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CALDWELL'S TNA GENESIS PPV REPORT 1/17: Ongoing "virtual time" coverage of A.J. Styles vs. Kurt Angle, Hulk Hogan's TNA PPV debut

Jan 17, 2010 - 9:52:15 PM

January 17, 2010
Orlando, Fla.
Report by James Caldwell, Torch assistant editor

The TNA PPV started with a typical TNA PPV video package showing all sorts of earth-themed beginnings to indicate the renewal and beginning of life, including a shot of Sting. I feel like I've seen this one before. They focused on Hulk Hogan, Kurt Angle, A.J. Styles, Abyss, Beer Money, and Kevin Nash mainly. The video then closed with focus on Angle vs. Styles for the main event tonight.

Impact Zone: Fireworks shot off inside the building and Mike Tenay introduced the first PPV of the Hogan/Bischoff era, but Angle's last shot at Styles's TNA World Title in 2010.

First action of the night: Cue up the Hulk Hogan WCW remix to bring out Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff to start the PPV. Hogan and Bischoff slowly strutted out to the ring, which is, yes, four-sided. They even have an old-school Clash of the Champions ramp leading from the stage directly to the ring. They cut to a shot of Brooke Hogan ringside before Hogan's music stopped. After a "Hogan, Hogan" chant, Hogan took the mic and welcomed everyone to Genesis. He introduced the brand-new Impact Zone, which drew a few scattered boos. The fans chanted, "We want six sides," which Hogan and Bischoff smirked at. Hogan said they had it, but it only got them so far, but now they're taking them all the way. The fans booed. "No more stinkin' playpen rings," Hogan said.

Hogan said their competitor talks sports entertainment and he's afraid to mention "professional wrestling," which is why he's proud to be here. Hogan put over Dixie Carter, then Eric Bischoff said nobody likes change, but change starts right here tonight with this ring. Bischoff said there's a hell of a lot more change coming to TNA fans. Hogan has one last thing to say, "What you going to do, Vince McMahon, when TNA comes for you?" How did any of that enhance the TNA product for tonight? Oh well. Hogan is still focused on McMahon.

Ringside: Taz said he was glad to see a four-sided ring when he walked in the building tonight. Tenay said they're proud to be pro wrestling. More bad-mouthing WWE from Taz and Tenay before they went to the ring for the opening match with an X Division Title match.

Impact Zone: Amazing Red came out to defend the X Division Title and the announcers talked up Red being on the disadvantage not knowing his opponent is. Out came Brian Kendrick sporting his WWE get-up and some crazy symphony music.

1 -- X Division champion AMAZING RED vs. BRIAN KENDRICK -- X Division Title match

Kendrick threw a windmill kick at Red early on just because, then they settled into a feeling-out process to start. Kendrick knocked Red to the floor and Brooke picked up plenty of TV time standing up on the front row telling Red to get up. The acorn doesn't fall far from the tree. Meanwhile, Mike Tenay threw out a quick line about Bobby Lashley not wrestling tonight because he doesn't want TNA to make money off him. Back in the ring, Kendrick worked over Red's leg until he got caught up top and Red dropped him with an enziguiri that popped the crowd. Red followed with a flip dive on the floor that took out Kendrick and sent both men into the guardrail.

Back in the ring, champ and challenger exchanged control before they had an awkward mid-ring exchange that resulted in Red landing a head scissors for a two count. Kendrick then tried to chuck Red through the ropes, but Red landed on the ring apron. Red then nailed a springboard Code Red (sunset flip bomb) for the pin and the win.

WINNER: Amazing Red at 9:05 to retain the X Division Title. Fine match with some good moments, but not great chemistry in the ring. Kendrick looked a little rusty while Red always seems to have this nervous look on his face. (**)

Backstage: Bischoff addressed Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Sean Waltman while Hulk Hogan stood in the background. Bischoff told Hall and Waltman they have to prove themselves to earn a spot on the roster. Hogan told them things are moving real fast and this is their shot. Hall addressed the troops while slurring his speech. Hall said he has to look good tonight. Waltman told Hall that Nash has his contract. Nash said they're advertised. Hall proposed Rock, Paper, Scissors to Waltman on who gets the match and Nash just shrugged and walked off. Waltman won, but Hall wanted two out of three. Hall won number two. They tied on three. Waltman won on four and walked off. That was horrible TV. I feel really bad for Hall and Waltman, who looked terrible here. It's also sad TNA decided this would be a good idea to put them on TV.

