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Burgan's Stat Sheet: Sting, McNeill, Meltzer, Shopping

Nov 29, 2002 - 11:22:00 PM

Derek Burgan, LOUNGE Idiot Savant

The Official PWTorch power rankings are determined by a poll including staff like Derek Burgan, pseudo-celebrities such as Dennis Rodman along with obscure cartoon/comic book characters like Morocco Mole.

#1 Kurt Angle (New): Because hes Kurt Friggin Angle for Gods sake! Angle did what he could to save the horrible PMS storyline with Steph, and his clueless reaction to her monthly visitor was worth its weight it gold. As usual he also came through in a great match against Los Guerreros, but what else would you expect?

#2 Jeff Jarrett (Last Week #4): Defeated The Truth in his first title defense and was part of the most bizarre angle at the front of the PPV with Russo and Tenay this side of Nitro in its dying days.

#3 Sting (NEW): Good ol Stinger headlined the recent WWA show by Andrew McManus. And here I thought he was spending his time trying to get a role in the Left Behind movies with Kirk Cameron.

#4 Tajiri (NEW): Tajiri won a match, which Im pretty sure is the first time in at least three months and we had the return of the GREEN MIST!!!

#5 Jerry Lynn (NEW): In their 150th match this year, Jerry Lynn held on to his X title beating AJ Styles. Great match, but Im getting the feeling of been there, done that.

#6 Chris Jericho (Last Week #12): Kept his tag title, lost his clothes in one of those things youll only see on a wrestling show, but debuted Ass Cream to the RAW public, which more than makes up for seeing his ass.

#7 HBK (New): I didnt think I would ever see the day when Shawn Micahels would be in the main event on a Monday Night RAW again. A much welcomed surprise.

#8 Victoria (Last Week #11): This psycho girl was busying eating Stevie Richards ear on RAW. I gotta admit, while I normally avoid women matches like the plague, RAW is putting out some compelling stuff, and this is without Jazz, who must be coming back soon.

#9 Chavo Guerrero (Same): Its hard not to raise your level when you are around the talent of Benoit/Angle/Rey Mysterio and Eddie, but Chavo has done that and then some. What a great looking frogsplash this week by Chavo.

#10 Brock Lesnar (Last Week #1): I hate to say this, but somehow the WWE has already made the F5 of the Big Show something thats not so impressive by having Brock doing it al the time. Adding the announcers table to the mix was a nice touch though.

#11 Sean Morley: (NEW) Hes not Val Venus anymore, but he might as well be with this dead character. How many inconsistencies can you have in one show anyway?

#12 The Fabulous Moolah (NEW): Hey, she got to plug her book, be in a WWE Main Event Match and even got a better ring intro than Cruiserweight Champ Billy Kidman. Not bad for someone who won her first match in front of a crowd that included Presidential hopeful Abraham Lincoln.

#13 Syxx-Pac (Same): Somehow makes the news by not wrestling for TNA.

#14 RVD (NEW): Is he really being considered Main Event material? I hope so, because this guy is the real F---ing deal and its almost insane the WWE braintrust doesnt see this!

#15 Funaki (NEW): His absence from Smackdown was noticed by at least me!

# 537,555 All The Tables Were Broken: (NEW) This was the ranking, as of press time, of Torch scribe Pat McNeills very own book on Amazon. To put some perspective into this, Dave Meltzers book Tributes is currently #7,864. Like Stat Sheet, the goal is to be #1.

LEAVING THE LIST: Mr. Wrestling III, Rey Mysterio, The Big Show (yet to get a clean pin as champ), BG James, D-Von Dudley, Dave Batista, Scott Steiner, AJ Styles & The Blue Meanie (who DID get rub from Borash though).

The Torch Retort: A weekly look at 10 of the most interesting articles on along with my thoughts.

1. Lets face it, for the most part every weekend across the Internet sucks. Its almost like news comes to a complete stop. Luckily the Torch has every Sunday one of the best columns around, Mike Sempervives Bring The Pain. This week he came up with another innovative column detailing his thoughts on the week. Although I disagree with his assessment with the Russo swerve, but Ill get to that later. Mike also makes an interesting point on the WWEs history with lawsuits. While I will concede they win a majority of them, thats only because most of them are by complete idiots like Nicole Bass or even Tom Cole, back in the day, who have so many skeletons in their closet even Lionel Hutz or Jackie Childs could defend the WWE and win. When the WWE goes against an established and well funded company (like the William Morris Agency, Acclaim, WWF, etc) the results are generally much different and often have disasterous results for the Fed.

