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RADICAN'S PWG DVD REVIEW SERIES: "Fear" 12/10 - Appetite For Destruction vs. Young Bucks, Generico vs. Togo

Mar 22, 2012 - 5:41:43 PM

DECEMBER 10, 2011

(1) Kenny King vs. T.J. Perkins went to a no decision. King and Perkins locked up and battled for position. King took down Perkins, but he got up right away and they came to a stalemate.

Ryan Cage-Taylor and Ryan Taylor came down to ringside. Cage-Taylor said Los Luchas hadn’t shown up at the show due to a family emergency. I couldn’t hear some of what he said because the crowd drowned him out. Cage-Taylor said he wanted to get his s—t in tonight. Taylor got on the mic and said they were looking for a fight. The announcers filled in the blanks because it was difficult to hear the mic. Cage-Taylor and Taylor then jumped King and Perkins and the fight was on. Taylor even ended up throwing the ref out of the ring and he flipped off the crowd.

(2) The Fightin’ Taylor Boys (Brian Cage-Taylor & Ryan Taylor) beat T.J. Perkins & Kenny King. The action finally entered the ring with Taylor in control of Perkins. The referee got back in the ring, but did not throw the match out. The announcers wondered if this was an official contest. The bell finally rang as Perkins and King made a comeback in the ring on Taylor and Cage-Taylor. King and Perkins isolated Taylor and worked him over with a slick combination of moves. Cage-Taylor distracted Perkins, which allowed Taylor to nail him with a superkick. The Fightin’ Taylor boys went to work on Perkins.

Cage-Taylor then grabbed a chinlock as the crowd chanted “get your s—t in.” Cage-Taylor hit a combination shoulder breaker and Taylor then hit a kick to Perkins’s shoulder as they began to target his arm. The crowd booed as Perkins took a combination of kicks in the corner with the ref distracted by King trying to help his partner. Taylor accidentally hit Cage-Taylor with a forearm when Perkins ducked and King got the hot tag and ran wild. King hit a nice leg-capture suplex on Cage-Taylor and the crowd popped. The action broke down and Perkins took out King and Taylor with a dive through the ropes. Cage-Taylor then went up top and hit a moonsault onto everyone on the outside and the crowd went nuts. King went for a springboard, but Cage-Taylor nailed him with a kick. They ended up battling on the apron and Cage-Taylor suplexed King back into the ring. Taylor followed up with a senton off the top on King, but Perkins broke up the pin. The action continued with King and Perkins getting a series of nearfalls. Taylor broke up a double team attempt on Cage-Taylor. They isolated King in the ring and nailed him with a double team code red for the pin. (***)

(3) Roderick Strong beat Amazing Red.Red sing Strong out of the ring early and set up for a dive, but Strong tripped him. Strong took control of the action after driving Red into the apron before tossing him back into the ring. Strong hit a series of big chops on Red that got the crowd going. Red fired back and went for a springboard, but Strong countered it into a backbreaker. Strong tossed Red outside and lifted him over his head before tossing him onto the apron. Red finally fired back with a spinning DDT and the crowd cheered with both men down on the mat. Red took control and hit a big hurricanrana. He hit another hurricanrana and Strong spilled to the outside. Strong caught Red sliding through the ropes, but Red managed to leverage himself and hit a bulldog on the apron. Red followed up with a corkscrew dive over the top to wipe out Strong.

Red connected with a missile dropkick back inside the ring for a 2 count. Red went for code red, but Strong slipped out of it. Strong then rolled through on Red and hit a big backdrop for a nearfall. Strong continued to work over Red, but couldn’t put him away. The crowd tried to rally behind Red, who fired back with a kick on Strong followed up by his signature triple kick for a 2 count. Both men battled up top a short time later. Red managed to push Strong off and nail him with a jumping face buster, but Strong got the ropes. Strong fired back and locked in the stronghold. Red tried to counter and eventually hit a code red that didn’t connect well for a nearfall. Strong tried to lift Red up, but he countered it into a reverse hurricanrana. Red followed up with a standing SSP moments later for a nearfall. Strong caught Red with a big backbreaker that didn’t connect flush. Strong then finished off Red with a Gibson driver. This had some good moments, but several spots didn’t come off very well. (**1/2)

