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CALDWELL'S RING OF HONOR PPV REPORT 6/19: Ongoing "virtual time" coverage of Death Before Dishonor VIII Internet PPV

Jun 19, 2010 - 10:43:12 PM

June 19, 2009
Toronto, Ont., Canada
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

Ring of Honor's third Internet PPV, available on GoFightLive.TV will feature ROH World champion Tyler Black vs. Davey Richards for the ROH Title, Kings of Wrestling vs. The Briscoes for the ROH tag titles, El Generico vs. Kevin Steen in a grudge match, former TNA wrestler Christopher Daniels, and more top stars from the independent promotion. Refresh often for real-time coverage of tonight's event.


Right on time, ROH's PPV started on time with a video package highlighting the top feuds and match-ups on the PPV.

Arena: They cut to the building where Joe Dombrowski and Dave Prazak were ringside to kick off the broadcast. Cheech and Cloudy came to the ring to start the PPV, but El Generico charged past him ready for a fight. He didn't want to wait for Kevin Steen. Generico took the mic and shouted "Steen...aaahhhh." Steve Corino, Steen's rep, came out on stage and said there is no way Steen would ever wrestle the opening match because he's all about the main event. "!" Generico said in response. Corino said he's wearing black for Generico's funeral tonight. Generico demanded Steen again. Steen suddenly charged past Corino and came face-to-face with Generico. Corino told him not now. Steen said it's happening now. And cue up the bell.


The bell sounded to make this official and the punches started flying. Generico eventually threw Steen to the outside and hit a flip dive. Generico then put Steen in a chair and slapped him around a bit before whipping him into the guardrail. The action returned to the ring and they started trading blows. Steen then took control with a running sentaun splash across Generico's back. Steen began a methodical attack on Generico while playing to the crowd with his in-your-face heel character. Generico made a comeback with a series of clotheslines, then went for a corner kick, but Steen blocked with an elbow. The match moved to the apron and Steen teased a Package Puledriver, but Generico blocked and back dropped Steen onto the edge of the ring apron.

At 10:00, Generico took Steen back into the ring and scored a close nearfall. Steen then came back with a sidewalk slam and scored a nearfall of his own. Steen smiled to the crowd, then set up for the Sharpshooter (which drew boos), but Generico escaped, only to walk into a sit-out powerbomb for a two count. This brings up the question of Steen saying he wants to kill Generico, but how would a basic three count in a wrestling match accomplish that goal? Anyways, Steen and Generico started trading slaps and forearms, then Steen hit a standing crescent kick, only to turn around and find a Ole kick in the corner, which led to Steen hitting a knock-down clothesline. That great sequence left both men on the mat and the crowd cheering. Big ol' Steen got up first and went to the corner teasing a moonsault, but Generico moved and Steen ate the mat. Generico then slapped on a Sharpshooter center ring. Steen teased a tap out before lunging to the bottom rope for a rope break.

At 15:00, Generico tried to follow with a suplex, but Steen countered and teased a Package Piledriver. Generico blocked and hit a boot to the face, but Steen countered right into a Package Piledriver. He made a cover, but Generico kicked out just in time. Steen simply sat on the mat staring into space selling shock. Steen tried to follow up with another top rope move, but Generico got his knees up to block a Swanton Bomb. Generico followed up with Yakuza kicks in the corner before teasing the Brainbuster Suplex, but Steen bit Generico's hand. Steen then hit a super side suplex drop and scored the pin for the win. After the match, Generico was helped out to the back while Steen celebrated the victory in the ring.

WINNER: Steen in 17:00. Very good grudge match other than the inherent flaw of Steen's pre-match promise to kill Steen, which wouldn't be accomplished by a simple three count in a basic wrestling match. Good win for Steen to get in line for the ROH World Title picture. (***1/4)

Video package: They aired a video package with ROH wrestlers commenting on who will win the ROH World Title match tonight. It was the same video that aired on HDNet on Monday.


