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RADICAN'S DGUSA INTERNET PPV REPORT 9/11: Ongoing coverage of DGUSA show from Milwaukee

Sep 11, 2011 - 10:00:19 PM

SEPT. 11, 2011

DGUSA is in a smaller venue, but the crowd is hot to start the show. Ronin came out to a nice pop with Swann rapping the Ronin entrance music. The crowd is into it. The mic is cutting in and out. The hard camera appears to be right behind the fans. Swann is leading the crowd in a Ronin chant and they applauded when he finished. The building is dimly lit.


Swann turned an attempted lock up with Reed into a dance routine. Swann took out Reed and Taylor nailed him from the apron for good measure. The feed froze with Taylor ramming Konley into one of the turnbuckles.

We are back with Swann in control of Konley. I hope they turn up the lights. The picture is very dark. Konley sent Swann to the outside and Reed put a beating on him. Reed continued to put a beating on Swann for several minutes as the crowd rallied behind Swann. Konley got a “sassy” chant from the crowd. Konley responded with a nice delay suplex on Swann. Swann hit a chinbreaker, but Konley tripped him and tagged in Reed before he could tag out. Reed hit a big elbow off the top on Swann, but Taylor broke up the pin.

Swann got a rollup on Reed for a 2 count, but ate a huge clothesline and the crowd booed. The crowd once again rallied behind Swann. Swann hit a handspring ace crusher and the crowd went mental. This crowd it hot! Taylor got the hot tag and ran wild. The crowd roared for Taylor’s offense. Swann hit a rolling thunder frogsplash and Taylor followed with a moonsault, but Konley broke up the pin. Taylor and Reed got the upper hand and hit him with a tandem wheelbarrow/powerslam combination for a nearfall. Swann ran in and laid in several blows on Konley and Reed. Swann ended up taking a double team hip toss into the turnbuckle. Reed & Konley then hit a stereo wheelbarrow suplex on Swann, but Taylor broke it up.

There was an awesome exchange of moves capped with Reed hitting a buckle bomb on Swann that left everyone down. The crowd went nuts again and chanted for Ronin. Swann hit a standing SSP on Reed, but he kicked out and the crowd roared. Swann went up top, but Konley cut him off. Swann sent Konley to the floor, but Taylor missed a dive to the outside. Reed went for a German off the top, but Swann knocked him upside down. Swann then hit a dive to the floor on Konley. Taylor then hit the awful waffle on Reed for the win.

Winners: Rich Swann & Chuck Taylor

Star rating: (n/a) – I missed part of the match because the feed froze, but what I did see was fantastic. This crowd is red hot and adding a ton of heat to the event.

Larry Dallas watched from the entranceway after the match.

Silas Young came out and cut a promo. He talked about Brodie Lee being a bully over the course of the weekend. He said Lee had tried to bully his wife, who was standing next to him. Young said he had Lee’s number tonight. Lee came out to a chorus of boos.

2 - - SILAS YOUNG (w/Mrs. Young) vs. BRODIE LEE

Lee and Young exchanged strikes. The crowd chanted for Young. Lee ended up raking Young’s eyes. Young blocked a charge with an elbow. Young hit a springboard elbow that sent Lee to the outside. Young followed up with a diving clothesline to the floor and the crowd erupted. Lee fired back and took a step towards Mrs. Young before going back on the attack. Young countered an Irish whip and hit Lee with a springboard off the apron. This might be the hottest independent crowd I’ve seen this year. Lee fired back with a dropkick, but Young got right up. Lee ducked a charge and Young spilled to the outside. Lee then hit a suicide dive through the ropes and the crowd went mental.

Lee and Young exchanged strikes, but Lee went after Young’s eyes again to regain the upper hand. The crowd rallied behind Young. Lee went after Mrs. Young and teased a punch, but Silas made the save. Young hit a series of knee strikes, but Lee nailed him with an elbow. Young hit a scissors out of the corner and the crowd erupted. Young flipped out of a charge from Lee and hit a German. Both men were down and the crowd clapped in unison. Young flipped out of a clothesline and hit a backbreaker for a two count. Young bounced off the ropes, but Lee hit a big boot for a nearfall. Lee blew kisses at Mrs. Young before hitting a powerbomb on Young, but he kicked out.

