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RADICAN'S CHIKARA "CHIKARASAURUS REX" iPPV REVIEW 6/2 - live coverage of event from Philadelphia

Jun 2, 2012 - 7:23:44 PM

By Sean Radican, Torch columnist

JUNE 6, 2012

A cool opening video began the show. The sound isn’t working very well. Gavin Loudspeaker introduced the show in front of a hot crowd.

Ophidian came out first wearing a new mask and ring gear. UltraMantis Black came down to the ring next to what sounded like a big ovation. This venue is really nice.


The announcers said Fire Ant had been taken out by the GEKIDO earlier and wouldn’t be in the ten man tag. Black got the upper hand on Ophidian during the early stages of the match, which made the crowd very happy. Ophidian fired back and choke Black with his sash. The crowd was red hot trying to rally behind Black, but Ophidian maintained the upper hand. Black fired back and dropped Ophidian face-first onto the top turnbuckle, but couldn’t capitalize. The crowd fired up and tried to rally behind Black once again, as Ophidian worked him over with a nasty submission that torqued his neck. Black caught Ophidian by surprise with an underhook suplex off the top and both men were down.

Black ran wild on Ophidian once both men got to their feet. Black hit the ocean cyclone with a bridge for a nearfall and the crowd fired up. Black lifted up Ophidian and drove him down with a modified falcon arrow for another nearfall. Ophidian snapped Black’s neck over the top rope and connected with the double knees off the top for a nearfall. Ophidian came off the top with the double knees again, but Black kicked out at the last second. Black ducked a charge in the corner and rolled up Ophidian in the corner for a nearfall. Ophidian fired back and hit a dropkick to the back of Black’s head. Ophidian locked in a bridging submission on Black’s neck, but he managed to break free. Ophidian grabbed Black’s staff. The ref took it away and Ophidian spit mist in Black’s face and rolled him up, but Black kicked out! Black then nailed Ophidian with the praying mantis bomb for the win.

Winner: UltraMantis Black

Star rating: (***1/4) – This was a fantastic opening match with some good back and forth action. Black finally closed the deal against a rival, which is something he hasn’t done in the past.

A highlight video aired chronicling the ongoing issues between Peck, Veronica, and the Throwbacks.

2 - - THE THROWBACKS (Dasher Hatfield & Mr. Touchdown) vs. MIXED MARTIAL ARCHIE & COLT CABANA – Loser Leaves Town match

Sugar Dunkerton is in on commentary. He said #CRex is trending on Twitter. Archie went for some MMA style takedowns on Touchdown, but wasn’t successful. Archie’s MMA gimmick is pretty darn funny. Archie caught Hatfield out of nowhere with a triangle and the crowd chanted for him to tap, but he got the ropes. Archie came off the top, but ended up landing on his feet and did some ground and pound on Hatfield. He then went after Touchdown with lefts and rights. They battled on the outside and Touchdown caught Archie with a spinebuster on the stage. Cabana finally ran up to Touchdown and tossed him back into the ring. Cabana ran wild on Touchdown and Hatfield back inside the ring and the crowd ate it up.

Cabana missed the flying apple in the corner and The Throwbacks took him down with their version of total elimination. The Throwbacks went to work on Cabana tagging in and out to work him over. Hatfield swung for the fences, but Cabana tripped him. Touchdown came in and did a back flip before charging at Cabana, but he got nailed with a clothesline. Archie still wasn’t in the corner for Cabana to tag out to. Cabana fired up on Touchdown and Hatfield, but got hit with an ace crusher/rollup combination for a 2 count. Cabana tried to hit a superplex, but Touchdown tossed Cabana and his partner to the floor. The announcers questioned Touchdown’s strategy of tossing his partner to the outside. The ref’s count reached 17, but Peck’s music played and Archibald Peck came out and marched down to the ring. He’s the same guy as Mixed Martial Archie, but don’t tell CHIKARA I said that.