2. Apparently our intrepid assistant editor Jason Powell tied a few back after the Vikings lost again last week and its lingering effects could be seen the next day in his RAW Hitlist. The Derek St.Holmes finish? To quote Roddy Piper from the Wrestling Album, Are you serious?! Are you ribbing me?!

3. Ive complained in the past about the Torch covering MMA, but Ive learned to live with it. What I dont understand is that the past week contained probably the biggest match UFC has to offer for at least the next year and there was almost no reaction to it from the Torch Big Four. In fact the only real mention I saw of the Shamrock/Ortiz Fight was this little writeup by Wade. I can forgive Torch MMA expert Nick Moore because while his physical body is on Earth, his mental state is usually off visiting moons surrounding the planet Pluto. Hes not the only Torch guy to visit celestial bodies, the Torch Diva BJ Bethel is often caught looking for a black hole around Uranus. Lets give a big hand to my Tag Team partner Uncle T for giving us a great Carnage today dealing with the big match though.

4. Speaking of BJ, looks like her panties were caught up in a twist this week in RAW Meat. A while back I felt just about the same way as BJ when it comes to the reaction BG James got because I for one couldnt believe it once when I was taken to task for calling something gay looking. But when I call something gay, I seriously dont mean it to insult homosexuals. I believe that the term gay has transcended that and become just another word for lame. BG James though didnt use it like that and its almost unfathomable how clueless Bethel could be on that point. Faggot is no better than the N-word and try to imagine Kurt Angle calling Rey Mysterio a spic. His promos would have stopped dead. Luckily, Angle has the class not to do something like that, but in a promotion that has had Swastikas and claimed they didnt know what they were, could you expect anything less?

And then Bethel tries to somehow say John Rocker was railroaded for his stupid comments a while back while implying Allen Iverson got a free ride during his recent troubles. Now my memory isnt exactly the greatest, but I remember the Braves keeping Rocker after that remark and even the Texas Rangers giving that buffoon a chance this year. Rocker was ostracized for two reasons. One, he commented against New Yorkers, which just happens to be be the media capital of the F---ing world. And Two, he just plain sucks as a pitcher now. I can assure everyone that if Rocker was still throwing 97 MPH strikes and getting 50 saves a year no one would give a damn about stupid comments he makes. I cant even imagine being a Texas Rangers fan, you have that clown Rocker and Carl Everett, who when he played up her for the Boston Red Sox made the unbelievable comment that he believes that dinosaurs never existed.

5. Ive said it before and Ill say it again, Dont Cross The Scross! Gregg Allison was a true find for Wade and continually comes through for the LOUNGE. As a matter of fact, him and Guttman continually do work that makes me green with envy and BOTH have a better name than Stat Sheet for their columns. I dont feel too bad though, as long as Kellers Komments and RAW Meat is around, Stat Sheet is, at worst, 3rd in the lame name department. I really liked Greggs admitting he bought the Russo swerve and his classic comment of Then again, I didn't think they were actually going to have a penile tag team, either.

6. You ever watch a football game and a team is down like 28-3 (yeah, Wade and Jason know what Im talking about) and the losing teams safety stops a running back after a 15 yard gain and prances around like he just scored a touchdown in the SuperBowl? Its just weird. Almost like Pat McNeill printing a bunch of letters kissing his ass and calling it a column. Whats worse, these were supposedly in reaction to one of the most bizarre things on the Torch all week, Pats Monty Python Parody., which Im assuming would have been a lot more funny if Triple H has actually been on RAW longer than 2 minutes over the past two weeks. You know those three college nerds in the Simpsons? Theres a reason that every episode they are in they make a Monty Python joke. Its to show how clueless they are.

