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RADICAN'S EVOLVE 21 iPPV REVIEW 6/1 - Gargano ends the war on terrorism, USA vs. The World series, Davis-Taylor show stealer

Jun 16, 2013 - 4:18:21 PM

By Sean Radican, Torch columnist


JUNE 1, 2013

Lenny Leonard introduced Johnny Gargano for a promo. Gargano came out with some small American flags to pass out to the fans in the crowd. He also had a small flag pinned onto his shirt, which was pretty funny.

Gargano got on the mic and thanked all the great Americans in Jacksonville. The crowd booed and then did a Jim Duggan style chant for America. Gargano said a real American hero like himself was going to be the leader of Team USA. Gargano then introduced Team USA. Caleb Konley, Shane Strickland, and A.R. Fox came down to the ring to join Gargano. Gargano said he was a great American hero and leader like Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. He addressed each member of Team USA. He said Konley represented southern wrestling. He said Shane Strickland represented opportunity. He then addressed Fox and tapped the EVOLVE title with his tiny flag. He told his team they were going to war for America. Gargano asked the fans to chant for America and the troops fighting for our freedom, which got a mixed reaction. Gargano said he felt the red, white, and blue running through his veins and called for the National Anthem to be played. Gargano appeared to cry while Fox and Strickland made faces behind him. Gargano called the first guy from The World team to come out.

Tommy Taylor made his way down to the ring. Gargano said he represented the European style.

(1) Caleb Konley beat Tommy Taylor in a USA vs. The World match. Taylor got the better of Konley during the early stages of the match. The crowd was hot after the nice opening exchange. They went to another exchange that ended with Konley hitting an arm drag. The crowd chanted for both men as Taylor regrouped in the corner. Konley offered another handshake, but Taylor shoved him off. Things got heated and they began exchanging strikes in the middle of the ring. Taylor ended another sequence with a cactus clothesline to the floor. Taylor took control on the outside before working over Konley in the ring. The crowd chanted USA in support of Konley as he tried to mount a comeback. Konley ended up evading Taylor, who spilled to the outside. He followed up with a dive through the ropes on Taylor and the crowd fired up. Konley hit a big missile dropkick for a 2 count. Konley began working over Taylor’s arm with different arm submissions.

The pace picked up as both men exchanging pinning combinations for 2 counts. Taylor eventually hit a big face buster for a 2 count. The crowd chanted for Taylor after he got the better of the exchange. Konley went for a springboard moonsault, but Taylor got his knees up. Konley countered the tower of London and rolled up Taylor for the win. (**)

Team USA leads the series 1-0 after Konley’s win.

(2) Lince Dorado beat Johnny Vandal. Dorado went for a springboard during the early going, but Vandal caught him and hit a German suplex. Vandal appeared to have hurt his arm. Dorado fired back with a leg lariat and went for a handspring off the ropes, but Vandal turned it into a back stabber for a 2 count. Vandal continued to dominate the action after sending Dorado into the turnbuckles with a hard whip into the corner. Dorado ducked a charge from Vandal against the ropes and he spilled to the outside. They went back and forth and Dorado sent Vandal to the outside again and nailed him with a dive through the ropes as the crowd cheered. Dorado hit a superkick and pinned Vandal with a SSP.

Star rating: (*1/4) – This was short and there wasn’t much of a flow to the match. Vandal appeared to hurt his arm during the early going and showed some guts working through the match with an arm injury.

(3) The Bravado Brothers (Lancelot & Harlem) beat Derek Ryze & Andrew Everett. Leonard mentioned the Bravados would be teaming with Everett on the next show. Everett got the better of Harlem during the early going and nailed him with a dropkick. Ryze got the tag and ran wild on both Bravados until they caught him with a tandem ace crusher. Lancelot and Harlem took turns working over Ryze. Ryze fired back a short time later and took down both Bravados, but Harlem cut him off. The fans began to rally behind Ryze, who was taking an extended beat down from the Bravados. Harlem did the Jericho boot cover on Ryze at one point for a 2 count. Ryze finally escaped the Bravados and tagged in Everett, who ran wild on Lancelot. Everett got a running start and jumped up to the middle rope before hitting a SSP to the outside on Harlem. He followed up with a nice moonsault onto Lancelot inside the ring for a 2 count and the fans fired up and chanted for him.

