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CALDWELL'S TNA SACRIFICE PPV REPORT 5/24: Ongoing "virtual time" coverage of Sting vs. Foley vs. Jarrett vs. Angle

May 24, 2009 - 9:50:29 PM

By James Caldwell, Torch assistant editor

TNA Sacrifice PPV Report
May 24, 2009
Orlando, Fla.

Pre-Show Report


Red took the initial advantage by knocking Kiyoshi to the outside and landing a corkscrew twisting splash for the first highspot of the night. Red took his time getting back in the ring, allowing Kiyoshi to cut him off. Don West interjected that he spent a good amount of time talking to Kiyoshi pre-show in Japanese to calm him down. Mike Tenay was ready to strangle him. Red made a comeback at 5:00, then "fed off the crowd" for a leg lariat resulting in a two count. Kiyoshi then came back with a turnaround suplex for a two count, which Kiyoshi sold with frustration. He called for the end and went for a moonsault, but Red moved and Kiyoshi ate the mat. Red nearly botched a turnaround DDT, then followed with a standing moonsault for the pin and the win.

WINNER: Red in 7:00. Good pre-PPV opener to warm up the crowd. (**)

-- Lauren interviewed Kevin Nash backstage to talk about the PPV match against Samoa Joe. Nash unenthusiastically said the Nation of Violence is hot right now. He said it's not going to be over until he says it's over. He was beating up men in bars when he was 18, so tonight he's going to bring his own violence. "This is over when I say so," he said.

Live PPV Report

-- A gas-guzzling SUV was shown pulling up earlier today. Jeff Jarrett stepped out. Sting showed up in the "Dumb and Dumber" Corvette from the hotel scene with the door that opens upward. A hummer pulled up and Mafia Security helped Kurt Angle out. Final "earlier today" intro was to a beat-up vehicle that Mick Foley pulled up in with the TNA Title in hand. Foley put the title belt on the hood of the vehicle after talking to a random "valet parker."

1 -- MOTOR CITY MACHINEGUNS (ALEX SHELEY & CHRIS SABIN) & SHEIK ABDUL BASHIR vs. LETHAL CONSEQUENCES (JAY LETHAL & CONSEQEUENCES CREED) & ERIC YOUNG showed up in an old school silver cape that expanded across his wingspan. Lethal also sporting the 1980s Savage red trunks with white stars. Predictably, the odd-ball trio of Sheik & Guns broke down as they were working on Creed. He wanted a hot tag to Young, but Young no-sold a tag as West complained about Young "ruffling some feathers" backstage. Young eventually joined the action with a double suicide dive with Creed on the Guns. Back in the ring, Lethal gave Sheik a sit-out slam for a close two count. Nice nearfall. Lethal then wanted a top rope elbow drop, but Shelley cut him off and landed a brainbuster. Shelley went up top himself, but Creed cut him off. Action broke down into a six-way brawl as West complained about the ref losing control of the action. More highspots ensued. Young then clotheslined someone inside out. More spots. More people flying around the ring.

Bashir landed a top rope frogsplash at 11:45, but no one knew who was legal or what the heck was going on, so everyone stood around. More standing around before Guns landed a double-team kick combo on Creed. Young then set up a double Death Valley Driver on the Guns and connected, but Bashir knocked Young to the floor. Lethal then tried to sunset flip Bashir, but Bashir grabbed the ropes. Ref saw it and kicked Bashir's hands off the ropes, allowing Lethal to score a pin for the win. Afterward, West blew a gasket out of disdain for the ref assist. Young was confused and didn't know how to react. He didn't want to take part in the celebration.

WINNERS: Lethal & Young & Creed at 13:55. Opening highspot fest that was just a bunch of guys flipping around the ring like an independent show match where no one is selling anything. I'm sure they were instructed to be a bunch of highspot monkeys because that's what TNA pigeonholes them as, so I don't want to criticize the wrestlers for working hard, but this was just a bunch of spots. (**)

2 -- TAYLOR WILDE vs. DAFFNEY -- Monster's Ball match

Lots of weapons early on. Taylor went to her Canadian roots to smash Daffney with a hockey stick early on. Taylor finished her off rather quickly with a slam onto a trashcan for the win. Post-match: Daffney recovered as Dr. Stevie stormed the ring to spread out thumbtacks in the ring. Lauren and Abyss then ran to ringside and Abyss gave Stevie the Black Hole Slam into the tacks to end the segment.

WINNER: Taylor in 2:00. Short match promoting the undercard storyline that will assuredly continue on TV. (n/a)

3 -- X Division champion SUICIDE vs. CHRISTOPHER DANIELS -- X Division Title match

Before the match, they had a nice handshake before squaring off across the ring. Crowd quiet early on as Don West continued to talk and talk and talk about the Suicide/Daniels/Curry Man conspiracy theory. West covered for the quiet crowd by saying the audience is split on whether they want Fake Daniels or Real Daniels to win. Both men struggled to work around Suicide's limited peripheral vision, then Daniels knocked Suicide to the floor, only to take a knee to the gut on a springboard moonsault attempt.

