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CALDWELL'S WWE RAW REPORT 11/3: Ongoing "virtual time" coverage of Batista vs. Jericho, DX vs. Miz & Morrison

Nov 3, 2008 - 10:25:12 PM

By James Caldwell, PWTorch columnist

WWE Raw Live Report
November 3, 2008
Tampa, Fla.

The show started with promotion of the Batista vs. Chris Jericho match for the World Title inside the cage. They went live to the building to show off the cage hanging above the ring, then Cole and Lawler set the stage. Lawler, of course, became giddy over the 16-diva tag match tonight.

In-ring: Randy Orton came to the ring to discuss his ultimatum to Shane and Stephanie McMahon. Lots of boos to cut off Orton. Either they fire Adamle or he walks. He said he's not bluffing. Orton then walked over to the announce table and sat down on a chair ringside. Cue up Jeff Hardy's theme music. Interesting. Are they officially killing the brand split tonight?

Jeff came out with ECW champion Matt Hardy for an opening tag match. They showed us a clip from episode no. 764 when Jeff Hardy did the big dive onto Orton off the stage prior to their WWE Title match at the Royal Rumble. Jeff then clapped it up toward Orton ringside. MVP then walked out alone as one-half of the tag team opposition. And the other half, The Brian Kendrick, with Ezekiel. Thank goodness for a Kendrick appearance tonight.

1 -- JEFF HARDY & ECW champion MATT HARDY vs. THE BRIAN KENDRICK (w/Ezekiel) & MVP

Jeff appears to be channeling the Barbarian with his eye-make up selection tonight. Oh my, they ran the spot where the referee didn't see a hot tag, except it was for the heels. Change of pace. Jeff took advantage by nailing the Swanton Bomb on MVP behind the ref's back as the ref was arguing with Kendrick, then Matt made the easy cover for the pin and the win.

WINNERS: Hardys in 4:00.

Raw video: They went back to the very first Raw episode from 1993 when Bobby Heenan screamed at Sean Mooney that he couldn't get inside the building to broadcast the show. A little Yokozuna. Ah, the classic Raw theme music. Such an early '90s jam. And the one guy on the front row in the Ico Pro sweatshirt. Ah, Ico Pro. Man, it doesn't get any better than early '90s Monday nights.

[Commercial Break]

Raw video: They went to episode 17 when Razor Ramon (Scott Hall) played around with the 1-2-3 Kid (Sean Waltman) before Waltman had the surprise pin on Razor via the moonsault for the win. This, of course, led to the infamous diaper match.

In-ring: A number of unnamed men were in the ring ready for a battle royale, with the winner getting an IC Title match against Santino Marella. Santino and Beth then came out to join Cole and Lawler on commentary while Orton continued to watch from ringside.


Some standard battle royale action started things off, then Manu and Cody DiBiase teamed up to dump Snitsky over the top rope. Suddenly, DiBiase snuck up behind Cody and Manu to dump them over the top rope. Cody and Manu could not believe their tag partner dumped them. Suddenly, Noble and Regal were on the outside. Apparently it was only Noble eliminated. Shad and JTG were left with DiBiase, who dumped JTG over the top rope to the floor. DiBiase then stalked Shad. They had an exchange while Santino said he could beat either one of those chumps. Shad then got hung up to dry on the top rope and DiBiase dumped him to the floor. Regal, who was not eliminated earlier, then snuck up behind DiBiase and dumped him to the outside to pick up the win. Santino remained confident he could take Regal while Regal celebrated with Layla in the ring. They showed a replay of the finish and Santino said Regal a cheated. But he's not scared, even with Raw in the U.K. next week.

WINNER: Regal in 3:00. Well, that was a quick battle royale. They really teased a DiBiase IC Title reign for about three seconds there, but now we'll get the tension between Priceless instead of re-focusing on the tag titles they lost last week. (1/2*)

Backstage: A limo pulled up outside. Who's in the limo? Who's in the other limo? Thank goodness for no silly teases for an hour, as Stephanie McMahon stepped out looking very professional. Shane then stepped out behind her. Symbolic. They started to walk together, but Stephanie stopped and told him to take care of this one. Shane didn't need a discussion, so he accepted the assignment and walked on.

[Commercial Break]

Raw video: Episode no. 409 took us back to 2001 when McMahon announced that he bought WCW and would bury it dead. Suddenly, Shane showed up in Panama City on Nitro to announce he bought WCW.