Thats not to say Pat McNeill doesnt have a right to do Monty Python parodies, he has his audience I guess. My audience probably knows exactly what I mean when I make an Eye of Thundera reference or when I talk about wearing a shirt with a Decepticon logo. Pats audience wants parodies of Eagles songs whereas mine like Glengarry Glen Ross and Id imagine the Torch Diva has her own fans that get off on the Hymen references. I for one wish that Bruce Mitchell and the rest of the Big Four would start doing Monty Python bits so that the site could close shortly thereafter and Id have my Thursday nights free again. What was the whole point of this again? Oh yeah, if Pats stuff is so funny I dont think we need to have him print letters telling us so. Thank God that Bill Simmons on doesnt feel the need to fill up space with fans writing The Sports Guy RULZ!

7. We finally found out what Jason Powell does when hes not washing Wades car, hes Going To The Post Office, as revealed in this Torch Today update.

8. If you want to know why most wrestlers really think most fans are idiots and deserved to be worked, check out this first person account at a Roddy Piper Book Signing. The Piper part isnt what Im talking about, its the reference the writer makes to his one experience with Shawn Michales. The next day the Torch printed a letter from another reader who gave a complete opposite view of HBK, saying he was nice and very personably. Apparently the first writer didnt realize that wrestlers arent like the Gods of the Internet, they are human beings just like you and me. They have their good days and bad. While they should always remember that you may be the 1,000th person theyve seen that day, it will be the first and probably last time you will ever see them. Trust me, if you had to endure the crap schedule these guys are under and then take the little free time that you have going to public meet and greets, probably not even getting any extra money for itwell, lets just say it doesnt lead to best environment for a positive attitude.

9. Torch Indy Guru Chad Murphy came through in a big way this week with a great Interview with Big Time Wrestling Wade Goodman. You owe to yourself and all the little guys to check this out. Chad is second only to the Head Honcho himself when it comes to giving us great interviews.

10. Why are there so many god damn Press Releases in wrestling?! Even worse, this was a press release responding to a press release! I am undecided on whether this one by Sean Waltman was a work or not, but regardless I almost tossed my lunch with his closing lines of being in love to the Artist Formally Known As A Woman, Joanie Laurer. How come nobody brings up that Syxx-Pac is still F---ing married right now?! Am I the only one who sees something wrong with that?


Many moons ago I suffered what I felt was the longest and most aggravating moments in my life. Lets take the Way Back machine and go to 1994, January, in one of the biggest dumps in the free world, Rhode Island. Now the WWF WWE decided it would be a good idea to hold the thousands of fans waiting to get into the building outside the doors like cattle. I learned later it was because they were testing that STUPID ending of the Undertaker dying and being raised to the rafters. Anyhoo, here I am, trapped in a sea of humanity, unable to move. And this isnt like normal people or anything, this is a bunch of wrestling fans. So were talking about 98% male and 65% body fat. I mean it wouldnt have been nearly as bad if I had a bunch of teenage girls in front of me, but when its some slob wearing a Razor Ramon shirt and hasnt bathed in two weeks, its a different story.

It was like the box car scene in Schindlers List all over again and I assure you I would have paid anything for someone to hose me down with water. It felt like 120 degrees in there, standing, for hours. If I could have made my way out I probably would have went home. I have relived that nightmare in my dreams for the past 8 years but NO LONGER! I have finally encountered something that made that experience look like a vacation during Mardi Gras watching drunk college girls flash their breasts for beads. Thats right, I made the dumbest decision of my life this morning and decided to go Christmas shopping the day after Thanksgiving!

I was thinking, Wow, all these stores open up early. That means there will probably be less people there in the morning. Lo and behold I had a key flaw in my plan. Apparently there ARE people who get up at the crack of dawn on one of their only non-workdays of the year and head out to act like a moron. I knew I was in trouble when I pulled into Target, 5 minutes before they opened and ended up having to take a parking spot near the end of the Mall. There was a block long line to get into F---ing TARGET at 7a.m. in the morning! When I was in high school and hearing stories of Russian peasants waiting hours to get loaves of bread I kept thinking, Those poor bastards. Well, guess what? Im the poor bastard now! It was a MADHOUSE! After a while I felt just like Brock Lesnar last night and almost yelled out, The next one of you that touches me is going to get this Beauty and the Beast DVD shoved right up your ass!