Impact Zone: Sean Morley (Val Venis) came out to the ring and they recapped Daniels and Morley picking up a feud on Impact this past Thursday. Ringside, Morley threw his towel to Brooke, who is apparently the star of the show. Morley started his routine, which the fans met with boos and apathy. Morley then did his sexual innuendo routine that was played out ten years ago. He would make a good tandem with Lacey. Daniels's music interrupted to bring out Daniels to face Morley. Daniels took the mic and referenced the sexual innuendo, saying this is TNA and this is wrestling. The fans cheered, so Daniels tried to turn them against him. Daniels told the fans to shut their mouths because he's not saying it for them, but for him. He told "blondie" Brooke Hogan to sit down before he slaps her face. Of course, she stood up and faux sold anger. Daniels then one-finger saluted Morley to start the match. 30 minutes into this PPV and there's been one match.


Daniels applied a triangle choke early in the match and they teased a finish, but Daniels broke and he posed in the ring. Daniels began a methodical attack on Morley, who made a comeback until Daniels landed a palm-thrust to the throat. Daniels then hit a springboard moonsault for a two count before going back to a choke on the throat. They proceeded to have a standing exchange of right hand blows before Morley landed a gutbuster and a sit-out slam for a two count. Daniels then came back with the Koji Clutch center ring and Morley teased a tap out. The fans on the front row were too occupied chanting, "Sit down, Brooke" across the ring to care about the tease, which ended when Morley escaped. Daniels then hit an STO for a two count. He tried to follow with the BME, but Morley moved and hit a modified uranage. Morley called for the end, then went up top, but Daniels crotched him and landed more palm thrusts. Morley blocked a huracanrana, through, and followed with the Money Shot center ring for the pin and the win. Post-match: the fans facing the hard camera tried to make a demonstration by turning their backs on the finish. Comical stuff.

WINNER: Sean Morley at 9:10. Peacock one month, then feather duster the next month. Daniels main-evented last month's PPV, then was booked to lose in the second match of this month's PPV to an Attitude Era relic. Match was decent, but Brooke Hogan is becoming a large distraction on this PPV. (*1/2)

Impact Zone: Tara came out first for the two-out-of-three falls match for the Knockouts Title. It's a 30-minute time limit. ODB then came out with flask in hand to defend the title. Taz said he "drank the kool-aid" back in the day, but doesn't anymore. A subtle ECW reference before we start the second title match of the PPV.

3 -- Knockouts champion ODB vs. TARA -- Knockouts Title match -- 2/3 Falls -- 30-minute time limit

Tara scored an early nearfall, then she executed a small package to score the first fall of the match less than three minutes in. *** Tara 1, ODB 0 at 2:45*** After a rest period, ODB became the aggressor trying to get a fall back. The match moved to the floor and they drew attention to former 'N Sync bandmember Joey Fatone sitting ringside with Brooke. TNA really is bringing back 1999. Back in the ring, ODB locked Tara in a body scissors and continued to work her over with submission holds. ODB then moved the action to their feet and she appeared to lose her left implant at some point, as she suddenly shrunk. ODB proceeded to stumble around the ring checking her pulse as part of her gimmick or something, then Tara hit the Widow's Peak for the pin and the win.

WINNER: Tara 2-0 at 9:30 to capture the Knockouts Title. Pretty dominating win for Tara taking two falls. We'll have to find out more later, but they seemed to call an audible at the end with ODB appearing to lose part of her gimmick. (*1/2)

Backstage: Christy Hemme brought in The Pope, who said they're having a party right here tonight in Orlando, Fla. Pope said he knows there's a party because Pope is pimping. He then cut a promo on Desmond Wolfe, calling him a character out of the trashcan from Sesame Street. Pope told him to bring his best because he's bringing his best tonight.

