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TNA No Surrender Results: KELLER'S PPV REPORT including detailed match report, star ratings, analysis, quotebook

Sep 20, 2009 - 10:11:56 PM

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

SEPTEMBER 20, 2009

-The event opened with a video preview that showed people hugging and shaking hands. The screen said "Sometimes the only way to win is to surrender. Not in this world." The tone of the video changed to clips of violence and harder edged music. As usual, I have almost no idea what I just watched or what it meant, but it was well produced and fun to watch.

-They went to the opening pyro at the Impact Zone as Mike Tenay and Taz introduced the show. Tenay showed the brackets of the Knockouts Tag Team Tournament.

1 -- SARITA & TAYLOR WILDE vs. THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE (Velvet Sky & Madison Rayne) - TNA Knockout Tag Team Title Tournament Finals

Tenay announced that Angelina Love has parted ways with TNA for "business reasons." He wished her the best in future endeavors. He said TNA management let Madison Rayne substitute in her place. Senior referee Earl Hebner ordered ref Slick Johnson out of the ring and he took his place. Hebner has a type of mustache that not too many men have worn since World War II. Tenay said Scott D'Amore told him Wilde & Sarita remind him of the Rock 'n' Roll Express. Which one is the coke head? Sarita springboard dropkicked Sky as Wilde back suplexed her into a bridge for the win.

WINNERS: Sarita & Wilde in 6:00.


-They went to Taz and Tenay at ringside. They hyped the rest of the show.

-Lauren interviewed Wilde & Sarita backstage as they celebrated their win. Sarita said she's had hundreds of tag team partners, but nobody is better than Wilde and they plan to hold the titles a long time.

-Jeremy Borash interviewed Eric Young and the rest of the World Elite backstage. Borash wanted to know what makes him think Hernandez could be convinced to join his group. Kaz Hayashi stepped in and took the mic from Borash. Young said he has to make sure Hernandez joins the World Elite. Young said he knows what it's like to be an outsider, just as Hernandez does. Homicide then jumped in and said if he doesn't join them, the blood shed will be on his hands. Young said he won't fight Hernandez. He said he's not even dressed to wrestle. But he said he could go for it and give him his best shot if he wants to. He said he will take his best shot to prove what he means, however that works.


Young walked to the ring in a suit. Hernandez went right after Young. He grabbed by the lapels and headbutted him in the sternum. He then gave him the Border Toss and scored a three count.

WINNER: Hernandez in 1:00.

-Borash interviewed Matt Morgan backstage. He told Morgan it's clear it will be every man for himself. Morgan agreed and said this is what he and Angle wanted from the beginning. They were born to compete and win.

-A video package aired on the Samoa Joe-Christopher Daniels feud. The narrator said Joe joined TNA and plowed through the X Division which led to a series of matches that "defined the company." The narrator said a mutual respect developed as they moved outside of the X Division. Then the video recapped Joe's heel turn.

3 -- SAMOA JOE vs. DANIELS -- X Division Title match

Tenay said nobody in TNA has had as many ups and downs as Daniels has. The crowd chanted "X Division" at the start, then a chant of "Fallen Angel" followed. Joe went on early offense. When Joe set Daniels on the top rope, Daniels shoved Joe away and hit a flying head scissors. Joe retreated to the floor. Daniels dove through the ropes onto Joe. Daniels was on offense for a minute, but Joe took over and settled into a nerve hold on Daniels's shoulder. At 6:00 Daniels made a comeback and hit a running bulldog followed by a top rope legdrop. Tenay called it a guillotine legdrop, but I believe a legdrop becomes guillotine if someone is hanging over the edge of the ring apron. Joe bailed out to ringside. Daniels dove onto Joe on the floor. The crowd chanted, "TNA, TNA."

At 9:00 Joe gave Daniels a move Taz said he had never seen before, but called it a Knee Buster. Joe basically powerbombed Daniels onto his knees. The crowd chanted, "Let's go Daniels." Joe worked over Daniels's legs and applied a submission. Daniels reached the bottom rope. At 12:00 Daniels came back with a flurry of offense and then hit a top rope clothesline for a near two count. Joe came back with a half-nelson back suplex, which Taz said he calls a Car Crash Suplex. Daniels kicked out. Joe set up a Muscle Buster, but Daniels escaped and set up the Last Rites. After several more reversals, Joe locked on the rear naked choke. He took Daniels down and wrapped his legs around Daniels's body. Daniels tapped out after about ten seconds.