What was I thinking?! Forget doing that every again. I think next year Ill try going on Christmas Eve, or slit my wrists. Either way works for me.

But Im over that now. I had some pretty neat stuff sent to me this week by the readers of Stat Sheet and Express. Let me first send a shout out to Spencer Dean who hooked me up with a whole bunch of Mach 3 products. Im almost tempted to send a few to Albert c/o the WWE, except I dont think even this razor will cut that back hair. Im thinking either a machete or broadsword would have to be called in to do the trick. My main man Otis down in NJ sent me the Mick Foley audio reading of his book Have a Nice Day. You know you are a hardcore fan when you listen to someone else read a book youve already read yourself. But best of all I was sent a fantastic magazine called the Wrestling Flyer Interview Collection #3. Now I think this is from 1994-95 era, but it is still awesome to read incredibly in-depth interviews with Sabu, Missy Hyatt, Roddy Piper and Get This: Dave Meltzer. The Meltzer interview is pure gold, just off the charts if you are a super mark like myself. Heres the two biggest highlights.

Now this is back in 1994, BEFORE wrestlings biggest boom period with Steve Austin, the NWO et all. Meltzer claimed to be making about 150,000 a year from just doing the Observer. WTF?! After reading that I immediately sent an email to Jason Powell to check Wades books. I dont know if the Torch is as big as the Observer (it certainly should be) but at the very least our Big Dog should be paying Powell more than $15,000 a year. I mean cmon, have you ever had to clean a toilet after Rod from Chairshots gets through with it?

And here is Daves thoughts on our very own Wade Keller: Question: Speaking of the TORCH, what kind of relationship do you have with Wade Keller and how often do you communication with him? DAVE MELTZER It depends. I really dont know what kind of relationship I have. I respect him greatly. There are times we talk fairly often and there are times we go long periods of time without talking. There are people who I talk to in wrestling like several times a wekk. I think we have an open communication. When something major happens, often we may talk regularly. But hes not one of the people I talk to very often, and its not because of any heat between us, its just that he wants to do his thing and I think thats just about it.

What amazed me about reading that, and trust me, my jaw dropped, is that basically is exactly what I would answer if asked the same question. Well, except for the there are times we talk fairly often part. Ill ask Wade a question now and he usually does his best Ahmend Johnson impersonation and no-sells it completely. If I send an email to Wade asking a question and hear no answer, I take that as a emphatic yes! Seriously though, Wade has a lot of irons in the fire right now and Im amazed he gets as much done as he does.

The Best 5 songs Ive heard live in concerts:

#5 Tool: Schism
#4 Stone Temple Pilots: Interstate Love Song
#3 Nine Inch Nails: Down in it
#2 Smashing Pumpkins: Zero
#1 Creed: My Sacrifice (TIE)
Metallica: One

*************HYPE FLASHBACK!!!******************************
This week Stone Cold Theatre invites Eric Bischoff to give his interpretation of the killer speech Alec Baldwin gave in the movie Glengarry Glenn Ross. Instead of salesmen, he is addressing the NWA TNAs Jerry Jarrett, Jeremy Borash, Disco Inferno and Vince Russo. Its a special re-mix because unbelievably the original that used the WWA as a backdrop is already hopelessly out of date.

Stone Cold Theatre Presents Glengarry Glenn Ross

Bischoff: Let me have your attention for a moment. Cause youre talking about what youre talking about? Bitching about that TV you wrote, some son of a bitch dont want to job clean, somebody dont want what youre selling, some ringrat youre trying to screw, so forth. Lets talk about something important (turns to Jerry Jarrett) Are they all here?

Jarrett: All but one.

Bischoff: Well Im going anyway. Lets talk about something important. (looks at Jeremy Borash) Put that donut down. Donuts are for bookers. You think Im fucking with you? I am not fucking with you. Im here from the Internet. Im here from And Im here on a mission of mercy. Your names Borash?

Jeremy Borash: Yeah.

Bischoff: You call yourself a booker you son of a bitch?

Disco Inferno: I dont got to listen to this shit.