Impact Zone: Hernandez and Matt Morgan came out first for the TNA tag title match. Out next were the tag champs with the storyline that they can't dodge another title match.


Morgan started things off and quickly frustrated Magnus, who bailed to ringside for a breather. Back in the ring, Morgan teased a chokeslam, but Magnus raked the eyes to bring in Williams. Hernandez also tagged in and cleared the champs to the floor. Hernandez proceeded to dominate Williams before teasing a powerbomb, but Magnus clipped Hernandez from behind to take out Hernandez at the left knee. Morgan then tried to get involved, which caused a distraction that inadvertently helped the champs. Morgan eventually grabbed a hot tag after they cut to a shot of Nick Hogan sitting ringside. Hogan throwing bones to the whole family on the broadcast. Morgan did his full routine with the back-elbow strikes before making a cover on Williams for a two count. Morgan then shoved Brutus into Williams in the corner and proceeded to launch Williams off the top rope. The action broke down with Hernandez dropping Williams to the floor before slamming Brutus. Clumsy finishing sequence then led to Morgan hitting the Carbon Footprint (kind of) on Brutus for the pin and the win.

WINNERS: Hernandez & Morgan at 8:53. Classic example of putting tag belts on two singles wrestlers stuck in the mud and who need something to do in-between main event programs. Match was fine. I keep saying that, but I just feel like these undercard matches are "just there" thus far. (*3/4)

Backstage: They showed Bobby Lashley stomping down the hallway. He approached Eric Bischoff, who was talking to Abyss. Abyss then jumped Lashley and hit him in the face with an office object. Lashley collapsed to the couch and Bischoff yelled at Abyss for knocking out his opponent and ruining the semi-main event. Hogan then barged in and fake acted. Abyss explained he thought he was going to attack Bischoff. Hogan sold frustration and said he's a bit overwhelmed right now. Hogan calmed down and said he's going to have his match tonight and it's going to be even better. He told Abyss not to make him crazy. "Take all that craziness, all that hardcore stuff, all that insanity, and leave it in the locker room," Hogan said. He told him to prove what he's really all about tonight. Hogan said his opponent is going to be even better, so get ready.

Impact Zone: Desmond Wolfe came to the ring in a new track suit while accompanied by a new female "friend," as the announcers put it. The Pope's music hit to bring out Dinero and the money from the ceiling. Wolfe's valet then removed his track pants after struggling with her task before removing his sunglasses. Wolfe is sporting long pants now rather than his standard biker shorts look. Before the bell sounded, Pope stole a kiss from the valet to get the crowd behind him.

5 -- THE POPE D'ANGELO DINERO vs. DESMOND WOLFE (w/female friend)

Pope controlled the early-goings, then went for his running splash across Wolfe's neck as he was draped throat-first across the middle rope. Pope landed on the floor after his move and sold a left knee injury. Wolfe capitalized by going after the knee, including a Half-Crab back inside the ring. That didn't force a submission, so he went to more submission holds to keep stretching Pope on the mat. Wolfe then put Pope in the corner to stretch him from a standing position before hitting a running dropkick to the kneecap. Wolfe tried to hit the Tower of London next, but Pope countered with a clothesline. Pope limped around the ring trying to build momentum for a comeback before hitting a cradle spike DDT-like maneuver for a two count only when Wolfe put his foot on the bottom rope.

Wolfe regained control by catching Pope in the corner for a combo kick to the back and left-arm lariat. Wolfe then stretched the crap out of Pope by wrapping him around the ringpost with the left knee inside the ropes. Ref Slick called for a break, then Pope sold the body work by limping around the ringside area. Wolfe argued with the ref, then turned around to find a bodyslam. Pope sold his knee buckling, then he made another comeback with right hand strikes and body blows. Wolfe went back on the offensive, but walked into a small package for a close two count. They proceeded to exchange backslide pin attempts before Pope tried another small package for another two count. Wolfe came to his feet and landed a roundhouse elbow strike before landing a European uppercut in the corner. He missed with a charging lariat before Pope dropped him with a slingshot neckbreaker off the ropes for a two count.