Trying to follow the opening grudge match, the tag teams started with highspots and moved to the floor where C&C hit a double-team splash on King and Titus. Back in the ring, Cloudy scored a nearfall on Titus, but King entered the ring and hit a spinebuster following an atomic drop by Titus. Meanwhile, the announcers discussed the Briscoes being stuck at airport customs and trying to get to the event tonight. Cloudy eventually made a hot tag to Cheech, who cleaned house on King for a close nearfall. The announcers sold this as a potential star-making night for C&C if they could pull out a victory.

All four men became involved at 5:00, then Cloudy threw Titus to the outside. C&C tried to set up a double-team on King, but Titus tripped them up from the outside. King and Titus then hit a double-team combo and King made a cover for a two count. After an odd exchange, Titus and King eventually set up a combination springboard blockbuster and powerbomb, but Titus only scored a two count. Titus sold shock not scoring the win, then C&C regained control and executed some double-team moves. King cut them off, then King and Titus combined for a swinging backbreaker on Cloudy for the pin and the win.

WINNERS: King & Titus in 9:00. An above-average independent show-style tag match with a lot of overly-choreographed spots and the facial expressions of trying to figure out the next spot instead of actually selling a fight in the ring. King and Titus played a good heel tag team overall. (*3/4)

Post-match: Titus and King cut a promo before bringing out the "greatest man...ager who ever lived." Out came Austin Aries to celebrate the victory with his proteges, King and Titus. Aries was sporting a vintage black sequined jacket for the evening. Aries took the mic and said every dollar spent to watch this event is officially worth it with him in the ring. Aries called out Delirious after saying he tried to take the high road apologizing to him and Daizee Haze, but Delirious insisted on revenge. Delirious then came out sporting his "alternative jersey" black and red look to sell the intensity of the feud. King and Titus were booted from ringside, setting this up as a one-on-one match.


Aries tried to sneak attack Delirious after the opening bell, but Delirious spewed green mist in Aries's face to temporarily blind him. Delirious then used a streamer to choke Aries before slapping on a rear naked choke. Aries broke free with elbow smashes before going on the attack while still selling the effects of the mist. Aries then grabbed the ref and comically teased a suplex, but Delirious cut him off and sent Aries to the outside. Delirious followed to the outside and Aries wildly flung Delirious into the guardrail to grab a breather. Aries and Delirious continued to battle on the outside before Delirious flung Aries into the ring. Delirious tried a top-rope move, but Aries crotched him and hit a neckbreaker across the middle rope that sent Delirious back to the floor. Aries followed with left hand blows before taking Delirious back into the ring to begin a prolonged attack.

At 10:00, Aries tried a top rope move, but Delirious flung him away. Delirious then hit a Cobra suplex dropping Aries on the back of his head. Delirious tried to follow, but Aries popped to his feet and hit a running lariat. After each man recovered, Delirious tackled Aries and landed right hand punches from a mount position. Delirious tried to follow with a Camel Clutch, but Aries reached his feet and flung Delirious through the ropes to the outside. Aries then followed with a running suicide dive attempt, but Delirious moved and Aries ate the guardrail face-first.

The match resumed in the ring, then Kenny King and Rhett Titus hit the ring to cause a DQ. Delirious fought back against Titus before pantsing him, revealing a thong. Titus initially blushed, then he did a Rick Rude hips gyration with a smile on his face befitting of his character. Delirious then wiped the smile off his face with a kick to the groin. Aries, King, and Titus left the ring as Delirious stood tall to wrap it up.

WINNER: Delirious via DQ in 13:00. Okay undercard match. Delirious's character has been stale for years and the crowd just isn't into him. Aries tried to carry the match before the non-finish, but at least the announcers established during the match that neither wrestler was too interested in scoring a win. Ugh. (*1/2)

In-ring: Tyson Dux came out first for a Toronto Gauntlet match. The winner gets to the front of the line for an ROH Title shot. ROH TV champion Eddie Edwards then came out to start things off.


