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CALDWELL'S TNA NO SURRENDER PPV REPORT 9/20: Complete coverage of last month's TNA PPV - Kurt Angle vs. Sting vs. Matt Morgan vs. A.J. Styles

Oct 10, 2009 - 9:50:33 PM

September 20, 2009
Orlando, Fla.
By James Caldwell, Torch assistant editor

The TNA PPV opened with a Charlie Chaplain-style black-and-white video package with clips on the main TNA wrestlers involved in the show tonight. They cut to fast-paced color video clips on the main wrestlers. They went back to the Chaplain video with an odd song in the background. Whatever that was all about.

Impact Zone: Mike Tenay welcomed us to the PPV with a preview of the big matches tonight. Taz then hyped the first-ever TNA Knockouts tag title match. That's up first. It's Beautiful People vs. Taylor Wilde & Sarita. Taylor and Sarita came out first for the match. Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne then came out second. Tenay addressed Angelina Love's issues during the ring intro. He said that "due to business issues, TNA and Angelina Love have parted ways." He added that TNA wishes her well in her "Future Endeavors." How nice of them to wait until they have people's money to say she's not on the PPV. Before the match could start, Earl Hebner ran into the ring to confront referee Slick Johnson. (Hebner sporting an ugly Adolf Hitler moustache.) Slick was kicked out due to past personal indiscretions with Madison.

1 -- TAYLOR WILDE & SARITA vs. BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE (VELVET SKY & MADISON RAYNE) -- TNA Knockouts Tag Title match -- Tournament finals

Beautiful People were in control early on, but Taylor took a hot tag and cleaned house on Madison. Taylor and Sarita then combined on a very nice springboard flying chuck by Sarita into a German suplex by Taylor for the pin and the win on Madison. On the outside, Velvet was beside herself they lost the match. And Madison back in the doghouse.

WINNERS: Taylor & Sarita in 5:00 to capture the TNA Knockout Tag Titles. The right team won. BP aren't the same without Angelina. Taylor & Sarita feel like a more natural tag team for the Knockouts division. Felt like a necessary re-start taking it back to when Gail Kim was the top babyface in the division carrying the banner. (*1/2)

Ringside: Tenay was shown losing control of himself after the victory. Taz was in a suit for the PPV broadcast. Tenay then went to the PPV line-up, including the newly-added D'Angelo Dinero vs. Suicide Falls Count Anywhere match.

Backstage: Lauren caught up with Taylor and Sarita in the back as they were celebrating the new tag titles. Sarita said she's had hundreds of tag partners, but no one is better than Taylor. She said they plan on holding the belts for a long time. Good little follow-up.

Video package: They showed the World Elite in video package form. They cut backstage where Eric Young was in a suit despite being up next against Hernandez on the PPV. Kiyoshi took the mic from Jeremy Borash and "interviewed" Young himself. Young thanked him for the great question, then cut a promo that he's sincere about wanting Hernandez, his brother, in the World Elite. He said he won't even touch him.

Impact Zone: Eric Young came out by himself in a suit. Hernandez then came out with the Feast or Fired briefcase in hand. He hit the ring and jumped Young right in center ring with a forearm.


Bell sounded and Hernandez smashed Young with another forearm before giving him the Pounce over the top rope to the floor. He threw him back into the ring and grabbed Young by the throat to give him a headbutt. Hernandez delivered the Border Toss, then made the cover for the win. Hernandez was not in a good mood and he quickly stomped out of the ring with the briefcase. And that was it.

WINNER: Hernandez in 0:45. Exactly what it was supposed to be. Hernandez dominant. (n/a)

Backstage: They immediately went back to Matt Morgan in the back. TNA booked Hernandez's squash win exactly how it was supposed to be, but it just felt anti-climatic to jump right back to Morgan for a promo. Morgan talked quietly and in a low-tone about no more tricks or games with TNA World champ Kurt Angle tonight. He said he's going to rip the torch from Angle's grip.

Video package: They showed Samoa Joe vs. Daniels back when the X Division was actually good. Oh, the days when Joe looked athletic in his ring gear and TNA didn't draw attention to Joe not having the best body in the world.

Impact Zone: Daniels came out first to challenge for the X Title. Samoa Joe then came out to his heel theme music re-mix. Taz, his cup of coffee mentor, said Joe needs to stay focused on Daniels and not let Daniels's recent trash talk get to him. Taz added that you need rage to make money and get on top in this industry.

