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HIAC FLASHBACK: Kane beats Undertaker in HIAC match 5 yrs. ago today, plus Randy Orton vs. Sheamus for WWE Title

Oct 3, 2015 - 2:09:57 AM


OCTOBER 3, 2010

-A video package aired celebrating the Hell in a Cell format with a Halloween haunted house voice talking in the first person as if he were the Hell in a Cell cage.

-As the pyro blasted and the camera panned the crowd, Michael Cole introduced the show. He called HIAC demonic and inhumane and "the Devil's playground."

1 -- DANIEL BRYAN vs. THE MIZ vs. JOHN MORRISON -- U.S. Title Match - Submissions Count Anywhere

During Morrison's ring entrance, they showed Jerry Lawler, Cole, and Matt Striker at ringside. What if the alarming drop in PPV buys lately is because so few people want to spend three hours of their lives with Striker being Striker? Cole went into his anti-Bryan bit, saying his dream ends tonight and he's going home without gold. Miz walked out and said: "This is ridiculous. I was the mentor of both of you. Neither you would be here if it weren't for me." He said without either of them, he'd still be a huge star in WWE "because I have 'it.' I have the star quality." He predicted he'll walk out as the U.S. Champion. He declared: "I never tap out because I am the Miz and I'm awesome." Lawler said Cole had goosebumps. Cole said Miz is fantastic and the future of pro wrestling.

The match began at 8:07 p.m. Miz ran from Morrison. Bryan battled Morrison in some chain wrestling as Miz observed from ringside. Cole hyped a number of countries WWE is watched in. It's not bad to push how many countries they're seen in, but anyone who posts on YouTube tonight might end up being seen in a few dozen countries by the end of this PPV, too, so it doesn't mean what it once did. Miz went after Morrison at 3:00. Bryan intervened and applied Cattle Mutilation on Miz. Cole couldn't believe that's what it was called. It's a strange name for a move applied by a vegan. Miz reached the bottom rope to force a break. Bryan threw some round kicks to Miz's chest. Then he settled into a leglock. Miz screamed in pain and tried to roll free. They kicked each other in the head with their free leg repeatedly. Morrison re-entered and gave a corkscrew moonsault to both men, breaking up the hold. Morrison then applied a leglock on Bryan. Miz broke it up at 5:00.

Miz and Morrison brawled into the crowd. Miz applied an armbar. Morrison slapped his way free. Miz put Morrison in a modified Dragon Sleeper up against a guard rail. Bryan broke it up. Miz threw Bryan face-first into the trash can. He slapped him and then called a spot. Bryan took him down with an armbar. Morrison joined in and they brawled onto the stage. Morrison threw Miz behind the stage lighting area. Then he leaped off the hockey boards with a roundkick. Miz charged at Morrison with an equipment box on wheels. He threw Bryan onto it and rolled it into the ramp. Morrison leaped over the box and kicked Miz, then surprised Miz with a leglock submission. Bryan intervened. Miz gave Morrison the Skull Crushing Finale on the floor at 10:00.

Miz and Bryan knocked each other down with simultaneous clotheslines. Morrison then climbed up the stage set and leaped off of it onto Miz and Bryan as they stood up, landing mostly on Miz. All three were slow to get up. They replayed the dive from two angles. Morrison got up and applied a Texas cloverleaf. As Miz seemed on the verge of tapping, Alex Riley interfered. Bryan jumped Riley and knocked him into the cameraman near by. Brian applied his Lebell Lock on the stage. Miz yelled for about five seconds and then tapped out. Because Brian made Miz tap out again, Cole conceded: "I admit it, Daniel Bryan is the real deal. I still think he's a nerd."

WINNER: Bryan to retain the U.S. Title in 14:00.

STAR RATING: ***1/2 -- Very good opener. Good mix of innovative submissions along with some big highspots and a satisfying finish.

-A commercial aired for John Cena's "Legendary" movie now out on DVD with bonus material.

-The announcers hyped the Randy Orton vs. Sheamus match.

2 -- RANDY ORTON vs. SHEAMUS -- WWE Title Match

When was the last time the WWE Title was defended on the second match on a show (perhaps not counting the Royal Rumble PPVs)? Sheamus came out first. Orton got a nice pop when his music played. Orton smiled with his eyes as he stared at Sheamus inside the Cell. During ring intros, Orton and Sheamus stared each other down about two feet from one another. The crowd chanted "RKO! RKO!" as the bell rang to start the match at 8:33 p.m. Cole said this match is so dangerous, there have only been 20 of them. I bet there have been fewer lingerie matches in WWE, so does that make a lingerie match even more dangerous?

