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1/14 TNA Impact Review: Caldwell's Review of Sabin vs. Daniels, Nash vs. Jarrett, Final PPV Hype

Jan 14, 2005 - 7:42:00 PM

James Caldwell, Torch Contributor

TNA Impact Review
January 14, 2004
Taped January 4, 2004 in Orlando, FL at Universal Studios
Aired on Fox Sports Net
Report by James Caldwell, Torch Team Contributor

Friday Afternoon Preview: With TNA Final Resolution only two days away, TNA Impact promised to be a smash hit with a highlight main event of Chris Sabin vs. Christopher Daniels with the winner advancing to the X Division Title Match at the PPV. We also saw if Kevin Nash and Jeff Jarrett were able to patch up their relationship and bring the Kings of Wrestling onto the same page. Lets dive in and see what went down on Impact. (Side Note: for those of you living in the Fox Sports West market, TNA Impact now airs at 5 PM on FSN2 right after it originally airs on FSN at 4 PM.)
- We opened with a clip from last week when Diamond Dallas Page, Jeff Jarrett, Monty Brown, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall brawled in the ring with Jarrett accidentally dropping Scott Hall with a right hand. That led to Kevin Nash and Jeff Jarrett squaring off nose-to-nose trying to find out where each ones head was. With that in mind, we enter the Impact Zone...

- Mike Tenay and Don West welcomed us to the show where they discussed Prime Time being in action today along with Jeff Hardy, and Dustin Rhodes. Tenay and West broke down the Final Resolution PPV card highlighting each of the important matches. Cue the Canadians.

(1) Eric Young (w/Coach Scott DAmore & Bobby Roode) defeated James Storm (w/Chris Harris) at 3:08. West described this match as a little taste of what we will see at the PPV, based on the fact that Team Canada will defend the Tag Titles against AMW at Final Resolution. Before the match began, both sides had a verbal spat until TNA officials could clear both Bobby Roode and Chris Harris to the backstage area, banning them from the ringside area. DAmore was allowed to stay ringside because he has a valid managerial license. The match began with Storm tossing Young to the outside where he sent him into the guardrails ringside. Storm went for the swinging noose out of the corner, which amounted to a reverse Tornado DDT. Storm made the cover for a two count, only. On the outside, Young delivered a baseball slide drop kick sending Storm into the guardrail. Back in the ring, Young made a cover and scored a two count. Young and Storm exchanged hard right hands mid-ring then Storm dropped Young with a high back body drop. Storm delivered a clothesline and set up for a shoulder breaker, which he turned into the Eye of the Storm, essentially an airplane spin. Storm set up for a huricanrana, but DAmore held Youngs tights preventing Storm from delivering the move. Storm grabbed Young and went for a powerslam off the top rope, but DAmore shoved Storm and Young onto the referee. DAmore entered the ring with Canadian flag/hockey stick in hand. DAmore took a super kick to the chest from Storm, but Young picked up the flag and cracked it over Storms head, although a case can be made that the air took a bigger blow than Storms head. Young made the cover and the referee made a convenient recovery to count the three count.

Match View: Blah match. Not much going on and it did not help that Eric Young completely whiffed on the hockey stick blow that was supposed to end the match. Good set up for Final Resolution, storyline wise, but the match itself did not factor into the build up.

- We saw a clip from previous weeks when Kid Kash taunted Dustin Rhodes for being the son of the Director of Authority. We also saw a clip from two weeks ago when Kid Kash jumped Dustin Rhodes then scampered out of the ring when Rhodes fought back.

(2) Dustin Rhodes defeated Chris Candido at 1:45. Rhodes came out in a baggy leather jacket and chaps, marking his fourth ring wear combination in four weeks. The match began with Rhodes struggling to take off his ring gear as Candido tried to begin the match. Rhodes took Candido to the corner and delivered a hard right hand, which Candido took exception against. Rhodes shoved Candido to the mat and Candido complained about a hair pull. Rhodes delivered a sit down uppercut to the chin, sending Candido to the outside. Candido took a back body drop on the outside, smashing into the padding over the concrete floor. Rhodes sent Candido back into the ring and avoided a Bronco Buster attempt in the corner. Rhodes dropped Candido with a bulldog and scored the pin for the win.