Peck got the tag from Cabana and ran wild on Mr. Touchdown. Peck continued to run wild on Touchdown as the crowd chanted for him. Peck took off his band leader outfit and went up top as the crowd went nuts. Suddenly, Veronica came out on the stage. Peck looked at Veronica and came off the top, but Touchdown caught him with an ace crusher for a nearfall. The crowd cheered at Peck’s kick out. Touchdown went to charge at Peck, but Cabana ran out of nowhere and hit the flying apple. He then applied the billy goat’s curse submission, but Hatfield broke it up. Hatfield took out Cabana with a dive to the outside. Veronica came into the ring and dropped Peck’s baton between Peck and Touchdown. They came face-to-face near the baton. The fans fired up as they fought over the baton. Hatfield then took the baton from both men and handed it to the ref. Touchdown then hit Peck with his helmet with the ref distracted for the win. The crowd booed at the finish.

Winners: Dasher Hatfield & Mr. Touchdown – Also have 3 points and a tag title shot in the bank now.

Star rating: (**3/4) – The match dragged a little bit in the middle with Cabana going at it by himself, but the finish played nicely into the ongoing storyline.

After the match Veronica stood between Peck and Touchdown. She then grabbed Touchdown and began making out with him. Peck looked dejected and left the ring.

A video package played with Icarus narrating footage of his ongoing feud with Gran Akuma. Icarus said he wanted everyone to see him fail. Icarus said he was going to put a CHIKARA contract just out of his reach in a Ladder match.

Icarus came out first to a chorus of boos. Gran Akuma was out next to cheers. Greg Iron was then introduced as the special guest ref.

3 - - GRAN AKUMA vs. ICARUS – Ladder match for Gran Akuma’s CHIKARA contract w/ Greg Iron as the special guest referee

Icarus teased taking off his jacket, so Akuma charged at him and went to town with some punches in the corner. The announcers said Icarus has been stacking the deck against Akuma for several months. Akuma went and got a ladder. Icarus fired it into Akuma’s mid-section and went to work on him as the fans booed. Icarus ended up hurting himself using the ladder on Akuma. Icarus slammed Akuma on the ladder and nailed him with a legdrop. Icarus hurt himself using the ladder on Akuma again and the crowd chanted thank you ladder. Akuma fired back and hit a tombstone lung blower and the crowd went crazy. Akuma powerbombed Icarus into the ladder a short time later, which drew the yes chant from the fans.

Icarus grabbed Akuma off the ladder and nailed him with a suplex. Icarus climbed the ladder and Akuma went for a powerbomb, but Icarus countered it into a hurricanrana followed by a spear. Akuma fired back a short time later with a slingshot into the ladder followed by a suplex and the crowd chanted for Akuma. Akuma headed to the back with Icarus down on the mat. He brought out a mega-ladder and the crowd chanted yes once again. Akuma tried to put the ladder into the ring, but Icarus leg dropped it into his face. Icarus hit a DVD into the corner on Akuma on the ladder, but once again the ladder fell down on Icarus while he was on offense and the crowd thanked the ladder again.

Icarus crawled up the ladder, but Akuma pushed it out from under him. Akuma tried to spin around with the ladder around his neck, but Icarus avoided it. Icarus then took a DVD from Akuma onto a stationary ladder on the mat and the crowd popped. Akuma set up the big ladder and the crowd chanted please be careful. Akuma went up top and hit a HUGE frog splash off the big ladder onto Icarus and the crowd went crazy. Taylor and Gargano ran down to the ring and tossed the ref out of the ring. They then brought a table down to the ring as the crowd booed. Taylor and Gargano held Akuma on the table, but Iron chased them off with a chain. Icarus climbed the big ladder towards the clipboard, but Akuma snuck up from behind him. Akuma then hit a huge powerbomb on Icarus through the table and the crowd went nuts as the announcers said you never see something like this in CHIAKRA, but the stakes are high. Akuma climbed the ladder and grabbed the contract as the crowd went nuts.

Winner: Gran Akuma to win back his CHIAKRA contract

Star rating: (****1/4) – This was an awesome ladder match with fantastic heat. Once gain CHIKARA storylines paid off and the fans were invested in a big way in this match. Icarus was so good as a heel here that it made Akuma’s win that much sweeter.

