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RADICAN'S DGUSA "Open the Ultimate Gate 2012" iPPV Report 3/30 - Yoshino & Ricochet vs. Gargano & Taylor, PAC vs. Low Ki

Mar 30, 2012 - 10:56:47 PM

By Sean Radican, Torch columnist

MARCH 30, 2012

Show started with a shot of a hot crowd cheering.

Rich Swann is out first doing his signature beat-boxing entrance. The whole crowd is standing and clapping along to Swann’s rap. Swann asked the crowd, “Who’s ready to party?” The crowd cheered. Swann then led the crowd in a call and response chant for Ronin. A.R. Fox came out next to a nice ovation.

1 - - A.R. FOX vs. RICH SWANN

Action started hot and heavy with a great sequence that ended with Swann hitting a nice dropkick. Swann is now in the World-1 International stable and is wearing their colors tonight. So, in other words, he’s got new gear. Fox fired back with a spinning fisherman buster. Fox missed his kick flip off the ringpost to the outside and landed on his feet. Swann then went for a moonsault off the apron and barely connected, but the crowd popped anyway. The fans broke into a “We love wrestling” chant. Fox fired back inside the ring. He skinned the cat in the corner and nailed Swann with a kick. He then hit another big kick in the corner and the crowd went nuts.

Fox dominated the action for several minutes and grabbed a headlock. They did some chain wrestling and Fox hit a slick inverted DDT on Swann for a nearfall. Swann cut off Fox on the top rope and leapt up to the top rope and hit a hurricanrana that left both men down on the mat. The crowd fired up as Swann went on the attack. Both men traded blows in the middle of the ring. Swann hit a rolling thunder frogsplash for a nearfall. Fox fired back with an insane DVD. The then hit a big swanton off the top for a nearfall. Swann rolled to the outside as the crowd went nuts. Fox set up and hit an inverted 450 to the outside on Swann. Swann went for a guillotine legdrop off the apron a short time later, but Swann rolled out of the way and both men were down.

Swann hit a handspring ace crusher for a nearfall. Swann then went up and hit a huge frog splash, but Fox kicked out again. The crowd roared as both men regrouped. They exchanged pinning combinations for a couple of nearfalls for each man. Swann hit a huge superkick on Fox. He went up top, but Fox nailed him with a kick. Fox then hit Lo Mein pain for the win.

Winner: A.R. Fox

Star rating: (***3/4) – Holy crap that awesome.

Open the United Gate Champions Ricochet and CIMA came down to the ring. CIMA said he loves DGUSA and the USA. He said he can’t wrestle because of his neck. He said he was sorry. The crowd said they still love him and chanted CIMA’s name. CIMA said they had to vacate the titles and the crowd booed. Taylor and Gargano then came down to the ring. Taylor got on the mic and said CIMA & Ricochet were supposed to face Ronin for the titles. Taylor said they should just give Ronin the titles and they would get out of the building. Gargano got on the mic and the crowd chanted his name. Gargano said he would love to go to the beach, but he said he wasn’t alright with this. Gargano said he doesn’t want to win the titles that way. Gargano talked about earning the Open the Freedom Gate title. Gargano said if they took the titles they were themselves and the fans. Gargano said they were only going to become the Open the United Gate Champions by proving they’re the best tag team in the world today. Yoshino came in the ring and said he wants to defend the United Gate title. He then told Gargano not to unsult him again. Ricochet got on the mic and agreed to team with Yoshino if it was alright with CIMA. CIMA agreed and the crowd applauded.

Several women came out with the Scene. Caleb Konley made out with one of the women. Larry Dallas came down to ringside with Shelly Martinez. They’ve got some high quality ladies tonight, including Sassy Stephanie and Amber O’Neal. All three of the women grinded around on Dallas, Reed, and Konley. They appear to be simulating a giant orgy.

Bobby Fish came out and Dallas taunted him for not having a partner. Dallas said Reed & Konley are the hottest team on the scene. Dallas told Fish to go to the back. Fish pointed to the back and Tommy Dreamer came out from the back and the fans went nuts.