In-ring: Randy Orton picked up his promo and re-stated his ultimatum that either Adamle goes or he goes. What is it going to be? Orton stared toward the entrance ramp as the fans cat-called, then Here Comes The Money blared out, bringing out Shane McMahon doing his dance. A little more toned down (thankfully), but enough to get the screams from the ladies in the building. McMahon then slid into the ring and danced around Orton, who was not amused.

Shane stepped up to Orton and said he doesn't react well to the aggressive tone. Shane said he's not going to allow threats to get him. Boy, Shane sounds much different. Orton said if Shane's father was here, he would make sure his top superstar is happy. Shane shot back that he's not his father. He said Orton should respect the position he holds in this company. Shane began to talk about Adamle, but the Raw theme interrupted and Adamle strutted out with a big grin on his face.

Adamle said there's something he needs to say first. Adamle said that ever since Raw began, every authority figure has tried to pursue some sort of agenda - good or bad. He said he's tried to be different by not taking a side. Fans with the "what?" chants. Adamle paused as he started to tear up a little. Awkward live TV ensued, then Adamle said he slapped Orton in the face last week and he became the very thing he didn't want to become. Adamle said this job corrupts and he doesn't want to let that happen to him. So, as of now, he's resigning as GM of Raw. Fans cheered loudly for that one.

Orton simply paced around the ring, then Adamle shook Shane's hand and left. Orton didn't get enough and demanded an apology from Adamle. Shane cut him off and said Orton owes Adamle an apology. But, now the thing is Orton's excuses. He said Orton looked pretty good at Cyber Sunday running into the ring. Shane said he took the liberty of talking to Orton's doctors, who told him Orton has been cleared to compete for weeks. He asked Orton when he was going to get around to dropping a note there. Orton referenced Survivor Series, but Shane said that's too far away. He's thinking about tonight.

Shane said he couldn't deny the fans an opportunity to see Raw's greatest commodity in action tonight. He'll be competing in the ring tonight. Orton said he would love more than anything to wrestle, but he's not ready. He didn't bring his gear, by the way. Shane said he's personally taken care of everything. No biggie. Shane said Orton will be competing in the ring tonight against a man he's familiar with. The guy he kicked in the head and cost him the World Title. That man is C.M. Punk. Orton lowered his head, then Shane danced while the fans cheered.

[Commercial Break]

Raw video: They went to episode no. 778 when Obama and McCain appeared on Raw. Actually, that's been referenced quite a bit online by election bloggers with reflection on the journey to the U.S. presidential voting. Through Raw, through American Idol, etc.

In-ring: Koslov came to the ring and stared into the hard camera. Suddenly, Bret Hart's music hit and out walked Charlie Haas as Bret Hart. Lillian Garcia announced him as Bret "the Hitman" Haas. I wonder if he practiced the in-ring pose for three hours. Haas then went to ringside and put the sunglasses on a fan in the front row. Koslov was not amused by any of this. Haas then took the mic and asked Koslov if he felt the fans screwed him in the voting at Cyber Sunday. "These fans didn't screw Vladimir Koslov," he said. "Vladimir Koslov screwed Vladimir Koslov." He said he's the best there is, was, and ever will be. Cole and Lawler chuckled slightly. Crowd didn't buy it.


Koslov with a quick victory via the big boot, belly-to-belly suplex, and giant headbutt to the sternum for the win. Cole plugged Smackdown this Friday where Koslov gets a World Title shot if he beats The Undertaker.

WINNER: Koslov in 1:00. Squash. Not particularly amusing with the line for Koslov about Koslov screwing Koslov. Vince must have been reminiscing this week. (n/a)

[Commercial Break]

Video package: They focused on Batista defeating Chris Jericho at Cyber Sunday to gain the World Title belt. ... Backstage: Todd Grisham brought in Batista to discuss the title match in the cage tonight. Haha. Cough. Wheeze. Batista said he fought too hard to give up the belt this soon. He said he's winning tonight and going home with the belt, while Jericho goes him empty-handed.

Raw video: Let's get some DX from episode 257 in 1998 when DX invaded WCW in Virginia. Triple H, Kip, B.G., Chyna, and Waltman in the tank invading WCW. "Did you pay for your ticket tonight?" Hunter asked. "Hell no, I didn't!" the fan said.

Backstage: They showed Hunter and Shawn Michaels walking around ready for Miz & Morrison. Michaels playfully banged a glow stick on Hunter's back while they shouted out to no one in particular.