At 13:00, Pope blocked a handstand kick out of the corner and hit an Alabama Slammer-type move for a two count. Pope then wanted his running knee smash in the corner, but Wolfe exploded out of the corner with a big left-arm lariat with an emphatic scream to sell the finisher. Wolfe made the cover for the win.

WINNER: Wolfe at 13:35. Well done. Very solid, different match to have a nice change of pace with more mat-based submission holds and mat work from Wolfe. Wolfe's work on Pope's knee didn't play into the actual finish, but it helped propel him to the victory at the end of the day. (***)

Announcers: Tenay and Taz broke down the card thus far to take a breather and let things sink in. Tenay then sent it backstage to Jeremy Borash.

Backstage: Borash talked up Styles-Angle tonight, then Eric Bischoff walked in and asked him what he's doing. "My job," Borash said. Bischoff said he doesn't think Borash has his head in the game and he's taking him off TV for a while. Borash shot him a look and asked for how long. Bischoff said he'll let him know, but he could always do catering or drive the ring truck. Bischoff then brought in Christy Hemme and handed her the mic. Suddenly, Ric Flair walked into the shot and took off his sunglasses to shoot Bischoff a look. Hemme excitedly talked up Flair in TNA being a dream before January 4. Flair said the one and only Nature Boy is here in TNA. Why he's here is his business. When he's ready to explain, he'll let everyone know. Flair said Nature Boy and TNA are side-by-side.

Impact Zone: After they rolled a video package on the Beer Money vs. The Band feud, the weak sauce TNA mix version of the NWO theme hit to bring out Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman. Beer Money then came out to face this version of The Band sans Scott Hall.


The match started with Waltman and Storm in the ring. Waltman threw some kicks that Storm avoided and followed with a series of hip tosses. Roode then tagged in and double-teamed Waltman before Waltman landed a knee to the gut to bring in Nash. Roode tried to fire off a series of clotheslines on Nash, but Nash brick-walled him. Roode then flew off the ropes once again with a flying clothesline that took Nash off his feet for a two count. Beer Money proceeded to lure Waltman into a trap of taking a drop toehold into Nash's crotch. Storm was legal and smashed Waltman off the ring apron before Nash dropped Storm with a clothesline to bring in Waltman, who recovered and did his moves on Storm including the trademark lightning-fast leg drop. Nash and Waltman continued to tag in 'n out working over Storm before Waltman hit the Bronco Buster in the corner on Storm. A second BB missed, though, and Nash cut off Roode to prevent a hot tag. Storm eventually crawled underneath Waltman to tag in Roode, who should be main-eventing PPVs at this point in his TNA career.

The action broke down at this point with bodies stumbling and bumbling everywhere before Roode hit a spinebuster on Waltman for a two count when Nash broke up the pin. From the apron, Storm smashed Nash with an enziguiri, then Beer Money did their Beer...Money routine. Suddenly, Scott Hall stumbled out from the back. Hall looked terrible and distracted Beer Money, which allowed Nash to double clothesline Beer Money. He then dropped Roode with a chokeslam for the pin and a two count only. Ringside, Hall smashed a "fan" with a right hand. He yanked him over the guardrail and Waltman tried to calm down Hall. Back in the ring, Storm superkicked Nash into Roode, who pinned Nash for the win. Post-match: Hall mocked Beer Money before Nash looked at his fellow band members like they're idiots.

WINNERS: Beer Money at 9:40. Beer Money didn't benefit from the victory, as the finish was pretty bad. The first-half of the match was standard going-through-the-motions stuff, which was fine. The finish brought this below one star, though. (3/4*)

Backstage: Hogan and Bischoff were shown watching the monitor in disdain and Hogan said he can't believe this is still happening. He said he's calling them out on Thursday. Hogan then wrote down something on a piece of paper before Bischoff complemented him on his quick thinking with the Abyss deal.