2 - - THE SCENE (Scott Reed & Caleb Konley w/Larry Dallas) vs. TOMMY DREAMER & BOBBY FISH

Dreamer immediately got a cross face on Konley. Fish then nailed him with a running kick. Dreamer and Fish then went after Reed. The fans chanted for Dreamer as he worked over Reed. Fish hit a dropkick on Reed and knocked Konley off the apron. Fish faked a dive and then Dreamer got a running start on the apron and wiped out Konley and Reed. Konley crotched Dreamer on the guardrail. Stephanie and Dallas slammed the guardrail on Dreamer’s crotch before Fish chased them off. Konley and Fish went to work on Dreamer back inside the ring. The crowd chanted stupid haircut at Dallas. Leonard agreed with them on commentary. The Scene worked over Konley for a long period of time. Dreamer finally cut off Konley and tagged in Fish.

Fish went to work on Reed and took him down with a big kick. Fish continued to run wild on Konley and Reed with strikes to the legs. He then locked in a leg submission on Reed, but Konley broke it up. Dreamer ran into the ring and locked a sharpshooter on Konley, but Dallas got on the apron. Stephanie jumped Dreamer from behind. Dreamer grabbed Stephanie, but O’Neal ran in the ring. Dreamer grabbed them both by the hair and did a triple kiss. Dreamer then set up Stephanie and nailed her with the piledriver and the crowd went nuts and chanted ECW. Konley ran in and hit a lung blower on Dreamer. Fish then caught Konley with the fish hook and he tapped.

Winners: Bobby Fish & Tommy Dreamer

Star rating: (**3/4) – This was a fun tag match. The Scene’s entrance looks like the beginning of a bad porno film.

After the match, Martinez was bent over and you could see just about everything. Dreamer went after Shelley. Shelley slapped him across the face. Dreamer teased a kiss and got grossed out. Shelley then mounted Dreamer and kissed him. Dreamer then took Shelley and spanked her and the crowd went nuts.


Callihan slammed Hulk hard into the corner during the early stages of the match. Leonard explained the latest group of factions to emerge in Dragon Gate in Japan. Callihan dragged Hulk into the corner and slammed his leg against the ringpost. Hulk fired back with a series of kicks and the crowd applauded. Hulk took Callihan down and put the boots to him in the corner. Callihan spit at Hulk, so Hulk grabbed him and nailed him with several knee strikes. Kristina Von Eerie came down the entranceway and stared at the ring. Hulk continued to kick away at Callihan inside the ring. Callihan told Hulk to bring it, so Hulk kicked him right in the face. Callihan yelled at Hulk again, so he kicked him right in the face. Callihan dragged himself up to his feet again. Hulk nailed Callihan with a combination of kicks, but missed a charge in the corner. Callihan then hit a DVD and a slingshot splash off the ropes. Callihan sent Hulk to the outside and then wiped him out with a dive through the ropes. Callihan got a running start and clotheslined Hulk over the guardrail. The crowd applauded as Callihan took a moment to gather himself. Hulk fired back with a kick to the head and tossed Callihan into the ring.

The crowd went crazy as Hulk hit a springboard heel kick. Von Eerie smiled and walked down to the ring. Hulk and Callihan battled up top. Callihan went for a sunset bomb, but Hulk wouldn’t let go. Callihan then superkicked Hulk’s knee and applied a half crab. Hulk struggled, but couldn’t get the ropes. Hulk fired up again and got the ropes the second time. Hulk fired up and hit a kick on Callihan before hitting a standing twisting senton for a 2 count. Hulk slipped going for a springboard and favored his leg. Callihan went right back after Hulk’s leg and grabbed the stretch muffler. Hulk teased tapping, but managed to roll up Callihan for a nearfall. Callihan blocked a kick from Hulk and superkicked his knee.

Von Eerie got up on the apron and asked Callihan to come over to her. She then spit wine in Callihan’s face. Hulk hit first flash and pinned Callihan.

Winner: BxB Hulk

Star rating: (***1/4) – The action was good throughout. The drama of the match just wasn’t as high because people got the idea Von Eerie was going to interfere before the finish. Hulk didn’t sell Callihan’s work on his legs very well either.

