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RADICAN'S DGUSA "Open the Ultimate Gate 2013" iPPV BLOG 4/6 - Gargano-Shingo, Fox & CIMA vs. Young Bucks

Apr 11, 2013 - 2:52:09 PM

By Sean Radican, Torch columnist


APRIL 6, 2012

Top News: In the main event, Johnny Gargano retained the DGUSA Title over Shingo after turning heel to win the match. ... The Young Bucks captured the DGUSA Tag Titles from CIMA & A.R. Fox.

Rich Swann sang his way down to the ring to the tune of “All Night Long.” There was some terrible feedback when he yelled to the crowd several times. Swann got a good pop when he was introduced. The crowd chanted for both men before they locked up. Both men then shook hands.

1 - - Rich Swann vs. Brian Kendrick. Swann got a bridging arm submission during the early stages of the match on Kendrick before rolling on top of him for a 1 count. They went to another exchanged and traded pinning combinations. Kendrick teased going after Swann again, but ended up bailing to the outside. Swann hit a flurry of arm drags and sent Kendrick to the outside with a dropkick. He then set up for a dive, but ended up bouncing off the ropes to fake Kendrick out. Kendrick snapped Swann’s head over the ropes getting back into the ring and went on the attack. Swann cut Kendrick off up top a short time later and hit a jumping hurricanrana off the top. Swann followed up with a running senton off the apron to the outside and both men were down. The fans chanted “All night long” in support of Swann. Swann hit a handspring ace crusher back inside the ring for a 2 count. Swann followed up with a huge frog splash, but Kendrick kicked out at the last second. The fans chanted for Swann as he went back on the attack.

Both men battled up top. Kendrick eventually leapt over Swann and hit a variation of the burning hammer for a nearfall. Kendrick then locked in a full nelson from the mounted position. Swann eventually hit an arm drag to free himself. Swann caught Kendrick with a KO kick and a running SSP, but only got a 2 count. Swann countered sliced bread #2 and hit a spinning kick to Kendrick’s head for the win.

Swann left the ring after the match and the fans chanted for Kendrick. Chuck Taylor came down to the ring and got on the mic. The fans chanted for Taylor before he spoke. Taylor said he had seen Kendrick’s promos talking about the Gentleman’s Club giving away opportunities. Taylor said it was ironic because Kendrick had p---ed away all the talent in the world. Taylor said Kendrick couldn’t even beat Rich Swann, who Taylor called the laughingstock of DGUSA. The fans chanted “Shut the f--- up” at Taylor. Taylor said they wouldn’t make the same mistakes as Kendrick because they’re good at what they do. Taylor offered Kendrick a free shot, but Kendrick grabbed the mic from him. Kendrick said they wouldn’t have a chance to find out if Taylor is right tomorrow. Kendrick then tossed the mic at Taylor before leaving the ring.

Winner: Rich Swann

Star rating: (**3/4) – This was a solid opening match. Both men looked good here and they set the tone for the rest of the show with a solid opening match. The crowd was very much into Swann’s unique entrance.

Taylor said last year at this time, they had the Chuck Taylor Invitational. Taylor said there were five a—holes in the back. He said they could come down to the ring and he would take care of them.

2 - - Chuck Taylor vs. Shane Strickland vs. Fire Ant vs. Anthony Nese vs. Jigsaw vs. Arik Cannon – Six Way Freestyle match. Strickland took a beating from several different people for a long period of time. The pace picked up after Strickland tagged in Jigsaw. Multiple wrestlers hit dives, including a crazy springboard flip dive from Fire Ant onto a pile of people. Strickland went for a dive, but Nese cut him off and hit a big flip dive over the top and the fans fired up. Strickland went for a dive and tripped. Strickland went for a flip dive through the ropes instead and nearly killed himself getting caught in the ropes. Cannon teased a dive, but drank some beer instead. Taylor went to drink some beer, but Cannon got dropkicked and he spit beer in Taylor’s face. They went to a big sequence where everywhere hit moves until Jigsaw ended it with a superkick on Cannon and everyone was down. The crowd went crazy as everyone regrouped. Strickland hit an insane hurricanrana off the top on Cannon, but Nese came down with a 450 for the win.

