to do the right thing tonight. Jarrett tried to leave, but Samoa Joe was on the other side of the door. Joe threatened Jeff with his paper knife and told him "no tricks." Jeff just smirked and walked off.

5 -- TNA Knockouts champion AWESOME KONG vs. ANGELINA LOVE (w/Velvet Sky) vs. TAYLOR WILDE -- TNA Knockouts title match

Kong was out for revenge after getting a hair-cut from Angelina and Velvet on Impact. Kong then turned her attention to Wilde to toss her back-first into the cage wall. With her down, Kong knocked down Angelina in the corner. She then climbed up top and wanted a shocking somersault splash, but Angelina moved. Crowd still buzzed for the move, though. Velvet and Angelina then pulled Kong into the side of the cage and tied her up by the hair. Raisha Saeed tried to intervene, but Beautiful People had her tied up.

Meanwhile, Wilde came off the top rope with a cross-body splash on Angelina, who appeared to be knocked out, as Wilde had to pull up on the cover. Wilde grabbed a headlock as ref Rudy Charles tried to talk Angelina through the finish. Wilde went over to Kong to talk to her, then Kong kicked Wilde and Angelina gingerly rolled up Wilde from behind for a three count for the win. Afterward, Angelina seemed a bit loopy celebrating the title victory.

WINNER: Angelina Love at 7:00 to capture the Knockouts Title. Love gets awarded with the title after her work over the past year. Although, it doesn't seem like she will remember how it happened. Kong's highspot was pretty cool in the moment. (*3/4)

Arena: Lauren was with Team 3D, who were in the middle of a Philly crowd in the concourse of the arena. Brother Devon chugged a beer while Brother Ray held his beer in hand. Ray then cut a promo about making Beer Money die inside the jungle. He welcomed them to their backyard - Hardcore Heaven.

In-ring: After a video package on the 3D vs. BMI, Inc. feud aired, Beer Money came out to defend the TNA tag titles. Falls Count Anywhere in a Philly Street Fight. Team 3D was announced, but they didn't show up on stage. Camera then found them somewhere in the arena walking around. They made it inside the cage to face off with Beer Money. Both teams smacked title belts out of respect, then the brawl was on.

6 -- TNA tag team champions BEER MONEY, INC. (ROBERT ROODE & JAMES STORM) vs. New Japan tag team champions TEAM 3D (BROTHER RAY & BROTHER DEVON) -- Title vs. Title match -- Philadelphia Street Fight

Match lasted just a few moments inside the cage before spilling out into the stands. Crowd was hot as Ray looked around for some crowd reactions. They went to a split-screen of Roode and Ray battling while Devon and Storm battled. Ray-Roode ended up in a Section 104 luxury suite. They battled through the suite to the concourse area, then back down the stairs. Suddenly, a beer came into play as all four men found themselves battling in the same locale. The action went back down the arena steps to the ringside area. They did the cage-door-in-the-face spot with Storm nailing Ray to KO him. Devon was alone for a moment and Beer Money took him through a table on the floor with a double-team suplex.

Ray was busted open as Beer Money took him back into the cage at 7:00. Beer Money tried a double team clothesline, but Ray popped to his feet and knocked down both men with a left-and-right-arm clothesline. Ray then climbed up the cage, but Storm cut him off until Roode followed up. Roode and Ray battled before Ray grappled Roode for a top rope Bubba Bomb. Crowd came to life for that spot as both men remained out cold on the mat. Suddenly, there was a nearfall as they replayed the spot. West going nuts for a nearfall while the video feed was a replay of Roode bumping for the Bubba Bomb was pretty funny, in a good way.

Devon re-entered the cage after recovering from the table spot and 3D scored a series of nearfalls on Storm and Roode. 3D then hit a "What's up?" diving headbutt on Roode before 3D did the "Get the Tables" sequence. Fans chanted for tables and Devon produced wood that was slid into the ring. The sequence took too long, allowing BMI to recover and cut off 3D's advantage. Roode and Storm then wanted to smash Devon head-first into the cage door, but Devon reversed the whip and Roode ate the cage door. Roode then fell backward and took a 3D through the table. Ray draped an arm over Roode to score a pin for the win to capture the titles.

WINNERS: Team 3D at 14:59 to capture the TNA tag titles. Good gimmick cage match with a smartly-laid-out finish. Easily the best match on the card thus far. 3D winning the belts was inevitable and could set up a program between Roode and Storm if TNA wants to split them up. (***1/2)

Backstage: Borash brought in Kurt Angle as the Main Event Mafia chilled in the background of the Mafia office. Angle said this confidence in the air is about many things, like Booker T seeking revenge on A.J. Styles. It's about welcoming Sting back to the Mafia. It's about Scott Steiner, who is the victim of critics saying he's washed up. It's also about Kevin Nash, who then emerged from the hallway with Jenna Morasca. Nash was sporting a brace over his arm from the staph infection. Angle said it's all about the "what-ifs" from the young punks who say Angle could break his neck again and Nash is one more blown knee away from being done. Angle said you win with this (pointed to head), not with this (pointed to heart). He told Borash to figure it out.