Match View: Too short to amount to much. That seems like a Kellerism, but it truly applied to this match. The match began nicely with both men showing good ring work. However, the match lasted under two minutes, indicating there was not enough time to build up an effective point or story. Rhodes has improved leaps and bounds in the ring and could have had a nice battle with Candido. Disappointing.

Impact Note: A commercial aired touting the History Channels presentation of the story of the French Revolution. The slogan? For two hours, it wont kill you to love the French. Wow.

- Another promo for a brand new superstar aired. The logo for the wrestler looked like the last WCW logo with two beady green eyes staring out through the camera.

(3) A.J. Styles defeated Cassidy Riley at 4:12. Riley jumped Styles prior to the match. Styles shook off the premature attack and delivered a sweet spin kick to the chest. Styles delivered a hard clothesline in the corner, which was caught magnificently by the turnbuckle camera. Styles sent Riley to the outside then attempted a back flip moonsault, but Riley pulled Styles off the apron to the outside. Riley sent Styles into the guardrail then back first into the corner post. Riley sent Styles back into the ring and delivered a clubbing series of forearms to the back. Riley delivered hard right hands to Styles head then set up Styles with an amazing reverse surfboard stretch submission. WWE wrestlers should be using similar moves as rest holds instead of chin locks and arm bars. Riley continued to work on the back with a back breaker across his knee. Riley drove Styles to the corner with shoulder thrusts. Riley delivered a handspring back elbow smash in the corner then dropped Styles with a scoop slam. Tenay touted the fact that Styles may have been looking ahead to the Ultimate X Match and underestimated his opponent. Styles recovered after blocking a back flip splash and delivered a forceful knee drop to Rileys gut. Riley and Styles exchanged right hands then Styles drove elbows to Rileys face. Styles flipped out of a back body drop and bounced off the ropes. Styles flipped off the middle rope and delivered his amazing back flip Reverse DDT. Styles executed the move perfectly with help from Riley, who took the move like a veteran. Styles made the cover for the win.

Match View: For once, we had a match on Impact that had some psychological factors involved. Tenay did a real nice job of setting up the looking ahead factor that may have played in Styles being on the defensive for most of the match. We also saw Riley work on Styles back throughout the match to set the tone for what amounted to a solid wrestling match. Riley was impressive in the ring and his performance was aided by Styles willingness to put on a great wrestling match over making himself look good. Great action. On a side note, Riley may want to consider upgrading his wardrobe from dirty white trunks if he wants to be taken seriously.

- Erik Watts was walking through the backstage area. Out of nowhere, Raven entered the picture and dropped Watts with a trash can across the head. Raven told Watts he still has him wrapped around his finger. Raven tossed the trashcan near Watts then walked away as we saw Watts lying motionless on the floor.

- Jeff Hammonds was in an empty Impact Zone with Kevin Nash, DDP, and Monty Brown for an installment of the Six Points of Impact that was taped earlier in the day. Jeff Hammonds began the interview segment by asking DDP how he wanted to be referred as. He followed off that amazing question by asking DDP what he was all about here in TNA. DDP said he came to TNA to wear the NWA Title and follow in the steps of the Funks, Races, and Lou Theszs of wrestling history. DDP said, Im ready. Hammonds asked Monty Brown about chasing the NWA Title after Jeff Jarrett called him a double a ball player. DDP asked Brown, why not Triple A? Brown shook off the jokes and said he prefers to be in the ring with champions because he is not a Double A or Triple A ball player. Hammonds stated that Kevin Nash has held every belt except for the NWA Heavyweight Title. Nash said DDP is here for tradition, but lets make no mistake about it, Im here for the money. Nash told Brown to give him his wifes shirt back. Jeff Jarrett entered the Impact Zone and bad-mouthed DDP and Brown. Jarrett tried to get in the ring to address Kevin Nash. Nash got up from his chair and went after Jarrett, but TNA security led by Heavy D, Terry Taylor, and Jerry Lynn stood in between the apparently former friends. Nash told Jarrett to polish up the NWA Title because its coming home. Jarrett and Nash continued to exchange verbal barbs until Jarrett left.

