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CALDWELL'S ROH FINAL BATTLE 2014 PPV RESULTS 12/7: Complete "virtual-time" coverage of live PPV from New York City

Dec 7, 2014 - 9:55:48 PM


Ring of Honor Final Battle PPV Results
December 7, 2014
New York City
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

Be sure to follow live PWTorch tweets tonight during the PPV on Twitter, including ROH TV specialist Mike Metzger @mD0uble. VIP members, stay tuned for a post-PPV Audio Roundtable Review of the PPV later tonight.

The PPV opened with a video package highlighting 2014, starting with the return of A.J. Styles. Also highlighted were ROH tag champs ReDragon, R.D. Evans's "Streak," Jay Briscoe as ROH World champion, Jay Lethal as ROH TV champion, Michael Elgin's interesting year, Tommaso Ciampa striking management, ROH outdoors at MCU Park in New York, the association with New Japan Pro Wrestling, Christopher Daniels & Chris Hero & Matt Sydal & Styles returning, and Kevin Steen saying good-bye. But, before they officially say good-bye to 2014, there is one final event - Final Battle.

Live from Terminal 5 in New York City, Kevin Kelly introduced the show as ROH cameras captured the arena setting. Steve Corino and Nigel McGuinness were ringside with Kelly to set the stage as the crowd chanted, "Final Battle!" Next, the crowd chanted, "We Want Wrestling," as Kelly introduced a Four Corner Survival match to kick things off.

Mark Briscoe was introduced first to a strong crowd reaction. Noticeable in the background were "Exit" signs, making the show look a little small-time. Caprice Coleman was out next, and ROH went to some different camera shots that looked cool. Definitely a mixed feel to the venue setting. Jimmy Jacobs was out next, followed by Hanson.

1 -- MARK BRISCOE vs. HANSON vs. JIMMY JACOBS (w/B.J. Whitmer) vs. CAPRICE COLEMAN -- Four Corner Survival match

Before the bell sounded, Mark, Caprice, and Hanson adhered to the Code of Honor while Jacobs hung out in the corner. An eclectic mix of wrestlers here. "Man Up!" chants toward Mark, who started against Caprice. Mark's entire face was covered by his hair and beard, making it difficult to see any facial expressions in the darkly-lit arena. Mark and Hanson engaged in a face-to-face/beard-to-beard mid-ring confrontation, then Mark knocked Hanson to the outside. On the floor, all four men mixed it up, leading to Mark delivering a running Blockbuster to Hanson.

Mark rolled Hanson back into the ring, but was unable to get a pin. Caprice then tagged in and tried to splash Hanson, but Jacobs tagged himself in, shoved Caprice to the mat, and delivered a top-rope butt splash to Hanson for a two count when Mark broke up the pin. All four men found themselves in the ring, where everyone hit big moves until Hanson took out Jimmy and Mark on the floor. Caprice then dove onto Hanson on the floor to put an exclamation mark on the sequence.

But, back in the ring, Caprice tried to pin Hanson, only to take a Spin Kick of Doom from Hanson. Hanson covered for the pin and the win. The announcers said this caps off a strong 2014 for Hanson heading into next year.

WINNER: Hanson at 10:45. Standard ROH four-way that starts with organized tags, breaks down on the floor, breaks down in the ring, finishers fly, sequences unfold, and someone eventually gets the win. Caprice looked good in defeat, but the story was about enhancing Hanson. (**1/2)

Video Package: Adam Page is looking for respect from The Decade, specifically Roderick Strong.

In-ring: Jimmy Jacobs was still in the ring, with B.J. Whitmer. Jacobs talked about every young wrestler having the chance to grab the "brass ring." The crowd laughed a bit at the C.M. Punk Podcast reference. Whitmer took the mic from Jacobs and told Jimmy that Adam Page will take his full-fledged spot in The Decade tonight, going against Jacobs. Page then marched down to the ring to boos. Roderick Strong was out next to cheers selling being fired up about the match.


No Code of Honor for this grudge match. Roddy opened up with some hard chops to Page, who tried to fight back to prove himself to Strong. On the floor, Strong lit up Page with more chops to the chest. Page turned things around with right hands, but Strong flipped Page over the barricade into the front row. This drew over B.J. Whitmer, who provided a slight distraction that allowed Page to explode on Strong with a clothesline.