WINNER: Joe in 14:00.

STAR RATING: ***1/2 -- Very good match. They were given a lot of time and put in a strong match with a nice, decisively, clean finish. The highlight was when the camera zoomed in on Daniels's... well... his perineal area from behind while Joe had him in a leglock, and Tenay raved about what a great camera shot it was.

-Borash walked up to Mick Foley who was distraught because he found the caricature of he and Borash destroyed with a hole put through Foley's face. Borash said he has another copy. Foley said it doesn't work like that. Nobody can copy his mannerisms and call himself the Hardcore Legend, nor will a copy of their portrait together do. He said he will find the perpetrator and take action after he announces the Kevin Nash vs. Abyss match.

-Tazz asked Tenay at ringside if he was maybe overreacting.

-Lauren interviewed D'Angelo Dinero. She said TNA management added their match to the PPV because fans were upset over it not happening as scheduled on TV. He got upset with TNA telling him who to wrestle or when to wrestle. He said he needed a moment to reenergize himself with an energy drink. Suicide jumped Dinero from behind.


The ref ran backstage to cover the brawl as it became the official start of the Falls Count Anywhere match. Dinero elbow dropped Suicide on a big crate. Suicide backdropped Pope into a garbage cart, which Taz found very funny as he began laughing. Dinero got in a golf cart and sped toward Suicide. Suicide side-stepped the vehicle (which wasn't difficult) and yanked Dinero out of the driver's seat. They brawled to the outdoor area where Suicide yanked down Dinero's tights. Exposing his black briefs wasn't enough, so he pulled down his briefs and then yanked him to the ground. Tenay said, "There's an wrestling term for that, isn't there? And it starts with 'showing.'" Dinero kept getting beat up with his tights down. Taz laughed and said, "It's like watching a Ric Flair match." I was thinking the same thing, although the two asses would never be mistaken for the other for several reasons.

At 8:00 Dinero made a comeback and dragged Suicide to the ring. Suicide springboard dropkicked Dinero and scored a two count. They brawled back to ringside and then onto the ramp. Suicide blocked a Dinero attempt at a suplex off off the ramp onto a table. Suicide went for a pin on the stage and scored a two count. Dinero blocked a Suicide Solution attempt. Dinero then dropped his kneepads and set up a charge, but Suicide instead charged at him and dropkicked him on the stage. Suicide walked through the tunnel and came out with a table at 12:00. Tenay wondered if he should have taken the time to get the table and set it up. Suicide lifted Dinero onto his shoulders and ran to the table. Dinero escaped. Suicide lifted him onto his shoulders again and did a somersault slam that seemed to hurt both wrestlers. Suicide set Dinero face down on a table and then scaled the entrance set wall. He then leaped off with a legdrop. Dinero moved and Suicide landed on the table, which snapped. Dinero rolled onto Suicide for the win.

WINNER: Dinero in 14:00.

STAR RATING: ** -- It was what it was. You either like that type of stand-up brawl and stuntfest or you don't. TNA tries to put that type of thing on these PPVs as part of their "something for everyone" philosophy. I think it's an awful lot to let wrestlers do to themselves for an unadvertised match that will likely not be remembered after tonight.


Taz made some jokes about this being like a couple having a domestic fight in a double-wide, "except they have clothes on." After Deaner chopped ODB in the chest, Taz said there might be a flood in the ring. ODB jumped off the top rope onto Deaner. At 4:00 Deaner pulled out ODB's flask and swigged from it. Meanwhile, ODB recovered and gave him a crotch claw. Then she shoved his face into the turnbuckle as she sat on the top rope, known as the "Dirty Dozen." She then hit a Thesz Press for a near fall. Deaner came back with a pin attempt with his feet on the second rope for leverage. Deaner yelled at ref Andrew Thomas for stopping the count. Deaner poked him in the chest. The ref shoved Deaner into ODB who rolled him up for a near fall. ODB went for a sunset flip. Deaner resisted and grabbed the top rope. He then called the ref an idiot for not making ODB break. The ref kicked his arms a la Tommy Young and Ric Flair. Deaner gave ODB his famed Knockout Punch, but ODB managed to kick out just before three. Deaner climbed to the top rope, but ODB moved out of the way when he dove at her. ODB then finished him with the TKO.

