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CALDWELL'S TNA DESTINATION X PPV REPORT 3/21: Ongoing "virtual time" coverage of A.J. Styles vs. Abyss, Ultimate X, Anderson vs. Angle

Mar 21, 2010 - 9:56:26 PM

March 21, 2010
Orlando, Fla.
Report by James Caldwell, Torch assistant editor

Follow Torch assistant editor James Caldwell's virtual-time play-by-play of tonight's Destination X PPV with live PPV match results, analysis, and coverage. Tonight's PPV features A.J. Styles vs. Abyss for the TNA World Title, Ultimate X, and almost every TNA title on the line.

The PPV opened with the standard two-minute artsy video focused on achieving greatness and taking the path less traveled (TNA) compared to the path already taken (WWE) by most. One of those videos focused mainly on "elevating the TNA brand."

Impact Zone: The PPV started inside the Impact Zone with fireworks shooting off and a ladder placed in the entranceway. Mike Tenay talked to us about March Madness, then Brian Kendrick's music hit to bring out Kendrick for the opening four-way ladder match. A contract will be hanging above the ring with a #1 contender slot. Amazing Red, then Daniels (complete with black choker around his neck and black armbands), then Kazarian rounded out the field.

1 -- BRIAN KENDRICK vs. AMAZING RED vs. KAZARIAN vs. DANIELS -- Ladder match -- #1 contender match

The bell sounded and Daniels was caught in the middle of right hands from Red and Kazarian. Kazarian then clotheslined Daniels to the floor and Red came over the top with a flying corkscrew splash. Kendrick then ran into the ring with the ladder, but Kazarian pulled him down. Very fast pace to this one, as expected. Red and Daniels then teased ladder-climbing before Red dropkicked the ladder into Daniels. Red suddenly got his hand on the clipboard, but Kendrick yanked him down. Red blocked Kendrick again before they kinda fell off the ladder. Awkward. Kendrick then teed off on Daniels with jabs before Daniels came back with the STO. Daniels and Red did a choreographed spot with a drop toehold and Daniels ate the ladder. Taz called it like watching a video game.

The action spilled to the floor where Kendrick choked Kazarian across the guardrail. Kendrick then set up the ladder across the guardrail and ring mat, but Kazarian suplexed him across the propped up ladder. Back in the ring, Daniels snapped Kazarian off the ropes onto the ladder. Daniels followed with a springboard split-legged moonsault. Nice spot. Daniels celebrated, but Red followed by snapping off a huracanrana from the ring off the ladder to the floor. Back in the ring, Kazarian and Red started racing up the ladder. Kazarian teased the Flux Capacitor, but Kendrick shoved both of them off the ladder into the ropes with Kazarian crashing into the middle rope.

They hit a brief lull before Kazarian springboarded the ladder into Daniels out of the corner. At this point, the audience just started chanting for their favorites since TNA hasn't developed any characters in this match. Red, who was the default fan favorite, took an inside-out clothesline from Daniels. There was a second ladder in the ring at this point. Daniels then back dropped Kazarian onto a ladder propped up in the corner before Kendrick gave Daniels a step-up enziguiri kick. Moments later, Daniels tried to climb, but Kazarian grappled him for a powerbomb onto the ladder propped up in the corner. Red and Daniels were out at this point, so Kazarian and Kendrick raced to the top. Kendrick took Kaz off the ladder to the mat with a faceplant, then Red battled Kendrick and dropkicked him into the corner. Kazarian shook it off and back dropped Red over the top rope to the floor.

At 11:00, Kazarian gave Kendrick the Wave of the Future before Kendrick dropped him with the Sliced Bread #2. Daniels then dropped Kendrick with a Death Valley Driver. Daniels was left in the ring, but he didn't climb the ladder. He opted for a move, then Red introduced another ladder in the match. Two ladders were side-by-side as Daniels and Red started climbing. Daniels then dropped Red with an uranage off the ladder into the mat. Daniels tried to follow with a contract grab, but Kaz jumped onto one of the ladders. Suddenly, Daniels grappled him, but Kazarian blocked and suplexed Daniels off the ladders to the mat. Kaz then flung Kendrick away and grabbed the contract to win the match. Kaz becomes #1 contender to the X Division Title.