Back in the ring, Page dominated until Strong made a comeback. B.J. tried to interfere from the outside, drawing a baseball kick from Roderick. Roddy, fired up, followed with a backbreaker to Page, then he smashed him with a corner boot, but only got a two count. Strong followed with the Sick Kick, but Page kicked out just before three. Kicks were exchanged, then Page flipped over the top rope into the ring for a running lariat for a close two count. That woke up Strong, who nailed a Strong Breaker suplex into a backbreaker. Strong followed up with the Strong Hold, bending Page like a pretzel. Page resisted tapping out, B.J. yelled at Page to fight back, and the referee eventually stopped the match before Page suffered a permanent injury.

Post-match, Jacobs and B.J. helped Ethan to his feet. Jacobs shook Page's hand while B.J. went to the announce position to antagonize Steve Corino. Corino was restrained as B.J. jogged away.

WINNER: Strong via ref stoppage at 12:07. Strong looked good in victory and should be in the ROH Title hunt in 2015. The Decade storyline seems to be treading water at the moment. (**1/2)

Video Package: Michael Elgin vs. Tommaso Ciampa.

In-ring: Michael Elgin was introduced first for the "anti-Nigel McGuinness" match. Not much reaction for Elgin, who walked to the ring as if he didn't want a reaction playing the disgruntled wrestler role. It also captures how ineffective Elgin's "worked shoot" program has been since this landed only third on the card on ROH's biggest show of the year. Tommaso Ciampa was out next to a solid reaction as Nigel recapped his issues with both men.


The Code of Honor was recognized, but Elgin kept the handshake locked when Elgin tried to walk away. Elgin eventually elbowed Ciampa in the face, so Ciampa fired back as the bell sounded. After a heated exchange, Ciampa grabbed Elgin by the crotch to inflict punishment, nearly drawing a DQ. The referee let it go, though, and Elgin came back with a guillotine leg drop and then a top-rope splash for a two count.

To the floor, where both men recovered from the early onslaught. Both men came to their feet and started clearing the ringside area looking to create chaos. Elgin re-arranged the timekeeper's table, then teased a powerbomb through the table, but Ciampa blocked and suplexed Elgin onto the ring apron. It was only good for a two count back in the ring.

After a reset, Elgin grappled Ciampa for a spinning Elgin Bomb, but Ciampa kicked out just in time. The announcers sold shock over Ciampa kicking out of Elgin's finisher. Elgin was unable to recover, as Ciampa came back with his Project Ciampa running powerbomb across his knees, but he also only got a two count.

Ciampa moved to the floor, where he set up the timekeeper's table for a power move, but Elgin blocked. Elgin then suplexed Ciampa back inside the ring. Elgin mocked Ciampa's fingers-to-the-head pose, only to run into a huge lariat from Ciampa, but it was again only good for a two count. Ciampa tried Project Ciampa again, but Elgin blocked and hit a Bucklebomb. The referee moved right behind Elgin, setting up a spot where Ciampa accidentally clotheslined ref Turner when Elgin ducked.

Ringside, Nigel McGuinness stood up selling concern over the events since he instituted zero tolerance on Ciampa attacking refs, but it appeared to be incidental. Nigel eventually bailed from ringside to the back, not making a decision on the conflictual situation. Back to the match, where Elgin took advantage of Ciampa pleading his case to Nigel by delivering a lift-up DDT to Tommaso for the pin and the win.

Post-match, the announcers sold Ciampa potentially being fired tonight after hitting a ref. Meanwhile, Elgin shouted into a ringside camera that he wants the ROH Title back. No use of the table, which they were apparently saving for the main event.

WINNER: Elgin at 13:21. Fine, but not very memorable with Elgin losing momentum since returning to ROH and the audience not particularly interested in Ciampa and Nigel conflicted over a ref bump. (**1/2)

Next PPV: Ring of Honor's 13th Anniversary live from Las Vegas on Sunday, March 1.

In-ring: Christopher Daniels, Kazarian, and Cedric Alexander were introduced to the ring for a six-man tag match up next. Daniels and Kaz did their usual dance-and-strut introduction while Alexander joined in the background. A.C.H. was out first for the next team, followed by the Young Bucks sporting Bullet Club t-shirts. Big reaction for the Bucks.

Live PPV Second Hour


There was a much different energy to this match than the previous three matches with a hot act like the Young Bucks in the match. On cue, the Young Bucks took the spotlight early on, but Daniels & Kaz wowed the crowd with a double slam to A.C.H. on the outside after catching him in mid-air. Matt Jackson came back with a superkick, then Young Bucks hit a double-team combo on Daniels that nearly scored the win, but Kaz broke up the pin.

