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CALDWELL'S WWE RAW REPORT 6/23: Ongoing "virtual time" coverage of live three-hour Draft Raw

Jun 23, 2008 - 10:15:27 PM

By James Caldwell, PWTorch columnist

WWE Raw Live Report
June 23, 2008
San Antonio, Tex.

The show started with Jim Ross announcing 15,183 in San Antonio for the show. Ross and Jerry Lawler hyped the "annual" WWE Draft taking place tonight. The deal is that wrestlers will face each other and whoever wins a match gives a draft pick to the brand. Michael Cole and Mick Foley, then Adamle and Tazz also talked about the Draft tonight. Ross provided the password for McMoney tonight: NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS.

In-ring: Lillian Garcia announced the first match in the 2008 Draft. Triple H's music hit and out walked the WWE champion to a huge show-opening reaction. Hunter finally completed his full ring entrance while Ross hyped Hunter vs. Cena for the WWE Title at the PPV on Sunday. Mark Henry's music hit, leading out Henry with a huge smile on his face.

1 -- WWE champion TRIPLE H (Raw) vs. MARK HENRY (Smackdown) -- non-title match

Ross and Foley calling this one. After a little trash-talking, Hunter gave Henry a crotch chop, which set off Henry. After landing a headbutt, Henry returned the favor with a crotch chop. Henry went to the corner and landed a Vader Bomb (which Ross actually said by name) and had a pin, but Hunter put his foot on the bottom rope to stop a three-count. Hunter finally took Henry off his feet with a high knee to the gut, then he wanted the Pedigree, but Henry squashed him with a front slam for a nearfall. Henry missed with a running splash, then Hunter went for the Pedigree a second time and connected this time. Hunter with the cover for the win.

WINNER: Hunter and Raw in 6:00. Not a bad match. Very interesting to see Hunter working a Cena-style of taking a beating from a larger heel before making the comeback. (*1/4)

Draft Board: The random video game-style graphics stopped on... Rey Mysterio. Oh my. Mysterio and the Hispanic audience are going to Raw. In the ring, Hunter offered a wry smile while watching the video board. Rey's music then hit and Rey emerged on stage to a huge pop. Rey locked eyes with Hunter as he slowly entered the ring and approached Hunter. They shook hands and Rey motioned that he just wants one shot at the belt. Hunter nodded his head, then Rey saluted the crowd.

[Commercial Break]


McMoney #1: Vince McMahon walked out on stage and stood next to the money podium for the first money giveaway. McMahon first hyped Rey Mysterio on Raw. He then explained the new rules for tonight: 5 giveaways of $100,000 then $500,000 to one person at the end of the night. McMahon said he needs some help on giving away the first $100k. He brought out Kelly Kelly, who was either wearing a yellow towel or a bright sundress. The game show music played as Kelly dialed the number. Crystal Vega from Bronx, N.Y. answered the phone. She provided the correct password, but McMahon apparently didn't hear what she said and said she was wrong. Kelly saved the woman from losing $100,000 and from having a heart attack by convincing McMahon that she was correct. McMahon changed his tune and gave Crystal the victory, then Kelly danced provocatively on stage.

Backstage: Triple H and Rey Mysterio talked in the locker room. Hunter told him he's the one guy he's always wanted to work with. They shook hands, then John Cena walked in. Hunter told Rey to give them a moment. Cena said he tried to help him last week, and he got beat up for his efforts. Hunter said he doesn't want Cena in his business, just like he said. He said he's never gotten over the fact that Cena beat him two years ago. Hunter said Cena will never be as good as him. Cena rubbed his head and said maybe it was a fluke, but he won. He then took Ric Flair's line that if you want to beat the man, you have to beat the man. Hunter came back with a line that until Cena beats him for this (holding up the WWE Title belt), he's nothing. Hunter walked off, leaving Cena ready to fight.

[Commercial Break]

In-ring: Finlay and Hornswoggle came to the ring for the second Draft match. Cole hyped Finlay & Hornswoggle vs. Miz & Morrison at the PPV on Sunday. Santino, then Carlito came out as the opposition.


Cole and Lawler calling this one. Hornswoggle started things off with a mini-Stunner on Santino for a nearfall. Finlay entered, then Santino clotheslined him to the floor. Back in the ring, Finlay and Carlito battled. The shillelagh entered the equation, which distracted Santino. Finlay nailed the Celtic Cross, then he tagged into Hornswoggle, who nailed the tadpole splash for the pin and the win.