Impact Zone: Abyss came out first for the match vs. Lashley's replacement. The announcers speculated on the mystery opponent, then Mr. Kennedy's familiar voice hit over the PA system and they cut to a spotlight on center stage where Kennedy was standing. Kennedy asked for the house mic to drop, then Kennedy said he done crossed the line. He said he's read people's Tweets, Facebooks, and emails to know they missed him. He said quite frankly, he missed himself. Kennedy introduced himself with the familiar weight and hometown intro. "Mis...whoops...Mister Ken...whoops. Mister Anderson. Wait for it. Wait for it. Anderson..."


The announcers talked about Hogan and Bischoff wanting to see Abyss do a straight-up wrestling match without depending on the gimmicks and hardcore business. Anderson dominated early on, then the match moved to the floor. Some fans ringside chanted, "Over-rated," which Kennedy acknowledged with a smirk and classic deep-voiced laugh. Anderson tried to use a chair, but Abyss blocked. Back in the ring, Anderson took control again, working over Abyss's left shoulder. They entered the third hour with Abyss making a comeback at 7:00 before warming up the train for a corner splash. Abyss then followed with a sidewalk slam for a two count. He tried to follow with the Shock Treatment, but Kennedy slipped out and hit a neckbreaker for a two count.

At 10:00, Abyss decided to grab a weapon and introduce it into the ring. The ref reprimanded Abyss for introducing a chair, which gave Anderson an opening to grab a gimmick out of his trunks. "Looks like nuts," Taz said in his New York accent. "It's brass knucks!" Anderson then dropped Abyss with the gimmick for the pin and the win. Post-match: Anderson announced himself the winner after feigning the effects of the match. Taz said Mr. Anderson has a "bright future" here in TNA.

WINNER: Anderson at 10:35. The announcers didn't draw attention to Hulk Hogan's major announcement on Impact during the match, so apparently we still haven't seen the game-changer yet. The match was just like any other WWE match from Anderson, who needed to win here if he's going to mean anything in the main event scene. TNA has given away plenty of former WWE stars vs. TNA stars in the ring tonight which seems like it will be theme for the next few months until they run out of match-ups. Meanwhile, Samoa Joe is MIA. (*3/4)

Video package: They recapped the recent history between A.J. Styles and Kurt Angle. ... Back to the announcers, who tossed out the "sports entertainment" phrase again. TNA is really inconsistent with that.

Impact Zone: Kurt Angle came to the ring first for the PPV main event. (We've managed to avoid the Team 3D vs. Nastys battle of girth tonight.) Angle vs. Styles has a 60-minute time limit tonight for what it's worth. They cut to a shot of A.J. Styles backstage before Styles came out to a loud reaction with Angle warming up in the ring. The announcers drew attention to it being Angle's final title shot at Styles in 2010. No Borash here to handle the formal ring intros. Referee is Earl Hebner.

8 -- TNA World Hvt. champion A.J. STYLES vs. KURT ANGLE -- TNA World Title match

Champ and challenger went through an early feeling-out process as the audience exchanged "Let's go A.J." and "Let's go Angle" chants. They suddenly had an awesome mid-ring exchange that led to a stand-off and Styles shouting, "Come on!" The fans chanted, then the wrestlers paced the ring before teasing a lock-up. They did a great job early on making every little exchange and hold mean something leading to Styles hitting a trademark dropkick and a kick to the back for a two count. The story early on was finding out who would make the first mistake and Styles was guilty when Angle caught him on the ring apron and took him out at the knees. Back in the ring, Angle made a cover for a two count. Angle continued to work over Styles as Taz talked about this being the only place to see wrestling like this. Angle and Styles then collided mid-ring in mid-air and both men recovered on the mat as Hebner applied a ten count.

