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WWE WRESTLEMANIA COUNTDOWN - 1997 PPV Report (WM 13): Undertaker vs. Sid, Steve Austin vs. Bret Hart double-turn

Mar 16, 2010 - 12:00:27 PM

Leading up to WrestleMania 26 on March 28 in Arizona, we will be publishing a daily WrestleMania PPV flashback report going back to 1992 at WrestleMania 8. We'll be publishing one PPV flashback report around 12:00 p.m. CST every afternoon until this year's WrestleMania.

-- Thursday, Mar. 11 - WrestleMania 8 (1992): Hogan vs. Sid, Warrior run-in
-- Friday, Mar. 12 - WrestleMania 9 (1993): Hart vs. Yokozuna, Hogan wins title
-- Saturday, Mar. 13 - WrestleMania 10 (1994): Razor vs. HBK, Bret vs. Owen
-- Sunday, Mar. 14 - WrestleMania 11 (1995): LT vs. Bigelow, Diesel vs. HBK
-- Monday, Mar. 15 - WrestleMania 12 (1996): HBK-Hart Iron Man match
-- Tuesday, Mar. 16 - WrestleMania 13 (1997):
-- Wednesday, Mar. 17 - WrestleMania 14 (1998):
-- Thursday, Mar. 18 - WrestleMania 15 (1999):
-- Friday, Mar. 19 - WrestleMania 16 (2000):
-- Saturday, Mar. 20 - WrestleMania 17 (2001):
-- Sunday, Mar. 21 - WrestleMania 18 (2002):
-- Monday, Mar. 22 - WrestleMania 19 (2003):
-- Tuesday, Mar. 23 - WrestleMania 20 (2004):
-- Wednesday, Mar. 24 - WrestleMania 21 (2005):
-- Thursday, Mar. 25 - WrestleMania 22 (2006):
-- Friday, Mar. 26 - WrestleMania 23 (2007):
-- Saturday, Mar. 27 - WrestleMania 24 (2008):
-- Sunday, Mar. 28 - WrestleMania 25 (2009):
-- Sunday, Mar. 28 - WrestleMania 26 Live Coverage


WrestleMania PPV Flashback Report - WM 13 (1997)
March 23, 1997
Chicago, Ill. at the Rosemont Horizon
Report by Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

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HEADLINE: Bret Hart turns full-fledged heel on U.S. fan - Bret Hart tells fans to kiss his ass, Michaels calls Bret a "mark"; Raw closes ratings gap versus Nitro

Because all six of their six top-tier wrestlers are cast as babyfaces (Bret Hart, Sid, Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Ken Shamrock) or are being cheered heavily as a heel (Steve Austin), the WWF finalized the full-fledged heel turn of Bret Hart on Monday Night Raw. At Wrestlemania, Bret beat Steve Austin when a bloody Austin passed out from the sharpshooter and Ken Shamrock called for the bell. A minute later, with Austin still passed out, Bret went back to attack him again, the moment he switched from a tweener to a heel. Shamrock threw him off of Austin. When Shamrock challenged Bret, Bret backed down and left the ring. The fans booed Bret's cowardace and a minute later gave the gutsy Austin a standing ovation. Bret looked at the crowd in disgust for booing him.

That set the stage for Raw the next day. Bret Hart demanded time to get things off of his chest. At the start of the second hour of Raw, he did just that. Bret walked to the ring and apologized to fans everywhere around the world except in the United States. He said he beat Austin yet the U.S. fans cheered Austin as if he had won even though he beat Austin to a bloody pulp. Bret went back to Wrestlemania last year and marched through the series of events from Survivor Series to Royal Rumble to Wrestlemania 13. Bret said the fans cheered for Michaels as if he were a role model despite wearing ear rings and posing for a "girlie magazine." He corrected himself and said it was a "gay magazine." Fans chanted, "Go home, Bret." Bret said Gorilla Monsoon and Vince McMahon begged him not to quit or go home.

