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CALDWELL'S WWE TLC PPV REPORT 12/13: Complete PPV report on Cena vs. Sheamus, DX vs. JeriShow, Taker vs. Batista

Dec 13, 2009 - 11:45:10 PM

December 13, 2009
San Antonio, Tex.
Report by James Caldwell, Torch assistant editor

The WWE PPV started with a video package on tables, ladders, and chairs before Raw announcer Michael Cole talked about the "exciting, career-threatening" PPV tonight.

In-ring: Shelton Benjamin came out first for the ECW Title ladder match to start off the show. Already in the walkway were several ladders to set the stage. They're doing the three-man booth with Cole, Jerry Lawler, and Matt Striker again. Didn't they learn their lesson last month? ECW champ Christian then came out to defend the title, which was hanging above the ring.

1 -- ECW champion CHRISTIAN vs. SHELTON BENJAMIN -- ECW Title match

They started with a basic lock-up to set the tone for the feeling-out process. Christian nailed a dropkick off the ropes at 1:00 for the early advantage. Striker said the ECW Title has never changed hands in Texas. Well, Johnny Nitro (John Morrison) won the ECW Title over C.M. Punk in the finals of a tournament on Chris Benoit's last scheduled show in Houston back in June 2007. Back to the action, which moved to the floor at 2:30. Christian then grabbed a ladder and did an early tease to make the climb, but Shelton yanked him down from the second rung. Shelton then teased a quick, cat-like scaling, but Christian yanked him down. Instead of climbing the ladder, Christian tried to use it as a weapon, which back-fired and the ladder crashed on Christian's face. And we have early blood. The ref put on medical gloves, then medics immediately treated Christian for the cut to his forehead. Fans booed the medic closing up the cut while Shelton stood back with a lull in the action. Striker said the Texas Athletic Commission requires a cut to be closed to a competitor.

Christian, with the cut temporarily fixed, chucked Shelton over the guardrail to the front row. Shelton then climbed the ladder again and dove off the top of the ladder onto Christian. Christian and the ref checked on Shelton, who sold the effects from crash-landing on his back. After some more ladder teases, the action returned to the ring where Christian scaled the ladder, but Shelton knocked him down and nailed an enziguiri kick in the face. The camera got too close and showed Christian calling a spot after taking the blow. Shelton climbed the ladder, but Christian followed him up and landed a reverse DDT off the third rung. Shelton then positioned himself on the top turnbuckle and landed a clothesline after swinging himself over the ladder. Shelton teased grabbing the belt again, but Christian blocked him, only to take a powerslam off the top of the ladder.

At 14:00, Shelton grabbed the belt, but he couldn't pull it down and Christian took the ladder out from under him. Shelton dangled with the belt, then Christian took him down and he dangled with the belt hanging above the ring. Shelton then powerbombed Christian out of the air into a ladder propped up in the corner. They set up another spot where Shelton wanted a sunset flip powerbomb off the ladder, but Christian turned it into a clumsy huracanrana. Christian then gave Shelton a pendulum kick onto a ladder hanging across the ring apron and announcer's table. Christian then went off the top with a frog splash through Shelton and the ladder, which was gimmicked to split in half. After the spot, Christian went back in the ring and scaled the ladder while Shelton was KO'ed ringside. Christian then grabbed the ECW Title belt to win the match and retain the title. Post-match: Medics checked on Shelton, who sold internal injuries. Christian saluted Shelton then he left the ring with possession of the title belt.

WINNER: Christian at 18:08 to retain the ECW Title. Shelton's athleticism was great at times, but the usual ladder match teases became repetitive and Christian calling spots throughout the match was a distraction from the proceedings and took me out of the match over and over again. The action was too choreographed and there just wasn't a flow. The complicated spots were clunky at times. Decent finish, but this wasn't a "show-stealing" performance. (**)

Announcers: Cole and Lawler talked about the recent feud between JeriShow and DX leading to the Unified tag title match tonight. ... San Antonio: They gave us a look at the historic Riverwalk, which is where I stayed on my honeymoon. Trivia note: They'll be draining the whole river in a few weeks and they'll find thousands of electronic devices that have fallen in the water over the past year. Yeah, I was paying attention on the $8 tour.

In-ring: Drew McIntyre came to the ring first for the IC Title challenge against John Morrison. Morrison came out to defend the title and Striker said it's been 20 years since the IC Title changed hands in Texas. That would be Austin, Tex., where Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig won a tournament in April 1990.