At 14:00, Ric Flair walked out for a closer look at the action. Styles and Angle came to their feet at this point and they traded right hand blows. Styles then popped Angle off the apron with a forearm blow that sent Angle to the floor. Styles measured Angle, then landed a big-time flip dive onto Angle that took both men down. Flair maintained a stoic, serious look on his face when they cut to a shot of Flair's reaction. Back in the ring, Angle limped to a corner and caught a running Styles with a boot. Angle tried to charge Styles, who answered with a backbreaker. Styles then followed with a trademark springboard flying forearm smash for a two count. Styles teased the Clash on the follow-up, but Angle blocked and went through his German Suplex routine. One GS, two GS, and three GS with a release on the third. Angle then wanted a follow-up move, but Styles avoided and hit the classic Pele kick for a two count.

At 19:00, Angle came back with his first Anklelock attempt, but Styles flung him away and hit a clothesline that knocked down Angle. Both men recovered on the mat, then Styles took Angle to the corner for ten punches while Flair looked up from the floor below. Angle then ducked under #5 and dropped Styles with a suplex neck-first into the turnbuckle for a two count. Angle paused to talk to Styles, who apparently said he was okay to continue. Styles then went back on control and teased a 450 springboard splash from the apron, but Angle moved and hit a suplex for a two count. Angle gingerly reached his feet, then went to the corner for a moonsault, but Styles moved and Angle ate the mat. Styles then wanted the Clash, but Angle grabbed Styles's ankle and countered into the Anklelock. Styles kicked away to escape, then hit a cross-body splash from the apron for a two count. Styles then put Angle in the corner and teased a top-rope Clash, but Angle kicked away. Angle then caught Styles off the top rope and positioned him for a Styles Clash of his own that scored a two count only. That was a believable nearfall.

At 24:30, Styles countered an Angle Slam with a DDT that put both men on the mat. Styles crawled to a corner and avoided a charging Angle, who ate the ringpost before taking an Angle Slam from Styles. Styles made a cover, but only scored a two count. Styles then went up top, but Angle sprung to his feet and ran up the corner for a top rope Angle Slam for another close two count. Angle paused, then came to his feet and dropped the straps to slap on the Anklelock center ring. Angle yanked Styles into the middle of the ring as Brooke Hogan's head made air again. Angle then sat down on the hold and grapevined the Anklelock. Styles teased tapping, then Flair yanked the ref out of the ring just before Styles tapped out. Angle saw what happened when the finish should have come at 27:25, then Angle chased Flair into the ring where Styles smashed Angle with a clothesline. Flair then tossed Styles the TNA title belt and Styles stared at the belt to decide whether to use it. After a long contemplation, Styles turned around and clocked Angle in the face with the title belt to make an official heel turn. Styles made a cover, then Flair eventually threw the ref into the ring to make the slow, dramatic three count for the win to give Styles the win.

Post-match: Flair and Styles celebrated with the title belt. Styles then almost sheepishly demanded the camera on him. "It's all about me and Ric Flair," Styles said. Styles and Flair celebrated again while the announcers recapped the high points of the match. Tenay sold disgust that Styles would be influenced by Flair. Back live, Styles talked into the camera that the champ is here. Flair demanded the camera stay on Styles, not Angle. Tenay said he's not sure if he's more disappointed or disgusted that Styles is TNA World champ. Styles and Flair then strutted off the rampway to close the show.

WINNER: Styles at 28:48 to retain the TNA World Hvt. Title. Excellent, excellent title match with an intriguing finish that set up Styles to be a top-flight heel and not a comedy sideshow heel act flirting with Karen Angle. TNA is banking on Flair to give the rub to Styles and it looks like they want Flair vs. Angle down the road. Also, you could see Hogan and Angle vs. Flair and Styles down the road. As for this match, they set a good pace, delivered some believable nearfalls, and took the match to a very high level before the finish. (****1/4)

February 14 - Against All Odds: the Countdown to Lockdown begins. Team 3D, Nash, Steiner, Jarrett, and Samoa Joe were focused on. Only one of those was on the PPV tonight.

We welcome your 0-10 score and comments on this show for a "TNA PPV Reax" feature in the Torch Feedback section of To contribute your thoughts on the PPV, click here.

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