The match moved to the floor, where Cedric took out as many bodies as he could on a flip dive. Back in the ring, Matt Jackson ran into an elbow from Daniels, then took a foot stomp to the chest for a two count. All six men became involved in the match as referee Todd Sinclair backed down to let the action fly. Superkick from Matt Jackson to Cedric, but Daniels blocked a second, hit Angel's Wings, and then took a superkick from Nick. Everyone down in the ring.

Reset at 11:00. The Young Bucks smashed Kaz with a double suoerkick, then Daniels cleared the Bucks and dropped A.C.H. in the middle of the ring. Daniels followed with the BME, but A.C.H. blocked. Triple Superkick to Daniels, but Cedric came off the top with a triple splash. "I'm blown up!" Corino declared on commentary. Superkicks to Cedric, then the Young Bucks combined for a spike Tombstone. This set up A.C.H. coming off the top with a 450 splash for the pin and the win.

WINNERS: Bucks & A.C.H. at 12:43. A very athletic spotfest, but there was so much talent in the ring and the Young Bucks are having such a great year that it worked. Nothing was on the line, though, so it happened and they moved on. (***1/2)

Video Package: R.D. Evans put his Streak on the line against TV champion Jay Lethal, but Moose turned on Evans, costing him the Streak and the title.

In-ring: Prince Nana and Stokely Hathaway (the former Ramon) came to the ring to pave the way for Moose. R.D. Evans was out next looking for revenge on Moose. No sign of Veda Scott. Kelly noted Veda's world collapsed around her when the Streak ended, but she was scheduled to be here.

5 -- MOOSE (w/The Embassy) vs. R.D. EVANS

The referee asked for the Code of Honor, but Evans slapped Moose instead. Moose laughed, then went for a clothesline, but Evans ducked as the bell sounded. Moose eventually overpowered Evans, who tried to use his speed to no avail. On the outside, Moose whipped Evans repeatedly into the barricade. This brought out Veda Scott, who sold with tears as Evans was manhandled. Back in the ring, Moose clotheslined Evans, who kicked out at two of a cocky cover.

Evans tried to fight back with an elbow, then he ducked a clothesline and dropkicked Moose in the corner. Evans twice tried a springboard move, but fell down twice. So, he finally just threw himself down at Moose on the third try. Evans stood in the ring accepting "You F'ed Up" chants from the crowd, then successfully delivered a top-rope move. Evans took a while following up, so Moose punched him in the gut.

Evans came back with a Sharpshooter, which he applied center ring. The crowd was quiet, then The Embassy slid a chair into the ring. So, the referee kicked them out. While the ref took his time kicking out the managers, Veda Scott slid into the ring to stand up for Evans and beg Moose to back down. Evans tried to tell Veda to leave the ring, but Veda predictable gave Evans low blow. Moose speared Evans and it was good for the pin and the win.

WINNER: Moose at 7:38. This fell apart pretty quickly since the crowd didn't seem to care about Evans in the babyface role and they booked Moose to look pretty weak in the match. Poor booking. (n/a)

Post-match, Prince Nana took the mic and introduced the new group after roughly embracing Veda Scott. Meanwhile, the ref checked on R.D. Evans ringside.

Video Package: Jay Lethal vs. Matt Sydal (Evan Bourne) for the TV Title.

In-ring: Matt Sydal was introduced first as the TV Title challenger. Bodyguard Jay Diesel then walked out holding up Truth Martini's book of truth that led out Jay Lethal and Martini. Lethal, Martini, and Diesel slowly walked around ringside letting the crowd get in their boos.

6 -- ROH TV champion JAY LETHAL (w/Truth Martini) vs. MATT SYDAL -- ROH TV Title match

Sydal teased a Shooting Star Press early on, so Lethal bailed to the floor to talk things over with Martini. Back in the ring, Lethal cut off Sydal and stomped him over and over in the corner. And, Sydal's hair is already all over the place. Sydal tried to come back with a standing moonsault, but Lethal rolled away to the ring apron. So, Sydal kicked Lethal to the outside, then Diesel pulled Lethal out of harm's way when Sydal prepared for a top-rope move.