Young slipped out of another powerbomb attempt, but Lee caught Young with a hurricanrana. Lee went up top, but Young cut him off. Young hit a sunset flip powerbomb out of the corner and Lee kicked out at the last second. The crowd groaned at the nearfall. Young hit a springboard flipping moonsault off the second rope for another 2 count and the crowd continued to go nuts for Young. Young set up for his headstand springboard, but Tozawa distracted him and he missed. Lee hit the truck stop and Young kicked out. Lee then hit the sit out powerbomb for the win.

Winner: Brodie Lee

Star rating: (***1/2) – The crowd was red hot for Young. Lee and Young brought out their “A” game tonight and delivered a heck of match with a red hot crowd behind Young. This was a fantastic undercard match.

Lee got on the mic after the match and said beating Young had been easy and the crowd booed. Lee said he would take on anyone in the building. Jon Davis came out and made his way into the ring. Davis got on the mic and said he’s 2-0 this week. He said he came to beat Tozawa nailed him with a kick.


Davis quickly got the upper hand and set Tozawa to the outside. Tozawa fired back and nailed Lee with a dive to the outside. They brawled on the ramp and Tozawa tossed a chair into the ring. Tozawa set up Davis in the corner and hit a chop. Davis told him to bring it. Tozawa then hit a chop to the face and nailed Davis with a dropkick in the corner. Tozawa hit a standing senton, but Davis made a huge kick out. Tozawa choked Davis in the corner and then jawed with the ref. Both men exchanged blows in the middle of the ring. Davis hit a big clothesline and followed up with a jack hammer that left both men down. The crowd applauded as both men attempted to recover.

Davis caught Tozawa off the ropes and hit a big powerslam, but Tozawa got his shoulders up. Tozawa countered Davis and went for a German, but Davis countered. Tozawa hit a kick and then a backdrop driver for a two count. Davis countered another German attempt with a series of elbows. Davis blocked a hurricanrana and powerbombed Tozawa into the turnbuckles. Davis followed up with a big suplex, but Tozawa kicked out and both men were down as the crowd went mental again. Davis no-sold another backdrop driver and caught Tozawa with a spinebuster. Tozawa fired back with a series of kicks and a running knee strike to a seated Davis for a nearfall. Tozawa went for the German again and ended up hitting an avalanche German for the win.

Winner: Akira Tozawa

Star rating: (***1/4) – This was a very good match. Davis showed some fantastic power moves and the crowd was going crazy for this match. Davis is coming along as a performer and he was really good in this match. As usual, Tozawa was very good and displayed great facials while attempting to hit a German on Davis.

Lenny Leonard announced that Open the Freedom Gate Champion YAMATO would face BxB Hulk on Nov. 11 in Massachusetts in a No Rope match.

They went to intermission to fix the lighting issues in the venue.

We’re back and the lighting is better than it was.


Callihan and Cannon jumped Fox and YAMATO right away. Fox looks like he stole a pair of tights from the Young Bucks. Cannon took out YAMATO with a belt shot. Callihan & Cannon then hit a huge double team hip toss on Fox. Fox fired back and exchanged some hard forearms with Callihan. Fox tossed Callihan outside and nailed him with a huge dive. Cannon and YAMATO then went at it. They should remind new fans that new men can legally enter tag matches when their partners roll out of the ring. YAMATO caught Cannon with a big kick to the head and went on the attack. Fox tagged in and hit a springboard swan dive. He then covered Cannon for a 2 count. YAMATO tagged back in, but Cannon fired back and bit at his head in the corner. Callihan tagged in and exchanged blows with YAMATO. YAMATO took Callihan down.

Leonard announced that all three shows on DGUSA’s next triple shot will be on iPPV. Callihan countered Fox and hit a brainbuster. Cannon tagged in and put the boots to Fox. The feed froze with Callihan and Cannon working over Fox. We came back quickly with Callihan still working over Fox with a cravat in the center of the ring. The crowd tried to rally behind Fox, but Callihan nailed him with a superkick and a DVD. Cannon had Fox in a leg lock, but the ref couldn’t break the hold because he was tied up with YAMATO. Cannon hit a big lariat and Callihan hit a superkick, but Fox kicked out. The crowd once again rallied behind Fox as Callihan kicked away at him on the mat. Callihan went up to the second rope and hit an elbow drop, but made a lazy cover for a 2 count.