After the match, Von Eerie raised Hulk’s hand. She’s in Hulk’s stable now apparently. Callihan recovered and got on the mic. He said usually he loves girls spitting alcohol on him. Callihan said he shouldn’t trust women. Callihan yelled that he’s not mad. Callihan said what he really cares about is Sabu. Callihan yelled Sabu’s name and said that’s all he can think about. Callihan said Sabu is worthless. He said Sabu is old. The lights cut out and Sabu was in the ring when the lights came back on. Sabu got the camel clutch on Callihan, but Cannon and Sanchez ran in and went to work on Sabu. Davis and Fox ran down to the ring and a brawl broke out. Sabu took Cannon down and hit a slingshot leg drop on Cannon.

4 - - PINKIE SANCHEZ & ARIK CANNON vs. JON DAVIS & SABU – Street Fight Rules

Davis picked up Sanchez on the outside and dropped him down on the apron. Sanchez hit a low blow on Davis, but he fired back and choked him with his shirt before slamming him to the mat for a 2 count. Cannon and Sabu brawled on the outside while Davis went to town on Sanchez inside the ring. Sanchez fired back and dropkicked Davis’s knee. He then hit a running kick to Davis’s face. Davis fired back and sent Sanchez to the outside. Cannon and Sabu got in the ring and went at it. Sabu nailed Cannon with a spike several times. Cannon came up bleeding and Sabu continued to carve him up with the spike before hitting air Sabu in the corner. Cannon caught Sabu going for a splash in the corner and hit total anarchy, but Davis broke it up before the ref could count.

The crowd has died down a bit since the beginning of the show. Davis ducked a clothesline from Cannon and hit a big spinebuster. Davis then hit a diving leg lariat, but Sanchez broke up the pin. Cannon and Sanchez isolated Davis and went to work on him. Sabu ran into the ring, but Cannon took him out. Davis fired back and tossed Sanchez to the outside. Davis then hit a big lariat on Cannon after ducking a punch. The crowd woke up as Sabu set up Cannon on the table. Sanchez tried to make the save, but Davis pounced him. Sabu drove Cannon through a table with a leg drop. Davis grabbed Sanchez and hit a spinning powerbomb on Sanchez for the pin.

Winners: Jon Davis & Sabu

Star rating: (**) – This was fine for what it was, but the crowd was dead for most of the match and it wasn’t very exciting.

Callihan jumped Sabu after the match. Callihan got a broken bottle and teased attacking Sabu with it before tossing the bottle aside and nailing Sabu with a forearm. Callihan taunted Sabu on the mic and put the boots to him. Callihan told Sabu he wants him to spend all night thinking about their match tomorrow. Callihan said tomorrow would be Sabu’s last match. Callihan said Sabu was going to get killed tomorrow by the Callihan Death Machine. Callihan said he was going to drink.

5 - - MASAAKI MOCHIZUKI vs. AKIRA TOZAWA (w/BxB Hulk, Christina Von Eerie)

Mochizuki teased locking up with Tozawa, but ended up nailing him with a huge kick. The pack picked up and Tozawa escaped a trip and nailed Mochizuki with a dropkick. Mochizuki fired back and nailed Tozawa with a big kick that sent him off the apron to the outside. The crowd chanted for Mochizuki as Tozawa regrouped on the outside. Mochizuki went to work on Tozawa and nailed him with a series of kicks. Mochizuki then targeted Tozawa’s leg and nailed it with a big running kick. Mochizuki locked in a leg submission and kicked Tozawa right in the head when he tried to sit up. Tozawa tried to fire back, but Mochizuki caught him with a variation of the divorce court and then locked in a figure 4 arm bar. Mochizuki continued to work on Tozawa’s arm and locked in another submission, but Tozawa got the ropes.

Von Eerie got in Mochizuki’s way, but he nailed Tozawa with a running kick anyway. Tozawa reversed a whip on the outside and sent Mochizuki into the ringpost. Tozawa went for a German on the apron, but Mochizuki fought free. Mochizuki blocked a kick from Tozawa and eventually hit a divorce court on the apron. He then followed up with a kick to Tozawa’s arm and the crowd chanted for Mochizuki. Tozawa fired back a short time later and hit a Saito suplex. He then hit a dive to the outside. Mochizuki fired back and kicked Tozawa on the apron. Tozawa kicked Mochizuki back to the floor and hit another dive through the ropes and the crowd went nuts.