2 -- Intercontinental champion JOHN MORRISON vs. DREW MCINTYRE -- IC Title match

McIntyre took control early on and cut off some early comeback attempts by Morrison. McIntyre then went to work on Morrison's head and neck trying to stretch Morrison's body in unhealthy positions. McIntyre then took Morrison to his feet and wanted a sidewalk slam, but Morrison delivered a good-looking DDT after a revolution around McIntyre's head to wow the crowd. Morrison tried to catch him in the corner, but McIntyre positioned Morrison's legs over his shoulders before delivering a "reverse Alabama Jam" onto his stomach. It was only good for a two count, though. On the floor, Morrison came back with a running Flying Chuck after using the apron as a platform. Back in the ring, McIntyre ate the ringpost and Morrison went for the Starship Pain. He grazed McIntyre, who avoided a three count with a foot underneath the bottom rope. Morrison then went to work on McInytre's stomach, but the ref reprimanded Morrison and didn't see McIntyre use an illegal blow to the eyes to stun Morrison. McIntyre then hit his double-underhook DDT faceplant. Crowd shouted for Morrison to kick out, but McIntyre made the cover for the win.

WINNER: McIntyre at 10:20 to capture the IC Title. Okay match. The chemistry wasn't strong in the ring and the WWE audience isn't totally into McIntyre right now. They'll get familiar with him in a hurry now that he's wearing a title. This wasn't a memorable match by Morrison's standards. (*3/4)

Ringside: Members of the National Guard were shown ringside getting some love.

Backstage: Vince McMahon congratulated Drew McIntyre on his title victory. Josh Mathews then barged in and wanted a word with McMahon, but McMahon told him to do his job and talk to Drew. After a hard slap on the back, Mathews asked McIntyre about his win. Mac said the victory was inevitable. Sheamus then stepped into the show and McIntyre slapped the belt. Sheamus said that was pretty impressive, but he's also leaving TLC with some gold tonight. McIntyre smiled and Sheamus maintained his mad face to sell intensity. Oh wait, that's Archer.

3 -- Women's champion MICHELLE MCCOOL (w/Layla) vs. MICKIE JAMES -- Women's Title match

I was surprised this wasn't slotted as a buffer matches in-between the now-Big Three title matches, but WWE wants their showcase women's match on the PPV to have room to breathe. After Mickie came out, they replayed the Piggy James farm animal video from Smackdown a few weeks ago. Why would they air it? For the kids, of course. Have to give them something to relate to with the feud. Yeah, that's is. The action moved to the floor early on with Layla trying to get involved. Michelle swung Mickie into the barricade, then back in the ring, McCool was looking for the end, but Mickie regained control. Layla got involved again and Mickie bumped her off the apron, but McCool followed with a decisive kick to the head for the pin and the win.

WINNER: McCool at 7:55 to retain the Women's Title. Good showcase match for two of the top divas on the roster. Beth Phoenix and Natalya should be rotated into some title match opportunities against McCool to continue the momentum of the division on Smackdown. (*3/4)

Video package: They gave us a look at how we arrived at the Cena vs. Sheamus feud with Cena's WWE Title on the line tonight.

In-ring: Sheamus came to the ring for the WWE Title match shot. Ringside, Lawler showed off the Irish Voice newspaper focusing on Sheamus's quest for the title. Cole said he showed Cena the paper clipping beforehand and he just smirked. So, now he's apparently moved from defiant to arrogant. John Cena then came out to a strong reaction mixed with some typical boos. Cole was fired up as Cena completed his entrance and handed over the title belt while Sheamus stood tall in his corner. Cena sold that he was fired up, too. A little different pre-match feel from Cena, who usually sits in the corner stone-faced. Sheamus was unanimously unliked during pre-match intros, then Cena received 95 percent boos with a few boos.

4 -- WWE champion JOHN CENA vs. SHEAMUS -- WWE Title match -- Tables match

Cole said the last WWE champion born outside the U.S. was Yokozuna 16 years ago. WWE really going historical. (Great Khali held the World Hvt. Title a few years ago.) The bell sounded and Cena instantly took a beating to Sheamus, who came back with an elbow smash and running clothesline to quiet Cena. Sheamus then went to the floor looking for a table, but Cena smashed him into the announce table. Meanwhile, on the front row, Santa Clause was doing "You Can't See Me." C'mon, Clause. The match moved to the opposite side of the ringside area and Cena set up a table. He put Sheamus face-first on the table, then climbed up top back in the ring. Sheamus got up, though, and ran away. They proceeded to play a game of chase until Sheamus caught Cena in the ring and began pounding on his back. Striker effectively pointed out Sheamus is trying to take away Cena's power offense.