After a few minutes of Edwards and Dux trading blows back and forth, the feed cut out momentarily. The broadcast value had been solid up until this point with only a few production issues fading sound in and out. The feed came back with Edwards and Dux still in the ring battling. Meanwhile, the announcers continued to play up an angle with the Briscoes still stuck at customs. Dux scored a nearfall at 10:00, then Edwards sat down on a half-Boston crab center ring. Dux crawled to the ropes for a break, then he suddenly scored a three count with an inside cradle.

Immediately after the finish, Shawn Daivari hit the ring as the next entrant in the match. Daivari is gigantic. He immediately went after Dux's knee trying to score a quick submission, but Dux flung him to the outside. Behind the ref's back, Prince Nana yanked Dux's knee into the ringpost. Daivari then followed with more work on the left knee before slapping on a figure-four. Dux started to make a big comeback, but Daivari cut him off with a Death Valley Driver for a two count. Dux and Daivari traded right hand blows before Dux executed a slingshot spinning neckbreaker for a two count with Nana putting Daivari's foot on the bottom rope. Dux argued, then Daivari knocked him down and attempted a pin with Nana holding Dux's feet down for the fall. Dux is gone.

Colt Cabana came out next and quickly slapped on the Billy Boat's Curse reverse Boston Crab. Daivari tapped out after a few moments, clearing him out. Steve Corino then came out next to resume the bad blood between Corino and Cabana. The match quickly turned into a brawl with the action moving to the outside. Cabana slapped hands with the fans in-between each chop and slap to Corino, sending Corino reeling around the ringside area.

The action resumed in the ring at 20:00. Corino pulled out a gimmick, but the ref yanked it. Corino used the distraction to mule kick Cabana before hitting a clothesline for a two count. Corino then blinded Cabana and attempted a running lariat, but Cabana ducked and crucifix pinned Corino for a quick three count. Corino is eliminated. Corino tried to attack Cabana post-match, but Cabana fought him off.

As the last man in the match, Roderick Strong came in hot with a big running boot to the face on Cabana, but it was good for a two count only. The announcers talked up Strong's recent storyline of thinking management is out to screw him. Yet, he was given the last and most-desirable spot in this gauntlet match. Anyways, Strong continued to work over Cabana looking for a pin, but Cabana continued to kick out. Strong landed trademark chops, but Cabana started to no-sell and do his "I've very determined" facial expressions. Cabana landed a series of chops and a chop to the head before winding up and delivering a closed fist to the face.

Cabana then came flying off the middle rope with a moonsault for a close two count. Strong sold left ankle pain as Cabana went for another pin, but Strong kicked out. Strong then limped to the outside selling the ankle. Meanwhile, Strong's manager, Truth Martini, slipped into the ring and smashed Cabana with his book gimmick. Cabana was KO'ed, then Strong entered the ring and made a quick pin on Cabana for the pin and the win.

WINNER: Strong in 28:00. Another non-clean finish with managerial interference throughout the match. Despite Jim Cornette's presence as an on-air authority figure, there continue to be apparently no consequences to actions. The match was fine for a lengthy gimmick match, but the show lost some intensity during the match. (**)

Announcers: Dombrowski and Prazak were shown on-camera recapping the events thus far. Prazak said they still do not have word on the Briscoes. And cue up intermission.

INTERMISSION THOUGHTS: The show started off hot with a good Generico vs. Steen match (with the flaw of never being able to live up to the promise of Generico "being killed") and the show has dropped off since then with interference, non-finishes, non-clean finishes, etc. It sets up the second-half of the show to be really strong if the main event matches deliver.

Arena: In the middle of intermission, Generico and Steen suddenly brought a fight to ringside from the backstage area. The fight continued into the ring and more wrestlers spilled into the ring. Dombrowski said this is what they have been waiting for for six months. So, what was the opening match, then? Generico KO'ed Steen, then grabbed ring announcer Bobby Cruise's necktie and started choking Steen. Yes, an angle capitalizing on Bryan Danielson's WWE release. Corino eventually made the save for Steen. Cabana and Generico then stood tall in the ring, with Generico wearing the necktie, to conclude the follow-up angle. Prazak sent it back to video packages hyping what's to come later tonight.