The Bravados fired back on Everett and Lancelot hit him with a spinning neck breaker off his shoulders. Ryze got the tag a short time later and he nailed Lancelot with a series of kicks to the head, but he kicked out at the last second. The fans fired up as the pace picked up. The Bravados took control and wiped out Everett before hitting the gentleman’s agreement on Ryze for the win.

Star rating: (**1/2) – This was a very good showing for both teams, although it was a fairly decisive win for the Bravados in the end. Everett’s high-flying comeback on the Bravados really woke the crowd up before the final spring to the end.

(4) Jon Davis beat Chuck Taylor in a No DQ match. Taylor and Davis went at it right at the bell. Taylor sent Davis to the outside and tossed him into the side of the stage. Leonard mentioned that Taylor requested a No DQ match because he’s trying to test himself. Davis fired back on the outside and nailed Taylor with a sign before choking him with a shirt. Leonard said Taylor was done with Gentleman’s Club for now. Taylor and Davis continued to brawl on the outside. Taylor nailed Davis with a chair shot to the back. Taylor stacked up several chairs and went for a suplex onto them, but Davis countered and hit a suplex of his own onto the chairs. Davis began working over Taylor with some extremely loud chops as the crowd fired up for the action. The crowd asked for another chop and Davis teased giving it to them, but raked Taylor’s eyes instead, which drew some boos. Taylor backdropped Davis over the railing to the floor on the outside and then nailed him with a flip dive off the railing of the stage to the floor before smiling for the camera.

The action spilled into the ring. Davis countered a hurricanrana into a buckle bomb and followed up with a huge running boot to the head for a nearfall. The fans chanted for Davis. This match is coming out of nowhere! Davis picked up Taylor and held him for a long delayed vertical suplex. Hopefully Michael Elgin doesn’t see this spot. The crowd counted along before Davis dropped Taylor at the count of 30. The fans chanted for Davis as he covered Taylor for a 2 count. Taylor fired back with some chops and forearms, but Davis dropped him face first over the top turnbuckle. Davis followed up with a big running knee and Taylor spilled to the floor. Leonard mention Davis was getting this reaction from the crowd because he’s from Jacksonville. Taylor fired back and caught Davis with an ace crusher as he tried to get back into the ring a short time later. Taylor picked up a big green ladder and tried to put it into the ring, but Davis clotheslined him face first into the ladder. Davis picked up a chair, but the fans chanted for him to use the ladder. Taylor grabbed the chair and nailed Davis with it when he turned around holding the ladder. Davis went down with the ladder on top of him and Taylor nailed him with several more chair shots.

Taylor set up the ladder in the corner, but Davis pounced him into the ladder. The fans fired up and chanted for Davis. Davis nailed Taylor with another huge chop in the corner. The crowd chanted for another chop and Davis went for it, but Taylor caught him with a boot. Taylor charged at Davis, but ended up taking a back drop into the ladder for a 2 count. Taylor surprised Davis with a small package, but Davis kicked out and rolled through into a jack hammer for a nearfall. The crowd chanted this is awesome, as Taylor refused to be pinned. Taylor pulled the ropes on Davis and nailed him with a kick. He then knocked him off the apron with the ladder and Davis bounced off the stage. Holy crap! The fans chanted for Davis as Taylor picked him up on the outside. They brawled up to the stage and the fans scattered. Davis set up Taylor for a move off the stage, but Taylor pushed him off the stage and Davis landed on the apron. Taylor tossed a chair at Davis and then hit a double stomp off the stage to the apron. Taylor followed up with the awful waffle off the top, but Davis kicked out and the fans went nuts. Taylor got some chairs from the fans and stacked them up inside the ring. Taylor called for several more chairs and continued to pile them up in the ring. The fans got a couch and attempted to pass it into the ring, but couldn’t get it into the ring. That was great. Davis hit a low blow out of the corner. He then hit a sick clothesline and followed up with three seconds around the world onto the pile of chairs for the win.

The fans stood and applauded after the match. They chanted that was awesome as Davis tried to get to his feet. The fans applauded and chanted thank you both. The crowd chanted for Davis to shake hands with Taylor. Davis kicked the chairs out of the way. Taylor got to his feet and Davis offered his hand. Davis shook Taylor’s hand and then kicked him in the groin. The fans booed and then cheered Davis before he left the ring. The fans then chanted for Taylor once he recovered.