At 6:00, we had our first obligatory table tease with Sheamus staggering Cena off the ring apron with the table sitting ominously ringside. Cena escaped the cliffhanger, then back in the ring, Cena teased the FU over the ropes, but Sheamus blocked and rammed Cena head-first into the ringpost. Sheamus then rammed Cena head-first into the ring steps, but he took his time following up and Cena rammed Sheamus into the ring steps for good measure. They went back to the table and Cena teased the FU, but Sheamus elbowed out. He teased the Razor's Edge, but Cena slipped out and they battled up the ring entrance where Cena executed a suplex onto the metal rampway. After a pause to let the exchange breathe, Cena walked down to ringside and retrieved the table. He then tried to kill Sheamus by throwing the table onto Sheamus, but Sheamus moved and they engaged in a Street Fight that WWE delivered by-name-only on Smackdown. Cena then clotheslined Sheamus over the guardrail back to ringside. And they were back in the ring at 10:45.

Cena went back under the ring and found another table. He set up the table ringside, then re-entered the ring and took Sheamus's big Irish Curse boot to the head. Sheamus slowly rolled out of the ring while selling a right shoulder injury, then he went back under the ring and grabbed a table of his own to introduce inside the ring. Sheamus placed the table in the corner similar to Raw when Sheamus put Mark Cuban through a table. Sheamus teased a running bodyslam, but Cena blocked and nailed a series of shoulder tackles. Cena then set up the Five Knuckle Shuffle routine and he wanted a blow through the table, but Sheamus chucked the table out of the ring. Cena then hit the FU, but he couldn't make a cover to win since it's a tables match. After a pause in the action, Cena brought his own table into the ring and set a table for one. Cena then picked up Sheamus and took him up top. Cena needed some time to set up something, which turned into an FU attempt, but Sheamus shoved him down. Cena then tried to follow up again and they teased and teased a superplex, but Sheamus pushed him off the top and Cena fell through the table in center ring. Sheamus is your winner.

Post-match: The announcers sold shock as they picked up some crowd shots of stunned and disappointed kids in the audience. Meanwhile, Cena sold pain and internal injuries after going through the table. Sheamus celebrated with the belt for a while and WWE stayed in the moment all the way to Sheamus up the ramp. His music stopped and Cena slowly got to his feet. He then grabbed a piece of the table and put it in his pocket as a token to remember the loss by. Cena shook his head to sell disappointment, then he flashed the token to the camera on the way out.

WINNER: Sheamus at 16:20 to capture the WWE Title. The finish didn't look very good, which is probably one reason why they didn't replay the finish after the decision. Now we have Sheamus as WWE champion to complete his meteoric rise to the top of Raw. Like McIntyre, a title change will give any WWE fans reason to pay attention if they weren't paying attention before. The match told a good story, they didn't overplay the table teases, and there was a controversial finish to set up return matches. Overall, there were some slow spots in the second-half after a strong first-half to the match that hurt the rating. (**1/2)

Announcers: Cole and Lawler were shown on-camera selling shock while Striker had a giant smile on his face. Striker sold annoyance that Cole was calling it a huge upset. The audience remained stunned, then they went to a replay of the finish. It showed Cena kinda falling and jumping off the top to reach the table in the middle of the ring with perhaps a slight nudge from Sheamus to initiate Cena's momentum toward the title. The idea was to create controversy that Cena fell more than Sheamus pushed, which sounds good on paper, but didn't look good in execution.

Video package: They gave us a look at the Batista vs. Undertaker feud leading to their World Title match coming up next.

In-ring: Batista came to the ring and turned his back on the fans to sell his heel turn. Chairs were positioned throughout the ringside area for use in the title match. The Undertaker's music hit and he took a good while to come out while Batista paced inside the ring. Taker almost looked to be moving in slow motion through the dense fog and smoke ringside. Taker eventually hit the ring and Tony Chimel handled the formal ring intros. Batista was dancing around in his corner similar to Kurt Angle. Batista received 85 percent boos while Taker received 100 percent cheers. Taker is heavy on the eyeliner tonight to sell his persona.