Cannon grounded Fox and applied a seated abdominal stretch, but YAMATO broke it up. YAMATO brawled with Callihan on the floor. Fox tried to fire back on Cannon, but Cannon nailed him with a big punch. Fox countered a double team and ran wild on Callihan and Cannon. Fox hit a springboard ace crusher on Callihan and all three men were down. The crowd applauded as Fox crawled towards YAMATO. Fox made the tag and YAMATO exchanged chops with Callihan. YAMATO took out Cannon, but Callihan hit him from behind with a kick. YAMATO fired back and took out Callihan and Cannon. He sent Callihan to the outside and Fox nailed him with a kick flip to the outside.

YAMATO and Cannon went at it in the ring. The crowd fired up for YAMATO setting up a big clothesline, but Cannon nailed him with a neckbreaker. Fox ran into the ring, but got caught with kicks from Cannon and Callihan. Fox fired back again, but Callihan tripped and he fell right on the apron and ended up on the floor. Fox countered Cannon and Callihan and caught Callihan with a springboard ace crusher off the turnbuckles on the apron. Callihan and YAMATO exchanged forearms in the middle of the ring. YAMATO caught Callihan with a big boot, but Callihan ducked a charge and YAMATO ended up on the apron. Callihan nailed him with a lariat. Fox came off the top and hit a code breaker off the top on Callihan. Cannon cut off Fox and D.U.F. nailed him with a combination knee drop off the top, but YAMATO broke it up.

Cannon hit total anarchy on YAMATO, but Fox kicked him to the floor. Callihan caught Fox with a boot and went up top, but Fox caught him with the springboard Spanish fly. Cannon ran across the ring and made the save at the last second. The crowd went nuts as Fox went up top, but Callihan countered him into the stretch muffler. Callihan kicked away at Fox’s head while Cannon brawled with YAMATO on the outside. Fox passed out and the ref called for the belt.

Winners: Arik Cannon & Sami Callihan

Star rating: (***1/2) – This was a very good tag match that built nicely with some good heat segments. The crowd really got into towards the end as they built to a hot finish.

After the match. D.U.F. attacked Fox. Fox fired back, but Pinkie Sanchez ran into the ring and nailed him with a DDT before dry humping him. Sabu then ran into the ring and threw a chair at Callihan and Cannon. The brawl then broke down into a match between Sabu and Sanchez.


Sabu threw a chair at Sanchez, who blocked it with his arms. The crowd went nuts for Sabu as he went to work on Sanchez with a spike. Sabu continued to wear out Sanchez with the spike. Sanchez fired back and went to work on Sabu. Apparently this is a relaxed rules match. They ended up brawling on the outside and the crowd chanted for tables. Sanchez set up for a dive, but Sabu tossed a chair at him as he came through the ropes and the crowd roared. Sanchez fired back a short time later and tossed a chair at Sabu’s head. I’m not a fan of any chairshots going near the head area. Both men swung chairs at the same time, but Sanchez lost the battle.

Sabu set up the table. Sanchez cut him off and set him up on the table. Sanchez went up top and took a long time. Sabu cut him off, but tossed him over the table. The feed froze with Sabu setting up the table again.

Winner: Unknown

Star rating: (u/a)

When we came back from the feed freezing, D.U.F. had Fox tied up in the ropes. Sanchez held Sabu back. Callihan said he was going to crush him with his bare hands. Callihan nailed Fox with several hard slaps to the chest. Several wrestlers came out from the back, but Sanchez and Cannon sent them packing. Callihan continued to put a beating on Fox. Several more wrestlers ran into the ring, but D.U.F. got rid of them. More wrestlers ran down to the ring and Callihan, Cannon, and Sanchez bailed.

6 - - FACADE vs. SUGAR DUNKERTON vs. FLIP KENDRICK vs. UHAA NATION – Four Way Freestyle match

Nation and Kendrick went at it during the early going. Nation nailed Kendrick with a big slam. Kendrick flipped around and ate a clothesline from Nation. Façade came into the ring and went after Nation, but was quickly overwhelmed. Façade went for a springboard, but slipped. Nation wiped out Façade with a big clothesline and he rolled to the outside. Dunkerton got in the ring and slapped Nation in the face. Nation ended up shoving Dunkerton down. Kendrick and Façade then sent Nation out with tandem missile dropkicks.