Star rating: (****1/4) – This was crazy right off the bat and totally unexpected. I like how Taylor made the match No DQ to test himself now that he’s trying to be a more serious wrestler in EVOLVE. They brawled all over the building and the fans got hotter and hotter as the match went on. I liked how Davis continued to maintain his heel character, despite being way over in Jacksonville. This was fantastic and worth the price of admission alone.

(5) Brian Cage & Anthony Nese (w/Trina Michaels & Larry Dallas) beat The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) in a Non-Title match. The fans chanted Dallas sucks before the opening bell rang. Nick and Nese had a nice opening exchange before Nick scrambled to the ropes to get away from Nese. Cage caught Matt going for a cross body off the ropes and did ten curls with his body before tossing him over his head. Nick got a blind tag and went for a springboard, but Cage caught him in the suplex position. Matt ended up making the save with a kick to Cage’s legs. Nick then began working over Cage’s legs inside the ring. Cage eventually fought back and tagged in Nese, who ran wild. Nese began working over Nick and the action spilled to the outside. Nese ended up hitting a dive through the ropes onto Nick and the fans chanted for him. The pace picked up as the Bucks hit a double team head scissors/dropkick on Nese after dumping Cage to the floor. Matt then got the tag and began working over Nese.

The fans chanted for Nese and the Young Bucks as Matt continued to work over Nese. Nick told the ref that they are untouchable when he tried to get either of them to break up an illegal hold. Matt hit a handspring back rake and played some air guitar while blowing kisses to Cage in the corner. Nese fought free and hit a dropkick off the second turnbuckle on Matt, but Nick cut him off from tagging out. Nese finally ducked a clothesline from Matt, who hit Nick instead. Cage then got the hot tag and ran wild on the Young Bucks. Cage hit a double suplex and the Bucks ended up on the outside. Nese got up on Cage’s shoulders and took out the Young Bucks with a splash to the outside. The Young Bucks fired back and Dallas tried to sneak up on Nick. Dallas put Trina in front of him and Nick nailed her with a superkick and the crowd went nuts. Cage countered a double team attempt inside the ring. He went for a superplex on Nick, but Matt ended up hitting him with a powerbomb. Nese ran in and caught Matt with a German suplex right away for a nearfall.

The crowd fired up as the pace picked up. They went to a big sequence that ended with Nese and Nick hitting superkicks at the same time. Nese then wiped out Nick with a superkick and everyone was down as the fans applauded. The fans got behind the Young Bucks. Matt and Nese exchanged blows in the middle of the ring. Nese ended up hitting a one arm buckle bomb on Matt, but Nick broke up the pin. The Bucks ended up hitting a spiked tombstone on Nese, but Cage broke up the pin. Cage went at it with both of the Young Bucks, who ended up catching him with a double superkick. The fans fired up as the Bucks set up for their finish, but Cage broke it up. Cage caught Nick coming off the top and put him on top of Matt’s shoulders. He then suplexed both men over his head. Nese finished off Matt with a 450 off the top.

Nick yelled at the ref and superkick Dallas after the match. Nick claimed the ref counted fast to screw the Bucks. Cage lifted Dallas onto his shoulders and took him backstage.

Star rating: (***1/2) – The match only dragged in a couple of spots, but other than that, there was some great action between all four men. I’m still concerned about the Young Bucks getting over as heels, as the crowd is cheering their heel antics. It didn’t help that they were booked in a heel vs. heel match. The last few minutes of the match were really good and Cage hit some impressive power moves before Nese finished Matt off for the win.

(6) Samuray Del Sol beat Shane Strickland in a USA vs. The World match. Leonard tried to put over that they didn’t know if Del Sol had signed with WWE yet during the early stages of the match. Neither man could get the upper hand during the early feeling out process. They went to a great exchange that ended with Strickland countering an arm drag into a cartwheel. They went back at it again and ended in a stalemate as the crowd applauded. They went to a crazy exchange that saw Del Sol hit an arm drag off the second turnbuckle to the outside that had the crowd chanting Lucha in support of Del Sol. Del Sol continued to dominate the action on the outside and after nailing Strickland with a series of big kicks to the chest, Del Sol hit a corkscrew arm drag off the apron to the floor sending Strickland into the side of the stage. Strickland fired back with a springboard arm drag that sent Del Sol to the outside, but Del Sol got back into the ring. Del Sol ducked as Strickland charged him against the ropes. Del Sol hit a gorgeous tope through the ropes a short time later. Del Sol went for another dive, but Strickland caught him and suplexed him into the ropes. He then followed up with a double stomp off the top to the apron on Del Sol. The fans fired up in support of Strickland.