WINNER: Kazarian at 13:40. Fine spotfest. Exciting action and it felt fresh since TNA hasn't done these types of matches recently. TNA still needs to establish characters and motivations for the wrestlers in the division, but this was good for a PPV match looking to get the PPV started on an exciting note. (***1/4)

Announcers: Mike Tenay and Taz were talking about the PPV, then Ric Flair's music hit. He was wheeled out on stage by Desmond Wolfe's valet, Chelsea, in a wheelchair. Ric Flair said he's not a happy camper. He shouted at the audience not to "Whoo" him, but to bow down to him. Flair said he's put his body through everything conceivable, but he's never been in a wheelchair. Why is he in a wheelchair? Apparently TNA failed to fill in the blanks on "Flair going through the stage = wheelchair." Flair said he didn't come to TNA to be immobilized. He said he's going to take care of the people who are responsible - "Hogan and The Abyss." He said The Abyss and Hogan will pay a price. After Flair finished his promo, Tenay filled in the blanks on why Flair was in the wheelchair.

Backstage: Hogan was on the couch with a clown. Oh wait, that's Abyss. Abyss was sporting a red mask and red and yellow patches like paint splotches on his pants. Even odder get-up. Hogan asked Abyss about feeling the power. Abyss talked excitedly, then Hogan told him to go take care of Styles tonight. Eric Bischoff then walked in sporting a baseball cap over his dome. Abyss asked him if he has a baseball game today. Bischoff then took off his cap to reveal a slight bald spot where Mick Foley shaved him. Hogan told Bischoff they need to get back on track this week. Bischoff agreed and walked off. Hogan then cracked a joke about Bischoff having a Hulk Hogan haircut.

2 -- TNA Knockouts champion TARA vs. DAFFNEY -- Knockouts Title match

Daffney came out first, then Tara stormed the ring and attacked Daffney for a fast start to the match. Daffney cut off Tara's momentum and went to work on Tara's back with multiple double-foot stomps in the corner. Tara made her comeback at 4:00, then hit a sit-out slam for a two count only. They had an awkward exchange before Daffney executed a Northern Lights Suplex for a two count. Daffney then knocked Tara to the floor, but didn't follow up, which allowed Tara to come back with the Widow's Peak for the pin and the win in the ring. Afterward, Tara did a victory lap to celebrate the win, but the celebration was cut short when Daffney was spotted with Tara's tarantula and a crazy look on her face.

WINNER: Tara at 6:40 to retain the Knockouts Title. Okay singles match. A bit off at times, but good action overall. (*1/4)

Backstage: Brutus Magnus was with Christy Hemme to talk about the upcoming Global Title match. Brutus said he brought in Rob Terry to shine his boots and do his laundry list. Now, Terry has tried to make a name for himself. So, now he vows to tear down the monster he created.

3 -- Global champion ROB TERRY vs. BRUTUS MAGNUS -- Global Title match

Brutus came out first to the ring, then Rob Terry stomped out to the ring super mad. He attacked Brutus and clotheslined him over the top rope before flexing in the ring. That's his best move. Tenay with a scary note that TNA management sees Terry on a path to the TNA World Title. Considering Hulk Hogan is running things, that's not a shock, unfortunately. Terry then ducked his head and Brutus slapped him before Terry hit a freakish spin kick. Terry followed with a power move and that was all she wrote for Terry to win.

WINNER: Terry at 1:25 to retain the Global Title. Terry is being given the Ultimate Warrior build-up to an eventual title shot apparently. The only problem is the crowd has no interest in Terry. (n/a)

Video package: They focused on the Ultimate X match to kill time while the structure was assembled in the ring. The same video from the Before the Bell pre-show hype video.

Backstage: Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley were with Christy Hemme for an interview on the Ultimate X match. Sabin knocked Generation Me, calling them little kids tucked into bed by their mommy every night. Shelley knocked Generation Me for trying to use a "Hardy Boys starter kit" to get a spot in TNA. Shelley said they have been waiting too long for their shot at the TNA tag titles and Gen Me won't get in the way this time. That was a good closing line.

Impact Zone: Tenay and Taz continued to fill time as the Ultimate X match was set up. They have the Big Red X hanging in the middle of the structure as the prize to obtain here.