Chris Sabin eventually came to ringside as West continued to complain about the conspiracy theories involved here. Meanwhile, Shelley blasted Suicide in the ring with a codebreaker. Daniels pretended like he wasn't paying attention, then he went into the ring and covered Suicide for the easy pin and the win.

WINNER: Daniels at 12:10 to capture the X Division Title. Just a basic filler undercard match. Very disappointing X Division Title match with Don West walking a fine line between an annoying "heel announcer" and trying to get a rise out of Internet fans who enjoy listening to conspiracy theories. (**1/2)

Post-match: Daniels took the mic after watching the replay and said he doesn't want to win the X Division Title like that. He asked Suicide for five more minutes. Seriously, they asked Suicide if he wanted five more minutes. Naw, he doesn't care about the belt. After milking it, Suicide accepted. So, is Daniels still champ or does it revert to Suicide?

3b -- CHRISTOPHER DANIELS vs. SUICIDE -- X Division Title match -- five-minute OT

West was also confused by this, as he asked Tenay what happens if no one wins in the five-minute OT. Tenay said it goes back to Suicide. He didn't sound very convincing. Perhaps they should have a shoot-out. West said they're getting close to the LeBron James last-second shot time. Too soon for Orlando fans. Daniels connected with the Best Moonsault Ever at 4:35, but Suicide rolled through into a pin attempt. Clock counted down to zero with Suicide scoring a nearfall on Daniels. Suicide retains the X Division Title apparently. Daniels handed over the title belt to Suicide as West complained about there being a double-cross.

WINNER: No Contest at 5:00. Five more filler minutes. This whole program is so far out there in outer space. Just give us two men with one issue and let them wrestle out the issue in the ring. I just don't care about these "conspiracy theories" that West talked about in this 17-minute segment. It was over-kill. Just give us a legit man-to-man issue with competition for a title belt and let them wrestle. (*)


Kong out first, then Angelina slowly entered the ring not wanting to aggravate the monster to start the match. She tried to duck into the corner, but Kong pulled her out and rammed her into the turnbuckle. Angelina tried to run away to the floor, but Kong followed and rammed her into the guardrail. Angelina finally took control on the floor and tried to get a count-out, but Kong made it back into the ring where she took an aggressive pummeling from Kong. Angelina then tried to high-tail it out of the ring, but Raisha Saeed stopped her in her tracks and Kong brick-walled her onto the floor. Back in the ring, Kong had a pin, but she pulled up at one to inflict more damage. She missed with a top rope dive, then Angelina rolled to the outside and grabbed a gimmick. Raisha cut her off, though, and Kong accidentally rammed Raisha off the apron. Angelina used the pepper spray behind the ref's back, then she rolled up Kong from behind for the win. Kong isn't going to be too happy with Raisha. Post-match: Kong scooped up Angelina and gave her another brick-wall bump. She then finished off Angelina with the implant buster in center ring to get her back. Oops, not done yet. Kong dragged Angelina back into center ring and gave her another implant buster for two exclamation marks.

WINNER: Angelina at 5:57 to retain the Knockouts Title. Fine title match. Good storyline played out in the ring where there was an issue and the heel managed to keep the belt by hook or by crook. Fine pro wrestling match despite the outside interference. (*1/2)

Backstage: Jeremy Borash brought in Sting to hype this up as perhaps Sting's final TNA wrestling match if he loses the main event by getting pinned. Sting said he's not done because he made a vow to himself to bring back honor to wrestling. He said he will retire on his terms and his terms only. (Role reversal from when Sting said Foley's career is done.) Sting said it's Showtime.

Video package: Samoa Joe talked over some action shots of him running through folks as part of his Nation of Violence. He said he's been pushed down because others fear what he's capable of doing. Joe said he can be comfortable living a life of mediocrity or he can do something about his position in TNA. Cue up the Kevin Nash sound bytes where Nash said there's going to be violence at Sacrifice and it's name will be Kevin Nash, not Samoa Joe.


Nash came out first and Don West said Nash has been in the gym getting prepared for this, based on his physique improvement. Samoa Joe then came out and Nash took his time re-entering the ring so Joe could work himself up. Nice "veteran heel" move in the storyline context. West referenced the consultant to Joe. Bell sounded as the announcers talked about Joe losing his edge, which made him take his violence to a whole 'nother level. Nash landed a big boot in the first minute. Match moved to the floor where Nash tried a chair shot, but Joe ducked and smashed Nash with a chair. Nash came up busted open and the action returned to the ring. Joe nailed an enziguiri kick, but Nash came right back with a sidewalk slam. Joe then came back with a sleeperhold and Nash grabbed the ropes for a break. In the interim, though, Nash landed a mule kick behind the ref's back and scored a nearfall. Joe came back with a running kick and running sentaun, but Nash kicked out. Joe then slapped on the rear naked choke and Nash tapped out in five seconds. Joe with a clean victory over Nash.