Strickland began working over Del Sol inside the ring. Del Sol fired back with a big boot in the corner. They went back and forth. Strickland ended up blocking a DDT attempt from Del Sol and hitting a DDT for a 2 count. The fans applauded as Del Sol struggled to get to his feet. Del Sol fired back up and hit a sliced bread variation for a two count. Strickland caught Del Sol going for the rising sun and turned it into a double knee attack on his back for a 2 count. The crowd fired up as Strickland SLOWLY went up top. Strickland missed a Phoenix splash and landed on his feet only to take a tornado DDT and then the rising sun out of the corner from Del Sol, who then covered him for the win.

The Team USA vs. The World series is now tied 1-1.

Johnny Gargano came out after the match and congratulated Del Sol on his performance. Gargano said tomorrow night they would face off for the DGUSA title. The fans chanted for Del Sol. Del Sol grabbed the mic, but it was hard to hear what he said. Del Sol spoke in Spanish and indicated he was taking the title tomorrow night and the fans applauded. Leonard said Del Sol told Gargano that he would win the title so that someone that could be a role model would be champion.

Del Sol left and Gargano told the fans when he feels like being a superhero, he just wakes up in the morning. Gargano said he is a great American leader. Gargano said the score right now is tied one to one in the USA vs. The World series. Gargano called out A.R. Fox, who was set to face EITA.

Star rating: (***1/4) – This was a good match with some really good action. Parts of the match dragged while Strickland was in control. I wasn’t a big fan of him taking forever to go up top towards the end, as it was obvious he wasn’t going to hit any sort of move on Del Sol by that point. Going for that high risk move off the top ended up costing Strickland the win in the end. Del Sol is a lot of fun to watch in the ring.

Eita and Fox both came out to good reactions before their match. Fox got a big chant entering the ring. Fox was wearing tights with an American flag theme. Leonard said the match was a non-title match. Gargano came into the booth on commentary and questioned whether or not Fox got a big pop. Gargano said it was good this was a non-title match because Fox didn’t want to blow himself up too quickly.

Fox got on the mic and said he felt confident after defending the title two nights ago. Fox said EITA is known in Japan as the king of chop. Fox said right now, this is a title match. Fox challenged EITA to his own game and said if he could beat him, it would be a title match.

Leonard explained the rules for the King of Chop competition that would have three rounds. If nobody quits after three rounds, the fans will pick the winner. Fox started and hit a crappy chop. EITA responded with a huge overhand chop and the fans chanted for EITA. Fox hit another crappy chop to start the second round. EITA responded with another huge overhand chop and Fox held his chest and walked around ringside. Fox grabbed the mic and said the title would be on the line before he took another overhand chop. EITA was declared the winner of King of Chop. I have no idea why they ran this angle, as Fox looked like a terrible chopper.

(7) EVOLVE Champion A.R. Fox vs. EITA (w/Tomahawk T.T. USA vs. The World EVOLVE Title match. The fans were now behind EITA after he won the King of Chop competition. They started with a fast-paced exchange that EITA ended with a big overhand chop. Fox fired back with a big dropkick a short time later to take down EITA. Leonard said Fox would going to introduce a new move every night during the weekend. Fox dominated the action for several minutes and hit a big twisting neck breaker on EITA and the fans fired up. EITA fired back and hit a moonsault off the top turnbuckle over the ringpost to the floor and the fans fired up. EITA took control of the match after hitting a missile dropkick inside the ring for a 2 count. Fox fired back with a crazy twisting leg drop off the top after countering EITA in the corner. The fans fired up after Fox debuted his latest move. Fox set up EITA on the apron and went up to a guardrail where the fans were seating. Fox then came off the guardrail and connected with a dropkick to the apron. Fox then connected with a big splash off the top for a nearfall. All I can say is wow! Gargano took credit for motivating Fox to compete in this match.

EITA fired back with a rolling dropkick and hit a huge face-first slam on Fox for a 2 count. They ended up battling up top, but EITA managed to push Fox off and he crotched himself on the top rope. EITA then hit a walking hurricanrana for a 2 count. The fans fired up as EITA went back on the attack. EITA went up top for a moonsault, but Fox got out of the way. Fox ran up top and hit a swanton almost ¾ across the ring for a nearfall and the fans lost their minds again. Both men exchanged pinning combinations. Fox placed up top and hit Lo Mein pain for the win.