In-ring: After a video package aired on the Lethal Lockdown hype, Kurt Angle came out first for Team Angle. Christopher Daniels then came out for Team Jarrett to begin the match.


The re-match from Impact's main event started with an even exchange. The ring mat looks really dirty with dry blood all over the ring. Just before the opening five minute segment ended, Daniels put Angle in the Koji Clutch mid-ring. Booker T's music hit, Angle was tapping out in the Clutch, and Booker just took his sweet ol' time coming to the cage to break up the hold. (No fall can take place until everyone is inside the cage.) Booker and Angle then double-teamed Daniels until A.J. Styles came out to even the match-up.

Tenay made a loose reference to Daniels's Triple X tag team from the early days of TNA without mentioning the team name. Paging Senshi. And, where is Elix Skipper these days? I haven't heard about him since he was released from TNA in 2008. In any event, Scott Steiner came out to give Team Angle a man advantage. Steiner went to work on Styles and Daniels while Angle and Booker caught their breath. Steiner then busted out a Frankensteiner on Styles and the crowd popped, but Steiner told them off. Booker and Steiner did some push-ups, then Samoa Joe's music hit to even it up.

No sign of Joe, though. Where is he? They cut to a split-screen to show a hooded figure talking to someone or something. Perhaps Taz is part of his Nation of Violence. In any event, Joe finally stormed the cage and cleaned house on the Mafia. The clock expired on the next interval, then Kevin Nash jogged to the cage sporting a giant brace over the right elbow. Joe kicked the cage door just as Nash approached, knocking Nash to the floor. Joe and Nash battled on the floor, then Nash subdued Joe and entered the cage. Nash dropped Styles and Daniels, then Joe rolled back into the ring to battle Nash.

Joe subdued Nash, then Daniels nailed a Best Moonsault Ever on Nash, who protected his elbow to take the spot. Final countdown clock expired and Jeff Jarrett's music hit. Jarrett hit the cage and went right after the Mafia. The lights then went down and the top of the cage was lowered with all of the weapons now available for use. Battle lines were drawn as Jarrett instructed his members to attack. They went to a dizzying six-camera screenshot to capture ... absolutely nothing. Just focus on something! Isn't that what a director is paid for to call the shot?

Back to the action where Angle made his way to the top of the cage and onto the roof of the cell. Styles followed him out, just as he does every year in Lethal Lockdown. Styles and Angle battled on top of the cell and teased some spots, including Styles trying to shove Angle off the roof to the floor below. Angle fought him off, though, and climbed back down inside the cage to give Jarrett the Angle Slam. Mafia saluted themselves, then looked up to find Styles crashing down through the roof with a dive onto all of them.

They moved on from the spot with Joe nailing Steiner with the Musclebuster, but Booker caught Joe with a leaping leg whip into a spinarooni to generate a crowd reaction. Styles was then up on his feet after the huge spot. Suddenly, Jarrett went for a chair shot on Booker, but Booker ducked and Styles ate the chair. Joe broke up a pin on Styles, then he argued with Jarrett. Action broke down, then came to a stand-still. Jarrett grabbed a guitar, then he measured Booker or Styles, who came to their feet. Jarrett then smashed Booker with a guitar and Styles covered him for the win. Of note: crowd just didn't react to this "decision of a lifetime" from Jarrett.

WINNER: Team Jarrett at 22:59. Jarrett retained his alliance with the younger stars, but the younger stars were definitely not the focal point of the match other than Styles trying to do crazy spots because he's A.J. Styles. Match was fine, as they worked around the limitations of the older stars, and built up the "babyfaces" to overcome the man disadvantage. Crowd didn't care about Jarrett's "decision," though. No reaction for the climax of the TV build. (***)

Post-match: The lights went down, then some warped music hit. A video came on the screen with some 3D graphics. Suddenly, Bobby Lashley came out on stage. Whoa. Lashley pointed into the cage and Angle smiled. Announcers suggested Lashley was with Mafia. Jarrett was stunned/concerned. West said perhaps Jarrett will be second-guessing himself. They went to black again.

Backstage: Lauren was with Sting. Lashley's music played off and on while Lauren tried to set up Sting for an interview. Sting cut a basic pre-main event promo about him maybe being a little older, but still able to battle a crazy guy like Foley.

Elsewhere Backstage: Borash brought in Mick Foley, who said "Mick, Mick, Mick, Mick, Mick, Mick" is not here tonight, as he's doing a corporate sell-out appearance. "Cactus Jack" said he won't even need his barbed wire bat tonight. He then "tweaked" the match stipulations for tonight where the cage door will be locked and you can't escape.