[Commercial Break]

[Second Hour]

Video game plug: They simulated the DX vs. Miz & Morrison game in the upcoming Smackdown vs. Raw video game.

In-ring: The DX music hit, then Shawn and Hunter came out on stage with Shawn dancing around Hunter, who posed with his glow sticks. Cole said they were major players in the Attitude era, re-defining TV with their antics. Cole said it's been a while since we've seen them. Yeah, like a week. Cole reminisced about receiving wedgies and assorted juvenile punishment from DX back in the day.

Once their music stopped, Hunter accepted the mic from Shawn and surveyed the crowd. Hunter said it's been a while since they've done this, then he asked the audience if they're ready. Camera found the "Are you 50?" sign in the audience. Hunter went to part two, but Shawn said he's not ready. Shawn said he watched ECW last week and he saw Miz and Morrison mocking them. Shawn told Hunter he might want to see this.

Cue up the video from ECW of Miz and Morrison having some "harsh" words for DX before the fake Shawn and Hunter took a pounding. Back live, Hunter and Shawn had shocked - shocked! - looks on their faces. Sarcasm dripped from their faces, then Shawn said that could have been them out there. Shawn explained this to Hunter, who deadpanned his disbelief. Shawn then pointed out how huge Hunter's nose is. They did the Friends bit about there being a ton of cameras on Hunter's nose. Shawn said they did the unforgivable by mocking the chaps. He'll put up with someone mocking his kids and punching his wife, but that's where he draws the line. Hunter said mocking the chops is inexcusable, but the part where they mocked Shawn for losing his hair --- Shawn cut him off with a look of disbelief, then Shawn said he didn't remember them going there. Hunter tried to argue with him, but Shawn said they will never speak of this again!

Hunter said those guys said they were in high school when they got started. When they were revolutionizing this industry, they were... cue up The Miz's senior class picture. This was right after he took second in the Kentucky Derby, Hunter said. Cue up Morrison striking a pose, then a homosexual joke. Hunter said those two guys look like guys who got beat up every day in high school. He said tonight is going to be no different. Hunter then asked Michaels one more time if he's ready. "I'm ready!" Shawn exclaimed. Hunter asked the crowd, then The Miz.

Cue up some No Mercy 2006 footage of Big Dick Johnson dancing on Miz while Miz had a blindfold on, not realizing Johnson was all on him. Shawn said he doesn't feel well. Hunter then shook it off and went into the Buffer intro. And for Miz and Morrison because they have a dream, not to stand in the ring with DX, but to one day be able to enjoy the same rights and privileges as any other couple in the U.S. To be able to marry and start their own family. Two homosexual jokes in one promo. Amazing. For Miz and Morrison, let's get ready to suck it. Shawn was about to finish, but Morrison's music interrupted. They walked out on stage not particularly pleased with the proceedings. We'll get a break before the match.

[Commercial Break]


We joined the action in progress with Hunter exploding into a clothesline on Morrison out of the corner. Shawn took a tag, then he worked on Miz before nailing a top rope elbow smash. Michaels wanted to end it, but Morrison held him back allowing Miz to nail a clothesline that turned Michaels inside out. Miz, by the way, with a crazy new Mohawk tonight. Miz tried to end it at 4:00 with the Reality Check, but Michaels blocked into a backslide for a nearfall. Miz then hopped up and nailed a clothesline. Morrison tagged in and wanted the rolling neckbreaker, but Michaels escaped and hit a kick to the head before tagging in Hunter. Hunter cleaned house with the traditional combo of moves, then he wanted the Pedigree on Morrison, but Miz broke it up, only to take a spinebuster. In the confusion, Morrison hit a springboard smash on Hunter for a two count when Michaels broke up the pin.

Morrison went back at Hunter and nailed a flying fist before kipping up like Michaels. He then tuned up the band in the corner like Michaels, which drew plenty of boos. Michaels then creamed Hunter with the superkick before tagging in Miz, who slowly entered the ring. Miz and Morrison did crotch chops over Hunter's fallen body before Miz went for the Pedigree. He took forever, so Hunter turned it into a back drop. Michaels then pulled Morrison to the outside. You see this coming. Michaels with the superkick on Miz, then Hunter with the Pedigree for the win.

Afterward, Cole tried to keep Miz and Morrison in the game by saying they gave DX a good fight, but Lawler countered that their egos got the best of them. Hunter and Michaels sold post-match injuries while celebrating. Miz and Morrison regrouped on the floor while DX stood tall in the ring, then Hunter posed over Michaels while they stared down at them.