WINNER: ODB in 7:00.

STAR RATING: *3/4 -- That may have been one of ODB's better matches. Taz at one point even said, almost in disbelief, it was a good match.

-Lauren interviewed ODB on the ramp who gave a nice celebratory interview. This is a nice touch having post-match interviews with winners of title matches.

-Borash told Kurt Angle backstage that Morgan is "chomping at the bit" to get his hands on him. He asked him if he has "bitten off more than he can chew." Angle said size isn't everything, and what matters is what's in his mind and heart. He said Morgan will never live up to his potential.

6 -- ABYSS vs. KEVIN NASH - Bounty Match

Foley joined Tenay and West on commentary. It's the first time two former Smackdown color commentators have called a match together. Foley said the dispute with Abyss was just a glitch on the friendship highway, or something along those lines. Regarding Nash being all about money, Foley said sometimes he gets solace in a match well done, but Nash doesn't because he's purely about the win. He said that drive for cash may make him more formidable. Methodical pace, back and forth action. At 4:00 Dr. Stevie sat at ringside and provided a distraction. Foley said Nash has avoided a lot of physical beatings in his career, so he's in relatively good shape for someone of his "seasoned tenure" (by that, he meant "age"). Abyss came back with a flying clothesline. Taz asked Foley if Abyss was stronger than Jeep Swenson.

Stevie walked to ringside. The ref turned to him, so Daffney snuck into the ring with a taser. Abyss gave her a Black Hole Slam. When Abyss grabbed the taser, Stevie ran into the ring and took it from him. Nash picked up a chair and hit Abyss in the head. For the first time ever (ever!) Abyss raised his hands to protect his head, but the move still looked good and Abyss probably avoided serious brain trauma, so it was good for all. Nash dropped his straps and set up a Jackknife. Abyss escaped and chokeslammed Nash for a two count at 7:00.

Abyss asked Foley to give him the barbed wire baseball bat that he brought to the announce table. The ref cut Foley off and warned him. Foley gave it to Abyss anyway. Nash then zapped Abyss on the perennial area. Abyss dropped the bat and convulsed. I'm not sure if Abyss was electrocuted or had an orgasm, but Nash pinned him either way. Stevie wouldn't give Nash the 50K because Stevie apparently insisted he needed more than just a pin, he needed Abyss out of commission, although the announcers didn't explain that. Nash then gave Stevie a powerbomb and took the duffel bag of money. Taz said Stevie was trying to renege on the deal, but not really, because Stevie has said for several weeks collecting the bounty was about more than a three count.

WINNER: Nash in 8:00.

STAR RATING: 1/2* -- There just wasn't much that added up to a wrestling match, as it was more about the interference and distractions and Prostate Massage at the end

-Borash interviewed Booker T and Scott Steiner. Steiner was practicing his putts in the locker room. He said he doesn't like foreigners and told Borash to warn the Brits to stay out of their business. Booker T gave his usual "I can't believe they pay me for this" promo. He said they are tag team royalty, blah blah, opponents can't carry their jock straps, their opponents "haven't been nowhere" (more of the attitude that WWE alum deserve top pay with minimal effort).


It opened with James Storm vs. Doug Williams. Next in was Brutus Magnus. Then Robert Roode. Then Scott Steiner. Then Devon. Then Booker T. Then Brother Ray came out, but Rob Terry attacked him with a chair from behind. Terry grabbed the guy who controls the weapons on the roof of the cage and forced him to lower them early.

At 17:00 the heels had the man advantage as they used the weapons to beat down the four babyfaces. Brother Ray recovered and gave Terry a stiff chairshot over his head, denting the chair. Terry did not protect his head. Taz called it one of the sickest chairshots he's ever seen. Just because he has more muscles than all of WWE's roster doesn't mean his brain is any less susceptible to bruising and concussions. Ray joined the match and took over with a crutch. Several wrestlers brawled on top of the cage. Beer Money then scored a pin on Williams after their DWI finisher.

WINNERS: Beer Money & Team 3D in 21:00.