3 -- TNA X Division champion SAMOA JOE vs. DANIELS -- X Division Title match

Match started off quick with multiple dropkick attempts by Daniels before Joe landed a big clothesline. He followed with his quick left and right hand jabs in the corner. Joe smirked to the crowd, then walked into a head scissors from Daniels. Joe fell to the floor, then Daniels followed with a suicide dive. Back in the ring, Daniels worked over Joe, but took a risk from the second rope and ate the mat when Joe nailed a mid-air uranage. Joe then hit the trademark slap and kick to the back into a knee drop for a two count. Joe followed with an Umaga-style nervehold to the neck before landing a forearm smash. He cut off a comeback with a trademark snap powerslam, then landed right hand jabs.

At 5:00, Daniels came back with an enziguiri kick and open-handed strikes into a leaping leg whip. He hit a bulldog, then went up top with a leg drop. Joe rolled to the outside to take a breather, but Daniels kicked him in the face and nailed a springboard moonsault onto Joe. On the outside, Joe sold that he was dead weight. Daniels struggled to get him back in the ring, then Joe snapped to attention and ran Daniels into the ring steps. He followed with a Ric Flair-style knee clip from behind to begin an attack on the left knee and leg. Back in the ring, Joe hit a "kneebuster drop" where he dropped Daniels directly on the knee out of a seated drop position. Nice move. He then hit a powerbomb, Daniels kicked out, and Joe rolled through into the STF. Classic Joe combo.

At 10:00, Daniels grabbed the bottom rope to break the STF. Joe tried to follow up with kicks to the knee, but Daniels ducked a third kick and hit a neckbreaker. Both men recovered on the mat, then Daniels made a full comeback with a flying attack. Joe cut him off again and nailed a half-nelson suplex drop for a two count. Joe wanted a Celtic Cross, but Daniels escaped and hit an STO. He wanted the Best Moonsault Ever, but Joe moved and hit an enziguiri kick when Daniels landed on his feet. Joe then followed up with a Musclebuster attempt, but Daniels slipped out. He wanted Angel's Wings, but Joe escaped and slapped on the rear naked choke in center ring. Daniels fought the hold, but had to tap out to give Joe the win.

WINNER: Samoa Joe via submission in 15:00. Good TNA PPV match in 2009, but this would have been just an okay match in 2005 when the X Division was at its peak. That's not fair to Joe and Daniels, who have four more years of bumps and bruises on their bodies and have reached a smart point of being content with good matches to stretch their bodies as long as possible to provide for their families several more years. It wasn't worth trying to have a five-star match on the undercard of an "off-brand" TNA PPV. Of note, weird vibe to this crowd tonight. Very subdued and not the typical ra-ra crowd atmosphere. (***1/2)

Backstage: Borash brought in Mick Foley, who seemed a bit distraught. Foley pointed to an empty spot on the wall in his office. He then grabbed a box where someone tore up his Tweak 'n Tweet photo of himself and Borash in cartoon form. Borash said he has a duplicate. Foley said you can't duplicate the heart and dignity that went into the unique quality of that photo. Foley said he will find out the perpetrator and take action. CSI:TNA.

Announcers: Back to the announce table, Tenay had this weird look of consternation on his face. Taz said it's just a cartoon. They transitioned into talking about Suicide vs. Dinero and their recent TV feud.

Backstage: Lauren bought in "the street preacher" Pope D'Angelo Dinero for a promo on the match against Suicide. I think I bought a pair of those sunglasses on the streets of D.C. about 12 years ago myself. Dinero said he doesn't care about the fans or TNA management trying to book him in a match tonight because he does what he wants. Then, why did he take the airplane ticket and come to the arena? Burke then calmed himself down and took a shot of 6-hour power energy. Suddenly, Suicide snuck up behind Pope and smashed him to jump-start their Falls Count Anywhere deal.

4 -- SUICIDE vs. POPE D'ANGELO DINERO -- Falls Count Anywhere

Ref ran from the ring to backstage as Dinero and Suicide brawled in the back. Dinero seated him in a chair and landed right hand jabs before Suicide came back with a back body drop into a blue dumpster. Flashbacks to Chainsaw Charlie and Cactus Jack vs. the New Age Outlaws. And the Eric Bischoff Torch Talk. Dinero escaped, then hopped on a golf cart. He had an Austin Powers moment of putting the thing in drive when he intended to throw it in reverse. He tried vehicular manslaughter on Suicide, who escaped the moving vehicle. The fight moved to a cage fence and Suicide pansted Burke, who pulled a Ric Flair and showed ass. Tenay made a loose reference to that. Taz then followed up by saying he feels like he's watching a Ric Flair match as Burke continued to walk around with a cheeky smile for the camera.