WINNERS: Finlay & Hornswoggle (SD) in 2:00. Short comedy match with a predictable ending. (1/2*)


Draft Board: The random video game graphics stopped on...Jeff Hardy. Oh yes, Edge vs. Hardy on Smackdown. Jeff Hardy then came out on stage. Finlay and Hornswoggle saluted him from inside the ring, then they randomly cut to a shot of Randy Orton watching on a monitor backstage. Orton was sporting a sling for his injured limb.

[Commercial Break]

McMoney #2: McMahon welcomed out Randy Orton to help him give away the second batch of $100,000. Orton slowly walked out on stage to a chorus of boos. Orton looked a bit despondent before he took the mic. He said he was forced to be here tonight because he's eligible for the Draft. Orton said that since he's out here, he has something to say to Cena and Hunter. He said he doesn't care who is champion after Sunday, but they better hope that he gets drafted tonight. Orton said when he returns, he will be WWE champion again. Big chorus of boos. He then addressed McMahon and said he's not in the mood to give away $100,000. Orton walked off, then McMahon said he wants to give away a great main event tonight. He booked Edge vs. John Cena.

McMahon then dialed the second number by himself this time. The phone rang, then someone named Samira answered the phone. He wasn't sure what his name is. Lots of background noise. Samira then provided the correct password and said he thinks Triple H will beat Cena at the PPV. Mildly entertaining.

Announcers: Ross and Lawler plugged Cena vs. Edge for tonight as well as a 15-man tri-branded battle royale with the winner picking up two draft picks for his brand.

[Commercial Break]

In-ring: Holly and Rhodes came to the ring for a draft match. Adamle and Lawler were joined by Ted DiBiase, Jr. to comment on the match. DiBiase hyped his pop's book as Holly and Rhodes stared him down. Chavo and Bam then came out as the opposition.


3 -- World tag team champions HARDCORE HOLLY & CODY RHODES (Raw) vs. CHAVO GUERRERO & BAM NEELEY (ECW) -- non-title match

DiBiase, Jr. said he won't reveal his mystery partner for the PPV title match. Chavo and Bam double-teamed Cody in their corner to start things off. Chavo knocked Cody to the outside, then he tried to skin the cat back into the ring, but Holly caught him in position for the Alabama Slam for the pin and the win. Ted said they looked good, but they better bring a lot more at Night of Champions.

WINNERS: Holly & Rhodes and Raw in 2:00. Basic tag match to hype Ted's tag title challenge at the PPV. Not much here. (1/2*)

Draft Board: Third pick in the Draft was... C.M. Punk moving to Raw. Very interesting. Punk then walked out on stage wielding the Money in the Bank briefcase. He held it up to the crowd. Punk vs. Hunter sounds intriguing, but there doesn't seem to be any chance of Punk cashing in the title shot and leaving with the title. ... They cut backstage to show Chris Jericho fixing his hair on the way to the ring.

[Commercial Break]

In-ring: Chris Jericho came to the ring to a round of boos. He said the people everywhere have been brain-washed into believing Shawn Michaels is a decent human being. He said he continues to tell the truth while people boo him and throw trash at him. Jericho said Michaels will turn on the fans just like the evidence proves. They went to January 1992 for the infamous superkick on Marty Jannetty in the barber shop. November 1994 saw Michaels turning on Diesel (Kevin Nash). July 2005 was Michaels turning on Hogan. March 2007 was Michaels knocking out Cena with sweet chin music. April 2008 was Michaels faking out Batista to defeat him at Backlash.

Back live, Jericho said it's about lies, deception, selfishness, and ego. Jericho said despite all that evidence, the fans still chant Michaels's name. He said no one is allowed to chant his name anymore because he's a good-hearted man. Jericho then hyped up the man who saved his back last week. They cut to Lance Cade on the video screen. Cade said he was the greatest athlete to come out of the Shawn Michaels wrestling academy from back in the day, and he knew there would come a day when Michaels would turn on him. Cade said all of the fans might not appreciate Jericho, but he does. Jericho thanked Cade for his words.