Bischoff: You certainly dont pal, cause the good news is youre firedagain. The bad news is: youve got, youve all got just one week to regain your jobs starting with tonight. Starting with tonights TV. Oh, have I got your attention now? Good. Cause were adding a little something to this months booking contest. As you all know first place is the Cadillac, you can use it to drive home after the shows. Anybody want to see second prize? Second prize is Missy Hyatts book. Third prize is youre fired. (shocked looks from Borash and Russo)
Do you get the picture? You laughing now? Youve got the talent. The Jarretts paid good money. Get their names and book them. You cant book the talent youre given, you cant book shit, you are shit, hit the bricks pal and beat it cause you are going out!

Borash: The talent is weak.

Bischoff: The talent is weak? The fucking talent is weak? Youre weak. Ive been in this business fifteen years.

Disco: Whats your name?

Bischoff: Fuck you! Thats my name. You know why mister? Cause you drove a Hyundai to get here tonight. I drove an eighty thousand dollar white humvee. Thats my name. (turns and points to Borash) And your name is your wanting. If you cant play in the mans game, you can book them, you go home and tell your blowup doll your troubles. Because only one thing counts in this life: get them to do the job in the middle of the ring. You hear me you fucking faggots?
(At the blackboard) A, B, C. A, always, B, Book, C, Clean, always book clean. Always book clean. A, I, D, A. Attention, interest, decision, action. Attention: do I have your attention? Interest: are you interested? I know you are cause its fuck or walk. You book or you hit the bricks. Decision: have you made your decision for Christ? And action. A, I, D, A.
Get out there. You got the marks coming in. You think they came in to get out of the rain? A guy dont walk on the lot lest he wants to buy. Theyre sitting out there waiting to give you their money. (leans over Borashs desk) Are you going to take it? Are you man enough to take it? (walks over to Disco) Whats the problem, pal, you Disco?

Disco: Youre such a hero, youre so rich, how coming youre coming down here to waste your time with such a bunch of bums?

Bischoff: You see this watch? You see this watch?

Disco: Yeah.

Bischoff: This watch cost more than your set design for those god awful Pay Per Views. I made $970,000 last year, how much you make? You see pal, thats who I am and youre nothing. Nice guy, I dont give a shit. Good father, fuck you, go home and play with your kids. Great worker, say hi to Mike Sanders on the unemployment line for me.

I can go out there tonight, the material you got and write 2 months of TV. Tonight! In two hours! Can you? Can you? Go and do likewise. A, I, D, A. Get mad you son of a bitches, get mad! You know what it takes to book wrestling? It takes brass balls to book wrestling. Go and do likewise gents. The angles are out there, you pick it up, its yours, you dont, I got no sympathy for you. You want to go there and book the talent tonight its yours. If not youre going to be shining my shoes. And you know what youll be saying, a bunch of losers sittin around a bar: oh yeah I used to be a booker, its a tough racket.
(Walks back to Disco to get his gold Rolex) And to answer your question pal, why am I here? I came here because the Internet asked me to. They asked me for a favor. I said the real favor, follow my advice and fire your fucking ass because a loser is a loser. (Bischoff walks into the office with Jarrett)

*****************END OF HYPE FLASHBACK!!!***********************************************

Official PWTorch Wrestling Enjoyment Index A weekly look at the events which made watching wrestling fun or tried their damndest to suck the life out of us. The scale ranges from 0-100. 100 would be wrestling nirvana

RAW: Oh man, Randy Orton is going to be over HUGE when he comes back. RAW is growing on me more and more by the week. And Ive become almost addicted at reading both the recaps of Torch Babe and I2Is James Guttman. They are truly hitting their strides and I highly recommend them both. +2

SmackDown: What else do I have to say other than this weeks episode earns the first negative that Ive given the show in a LONG time. You can read my review HERE. -2

Tough Enough III: This cant be happening! Scott is gone? One of the very few kids there who actually has charisma? Scandalous! Someone needs to tell me why Kelly is on that show. She is nowhere near as good looking as Lita and proved this week she is physically incapable of working at Wal-Mart, let alone something demanding, like wrestling. The rib that Jonah played was classic, and even I started to feel bad when some of the guys were legit breaking down thinking he was really injured. Between throwing up and getting hurt on every show, I cant really see a future for Jonah, not to mention he doesnt have the talent of 1/2 the body of Johnny Stamboli, and the WWE just let go of him. I also dont get the Justin kid. He has nothing to offer, in fact he seems like hed be the perfect stereotype of underdeveloped nerd in an American Pie movie. I hope they only have one winner this week, and I hope its Matt as of right now. +1