At 5:00, match eventually moved down a hallway backstage. Sort of a lull in the action as Burke re-emerged next to the Spanish announce table. He smashed Suicide with a bottle of water before ringing Suicide's bell with the timekeeper's instrument. Action finally made it to the ring where the crowd wasn't sure how to react to the early absurdity here. Suicide knocked Pope to the floor and nailed a plancha before walking around the ring to shake off the cobwebs. He then went under the ring and tried to grab a table, but Burke missed a dropkick and kicked the air before recovering and kicking the table into Suicide. Match moved to the entranceramp where Pope wanted a suplex off the stage into a table below, but Suicide blocked. Awkward spot where Suicide kinda knocked over Burke on the stage.

At 10:00, Suicide took right hand blows and teetered off the edge of the stage. He started doing some windmills like he was warming up during basketball practice to kill the effect of him teetering off the edge before kicking Burke in the face to knock him flat on his back on the stage. Suicide then emerged with another table. He wanted a drop through the table, but Burke blocked. Suicide tried it again, but both men then fell down on the stage. Announcers weren't sure who took the brunt of the blow. Neither did the viewer at home. They both sold pain, then Suicide put Burke on the table. Spiderman started climbing the Impact Zone set, then he came off the top with a leg drop attempt but Burke moved so Suicide ate the table. Crowd was like "Oh, okay." Burke then rolled on top and made the pin for the win.

WINNER: Dinero in 13:00. A silly gimmick match. Just didn't have the same vibe as WWE's Falls Count Anywhere presentation last Sunday. Crowd wasn't reacting to anything and the wrestlers had some awkward moments with some comedy mixed in. The Suicide gimmick just needs to go. It's old and played out. TNA got the most out of it with their marketing award, but it's time to move on. (*1/4)

Impact Zone: They tried to give us the Tale of the Tape on Cody Deaner vs. ODB, but they didn't have the tape. Thank goodness. Deaner then came out and the announcers took some shots at the Internet. ODB followed out to challenge Deaner for the Knockouts Title belt. Taz took his opportunity to take shots at the likes of ODB and Deaner for "whatever these people eat." We know why TNA has kept this going so Vince Russo can continue his redneck jokes. He's got a million of 'em.

5 -- ODB vs. CODY DEANER -- Knockouts Title match

Deaner struggled with his conscious at 2:00 to punch ODB, so he started toying with her. He landed a scoop slam, then took a few shots from ODB's flask. He tried a second rope double axehandle, but ODB grabbed him by the crotch. ODB then did her dirty dozen head-to-the-crotch butts. Taz was just having a good ol' time on commentary. ODB tried to take a shortcut with a pin using his feet on the ropes, but ref stopped his count. They did the old spot where the ref shoved Deaner down and he fell onto ODB for a roll-up and a two count. They did it again where Tommy Young kicked Deaner's hands off the ropes and he fell onto ODB, who scored another two count. Deaner then landed his big Knockout punch, but ODB kinda slipped out from a pin for a nearfall. ODB then hit a TKO from the fireman's carry position for the pin to win the belt.

Post-match: Lauren caught up with ODB on the entranceramp. ODB said he might not like half the broads in the back, but they've all tried to bring honor and respect to the KO Title. She gave a shout-out to her supporters in prison. Nice thought.

WINNER: ODB in 7:00 to win the Knockouts Title. Took TNA a month, but they finally put the belt on ODB. Above-average match with some good wrestling mixed with the expected gimmicks and attempts at comedy. (*3/4)

Backstage: Borash brought in TNA World champ Kurt Angle to ask him about the deck stacked. He said Morgan is hot for Angle, Sting wants the title for one last run, and Styles is re-energized. Angle just laughed at Borash. He said Morgan is going to wind up another statistic who never lived up to his potential. Angle said tonight will not have a happy ending like the Sting and Styles story is trying to have.