Tozawa went to work on Mochizuki and nailed him with a big slam. He followed up with a standing senton, but could only get a 2 count. Tozawa put the boots to Mochizuki in the corner. He then distracted the ref and Von Eerie chocked Mochizuki against the ropes. Mochizuki went for a tombstone, but Tozawa reversed it and hit a tombstone of his own. Tozawa followed up with a Boston crab. But Mochizuki got the ropes. Tozawa talked to junk to Mochizuki as he kicked away at him. Mochizuki then wiped out Tozawa with one big kick. Tozawa fired back and hit a series of chops in the corner Kobashi style. Mochizuki then no-sold a punch to the face and sent Tozawa down with one punch. Tozawa went for a running start, but Mochizuki cut him off with a running kick in the corner. Mochizuki then took down Tozawa with another kick in the opposite corner and the crowd applauded. Mochizuki hit a huge running kick in the corner. He followed up with a running kick to Tozawa’s chest, but only got a 2 count.

Tozawa rolled through on Mochizuki and hit a shining wizard for a 2 count. The crowd applauded as Tozawa gathered himself. Mochizuki blocked a kick from his knees and nailed Tozawa with a series of kicks and the crowd applauded. Mochizuki covered Tozawa, but only got a 2 count. Mochizuki stalked Tozawa as the crowd applauded. Both men exchanged blows in the middle of the ring. Tozawa then cut off Mochizuki going for a springboard and nailed him with a German off the top. Both men battled for position, but Tozawa caught Mochizuki with a German with a bridge. Mochizuki kicked out and got a kimura. He then countered to a cross-arm breaker. Tozawa escaped and hit a dead-lift German, but Mochizuki kicked out. The entire crowd stood and applauded with both men down. Mochizuki hit a series of kicks on Tozawa, but only got a 2 count. He then hit a springboard kick to Tozawa’s head for the pin.

Winner: Masaaki Mochizuki

Star rating: (****1/4) – Awesome match. This thing built and built to the end with some great striking and submission work from Mochizuki. The crowd exploded heat was insane towards the end and at one point; they had the entire building on their feet.

The crowd chanted that was awesome after the match. Von Eerie got on the mic and said she had a message for Mochizuki. She then hit Mochizuki with a nut shot. Von Eerie bailed to the outside and smiled.


Ricochet came into the booth with Leonard. Del Sol ran wild during the early going. Del Sol hit a crazy dive over the top rope that popped the crowd. Del Sol then hit a flipping springboard splash for a 2 count. Vandal cut off Del Sol in the corner a short time later with a spine buster. Vandal hit a big running boot to the head and covered Del Sol for a 2 count. Del Sol tried to fire back, but Vandal countered him with a TKO. Vandal went up top and hit the double knees for a 2 count. Del Sol hit a springboard reverse hurricanrana and the crowd popped. He covered Vandal and got the pin.

Winner: Samurai Del Sol – This was a good showcase for Del Sol. He hit some nice moves and looked impressive working against an enhancement talent in Vandal.

Low Ki came out to a big pop from the Florida crowd. PAC came out next to another big pop.

7 - - LOW KI vs. PAC

Cannon came in with Leonard on commentary. The crowd was split and took turns chanting for both men. PAC drove Low Ki’s shoulders to the mat, but he used his neck to keep a bridge. Low Ki fired up and drove PAC’s shoulders to the mat. Low Ki then mounted PAC and landed a couple of strikes to break PAC’s bridge. Both men exchanged pinning combinations and came to a stalemate as the crowd applauded. PAC grabbed a leg submission, but Low Ki rolled him up for a 2 count. Both men reset before locking up again. Low Ki went for a big kick, but PAC got out of the way. PAC hit a hip toss and grabbed a front face lock. Low Ki got to his feet and pushed PAC towards the ropes before nailing him with a big kick to the chest. PAC drove Ki into the corner, but didn’t offer a clean break. Low Ki ducked a charge from PAC and nailed him with a kick to the chest. The pace picked up as PAC flipped off the ropes and nailed Ki with a headbutt to the chest. PAC then hit a flipping fireman’s carry on Ki. The crowd was silent and engrossed in the action during the early stages of the match.