Back in the ring, Sydal finally got his standing moonsault, but only got a two count. Sydal tried to follow with a corner attack, but Lethal lifted Sydal into the air and Sydal crashed down onto the top rope. Sydal sold a leg injury, which Lethal went to work on. Sydal recovered from the "injury" and delivered leaping kick strikes, but only got a two count. Sydal followed with a sweeping leg drop for another nearfall.

Sydal tried to follow with a corner attack, but Lethal caught him in mid-air and dropped him with the Lethal Combination for a two count. Lethal, the heel, then climbed to the top rope to favorable "Randy Savage" chants. He did the Savage pose, Sydal blocked the attack, Lethal adjusted, and Lethal hit a neckbreaker. Lethal went back to the top and this time he nailed a top-rope elbow for a nearfall.

Next, Lethal called for the Lethal Injection, but Sydal ducked and sprung into Lethal with a head scissors. Sydal then nailed a top-rope knee smash before climbing to the top turnbuckle. Sydal nailed the Shooting Star Press for a clear three count, but Truth Martini pulled referee Todd Sinclair out of the ring to stop his count. Sydal kicked the book of truth into Martini's face, then Sydal climbed to the top rope to give Martini the SSP, but Lethal caught Sydal in mid-air with a cutter. Martini took the brunt of both moves, then Lethal smashed Sydal with the Lethal Injection for the pin and the win.

WINNER: Lethal at 15:03 to retain the TV Title. Lethal is good and the match was fine, but the crowd didn't invest in Sydal as the babyface challenger and there have been so much silliness thus far that the crowd mainly sat on their hands for the finish. The booking is so over-cooked tonight and the spots are running together that it's taking the crowd out of the action match by match. (**1/2)

In-ring: The New Japan duo of Alex Shelley and KUSHIDA made their way to the ring for the next match for the ROH Tag Titles. Kevin Kelly noted the relationship between ROH and New Japan will continue in 2015, then ROH tag champs ReDragon came out to defend the titles.

Live PPV Third Hour

7 -- ROH tag champs/IWGP Jr. Hvt. tag champs REDRAGON (KYLE O'REILLY & BOBBY FISH) vs. TIME SPLITTERS (ALEX SHELLEY & KUSHIDA) -- ROH Tag Title match

Handshakes all around to adhere to the Code of Honor. The crowd was into the action early on as both teams traded control. The tag champs eventually controlled Shelley while KUSHIDA waited for a tag. Shelley was finally prepared to tag in KUSHIDA, but O'Reilly ran around the ringside area to cut off the tag. Fish then regained control on Shelley. Hot tag to KUSHIDA, who cleaned house on the tag champs. KUSHIDA took it to the next level with a double German Suplex that sent the champs to the floor.

The action broke down on the floor, keeping the streak alive of every match containing outside-the-ring activity. KUSHIDA eventually came off the top with a flip dive onto the tag champs after Shelley set them up to take the blow. Back in the ring, KUSHIDA delivered a top-rope dropkick to O'Reilly for a very close two count. The tag champs responded with high/low to KUSHIDA for another nearfall.

All four men found themselves in the ring, but no pin resulted. In the chaos, O'Reilly caught KUSHIDA with a Triangle Choke submission, but Shelley broke it up with a top-rope stomp. No attempt to restore order as the match continued with all four men in the ring. O'Reilly and KUSHIDA eventually had a one-on-one battle that resulted in KUSHIDA superkicking the mouthpiece out of O'Reilly's mouth. But, O'Reilly responded with a rebound lariat into a brainbuster, but KUSHIDA kicked out of a pin.

ReDragon called for the end, and they combined for a kick into Brainbuster - Chasing the Dragon - but KUSHIDA kicked out again. O'Reilly followed right up with his armbar submission, Fish prevented Shelley from re-entering the ring to break it up, and KUSHIDA tapped out.

WINNERS: ReDragon via submission at 18:11 to retain the ROH Tag Titles. Strong match featuring four really good wrestlers with strong chemistry. The crowd invested for the most part, but the law of diminishing returns kicked in much earlier in this show with each big move and each high-flying spot receiving less and less of a reaction. (***1/2)

Video Package: Jay Briscoe vs. Adam Cole ROH World Title feud.

In-ring: Adam Cole was introduced first as the challenger for the main event. Ringside were two empty seats for Jay Briscoe's parents if they chose to take up Cole's offer. Jay Briscoe was then introduced as the defending champion. Once Jay hit the ring, several refs spilled out to separate the two wrestlers before the bell. Bobby Cruise then handled formal ring introductions for the anything-goes title match.