Jericho said he doesn't have an IC Title match at the PPV, and as much as he would love to defend against Michaels, it's obvious that won't be happening. Jericho then introduced footage from two weeks ago when he sent Michaels through the Jeritron monitor.

[Q5 -- second hour]

Back in the ring, Jericho recapped the eye injury to Michaels. He said the worst is yet to come. Suddenly, Shawn Michaels's music interrupted Jericho mid-sentence. Out walked Michaels on stage sporting a bandage over his right eye. Michaels slowly removed his cowboy hat before charging the ring to tackle Jericho. The fight continued to the floor where Jericho took advantage of Michaels's over-aggressiveness and pulled him eye-first into the edge of the SD announce table. Michaels clutched his eye in pain until refs and medics came to ringside to assist him. Jericho looked with concern initially, then Jericho smirked. He turned to walk away as Michaels hyper-ventilated on the floor.

[Commercial Break. They're plugging Batista vs. Edge for tomorrow night's Smackdown/ECW taping at Toyota Center in Houston tomorrow night.]

Announcers: Ross and Lawler recapped the injury to Michaels in the previous segment. ... Cole and Tazz then re-capped the first three draft picks. They plugged exclusive interviews with the draft picks on WWE's website.

In-ring: Morrison and Miz came to the ring for another Draft match. Tazz said he hopes ECW can pick up a pick this time around. Vickie Guerrero interrupted the entrance music for the tag champs. On stage with Hawkins & Ryder, Vickie said she originally had them lined up to face the tag champs, but she picked a different team to face them. Matt Hardy's music hit, then Matt and Jeff Hardy came to the ring to face them. Strong reaction for the Hardys as a team.

4 -- WWE tag team champions JOHN MORRISON & THE MIZ (ECW) vs. JEFF HARDY & U.S. champion MATT HARDY (Smackdown)

Cole and Tazz calling this one. Cole said that every time he becomes disgusted with Vickie's decisions, she pulls out a real doozy. Tag champions started on the offensive, choosing to isolate Jeff in their corner.


Matt took a hot tag at 8:00 and took down Morrison with a running bulldog. He came off the top with an elbow smash, then landed the side effect in center ring. Matt made a cover, but Miz broke up the pin. Matt and Morrison battled up top while Jeff and Miz battled on the floor. Matt came off the second rope with a leg drop on Morrison, but Miz had the ref distracted. Morrison then rolled up Matt with a hook of the tights and the ECW referee, Scott Armstrong, counted a pin for Morrison.

WINNERS: Miz & Morrison and ECW in 10:00. Fine tag match. Outcome didn't seem to matter, though, based on the post-match draft for Matt. Nice reunion for the Hardys while it lasted. (*1/2)

Draft Board: They went to the video screen to reveal the fourth pick in the Draft... Matt Hardy on ECW. Oh my. Matt was shocked initially, then he shook hands with his brother and hugged him. Miz and Morrison talked smack from the floor as Matt clapped it up for the audience.

[Commercial Break]

McMoney #3: Vince McMahon recapped some of the top moments from the past two weeks of giving away money. He said he was a little overzealous last week giving someone the boot from backstage, then brought out Ric Flair as his guest to help give away some money. After a strong reception for Flair, McMahon tried to take some credit. Flair then dialed a number and smiled. Donna from Selden, N.Y. answered the phone and provided the correct password for $100,000. She shouted and screamed, then Flair provided a "Whoo" for Donna. I believe Flair is capable of putting together more than one word in the English language, but not tonight.

Backstage: They showed Melina and Mickie James walking backstage appearing to be talking strategy. Whoa. Quite the supportive athletic gear tonight.


[Commercial Break]

Video package: They aired a community-awareness p.r. video on WWE wrestlers giving back to those less fortunate. Mickie James sporting the Women's Title while wearing Mickey Mouse ears was priceless.

In-ring: Justin Roberts announced the next match as an interviewer-only draft match. That includes play-by-play men, interviewers, and anyone who holds a mic. Melina then came out first representing Raw. Mickie James bounced out wearing blue jean pants and jacket. Awkward moment with the cameraman panning the announcers ringside. Cole looked frustrated. Natalya and Victoria then came out representing Smackdown. Cole got twisted up on what would happen if which team wins.