Cannon told Leonard the people watching on iPPV love him and hate Leonard, which was funny. PAC locked in a figure 4 headscissors on Ki on the mat. The crowd started chanting for both men as Ki rolled into the ropes to finally break the hold. Ki got up and nailed PAC with a big chop. Low Ki continued to pick apart PAC with a series of uppercuts. PAC fired back, but Ki nailed him with a running chop and the crowd gasped. PAC fired back with a big forearm. Ki fired back with a sick chop to PAC’s chest. Ki locked in a figure 4 on PAC’s neck. Neither man had gained an advantage for a sustained period of time up to this point in the match. PAC tried to get to his feet and eventually he drove Ki into the corner. PAC hit a series of elbows in the corner. Ki fired back with a headbutt. Ki then tossed PAC to the outside. PAC got up on the apron. Both men battled for position with Ki still inside the ring. PAC went for a suplex to the outside, but Ki hit a knee strike to PAC’s head. PAC ducked a big kick from Ki and then nailed him with a springboard hurricanrana. Ki flew to the outside. PAC went for a springboard, but Ki tripped him on the apron. Ki then hit another big chop and the crowd gasped. The crowd asked for another chop, but PAC drove Ki into the guardrail with his legs.

PAC went up top and hit an insane corkscrew dive to the outside and the crowd stood and went crazy. The crowd then chanted that was splendid at PAC. The ref counted for Low Ki, who was down on the outside. Low Ki struggled, but beat the count. PAC covered Ki right away and got a nearfall. Ki fired back and nailed PAC’s chest with a big kick. Ki bounced off the ropes, but PAC launched him high in the air and crashed to the mat for a 2 count. The crowd clapped with both men down on the mat. PAC tried to go up top, but Ki grabbed his leg while still down on the mat. Ki eventually sent PAC face-first into the top turnbuckle. Ki was slow to get up to capitalize. Ki got a running start and hit a handspring running boot into the corner, but only got a 2 count.

Cannon plugged his twitter as Ki lit up PAC with a chop in the corner. Ki hit another big chop in the corner and whipped PAC into the corner before connecting with a running forearm. Ki went up top and went for a phoenix splash, but PAC got out of the way. PAC then set Ki up and went to the second rope and connected with a phoenix splash for a nearfall and the crowd applauded. Low Ki ducked a springboard and connected with a back heel kick. Ki dragged PAC to the corner and went up top. PAC got up and tripped Ki as he set up for warrior’s way. PAC eventually connected with a top rope hurricanrana. PAC set up Ki on the mat and went up top. PAC went for British airways, but Ki got out of the way. Ki went up top again and hit Warrior’s Way for the pin.

Winner: Low Ki

Star rating: (***3/4) – They seemed to be setting up for more down the stretch, but Low Ki ended up ducking PAC’s British airways before going up top and connecting with Warriors Way. The match was very good, but they never really drove the crowd to a fever-pitch down the stretch.

Low Ki got on the mic and told PAC that he’s incredible. The crowd chanted for PAC. Ki said that was the true sport of professional wrestling. Ki said he’d be more than happy to face PAC again. Ki then reached through the ropes and shook PAC’s hand.

Ki said the match was a championship matchup. Ki said the more people that could perform at that level, the more value the people got for their money. Ki said there should be a championship in EVOLVE and he would go one-on-one with anyone to make that happen. Ki said he does this for the fans and the crowd applauded.

Big pop for Gargano and Taylor coming out for the main event. Ricochet and Yoshino also got a nice pop coming out.

