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RADICAN'S DGUSA INTERNET PPV REPORT 9/10: Complete coverage of DGUSA show from Chicago

Sep 10, 2011 - 11:29:00 PM

SEPT. 10, 2011

The Congress Theatre looks totally different from the DVDs on iPPV so far. The lighting is so much better than usual from this venue.

1 - - CALEB KONLEY & SCOTT REED vs. KENTUCKY BUFFET (Alex Cassel & Matt Paige)

Konley tossed Cassel into the turnbuckles and tagged in Reed during the early stages of the match. Konley and Reed continued to tag in and out while putting a beating on Cassel. Cassel fired back and tagged in Paige, who hit a missile dropkick. Reed & Konley won with a DDT/German combination on Paige.

Winners: Konley & Reed

Star rating: (*) – Some nice double team moves from both teams, but they kept it short and sweet.

After the match, Lee laid out Cassel. Larry Dallas ran into the ring and told Konley & Reed to get out of the ring. Lee got on the mic, but it was hard to hear what he said. Lee jawed with a fan at ringside before heading to the back.

Rich Swann came out and rapped his way down to the ring. He had the crowd chant Junction and Ronin. I believe he’s in the Junction 3 faction in Japan.


Swann looks to have putting on some muscle. Swann faked out Davis on a dive to the outside and posed for the fans. Swann is going back to Dragon Gate right after this weekend and staying there for the rest of the year according to the announcers. Davis fired back and went to work on Swann. The crowd began to rally behind Swann as Davis nailed him with a backbreaker followed by a slam for a 2 count. Davis is coming off a win over Arik Cannon in Indianapolis last night. Swann tried to fire back again, but Davis caught him with a belly to back suplex for a 2 count.

Davis countered a small package attempt from Swann into a jackhammer for a nearfall. That was impressive, but I bet Goldberg is pissed. Swann fired back with some open hand strikes. Davis nailed him with a punch, but Swann fired back with a spinning enzuguri and the crowd applauded. Swann slipped out of a powerbomb and went for a tarantula. Davis dragged him into the ring, but he turned it into a code green for a nearfall. Swann went for a hurricanrana, but Davis caught him and powerbombed him into the turnbuckles. Swann flipped around and hit another kick on Davis. He leapt off the second rope, but Davis nailed him with a spinebuster for a nearfall.

Swann caught Davis with a handspring ace crusher. He followed up with a standing 450, but Davis kicked out. Swann leaped up and Davis’s back and came down with a legdrop, but Davis kicked out again as the crowd roared. Swann caught Davis with another ace crusher, but Davis kicked out. Swann went up top and hit a frogsplash, but Davis kicked out. Swann went for a handspring, but Davis caught him and hit the three seconds around the world powerbomb for the win.

Winner: Jon Davis

Star rating: (**3/4) – They overdid it with the nearfalls, but there were some good exchanges here. Swann looked good after touring with Dragon Gate for several months. Davis is racking up some big wins, but he needs to engage the crowd more in his matches.

After the match, Lee took out Swann. Ronin came out and helped him out of the ring. Lee got on the mic, but it was hard to understand what he said. I believe he challenged anyone to a match. Gregory Iron made his way to the ring. He’s the guy C.M. Punk put over at an AAW show during the week he “left” WWE.

Lee mocked Iron and referenced Punk putting him over. Lee said something about Nash and the crowd chanted “he got fired.” Lee sat down before resuming his promo. Lee mocked Iron and shoved him. Iron slapped Lee in the face. Iron went for a punch, but Lee nailed him with a big boot. Lee then nailed Iron with a powerbomb. Lee got on the mic and counted his own pinfall. Lee challenged anyone in the building to come out and face him. Uhaa Nation came out and immediately suplexed Lee. Nation then nailed Lee with a powerslam. Nation then press-slammed Lee and hit a standing SSP. Holy crap! Nation missed a second SSP and Lee nailed him with a powerbomb. Lee set up for a big boot, but ended up bailing to the back.

3 - - RICOCHET vs. PAC

Great fast-pace exchanges early on between both men. PAC ended up tossing Ricochet up in the air and he came down flat on his face. PAC hit a big hip toss and covered Ricochet for a 2 count. PAC went for a springboard, but Ricochet nailed him with a kick. Ricochet teased a dive, but rolled to the outside instead. Ricochet jawed with some fans while beating on PAC on the outside. Ricochet played to the crowd and drew some boos. He’s definitely carrying himself like a heel and celebrating his flashy offense to draw boos from the crowd. The crowd tried to rally behind PAC as Ricochet peppered him with some light kicks. Ricochet ducked a kick from PAC and nailed him with a reverse hurricanrana. PAC fired right back with a reverse hurricanrana of his own and both men were down on the mat as the crowd applauded the exchange.