5 -- World Hvt. champion THE UNDERTAKER vs. BATISTA -- World Title match -- Chairs match

The bell sounded and Batista slipped out of the ring to grab a chair. Each man teased chair shots, but each man blocked. Back in the ring, Taker landed body shots in the corner, then Batista rolled to the outside. Taker and Batista gingerly teased a whip to the guardrail, then Batista went over the guardrail to the front row. One man held his child in his arms as Batista countered a front row attack with a series of jabs to the stomach using the chair. Taker ducked a chair shot to the head and Batista slammed the chair into the ringpost. Taker followed with a running leg drop on the ring apron and they returned to the ring. Taker wanted Old-School, but Batista blocked and teased a superplex before eventually executing the move. Crowd is dead quiet after Cena's loss, seeing a ton of other highspots throughout the show to where not much "gimmicky" these two can do right now is going to get a pop, and the slow pace in the ring. So, they went to teasing finishing moves including Batista hitting a spinebuster for a two count.

Batista wedged a chair in the corner at 7:30 and took enough time for Taker to make a comeback after sitting up in the ring. Taker completed Old-School, then he wanted Snake Eyes and the running big boot, but Batista countered the boot with a spear. Batista then hit a spinebuster on a chair center ring. He started to warm up for the finish, but Taker gripped him in the Hell's Gate when Batista approached. Batista teased tapping out, but he fell down and grabbed the bottom rope for a break. Batista rolled to the outside, but then jabbed Taker with a chair when Taker walked over to grab him from inside the ring. Back in the ring, Batista ate the chair wedged in the corner when Taker avoided a corner attack. Taker then made a comeback and teased the chokeslam, which Batista took center ring. Taker then made a cover, but Batista kicked out just before three. Pretty close nearfall with ref Robinson's body dropping for three, but Batista kicked out. Taker then wanted the Tombstone, but Batista shoved him into the corner and nearly bumped the ref. Batista low-blowed Taker with the ref trapped in the corner, then Batista smacked Taker in the head with a chair to the forehead with Taker getting his hand up to block.

WINNER: Batista at 12:45 to capture the World Hvt. Title. Or not...

Post-match: Teddy Long came out on-stage and said the use of chairs is legal, but a blatant foul is now. He said he's not going to allow the World Title to change hands on such a cheap, despicable act. He ordered the match be re-started.

5b -- World Hvt. champion THE UNDERTAKER vs. BATISTA -- World Title match -- Chairs match

Batista ran back into the ring with chair in hand, but Taker blocked and nailed Batista with a chair to the back. He then nailed a Tombstone Piledriver and scored the pin for the win. So, Taker retains the World Title. Striker complained that Teddy Long can't be a General Manager and referee. He's one or the other. Striker added that Long is covering for his own transgressions against Taker in the past. Taker left with the belt while the announcers speculated that Batista is going to go nuts on people after having the World Title taken out of his grasp. Ringside, Batista sat down on a chair and told the fans he doesn't need any of them.

WINNER: Undertaker at 13:12 to retain the World Hvt. Title. So, was the idea to draw sympathy on Batista? I know, I know, the idea was to set up another re-match and fuel Batista's fire to somehow, someway regain the World Title after losing out on several opportunities. At least Taker looks vulnerable to set up interest in a title re-match. The match itself was just okay. Not memorable at all. (*1/2)

Royal Rumble promo: They showed wrestlers talking about the "express ticket" to WrestleMania on a white screen. They closed with a shot of Triple H after posing the question of who's going to win.

Video package: They brought us up to speed on the Randy Orton vs. Kofi Kingston feud that's receiving the semi-main event slot tonight.

Backstage: Kofi Kingston was warming up in the hallway, then Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes showed up to intimidate him. DiBiase said Kofi really is terrified of what Randy Orton is going to do in the ring. Kofi told Orton's two carrier pigeons to tell Orton he's not worried. He then thought better of it and decided to walk down the hallway and march into Orton's locker room. He told him to his face that he thinks he's a coward and he looks forward to beating him in the ring. Orton just stared back at him while Cody and Teddy stood in the background. Kofi then left the locker room to leave Orton steaming.

S.A. life camera shot: They showed a mariachi band serenading a couple on Riverwalk. That was part of the Honeymoon experience as well.

In-ring: Randy Orton came to the ring for the semi-main event. Lawler name-dropped Jim Ross, then Striker defended Kingston for "manning up" and confronting Orton to his face. Orton then came out alone for the match-up against Kingston.