In-ring: After a ten-minute intermission, some music hit to start the next match. The music stopped, then Jim Cornette came out to the ring to cut a promo. Cornette thanked the audience for supporting the ROH product. After an "R-O-H, R-O-H" chant, Cornette went back to the Maple Leaf Gardens days in Toronto to pop the live crowd. Cornette talked up the audience some more and plugged the second-half of the show. After that buffer segment, Kenny Omega came out for the first match following intermission. Omega received a strong ovation in his home country, then Christopher Daniels came out to a strong reaction to get things going again.

5 -- KENNY OMEGA vs. #2 CHRISTOPHER DANIELS -- Pick 6 Series match

Omega and Daniels started with a nice technical exchange to set a methodical pace to the match. The crowd responded with "Omega" vs. "Fallen Angel" dueling chants before the two competitors came to a stand-off to get a round of applause. The announcers said this match is about "wins and losses" as opposed to some of the earlier matches on the card where guys were trying to injure an opponent. So, some matches count and others don't, which is not the way to promote pro wrestling matches when everyone is selling the idea of trying to score a three count or a submission to win a match. ... Daniels worked heel and methodically took apart Omega, who was the sympathetic figure in the match.

At 10:00, they took the battle up top where Daniels teased a super Angel's Wings, but Omega back-dropped him off the top to the mat. Omega went on the offensive and scored a series of nearfalls before Daniels came back with an STO directly into a Koji Clutch submission center ring. Omega broke free, then Daniels teased Angel's Wings, but Omega blocked. They had a standing exchange before Daniels hit a uranage and went to the corner for the Best Moonsault Ever, but Omega moved. They had another standing exchange with Omega showing off his athleticism before Omega scored a close nearfall.

At 15:00, Omega went to the corner looking to finish off Daniels, but Daniels ducked a palm thrust and hit Angel's Wings. Daniels made the cover, Omega kicked out just before a count of three. Daniels sold shock over this kick-out before he stared down at Omega to contemplate his next method of attack. Omega then came to life and landed a Dragon Suplex before hitting his big double palm thrust finisher, but Daniels kicked out just before three to return the favor. "This is wrestling," was the chant from an appreciative crowd. Omega and Daniels collided mid-ring once, then twice. Daniels then hit a charging Omega with an STO and went back to the corner. This time, he hit the Best Moonsault Ever and scored the pin for the win.

WINNER: Daniels in 17:00. Excellent PPV-quality match that got the show back on track. Early on, it looked like your standard, safe Daniels match, but they took this to the next level and delivered a very good match. Omega continues to impress and really stands out as a future star in the industry. (***1/2)

Post-match: Daniels shook hands with Omega to give him his respect. Dombrowski said they still haven't heard about the Briscoes arriving at the building yet for the tag title match.

In-ring: The ROH tag champs Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli came out first for an ROH tag title match. Cruise announced a 45-minute time limit. Cruise then announced the Briscoes have not arrived at the building. Claudio took the mic and said he would like to thank Canada for not allowing the Briscoes into the country. Good heel promo. Chris Hero then cut a promo as they showed ROH president Cary Silkin and ROH booker Adam Pearce selling concern ringside. You know, so it's "real." Suddenly, the Briscoes came flying into the ring attacking the tag champs to jumpstart a fight on the floor. Cruise then announced the title match is on and it's No DQ.

6 -- ROH tag team champions KINGS OF WRESTLING (CHRIS HERO & CLAUDIO CASTAGNOLI w/Shane Hagadorn) vs. BRISCOES (JAY & MARK BRISCOE) -- ROH World Tag Title match -- No DQ match

The fight took a quick trip into the ring, then spilled back to ringside. Claudio came up bleeding from the forehead during the brawl. Dombrowski recapped the feud involving the Briscoes's father from the ROH TV lead-in show, then said this isn't about the tag titles, but it's about defending family. Another deal where they're establishing the match outcome doesn't matter, which brings up the question of why they're having a match. Moments later, Prazak put over the importance of the ROH tag titles being on the line here. So, what is it, the titles matter or don't matter? ... Mark Briscoe came up bleeding heavily before the match settled down into a somewhat organized tag match.