PAC ducked a charge from Ricochet and hit a springboard dropkick. PAC fired up as the crowd applauded before hit a standing corkscrew press on Ricochet for a 2 count. PAC set up for another springboard, but Ricochet countered it into a lung blower. Ricochet followed with a standing SSP for a 2 count. Ricochet went up top, but PAC cut him off. Ricochet fought PAC off, but PAC fired up and hit a super German suplex off the top. The crowd applauded when PAC got up first and hit a phoenix splash off the second rope for a nearfall. PAC went up top again, but Ricochet cut him off. Both men fought up top and PAC shoved Ricochet to the mat. Ricochet fired up this time and hit a one man Spanish fly for a nearfall. Ricochet went up top, but PAC got his knees up. PAC then hit a pop up liger bomb for a nearfall. PAC went up top and hit British airways for the win.

Winner: PAC

Star rating: (***3/4) – This was an amazing display of athleticism and counters from both men. I would have liked to see them get more time, but this was darn good while it lasted.

After the match the Blood Warriors ran out and took out PAC. Ricochet got on the mic and taunted PAC before slapping him across the face. Ricochet said he was the best high flyer in the world. Lee tossed PAC to the outside. Blood Warriors then held PAC and Ricochet nailed him with a space flying tiger drop. Ronin ran out and took out Blood Warriors with a triple dive to the outside. A.R. Fox ran out and took out everyone with a flip dive over the top rope. D.U.F. ran out. Callihan and Cannon spit beer into Sanchez’s face before suplexing Sanchez into everyone on the floor. Sabu then ran out with a chair and hit a dive to the outside and the crowd went nuts. PAC recovered and hit a springboard corkscrew press to take out a pile of bodies. Sabu then stood tall in the ring and I believe we’ve got a match on our hands.


Sanchez and Fox brawled on the outside while Sabu and Cannon went at it in the ring. Sabu kicked a chair into Cannon’s face in the corner. The announcers said the rules are relaxed for this match. Sabu took out a spike and nailed Cannon with it. Cannon is bleeding. Fox backdropped Sanchez off the stage after he charged at him. Fox and Sabu hit springboards off the chair into the corner on Cannon. Fox hit a frogsplash on a chair on Cannon, but Sanchez made the save.

Sanchez went to work on Fox and choked him in the corner with his shin. Cannon and Sanchez tagged in and out to work over Fox. Cannon hit a delayed suplex on Fox before knocking Sabu to the floor. Cannon hit a spinning neckbreaker on Fox, but Sabu made the save. The crowd tried to rally behind Fox, who has taken a beating from D.U.F. Sanchez hit a knee drop, but Fox kicked out at one. Fox nearly tagged out, but Sanchez dragged him backwards and tagged in Cannon, who nailed Sabu with a punch before going after Fox. Cannon lifted up Sanchez and nailed him with a DVD onto Fox. Fox fired back and nailed Cannon with a springboard missile dropkick before tagging in Sabu, who threw a chair multiple times at Cannon and Sanchez.

Sabu went for a springboard off the chair, but Sanchez kicked it into his shin. Cannon then nailed Fox with an exploder into the corner. Cannon and Fox went at it and the action broke down. Sabu set up a table in the ring and the crowd applauded. Sabu put Sanchez on the table and nailed him with a legdrop off the top. Cannon ran in and nailed Sabu with total anarchy. Fox ran into the ring and draped the table over Sanchez before nailing Sanchez with a 450 for the win.

Winners: A.R. Fox & Sabu

Star rating: (***1/4) – The crowd was into this and they limited Sabu to doing his signature spots while allowing Fox to carry must of the match in the ring. Sabu didn’t toss the chairs hard at Cannon and Sanchez’s head, but I’d like to see stuff like that kept to a bare minimum. Fox showed some good intensity here while putting away Sanchez to end the match and the crowd was really happy to see Sabu in this setting.

Sabu sent Sanchez to the outside after the match and the crowd chanted for Sabu.