8 -- ROH World champion JAY BRISCOE vs. The Kingdom's ADAM COLE -- ROH World Title match -- Fight Without Honor

Once the bell sounded, Jay stalked Cole, who remained standing in the corner. Cole defiantly double-birded Jay, drawing some applause. Jay shook it off and nearly ended the match one minute in with a Jay Driller, but Cole kicked out just in time. Cole rolled to the floor to recover, but Jay followed out and beat up Cole ringside. The table that came into play during Elgin vs. Ciampa came into play here, as Jay placed Cole on the table and smashed him through the table with a flying attack.

Jay then pulled out a staple gun, but Cole smashed Jay across the face with a chair. Not just any chair, but the chair reserved for Papa Briscoe. Cole then tried to staple the piece of paper labeling the chair onto Jay's head. "You sick f---" chant from the crowd, followed by applause for the heel bashing the face champion with more weaponry. The match returned to the ring and the crowd picked up dueling "Man Up" vs. "Adam Cole" chants. This was followed by "Let's Go Briscoe" vs. "Adam Cole" chants. Cole tried a chair smash in the corner, but Jay whipped Cole face-first into the chair wedged in the corner.

Reset at 6:00. Jay came up bleeding from the forehead as Corino over-stressed Kingdom members Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis 7,000 miles away. Cole set up two chairs in the ring, but Jay suplexed Cole onto the chairs. Jay then retrieved a Kendo Stick, but Cole stole it and cracked it over Jay's back repeatedly. Jay no-sold, so Cole KO'ed him with a stick shot to the face. Cole covered for a two count. Cole tried to follow with a figure-four leglock around the ringpost, but Jay shoved off and Cole smacked his head on the post. Cole went under the ring to sell the effects, then he resurfaced bleeding from the forehead.

Jay capitalized with headbutts and punches to open up Cole. Jay followed with a modified Camel Clutch, then he released the hold when medical staff came down to ringside to check on Cole. The crowd booed the presence of medical staff, then Jay beat up Cole to a pop. Jay slid Cole back into the ring and kicked him in the face. Neckbreaker followed for a two count.

At 14:00, Jay went under the ring to retrieve a table. Jay set it up ringside as Corino talked about Cole deserving the beating he's taking tonight. Jay then tried to suplex Cole off the top rope through the table, but Cole blocked and superkicked Jay down below through the table on the floor. The crowd popped for another table spot, ignoring whether the heel or face went through it. Cole then picked up the title belt and smashed Jay with it. Florida Key followed, but Jay kicked out of Cole's finisher. The crowd didn't buy it as the finish.

Reset at 17:30 with the crowd chanting for both wrestlers, then Jay came back with a Death Valley Driver that KO'ed Cole. Jay then went under the ring and retrieved a purple bag with thumbtacks and pushpins inside. Jay dumped the contents in the middle of the ring, but Cole low-blowed Jay. Cole then picked up a few of the tacks, shoved them in Jay's mouth, and superkicked him in the mouth for a two count. Another "You sick f---" chant at Cole.

Cole tried the Florida Key into the tacks, but Jay shoved off, kicked Cole in the face twice, tried a third, but Cole avoided, only to bounce the ropes and take a back-drop into the tacks. Cole sold the effects, then Jay followed right up with the Jay Driller, but Cole kicked out just before three.

Reset at 21:00 with Jay bringing the ROH Title belt into the ring to place right in front of Cole. Cole looked up at Jay, who then scooped up Cole and dropped him with the Jay Driller on the title belt. Jay covered and it was good for the pin and the win. Both men remained on the mat selling the effects of the match as the PPV signed off.

WINNER: Briscoe at 21:20 to retain the ROH World Title. A brutal match if that's your thing, but at least it ended on a symbolic note with the Jay Driller on the title belt they've been battling for possession over for two years. The chair shots to the head/face region really took away from the action, while pro wrestling storytelling continues to suffer from the crowd investing more in spots, brutality, and signature moves than a heel getting his and a face triumphing. (This isn't just ROH, but also WWE and TNA.) It doesn't help that the booking is inconsistent, leading to the audience picking their favorites and waiting for the spots they want to see to cheer and react. (***)

Next PPV: 13th Anniversary Show on March 1 from Las Vegas. The PPV signed off at 10:55 p.m. EST.


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