Winner: Anthony Nese

Star rating: (***1/2) – Awesome Freestyle match that really fired up the crowd. There was so much action here, so if you like this style, you’re going to love this match.

Larry Dallas got on the mic and was greeted with a “Shut the f—k up chant.” He said Caleb had the night off and told Reed to kill his opponent.

3 - - Derek Ryze vs. Scott Reed (w/Larry Dallas). Reed cut off Ryze during the early going with a double scoop powerslam. That was sick! Ryze got a small package for a nearfall, but Reed cut him off right away and hit the smash mouth for the win.

Winner: Scott Reed – This was a solid squash for Reed.

Konley came out to the ring after the match. Dallas told Konley he had given him the night off. Konley told Dallas to shut the f—k up. Konley said he and Scott were through with Dallas. It was hard to hear what Konley said. Konley told Scott he was sick of Dallas’s lies and said they were better than this. Konley turned around to leave, but Reed attacked him. Konley fired back and clotheslined Reed out to the floor. Konley turned his attention to Dallas and prevented him from leaving the ring. Konley turned Dallas right into Dallas, who took several punches from Belle. Konley then hit Dallas with a falcon arrow. A light chant for Konley broke out as Reed helped Dallas to the back.

Jon Davis got a boring chant while making his entrance. Trent? is making his debut to replace Samuray Del So.

4 - - Jon Davis vs. Trent. Trent hit a chop and flipped off Davis. The fans chanted “F—k you, Davis.” Barrett hit a basement dropkick on Davis that sent him to the floor and followed up with a big flip dive that started a small Trent chant. Davis finally made a comeback, but the crowd continued to troll him. Davis dominated the action for a long period of time. They eventually battled up top and Trent hit a moonsault off the top for a 2 count. The fans tried to rally behind Trent, but his comeback didn’t get much of an initial reaction. Trent continued to mount his comeback and hit a running knee for a 2 count. Davis fired back with a chokeslam and a shining wizard for a nearfall. Trent got to his feet and slapped Davis in the face. Davis hit a series of headbutts and refused to stop causing the ref to call for a DQ.

After the match, Davis clotheslined the ref. Davis then picked up Trent for the 3 seconds around the world powerbomb. Davis got the mic and said once again he didn’t care what the fans wanted. Davis said when victories are stolen for him; he’s a man with nothing to miserable. Davis said if he’s going to miserable, everyone’s going to be miserable. Davis challenged a fan favorite to come out and challenge him. Davis asked the fans who they wanted to face him. The fans chanted for Super Dragon. The fans then chanted for Hulk Hogan, so Davis stand since he can’t even stand up, he’d beat the s—t out of him. Davis finally stormed to the back.

Winner: Trent? – This was slow and methodical and the fans were a little bit into heckling Davis, but the finish didn’t get much of a reaction. It told the story it needed to for Davis.

Tomahawk T.T. came out as EITA’s mystery partner. The SSB got a big pop coming out.

5 - - EITA & Tomahawk T.T. vs. The Super Smash Bros. (Player Uno & Player Dos). They did some early comedy based around the chopping prowess of EITA and Tomahawk. Uno cut off Tomahawk with a neck breaker after swinging his leg to the ref. Tomahawk fired back with a nice double pump suplex on Uno. EITA came into the ring and began working over Uno while Tomahawk sent Dos into the guardrail on the outside. EITA and Tomahawk continued to work over Uno while continually knocking Dos off the apron to the outside when he tried to get back into the ring. Uno fired back and drove EITA face-first into the mat. Dos got the tag and ran wild. The action broke down and Uno got the sharp shooter on Tomahawk, but EITA shoved Dos into him to break it up. EITA and Tomahawk hit an insane doomsday lung blower on Dos, but Uno broke it up. That was nuts. The action continued at a crazy pace and Dos hit a 450 on Tomahawk while Uno ran under him with a senton in the corner on EITA for a nearfall. The SSB set up for the fatality on EITA, but Tomahawk broke it up. EITA hit a crazy moonsault to the floor to wipe out Dos and T.T. hit a falcon arrow variation on Dos for the win. Wow! Fantastic finish.