Impact Note 2: I guess that answers the question of whether the Kings of Wrestling patched up their relationship. This turned out to be a great segment to set up the TNA Title picture. We know going into the PPV that Nash will be looking to tear Jarrett apart if he gets the shot at the belt. We also know Monty Brown dislikes Jarrett for his derogatory double a ballplayer comments. We also know DDP has no shot at winning the match. Good set up.

- Trinity and Johnny Fairplay were rummaging through Dusty Rhodes pick up truck office. Traci entered the office and pulled out the exciting note from Dusty Rhodes that Fairplay and Triniti were looking for. The note indicated that Traci, Triniti, and Fairplay will be involved in a match at Final Resolution with the loser kicked out of TNA for good. Triniti and Fairplay left the office with the intentions of scheming a way to get rid of Traci.

(4) Prime Time defeated David Young at 3:03. Prime Time and Young locked up in the center of the ring. Young drove Prime Time to the corner and rolled him up with a quick sunset flip pin attempt resulting in a two count. Prime Time grabbed Young and locked him up with an arm bar. West and Tenay speculated as to why Young still has only one win in TNA versus hundreds of losses. One word: j-o-b-b-e-r. Prime Time delivered a swift kick to Youngs back. Prime Time went into full Under Armour mode screaming, no one comes into my house. Prime Time ducked a clothesline then was back body dropped over the top rope to the outside. Young went outside and tossed Prime Time back into the ring. Young went for a moonsault and grazed Prime Time with an ugly version of the highflying move. Prime Time kicked out of a pin attempt then delivered the POD, a spinning leg drop across the back of the neck, for the pin and the win.

Match View: Nothing special to this match. It would have been nice to see some build up towards Prime Time vs. Sonjay Dutt at the PPV with at the very least, a reference from Mike Tenay regarding the PPV match. David Young needs to lose the gut and find a way to get in better shape before he can drop the losing streak.

- Shane Douglas was in the back with Team Canada. Bobby Roode told AMW that their dreams of becoming NWA Tag Champs again will simply become a nightmare. Coach DAmore wished Douglas a happy boxing day then stated Team Canadas two New Years resolutions for 2005. 1) Continue to spread dominance over the entire wrestling world and 2) prove that Americans are inferior.

(5) Chris Sabin defeated Christopher Daniels at 12:50:. With an opportunity to wrestle in the Final Resolution Ultimate X Match at stake, Sabin and Daniels locked up with amazing intensity, displaying their hunger for a shot at the X Division Title. Daniels and Sabin locked up again with Daniels dropping Sabin with a side headlock. Sabin turned that into an arm bar which Daniels turned into a front face lock. Good mat wrestling in the first minute of the match. Daniels took Sabin by the arm and twisted him until Sabin broke free and delivered a hard chop to the chest. Sabin clotheslined Daniels over the top rope to the outside then flew over the top rope with a somersault splash on Daniels. Sabin and Daniels rolled on the floor as Daniels clutched his knee. Another knee injury? Before we received the answer to our question, we went to our final commercial break of the evening.

We came back from commercial to find Sabin on the apron facing Daniels. Sabin attempted a springboard clothesline, but Daniels blocked the move. Daniels placed Sabins neck across the middle rope then locked on a submission hold, cradling Sabins head in between his legs. The fans exchanged Fallen Angel and Lets go Sabin chants. Daniels worked on Sabins neck with a neck-wrench submission hold. Daniels tossed Sabin to the mat then dropped him with a textbook back body drop. Daniels told the crowd, thats wrestling, folks. Daniels twisted Sabins neck with a neck-wrench whip. Sabin walked into a big boot then attempted a huricanrana, but Daniels blocked it and delivered a sit down power bomb. Daniels made the quick cover, but only scored a two count. Daniels locked on another neck-wrench submission hold, continuing to work on Sabins neck. At 8:00, Sabin fought out of the hold, only to be dropped by Daniels with a modified Death Valley Driver. Daniels made the cover, but scored a two count, only. Daniels wrenched Sabins back in between the middle and top rope, causing Sabin to scream in pain. Daniels played to the crowd then picked up Sabin for a textbook snap suplex. Sabin made a cover at 9:00, only to score a two count.