Team USA now leads The World 2-1 in their series.

The fans chanted for Fox after the match ended. Gargano got on the mic and said it was time for the captain to bring it home for America.

Star rating: (***1/2) – Awesome match. This didn’t overstay its welcome, which was good, although I could have watched these two go at it for another 10-15 minutes. These two had some great exchanges and Fox is starting to carry himself like a champion in the ring, although he didn’t come across well in the angle that was set up to give EITA a shot at his title in the match.

Gargano waved a tiny white flag while Leonard did the ring introductions.

(8) Tomahawk T.T. beat Open the Freedom Gate Champion Johnny Gargano in a Non-title USA vs. The World match. The crowd was split chanting USA and World back and forth. Fox came into the commentary booth. The crowd clapped as EITA and Gargano did some chain wrestling to open the match. Gargano hit a big chop, but Tomahawk shrugged it off. Fox said he didn’t know what was going on with Gargano. Gargano hit Tomahawk with a series of chops and the pace picked up. Gargano sent Tomahawk to the floor with an enzuguri and hit him with a dive through the ropes. Gargano went for another dive, but Tomahawk surprised him inside the ring with a shoulder tackle. Tomahawk went for a big chop on the outside, but Gargano got out of the way and he ended up chopping the post. Gargano went right after Tomahawk’s hand and began working it over. Gargano tossed Tomahawk back into the ring and waved the tiny American flag for the fans. Fox said he didn’t understand what was going on with Gargano. Gargano brought the flag inside the ring and jammed it into Tomahawk’s mouth. EITA finally fired back a short time later with a flying shoulder tackle. The fans fired up as Tomahawk sized up Gargano. Gargano caught Tomahawk with a kick on the apron, but Tomahawk fired right back and hit a big slam for a 2 count back inside the ring.

The fans applauded as Tomahawk went on the attack. They went back and forth off the ropes and Gargano finally caught Tomahawk with a rolling kick. Gargano followed up with a slingshot DDT from the apron into the ring, but only got a 2 count. Both men began trading forearms. The exchange escalated and Tomahawk finally caught Gargano with a sit out slam and both men were down. The fans fired up as both men struggled to get to their feet. The fans chanted for both men, who got up and began exchanging blows again. Tomahawk no-sold a chop, but ended up walking into the Gargano escape a short time later. Tomahawk struggled, but ended up getting to the ropes. Tomahawk caught Gargano charging at him. He climbed the turnbuckles with Gargano on his back, but Gargano turned it into a sunset bomb. Gargano followed up with a lawn dart, but Tomahawk kicked out. The fans fired up in support of Tomahawk. Tomahawk caught Gargano charging at him in the corner and hit an outsider’s edge into the turnbuckles and a liger bomb for a 2 count. Tomahawk then hit the night ride for the win.

The World vs. USA series is now tied at 2-2.

The fans chanted for The World. Then they chanted for USA. EITA got into the ring and raised Tomahawk’s hands and the fans applauded.

Star rating: (***1/2) – This was really good, but Gargano didn’t get sustained heel heat throughout the match. He needs to get booed consistently going forward. The match itself was really good and much like the previous match, I would have loved to have seen a longer match from these two. I’m not normally a fan of big moves not resulting in kick outs, but it worked here because Gargano has taken a ton of punishment in the past from other opponents and not gotten pinned. This is a big win for Tomahawk.

Gargano got on the mic as he was still recovering from the match. Gargano said the series was tied 2-2. Gargano said this wasn’t ending in a tie. The fans chanted for Fox. Fox came to the ring and the fans chanted for a tag team match. Gargano challenged EITA and Tomahawk to a tag match to break the tie. The fans applauded and EITA and Tomahawk accepted the challenge.

(9) Open the Freedom Gate Champion Johnny Gargano & EVOLVE Champion A.R. Fox beat Tomahawk T.T. & EITA in a USA vs. The World Tie Breaker match. All four men went at it right away. EITA and Tomahawk isolated Fox and took turns nailing him with thunderous chops in the corner after tossing Gargano to the floor. EITA and Tomahawk hit a tandem code breaker off the top on Fox, but he kicked out at the last second. Gargano finally ran in and broke up the double team attack on Fox. EITA and Tomahawk cut off Gargano and nailed him with a double team lung blower, but Fox made the save. Fox got cut off, but hit a double springboard ace crusher a short time later on EITA and Tomahawk. Fox began working over EITA. He missed a 450 on EITA, but rolled through and hit a dive through the ropes on Tomahawk. Gargano ran in and hit a lawn dart on EITA, but EITA countered hurts don’t it into a rollup for a 2 count. Fox ran in and went to work on EITA. He hit shwine on EITA, but he kicked out at the last second.