Both teams shook hands after the match. The fans chanted “Dragon Gate, Dragon Gate” while both teams hugged.

Winners: EITA & Tomahawk T.T.

Star rating: (***3/4) – The match started a little slow, but once things heated up there were some great exchanges. EITA’s moonsault onto Uno to the floor was nuts.

Ricochet and Tozawa both got huge pops coming out for their match.

6 - - Ricochet vs. Akira Tozawa (w/Christina Von Eerie). Ricochet wiped out Ricochet with an insane step up SSP to the floor. Ricochet dominated the action for several minutes, but Tozawa fired back and hit three suicide dives to the outside. Von Eerie put the boots to Ricochet on the outside and tossed him back into the ring, but he got his foot on the ropes to break up the pin. Tozawa hit a series of rapid fire chops in the corner and ended the sequence with a short right hand and the fans popped big. Ricochet finally fired back and hit a springboard lariat that left both men down. Ricochet hit a clothesline and a running SSP for a nearfall. The fans fired up as Ricochet went on the attack.

Tozawa hit a running knee strike for a 2 count. Ricochet then ended a big sequence a short time later with a dead lift leg capture suplex for a nearfall and both men were down again. Ricochet no-sold a Saito suplex after a big sequence and hit an axe kick and both men were down. Both men battled onto the apron. Tozawa eventually hit a bicycle kick and a German suplex on the apron and the crowd went nuts. Tozawa caught Ricochet going for a handspring on his shoulder and hit a German suplex. He then hit another German with a bridge for a nearfall and the fans went nuts. Ricochet countered a straightjacket German and got a rollup for a nearfall. Tozawa hit a big right hand, but Ricochet fired back with a kick to the head. Both men back and forth and Ricochet hit a backslide driver for a nearfall. Ricochet went up top and hit a gorgeous 630 for the win.

After the match, Tozawa teased a handshake and spit his mouth guard into Ricochet’s face. Ricochet smiled and put it in his mouth and left the ring.

Winner: Ricochet

Star rating: (****1/2) – That was an amazing back and forth match that built and built to a fantastic finish. The crowd just got hotter and hotter for the big exchanges during the second half of the match. This is a must-see match.

7 - - Uhaa Nation vs. Sami Callihan. Nation missed a charge in the corner and Callihan nailed him with a dive through the ropes after surviving a big initial flurry of offense. Nation ended up catching Sami going for a bulldog off the apron and he slammed him down onto the apron. Nation continued to dominate the action back inside the ring. Callihan eventually managed to clip Nation’s leg and he began to work it over with a submission on the mat. Callihan worked over Nation for a long period time and eventually got the stretch muffler. Uhaa was very close to the ropes, but ended up getting a small package fir a nearfall. Both men bumped into each other back-first and turned around and hit a double bicycle kick that left them both down on the mat. They exchanged strikes. Eventually Nation hit a series of rolling German suplexes. Callihan fought him off and went for a kick, but Uhaa dodged it and hit another German for a 2 count.

Both men ended up battling up top. Callihan slipped under Nation and kicked his legs out from under him. Callihan got the stretch muffler on Nation, but he managed to free himself. Callihan hit a pair of big kicks to Nation’s head and he wouldn’t go down, but he finally did go down when Callihan kicked him in the leg. Nation fired back and caught Callihan with a spinning back breaker, but only got a 2 count. Nation should be selling his leg more after hitting a back breaker. Nation caught Callihan coming off the top and hit a sling-shot powerbomb, but only got a 2 count. Nation signaled that he was going to finish off Callihan and smiled to the crowd. Callihan popped up and hit a Saito suplex and a lariat, but Nation got right up. Nation hit a gorilla press slam and the Uhaa combination for the pin.

Winner: Uhaa Nation

Star rating: (**1/2) – The match didn’t click for me. It was solid, but it just wasn’t an exciting bout. Nation didn’t sell Callihan’s work on his leg very well and the crowd was dead for most of the match.