4 -- MOTOR CITY MACHINEGUNS (ALEX SHELLEY & CHRIS SABIN) vs. GENERATION ME (JEREMY BUCK & MAX BUCK) -- Ultimate X match -- #1 contender match to TNA tag titles

After five minutes of coordinated tag team highspots, Max started climbing the cables for the X, but Shelley yanked him down. The Bucks then executed high-impact moves on the Guns in and out of the ring. Jeremy started climbing the cables while Max cheered him on, then Sabin kicked Max from behind and jumped off Max's back to spear Jeremy off the cables in mid-air. Max recovered and started climbing, then the Guns knocked Max off the cables and a series of spots occurred resulting in all four men down on the mat. Max was the first one up and he started climbing the cable again. Shelley met him, then Jeremy jumped on, followed by Sabin. All four men met in the middle until all four dropped down to the mat. A series of crescent kicks led to the Guns down on the mat. The Bucks then hit a series of double-team combos on the Guns while Taz giggled to himself about feeling like he's playing Xbox. More spots ensued with the Guns in control suplexing the Bucks into each other. At 11:40, Sabin started climbing the cables, but Jeremy met him in the middle. Sabin then kicked Jeremy off the cable and grabbed the X. Sabin fell to the mat with possession of the X to win the match and earn the tag title shot.

WINNERS: Guns at 12:05 to become #1 contenders to tag titles. Fine highspot match. Taz giggling and laughing about the action wasn't the right tone, as it took the audience of the moment trying to suspend disbelief the wrestlers were executing a series of obviously-choreographed highspots. Good to see the Guns winning here and the Bucks looked good despite "losing" the match. (**3/4)

Backstage: Borash was with Scott Hall and Sean Waltman backstage to talk about their match with a TNA contract on the line. Borash said Waltman and Hall will be "banned for life" if they lose. Waltman talked about "The Band" "For Life" before Hall cut a promo on Kevin Nash. Hall was in the old-school Outsiders get-up looking in decent shape. Hall plugged Impact on Spike tomorrow night where the highest-paid wrestlers will be on TV.

Impact Zone: Scott Hall and Sean Waltman came out to the ring with no music. Tenay said they're not under contract, so no music. Hall did the NWO walk-out anyways without the music. Nice touch, especially since TNA never breaks up ring entrance music. Hall took the mic in the ring and wanted to take a survey. He asked who wants to see them with TNA contracts. Mixed reaction from the crowd, which is just picking favorites. Hall summed up one more for the bad guys. Kevin Nash and Eric Young then came out to Nash's music for the tag match.

5 -- KEVIN NASH & ERIC YOUNG vs. SCOTT HALL & SEAN WALTMAN -- Hall & Waltman get TNA contracts with a victory

Young and Waltman started things off with Young landing an early Thesz Press for a two count. Hall then tagged in and showed Young a crotch chop before giving him an arm-wringer. Hall worked the arm and shoulder before paint-brushing Young across the head. Hall then caught Young in position for a fallaway slam and a two count. Waltman then tagged in and landed a kick strike to the gut. Young tried to come back with a back body drop, but they an awkward exchange. Young ended up on the outside where Hall nailed Young and helped up Waltman. Back in the ring, Hall slapped on a sleeperhold. Young countered with a sleeperhold, but Hall landed a back drop suplex. Young then tagged in Nash, who slowly started to enter the ring, but the ref didn't see the tag. Waltman then started looking for something. "Where the f--- is it?" Waltman said audibly. He then found a can of spraypaint and sprayed Young in the eyes. The ref was apparently blinded as well and couldn't figure out why Young was covered in green facepaint. Taz questioned this, which there was no answer to. Nash then entered the ring and turned on Young, giving him a Jacknife powerbomb. Really awkward exchange here. Nash kinda tagged himself out before Hall gave Young the Outsider's Edge as the crowd cheered. Waltman then covered Young and scored the pin. Now they have TNA contracts.

Post-match: Hall, Nash, and Waltman then celebrated the victory while Young was left out cold in the ring. Post-match: Waltman went looking for the can again. "Where the f--- are they hiding it?" Waltman asked again. Waltman then drew a dead body outline around Young. The crowd cheered and booed here. Cue up the old-school Wolfpack theme music because it's still 1999 apparently. Waltman then grabbed the contract

WINNERS: Waltman & Hall at 8:10. Just a big mess. And poor Eric Young. Goodness, talk about burying someone. There was no sympathy on Young because (a) TNA has given the audience zero reason to care about Young and (b) TNA's booking is typically so weak and lacks logic that the audience just cheers their favorites. And Young sure isn't one of them. A sad spectacle. (1/4*)

Backstage: Kurt Angle said he has a problem with people holding mics in their hands lately. He then held up a lighter, then an 8x10 glossy of Mr. Anderson. He proceeded to silently burn a picture of Anderson. "Oh, it's real, it's damn real," Angle said.