In-ring: After a video package aired on the Sting vs. Foley feud, they cut to a shot of Foley walking down the hallway. Mick Foley then walked out on stage with barbed wire baseball bat in hand and a band-aid over his right eye. Sting came out second, then JB handled the formal ring intros for the main event. 60 minute time limit. Win by pin, submission, or escape from the cage. (Huh?) Borash formally introduced Foley as Mick Foley, which should have generated a baseball bat shot to the head since he's Cactus Jack tonight. Sting was formally introduced to a mixed reaction. Pro-Jack crowd tonight. Ref Earl Hebner then forced Foley to give up the barbed wire bat before locking up the cage to start things off.

8 -- TNA World Hvt. champion STING vs. MICK FOLEY -- TNA World Title match

No initial lock-up, as the two men circled around the ring to involve the crowd. Foley punched himself in the head like the Impact promo to re-open the blood spot, then he punched Sting in the face to quickly go to work on Sting. Foley's right eye was covered in blood, then Sting came back with boots to the back. Foley then slowed things down by choking Sting in the corner. He tried to escape the cage, but Sting rammed him into the cage and Foley's ankle was stuck sideways inside the cage wall. Foley regained the advantage, then tried to walk off the pain in his ankle. It looked like he was doing an odd dance trying to shake it out.

Foley tried to climb the turnbuckles, but he sold that he wasn't able to climb. Foley kept hobbling around the ring before giving Sting a DDT. Foley slapped on the Scorpion Deathlock, but Sting escaped. Foley then screamed at the refs to open the cage door. They refused. Wait, Borash announced they could escape through the cage. And the promo before the match said he wouldn't. Not all on the same page here. In any event, Foley chucked the cameraman through the hole in the cage, then he tried to climb through the hole in the cage. Sting subdued him, then the cameraman gave Foley the barbed wire bat at his demand.

Foley charged Sting with the bat as Hebner allowed it to happen despite Hebner taking it away before the match. I give up. Sting then tried to escape, but Foley smashed him from behind with the bat to the knee. Foley landed another shot to the back of the knee. Sting then caught Foley with a drop toe hold and Foley ate the barbed wire hand-first. Foley's hand started bleeding, then Sting gut-shotted him with the barbed wire bat three times. An four. Of note, crowd wasn't reacting to this. Foley blocked a shot to the head, then he rammed Sting in the forehead with the barbed wire. Foley dropped an elbow with the barbed wire and Sting came up bleeding from the forehead.

Foley then pulled out Mr. Socko and wrapped his hand in barbed wire. He delivered a Mr. Socko barbed wire shot to Sting's forehead before landing non-Sock right hand blows. Foley went to the opposite corner, then he ran across the ring with a running barbed wire shot to the head. Foley then started to climb out of the cage and he fell to the floor as Sting reached the top of the cage. Foley wins by escaping the cage even though he created his own rule before the match that you couldn't escape. Sting could only shake his head post-match. Foley was declared the winner.

WINNER: Mick Foley at 15:53 to capture the TNA World Title. I don't know why TNA bothers with rules. There's just no consistency from match-to-match, and even from pre-match-promo-to-match. There's the idea of Mick Foley having all power to change rules on the fly or perhaps we weren't supposed to take Foley literally in the pre-match when he said the cage door would be locked, which, to me, implied a decision could not be rendered by escaping the cage. Then, you could go the route of trying to make sense of this as "Cactus Jack" having the pre-match promo, Mick Foley being announced as the in-ring participant despite Foley being dressed and wrestling as "Cactus," and the pre-match promo from "Cactus" being null and void. It all makes your head hurt trying to keep up with this. Match was slow, Foley was old, but crowd was mildly involved, which was all you could ask for at this point. Foley worked TNA into another World Title run. Congrats. (**1/2)

Sacrifice PPV promo: They showed A.J. Styles in a ridiculous gladiator outfit as he did a voice-over that he's not a video game character. "I'm 40, I'm a man!" Eh, nevermind. End PPV.

We welcome your 0-10 score and comments on this show for a "TNA PPV Reax" feature in the Torch Feedback section of To contribute your thoughts on the PPV, click here.

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PWTorch offers a VIP membership for $10 a month (or less with an annual sub). It includes nearly 25 years worth of archives from our coverage of pro wrestling dating back to PWTorch Newsletters from the late-'80s filled with insider secrets from every era that are available to VIPers in digital PDF format and Keller's radio show from the early 1990s.

Also, new exclusive top-shelf content every day including a new VIP-exclusive weekly 16 page digital magazine-style (PC and iPad compatible) PDF newsletter packed with exclusive articles and news.

The following features come with a VIP membership which tens of thousands of fans worldwide have enjoyed for many years...

-New Digital PWTorch Newsletter every week
-3 New Digital PDF Back Issues from 5, 10, 20 years ago
-Over 60 new VIP Audio Shows each week
-Ad-free access to all free articles
-VIP Forum access with daily interaction with PWTorch staff and well-informed fellow wrestling fans
-Tons of archived audio and text articles
-Decades of Torch Talk insider interviews in transcript and audio formats with big name stars.


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