STAR RATING: *1/2 -- For all of the gimmickry, it really was numbing and forgettable (and actually boring for the first two-thirds). It was a bunch of garbage wrestling shortcuts and excessive violence for little or no payoff. It's the type of match that, if it takes place, should be an annual centerpiece main event match that really means something, not just a contraption that allows a bunch of wrestlers coasting on tenure to do a stand-up brawl while other wrestlers who could be having a good standard match take bumps for them. Lots of action that is going to appeal to someone, but it goes down like a fast food burger that everyone either regrets or forgets about two hours later.

-Lauren interviewed Rhino who said there is no Octagon out there, no gloves, no kickpads. He said Bobby Lashley is going to see his taped fist which will bring a hefty dose of violence of his face. A very angry Rhino said he's going to tear Lashley in half with a Gore. Taz said Lashley gave up his gameplan by saying that. Not really, though, considering Rhino's well-known finisher is the Gore and it's a given that's how he's going to try to end the match. Taz said Lethal Lockdown is an example of the type of match that makes him happy to be in TNA because they let the guys just tear into each other.


Taz said all the hype for Lashley is justified because he's the real deal. Tenay said this may be a moment in TNA history we all remember. Seriously, when did Lashley become a big deal? He was rejected by fans in WWE when overpushed, then he left with no legacy in WWE. Not to be mean, but he just didn't get over, he didn't have particularly good matches, he had no memorable feud, he was out of place in the Trump angle, and he has yet to give a good promo. Yet TNA pushes him like they acquired Randy Orton or Edge. I guess it's smart even if they know better to try to portray his signing as a huge deal, but I think they believe what they say.

Anyway, he attacked Rhino at the start with punches and a snap suplex. Taz said his cardio must be off the charts good due to his MMA training (implying pro wrestlers don't need great cardio?) Taz said he feels there is pressure on Lashley, whereas Rhino has nothing to lose. Taz said if Rhino feels the establishment is against him, that's a great motivational tour. He said he was that way in ECW and it built his foundation. Rhino settled into a chinlock which showed a ton of light. Lashley elbowed out of it. Both were slow to get up.

Rhino charged Lashley in the corner, but Lashley side-stepped him and went on the attack. He then charged Rhino in the corner with a clothesline and several shoulder drives. He then picked up Rhino and dropped him stomach-first over his shoulder. Rhino was bleeding from his face. Lashley went for a spear, but Rhino moved and the ref hit him instead. Rhino then gave Lashley a Gore and a replacement ref made a near fall count. Lashley got up and nailed Rhino with a Big Show Punch for the win.

WINNER: Lashley in 7:00.

STAR RATING: *1/4 -- Okay for what it was. Lashley didn't dog it and wasn't obviously being careful in what he did to protect his MMA career. He also was the same old Lashley, which is a mediocre muscular guy with limited charisma who can work a decent match.

-Borash interviewed A.J. Styles and Sting backstage. Styles said he has one thing on his mind tonight - winning.


After everyone's ring intros and Borash's "big match feel" ring intros, Hernandez's music played. He said he didn't come to No Surrender to wrestle for just five minutes. He cashed in his briefcase so he could enter the match as a fifth man. Taz questioned Hernandez's smarts by choosing this time. Tenay said he wants to prove to everyone he deserves the World Title. Angle yelled at Tenay and Taz about Hernandez. Hernandez tossed Angle around the ring as the other three watched. He lifted Angle into a suspended delayed vertical suplex for nearly a minute. Tenay said, "Get out the stop watch on this. This is a world record." A small, "This is awesome!" chant broke out. Hernandez knocked Angle to the floor as the ref signaled for the match to begin officially.

Angle and Hernandez brawled at ringside as the other three fought in the ring. Taz pointed out the ridiculous rule that Angle doesn't have to be pinned or submitted to lose his title. As Hernandez set up a Border Toss on Angle on the stage, Young hit him with a weapon from behind and then gave him a piledriver on the stage. Hernandez's head wasn't anywhere close to hitting the stage, which is good and bad (why do a move that only looks good if you risk Hernandez's health?). Taz said the piledriver is one of the most dangerous moves in the industry which is why you don't see it much. Tenay said it's an unwritten locker room rule that you don't do that move. Sting and Styles took turns hitting Morgan in the ring. The crowd was silent as three wrestlers potrayed as babyfaces were beating each other up so they had no stake in it. Styles and Sting knocked Morgan to the floor and then faced off.