WINNERS: DX in 8:00. Well, kind of went how you expected. Miz and Morrison with a very basic, no-harm-no-foul attack on Hunter and Michaels on ECW last week because they couldn't go for the jugular, then DX pretty much buries Miz and Morrison on the mic before giving them a slight amount of offense before finishing it off easily. Just the usual Spirit Squad formula here. (**)

Backstage: JBL was standing with Shane McMahon. JBL said the beating he gave Michaels last week wasn't enough. JBL said he came here to talk to Shane about a business opportunity. He said Raw needs a leader with the Adamle era mercifully over. JBL suggested himself as the new GM. Shane said he'll take it under advisement and talk to his sister. He wants JBL in a match tonight, though. JBL smiled and said a triple threat cage match? Shane wasn't quite going there, though. JBL smiled it up, then Shane painted a picture of JBL vs. Undertaker. JBL's smile turned upside down, then he laughed a little while repeating that one in his head. JBL sarcastically said it would be an honor. Shane patted him on the back before JBL slowly walked away.

[Commercial Break]

Raw video: They went to episode no. 243 from 1998 when Vince McMahon brought in Mike Tyson, only to have Steve Austin interrupt. This led to the infamous Austin vs. Tyson brawl in the ring to set up the WrestleMania 14 classic with Tyson as special referee for Austin vs. Michaels. "Tyson! Austin! Tyson! Austin!" Ross screamed.

In-ring: The eight heel divas were already in the ring ahead of the 16-diva tag match. Mickie James's music hit, then out came the babyface divas, including Tiffany from Teddy Long's office. Kelly Kelly was sporting a Tampa Bay Lightning jersey and she wanted a piece of someone. Hold on a second. They're missing one more person. Cue up the Mae Young theme music and out walked Moolah per Vince McMahon's interview promoting the show. Mae took her time coming to the ring, so they ran the bell to kick things off.


Mae quickly took a tag, then she took her time coming into the ring to deliver some obviously scripted left arm forearms on the heel divas. She took a spill, though, before grabbing Layla to give her a forearm. The action broke down, then in the confusion, Beth snuck up behind Mae and scored a roll-up for the easy pin and the win. Santino then ran out to the ring to celebrate with Beth, who was embarrassed by Santino's exuberance. They went back into the ring to show Mae celebrating with the babyface divas.

WINNERS: Team Beth in 2:00. As expected, this was a very short match. They flew in a whole lot of folks for a whole lot of nothing. (n/a)

[Commercial Break]

Raw video: Back to episode no. 456 in 2002 when Hollywood Hulk Hogan showed up on the scene before The Rock stepped out to confront him to set up WrestleMania 18. Rock asked Hogan how he feels about headlining one more WrestleMania against The Rock.

In-ring: C.M. Punk came out to the ring for his match against Randy Orton. Orton then slowly made his way to the ring with his eyes locked on Punk.


Cole dropped the most over-used word of the political campaign, Maverick, in reference to Punk's in-ring style. At least he didn't call him a swashbuckling wrestler. Orton stalked Punk for the RKO at 2:00, but suddenly, Ted DiBiase stormed the ring and tackled Punk for a DQ. DiBiase pounded on Punk while Manu and Cody Rhodes stood on the apron, but Orton stepped into a punt to the head on DiBiase. He didn't get much of DiBiase, but DiBiase sold it as if he were dead. Cody and Manu stepped into the ring as if they were going to try something, but Orton stared them down before leaving the ring. Manu and Cody just stood over DiBiase while referees checked on DiBiase.

WINNER: Punk via DQ in 2:00. Well, that was disappointingly short. (n/a)

Post-commercial: They showed DiBiase being taken away on a gurney during the commercial break. Backstage, Cody and Manu confronted Orton about what just happened. Cody asked him what he was thinking. Manu said DiBiase is on a stretcher right now. Orton said DiBiase is talented, as they are, but what he did out there was kick some sense into DiBiase because he had his first match back won. Orton then screamed into Manu and Cody's faces to do something about what just happened. "I dare you!" he shouted. They didn't do anything, so Orton told them they're smart and there might be hope for them two just yet. He walked off.

Raw video: Back to episode 772 for Big Show and Floyd Mayweather having their confrontation after Mayweather broke Show's nose at the No Way Out PPV. They showed Show tossing Mayweather over the top rope onto his posse to set up WrestleMania.