Cole noted that Orton said he'll do anything, regardless of honor, to win this match, and that makes him especially dangerous in a Cell. At 1:00 Orton clotheslined Sheamus over the top rope to the floor. Sheamus threw Orton into the Cell wall, then entered the ring. At 4:00 they returned to ringside where Sheamus reverse whipped Orton into the cage and then clotheslined him. He picked up the ringside steps and threw them toward Orton, but Orton ducked out of the way. He then picked up Sheamus and rammed him into the wall of the cage twice. Striker said it'll be interesting how Sheamus feels after getting his first taste of the Cell. Orton picked up the ringside steps and hit Sheamus in the head with them. This is where WWE loses a lot of fans because they want to see blood in these situations. Sheamus reversed an Orton suplex attempt and then knocked him off the ring apron into the cage at 6:00.

Sheamus went on methodical offense against Orton. He removed a turnbuckle pad, but Orton blocked Sheamus's attempt to ram his head into the exposed turnbuckle. At 10:00 Sheamus remained in control inside the ring, mixing stomps and mat holds. Orton made a comeback at 11:00 and knocked Sheamus into the corner without the turnbuckle pad. Both were slow to get up. They exchanged punches in center-ring. Orton slipped out of Sheamus's arms and hit two clotheslines and a snap powerslam and a belly-to-belly for a two count. Orton was selling a lingering rib injury. Sheamus went for a one-arm slam, but Orton elbowed free and then set up for the RKO. Sheamus blocked it and then sent Orton into the ropes and hit him with a knee to his injured ribs on the rebound.

Sheamus brought the base of the ringside steps into the ring. Orton escaped a slam attempt and then powerslammed Sheamus onto it. Orton snapped Sheamus's neck over the top rope and then dragged him off the ring apron with a DDT onto the floor. Orton continued to sell his ribs. Sheamus got up and shoved Orton into the ringpost. Back in the ring, Sheamus climbed onto the steps with Orton in hand. He gave him a backbreaker. The announcers had to explain how that hurt more because there was no give underneath Sheamus's feet upon impact unlike on the mat. Sheamus then gave Orton his thrust kick tot he jaw for a believable near fall at 18:00. Orton's kickout got a nice pop from the crowd.

Sheamus grabbed a chair at ringside. He bashed Orton across the back and hip with it several times, then made another cover for a two count. Sheamus grew frustrated. Sheamus wildly swung a chair at Orton, but Orton ducked and he hit a sudden RKO. Sheamus rolled out of the ring. Orton was disappointed he couldn't make the cover. He followed Sheamus to the floor. Orton rolled to the floor and set up a punt kick. Sheamus, though, avoided the kick and then countered immediately with a thrust kick to Orton's face.

Sheamus rolled Orton into the ring and made the cover. Orton kicked out right before three at 21:00. Sheamus pounded the mat in frustration. He got up, played to the crowd, and moved the ring step base to center-ring again. Sheamus set up his High Cross, but Orton countered by sweeping Sheamus's legs. Some fans chanted "RKO! RKO!" Orton delivered with an RKO on the steps. He covered Sheamus and scored the three count.

Orton held the title belt in the air afterward and let a little half smile escape. He wrapped the title belt around his waist and then climbed the cage. He walked on top of the roof and held his belt in the air.

WINNER: Orton in 23:00.

STAR RATING: **** -- Very good title match. Not a match of the year contender (some bleeding would have helped in that regard), but nothing to complain about. Two pros putting on a good match.

-Josh Matthews interviewed six women competing on NXT this season. He said this Tuesday is a big night for them as one of them will be eliminated. The Nexus walked in and the women fled the scene. Health Slater said there are six women and after tonight they'll be six members of Nexus. Matthews bravely said some people are predicting that this will be the end of Nexus. He noted that if any Nexus member interferes, they must disband. Barrett said he doesn't like the rule, but he can beat John Cena on his own. Tarver held up a Nexus logo on a headband or wristband and said they'll give that to Cena after they beat him. Are they too cheap to give him a full t-shirt?