8 - - MASATO YOSHINO & RICOCHET vs. JOHNNY GARGANO & CHUCK TAYLOR (w/Rich Swann) – Open the United Gate title match for the vacant Open the United Gate titles

The crowd chanted for Yoshino as he circled around Gargano. They then chanted for Gargano. Both men exchanged strikes before Yoshino took down Gargano with a dropkick. Gargano fired back and hit a doublestomp to Yoshino’s back. Gargano followed up with a neckbreaker. Gargano posed for the fans and Ricochet tagged himself in and took out Gargano. Taylor tagged in and went at it with Ricochet at a high speed. Taylor eventually hit an overhead suplex on Ricochet and the crowd popped. Ricochet cut off Gargano and hit a neck breaker. Yoshino and Ricochet then made a wish with Gargano’s legs. Ricochet and Yoshino hit a double suplex. Ricochet then hit a nice standing moonsault for a 2 count. Gargano fired back and caught Ricochet with a slingshot spear. He then ran across the ring and hit a dive to wipe out Yoshino as Taylor nailed Ricochet with a springboard moonsault.

Taylor worked over Ricochet before tagging in Gargano. Gargano targeted Ricochet’s legs and locked in a nice arm/leg combination submission. The crowd applauded the submission, but Yoshino made the save. Taylor tagged in and caught Ricochet with a nice dropkick before blowing a kiss to Yoshino. Ricochet tried to crawl to his own corner with Taylor holding on, but Gargano kicked him down to the mat. Ricochet went for a standing rotating splash, but Gargano kicked him up in the air with his legs and the crowd chanted for him. The crowd applauded for Taylor as he tagged back into the match and continued the work on Ricochet. Taylor went up top, but Ricochet ducked a moonsault. Ricochet hit a kick in the corner and a diving springboard lariat that left both men down. Both men tagged out and the pace picked up. Yoshino took out Gargano with sling blade. Taylor caught Yoshino coming off the top, but Yoshino turned it into a spinning DDT. Taylor finally caught Yoshino with a spinebuster and applied a half crab. Yoshino got the ropes and the crowd applauded. A short time later, Yoshino caught Taylor in from jungle, but Gargano kicked him off right away. The action broke down with Ricochet and Gargano going at it. Ricochet caught Gargano from behind with an ace crusher. He then caught Gargano with a standing high-flying move for a 2 count.

Gargano fired back with a lawn dart, super kick, and standing sliced bread #2, but Yoshino made the save. The crowd applauded as Gargano went back on the attack. Yoshino and Ricochet hit an insane series of tandem offense on Gargano capped with a SSP press off Yoshino’s back onto Gargano, but Taylor made the save. The crowd went nuts for that spot! Taylor countered a double team maneuver and held onto Yoshino for a running knee strike on Gargano. The action continued at a rapid pace with Taylor eventually tossing Ricochet to Gargano for an ace crusher. The crowd went nuts after Ricochet kicked out and Cannon seemed genuinely amazed by the action on commentary. Suddenly Yoshino came out of nowhere and hit a flurry of offense on Gargano. Yoshino then hit a dropkick on Taylor, but his senton didn’t connect flush with Gargano. The crowd chanted for Gargano after he kicked out. Yoshino went for sol naciente. They did an exchange of insane counters and Yoshino put Gargano in the Gargano escape, but Taylor broke it up and the crowd went nuts.

Taylor and Yoshino went at it. Taylor hit sole food on Yoshino. Taylor then hit a DDT right into hurts don’t it on Yoshino. Gargano made the cover, but Taylor went tossed Gargano off and made the cover himself. Swann jawed with Taylor on the outside. Taylor grabbed the Open the Freedom Gate title at ringside. Yoshino ended up hitting a 630 on Taylor, but Gargano made the save.

Gargano and Ricochet had a great exchange of strikes in the middle of the ring. Gargano ended the sequence with a discus lariat and the crowd exploded. Everyone got to their feet and chanted Dragon Gate. Ricochet fired up and sent Gargano to the outside. He wiped out Gargano with an insane twisting press over the top to the outside. Yoshino took down Taylor and locked in sol naciente. Taylor ended up submitting to the hold.

Winners: Masato Yoshino & Ricochet to become the new Open the United Gate Champions

Star rating: (****1/4) – This was a really good match. Both teams got heat segments before turning the heat up for the last 10 minutes or so of the match. Ricochet pulled off an incredible dive down the stretch leading into a great finishing sequence with Taylor tapping out to Yoshino. Taylor’s actions down the stretch weren’t a surprise given that he’s teased a heel turn before. Overall, this was a blast to watch.