Bret wiped fake tears from his eyes as he mocked Michaels's so-called injury. "You talk about me crying?" he said. When Bret mentioned Steve Austin hitting him with a chair, fans cheered. "That's acceptable? Only in America," Bret said. "So I asked, or as you say, I cried, to Gorilla Monsoon for a match with (Austin)." When Bret said he planned to give Austin a good, old-fashioned "ass whipping," the word "ass" was bleeped, indicating USA Network began using a 10 second delay for Raw as a result of last week's program.

Bret said he has tried to be everything fans wanted him to be, but said the fans don't understand what it means to have dignity or poise or class. Bret said U.S. fans would rather cheer Charles Manson or O.J. Simpson (some fans cheered O.J.'s name, which is pretty scary). Bret said, "You U.S. fans don't respect me. Well, the fact is, I don't respect you. You don't deserve it. From now on the U.S. fans from coast to coast can kiss my ass."

Shawn Michaels walked out. "Yo, Hitman," he said. "Let's get one thing perfectly straight. You can come out here and say whatever you want about me. Everyone does. And you don't have to explain to me or the WWF that you would never give up the WWF Title because no one knows better than me or the WWF that it takes a hand written note from the Lord Almighty to get that belt from you. But Bret, what you don't understand is just because I come out here and choose to live my life openly and freely instead of putting on a facade like you does not make you a better man, Bret. I am well aware of my faults. I can admit them up and down the line. As far as Steve Austin is concerned, Bret, I was there last night, he didn't give up. All right. I'm not a fan of Steve Austin's. He passed out. And even you have to admit that he is one tough S.O.B.

"Now, Bret, I have tried and tried and tried to take the high road. I am in no shape to wrestle and you're tougher than me. I don't have to be number one. I don't obsess like you do. I do this because I like it. You do it because in your mind, mark man, you think all of this is yours. What you need to understand is that every time these fans reach into their pockets to watch me, you, or anybody else, they have the right to cheer or boo anybody they want. They're cheering me now, but they've booed me before, but you didn't see me get all bent out of shape about it." He somehow managed to keep a straight face while saying that last line.

Michaels concluded: "We have something in this country called the First Amedment. And that allows us to live our lives the way we see fit as long as it isn't causing harm to anyone. If that man wants to pierce his belly button, he can do so whether you like it or not. If that girl wants to go out with someone you don't approve of, she can do it... I'm in no shape to go (i.e. fight), but if you want to go, let's go now. We've got a saying in the Unted States. It's called, ‘America, love it or leave it.'"

Bret responded: "Shawn Michaels, boy toy, I think you ought to go back to the dressing room and get the hell out of my face." Michaels said: "You know me Bret, I'm not really good about authority. By the way, how did you know I was in that girlie magazine? You couldn't help yourself could you. You had to flip through the pages just a little bit." Michaels turned around and Bret attacked him from behind.

Bret then applied the figure-four around the ringpost as Michaels screamed in agony. Several WWF officials tried to pry Bret off of him. Sid came out just as Bret let go of the leglock. Sid chased Bret into the ring. Bret quickly walked out of the ring and backed his way up the ramp and toward the dressing room. Bret teased that he might return to the ring. Sid said something over the house mic that was bleeped. Bret then gave Sid the finger and left. After a commercial break, the announcers talked solemnly about Bret's actions. McMahon said Bret was a confused man. He explained that Bret believes America deserves the way he is now because it's the era of the anti-hero. McMahon said it's a shame that he would besmirch his legacy in the WWF.


HEADLINE: Undertaker wins title at WM13

Undertaker captured the WWF Title at Wrestlemania, defeating Sid in the main event thanks in part to interference by Bret Hart. It begins Undertaker's second title reign. The title change was overshadowed by the controversial happenings with Bret Hart, Steve Austin, Ken Shamrock, and Shawn Michaels.

With so much going on stealing attention away from Undertaker, does his title reign have any chance to be looked at as anything but a transitional reign waiting to be ended by one of the previously mentioned names? Yes.

The day after Wrestlemania on Raw the WWF was attempting to forward a storyline with Undertaker when Raw ran out of time and went off the air. They were in the process of building up a match featuring Undertaker against Mankind, which likely will switch as part of a storyline to Undertaker vs. Vader. Neither of those matches has the chance to steal the spotlight back from the compelling storyline centered around the heel turn of Bret.