5 -- Women's champion MICKIE JAMES & MELINA (Raw) vs. NATALYA & VICTORIA (Smackdown)

All six men apparently on commentary for this one. This turned into gang-up on Adamle time. Cole hyped the high-school yearbook feature on WWE's website. Melina and Victoria battled up top, then Victoria shoved her off the top rope and Melina crashed down on her ankle. Mickie checked on Melina, who clutched her right ankle in pain. Suddenly, a brawl broke out to kinda end the match. Referee didn't make a call, then Mickie covered up Melina to prevent the heel divas from beating on her further. Roberts announced a Double DQ with each brand picking up a Draft pick.

WINNERS: Double DQ in 3:00; both brands pick up a pick. Not much, then Melina with an apparent injury convenient for the double switch. (n/a)

Draft Board: Jim Ross was drafted to Smackdown. He stood up and dropped his headset. It was only academic that Michael Cole was then drafted over to Raw. Ross definitely did not look pleased, while Foley was speechless. Cole then sat down next to Lawler and said he's ecstatic to be on Raw, but he's called every single Smackdown except for two over the last 10 years. This all happened in a blur before they cut to break.

[Commercial Break]

Announcers: They replayed Melina's fall in the previous match. They said a severely sprained ankle. Having just suffered a severely sprained ankle playing softball, I can vouch that it's not fun. Cole and Lawler talked about the turn of events with the announcers, then Foley tried to half-console Ross. Foley said Ross was an institution on Raw. Ross then quipped back that it's time to leave the institution.


McMoney #4: McMahon welcomed out Great Khali to help him give away another $100,000. McMahon hyped Khali's role in the #1 box office movie, "Get Smart." He asked Khali to offer a few words, which prompted an indiscernible promo from Khali. McMahon said someone else is in "Get Smart". He said Dwayne Johnson, a/k/a The Rock is in the movie. McMahon held up The Rock DVD for a cheap plug.

McMahon dialed a number, then the person answered and announced, "wrong number." He hung up, which prompted Khali to cut a promo on the phone. That was so great. McMahon then dialed a second number and Justin from Somerset, N.J. answered the phone. He told McMahon to hold on, which prompted another promo from Khali. Justin provided the correct password and Khali screamed into the phone again. McMahon went into Tuesday Night Titans mode trying to handle some wacky segment involving crazy characters.

In-ring: Edge suddenly walked out on stage blowing air trying not to laugh at the absurdity of Khali's contribution to the show. His "I'm so-serious" approach was so laughable after the Khali greatness. They recapped Edge as special referee on Smackdown this past Friday, then cut to break.

[Commercial Break]

In-ring: John Cena came to the ring to a very strong reaction, but with noticeable boos.

6 -- World Hvt. champion EDGE (Smackdown) vs. JOHN CENA (Raw) -- non-title match

Back and forth match to start off with. Ross and Foley are calling this one, and they spent the first few minutes feeling out their new broadcast partners. Nice to see WWE acknowledging the history of these two men, who had one of the top feuds of the year two years ago.

[Q9 -- third hour]

Cena made his standard comeback at 5:00, then went for the FU, but Edge countered with an impaler DDT for a nearfall. Edge then measured Cena for a spear, but Cena side-stepped him and caught Edge with a drop toe hold. Cena immediately applied the STFU, but Edge reached the ropes for a break. Edge then slingshot Cena across the top rope out of desperation to hold off Cena before flinging him off the top rope to the floor. They battled on the floor with Edge escaping a possible FU. Edge then walked up the ramp and took a ten-count, not wanting any more of Cena.

Post-match: Batista came up behind Edge and attacked him. He tried to throw him into the ring, but Edge bailed to the floor again. He walked up the entrance ramp while Cena and Batista stood in the ring.

WINNER: Cena and Raw via count-out in 9:00. Good action for a short TV slot. They packed a 20-minute match into a competitive contest to keep viewers tuned in for the action. Finish played into Edge's character well. (**)

Draft Board: Raw picks up another draft pick in the form of... Batista. What a coincidence! Cena simply stared at Batista with his jaw on the floor while Edge made fun of Batista from the stage. Edge waved good-bye with a smile, then Batista stared down Cena.

[Commercial Break]

Backstage: Edge and Vickie shared a moment together laughing about Batista and Cena's looks when Batista was drafted. Vince McMahon then interrupted and reminded Edge that he still has to defend the World Hvt. Title against Batista at the PPV. He then suggested Edge could be drafted tonight, which made Vickie quite upset.