The match started off slow, so the announcers talked about the Raw landscape changing after Sheamus's title victory. Orton is now in-line for a future title shot with Cena no longer the champ. Kofi teased the Boom drop, but Orton slid to the outside to avoid the move. Kofi and Orton danced a bit on the outside, then Kofi ran onto the apron for a turnaround splash, but Orton caught him in mid-air with an amazing standing dropkick. Excellent spot, but Orton came up limping and he rolled back into the ring to break a ten count. Orton shook it off and went back on the attack on the floor. Back in the ring, Orton began a methodical attack that lasted a few minutes. Kofi then made a comeback and knocked Orton to the floor to execute a dive. Kofi was selling an injury to the ribs as he brought Orton back into the ring to land a high cross-body splash for a two count. Kofi then walked into Orton's fallaway backbreaker to cut off Kofi's attack.

At 10:00, Orton stalked Kofi and teased the RKO, but Kofi popped to his feet and hit a dropkick. Kofi followed with the Boom Drop before starting his hand-clap motion to hit the Trouble in Paradise kick. Wow, a telegraphed finisher was actually executed. He didn't hit it clean, though, and Orton grabbed the bottom rope on a pin attempt to block a three count. Orton sold being out cold, which he used to lure Kingston into his trademark elevated DDT from the middle rope. Orton then wanted The Punt, but Kingston kinda moved his arm in the way to block the blow to the head. Kofi super-sold an arm injury to sell The Punt, then Orton followed with a single-arm DDT to focus on the arm. Orton wanted the RKO, but Kofi spun out and spun into the Trouble in Paradise, but Orton ducked and nailed the RKO to make the pin for the win. Very nice finish.

WINNER: Orton at 13:13. Good, but not great singles match. They deserved the spot and the announcers did a good job covering for Kingston in the post-match after he took the loss. The imagery of Kingston standing up to Orton backstage might be more memorable than the match itself, which also helps Kingston after taking the loss. The audience had been totally taken out of the show at this point, so crowd reactions have to be removed to properly evaluate the match. (**1/4)

To recap, the babyfaces aren't having a good night at the office. Christian-Shelton was a battle of two babyfaces in the first match, so we toss that out the window. McIntyre won in the second match, McCool won in the third match, Sheamus won in the fourth match, Batista won then lost to Taker to make it a wash in the fifth match, and now Orton has won in the sixth match. All that leads to DX in the main event with the audience hoping they make it right.

Backstage: Batista threw an ice pack down at Teddy Long and demanded he make things right. Batista then swung a chair toward Long's head and smashed the wall. He told Long to make it right or the chair will be at his head next time. Long was shaking and quivering after Batista left.

S.A. life camera shot: They went to a shot of The Alamo where Cole gave a quick recap of the significance of the event for Texas's independence. Again, part of the Honeymoon package.

In-ring: DX came to the ring first for the main event. JeriShow then came out without the tag title belts, which were suspended above the ring. They looked naked with the title belts. Cole and Lawler plugged the Royal Rumble coming up on January 31, then they set the stage for the TLC main event tonight.

7 -- Unified tag champions CHRIS JERICHO & BIG SHOW vs. DX (TRIPLE H & SHAWN MICHAELS) -- Unified tag title match -- TLC match

The bell sounded and Michaels went nose-to-nose with Jericho while Hunter went nose-to-nose with Big Show before the action picked up. Show is sporting a giant knee brace over his left knee, of note. On cue, he took Hunter to the outside and they brawled into the front row. Back in the ring, Michaels was battling with Jericho as the announcers reminded the audience that Michaels is San Antonio's hometown star. Jericho and Michaels then brawled to ringside and teased a table spot. Alas, they returned to the ring and Michaels nailed a flying fist and kipped up, but Jericho tackled Michaels to the mat and teased the Walls of Jericho. Michaels blocked, though, and slapped Jericho with a a Ric Flair-like chop before going up top. Michaels wanted a classic top rope elbow, but Jericho got his knees up to block.