If Undertaker, though, is given a chance to speak more often, with more passion and fewer cliches, and if he appears to be "above the fray" of Bret Hart's ordeals, while also tending to his own business, he may be valuable to the WWF in the position he's in. Because the Bret Hart situation as it relates to Austin, Michaels, and Shamrock is compelling on its own without needing the title belt to complicate the picture (and free up wrestlers to do jobs without the title to consider), by having Undertaker in a separate program with the WWF Title, it deepens the perecived WWF storyline depth.

If Undertaker defends the WWF Title against Vader or Mankind, and is given convincing wins and gives impressive performances, in a couple of months he may have the credibility to appear to be a compelling opponent for a heel Bret Hart. If the WWF keeps the Undertaker's feuds separate from the Bret Hart-centered feuds for a few months, by the time they cross paths it will mean more and seem to be more of a "dream match" rather than just a match thrown together at the last second for the sake of TV ratings. Undertaker had been lost in the shuffle recently. Given the limits of his character, giving him the WWF Title and a subsequent credible reign may rehabilitate him into being perceived as a major star on the level of WCW's top singles names rather than just a kiddie-oriented, side-show WWF gimmick.



Todd Pettengill opened the "Free For All" pregame show in mid-ring hyping the line-up trying to get the crowd into the action. Dok Hendrix stood by in the concourse with fans screaming behind him. Vince McMahon, Jim Ross, and Jerry Lawler then conversed about the show from the ringside announcing table.

(A) Billy Gunn defeated Flash Funk at 7:03. Gunn dominated offense until 4:30 when he missed a legdrop off the top rope. Funk made his comeback and hit a top rope huracanrana at 5:50 for a two count. Funk went for a moonsault, but Gunn lifted his knees and caught him in the gut. Gunn then hit a swinging DDT off the top rope for the win. (*)

Pettengill interviewed Steve Austin. Austin said a submission match isn't his style of match and he doesn't know a lot of moves, but said he would beat the hell out of Bret until he quit. He concluded: "Bret, you always get on TV and say you've been screwed. Well, let me tell you this, son. I'm not bringing a condom to the ring. I'm bringing a hell of a can of whoop ass." After more feud recaps, Pettengill interviewed the NOD.


(1) The Head Bangers won the four-team tag match outlasting Doug Furnas & Phil Lafon and The Blackjacks and The Godwinns at 10:39. The Blackjacks were DQ'd at 4:30 when Bradshaw shoved the ref. Furnas & LaFon were counted out at 4:40. The Head Bangers won when Mosh gave Phinneous the bombs away. The Bangers worked hard, but overall a nothing match. (3/4*)

Brian Pillman and Sunny plugged the 900 line.

(2) Rocky Maivia pinned The Sultan (w/Iron Sheik & Bob Backlund) to retain the Intercontinental Title at 9:45. Honky Tonk Man came to ringside for commentary. Early in the match they showed Tony Atlas in the first row. Two long nerve holds and a chinlock bored the crowd in the first seven minutes. At 8:00 Rocky hit a crossbody off the top rope, but Iron Sheik distracted the ref. Rocky got up and yelled at Sheik. Sultan surprised Rocky with a sidekick and a piledriver. Rocky kicked out and schoolboyed Sultan for a three count out of nowhere. Disappointing match. Afterward Ross went to interview Rocky at ringside. Sultan attacked Rocky. Iron Sheik applied the camel clutch. Maivia's father, Rocky Johnson, made the save, but the heels overwhelmed him. Rocky then came back and cleared the ring. The crowd popped for Iron Sheik getting beat up. (*)

Tod Pettengill interviewed Ken Shamrock. Dok Hendrix interviewed Hunter and Chyna.