4 - - THE BATRI (Kobald & Obariyon & Kodama) vs. SATURYNE & SARA DEL REY – 3 on 2 inter-gender handicap match

Del Rey and Saturyne jumped the Batiri and ran wild during the early stages of the match. They isolated Kobalt and he bailed from the ring. Kodama and Obariyon ran in and got rolled up for stereo two counts and the crowd applauded. The Batiri fired back and isolated Del Rey. Kobald nailed her with a spear and choked her on the mat. The Batiri continued to isolate Del Rey and Kobald bit away at her stomach in the corner. Del Rey tried to fire back and managed to duck a charge from Kobald. The crowd fired up and Del Rey hit a rolling senton off the apron and the crowd went crazy. Saturyne then set up and took out the Batiri with a springboard splash and the crowd went nuts again.

Del Rey hit some kicks on Kodama inside the ring as the crowd chanted yes with each kick. Delirious was shown making his way down to ringside, but Obariyon ran in and nailed her with a running kick. Delirious said something to Obariyon and Kodama that distracted them. Saturyne ended up in the ring with Kobald and nailed him with a big bulldog, but Kodama broke it up. The Batiri hit an insane assisted dropkick on Saturyne and then hit a combination move on her in the corner, but she managed to kick out of the pin from Kodama. Del Rey ran in and took out Kodama. She then went after Obariyon on the turnbuckles. He licked her face and shoved Del Rey off, but Del Rey greeted him with a kick coming off the top and nailed him with several kicks to the head for a nearfall.

Delirious came into the ring and hit a slam on Saturyne. Del Rey went after him, but Delirious nailed her with a panic attack in the corner.

Winners: Saturyne and Del Rey via DQ. The action was good while the match lasted, but I just wasn’t into Delirious’s interference to stop the match.

The crowd booed after the match. Delirious appeared to kiss each member of the Batiri on the head and they followed him to the back.

Del Rey and Saturyne got a nice ovation once they recovered from the fans.

They went to intermission and played some videos.

5 - - TIM DONST vs. HALLOWICKED – Hair vs. Mask match

Hallowicked dominated the action during the early stages of the match. The announcers mentioned Donst had won their last encounter. Donst fired back and slammed Hallowicked by the mask into the mat. The fans tried to rally behind Hallowicked, but Donst sent him to the outside and nailed him with a dive. Donst hit a rolling neckbreaker a short time later, but Hallowicked caught him by surprise with a pop-up powerbomb. The crowd seemed split at this point chanting for both men as they were slow to recover. Hallowicked worked over Donst, but Donst caught him by surprise with a modified cross-face, but Hallowicked got the ropes. Donst played to the crowd, which drew a mixed reaction. Both men fought out to the apron. Hallowicked pushed Donst off and went for a dive, but Donst got out of the way.

Donst grabbed the YLC’s belonging to him and Hallowicked. The crowd chanted no as Donst posed with the trophies. They brawled to the ramp and Hallowicked hit a flap jack on the steps. Donst tried some underhanded tactics and the ref threatened to DQ him. Hallowicked went back and forth, but Donst managed to catch him with a suplex into the turnbuckles. They battled up top and Hallowicked hit a sit out powerbomb for a nearfall. Hallowicked charged for a knee in the corner, but Donst dragged the ref in front of him. Hallowicked locked in a variation of the CHIKARA special and Donst tapped, but the ref was down. Donst grabbed a chair, but Hallowicked grabbed the YLC and threatened to destroy it. Hallowicked tossed the cup at Donst and nailed him with a running kick, but only got a nearfall.

The crowd went crazy as Hallowicked tried to revive the ref. Donst hit a low blow and grabbed a choke with a shoelace as the crowd booed. The ref came over and began to check on Hallowicked. The ref checked Hallowicked’s arm twice and on the third check it went down and Donst won.

UltraMantis Black said we had seen a blatant violation of the rules and this couldn’t be happening. Hallowicked has to take his mask off now. The fans seemed shocked that Donst won. Black on commentary said the ref should reverse his decision. The ref raised Donst’s hand and found the shoelace.

The ref said Donst had used an illegal object and ordered the match to be restarted. Hallowicked hit a huge running kick on Donst and applied the modified cross-face on Donst and he tapped after the match restarted.