Jay Briscoe came in with a hot tag at 9:00 and cleaned house on the tag champs. Jay then hit a DVD on Claudio before ramming Hero head-first into the top turnbuckle exactly 30 times, with the crowd counting along. Hero was bleeding at this point, then he staggered out of the corner before Jay dropped Hagadorn with a big boot off the apron. Jay then made a cover on Hero, but Hero shoved Jay off to the ropes and Hagadorn bopped him on the head with a chair. Jay and Hero then took their fight to the outside with all four men bleeding at this point. Hero grabbed a rope and tied Jay around the ringpost by his neck.

Hero re-entered the ring to double-team Mark while Jay was tied to the ringpost. Hero landed a big elbow to Mark for a two count, then the tag champs used the Doomsday Device on Mark, but Mark kicked out again. The champs then kicked the ref out of the ring before Hero gave Mark a big boot to the face. Ref Paul Turner came out attempting to cut Jay loose from the ringpost. In the ring, Hero gave Mark a Roaring Elbow, but Mark kicked out again. Hero then slapped on a submission trying to get Mark to tap, but Jay provided a distraction blowing Hero and Claudio with smoke from a fire extinguisher.

Jay entered the ring and cleaned house with a rush of momentum, then the Briscoes retrieved a table. Mark was apparently fine despite taking about six finishers. Anyways, the Briscoes set up a table in the corner and set up Claudio for a ride, but Claudio put the brakes on. The Briscoes then sent Hero upside down onto Claudio. The Briscoes combined for a powerbomb and neckbreaker on Hero, who then rolled out of the ring. The Briscoes then sent Claudio flying through the table with a double shoulder tackle before Jay made a cover for a close two count.

At 17:00, the Briscoes called for the end as Hero continued to sell on the outside. Hagadorn tried to get involved, so the Briscoes flung him into the ring and hit the Doomsday Device, which popped the crowd. Remember, it's not about the tag titles here. Jay then flew over the top rope with a splash onto Claudio on the outside. Back in the ring, Hero smashed Mark with the loaded elbow pad, but Mark kicked out just before three. Hero and Mark took their brawl to the floor, then Claudio and Jay fought in the ring. Claudio did the Big Swing before Hero creamed Jay in the head with a Loaded Boot mid-swing. Hero made the pin for the win to retain the titles.

WINNERS: Hero & Claudio in 20:00. Insane match with plenty of big spots, not much selling, lots of blood, and the kind of action ROH advertises and delivers. Of course, the lead play-by-play announcer established early on that the finish didn't matter since the match wasn't about the tag titles. In that respect, it was basically just a brawl for the sake of a brawl. It was a heck of a brawl for the sake of a brawl, though. (***3/4)

In-ring: An ROH staffer was shown sweeping up the ring following the insane semi-main event. The crowd did the usual tongue-in-cheek chants of "You swept up" and "That was awesome," which were great. Jim Cornette then joined the commentators to put over the importance of the title match up next in the main event.

Davey Richards came out first as the challenger for the main event. Good reaction for Richards. Tyler Black then came out to boos to defend the ROH Title. Cruise handled the formal ring intros as the fans chanted, "Next World champ" for Richards. Black was mainly booed by the audience, with a roll of toilet paper thrown into the ring. Prazak said the audience senses that a change is coming. Cornette talked about the fans being behind Black's quest for the title, but now cheering against him now that he has the title.

7 -- ROH World champion TYLER BLACK vs. DAVEY RICHARDS -- ROH World Title match

The bell sounded and Richards put on his big game face telling the crowd he's winning the title right now. The intensity quickly picked up when Richards slapped Black across the face and Black responded with a submission to ground Richards. Black and Richards exchanged submission holds as Cornette unnecessarily cut promos on WWE, TNA, and Triple H. They resumed commentary on the action in the ring as Richards took control of the match working over Black on the mat. Richards then cockily side-stepped dropkick attempts, smirked, bounced off the ropes, then ran into a dropkick from Black. Nice sequence. Black went to work on Richards as Cornette listed the numerous potential title contenders who might be next in line.