6 -- X Division champion DOUG WILLIAMS vs. SHANNON MOORE -- X Division Title match

Of note, Eric Young's body outline is still on the canvas in the ring. Now, the wrestlers have an added unintentional comedy aspect to work around. The announcers got the Young outline discussion out of their system, then focused on Shannon Moore being an odd cat as the X Title match began. Williams worked over Shannon near the Eric Young body outline before stomping him into the corner to continue the beating. Shannon fought back with right hands before landing a bulldog where Young's right leg was. Shannon the landed a twisting moonsault from the top rope that sent Williams to the floor. Shannon followed with a turnaround plancha off the top rope that took both men down to the floor. Back in the ring, Williams suddenly used a gimmicked brick to smash Shannon in the face behind the ref's back. Williams made the cover on top of Young's outline and scored the pin for the win.

Post-match: Moore was bleeding from the forehead as Williams took the mic and cut a promo on Shannon being an undeserving contender. He said acrobats and high-flyers belong in the circus with the clowns. He said Shannon is a clown, but he doesn't think much of his make-up. Williams went looking for something before grabbing a woman's purse. Williams then emptied the purse and found some lipstick of his liking. He applied lipstick on the facepaint and rubbed it across Shannon's face. The fans chanted, "R-V-D," thinking RVD would actually get involved in this. Williams then left with the title belt while Shannon recovered in the ring.

WINNER: Williams at 6:20. Forgettable match with a few highspots mixed in. Too short to amount to much. Next in line for a title shot will be Kazarian, date TBA. (*)

Impact Zone: After a video package aired on the TNA tag title scene, Beer Money came to the ring as the challengers. Dead body outline is still there. It sure makes TNA look bush league to only have one ring canvas and a body outline still in the ring. Someone in TNA really didn't think this through. Matt Morgan and Hernandez then came out to defend the tag titles. We have former WWE ref Brian Hebner in here officiating. Everyone with a connection getting work in TNA now. He was a good ref on the Smackdown brand, though.

7 -- TNA tag champs HERNANDEZ & MATT MORGAN vs. BEER MONEY (JAMES STORM & ROBERT ROODE) -- TNA tag title match

Morgan and Roode started things off, then Morgan tagged out to Hernandez. Hernandez lost control, so Morgan tagged in and told him to watch how it's done. Meanwhile, Storm grabbed a swig of beer and Taz said he could use a drink. Taz complained about the A/C not being on "in this place." Is that really what you want to convey to the audience that TNA can't even afford to put the A/C addition not apparently not being able to afford a second ring canvas? The match developed with Morgan acting cocky and trying to show off to Hernandez, who then knocked Roode to the floor with a shoulder block. Hernandez wanted a flying splash, but Morgan stood on the ring apron to block Hernandez. Roode and Storm then double-teamed Hernandez to begin working him over. The audience started to entertain themselves with a random chant of "Hernandez (yeah!) Morgan (boo!)" Hebner and Roode then stood on Young's body outline arguing, which allowed Storm to crotch Hernandez out of the ref's sight. Beer Money, who turned heel on Impact, did their babyface chant that the crowd cheered along with because they're just picking favorites. Taz was just all over the place filling time as the heels worked over Hernandez, adding that Morgan was "cutting a promo" on Hernandez from the ring apron.

At 10:00, Hernandez finally made it to his corner to tag in Morgan. There was literally a silent reaction as Morgan entered. Like all the noise left the building. Morgan then cleaned house and talked more trash to Hernandez before tagging him in. Hernandez followed with a flying splash over the top rope onto Roode on the floor. Morgan then threw Hernandez back into the ring and told him he can't get a win on the floor. Storm then accidentally spewed beer into Morgan's eyes, which drew a pop. Hernandez then gave Storm a standing powerslam for the pin and the win. Post-match: Morgan entered the ring and gave Hernandez a Carbon Footprint. He grabbed both tag titles and held them up in the air to stand tall by himself.

WINNERS: Morgan & Hernandez at 11:28 to retain the TNA tag titles. Just another messy situation. Beer Money turned heel on Impact, but they were acting like babyfaces at some points in the match while being secondary to the heel heat on Matt Morgan, who's teamed with the babyface Hernandez. Morgan plays a good prick heel, so that was the highlight of the match. Taz is insufferable on commentary, as he oftentimes comes across like he's above the product. It's totally understandable, as the product is a mish-mash of bad booking at times and he's trying to act casual to be more relatable to the audience, but it's not helping a product dangerously close to that unintentional comedy category right now. (*1/2)

Impact Zone: Mr. Anderson came to the ring and teased a promo, but Angle's music hit. Kurt Angle then came out and one pre-teen girl too close to a house mic just screamed her lungs out. My goodness. Angle and Anderson stared each other down before the bell sounded to begin the match.