Impact Zone: Mick Foley came out to comment on the Legends Title match. Abyss then came out in his Urban Outfitters gear. I don't get the look. Half-jacket with the flannel and heavy pants and the Abyss-channeling-Eugene clap. Just looks ridiculous, like something off the independent scene or a D-Level horror flick. Kevin Nash followed out and checked the bag to make sure $50,000 was in the bounty bag. Nash was HD-ready in his Big Red Diesel gear.

6 -- Legends champion KEVIN NASH vs. ABYSS -- Legends Title vs. $50,000 bounty

Foley said Nash is driven for cash. Sounds like a book title. The two big men started off with Nash knocking Abyss off his feet. Match moved to the floor as the announcers kept talking about the cash. Taz took an opportunity to talk about the strap, the belt, the gold, the whatever-he-wants-to-call-it. Obviously, he was referring to WWE wanting titles to be called championships and not using that 'rasslin terminology. Tenay said it's freedom. Announcers re-visited the strap discussion as Stevie Richards came to ringside to get a closer look at the proceedings. Daffney then entered the ring with a taser and went after Abyss, but Abyss countered with a Black Hole Slam. I see the taser and I instantly think really bad WCW storylines. Anyways, ref chased Dr. Stevie away from ringside. Meanwhile, Nash had a chair. He landed a chairshot to the head with Abyss getting his hands up to block. Crowd reaction was "Oh, well, yeah, I've seen that before." And silence. Abyss kicked out of a pin attempt, then escaped a Jackknife powerbomb and hit a chokeslam for a two count. Suddenly, Abyss screamed out to Foley asking for the barbed wire bat. Foley told Chris that there's a ref standing right there. Foley then walked to ringside with the bat, but the ref cut him off. Foley tried to hand the bat to Abyss, but he handed it to Abyss the wrong way. Nash then tasered Abyss in the crotch from behind. They had some bush league special effects for the "smoke" from the taser. Nash then made the cover for the win. Post-match: Foley quickly left after being like "Oh, well, didn't work out." Foreshadowing a heel turn. Stevie didn't want to give Nash his payoff apparently because he didn't kill Abyss, so Nash powerbombed the promoter and walked off with the bag of cash. Taz said it wasn't a good idear to renege on the deal.

WINNER: Nash in 8:00. Just not a PPV-worthy segment on any level. Should have been kept in a throwaway segment on free TV. Actually, shouldn't have been on anyone's TV. Announcers were in business for themselves just doing a Mystery Science critique on the match and talking about whatever they wanted to do. There's a difference between "freedom" to call wrestling however you want to and just bringing absolutely nothing to the table. Don West is sorely missed. (n/a)

Backstage: Borash brought in Booker T and Scott Steiner as they were on the putting green. Booker stood there puffing his chest out for no reason. Steiner said he doesn't care what Borash is talking about. He said he hates foreigners, especially British people. Booker said he doesn't even know why they're in the same ring with these people. He said something indiscernible. Oh, Harlem Heat. Caught that one. Lethal Lockdown up next.

Impact Zone: Doug Williams came out first representing the British Invasion in the four-team, eight-man cage match with weapons. James Storm came out second representing Beer Money. Williams met him on the entranceramp and spit beer in his face. They eventually made it into the cage to start things off.


Storm and Williams did some stuff in the ring to start. After five minutes of stuff, Brutus Magnus came out and argued with the ref about nothing in particular. Maybe he had bad breath. Anyways, Doug rammed Storm into the cage door as Brutus entered the ring. BI then did their overly-complicated double-team necktie drop of sorts. Storm was busted open at the forehead as BI went to work on Storm. Robert Roode then came in to make it even for a bit.

Scott Steiner was the first one out from the group of body conservationists. Steiner landed a series of suplexes on Beer Money as Taz put himself over for featuring suplexes in his wrestling career. Steiner dropped Roode with a top rope Frankensteiner, then he worked with British Invasion to work over Beer Money. Wait, I thought he hated foreign people. Sides were evened out two minutes later when Brother Devon came out sixth in the match. Devon cleaned house, then things settled to a crawl. Announcers filled time cracking jokes, of course. Crowd is dead as guys were just milling around in the ring.

Booker T came out last for the Mafia. He slowly took his time coming out while holding both TNA tag titles. He Booker T'ed it down the ramp, then went after Beer Money once he hit the cage. Dave Penzer then counted down to Brother Ray being the last one in the ring. Ray kept looking off camera like eight times. What is he looking at? Oh, Rob Terry coming off camera to smash him into the guardrail and flex. Such a bad telegraph. Terry then walked over to some guy holding an electronic instrument and forced him to lower the top down onto the cage.