At 6:00, Richards put the brakes on the match after apparently losing a tooth. "F---!" Richards shouted before resuming an aggressive attack on Black. Richards slapped on a Texas Cloverleaf center ring and Black rolled on his stomach to the bottom rope for a break. Richards followed with a rolling suplex for a two count before landing a kick strike to the back. Black then came to his feet and slapped Richards, who responded with ten or eleven kick strikes to the chest in the corner. Richards, selling exhaustion, couldn't follow up, allowing Black to give Richards a suplex completely over the top rope to the floor. Black then took off with a flip dive over the top rope nailing Richards and knocking him into the guardrail.

Back in the ring at 10:00, Black went for a springboard clothesline and connected for a close two count. Black and Richards then traded forearm smashes until Black took control. Black went up top, but Richards crotched him. Richards tried a sick super belly-to-back suplex, but Black landed on his feet and nailed a reverse huracanrana. He followed with a great-looking overhead toss bomb with a pin for a close two count. Signature Tyler Black right there. They moved to the floor where Black chased Richards around ringside before choking him in front of the pro-Richards fans. Back in the ring, Black made a cover, but Richards got a foot on the ropes. Black followed with a brainbuster suplex, but Richards kicked out again.

At 15:00, the action moved to the floor again with Richards taking control. Richards then went flying from the ring through the ropes and into the front row while trying to take Black with him. Back in the ring, the crowd was hot as the champ and challenger started trading bombs. Richards then went springboard off the ropes into a great enziguiri kick for a close two count. Richards followed with a Dragon screw leg whip across the middle rope before going up top for a double-foot dropkick. Richards called for the end as the fans chanted "New World champ." Richards then blocked a huracanrana attempt and hit a powerbomb before slapping on a Texas Cloverleaf center ring. Black managed to crawl to the bottom rope, though.

At 18:00, Richards went up top, but Black cut him off. Richards landed a headbutt, but Black hit a kick to the head and followed with a superplex right into a float-over into a fireman's carry facebuster for a nearfall of his own. Great athleticism. Black tried to follow with a top rope move, but Richards cut him off. They battled up top with headbutts as Richards shouted at Black to fight him. Black responded with rapid-fire chops and tried a Phoenix Splash, but Richards moved. Richards then tried a roll-up into an anklelock submission, but Black kicked him away. They proceeded to trade multiple pin attempts before coming to their feet and traded bombs again. Richards then caught Black by the ankle and slapped on another anklelock with a grapevine. Black got the bottom rope yet again to block, though. Richards tried to follow with a German Suplex, but Black kicked out. And recover.

At 22:00, both men came to their feet again. Richards then suplexed Black and himself clear over the top rope to the floor. You don't see that spot every day. Richards and Black traded bombs on the floor before Richards landed a big boot to the face taking Black over the guardrail to the front row. Richards then ran back into the ring to stop a 20-count and get a breath. Meanwhile, Shane Hagadorn showed up ringside with a chair in hand. Richards took the chair away and told Hagadorn to get lost because he wants to do it on his own. Black then superkicked the chair into Richards's face after Richards turned around with chair still in hand. Black then ran back into the ring to get a breath as the ref applied a count on Richards. Richards pulled himself back into the ring, then Black tried a suplex, but kinda fell through the ropes to the outside. Weird spot.

At 26:00, Richards and Black traded bombs standing on the ring apron. Black then dropped Richards off the ring apron onto the floor below with a modified reverse DDT that drew oohs and aahs. Black re-entered the ring to catch his breath as Richards sold being KO'ed. Richards pulled himself to his feet at 19 and slipped back into the ring just before a 20 count. Black sold disbelief as Richards sold that he was completely out on his feet. Richards then slapped Black in the face, and Black responded with a side kick into a brainbuster for a close nearfall. Richards remained motionless on the mat before Black hit a Buckle Bomb. Black tried another superkick, but Richards grabbed Black's leg, dropped him, and slapped on the Cloverleaf again. Black tried to reach the ropes again, but Richards pulled him back to center ring. Black teased another rope break, but Richards pulled him back, only to have Black counter into a small package for a very, very close nearfall.