Winner: Hallowicked

Star rating: (***1/2) – A lot of drama in this match and the shock of the crowd when they thought Donst had won was a site to see. The restart and finish were hot and now Donst will lose his hair.

Donst tried to leave, but was forced to sit in a chair in the middle of the ring. Hallowicked began cutting his long hair. Black said this was a glorious moment. Hallowicked posed with both YLC trophies, but ended up tossing Donst his trophy back before leaving the ring.

Donst sat with his YLC. He was bald in the middle, but still had hair on the sides. Donst tossed down his YLC and spit on it.

A video aired on the GEKIDO invasion of CHIKARA and the ten man tag tonight. The GEKIDO came out first with no music. The announcers mentioned that Fire Ant had been taken out.

6 - - EDDIE KINGSTON & JIGSAW & THE COLONY (Green Ant & Soldier Ant) vs. GEIKIDO (17 & The Shard & The Swarm w/Derek Sabato) – TEN MAN WAR

The match started as a big brawl and quickly spilled to the outside. Jigsaw fired up on 17 inside the ring. Suddenly Quackenbush ran down to the ring and took out 17 with a springboard dropkick. Sabato got on the apron, but Quackenbush nailed him with a palm strike. Quackenbush then took out everyone on the outside with a huge flip dive. Everyone continued to brawl on the outside as the fans went crazy. The match finally was officially started with Soldier Ant running wild in the ring. The Shard finally cut him off with a springboard splash. The announcers said 4 of the 5 members of the GEKIDO had the same tattoo on their arm and they had never seen wrestlers with those tattoos on any wrestling card. The GEKIDO tagged in and out to work over Soldier Ant. DEVIant went after Solider’s mask, but his partners ran in to break it up. NEFARIOUSant tagged in and continued to work over Solider Ant before tagging in the Shard.

Solider Ant went after DEVIant’s mask and everyone ran into the ring and brawled. The ref quickly restored order. 17 tagged in and went after Solider Ant’s mask, but Jigsaw broke it up. Kingston got the hot tag and ran wild. He no-sold a kick from Shard and nailed him with a Saito suplex. ASSAILant tagged in and took out Kingston. The action is going too fast. There was an awesome sequence with Quackenbush & Jigsaw hitting a combination of moves on 17. After a long sequence of action, ASSAILant hit a DVD on Kingston and covered him for a 2 count. Jigsaw cleared the ring and pointed up top into the balcony. Green Ant flew down from the balcony and took out everyone and the crowd went nuts!

The crowd went nuts as everyone brawled in the ring. 17 nearly had Soldier Ant’s mask off in the corner, but Quackenbush & Jigsaw suplexed him to the mat. The announcers said the GEKIDO don’t care about getting DQ’d. They did a huge ant hill and Solider Ant came off the top of the pile onto 17 and the crowd went nuts. Soldier Ant locked in the CHIKARA special on 17, who tapped out.

Winners: Eddie Kingston & Mike Quackenbush & The Colony

Star rating: (***3/4) – This was a really fun all-out brawl. It didn’t go long enough to develop enough of a story to get to four stars, but it was darn close. The crowd was nuclear after Green Ant came flying out of the balcony and hit a splash to the floor.

After the match, Quackenbush whispered something to the Shard, but tearing away at his wrist. It looked like he might have broken his fingers or wrist.

They announced the DVD for this show will be available tomorrow, along with the stream and MP4 download.

The announcers said Gargano & Taylor vs. Young Bucks match is a first time ever match.

7 - - Campeonatos de Parejas Chuck Taylor & Johnny Gargano vs. The YOUNG BUCKS (Nick & Matt Jackson) 2 out of 3 Falls Campeonatos de Parejas match

The action started hot and heavy. Taylor put the boots to Nick inside the ring once things settled down a bit. Nick fired back and the Young Bucks connected with a tandem dropkick on the apron. Young Bucks isolated Taylor and went to work on his arm. Taylor rolled to the outside and Gargano ran in, but was immediately cut off. The Young Bucks hit a double team backbreaker and covered Gargano for a nearfall. Gargano fired back and hit a rolling kick on Matt. He then tagged in Taylor, who continued to put a beating on Matt. Taylor and Gargano did a double elbow on Matt before dancing around and putting the boots to him. Taylor got the Young Bucks shirt and choked Matt while the ref was distracted. The pace slowed as FIST put a beating on Matt.