In-ring: MVP came to the ring representing Smackdown in the next Draft match. Mike Adamle said ECW has been shut out in the draft thus far. Tazz reminded Adamle that they picked up Matt Hardy. Foley then came on the air and said he's been through some tough challenges, but this is the Ultimate Challenge doing color with Mike Adamle. Tommy Dreamer came to the ring with Colin Delaney to face MVP.

7 -- MVP vs. TOMMY DREAMER (w/Colin Delaney)

Adamle and Foley calling this one. Adamle left so much dead air that Tazz had to jump in and call Dreamer landing a bulldog two minutes in. MVP eventually put this one out of its misery with a big boot to the head much to Delaney's chagrin.

WINNER: MVP and SD in 3:00. Match was dry in the ring with Dreamer meaning nothing to Raw fans, while Adamle's call was non-existent. Adamle completely exposed without the show being taped. (DUD)


Draft Board: Umaga was selected for the Smackdown brand. Adamle called him the Samoan Bulldog. Apparently Adamle was watching the College World Series during the broadcast. Everyone ganged up on Adamle for the slip, then Adamle simply acknowledged he's being ganged up by everyone. Umaga came to the ring and quickly dropped Dreamer with a slam. He picked up Delaney and gave him a huge Black Hole Slam before smashing Dreamer in the corner with a rear splash.

[Commercial Break]

Announcers: Cole and Lawler recapped the draft picks thus far. Rey, Punk, Cole, and Batista to Raw. Jeff Hardy, Jim Ross, and Umaga to Smackdown. Matt Hardy to ECW.

In-ring: JBL emerged from the white limo to wrestle in the next match. Kofi Kingston came out as the opposition. Adamle tried to interject some self-depreciation about getting his pink slip, but he was cut off by the ring announcer. Cole said he will get his pink slip if he keeps cutting of the ring announcer.

8 -- JBL (Raw) vs. KOFI KINGSTON (ECW)

Cole and Tazz are calling this match. Quite the link of announcers with former SD commentator JBL involved. JBL slapped on the Cobra Clutch two minutes into the match, but Kofi broke free. Crowd tried to rally behind Kofi, who escaped a rear bear hug and landed a high-angle dropkick. Kofi tried to go up top, but JBL side-stepped him and landed a huge clothesline from hell. JBL made the cover for the decisive win. Tazz complained about Raw being the little league baseball team with the stacked team. "We need some kids!" Tazz exclaimed.

WINNER: JBL in 5:00. OK match. A style contrast that didn't work out too well, but it had some moments. Kofi's clean loss fit the theme of ECW sucking in a showcase situation on Raw. (3/4*)

Draft Board: Going to Raw is... ECW champion Kane. JBL was stunned. Kane then walked out on stage with the ECW Title belt around his waist. JBL talked trash from inside the ring while Kane stood firm on the stage. Either Big Show is winning the strap at the PPV or Matt Hardy will be the top champion on ECW starting next week.


[Commercial Break]

McMoney #5: McMahon handled the fifth $100,000 give-away by himself on this one. He quickly dialed the number, then waited for a dial tone. On the other end was a Steve Austin ring tone. On the other end was Vanessa, who was in the arena. They found Vanessa in the building and focused on her providing the correct password. Several people tried to get their two seconds of fame jumping in front of Vanessa on camera as McMahon congratulated her on winning.

Announcers: Cole and Lawler broke down the Night of Champions PPV card.

In-ring: Men started coming to the ring for the 15-man battle royale. Hunter, Cena, Kane, Batista, and Punk represented Raw. Wow. That's a sick line-up. Representing ECW, it was Matt Hardy, Miz, Morrison, Shelton Benjamin, and Chavo (who has been playing for the SD side recently). Out last was Smackdown, represented by Big Show, Edge, Great Khali, Jeff Hardy, and MVP. Khali in a blue Smackdown t-shirt was classic. Ross sent us to break wondering which side will prevail with two draft picks on the line in the all-star battle royale.

[Commercial Break]

9 -- 15-MAN BATTLE ROYALE -- two draft picks on the line

Action was slow and sluggish out of the break with men finding someone to work on. First out was Great Khali via pretty much the entire Raw brand. Big Show then stepped up to the plate and surveyed everyone else. A rough group of men charged Show, but Show fought them off. Chavo tried to get himself some, but Show quickly cut him off. Show then dropped Hunter with a sidewalk slam.