(3) Hunter Hearst Helmsley (w/Chyna) pinned Goldust (w/Marlena) at 14:27. Goldust wore a new black and gold outfit. Goldust stared down Hunter and then attacked him at the start. Some nice spots for an overall average match. In the end, Chyna approached Marlena and backed her against the ring. Goldust leaned over the top rope and picked up Marlena, getting her out of Chyna's reach. Hunter charged and kneed Goldust from behind, knocking Marlena off the ring apron into Chyna's arms. Chyna then shook Marlena violently. Hunter meanwhile gave Goldust the Pedigree and scored the three count. Goldust carried Marlena to the back. An unremarkable match with nothing especially wrong with it, but both have shown more fire, energy, and innovation in the past. (*3/4)

They showed Shawn Michaels on AOL hunting and pecking on a keyboard.

(4) British Bulldog & Owen Hart fought Vader & Mankind to a double countout at 16:05 so Owen & Bulldog retained the WWF Tag Team Titles. On their way to the ring McMahon stirred trouble by confronting Bulldog with Owen's comments in past weeks. Owen accused Ross of trying to start trouble. When Owen faced off against Vader at the start, McMahon commented that Vader is in the best shape of his WWF career. At 4:00 Bulldog tagged in against Mankind and once again went to that crowd-killing chinlock that he always resorts to. When Mankind went after Bulldog with the urn at ringside, Bulldog tripped him. Vader picked up the urn and nailed Bulldog with it from behind. Bulldog sold for the heels until he caught Vader coming off the top rope and slammed him to the mat at 8:45. He then hot-tagged Owen who hit Vader with a top rope dropkick and followed up with some offense and two counts. Vader and Mankind took over offense once again doubling up on Owen at ringside. They showed Stu and Helen Hart at ringside. Lawler said they didn't care that Owen was getting beaten up because he was always their least favorite. Lawler then asked if Stu even knew where he was. Mankind went to a facelock and the cameras panned the crowd. Owen reversed a neckbreaker into a DDT in his first hope spot in several minutes, but he then dove onto Mankind and Mankind lifted his knees. A minute later Owen made another comeback attempt, but Mankind tagged in Vader who stopped that. When Mankind charged Owen at ringside, Owen turned it into a belly-to-belly suplex. At 14:45 Owen hot-tagged Bulldog who went to work on Mankind and Vader. When Bulldog lifted Mankind for a powerslam, Mankind slipped on the Mandible Claw. Vader stopped Owen from making the save, but then Vader knocked Owen into Mankind and Bulldog. Mankind bumped to the floor and reapplied the claw and in the process was counted out. A clever, but flat finish to a solid tag match. Owen took some nice bumps. Mankind didn't seem hampered by his bad back. (**3/4)