Dunkerton went to work and took out Kendrick and Façade. He then turned around right into a huge suplex from Nation and the crowd applauded. Nation went for a double suplex, but Kendrick and Façade blocked it. Nation cleared the ring, but Façade caught him with a missile dropkick and everyone was down. Kendrick slipped on a springboard, but nailed Dunkerton with a kick. Kendrick sent Façade outside, but Nation countered him a moment later and nailed him with a big suplex. Façade hit a hurricanrana on Nation. He then went up top and hit a springboard dive to the outside on Nation and Dunkerton. Kendrick then went up top and took out everyone with a SSP and the crowd went nuts. Façade hit a belly to back suplex with a bridge on Dunkerton, but Kendrick broke up the pin with a standing moonsault.

Kendrick went up top, but Façade cut him off. Kendrick fired back with a code red out of the corner. He then hit a springboard corkscrew splash on Kendrick, but Dunkerton broke it up. Dunkerton hit a big clothesline on Kendrick, but Nation was waiting for him once again. Dunkerton hit several punches on Nation, but he caught him with a fall away slam. Nation hit two powerbombs and held on for a third powerbomb for the pin on Dunkerton.

Winner: Uhaa Nation

Star rating: (**1/4) – This match dragged in parts and some of the spots weren’t clean. Nation was impressive, but he didn’t get enough spring on the springboard powerbomb on Dunkerton for the finish.


Gargano got a nice ovation coming out after the feed froze following the finish of the previous match. Doi drew a lot of boos. They did some chain wrestling early and came to a stalemate and the crowd applauded. Gargano caught Doi in the Gargano escape and Doi scrambled to the ropes and rolled to the outside grabbing his shoulder. The announcers did a good job of setting the stage for what this match means to Gargano. Doi fired back and nailed Gargano with some big chops in the corner. Gargano fired back with a doublestomp to the back and a knee strike/neckbreaker combination and the crowd erupted. Gargano went to work on Doi’s arm and the crowd erupted each time Gargano slammed Doi’s arm of his shoulder.

Gargano took Doi down to the mat and went to work on his arm. Gargano then applied an arm submission with a bridge and the crowd applauded. Gargano hung Doi up inside the turnbuckles and nailed him with a running dropkick. Doi fired back on the apron and nailed Gargano with a running dropkick. Doi tied up Gargano in the ropes and nailed him with a big dropkick followed by his signature senton off the back. Doi tied up Gargano in a modified abdominal stretch on the mat, but he got the ropes. Doi tied up Gargano’s leg in the rope and nailed it with a running dropkick. The crowd chanted for Gargano as he tried to get to his feet. Doi cut him off right away and hit a blue thunder powerbomb for a 2 count. Doi locked in a single leg crab as the crowd tried to rally behind Gargano. Gargano reached the ropes and the crowd applauded.

Doi kicked away Gargano and choked him with his foot. The crowd booed as Doi refused to break the hold. Doi taunted Gargano with some light slaps and bounced off the ropes, but Gargano caught him with a spear through the ropes that left both men down. Gargano missed a clothesline, but caught Doi on the second try. Gargano locked Doi in the Gargano escape using the ropes for leverage, but was forced to release the hold by the ref. Doi went for a hurricanrana moments later, but Gargano countered it into a powerbomb for a nearfall. Doi fired back with a sit down for a 2 count moments later and both men were down.

The crowd clapped as both men attempted to get to their feet. Both men exchanged blows. The action really picked up and Gargano caught Doi in the Gargano escape after both men exchanged nearfalls. The crowd went nuts and chanted for Doi to tap, but he got the ropes. Doi fired back and hit Doi 5’s on Gargano, but he kicked out. The crowd chanted for Gargano as both men were down on the mat after the nearfall. Doi nailed Gargano with several slaps, but Gargano nailed Doi with a superkick. Doi nailed Gargano with a series of slaps. He then hit a sliding kick, but Gargano kicked out at the last second and the crowd went nuts. I think Naylor has lost his voice.

Doi tried to lift Gargano. He struggled, but dragged him to the corner and put him on his back. Doi climbed the turnbuckles, but Gargano hit several elbows. Doi fired up and hit super Doi 5’s, but Gargano kicked out and the crowd went nuts. Gargano got a rollup for a nearfall. He then tossed Doi into the turnbuckles. Gargano hit a big superkick. Both men exchanged counters. Doi hit a tiger suplex with a bridge, but Gargano kicked out at the last second. Gargano countered Doi and hit the hurts don’t it, but Doi kicked out at the last second and the crowd went nuts. Gargano hit the hurts don’t it again and applied the Gargano escape and Doi tapped.