Matt tried to fire back, but FIST nailed him with a kick/lung blower combination for a 2 count. The crowd chanted for both teams as Matt mounted a comeback. Matt rolled up Taylor out of nowhere and got the first fall giving the Young Bucks a 1-0 edge. The second fall began with FIST continuing to beat on Matt. Nick got the tag when Matt rolled to the outside and ran wild on Gargano & Taylor. Nick got his shirt and choked Gargano with it and some of the fans booed. The fans chanted back and forth for both teams with matt still in control over Gargano. The fans seemed split thanks to the Young Bucks taking shortcuts against FIST, who are heels. Gargano tried to fire back, but Nick tripped him from the outside. Nick accidentally kicked Matt when Gargano got out of the way in the corner. Gargano crawled towards Taylor and finally ended up hitting a combination move on the Young Bucks and all three men were down.

Taylor sent the Young Bucks outside and nailed them with a huge flip dive and the crowd chaired. Taylor kissed a young boy on the forehead after hitting the dive. Taylor countered a double team attempt and rolled up Matt with a handful of trunks to tie the match at 1-1. Matt immediately jumped Taylor as the final fall began. Both teams went back and forth in the ring. Gargano caught Matt with a spear and nailed Nick with a dive through the ropes. Taylor followed up with a springboard moonsault on Matt for a nearfall. The pace picked up big time and FIST eventually hit a tandem ace crusher on Matt for a nearfall. The Young Bucks hit a combination of moves on Taylor and Gargano and got a nearfall on Gargano. The crowd fired up and chanted for the Young Bucks. Gargano and Matt went face-to-face as the crowd chanted for both teams. Gargano and Matt exchanged forearms. The Young Bucks ran wild with superkicks on Taylor and Gargano, but Gargano ended the sequence with a big clothesline on Nick and everyone was down.

Nick and Gargano battled on the apron. Taylor ran in and hit sole food on Nick, but Matt ran in out of nowhere and hit Gargano with a DDT on the apron. Taylor and Matt went at it inside the ring. Taylor rolled through on Matt and applied a half-crab on Matt. The crowd chanted for him to tap. Nick finally ran in and nailed Taylor with a kick and the crowd exploded. Young Bucks went for more bang for your buck, but Taylor countered. Gargano launched Nick into Matt with the lawn dart. Taylor and Gargano hit a combination hurts don’t it on Nick, but he only got a 2 count. Gargano and Nick battled on the outside. Gargano went for a spear through the ropes on the outside, but landed on the ring steps. Matt ended up nailing Taylor from behind the belt, but Taylor kicked out and the fans roared and chanted for Taylor. The Young Bucks hit a spiked tombstone piledriver on Taylor, but Gargano ran in out of nowhere to make the save and the crowd went crazy again. Gargano fired up on the Young Bucks, but ate a tandem superkick. Young Bucks hit more bang for your buck on Gargano for the win.

Winners: The Young Bucks to become the Campeonatos de Parejas

Star rating: (***1/2) – After a slow start, things really heated up during the final fall. I was surprised to see the Young Bucks get the win here, as were the fans. The last fall was really good after both teams scored cheap rollups wins to tie it at 1-1. The crowd really got into it during the last fall.

A video aired after the show featuring Archibald Peck walking alone in Philadelphia looking dejected. He walked near the Rocky statue and went right past it.

A King of Trios ad aired and Tommy Dreamer said he would be at the King of Trios this year. He said he would form a team with Jerry Lynn and 2 Cold Scorpio.

Overall score: (8.5) – This was a very good show from start to finish. There were some matches on the card that were a lot of fun. The audience carried this show and made this a fun show. CHIKARA did some nice things production-wise that I wish other companies would do, as things were broken up with interviews, highlight packages, and brand new segments. If CHIKARA can do these things on GFL, other companies should step up and do the same thing to break up the pacing of their shows. I highly recommend checking out the replay on


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