Johnny Gargano came out to start the second half of the show to a nice ovation. He’s someone to keep your eye on as a future star. Akira Tozawa then came out to a nice ovation. He was a babyface during the last DGUSA shows, but now he’s a part of the heel Blood Warriors stable. Tozawa came out wearing a ring jacket with a hood. Billy Corgan is in attendance at the show.


Tozawa has a new look with long shorts and matching boots. He’s got the same blond hair. He sort of looks like the Japanese version of TJP. Both men exchanged holds on the mat during the early stages of the match. The pace picked up with both men trading arm drags and then counters, which drew applause from the crowd. Both men exchanged encounters again, but Gargano drove Tozawa face-first into the turnbuckles. Gargano then hit a combination of moves capped by a neck breaker for another ovation from the crowd. Gargano hit two slams on Tozawa before nailing him with a dropkick. Gargano tied up Tozawa on the mat and locked him in a nasty looking arm submission with his legs wrapped around Tozawa’s neck for leverage.

Gargano went for a dive off the second rope, but Tozawa got his knees up. Tozawa went on the attack and hit a slam and a senton. He told the crowd he has his eyes on them. Tozawa continued to jaw with the fans while putting the boots to Gargano. Tozawa covered Gargano, but only got a one count. The crowd tried to rally behind Gargano as Tozawa nailed him with a series of shotgun chops in the corner. Tozawa teased one more chop before punching Gargano in the face. The crowd booed as Tozawa explained to the ref that he had actually used an open hand to hit Gargano. Tozawa smiled and posed for the crowd and drew some boos. The crowd started a Gargano chant and Tozawa smiled.

Gargano hit a nice counter into a rolling kick. He sent Tozawa to the outside, but missed a springboard. Tozawa then nailed him with a dive through the ropes. He went for a second dive, but Gargano speared him through the ropes. The crowd got a big Gargano chant going with both men down on the mat. Gargano caught Tozawa with the Gargano escape in the ropes, but he had to let go. Gargano went up top, but Tozawa nailed him with a kick. Gargano countered Tozawa and hit a running Liger bomb out of the corner for a nearfall. The crowd erupted as Gargano set up for a big dive. Gargano hit a dive through the ropes and a rolling senton off the apron to the floor and the crowd chanted his name.

Gargano ducked a kick and got a rollup for a 2 count. Gargano went for the Gargano escape, but Tozawa rolled out and nailed Gargano with a kick. He then hit a big boot in the corner and a Saito suplex for a 2 count. The crowd chanted for Gargano as Tozawa smiled at the crowd. Tozawa set up for a superplex, but Gargano pushed him off. Tozawa nailed him with a bicycle kick and followed up for a superplex and both men were down. Tozawa finally covered Gargano, but only got a 2 count. The crowd chanted for Gargano as Tozawa gathered himself.

Both men exchanged forearms in the middle of the ring. Both men exchanged kicks. They both no-sold big moves before Tozawa hit a running kick and leaving both men down. That was a great exchange. Gargano set up Tozawa against the ropes before nailing him with a superkick. Gargano set up for a German to the floor. Tozawa fought him off and hit a bicycle kick and a German on the apron. The crowd erupted as Gargano collapsed to the floor while Tozawa was slow to get up on the apron. Tozawa rolled Gargano into the ring and covered him, but only got a 2 count. The crowd popped when Gargano kicked out. Tozawa went for a German, but Gargano countered. Gargano ran to the corner, but Tozawa caught him with a bicycle kick. Gargano returned the favor with a running dropkick of his own. He then tossed Tozawa face-first into the bottom turnbuckle. Gargano hit the hurts don’t it, but Tozawa kicked out at the last second and the crowd gasped.

With both men down again, the crowd clapped. They then started a “this is awesome chant” as both men came head to head on their knees. Gargano hit a series of slaps. Tozawa fired back with a bicycle kick. Gargano went for a reverse hurricanrana, but Tozawa slipped out and hit an avalanche German for a nearfall. Tozawa followed up with a straightjacket avalanche German suplex for the win.

Winner: Akira Tozawa

Star rating: (****1/4) – These two put on a great match. The crowd badly wanted to see Gargano win and Tozawa did a good job of playing the heel role. They built up to a great series of exchanges at the end, but Tozawa got the decisive victory in the end.

After the match, the crowd chanted for Gargano after Tozawa left the ring.