The crowd went mental and chanted for Gargano.

Winner: Johnny Gargano

Star rating: (****1/4) – This was a little slow during the first part of the match, but it was incredible down the stretch. Gargano showed a ton of heart and kicked out of everything that Doi could dish out. This is a huge win for Gargano. The crowd was red hot for this match and provided a great setting for this encounter.

Gargano said he should be the #1 contender for the Open the Freedom Gate title. Gargano then told the fans he loves them as they chanted “number one.” Gargano said they would come back to Milwaukee at something. Gargano said he wanted his title match on Nov. 13 at BxB King’s in NYC. He said Taylor & Swann should face the tag champs that same night. Taylor came out. He said he’s not interested with the tag titles. He said he wanted YAMATO on Nov. 12 in Philadelphia after winning the Four Way Freestyle last night. Swann came out and all three men debated. Gargano left and Taylor pointed at Swann’s Junction Three shirt. Taylor seemed to want to choose one stable or the other. Swann said he’s with both. Taylor hit an elbow drop on the mic and went to the back.

Lenny Leonard said they were going to reset the stream before the main event.

PAC & Yoshino came out to a nice ovation for the main event. CIMA & Ricochet drew some boos.

8 - - Open the Twin Gate Champions CIMA & RICOCHET (w/Blood Warriors) vs. Open the United Gate Champions PAC & MASATO YOSHINO (w/Junction Three) – Title vs. Title match

CIMA tied up Yoshino and teased a clean break against the ropes, but Ricochet hit him from behind and then CIMA ran at him and hit a big kick. Yoshino escaped a headlock and eventually took down CIMA with an arm drag after some slick chain wrestling and the crowd chanted for Yoshino as CIMA recovered in the corner. Yoshino went into warp speed and took down CIMA with a quick head scissors take down. Ricochet and PAC entered the ring and PAC nailed him with a huge dropkick. PAC and Ricochet moved around very quickly. Ricochet faked out PAC with a dive attempt. He taunted PAC, who ran right into a kick from Ricochet. The ref got distracted and all the members of Blood Warriors went to work on PAC in their corner.

CIMA laughed an applied a submission on PAC in the ring. Ricochet entered the ring and nailed PAC with a dropkick. CIMA covered him, but only got a one count. The crowd chanted for PAC, who countered CIMA with a hip toss. PAC tagged in Yoshino, who hit a double axe handle off the top. PAC tagged back in and did the same. Yoshino went up top and hit a doublestomp to CIMA’s arm. The crowd chanted “Dickochet” at Ricochet, who stood on the apron. Yoshino locked CIMA in a submission on the mat before turning it into a pinning combination for a 2 count. CIMA fired back and tagged in Ricochet.

Ricochet ended up getting cut off by Yoshino, who tagged in PAC. PAC hit a big elbow in the corner on Ricochet, who did a Flair flop and the crowd popped. Yoshino tagged in and continued the beating on Ricochet. Ricochet fired back and tagged in CIMA. CIMA went to work on PAC’s legs and posed for the crowd. PAC screamed in pain as CIMA held the leg lock. Ricochet then jumped off CIMA’s back and nailed PAC with a splash. Ricochet applied a single leg crab on PAC, who screamed in pain. The crowd tried to rally behind PAC, who eventually got the ropes. Ricochet rolled PAC into the center of the ring and nailed him with an enzuguri. He posed for the crowd before covering PAC, but Yoshino made the save.

CIMA & Ricochet hit a series of double team kicks on PAC. CIMA then applied a stump puller on PAC in the middle of the ring. CIMA then sat down on PAC and got a nearfall. The crowd chanted for PAC, who held his leg. CIMA tied up PAC in the ropes. Ricochet then got a running start and nailed him with a clothesline. Ricochet held up PAC and CIMA came off the top and nailed him with a doublestomp, but PAC kicked out at the last second. The crowd began clapping louder in support of PAC. PAC fired back on Ricochet. He then took down CIMA, but Ricochet came back into the rind and nailed him with a kick. Ricochet taunted PAC, who fired up and took him down. PAC hit a standing SSP and tagged in Yoshino.