Yoshino signaled he would win the title tomorrow. The crowd chanted for Yoshino. The crowd then chanted for Ricochet. They then chanted for CIMA, who was on the outside. Gargano got in the ring and the crowd chanted for him. Taylor recovered and also got a chant from the crowd. The crowd then chanted “everyone” in appreciation for the match.

CIMA got on the mic and offered to shake Gargano’s hand. Taylor then jumped CIMA and wiped out Gargano with a superkick. Swann got in the ring. Yoshino and Ricochet got in the ring and glared at Taylor. The crowd chanted f—k you Chucky. Yoshino asked CIMA if he was alright. CIMA held his neck. Yoshino then got on the mic and told Gargano he would win the Open the Freedom Gate title tomorrow. He then thanked the fans for coming to the show. Gargano glared up at Yoshino as he asked the crowd if they had enjoyed the show. Yoshino promised DGUSA would come back. Actually they’re coming back tomorrow.

Overall thoughts: (8.5) – This was a very good show that provided a lot of fantastic action from start to finish. If you ordered this show for $2.00, you got a heck of a deal, as the next layer of DGUSA’s more important storylines unfolded tonight.

The opening match was red hot with A.R. Fox and Rich Swann tearing it up in front of a red hot crowd. Things slowed down a bit from there, but once Mochizuki and Tozawa hit the ring, the fans got right back into the show and went crazy for a fantastic back and forth battle.

The Low Ki vs. PAC match seemed to be building to something that would go much longer. The match itself was well-worked with some great exchanges, but it seemed like the design of the match would lead to a bigger series of exchanges before the finish. The crowd seemed quiet, but invested in the action as both men went back and forth with some nice submission work mixed in with some brutal strikes. The pace picked up, but the finish seemed to come out of nowhere and the crowd didn’t go crazy for the finish at first. Don’t get me wrong, the match was really good, but the finish caught me by surprise given how it was building. I’d love to see these two go at it again, as I feel the match did have a star vs. star aura to it, which greatly enhanced the atmosphere in the building.

The main event really delivered big time. Both teams pulled off some great double team maneuvers while wrestling for the vacated Open the United Gate titles. I wasn’t sure when Taylor’s turn was coming. They teased it during the match towards the end, but it was done in a way so that you weren’t sure whether or not Taylor would fully turn. I can’t say how impressed I was with the effort by all four men and Taylor was especially good after the match completing his heel turn.

If you have followed DGUSA storylines, the Taylor heel turn was really well-executed given that Ronin originally formed because of CIMA not accepting Gargano, Taylor, and Swann into his stable. CIMA finally offered Gargano respect after this match only to be attacked by Taylor from behind. Taylor then superkicked Gargano to complete the heel turn.

I’m really intrigued by the introduction of Von Eerie as a female valet for the Mad Blankey faction. She cost Callihan his match during the early stages of the show and also hit a low blow on Mochizuki after he beat Tozawa. It’s really nice to see a female get used this way in DGUSA. I haven’t seen a lot of Von Eerie’s work, but she was really good with her facial expressions and the way she carried herself in the ring.

I highly recommend purchasing the replay if you missed this show.

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PWTorch offers a VIP membership for $10 a month (or less with an annual sub). It includes nearly 25 years worth of archives from our coverage of pro wrestling dating back to PWTorch Newsletters from the late-'80s filled with insider secrets from every era that are available to VIPers in digital PDF format and Keller's radio show from the early 1990s.

Also, new exclusive top-shelf content every day including a new VIP-exclusive weekly 16 page digital magazine-style (PC and iPad compatible) PDF newsletter packed with exclusive articles and news.

The following features come with a VIP membership which tens of thousands of fans worldwide have enjoyed for many years...

-New Digital PWTorch Newsletter every week
-3 New Digital PDF Back Issues from 5, 10, 20 years ago
-Over 60 new VIP Audio Shows each week
-Ad-free access to all free articles
-VIP Forum access with daily interaction with PWTorch staff and well-informed fellow wrestling fans
-Tons of archived audio and text articles
-Decades of Torch Talk insider interviews in transcript and audio formats with big name stars.


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