Post-match: Joe grabbed Nash and put him in the Bryan Danielson choke hold to land elbow strikes to the neck. Security and refs ate right hand punches, then Joe went back to Nash and landed forearm strikes. Crowd not sure how to respond. Security eventually sent Joe away and Joe grabbed his towel on the way out. Scott Steiner then rolled into the ring and checked on Nash, who sold the beating.

WINNER: Joe at 8:05. Nice singles match. Two men. One issue. No funny stuff, just a good, competitive wrestling match. Post-match continues to make Joe a "shades of gray" character when the audience has no reason to cheer him, but they're tentative to boo him because of his amazing run in the past. (**1/2)

Backstage: Lauren brought in Team 3D to talk up the tag tournament. Brother Devon thanked TNA for showcasing tag team wrestling. Brother Ray then talked about having respect for Beer Money, but having no respect for British Invasion. Ray took off his shades and said he hopes Beer Money win.

Impact Zone: Team 3D came to the ring and walked past the trophy and giant $100,000 check for the winner. Don West sarcastically welcomed them to the broadcast. West didn't appreciate Devon sitting so close to him.

6 -- BEER MONEY, INC. (ROBERT ROODE & JAMES STORM) vs. BRITISH INVASION (DOUG WILLIAMS & BRUTUS MAGNUS w/Rob Terry) -- Finals of Team 3D Tag Team Tournament #1 contendership

Ray with more talk of TNA offering the best tag team in wrestling. He said he likes what he sees from Doug Williams and expects him to help Brutus and Terry advance in TNA. Brutus tried to dump Storm over the top rope, but Storm held onto to the top rope, Roode poured him a brew, and Storm skinned the cat back into the ring to spew the brew into Magnus's face. Beer Money definitely popular with the crowd as babyfaces. British Invasion recovered on the floor, then Roode launched Storm over the top rope with a three-man splash. Don West kept agreeing with Team 3D on all of their commentary, which was pretty awesome. Ray called out West, but West shifted it back to trying to call a serious match here, fellas. One step ahead. Ray said they love tag tournaments like the Crockett Cup and it was a big deal for them to pull out $100,000 for this tournament. West chimed in that it's only like $50,000 after taxes.

Storm made a hot tag to Roode at 8:00 and Ray mixed up the Beer Money wrestlers. Action broke down, then Williams nailed a lift-up European Uppercut on Roode, but Roode kicked out. BI wanted to finish off Roode, but Storm broke it up. Roode dumped Brutus to the floor, then Storm nailed a top rope huracanrana leading to Roode hit a frogsplash. He had the pin, but Terry pulled ref Hebner out of the ring. West comically demanded he be tossed from ringside, chiming in with Team 3D. Beer Money was in jeopardy as Williams introduced the stolen LAX briefcase, but Roode yanked the case and clocked Williams. Hebner made the cover and scored a pin for the win. Post-match: Team 3D entered the ring and shook hands with Beer Money. In typical TNA fashion, trophy presentation is this Thursday on Impact. Don't even get the trophies tonight. Guess they need to make sure the giant check clears.

WINNERS: Beer Money at 10:43. Good tag match with a hot crowd. The usual TNA run-around, interference, etc., but the crowd made up for it by being very involved. This was West at his best as a heel announcer. It was great. (***)

Backstage: Borash brought in Kurt Angle to talk about his chance to become five-time World champ tonight.

7 -- Legends champion A.J. STYLES vs. BOOKER T (w/out Sharmell) -- Legends Title match -- I Quit match

Styles was in control early. West did his classic heel line about Booker letting Styles get his offense in to give him a false sense of security before making the comeback. Booker dropped Styles throat-first across the guardrail, then Styles breathed into the mic without saying I Quit. West said perhaps he was trying to, but he couldn't produce the air to say the two words. Nice from West. After Booker worked on Styles for a while, they went into a standing exchange of right hand blows, then Styles ducked a right and nailed the Pele kick. Nice sequence. West complemented Styles on the comeback and said he can't tell you how many times he's screamed that move out. Styles then gripped Booker and landed forearms. Booker was not quitting. "Hell naw, man," Booker said. Styles then knocked Booker to the floor and followed with a plancha on the ground. Nice spot. Booker didn't give up. Styles then rammed him into the ringpost and rolle him back in at 15:00. Booker wouldn't give.