Styles dove to ringside and grazed Morgan and Angle. Tenay said Morgan seemed to believe Angle took one for him there. Morgan yanked Sting to the floor. Morgan then told Angle that he'd take care of Sting if Angle took care of Styles. Sting raked Morgan's eyes and threw him into the security railing. In the ring Styles reversed a piledriver attempt, but then Angle slipped on an anklelock. Styles escaped and knocked Angle to the floor. When he went for a slidekick, Angle grabbed his legs. Styles turned it into a head scissors takedown. Morgan fought Sting in the ring. Angle entered the ring and proposed a plan for them. They double-teamed Sting. The crowd was totally dead, so Tenay said the crowd was in shock that Morgan was working with Angle. As usual, TNA's booking is exhaustingly overly complex. Styles re-entered the ring by flying onto Angle. Morgan went after Styles and gave him an overhead released toss. Sting went after Angle and clotheslined him over the top rope. Morgan caught Sting with a clothesline. Angle came back and gave Styles a released suplex. Angle and Morgan had control and beat on Styles methodically. Morgan dropkicked Styles. Styles came back with a Pele Kick. Angle then gave Styles a released German suplex from behind. Sting hit Angle with a missile dropkick from the top rope. Sting sold a shoulder injury, but got up and bodyslammed both Morgan and Angle He gave both Angle and Morgan separate Stinger Splashes. The crowd chanted, "He's still got it." Sting punched Angle in the corner, but Angle picked him up and gave him an Angle Slam for a near fall. Styles came back and hit Angle with a Styles Clash. Morgan kicked Styles in the head to break up the pin at two. Styles nailed Morgan with a roundkick to the head. Styles flew off the ropes at Morgna, but Morgan caught him with a boot. Morgan then signaled for a Hellivator and executed it. Sting broke up the pin on Styles. Sting gave Morgan a Scorpion Death Drop. Angle broke up the cover. Sting then put Angle in a Scorpion Deathlock, but Angle countered into an Anklelock. Sting reached for the bottom rope. Angle dragged him back to the middle. Morgan kicked Angle in the head. Morgan charged at Sting, but Sting pulled on the top rope and Morgan flew to the floor. That left Sting and Styles staring at a fallen Angle, knocked out on the mat. Sting then walked out of the ring and dove off the apron at Morgan. The crowd cheered for Styles, who hti a springboard 450 splash and got the three count. Styles celebrated the win in the ring with the fans who lifted him in the air for a great visual.

WINNER: Styles in 15:00.

STAR RATING: **1/2 -- There were aspects of this that were **** and other aspects that were *. It was like reading three books at once, rotating from book to book after each page. It's just numbing. The crowd was just waiting around for this to play itself out and in the end, Styles's win was more opportunistic than earned. The stories within this one match set up several feuds. In the end, TNA got a great in-ring celebration from Styles, which made up for a lot of the overbooked aspects of the match in terms of the final emotion viewers were left with. This story would have been more satisfying if Styles won a one-on-one match without all of the other stuff interjected.


Matt Morgan: "The future has come. The future is now. The future is right here."

Taz: "Do you think Cody Deaner knows that the Knockout Championship is a female championship."

Taz when Deaner grabbed a flash: "He better not let Dave Penzer see that."

ODB: "TNA wrestling fans all over the world, all my fans in prison, let the party begin!"

Kurt Angle: "I love a fairy tale as much as any other guy. In fact, I read it to my kids at home every night. But tonight will not have a happy ending because tonight will be real, damn real."

Taz to Mick Foley: "Well said. You should be writing books with the way you talk, for God's sakes."

Mick Foley in response: "Better than being an announcer."

Taz in response: "Nah, you get yelled at in your headset."

Mick Foley in response: "You share my pain, don't you?"

Taz in response: "Yes sir. Let's move on!"

Scott Steiner: "We don't like British people. We don't like Canadians. Matter of fact, we don't like any foreigners. If you don't speak our language, get the hell out of our country."

Taz: "I would not be happy if Booker T was my partner tonight. It's a T.O. moment."

Rhino Logic: "Do you know why they call me the War Machine? Because I'm an animal."

Sting to A.J. Styles : "Let tonight for one of us be the first day of the rest of our lives."

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