-Ricardo Rodrigues introduced Alberto Del Rio. Cole said with glee: "This is awesome!" Lawler told Cole that he's just impressed that he drives a Rolls Royce while his car has a Papa John's pizza sign on it. After Rodrigues's ring intro, Lawler said, "Can I please push 1 for English." Striker said, "That's actually funny, King!" Cole said he wants to kind out what kind of hair gel he uses because he wants to use it. Lawler said he has so much mousse in his hair, it's about to sprout antlers. Del Rio entered the ring and said tonight is his WWE PPV debut and he wants to make it special. After gloating about his interview the little Chihuahua, he talked on and on about being willing to face anyone and said he's better than all of the people in the crowd. Edge answered the challenge, further cementing his apparent turn back into a babyface.

Edge said he's not there to defend Texas or Rey Mysterio or even Christian. He said there's a lot about Del Rio is stupid including his scarf. Del Rio told him to choose his words very carefully. A few insults later Del Rio took off his jacket and appeared ready for battle. Jack Swagger walked out and said what's stupid is an American and a Mexican arguing while the All-American American isn't even wrestling tonight. He complained that Edge speared his personal mascot. "It wasn't a real eagle. It was a human being inside that, a human being with medical bills, medical bills which you will pay!" Edge said he'd pay for his mascots medical bills. He said he might as well pay for his and Del Rio's too. He jumped Edge. Del Rio and Swagger attacked Edge. Del Rio slipped out of the ring quickly. The mystery G.M.'s chime sounded. Apparently he has jurisdiction over PPVs even though Swagger and Del Rio are Smackdown wrestlers. Cole said the message is coming on a new upgraded laptop. Cole stood at the podium and read from a sheet paper on the keyboard which the camera showed over his shoulder. He said Edge must apologize to him on Raw tomorrow, but just first face Swagger right now.


The bell rang to start the match at 9:13 p.m. Swagger went on early offense, but Edge made a comeback at 1:00. Striker said Cole reads those emails with such enthusiasm. Cole said he is just doing his job. Swagger dominated the first five minutes including a body scissors mid-ring. Edge attempted a comeback at 6:00, but Swagger blocked an leglock attempt. He countered by slamming Swagger back-first drop-slam to the mat and leveraged him into a two count. Swagger countered with an anklelock. Edge grabbed the bottom rope to force a break.

Edge climbed to the top rope at 8:00 and hit a flying dropkick. Cole said it's not often you see Edge climb to the top rope. Edge scored a two count. Not a ton of heat because, well, once again Edge turned without turning and this match wasn't scheduled (and therefore lacking that anticipation build-up over time). Edge climbed to the top again, but Swagger charged at him and threw him quickly to the mat. Swagger scored a two count. Edge came back and set up a spear a minute later, but Swagger side-stepped it and turned it into a gut-wrench powerbomb for a near fall at 11:00. Edge went one way and Swagger the other as Swagger went for a Dragon screw. Edge's knee torqued bad, but he apparently was okay as Swagger moved in with an anklelock. Edge grabbed the bottom rope, but Swagger dragged him back to the middle. Edge escaped on his own and hit a spear for the win.

WINNER: Edge in 12:00.

STAR RATING: **1/2 -- Good action, but felt a little flat for some reason despite a solid effort from the two wrestlers.

-The "Please Don't Try This At Home" video aired.

-Backstage David Otunga tried to talk Slater and Justin Gabriel into sticking with the plan. Otunga said he didn't have time to run it by Barrett, but he's sure his plan will work without getting Barrett DQ'd. He told them to come with him as he explains it in more detail. Michael Tarver didn't chime in, but looked upset as usual.

4 -- JOHN CENA vs. WADE BARRETT -- Hell in a Cell Match with Special Stips

After a video recap of their feud, Barrett walked out to the ring first. Cena ran to the ring as Cole said Cena has been the poster child of WWE and "embodies everything this company stands for." He said tonight he puts it all on the line because if he loses, he must join Nexus (whatever that means, since they've left it to fans' imaginations what that entails). The bell rang to start the match at 9:34 p.m. They opened with a collar and elbow which Barrett quickly turned into a headlock. Cena countered quickly with an armbar. Cena leapfrogged Barrett and then hit a dropkick leading to a two count at 2:00. Striker said, "I can't believe I'm saying this, but Cena is out-grappling Wade Barrett."