The Young Bucks came out for the semi-main event playing air guitar with new purple and pink tights and jackets. A big chant for the Young Buck broke out. CIMA got the fans to chant for Fox after they were introduced by Leonard.

8 - - Open the United Gate Champions CIMA & A.R. Fox vs. The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson). Fox missed a split-legged moonsault and the Bucks began working him over after hitting him with their signature double dropkick. CIMA tagged in, but Bucks cut him off and began working him over. The action picked up and Fox hit a big series of dives on opposite sides of the ring to take out both Young Bucks. Matt tried to hit a moonsault onto Fox off the apron while Matt held him, but he ended up hitting Nick. Nick fired back a short time later and took out CIMA and Fox with a pair of superkicks on the outside. Matt hit a handspring back rake on Fox and played some air guitar, which the fans enjoyed. The Bucks continued to dominate the action and got a big pop after taking out Fox and then knocking CIMA to the floor. Fox fired back, but Nick tripped him and then dragged CIMA off the apron. Nick went for a splash off the top, but Fox got his knees up. Fox finally took out Matt and Nick. The crowd has gotten tired it seems and didn’t react much for the hot tag.

CIMA ran wild and took out Matt and Nick. Fox hit a dive over the ringpost to the outside to wipe out Matt and the crowd woke up. The action picked up with CIMA and Fox working over Nick with a rapid-fire series of moves, but Matt saved him from the pin. CIMA held Matt up on his knees and Fox came off the top with a 450, but Nick broke up the pin. They went to a great series of exchanges that Fox ended with an enzuguri to Matt and the crowd fired up. Matt hit two powerbombs and then a buckle bomb/enzuguri combination of Fox. The Young Bucks then hit a springboard double stuff tombstone, but CIMA made the save. Wow! Fox and CIMA nailed Matt with a series of rapid-fire maneuvers. Fox hit Lo Mein pain on Matt and CIMA hit the meteora, but Nick broke up the pin at the last second. Nick hit a low blow on CIMA with the ref distracted. Fox matrixed out of a double superkick, but the Young Bucks hit it on the second try. Bucks then won with more bang for your buck.

Winners: The Young Bucks to become the new Open the United Gate Champions

Ricochet came out after the match and taunted Fox

Star rating: (***1/2) – The match started slowly and the crowd was dead for the long heat segment on Fox. Once things heated up, the crowd got into the match during the finishing sequence, which was red hot. They also had some great nearfalls leading into the finish.

Shingo came out to a good reaction for the main event. He has an awesome mullet. Open the Freedom Gate Johnny Gargano then came out to Gargano chants.

9 - - Open the Freedom Gate Champion Johnny Gargano vs. Shingo. The crowd got on their feet and chanted for Gargano once he got into the ring. Shingo signaled to Gargano that he was going to win the title before they locked up. Garagano tried to take down Shingo with some chops, but he wouldn’t budge. Shingo then nailed him with a big overhand chop that sent Gargano to the mat. Shingo dead-lifted Garagano out of a sunset flip attempt and hit a vertical suplex. Wow! Gargano went for the Gargano escape a short time later, but Shingo slipped out quickly and applied a submission of his own, but Gargano got the ropes. Gargano fired back and hit a slingshot spear. The fans chanted for Gargano as he began to mount some sustained offense for the first time. Shingo tried to fire back with a side slam, but Gargano held on and applied the Gargano escape. Shingo stood up and eventually tossed Gargano the mat. He then clotheslined Gargano over the top to the outside.

Shingo taunted Gargano with some light slaps before hitting a series of hard slaps and punches. Shingo then kicked Gargano over the guardrail into the crowd. Shingo continued to work over Gargano on the outside. He set him up in a chair and got a running start, but Gargano got out of the way and hit a super kick. Gargano followed up with a dive over the guardrail to wipe out Shingo. Gargano went back into the ring and hit another big dive through the ropes. Gargano set up Shingo in a chair and hit a pair of running kicks, but he couldn’t knock Shingo out of the chair. Gargano went for a third running kick, but Shingo caught him and hit a DVD on the concrete. The fans fired up after that great sequence. Shingo went for a dive and Garagano popped up on the apron and went for a spear through the ropes, but Shingo caught him and hit a big DDT.