(5) Bret Hart defeated Steve Austin via submission at 22:05 when a bloody Austin passed out while in the sharpshooter. Ken Shamrock was the special referee. Both Austin and Bret got a mix of cheers and boos on their way to the ring, mostly cheers. Bret slapped hands with the fans on his way to the ring. Austin charged Bret and took him to the mat at the start. They rolled out of the ring and continued to exchange punches. Bret threw Austin into the ringpost. Austin blocked a Bret suplex and then straddled Bret over the guard rail. Austin clotheslined Bret into the crowd and followed him over the rail. Lou Albano and Tony Atlas had to move out of the way. Austin rammed Bret head-first into the railing. They brawled into the crowd. Austin dropped Bret over the hockey boards, but Bret responded by ramming Austin into them. Bret backdropped out of an Austin piledriver attempt in the crowd. Shamrock watched the action, but mainly kept fans out of the way. Bret threw Austin over the railing back toward the ring, then leaped off the railing onto Austin. Austin reversed Bret into the stairs, popping the crowd. At 4:15 Austin gave Bret the finger and then leaped off the ring apron onto Bret. Austin lifted the top half of the ring stairs, but he lost his grip and fell backward. Bret went after Austin, but Austin yanked Bret into the ringpost. They finally returned to the ring at 5:15. Bret surprised Austin with a swinging neckbreaker at 5:40. McMahon said if Bret loses the match he will have an excuse. Bret began working over Austin's knee at 6:00. At 7:30 Austin gave Bret a jawjacker, but as soon as he got to his feet Bret knocked him to the mat. McMahon began heaping praise on Austin for showing guts. At 8:20 Bret applied the figure-four leglock around the ringpost. Austin sold it by slamming the mat with his hands. Lawler said Austin's leg could look like Robin Ventura's and he still wouldn't give up. Bret brought a chair into the ring and set up Austin's leg in it as Austin did to Brian Pillman a few months earlier. Bret looked to the crowd and got some cheers of approval. As Bret climbed the ropes, Austin got up and smashed Bret. He began to show some babyface fire as he whacked Bret full force across the back with the chair at 10:00. Austin continued on offense and got babyface pops for each move. Ross said the WWF was all about a match like this, not covering bald spots. Austin applied a submission armlock with his leg putting pressure on Bret's head. They showed a girl in the crowd, Bret's daughter Alexandria, covering her face. They showed Stu and Helen Hart also looking on. Austin applied the Boston Crab at 12:10. At 13:00 Austin got a pop as he began to apply the sharpshooter, but Bret raked his eyes to break the move. Outside the ring Bret reversed an Austin whip and sent him into the guard rail to take over offense at 14:00. Austin crashed through some WWF workers at ringside. Austin came up bleeding from above his left eye. The blood was really dripping from his forehead as Austin tried to wipe it away. Bret threw Austin back into the ring. Bret punched away at Austin's forehead. Bret took a chair and rammed it into the back of Austin's knee, then went for the sharpshooter at 17:00. Austin raked Bret's eye, having learned from Bret's defense of the hold earlier in the match. As Bret punched away at Austin in the corner, he kicked him between the legs. Bret went down as Austin checked on his cut. Ross said, "Austin's a stud." Austin began a babyface type comeback showing great fire. He stomped away at Bret in the corner, gave him the double middle finger, and then set him on the top rope and executed a superplex. As they showed a close-up of Austin's forehead, which was pretty much covered completely in blood, McMahon said it was "unfortunate" and that it "doesn't happen that often in the WWF." Austin got an extension cord and wrapped it around Bret's throat. Bret bashed Austin over the head the ring bell to escape the choke. Bret then put Austin in the sharpshooter from behind at 20:20. Austin refused to give up, but cried in agony. Shamrock kept asking Austin if he gave up. Just as Austin seemed to be losing consciousness, he gave it one more burst of energy and came about as close to breaking the hold as possible, but when he rolled Bret backward, Bret kept the grip and rolled back into it. Blood was blowing from his head, dripping from his nose. Shamrock screamed, "Steve, do you give up?!" Austin didn't move and Shamrock called for the bell. Ross screamed, "Austin never gave up! He passed out from the pain." McMahon said Bret defeated one of the gutsiest individuals ever in the WWF. A minute later Bret grabbed Austin's leg and began stomping away at it. Bret began to apply the sharpshooter again when Shamrock threw him backward to the mat without Bret}s cooperation. Shamrock got in his UFC fighting stance. The fans cheered Bret to go after Shamrock, but Bret just turned around and walked away. The fans booed Bret for walking away from the challenge. Bret looked at the crowd in disgust, yelling at a few individually as he walked away. Austin began regaining consciousness. His cut seemed to have clotted. Austin struggled to his feet and kicked the ref who was helping him, then gave him a jawjacker of sorts. Austin then made his way to the back on his own. The fans stood and cheered him as he limped to the back. A loud, "Austin" chant began. McMahon couldn't have asked for a crowd reaction that played out more ideally. Lawler, Austin, and McMahon heaped praise on Austin for his guts, then ripped into Bret's "transformation." (****3/4)

(6) The Road Warriors & Ahmed Johnson beat The Nation of Domination (Faarooq & Savio Vega & Crush) when Hawk pinned Crush after a top rope clothesline at 10:43. The NOD brought a garbage can full of weapons (a la the Gangstas) to the ring to use. Since it was a no DQ match, it was all legal. Fans chanted "LOD" as they pressed PG13 and D-Lo brown in mid-ring. They began with a heated brawl and continued that way throughout the match. Animal gave Faarooq a botched piledriver attempt on the announcers table. Animal began spraying a fire extinguisher at the NOD at 3:30. Hawk put a metal garbage can over Savio's head and bashed him to the ground. Faarooq slammed Ahmed through the French announcers table at ringside. At 9:55 when Ahmed set up the Pearl River Plunge, the NOD ran in and saved Faarooq. Fans continued to chant, "LOD." Hawk clotheslined Crush off of Animal's shoulders and then Ahmed clotheslined him with the two-by-four and Animal covered him for a three count. The brawl continued after the bell. Hawk then came off the top rope with both arms extended and clotheslined both of PG13 off of the shoulders of both Ahmed and Animal. An entertaining mess of brawling. (***)