Punk eliminated someone off camera. Apparently it was Shelton Benjamin. ECW desperately needs some picks, but I don't see anyone from ECW winning this match. Action slowed down as if they were all waiting for someone to emerge in the Royal Rumble. Suddenly, Miz and Morrison were both dumped out by Batista. So, it's Matt and Chavo from ECW. It's also quite obvious that Raw desperately needs some heels, which has not happened in this Draft. Edge went spear-heavy on everyone, but there were no eliminations. They cut to break. Also of note, no sign of Mr. Kennedy on this show thus far.

[Commercial Break]

They returned with Cena dropping the Five Knuckle Shuffle on a man in a blue t-shirt. During the break, Punk was eliminated by Big Show. Tazz despondently talked about the plight of ECW in this deal. Jeff then knocked Chavo over the top rope, which drew more groans from Tazz. Poor Matt Hardy as the last man standing for ECW. MVP then missed with a big boot on Jeff (his own brandmate) and Matt dumped MVP over the top rope. Jeff and Matt then had a face-to-face and Jeff attacked Matt. Wow. They traded blows with the camera focused on them. Jeff almost dumped over Matt, but Matt skinned the cat. Jeff then kicked Matt off the apron, completely eliminating ECW.

Edge and Batista had the same idea of a spear, but they collided head-first and Batista came up bleeding heavy from the forehead. That didn't look right. Even worse on a slow-mo replay. Cena checked on Batista, who tried to collect himself in the corner. Edge was pretty much KO'ed as well. Hunter had enough of Jeff and eliminated him. Batista and Edge re-set their deal and Batista speared Edge. Big Show tried to chokeslam Batista, but Batista blocked until Show knocked him off the apron with a right hand. So, it's Show, Kane, Hunter, Edge, and Cena.

[Q13 -- over-run]

Show dumped Kane over the top rope, leaving a completely KO'ed Edge and Show together against Cena and Hunter of Raw. Cena and Hunter fought together against Show, who blocked a double suplex and suplexed both men. Everyone tried to gather themselves, then Cena and Hunter worked together near the ropes to dump Show over the top rope. Cena then bumped Hunter over the top rope to the floor. Cena had his back to Edge, who then snuck up behind Cena and dumped him to the floor.

WINNER: Edge and SD in 18:00 to earn two draft picks. Not a good battle royale despite the star power. Slow and sluggish. ECW failed again. (*1/2)

Draft Board: Right on cue, Mr. Kennedy returns to Smackdown. Kennedy walked out on stage and pointed at Edge about wanting the title belt. And for the second draft pick...Triple H to Smackdown. Oh my. Well, I wrote two months ago that they had to separate Hunter and Cena on Raw. Here ya go. Hunter was dumbfounded ringside. Cena was dumbfounded.

McMoney #6: McMahon brought in Michael as the next contestant. Michael provided the correct answer and picked up $500,000. Suddenly, a beam dropped from the Titantron a few feet away from where McMahon was standing. OK... Then, the stage collapsed and McMahon fell to the floor. McMahon collected himself, then the McMoney TV monitor off stage fell on top of McMahon, who collapsed to the floor. Sparks flew as wrestlers, led by Hunter and Cena, stormed the stage area. They tried to lift up the TV set as paramedics stormed the area to check on McMahon. Announcers went silent as McMahon was strapped to a backboard. His eyes opened slightly and he said he couldn't feel his legs. They made it "more real" with Vince referencing Hunter by his real first name. Show went off the air with McMahon trying to be rescued from underneath the TV monitor.

Final segment reax: At first blush, this looks like the write-off to the McMoney giveaway at $3.0 million served. There really is no point to continuing it with the Draft taking place and new, fresh feuds to be focused on. Considering how poorly the night went for the ECW brand, I wouldn't be surprised if the storyline develops that Mike Adamle sabotaged the set and McMahon. Plenty of ways to go with the McMahon sabotage angle, but hopefully it won't fall apart like "who ran over Steve Austin?" and it ending up with Rikishi.

We welcome your 1-10 score and comments on this show for a "Raw Reax" feature in the Torch Feedback section of To contribute your thoughts on Raw, click here.

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