After a pause, the action resumed on the stage where Jericho back-dropped Hunter after Hunter teased a Pedigree. Michaels then took a blow for good measure before disappearing to the back. Michaels then re-entered with a chair in hand to engage Jericho in a sword fight. Michaels got the best of the exchange before walking into a headbutt from Show. The crowd came to life for the first time in an hour with a "DX, DX" chant as the tag champs slowly walked down to the ring. Show retrieved a ladder per Jericho's instructions and slid it into the ring. DX ran down to ringside to block any ladder-climbing, however. Hunter then jabbed Jericho in the gut with a ladder before DX lifted up a ladder and dumped it clear down on Jericho's back to get a mid-match pop from the crowd. DX then ran the ladder underneath the bottom rope to smash Show in the face as Show was out cold on the floor. Back in the ring, Michaels tried climbing, but Show re-entered the ring and yanked HBK down to the mat. Show then aggressively went after Hunter while Jericho recovered and yanked Michaels face-first into the ladder.

At 10:00, JeriShow was back in control. Jericho dropped Hunter on the ladder with a running bulldog, then Show stared down at Hunter before setting up the ladder in the corner. Hunter appeared to be in peril before Jericho whipped him into the ladder. Didn't get much of a pop because it didn't look dangerous enough after the bar had been raised too high on the show. Show then whipped Michaels across the ring onto Hunter, who was hung up in the corner on the ladder. Show followed with a big running splash on Hunter to sandwich him into the ladder. Moments later, Hunter reversed a whip and launched Jericho to the outside. Hunter then made a comeback on Show before whamming Show in the upper shoulder region with the ladder. Hunter followed by chucking the ladder onto Jericho on the floor. Back in the ring, Hunter gave Show a DDT before Michaels hit a top rope elbow. The crowd was warmed up and Michaels teased the superkick on Jericho, but Jericho ducked and hit the codebreaker. Hunter then gave Jericho a spinebuster and Show followed with a spear on Hunter. So, everyone is a bit worse for wear.

At 14:30, Show was the lone man on his feet. Show retrieved a ladder as Lawler frantically called out to Show that he's over the maximum weight limit a ladder can hold. Show measured the belts and set up the ladder for WWE to give the fans the image of the dancing elephant. Show slowly climbed up, but Hunter smashed Show with a chair to the back. Show, agitated, then walked down the rungs and casually blasted the chair with a right hand punch. That was awesome from Show. Show tried to climb again, but DX knocked him off the ladder and landed a "Texas-sized" Pedigree. The crowd came to life as Michaels set up the ladder center ring. He started climbing, but Jericho tipped the ladder over and Michaels fell onto Show on the floor. Jericho then did his big climb and grabbed one of the belts, but Hunter yanked him down before delivering a powerbomb. Now it was Hunter's turn to climb. Show came to life, though, and chokeslammed Hunter off the ladder to the mat. Show, upset at the ladder, destroyed the ladder before chucking it down to the floor below.

At 18:30, Show tossed Hunter around like a pillow before Jericho re-entered the ring with DX down and out. Show put Hunter inside the ladder, then Jericho put Michaels inside the ladder next to Hunter to repeat the spot from Raw. Jericho then smashed the ladder while Show held down one side of the ladder for maximum impact. After that spot, Show destroyed the existing ladder. At 20:00, Show tossed Hunter to the floor and landed a body blow on Michaels to knock him to the outside. Jericho then realized he had no ladder to climb while Show was busy destroying DX on the outside. Jericho had half-a-ladder, so Jericho tried climbing on Show's shoulders to grab the belts, but DX re-entered and shoved Jericho to the outside after superkicking Show. Hunter and Michaels then used the half-ladder to ram Show over the top rope to the floor. DX only had half-a-ladder, so Hunter "based" for Michaels, who scaled the half-ladder and retrieved both tag belts to win the belts and send 'em home happy. DX celebrated for a bit before they closed the PPV with DX's music on the way out.

WINNERS: DX at 22:30 to capture the Unified tag titles. Some cool-looking, innovative spots helped close out the PPV on a high-note. There were some spots that appeared to be too dangerous, but the PPV was overall safer than I expected. And that's a good thing. Looking at the match itself, there was a definite lack of long-term selling, but that drawback was washed out by the innovative two-man moves they used in the match, especially the expected teases of Big Show trying to climb the ladder. Satisfying conclusion for most customers after the babyfaces were booked to lose or look weak up-and-down the card before the main event. Now, WWE will be re-arranging the puzzle pieces beginning with the three-hour Raw on Monday, but they have six weeks until the next PPV at the end of January. (***1/2)

We welcome your 0-10 score and comments on this show for a "WWE PPV Reax" feature in the Torch Feedback section of To contribute your thoughts on the PPV, click here.

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