So, it's Booker & Steiner & the foreigners they hate vs. Beer Money & Brother Devon in the cage. On the outside, Ray came to life and cracked a chair shot over Terry's head. Direct, clean shot to the head. Way to go, TNA. Ray then entered the cage with the chair and love-tapped some heels. Crowd hot for Team 3D making the comeback. As per the formula of these matches, two wrestlers climbed on top of the roof of the cage. Storm and Brutus battled on top, then Roode climbed up top and cracked a crutch over Brutus's back. Beer Money suplexed Brutus on top of the cage. In the cage, Team 3D gave Steiner a 3D center ring. More brawling in the ring using weapons as the folks in the Impact Zone continued to cheer them on. "This is what TNA is about," Taz said. Sure is, the same formula gimmick match every month. Beer Money then climbed down inside the cage after leaving Brutus out cold on top of the cage. Beer Money gave Doug the DWI for the pin and the win. Post-match: Beer Money and 3D stood tall with the victory.

WINNERS: Beer Money in 21:00. I can't review this match. I've seen this match 25 times too many and I'm just numb to the same tired, formula gimmick match TNA presents every single month. Plus, the direct chair shot to the head on Rob Terry completely took me out of this. If TNA scripted that, then they really are stuck in 1999 WCW. (n/a)

Backstage: Lauren brought in Rhino and asked him about facing "possibly the greatest MMA fighter in the world." Oh wow. I guess TNA figures their audience doesn't know anything about MMA and will believe anything they tell them. Rhino said real men put on wrestling boots and fight. He doesn't care about MMA, nor what he's done in MMA. Rhino said you don't see an octagon out there, but a six-sided ring. Rhino said Lashley's in his house tonight. His rules, brother. Rhino said the gloves and kickpads won't be applicable. He vowed to give him The Gore.

Announcers: Tenay and Taz were shown on camera to hype Lashley vs. Rhino. Taz said he came to TNA for those types of Lethal Lockdown matches where guys put their bodies on the line. He said he loves it and he's happy he's here.

Impact Zone: Rhino came out first for the semi-main event of the PPV. Some generic theme music then hit to bring out MMA superstar Bobby Lashley. They took their time before the opening bell to let the audience get a look at Lashley, who was making his TNA PPV in-ring debut.


Lashley started the match in control with direct strikes that sent Rhino rolling to the outside. Rhino played the cowardly heel and suckered Lashley into an attack on the floor. Back in the ring, Rhino nailed a spinebuster and continued his attack on Lashley. Taz referenced his ECW background, similar to Rhino's, and talked himself up. Taz had to acknowledge he's not trying to put himself over, which means he really was trying to put himself over for the third time on the PPV. Lashley made a comeback at 5:00 with those jitter-bug feet and a clothesline in the corner. He went to a Jim Duggan/Mongo McMichael two-point stance and charged Rhino in the corner. Rhino was busted open from the forehead at this point. Lashley then went for a spear on Rhino, but the ref ate it. Rhino followed with The Gore on Lashley and another ref stormed into the ring to make a two count. Rhino tried The Gore, but Lashley nailed him with a Knockout punch, which didn't mean much after Cody Deaner used the same move with more emphasis on the undercard. Lashley scored the pin and celebrated the victory.

WINNER: Lashley in 7:00. Basic mid-card PPV match. Lashley looked fine, but this wasn't memorable and came across like just another match despite being Lashley's first TNA PPV match. Would have had more juice if Lashley hadn't wrestled on free TV before this. (*1/4)

Backstage: Sting and A.J. Styles were shown backstage. Styles said he's not making excuses anymore after Sting's pep talk. He said they are professionals, but they have one thing on their mind tonight to leave as TNA World champ. Sting said, "Are you ready?" in the same tone as Triple H would before his "No, I said," intro line. Sting said it's Showtime. He told Styles to make this moment count.

Impact Zone: After the announcers talked up the PPV main event, they showed A.J. Styles walking down the hallway for the four-way. Once Styles hit the ring, they showed Matt Morgan walking down the hallway. Video package, then Morgan came out wearing his silly looking cape. Sting was shown in the hallway, then a video package, and he came out to the ring. Kurt Angle was then shown leaving the Mafia locker room on the way to the ring. After a video package, Angle came to the ring and grabbed his corner. Jeremy Borash then handled the formal ring intros. Earl Hebner is your referee. Styles, Morgan, and Sting were about the same level of babyface reactions.