(7) Undertaker pinned Sid to capture the WWF Title after a tombstone piledriver at 23:50. Shawn Michaels came to the ring for color commentary. As his intro music played he shook hands with fans as he made his way to the ring. He applauded the crowd for their ovation for him. Undertaker and Sid opened the match with a staredown. Bret interrupted the beginning the match. Michaels said, "Imagine that. Bret resentful of not being in the main event and not being the man." He grabbed the house mic and looked down at Michaels at the announcing desk. He called him a "phony little faker" and told him to go take his "pussy foot injury and go back and find your smile, but "stay out of this match." Michaels mocked back, "I'm so scared." Bret looked to Undertaker and told him their friendship ended when he slammed the cage door on him to cost him the WWF Title. Bret looked at Sid and told him he is a fraud because the belt belongs to him (Bret). Sid punched and powerbombed Bret which got a huge pop from the fans. Sid said, "Take your whiny ass out of here... I'll kick your ass when I'm done with Undertaker." The match then officially began. Undertaker hit a corner splash at 3:00. Sid caught Undertaker on his second charge and applied a bearhug. Michaels said it's a lot easier to announce than actually be in the ring. When he said he might take Lawler's job, Lawler said, "Over my dead body." Michaels said, "That can be arranged," then said that at least he is willing to take bumps in the ring. At 4:30 Undertaker dropped to his knees as fans encouraged him with "Rest in Peace" chants. The bearhug remained on until 6:20, over three minutes. Sid gave Undertaker a boot to the face and Undertaker bumped over the top rope but landed on his feet. Undertaker then bumped backward over the Spanish announcing table. Michaels quipped, "I never want to sit at that table," in reference to the Spanish table usually being the target of table spots. Sid dropped Undertaker over the rail, then slammed him on the table, then into the post. At 10:17 Sid legdropped Undertaker but the crowd didn't respond much.He went for the pin several times, and grew more and more frustrated with each kickout. At 12:00 Undertaker threw Sid to the floor to finally take over offense. Back in the ring, though, Sid took over and went to a chinlock, slowing the pace of the match again. Undertaker began a comeback and then went to a nerve hold at 15:00. Fans got restless and even booed a bit. There were even some scattered European whistles signalling boredom. In a nice spot they both gave each other a boot to the face at the same time. Sid covered Undertaker but only got a two count. At 19:20 Undertaker knocked Sid off the top rope and then clotheslined him for a two count. At 20:40 he went for the tombstone, but Sid flipped over and gave Undertaker a tombstone. Undertaker kicked out of a convincing near fall. Sid threw Undertaker to the floor. Bret then came to ringside and whacked Sid in the back with a chair. WWF officials dragged Bret away. Michaels said Bret is bitter because the spotlight isn't on him. Lawler retorted, "That's the pot calling the kettle black." At 22:30 Undertaker hit the chokeslam for a two count. Undertaker flew at Sid, but Sid moved. Sid then signalled for the powerbomb and Bret returned to ringside. An exasperated Michaels said, "Geez, doesn't he ever get tired of getting beat up." Undertaker caught a distracted Sid from behind with a schoolboy for the three count. The three count was especially slow, either for the sake of drama or as a rib on Sid to make him lie on his back even longer. Usually pinfall three counts are faster than the rest of the two counts. The match had too many slow spots and Sid was pretty bad at times. The bout would have benefited from being trimmed, but the length was extended because they had so much satellite time left. As it was, the card ended about 20 minutes before the hour. (**1/4)

[Torch art credit Joe Borzotta (c)]

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