At 30:00, they reset with both men trading bombs. Richards landed multiple knee strikes to the forehead before Black responded with multiple slaps. More knee strikes, more slaps. Richards went down to one knee before blasting Black with a kick. Black with a kick, then Richards with a smashing lariat for another close nearfall. Richards wanted the DR Driver, but Black slipped out. Richards then hit a Buckle Bomb of his own and called for the end. Richards wanted the DR Driver and he connected. Richards made the cover, but Black kicked out to the shock of everyone in the building. Richards shouted at Black to die, then Richards put Black in the corner and he went up top. Richards took his time, which allowed Black to get up and stop Richards. They battled up top before Black kicked Richards down to the apron. Black followed with a big double foot stomp knocked Richards down to the floor. Black then rolled Richards into the ring and draped an arm for a cover, but Richards escaped.

"Match of Year" was the chant from the crowd as Black regrouped and hit another Buckle Bomb. Black then hit a standing kick to the face and made a cover, but Richards kicked out again. The crowd then chanted, "You can't beat him," toward Black. Richards rolled around on the mat before Black brought Richards to his knees. Black with another kick, then a big Fisherman's Suplex into a cradle pin. One, two, and three with the win going to Black at 34:47. The crowd applauded as Black was instantly handed his ROH Title belt. Cornette said it's a shame someone had to lose this match and he wonders if the match will finally give Black respect.

Post-match: Black's hand was raised as Richards continued to sell complete lifelessness on the mat. Black stood over Richards as Prazak wondered if this was Richards's final shot at the World Title tonight. Black then called out for some help, which brought out Adam Pearce. Pearce helped Richards to the corner as Richards stared down at the ground with a dazed look on his face. Eddie Edwards then hit the ring to join Richards, who came to his feet and waked over to Black. Richards took a mic and quickly said, "Now you're a champion." Richards then crawled out of the ring as the crowd went quiet.

Black took the mic and said there were a lot of expectations going into the match. He thanked Richards for giving him a run at the title. Black then held his title for the crowd as Prazak wrapped up the show with a final image of Black still the champ.

WINNER: Black at 34:47 to retain the ROH World Title. Wow. That has to be a front-runner for Match of the Year with the start-to-finish great story in the ring. It was an amazing display of athleticism, physical conditioning, and skill with some perfectly-timed combinations and sequences of moves leading to believable nearfalls. Amazing match worth ordering the On-Demand replay to watch. The crowd wanted Richards to win, but the match was set up to reinforce Black as the company's champion and try to build some respect for Black. As far as a match evaluation goes, it has to be five stars. It was state-of-the-art with an unbelievable display of pro wrestling action that captured the entire reason why ROH exists to offer a different type of "main event style." (*****)

We welcome your 0-10 score and comments on this show for an "ROH PPV Reax" feature in the Torch Feedback section of To contribute your thoughts on the PPV, click here.

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PWTorch offers a VIP membership for $10 a month (or less with an annual sub). It includes nearly 25 years worth of archives from our coverage of pro wrestling dating back to PWTorch Newsletters from the late-'80s filled with insider secrets from every era that are available to VIPers in digital PDF format and Keller's radio show from the early 1990s.

Also, new exclusive top-shelf content every day including a new VIP-exclusive weekly 16 page digital magazine-style (PC and iPad compatible) PDF newsletter packed with exclusive articles and news.

The following features come with a VIP membership which tens of thousands of fans worldwide have enjoyed for many years...

-New Digital PWTorch Newsletter every week
-3 New Digital PDF Back Issues from 5, 10, 20 years ago
-Over 60 new VIP Audio Shows each week
-Ad-free access to all free articles
-VIP Forum access with daily interaction with PWTorch staff and well-informed fellow wrestling fans
-Tons of archived audio and text articles
-Decades of Torch Talk insider interviews in transcript and audio formats with big name stars.


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