Backstage: Stephanie McMahon was texting someone or maybe looking at some pictures of her kids. Mike Adamle then stepped in and invaded Stephanie's comfort zone. He said they both know why he's here. Adamle said Shane hired him, but every time he made a decision, Steph changed it. Adamle said motherhood hasn't done her a bit of good because she's still a control freak. Stephanie stepped up and asked Adamle if he's done. She said she's a McMahon and controlling this show is her birthright. She wished him good luck, then Adamle turned and walked away. Shane then stepped in, apparently having not heard any of the previous conversation. Shane said he has a major announcement for Survivor Series, but Stephanie wanted to know what's going on. Shane told her not worry. You trust me, right? Steph nodded, then Shane walked off. Oh boy, here we go with a brother vs. sister feud.

[Commercial Break]

Raw video: Episode no. 475 in 2002 took us back to The Undertaker vs. Jeff Hardy ladder match where Hardy was inches away from the Undisputed Title with Ross telling Jeff to make himself famous. Except, he took the chokeslam and Taker retained the title belt.

In-ring: Boomer Sooner blared in the arena, then Jim Ross walked out to the ringside area. No sailor suit tonight. Lillian Garcia listed his claim to fame on Raw, then Ross joined Tazz ringside to commentate on the next match. Good to have Ross on Raw for the show. JBL came out first, then Undertaker came out while they showed Taker's entrance with Paul Bearer from the very first Raw.


At 3:00, Taker and JBL bumped heads in the ring, causing JBL to slip to the outside. JBL started to re-enter the ring, but he saw Taker sit up in the ring. JBL then decided he would take a powder for a count-out loss. He smiled it up and pointed to his head, but unfortunately for him, Shawn Michaels didn't break much of a sweat tonight. Michaels ran to ringside and threw JBL back into the ring where Taker finished him off with a Tombstone Piledriver.

WINNER: Taker via DQ in 4:00. That was a match designed for Taker to get an appearance in on Raw, but for a Taker who is about to embark on another grueling international tour with a banged up body. Looks like HBK vs. JBL at Survivor Series. (*)

Backstage: The camera focused on Chris Jericho standing around. Shane McMahon then stepped in and asked if he had talked to Steph. Jericho said she left, but that's irrelevant. He wanted to know what the big announcement is. Shane said the winner of Batista vs. Jericho tonight will defend the World Title at Survivor Series. He paused, then said... against John Cena. Fans live popped, then Jericho kept the same expression and said karma has a way of righting itself. Shane wasn't sure what to make of that.

[Commercial Break]

Raw video: Episode no. 304 from 1999 for Steve Austin giving the Corporation and The Rock the beer bash of all-time via the beer truck.

In-ring: Kung Fu Naki was in the ring dancing around, then Hornswoggle suddenly snuck into the ring. Boogeyman joined him, then Goldust, Sgt. Slaughter, Hacksaw Duggan, Dusty Rhodes, son of Terry Gordy, Teddy Long, Lillian Garcia, Festus, and Michael Cole proceeded to join the festivities for some awkward moments. Jerry Lawler teased getting in there, but he pulled a fast one on Cole and left him. Cole danced with Lillian, then Goldust got in on the action to freak out Cole in a Heidenreich-in-the-closest kind of way. Ron Simmons then showed up on stage and milked his "Damn" for all it was worth.

Raw video: Episode 775 for Ric Flair's farewell speech after WrestleMania 24.

[Commercial Break]

Raw video: Episode no. 630 from 2005 for the Lita-Edge wedding in Anaheim. Of course, no WWE wedding ends without an interruption, this time provided by Kane.

Ringside: Various members of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers proceeded to beat each other up ringside.

In-ring: Kane walked out for a random tag match. Let's get Mark Henry out here as well. Rey Mysterio then came out to face Kane and Henry while they showed a clip from ECW when Evan Bourne suffered his severe leg injury. Kofi Kingston then came out as Rey's tag partner. Henry was not pleased with this development. Cole with an Adamle reference for one more laugh: "Jamaican me crazy."


Kofi looked pretty good here, but then he went to the well once too often in the high-risk department, allowing Henry to catch him in mid-air. Rey tried to dropkick Kofi on top of Henry, but Henry stood firm and Kane clotheslined Rey. Henry then delivered the World's Strongest Slam on Kofi for the pin and the win in 2:00. Afterward, Kane flung Rey through the ropes. Great Khali's music hit, then Khali came out to silence. Crowd isn't aware of the babyface push. He then chopped Kane, stepped into the ring, and then chopped Henry down to size to set up the 619 for Rey, who had no idea what to make of this. Rey hit the 619 anyways, then Khali chopped Henry down to the mat one more time. Rey and Khali shared a moment, if you can call it that.