The NWA TNA PPV: While it certainly must be an honor for Wade to have something he wrote about in the Torch Newsletter be the basis of an angle on the show, Im not quite sure if that was exactly smart by the TNA creative staff. I started to give a little crap in Express this week about seeing the same thing with the Angle/Benoit/Los Guerreros bit, but multiply that by a factor of 25 when it comes to Jerry Lynn and AJ Styles. They are great, better than great, but it feels like I have seen it every show. Both Sempervive and Allison do a better job than I do of transcribing this low rent show. -2

Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletter #733: I got my new issue of the Torch this afternoon and, Holy Shit! Ther was an interview with Hulk Hogan in it! Why wasnt I informed of this development! Geez, you think Wade would advertise something like this. Seriously though, the Hogan interview looks to be a blast, and man, does this guy like to hear himself talk or what? In a whole page he answered like 3 questions. In the same space Gabe Sapolosky answered like 20-25. Bruce Mitchell also does a book review! Whats not to like about that? When Bruce is on there is no one like him in wrestling today. I dont know about Wade claiming that he knew about Vince Russo being Mr. Wrestling III though. He gave the dates of when he reported it, but I seem to remember the headlines on the Torch for the past few weeks being how Russo wasnt there and implying that he was basically gone from the company. At least thats how it looked to me. And trust me, you got to check out Powell's Turkey awards. Great stuff Jason! +2

Blind Date Episodes: Well, I finally got hooked up with the episodes of Blind Date that were taped with WWE wrestlers. Basically the shows were split up, each show had one date between two real people and then the second date with a WWE Superstar and a regular person. Invariably the real dates were a lot funnier than the WWE ones though. In fact one ended with a girl literally running away from the guys apartment after the date, now that's funny. The Chris Nowinski date would have probably blown him on camera if he would have let her. When she asked him if he wanted to come in for a nightcap the show paused and the producers put a hilarious thought ballon coming out of Nowinksi that said, What would Triple H do?. Classic! The Nidia date was rather odd because they actually had Jamie Noble call her up and she pretended like he really was her boyfriend to the guy she obviously wasnt interested in.

Mavens was just there, nothing to write home about. You could really tell that Linda Miles was severely impressed with the guy they set her up with. The most amazing part about all of these dates? All the people were about 22-25 and NONE of them new anything about what the hell was going on in the WWE right now. If that doesnt say something, nothing does. Saving the best for last thoughthe producers of Blind Date did a hatchet job on Jackie Gayda. At first it came across forced, as she was just being an okay girl, but quickly she turned into the date from hell. The show did one of the funniest things Ive ever seen after her date asked Jackie if she would ever date someone like him. It started the rejection time meter and let her talk on and on and on, making a complete ass our of herself. Serioiusly, it was almost like an episode of "24" with the clock running and by the time the 7-hour mark came up I was busting a gut. Throughout all of it the show would put thought ballons on the guy saying, "A simple no would suffice." After the date Jackie Gayda, the same Jackie Gayda who had what can be considered the worst match in RAW history a short while ago said it wasnt believable for a star like her to be dating someone like him. Surreal. Shes what we call the C-word kids.

The best part of all the shows though was at the end of every episode. Each show would close with a dating blunder or dates gone horribly wrong. They had girls rolling their eyes at their dates, girls giving the cold shoulder, guys saying theyve been attracted to other men and the date stopping dead because of it, etc.. But the all time best was a couple dates with this guy who seriously held nothing back. He actually said to a woman he was impressed that she, "could wear a dress like that with the little paunch she had going" and proceeded to pinch an inch on her stomach! Classic! +1 for the WWE ones +5 for the other dates

Stephanie McMahon is still Smackdown GM: Aunt Flow?!-2

Wrestling Enjoyment Level last week: 63
Net change this week: Its a Wash
Current Enjoyment Level: 63

See ya next Friday!

Derek Burgan also writes Smackdown Express each and every Thursday night exclusively for He welcomes readers to submit any and all comments or suggestions. He can be reached at

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