6 - - SAMI CALLIHAN vs. NARUKI DOI vs. CHUCK TAYLOR vs. MASATO YOSHINO –Four Way Freestyle match

The winner in this match gets to book any match they want for their stable.

The announcers said that Sabu will appear tomorrow night in Milwaukee. They did a four-way wrist lock during the early stages of the contest. Yoshino then took down Doi with a headscissors. The action kicked into high gear with all four men taking turns hitting moves. Callihan and Taylor ended up going at it. Callihan took down Taylor, but was immediately nailed with a punch by Doi. Yoshino and Doi began working together against Callihan as Yoshino held Callihan on the ropes and Doi came off the top with a senton. Doi offered a handshake, but ended up kicking Yoshino low. The crowd chanted for Doi and he gave them a gesture that’s international for F--- You. Taylor took out Doi, but Callihan nailed him with a big chop.

Taylor and Doi took turns kicking Yoshino. They then nailed Yoshino with a tandem elbow. Taylor quickly took out Doi and shoved him through the ropes. Taylor locked Yoshino in a submission, but Callihan kicked him off right away. Doi then ran in and nailed Callihan with a running dropkick. Doi taunted Yoshino, who fired back with several strikes, but took a kick to the back from Callihan. The action picked up and Yoshino moved around like a blur taking out men before locking in a submission on Taylor.

Yoshino and Doi exchanged moves at an incredible pace before Yoshino took out Doi. Doi fired right back and hit a running senton for a 2 count. Some of the exchanges in this match have been insane. Taylor slipped and barely hit Yoshino coming off the top, but he sold it anyway. Doi then hit a missile dropkick on Callihan and all four men were down. The crowd applauded as Doi went to work on Callihan and Taylor in the corner. Doi hit a cannonball in the corner on Taylor and Callihan. Doi & Yoshino worked together once again to take out Callihan and Taylor before going at it again. Doi countered the lighting spiral into Doi 5’s, but Taylor took him out right away.

Callihan and Taylor went at it. Callihan blocked soul food and applied the stretch muffler on Taylor. Taylor rolled through and got a 2 count. Taylor ducked a charge from Callihan in the corner and hit the awful waffle for the pin.

Winner: Chuck Taylor

Star rating: (***1/2) – The exchanges between Doi and Yoshino were insane and when they worked together to work over Taylor and Callihan, that was great as well. Taylor got the win here, but Doi and Yoshino really shined.

Taylor got on the mic after the match. He told Yoshino Gargano & Swann would be coming for the tag titles. Lee ran into the ring and attacked Taylor, but Taylor nailed him with a dropkick and then Yoshino followed up with a dropkick of his own. Yoshino told Taylor he could have a match anytime. Taylor then superkicked Yoshino. Swann ran down and the announcers discussed how Swann is part of Yoshino’s stable in Japan and also part of Ronin in America. Swann helped Yoshino up and they left the ring.

YAMATO got a big pop coming out for the main event against CIMA. Lenny Leonard did the formal ring announcements.

7 - - Open the Freedom Gate Champion YAMATO vs. CIMA

The crowd clapped for the opening bell as both men circled each other. CIMA tied up YAMATO against the ropes, but kicked him in the leg instead of offering a clean break. YAMATO fired back with an open hand strike moments later before they tied up again. Both men exchanged counters on the mat and came to a stalemate. The crowd clapped again as both men circled each other in the ring. CIMA took down YAMATO with a shoulder tackle and nailed him with several blows. CIMA went for a standing flip dive, but YAMATO rolled out of the way and got a rollup for a 2 count. YAMATO then applied an ankle lock before driving CIMA’s leg into the mat. YAMATO kicked away at CIMA’s legs before applying a leg lock on the mat.

YAMATO hit a big chop and nailed CIMA’s leg with a pair of kicks. YAMATO draped CIMA’s leg over the ropes before nailing it with a running kick. He then applied the figure 4. CIMA struggled, but got the ropes. CIMA avoided a dropkick and hit a leaping elbow on YAMATO. CIMA struggled to get to his feet and sold his leg. CIMA nailed YAMATO with a series of big kicks. CIMA continued to shake his leg out before tossing YAMATO to the outside. CIMA drove YAMATO into the apron and nailed him with a big kick, but continued to sell his leg. CIMA tossed YAMATO back into the ring and began targeting YAMATO’s neck.