Angle and Anderson had a brief lock up, then Angle stood in the ring and told Anderson to grab a hold. Anderson thought it over as Angle continued to stand there, then Anderson grabbed a headlock and Angle shoved him off to the ropes. Angle fed his neck to Anderson again and Anderson paced around Angle before applying a side headlock, with Angle shoving him away again. Angle, who has bulked up in his upper body, told Anderson to come get some a third time. Anderson opted for a kick to the gut this time before applying a side headlock and Angle snapped off a side suplex in return. Angle then stomped on Anderson before driving a boot to his throat. The crowd is just dead at this point, of note. The Wolfpack "match" killed the heat on this show. Anderson made a comeback and began working over Angle as Taz drew attention to Young's body outline again.

At 8:00, the crowd tried to rally behind Angle as Anderson worked over Angle on the mat. Anderson then shot off Angle to the corner turnbuckle before applying a shoulder wrench in Young's body outline. Angle put his hand where Young's left shoulder was, then pushed himself up to his feet, only to take a clothesline. Angle then came up to his feet and made a comeback with the good right arm before snapping off a belly-to-belly suplex. Taz was good here calling the actual wrestling moves and offering insight into Angle's offense with one good arm. Angle then blasted Anderson with a clothesline for a two count. Anderson then blocked an Olympic Slam and hit the Rolling gutbuster on Young's body outline for a two count. Anderson teased the Mic check, but Angle blocked and hit a German Suplex. And a second...and a third. Angle then got up and dropped the straps. He wanted the Olympic Slam and connected for a two count only.

Angle teased the Anklelock at 12:20, but Anderson kicked Angle away into the ref. Anderson low-blowed Angle before hitting the Mic Check on Young's body outline. Anderson made the cover, but Angle kinda kicked out with his shoulder. Anderson argued with the ref, then rammed Angle into the corner. Angle then flung Anderson out of the corner and hit a top rope frog splash for a two count. Taz with the Eddie Guerrero reference, then the ref was bumped in the corner. Anderson hit his version of the Angle Slam, then made a cover, but there was no ref. Sympathy on the heel now? Anderson then surveyed the scene with the ref down and went looking for something. Anderson yelled at some guy, who laughed and moved. Anderson then grabbed a chair. This took forever. He eventually entered the ring and measured Angle for a chair shot before tossing the chair out of the ring. Anderson then grabbed Angle's medal and went for a right hand, but Angle ducked and hit a suplex. Angle picked up the medal and raked it across Anderson's head. Anderson ducked his head apparently to blade, then Angle opened up more blood with right hand blows. Ref Slick Johnson continued to be out cold, then Angle woke him up. Angle proceeded to slap on the Anklelock and grapevine it for a tap out from Anderson.

Post-match: Anderson called for the house mic to be lowered down. Anderson said people are fake and Angle isn't an American hero. He said Angle probably isn't even a real gold medalist. "You most certainly aren't a real American," he said. Anderson said he was looking for a straight-up match tonight, yet Angle resorted to cheap tactics to get the victory. That's true. Too true from a heel. Anderson said Angle's going to rest easy tonight, but the only thing Angle is going to be doing tonight in bed while staring at the ceiling is hearing the word "Anderson" over and over in his head.

WINNER: Angle via submission at 17:35. Looks like we'll get a re-match at Lockdown inside the cage. Good singles match once the wrestlers got the crowd into the action in the second-half of the match. Anderson is playing a great heel right now and he's been one of the few highlights of the PPV tonight. (***)

Announcers: Tenay and Taz set the stage for the main event TNA World Title match tonight. They rolled a video package on the Styles vs. Abyss feud with Hogan's involvement and Ric Flair's involvement.

Backstage: A.J. Styles stood by with Christy Hemme to cut a promo that he doesn't care how Abyss got his power because it doesn't compare to him. Styles made Hemme laugh, which was the wrong tone trying to build up Styles as a credible heel. Styles is seriously mis-cast trying to act like Flair, Jr. when his promos and current storyline are laughable and he creates no fear. ... Backstage: Jeremy Borash brought in Abyss, who played dress-up as Hulk Hogan with another Hulkamania promo.