In the middle of Angle's intro, Hernandez's music hit. Hernandez came out on stage and said he didn't come all the way to No Surrender to wrestle for five minutes. Actually, it was 45 seconds. He cashed in his Feast or Fired case. Why didn't he just wait until after the match was over? Taz posed the same question. Angle sold that he was upset and yelled at the announcers. Tenay said Hernandez wants to prove he deserves the title and not get it through the back door. Hernandez then knocked down Angle and beat him up as the other three just watched. Match apparently hasn't started. Hernandez gave Angle a high vertical suplex as the other three continued to just watch. Hernandez held Angle up in the air for like 20-25 seconds before clotheslining Angle to the floor. And the bell sounded.

9 -- TNA World Hvt. champion KURT ANGLE vs. A.J. STYLES vs. STING vs. MATT MORGAN vs. HERNANDEZ -- TNA World Title match

Once the bell sounded, Morgan, Styles, and Sting traded pin attempts while Angle and Hernandez brawled on the floor. Hernandez tried to take out Angle with a Border Toss off the stage, but Eric Young stormed the stage and attacked Hernandez. Apparently it's No DQ in a five-way. Young then gave Hernandez a piledriver on the stage. Ref Hebner didn't seem to care what happened on stage as he continued to focus on the three-way in the ring. Sting and Styles double-suplexed Morgan and Morgan rolled to the floor. Meanwhile, a medic checked on Hernandez's neck on stage to play up Hernandez's recent neck surgery. Angle slowly made his way to ringside as the action continued to the floor. Angle then helped out Morgan, who asked Angle if they're good and Angle smacked his fist to show they're good.

Back in the ring, Angle countered a Tombstone Piledriver attempt into an anklelock, but Styles slipped through and whipped Angle into the ropes. Morgan and Sting then battled in the ring while Angle and Styles fought on the floor. Angle and Morgan then worked together in the ring going after Sting. Suddenly, Styles stormed the ring and went after Morgan, but Morgan cut him off with a Scott Hall overhead slam. Sting then fired off a comeback, but Morgan took him out with a clothesline for a two count.

At 10:00, Morgan cut off a Styles comeback with a big boot to the face. He then did his spot where he puts the opponent throat-first across the top rope and splashes the back of his head using his big leg. He tried it again, but Styles ducked and Morgan ate the top rope before taking an enziguiri kick. Sting suddenly hit a missile dropkick on Angle, who was then shown visibly calling spots to Sting. On cue, Sting made a comeback on Morgan and Angle. Sting tried ten punches on Morgan, but Angle yanked him down and hit the Angle Slam. Styles then snuck up behind Angle to hit the Clash, but Morgan broke up the pin. Morgan called for the Hellevator on Styles and delivered. It looks like Morgan takes the brunt of the move on his finisher. Crowd didn't pop for the finisher, as Sting was positioned to easily break up the pin. Sting then wanted the Scorpion deathlock on Angle, but Angle countered into the Anklelock. Morgan broke it up with the big bicycle kick on Angle, but Sting dropped Morgan to the floor. Styles then came to and stared down Sting, who walked out of the ring and went after Morgan. Crowd then yelled at Styles to pin Angle, so he went to the apron and nailed a big splash on Angle for the pin and the win to capture the TNA World Title.

Post-match: Crowd exploded, then Daniels hit the ring to celebrate with Styles. Imapct Zone then spilled into the ring to celebrate with Styles like when Christian won his first TNA Title. Lots of touristy-looking types in there. Jeremy Borash eventually hit the ring for an interview, but they didn't have any audio. Looked like a crowd of kids at a middle school football game in the ring. The showed Styles holding the title belt high in the air to close the PPV.

WINNER: A.J. Styles in 15:00 to capture the TNA World Title. The only reason to order the replay of this PPV is for a historic moment of Styles winning the title belt. Match was good in spots, but there are only so many three-way or four-way sequences you can set up in a match like this without it becoming repetitive. Second biggest story was Hernandez finally losing that briefcase and being written off TNA storylines, apparently. Not sure what to make of that right now. (**1/2)

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