WINNERS: Henry & Kane in 2:00. Another short match, then Khali's babyface push was brought to Raw. Just fine. (1/2*)

Cena Rough Cut 4: They went to the June 2002 video when John Cena debuted against Kurt Angle. JBL said he thought Cena was just another body-builder who didn't have a chance in WWE. They showed clips of Cena taking it to Angle. Hunter with a voice-over that Cena just wanted it and you couldn't deny him. Cue up the Thuganomics rapper era. College friends talked about Cena embarrassing dudes who tried to rap against him. Classic clip of Cena mocking Brock Lesnar. Batista said his true colors came out. Such a babyface way back in the day. Literally his face was so clean. They went to WM 20 when Cena beat Big Show for the U.S. Title to start his main event push. Then, WM 21 for the World Title. And Chris Jericho with his longer hair announcing Cena moving to Raw in St. Louis in the Draft Lottery. Cena Returns.

Backstage: They showed Shane sitting on the couch. Steph jumped in and Shane asked where she's been. Steph said she loves the Cena announcement, but... she just wants to be kept in the loop. Stephanie said they're in business together, so let's keep the surprises at bay. Shane said he wishes dad were here to see this. Steph said he would be very proud of this right now. Did we miss McMahon books his death part II?

In-ring: The cage lowered down to the ring...

[Commercial Break]

Raw video: Episode no. 761 focused on last year's Tribute to the Troops to set up the upcoming Tribute this year in Baghdad.

In-ring: The cage was lowered. Ref in place. Only way to win is by pin, submission, or escaping the cage with both feet on the floor. Cue up Chris Jericho to come out first for the main event. Cole tried to make a reference to Florida being a battleground state in the U.S. voting tomorrow, but Lillian cut him off to announce the title match. Jericho surveyed the cage, then he entered the ring. Batista then came out and Cole went silent. Lawler made a crack to Cole that at least he didn't try talking over Lillian that time. Vince probably screamed himself silly in the headsets right there.

9 -- World Hvt. champion BATISTA vs. CHRIS JERICHO -- Steel Cage match for World Hvt. Title

Jericho tried to escape in the opening seconds, but Batista yanked him off the cage wall to bring him back inside the ring for a beating. Batista continued to dominate by stretching Jericho against the cage wall leading to a break.

[Commercial Break]

Back from break, Jericho had Batista locked in the Walls of Jericho in center cage. Batista refused to give out, though. Jericho then demanded the door be opened. Batista read the strategy and grabbed Jericho's leg before propelling Jericho away and into the cage door. Jericho almost fell out of the cage on accident, which would have given him the World Title, but Batista lunged out and pulled Jericho back inside the cage. Batista fought Jericho near the door, then Jericho slammed the cage door on Batista's left leg to begin his attack. Batista tried to muster an attack with a spear on Jericho, but Jericho moved and Batista ate the cage wall.

Jericho then tried to climb out, but Batista opened the cage door and grabbed Jericho as he climbed down. Batista hugged him, then pulled him back into the ring for a nice spinebuster. Batista wanted the Bomb, but Jericho grabbed the cage wall to avoid and start climbing again. Suddenly, Jericho bounced to the mat and Batista crotched himself on the top rope. Jericho was the first one up, so he started climbing again.

Batista got up, though, and grabbed Jericho for a Batistabomb from the top rope. However, Jericho held onto the cage cable and took a weapon from the corner. He then smashed Batista repeatedly in the forehead to knock him out and draw blood. (Wait, isn't it kid-friendly now?) Batista tried to grab Jericho one more time, but Jericho kicked Batista in the knees and then fell to the ground to win the match and become new champ.

Afterward, Batista slumped to the mat inside the cage in shock. Jericho then collected himself and took possession of the title belt. He grinned slightly, then slowly walked down the entrance ramp. They showed Batista slumped down in the corner, exasperated, with blood trickling down his forehead.

WINNER: Jericho in 15:00 to win the World Hvt. Title. Typical WWE cage match with a lot of teases for wrestlers trying to escape the cage. Quite the surprising finish. Actually, in hindsight, Batista's cockiness and brushing off Jericho as an easy win was a pretty good indicator Jericho would win the match. Jericho vs. Cena at Survivor Series. Should be a good one. (**3/4)

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