At 4:00 Cena lifted Barett for the Attitude Adjustment, at which point the rest of Nexus came to ringside. Cena dropped Barrett and turned toward them. Barrett hit Cena from behind, then jumped to ringside to scold Nexus for coming to ringside despite his instructions. Barrett whipped Cena into the ringside barrier and then yelled at the rest of Nexus again asking them who was in charge. He threw Cena into the ring and made the cover. Cena kicked out at two. Barrett methodically fended off Cena's comeback attempts and remained on offense. A "Let's Go Cena" chant broke out at 7:00. Striker said every WWE Superstar has vested interest in the outcome of this match. Cole said they're glued to monitors backstage. Striker wondered if Cena would be subservient to Barrett if he's forced to join Nexus or if he'd try to lead it. Striker said he's intrigued by the possibility.

Cena made a comeback at 8:00 with two flying shoulder tackles and a sideslam. He signaled for the You Can't See Me routine and then dropped the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Big Show ran to ringside and attacked Nexus. Mark henry, Goldust, The Hart Dynasty, Kofi Kingston, Bryan, Chris Masters, Dolph Ziggler, Morrison, MVP, and Evan Bourne ran out and attacked the ringside Nexus members. As Cena watched wiht a smile, Cole said the playing field is even again. Cena then went for an STF, but a rested Barrett kicked out and sidekicked Cena in the gut. He then slammed Cena and scored a two count.

As Barrett continued a run of offense, Striker pointed out the young boys and women were cheering Cena while the men were cheering Barrett. Lawler said, "Your point?" It's not often, if ever, the announcers get that specific with detailing the crowd split with Cena. Barrett set Cena on the top rope, but Cena knocked Barrett down when he met him up there. He followed with a top rope legdrop to the back of Barrett's shoulders, which led to a two count. At 16:00 Cena lifted Barett for a AttAdj, but Barrett escaped and gave Cena his Wasteland finisher. "Oh no! Oh no!" said Cole, but Cole kicked out. Everyone took a deep breath - the wrestlers, fans, and announcers.

When Barrett stood, Barett surprised him with an AttAdj for a believable near fall. Striker said Barrett is as tough as they come. Cole asked, "Can you believe this match?" It has been good, with the match stipulation really adding to the drama of each near fall. Cena slipped on an STF next in mid-ring. Cole called for Barrett to tap out. A "fan" slipped the ring. The referee smothered him. Cena released the hold. A security guard joined the ref in subduing the "fan." Then someone else blind-sided Cena with a weapon. Cole asked, "What the hell just happened!" Barrett covered a KO'd Cena. Cole said, "No way! No way!"

They cut to great shots of fans reacting to the loss - kids, women, men, all with their jaws dropped or holding their heads in shock. Cole said there was a hit and run. Striker said Raw live tomorrow night is going to be awesome. Striker asked if there was a shirt available to put on Cena now. He said nothing will ever be the same. "This is not happening," Cole said. "This is a tragedy." It looked on replay like Husky Harris hit Cena. He deserves a roster spot, so good if it was him. The initial fan could have been another NXT alum, but there was no shot of his face.

The Nexus celebrated in the ring and lifted Barrett onto their shoulders. Cena eventually got up as the crowd stood in stunned silence. Cena regained his senses and just looked blankly and gulped. They continued to show fans reacting with tears and disbelief and jaws dropped and arms crossed. Great camera work. Cena hugged a couple fans at ringside. Lawler said it almost seemed like Cena was saying good-bye to his fans.

WINNER: Barrett in 18:00.

STAR RATING: ***1/2 -- Good match. Cena carried Barrett to a match that told a really good story. The post-match selling of everything was WWE at its best. Remember, Barrett wasn't in on that finish, and that wasn't necessary for that story to play out that way unless they're planting seeds for Barrett being upset with Nexus giving him a dirty win rather than him winning on his own, as he seemed confident he could do.

-Mathews interviewed Paul Bearer, who said he's been gone for six years, biding his time patiently and developing his own master plan, waiting for the time to make his presence felt. He said Kane may be the Devil's favorite demon, but he will never be the Father of Destruction's favorite son.

5 -- MICHELLE MCCOOL (w/Layla) vs. NATALYA -- Divas Title Match

As Natalya came out, Cole saluted the troops watching all over the globe. This match gets second-from-top billing not because it's considered a co-main event, but rather it's the match that could be cut down or expanded depending on how the show is running time-wise. That said, a good side-effect is making the title seem a little more prestigious based on the positioning on the show. The match began at 10:03 p.m. McCool and Layla double-teamed Natalya at ringside at 1:00. Back in the ring McCool applied a body scissors.