The crowd began clapping in support of YAMATO as he struggled to escape a headscissors on the mat. YAMATO tried to fire back, but CIMA countered and nailed him with a doublestomp. CIMA set up YAMATO in the corner with his neck against the turnbuckle and nailed him with a running dropkick for a 2 count. CIMA continued to work the neck with a stump puller before transitioning into a pinning combination for a 2 count. The crowd chanted for YAMATO. He fired back with several strikes, but CIMA nailed him with 2 kicks. YAMATO then managed to catch a third kick attempt and he nailed CIMA with a dragon screw. The crowd applauded as YAMATO went on the attack. CIMA and YAMATO exchanged counters. YAMATO hit an enzuguri and a suplex, but only got a 2 count.

CIMA rolled to the floor and YAMATO pounded on his back. CIMA countered YAMATO and whipped him into the ringpost before nailing him with a dive through the turnbuckles. CIMA favored his leg as YAMATO attempted to recover against the guardrail. CIMA nailed YAMATO with a doublestomp and got a 2 count before favoring his knee. CIMA and YAMATO exchanged blows, but YAMATO crumpled after several blows from CIMA. CIMA blocked a spear and hit a guillotine DDT for a 2 count. The crowd applauded for YAMATO as he attempted to recover. Both men exchanged counters and YAMATO got the ankle lock. CIMA tried to roll through, but CIMA held on. CIMA finally hit an enzuguri and a perfect driver for a nearfall that left both men down on the mat.

The crowd clapped as both men attempted to get to their feet. YAMATO told CIMA to bring it as he nailed him with several kicks to the chest. YAMATO got to his feet and CIMA nailed him with several slaps to the face. YAMATO fired back with several forearms. CIMA eventually hit shwine after a series of exchanges for a nearfall and the crowd applauded. The crowd was split chanting for both men at this point as CIMA signaled that he wanted the belt around his waist. YAMATO countered CIMA and locked in a choke sleeper. The ref checked CIMA’s arm, but it didn’t go down a third time. CIMA carried YAMATO and began climbing the turnbuckles before dumping YAMATO to the mat. CIMA hit the meteora, but was slow to cover and YAMATO kicked out at the last second and the crowd applauded.

The crowd chanted for YAMATO as CIMA went back on the attack. CIMA hit several knees before hitting a DDT. CIMA went for meteora again, but YAMATO rolled out of the way and locked in the choke sleeper. CIMA tried to escape, but YAMATO held on. CIMA hit a belly to back suplex, but YAMATO continued to hold on. YAMATO then hit a sleeper suplex. He followed up with a brainbuster, but CIMA kicked out at the last second. YAMATO then hit galleria for the win.

Winner: YAMATO to retain the Open the Freedom Gate title

Star rating: (****) – This was a very good match with both men picking a body part and working it over. YAMATO picks up another big win, but CIMA’s ring work was superior during this match. He’s at the top of his game right now and needs to refine things slightly in order to get his heel character over.

After the match, CIMA got on the mic and told the fans to shut up. CIMA told YAMATO that BxB Hulk is coming and he wants a shot at the title in a No Rope match. CIMA left and YAMATO got on the mic and accepted Hulk’s challenge. The crowd applauded as YAMATO declared himself champion. YAMATO thanked the fans for coming to the show.

YAMATO shook hands at ringside to close the show.

Overall thoughts: (8.0) – This was a really good show. The undercard started a little slow, but things really picked up once PAC vs. Ricochet took place. They had a really good match, but it seemed like they held back a bit to let the second half of the show shine, which wasn’t a bad idea.

Tozawa vs. Gargano stole the show. They had a really good match that’s well-worth going out of your way to see. I don’t know what DGUSA has planned, but from an in-ring standpoint Gargano is ready to be a star and it’s only a matter of time before Sapolsky has to push him into title contention. Tozawa is a blast to watch as well and it’s no shock they had a really good match.

The main event was very good with CIMA once again showing why he’s one of the best wrestlers in the world. Both men built the match around submission work leading into big strike sequences and counters. CIMA did a good job selling his leg, but I think he should have heeled it up more during the match to turn the entire crowd against him as Ricochet did during his match against PAC. CIMA is so good that’s it’s easy for him to get cheered if he’s not dialed in with his heel persona.

I recommend purchasing the replay of this show. The production was much better than any of DGUSA’s previous events in the same venue. The ring mic was hard to hear, but the announcers, ring, and fans sounded perfect. My stream didn’t go out once, so I expect this to go up quickly on for on demand viewing.

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