Styles regrouped on the apron, then Sharmell came to ringside and shouted instructions to Booker. Styles landed a flying forearm smash as Sharmell encouraged him not to quit. Styles wanted the Clash, but Sharmell jumped on the apron. Booker tried to take advantage, but he accidentally bumped Sharmell off the apron. In the confusion, Styles grappled Booker and put him in a nice-looking MMA submission trying to separate the shoulder. Booker refused to give. Jenna then came down to ringside with a towel in hand. Jenna tossed the towel into the ring and the ref called for the bell. Jenna screamed at Sharmell that she was just trying to help, but Sharmell was having none of it. Styles took his belt and was initially upset with the finish since he didn't get Booker to quit, but he celebrated with the title. Crowd was disappointed with the finish, which hurt Styles's moment.

WINNER: Styles at 16:47 to retain the Legends Title. Best match of the PPV until the finish with Sharmell-Jenna continuing their feud on PPV TV. Keep it on free TV (if TNA is so adamant about continuing this), but don't put that dumb storyline on pay TV. As usual, TNA tries to find a way out of a stipulation. Sucks to rant on that, because the match was awesome and one of Booker's best performances in years. (***3/4)

Backstage: Borash brought in Mick Foley, who said the most important thing tonight is that he keeps his grasp on the TNA Title. He said he'll do whatever necessary to keep the title and still be TNA champ.

Impact Zone: Before Jeff Jarrett came to the ring first, they showed him gimping down the hallway leading to the entrance tunnel selling the hammy injury. Sting then came out second and walked down a dark hallway to the entrance tunnel. Kurt Angle started his walk in the Mafia locker room and slowly made his way to the Impact Zone. World champ Mick Foley then came out sporting the Cactus Jack trunks and boots.

Borash handled the formal ring intros and dragged this out pretty effectively. Jarrett decent pop. Putting his voting shares on the line. Sting with a nice reaction mixed with some boos. He's putting his career on the line. Kurt Angle was booed before Borash finished his intro. Angle putting Mafia leadership on the line. Mick Foley did his neck-twists when he heard boos and cheers during his ring intro. Foley putting the title on the line.

8 -- TNA Hvt. champion MICK FOLEY vs. JEFF JARRETT vs. STING vs. KURT ANGLE -- TNA World Title match

Jarrett and Angle paired off against each other early on. Cactus and Sting battled through the crowd, up the stands, and to the entranceramp where Foley landed a piledriver on the ramp. Angle put Jarrett in the anklelock, then Foley tried to help Angle by putting Jarrett in the Mandible Claw to make Jarrett tap and lose his votes, but Angle jumped Foley and knocked him to the floor. Foley rolled to the outside, then decided to join commentary to say he's taking a little breather-oonie until absolutely necessary to sneak in there for the win. Jarrett took a double-team beating from the Mafia, then Sting and Angle accidentally bumped into each other. After the contact, Sting shoved Angle, who tried to apologize. Angle then eye-raked Sting and landed a series of German suplexes. Sting and Jarrett were down, then Angle slowly looked around for Foley. He walked over the announce table and landed a running flip dive clear over the announce table into Foley's lap. Angle dragged Foley into the ring, then four-way action broke out.

At 11:00, Foley came to life and pulled out Socko II and III. Jarrett ate II and Sting ate III, then tried to cover both men with their shoulders on the mat, but Angle snuck in behind him and slapped on the anklelock. Foley escaped and bumped the ref in the process. Sting had a visual pin on Angle. Jarrett then KO'ed Sting with the guitar and scored a visual three count. Foley then cracked a chair over Jarrett's head and scored a two count with the ref to life. Everyone took a break, then Angle put both Sting and Jarrett in the anklelock until Foley broke it up. Foley DDT'ed Angle, then made the cover, but Sting broke it up.

Again, Foley vs. Sting and Angle vs. Jarrett. Jarrett took Angle up top and nailed The Stroke off the top into the face of the chair. Sting then snuck in behind Jarrett and covered Angle for the pin and the win to become leader of the Mafia. Afterward, Jarrett sold deep thought pondering the new role for Sting. Foley, meanwhile, took the title belt and dragged himself up the entranceramp. Sting then leaned over Angle's fallen body and talked to him. Tenay asked what new changes will take place as Foley clutched his title belt like a lost teddy bear to close the show.

WINNER: Sting at 15:01. Good main event. They used props and the four-way format effectively to create movement and build drama for each nearfall leading to the finish. Nice to see a legit finish, although the overall problem with this match was the TNA Title belt being a secondary or fourth-most-important element of the match. Title belt should always be the most-important when the title is on the line in a match. That was an inherent flaw in the match, but that doesn't take away from strong PPV main event performances from all four. (***1/2)

We welcome your 0-10 score and comments on this show for a "TNA PPV Reax" feature in the Torch Feedback section of To contribute your thoughts on the PPV, click here.

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