Daniels picked up Sabin for more offense. They began to exchange hard right elbows with Daniels finishing the exchange with a knee to the gut. Daniels delivered four hard head butts then walked into an amazing enziguiri kick from Sabin. Sabin and Daniels laid on the mat in recovery stage. Both men reached their feet at 10:05. Sabin ran over Daniels with a series of clotheslines then delivered a hard sit down powerbomb. Sabin made the cover, but scored a two count only. Sabin delivered hard elbows to the head, but walked into a tilt-o-whirl back breaker. Daniels made a cover after a hard clothesline, but scored a two count, only. Daniels positioned Sabin in the middle of the ring for a moonsault, but Sabin moved. Sabin dropped Daniels with an amazing swinging DDT then made the cover for a close near fall. Sabin delivered a spin kick to the gut then set up Daniels for the Cradle Shock. Daniels slipped out and went for a reverse DDT, but Sabin blocked it. Daniels blocked a roll up attempt then went for the Angels Wings, but Sabin slipped out and rolled up Daniels for a quick three count for the win. Daniels sat in the ring in complete shock and disbelief as Sabin celebrated the victory and a spot in the Triple Threat Ultimate X Title Match.

Match View: This match absolutely delivered. Christopher Daniels played the heel perfectly, only to garner the support of the usually pro-babyface, anti-heel Orlando crowd. Obviously, Daniels in ring work has gained the respect of all Impact fans. I am surprised Sabin went over Daniels since Daniels would have been a great complement to A.J. Styles and Petey Williams in Ultimate X. As far as our main event match on Impact goes, this was a great match complete with smart philosophically sound wrestling holds, moves, near falls, and wrestling. Daniels is inching closer and closer to receiving a shot to be the top-flight heel in TNA. This solid wrestling match has to rank near the top as one of the best in Impact history. It may not be saying much given Impacts short history, but based on the recent decision to feature more quality wrestling on Impact, it does mean quite a bit.

- The final sales pitch for TNA Final Resolution was highlighted by a feature on the previous Ultimate X matches. We also saw a series of clips highlighting the dissention within the Kings of Wrestling, specifically Kevin Nash vs. Jeff Jarrett.

- There was late breaking news from Dusty Rhodes, who was actually in a real office, not his pick up truck. Rhodes said Hector Garza is no longer scheduled for TNA Final Resolution; therefore, Scott Hall will wrestle Jeff Hardy at the PPV with Roddy Piper serving as special referee.

Closing Thoughts: Solid build up to Final Resolution. They continually publicized the matches and storylines throughout the course of the show, adding a sense of cant miss with every development. The World Title picture was not featured as prominently as it could have been, but the Six Points of Impact segment was well done and provided sufficient build up. Apparently, Jarrett and Nashs relationship has materialized into a bitter rivalry, unless it is a complete set up to begin with. It would be a nice storyline twist and proof that TNAs writers can come up with compelling storylines that are not shortsighted, but rather based on long-term plans and strategies. We will see.

I was truly disappointed by the lack of build up given to Sabin vs. Daniels over the course of the night leading up to the main event match. Backstage interviews from both competitors highlighting their desire to reach the ultimate goal of being X Division Champion would have served as a terrific backdrop for the main event match. The match itself was superb and showed TNA has come of age in regards to how they display wrestling on Impact. Solid wrestling from both parties.

Solid build up to Final Resolution, although a few things could and should have been differently, namely promoting Dutt vs. Prime Time, Raven vs. Erik Watts, and Hall vs. Hardy in a bit more newsworthy way. Dutt and Prime Time needed to have some form of interaction on this week or last weeks edition of Impact to give us a storyline for why their match at Final Resolution will mean anything at all. In addition, having one five second backstage segment involving Watts and Raven does not serve as effective build up for their PPV match. I understand Hall vs. Hardy was a last second addition to the show, but to not have either one appear in real time on this weeks edition of Impact was not a good decision.

Overall, this go home edition of Impact delivered to build up the Ultimate X Match, TNA Title picture, and Tag Title match, but did not do enough to make the under card seem important.

As always, feel free to send me feedback on today's show at I'm open to any and all reader comments. I'll be checking in with a full TNA Final Resolution Preview in the Sunday Brunch in only two days, so look out for that!

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