Shingo took control inside the ring and hit a diving lariat for a 2 count. Gargano blocked a suplex and suplexed Shingo into the turnbuckles. The fans chanted for both men as they regrouped. The fans fired up after Gargano hit a rolling kick. Gargano no sold a lariat, but Shingo wiped him out with a huge running lariat. They went back and forth and Shingo hit a DVD that left both men down on the mat and a lot of fans got to their feet and began chanting “Dragon Gate, Dragon Gate.” Shingo hit a series of lariats and Gargano spit in his face. Gargano countered a running lariat in the Gargano escape and the fans fired up. Shingo fought his way to the ropes as the fans chanted “No, no.” Shingo eventually got the ropes and the fans chanted for both men. Shingo caught Gargano and climbed the turnbuckles. Gargano elbowed his way free and went for a hurricanrana. Shingo countered it and went for a powerbomb, but Gargano turned it into a hurricanrana. Gargano followed up with a lawn dart into the turnbuckles, but Shingo kicked out again.

Both men exchanged strikes from their knees. They got to their feet and exchanged some big forearms, but neither man would go down. Shingo fired up with a series of lefts and rights, but Gargano fired back with some lefts and rights of his own. Gargano no-sold a Saito suplex and hit a superkick, but walked right into a huge clothesline and both men were down. Wow! Shingo fired back and carried Gargano up to the top rope. Gargano tried to elbow his way out, but Shingo hit the last falconry off the top. Shingo rolled over to cover Gargano as the crowd got to their feet, but he kicked out at the last second. Gargano countered made in Japan into hurts don’t it. Shingo kicked out at 2, but Gargano got the Gargano escape right away. The fans went nuts as Shingo crawled to the ropes with the fans urging him on and he got the ropes. A “Please don’t stop chant” began with both men down on the mat. Shingo ducked a dropkick and dead-lifted Gargano up into position for a huge made in Japan, but Gargano kicked out. Shingo hit a jumping bomber, but Gargano kicked out. Some fans chanted “You can’t beat him.” Shingo lifted Gargano over his head. Gargano held onto the ropes, but the ref got hit. Shingo hit another made in Japan, but the slight hesitation allowed Gargano to kick out. The fans chanted for both men with everyone on their feet. Gargano accidentally elbowed the ref. Gargano hit a low blow and a superkick. He then took a chain out and started to choke Shingo as the crowd booed. Gargano then applied the Gargano escape. The ref couldn’t see the chain and he checked Shingo’s arm and declared the match over.

The fans chanted “Bulls—t” after the match. Leonard went mental on commentary asking what the hell did he just see. Leonard said Gargano had respected the title for over 500 days, but now he doesn’t know what’s going through his mind.

Gargano got on the mic and sarcastically asked the fans if they enjoyed the show. Gargano said it’s his honor to perform in the ring in front of great fans. Gargano sarcastically thanked the fans. The fans booed loudly. Gargano said he loves everyone and told them to drive home safely. Leonard sold confusion on the mic. Leonard signed off to end the show.

Winner: Johnny Gargano to retain the Open the Freedom Gate title

Star rating: (****3/4) – This was an amazing match. Gargano couldn’t beat Shingo no matter what he did and they put over Shingo’s strength the entire match. Shingo would not submit to the Gargano escape, but Gargano also kicked out of everything Shingo had. Gargano’s heel turn gives DGUSA a shot in the arm that it badly needs.

Overall score: (9.0) – This was a fantastic show that really delivered up and down the card. You’re going to want to order the replay to see the fantastic matches on the undercard, which was highlighted by the Ricochet-Tozawa match.

Gargano vs. Shingo sealed the deal and made this a special show. They told a great story and Gargano’s heel turn should give DGUSA some badly needed attention. Gargano was fantastic after turning heel, as he mockingly did his usual goodbye speech to the crowd. I’ll have more thoughts in my roundtable review.


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