Fox went up top to finish off EITA, but Gargano picked up EITA and told Fox to get off the top. Fox shoved EITA into Fox and rolled him up with a handful of tights for a nearfall. Tomahawk cut off Gargano and went for the night ride, but Jon Davis came down to ringside and distracted Tomahawk. The Young Bucks ran in and super kicked everyone to no reaction. The ref was still distracted. Davis left ringside and Gargano put Tomahawk in the Gargano escape for the win.

Team USA beats the World 3-2.

Gargano hugged Fox after the match, who looked upset. Gargano said he had lead Team USA to victory. The fans booed. Gargano told Fox it was time to celebrate. Gargano said this victory single handedly won the war on terror. LOL. Gargano said God bless America, the troops, and above all else Johnny Gargano. The fans booed and then chanted for Fox, who questioned Gargano.

Gargano sat on top of Tomahawk and sang “I’m proud to be an American.” Fox went to the corner and watched. Wow. Gargano closed his song and said God bless Johnny Gargano as the music continued to play. The fans booed as Gargano posed with the title.

Star rating: (*1/2) – This wasn’t much of a match. The action was good while it lasted, but this was more of an angle to bring about more questions about who Gargano is aligned with. Davis and the Young Bucks got involved in the finish of the match, so I’m excited to see where this is going.

Overall score: (8.0) – This was a strong show that further established Gargano’s heel character from start to finish. Gargano was really good on this night and although he’s had some problems getting heat from the crowd, he got booed by the time the show ended.

The USA vs. The World theme made this show stand on its own, as it didn’t seem like just another EVOLVE show stuck in the middle of a tripleshot. Gargano’s sarcastic American patriot act was fun to watch from the start of the show where he rallied the troops after passing out tiny white flags to the end of the show when he sang “Proud to be an American” after declaring he had ended the war on terror by beating EITA and Tomahawk in the tiebreaker match in the USA vs. The World series.

EVOLVE is still having problems drawing fans in Florida. The crowd in Jacksonville wasn’t big, but they were hot for the entire show and into just about everything and made a lot of noise. If EVOLVE can bring in more fans in Florida for future tripleshots with an atmosphere like the show had tonight, the company would stand out from the pack and generate a lot of buzz.

The second half of the show was especially strong. Chuck Taylor vs. Jon Davis stole the show with an epic No DQ match that went all over the building and featured a lot of big spots and some fantastic brawling sequences in the crowd. Taylor’s character is changing and I’m interested to see where he goes from here. Davis got a big reaction because he’s from the area where the show was held and the crowd was rabid down the stretch. This match is well-worth going out of your way to see.

The Young Bucks continue to run wild through EVOLVE without regard for the rules and they continue to get cheered. They had a really good match against Brian Cage & Anthony Nese, despite taking the loss. The main concern going forward is the Young Bucks turning the fans against them if their angle is going to work.

The last two matches on the card leading into the tiebreaker tag match main event were both really good. Fox and EITA put together a really good match and Fox is growing into his role as champion show by show during this tripleshot. I like that he put his title on the line, but I think he undersold his chops too much during his King of Chop battle with EITA prior to their match.

Tomahawk T.T. and Johnny Gargano also had a very good match. Like the previous match, they didn’t get enough time to tell a complete story and Tomahawk put Gargano away after a sequence of big moves.

The main event wasn’t long, but it established Gargano as a heel in the eyes of the fans by the time it was over. One thing that is a concern is that Fox undersold his suspicion of Gargano’s intentions before the match on commentary and didn’t seem all that upset during the match when Gargano tried to get the victory himself when Fox was about to finish off Tomahawk. I liked how the Young Bucks and Davis ran out and interfered, as it brings about questions as to how they’re aligned with Gargano.

Overall this was a good show and things are set in motion to push Fox, Gargano, Davis, and the Young Bucks going forward. There’s still some work to do, but EVOLVE is headed in the right direction from a creative standpoint.

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-Decades of Torch Talk insider interviews in transcript and audio formats with big name stars.


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