Natalya made a comeback at 4:00 Layla stood on the ring apron. Natalya turned her attention to her and grabbed her by her hair. McCool kicked at Natalya, but kicked Layla instead. Natalya rolled up McCool for a two count. McCool countered with a snap belly-to-belly. At 5:00 Natalya applied a sharpshooter. Layla threw her shoe at Natalya, prompting the DQ.

WINNER: Natalya in 5:00 via DQ so LayCool retained the Divas Championship.

STAR RATING: * -- On the way to being better than usual for a women's match in WWE, but that finish was bad.

6 -- UNDERTAKER (w/Paul Bearer) vs. KANE -- World Title Match / Hell in a Cell

After a video package, Kane came out first, then Taker and Bearer. Kane jump-started the match by attacking Taker as he and Bearer approached the cage door. The match began officially at 10:20 p.m. Taker beat up Kane at ringside, including jabbing him with a chair in the opening minute. Kane legdropped Kane and scored a two count early. When he went for a chokeslam, Kane countered with an eye poke. Kane then rammed a chair into Taker's abdomen and then bashed him across the back. They took turns on on the offensive for several minutes at ringside. Taker hit a guillotine legdrop at 7:00.

Taker body scissored Kane mid-ring. Kane fought out of it and punched Taker several times at 8:00. Taker fired back with a flying clothesline. Taker limped toward Kane and applied an armbar, then climbed to the top rope for the top rope walk. Kane quickly knocked Taker off balance by clotheslining his injured leg. Kane hit a top rope clothesline at 12:00. Taker, though, surprised Kane with Hell's Gate. Lawler said he didn't quite have the full grip. Kane shifted himself under the bottom rope to the floor and pulled himself free.

They both stood and gave each other simultaneous big boots to the face. Kane and Taker both sat up at the same time about 20 seconds later. They punched each other o their knees, which got the crowd involved and chanting along with each punch. Taker seemed to be getting the better of Kane, but Kane then stood and hit Taker with an uppercut. Taker came back seconds later with a chokeslam for a two count at 15:00. They showed Bearer at ringside hitting the cage and yelling, "Damn! Damn! Damn!"

Taker set up a Last Ride, but Kane escaped by hitting Taker's injured leg. He then chokeslammed Taker for a two count. The crowd didn't buy it as a possible finish. Kane punched Taker in the corner, but Taker countered with a powerbomb out of the corner for a more believable near fall at 17:00. Taker lifted Kane for a Tombstone, but Kane countered with his own Tombstone. He almost slipped trying to get a good grip. It led to a two count. Kane couldn't believe Taker kicked out. He turned to the ref, yelled, "That was three!" and then punched the ref. He pounded the mat and threw a fit. The ref at ringside called for help from the back. They opened the cage door and several officials and referees helped that ref out of the ring.

Bearer walked into the ringside area and was locked inside the Cell. Kane saw that and walked toward Bearer. Bearer waddled away. Kane ordered him to enter the ring. He had the urn with him. He begged off in the corner. Kane told him he shouldn't have come back. "Do you have any idea what I'm going to do to you?" he said. Taker, though, sat up and chokeslammed Kane. Taker looked at Bearer, who held up the magical urn. Bearer smiled. Taker rolled his eyes back and then did the throat-slice gesture. Thunder noises filled the arena and the lights flickered purple. Bearer opened the urn and a light shined out of it into Taker's eyes, blinding him. Bearer held it in front of Taker and told him to stand, but he looked devilish. He handed Kane the urn. Taker looked confused. Kane looked confused, too, but he grabbed the urn. Kane then KO'd a stunned Taker in the face. The crowd booed. Kane gave Taker a chokeslam for the win. Cole said it was the ultimate act of treason. "Why would Paul Bearer bring Undertaker back from the brink of destruction just to destroy him again?" asked Cole. Good question.

WINNER: Kane in 22:00.

STAR RATING: **3/4 -- Some of the match was good, some of it dragged, and unfortunately the finish was just too complex or not well executed, as it came off flat and somewhat confusing as it played out. It's too bad because the pieces were there for a good turn. Plus, if Bearer was going to turn on Taker, there were plenty of times in that match when it might have ended before he had the chance, and if appeared Kane wasn't in on it, so had Kane not hit the ref, Bearer wouldn't have had the chance to enter the cage to execute his plan. So Bearer, storyline-wise, was very lucky to have the chance to turn on Taker.

[Torch art credit Grant Gould (c)]

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