The crowd roared as Yoshino ran wild at rapid speed. Yoshino hit a fantastic variation of the DDT and the crowd went nuts for the 2 count. Yoshino went up top, but missed a dropkick. Ricochet caught him with a neckbreaker and hit a standing moonsault for a 2 count. Ricochet lightly kicked Yoshino. Yoshino countered an Irish whip and locked in from jungle. The action broke down with PAC and CIMA entering the ring. CIMA hit a slingshot doublestomp on PAC for a 2 count.

The crowd applauded as PAC struggled to his feet. CIMA slammed PAC to the mat and Ricochet hit a running SSP for a nearfall. The feed froze momentarily when it came back PAC & Yoshino were in control. Ricochet hit his signature missile dropkick/senton combo on CIMA and Ricochet. He got a 2 count on Ricochet. PAC went up top, but Ricochet caught him with a Spanish fly and all four men were down. CIMA got the better of PAC and Ricochet hit a 630 on PAC, but Yoshino made the save at the last second and the crowd erupted in applause. Yoshino and Ricochet went at it. Yoshino hit the lighting spiral and locked in the sol naciente. PAC held CIMA back on the outside. Ricochet screamed in pain. Tozawa got on the apron and PAC went after him. CIMA accidentally kicked the ref going after PAC.

CIMA asked the Blood Warriors to get in the ring. Junction Three then got into the ring to even the odds. Lee came in and nailed Yoshino with a big boot. CIMA followed with shwine, but Yoshino kicked out and the crowd erupted and chanted for Yoshino. CIMA went for a package piledriver, but Yoshino countered it into a code red for a nearfall. Yoshino got multiple nearfalls on CIMA. PAC then went up top and hit British airways on CIMA, but Ricochet ran in and broke it up and the crowd went mental. Wow! That was a great nearfall. Yoshino fired up and set up CIMA on the top rope. Both men struggled, but CIMA got Yoshino on his shoulders. Yoshino hit the shwine off the second rope and Yoshino kicked out and the entire place got on their feet. CIMA hit meteora off the top for the win with PAC being held back from making the save.

Winners: CIMA & Ricochet to become the new Open the United Gate Champions

Star rating: (****1/2) – What a phenomenal match. Wow! They built up the match with long heat segments. I loved the heel work of CIMA and Ricochet as they worked over PAC for the bulk of the match. The last ten minutes of the match were pure electricity with great nearfalls. The entire building simply came to their feet and erupted for each nearfall for each time while being firmly behind Yoshino & PAC. The crowd was great at the finish booing the heck out of CIMA & Ricochet. This match is worth the price of admission on its own.

After the match, the Blood Warriors posed with both sets of titles. The crowd booed the finish because the heels won, which is a great sign for DGUSA. CIMA & Ricochet pretended to urinate like dogs on the Open the United Gate titles before flipping off the crowd. The crowd booed Ricochet so loudly once he got on the mic that it was impossible to hear what he said. Each time Ricochet tried to talk the crowd got all over him and drowned him out. Ricochet raised his voice and said tonight they proved to PAC that they are the best tag team in the world. Ricochet said he was the best high-flyer in all the world. CIMA got on the mic and laughed manically. He told the fans to shut up and they booed louder. CIMA then flipped off the crowd with the rest of the Blood Warriors.

Overall score (n/a): - I can’t give this a score because of the technical problems that hampered some of the matches during the course of the show. What I can tell you is that the beginning of the show was red hot with several good matches.

The show finished with a fantastic match between Gargano and Doi. This was a star making win for Gargano, who challenged YAMATO to an Open the Freedom Gate Championship match after beating Doi.

The main event was simply amazing. The crowd heat was off the charts for the finish and both teams told a good story leading into an insane finishing sequence that had the entire crowd on their feet. The loud boos for Ricochet & CIMA winning the United Gate titles tells me DGUSA is headed in the right direction. I see so many good matches on the independents where heels win and the crowd celebrates and chants “that was awesome” after the match. Tonight the crowd booed the heck out of CIMA & Ricochet while they celebrated with the Blood Warriors.

DGUSA has really set themselves up for a hot string of shows in November. This is a very good show and they did a good job of fixing the lighting for the second half of the show. Unfortunately the stream wasn’t working at times, but those issues should be addressed when this goes up as a VOD on WWNLive in the near future. This show is well-worth going out of your way to see once the production issues are cleaned up, which shouldn’t take long.

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