Impact Zone: The Abyss/Real American re-mix played to bring out Abyss for the TNA World Title match. Abyss flashed his HOF ring to the hard camera on the way to the ring before doing the Hogan ear-cupping. Cue up A.J. Styles's music to bring out Styles. Chelsea then wheeled Flair down the ramp. Flair comically tried to pump the wheelchair on the way down the ramp while doing this "Linda McMahon on medication" zombie-like stare straight-ahead. In the ring, Borash handled the formal ring intros. Abyss received a mixed ring intro for this. Abyss, the default babyface, then shoved Borash aside and jumped Styles during his ring intro to start the match.

9 -- TNA World Hvt. champion A.J. STYLES (w/Ric Flair and Chelsea) vs. ABYSS -- TNA World Title match

The match moved to the entrance ramp early on and Styles charged Abyss, who belly-to-belly suplexed him over the top rope into the ring. Back in the ring, Styles landed a dropkick to the left shin to chop down Abyss to size. Styles knocked Abyss to the floor, then hit a flip-dive over the top rope. The audience chanted "TNA" rather than booing the heel champ here. Understandable. Styles introduced a chair into the match, but the ref took it away and they ended up wedging the chair inside the turnbuckles. We had the first Pope reference of the show with Tenay saying the winner here gets Pope at Lockdown for the TNA Title. Styles continued to work over Abyss before Abyss ran over Styles with a clothesline at 7:45. Abyss followed with a splash in the corner before landing a sidewalk slam for a two count. Abyss teased the Shock Treatment, but Styles slipped out and hit a Pele kick. Flair comically waved his arms from the wheelchair on the entranceramp. Styles then hit a flying forearm smash on Abyss for a two count. Suddenly, Abyss catapulted Styles across the ring and Styles ate the chair wedged in the corner head-first. Abyss made a cover for a two count.

At 10:00, Abyss and Styles battled up top and Styles bit Abyss's forehead to knock him off the top to the mat. Styles then hit the Spiral Tap from the top rope and the crowd cheered. Styles made a cover, but Abyss kicked out. The crowd chanted, "That was awesome" at Styles, the heel. Flair told Styles to get on Abyss, but Styles argued with the ref. Abyss then hit the Black Hole Slam for a close two count. Suddenly, Flair rolled down to ringside and sprayed mace in ref Andrew Thomas's eyes. Andrew was so comical screaming and shouting like an idiot. Styles then low-blowed Abyss from behind and grabbed the title belt to smash Abyss in the face. Hulk Hogan's music hit, then Hogan and ref Earl Hebner walked out. Hogan sent Chelsea packing, then Hogan wheeled Flair away from ringside. After all that confusion, Styles hit a 450 splash on Abyss, but Abyss kicked out and Hulked up. Abyss started doing the Hogan Dance around the ring before pointing at Styles and chokeslamming him through the mat. Styles went through the ring and ref Hebner called for the bell. Hogan then hobbled into the ring and gave Abyss the title belt. Hebner took the belt away and Flair came down the ramp again. Flair, playing Lee Corso, shouted "Not so fast." Apparently the match was just thrown out.

Post-match: Abyss grabbed Flair as Hebner tripped over the hole in the ring. Abyss then tripped over the hole before grabbing Flair. Hogan then blinded Flair with the mace. Chelsea ran away, then Desmond Wolfe hit the ring. Poor Wolfe flopped around like a fish before taking some mace. This was pretty pathetic before Wolfe tripped over Flair's back and went into the hole. Flair then kinda threw himself into the hole. And everyone cheered. And since the belt means nothing, Abyss and Hogan celebrated Abyss not winning the title by doing the Hogan Dance around the ring. They actually replayed this, including the ridiculous sound effects by original ref Rudy Thomas. They closed the PPV with Tenay giving a throwaway line that Abyss may not have won the title, but he's still the monster in the ring. Wow.

WINNER: No Contest at 14:55. I was witness to one of the worst finishes in recent wrestling history at Victory Road 2008 when Sting vs. Booker T for the TNA World Title ended without a finish and TNA killed the Houston market for TNA, but this might have topped it. Just a ridiculous, laughable finish to a thumbs way down PPV. The finish with Styles going through the ring might have been passable had this entire PPV not been filled with non-finishes, non-clean finishes, and other assorted over-booking. There are just no words. And, gosh, you can't help but feel bad watching Ric Flair do these stunts at his age. This was just a sad, sad moment in wrestling history. (n/a)

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