(4) Peter Avalon & Ray Rosas & Joey Ryan & Scorpio Sky beat B-Boy & Famous B & Chris Kadillak & Candice LaRae. Avalon told Kadillak he wanted the b---h. Kadillak thought he met LaRae, but Avalon said no when she tagged in and pointed to B-Boy. Avalon got in B-Boy’s face and ended up taking a huge forearm. The heels got in the ring and dragged Avalon back to their corner as the crowd applauded. LaRae tagged in to go at it with Ryan, who pushed her in the corner and thrust his crotch at her. LaRae fired back with a double nipple grip. Ryan responded by shoving her down to the ground. Ryan got out top of LaRae and simulated sex with LaRae. This is pretty disgusting. LaRae fired back with a hurricanrana out of the corner. She then applied an octopus submission, but Sky kicked her off. Steen yelled at LaRae’s partners for not even coming to her aid. Sky, Ryan, and Avalon simulated some sexual acts with LaRae and the crowd chanted holy s—t. LaRae’s partners finally broke up the simulated sex and the faces ran wild on the heels.

The heels isolated Kadillack and went to work on him in the ring. The heels continued to do sexual things even when working over Kadillack. B-Boy finally came in and kicked Rosas off Kadillack to momentarily put an end to the ridiculousness in the ring. Kadillack fired back on Sky and hit a big running SSP on him in the corner that left both men down on the mat. Ryan and LaRae tagged in and LaRae dished out ball suplexes to the heels. The crowd roared in appreciation after she took down all four of her opponents. All the faces came off the top, but the heels lifted their knees crotching them. It didn’t affect LaRae who went around and slapped all of the heels. LaRae then took out Avalon with a swinging DDT through the ropes to the outside. Ryan followed up with a spear on LaRae through the ropes.

The action broke down with a sequence of dives to the outside. B-Boy finished the sequence with a falcon arrow on Rosas on the apron and the crowd went nuts. The action continued at a rapid pace back inside the ring. Ryan closed the sequence with a big spinebuster on Kadillack for a nearfall. B cut off Ryan and nailed him with a big senton off the top for another nearfall. They did another sequence of everyone trading big moves. B-Boy no sold a superkick from Ryan and nailed him with an ace crusher to end the sequence and everyone was down again. Ryan hit a boob-plex on LaRae. He grinded on LaRae and placed her on the top rope. Ryan set up LaRae for the mustache ride, but LaRae countered it into a neckbreaker off the second rope. She had the pin, but Avalon dragged the ref to the outside. A big brawl started on the outside as LaRae and Ryan went at it in the ring. Sky and Ryan nailed LaRae with a combination of kicks before Sky finished her off with the TKO. This was tasteless and hard to enjoy. The crowd heat seemed to die because of all the nearfalls as well. (*1/2)

Willie Mack was in the ring. Chris Hero then walked out from behind the curtain and the crowd went nuts. The ring announcer then did the former introductions, but it was hard to hear him. Hero jumped Mack as he was introduced and put the boots to him in the corner as the crowd went nuts and chanted his name.

(5) Willie Mack beat Chris Hero. Hero ran wild early, but Mack fired back and sent Hero to the outside with a big chop to the chest. They brawled on the outside where Hero took control with a big kick to Mack’s chest. Mack fired back and whipped Hero into the fans. Mack tossed Hero back into the ring and went on the attack. Hero fired back and tied up Mack’s knee in the ropes before nailing him with a kick. He then posed for the crowd on a chair and the fans went crazy. Hero stalked Mack before nailing him with a running kick. Mack fired back with a sunset flip for a 2 count. Hero managed to maintain control and nailed him with a series of sentons in the ring. Hero tossed Mack into the ropes and nailed him with a kick right away, but the timing was a little off.

Mack fired back on Hero with a big chop, but couldn’t capitalize. Mack fired up and screamed at Hero. He eventually hit a jumping elbow on Hero and followed it up with a big slam. Mack hit a series of power moves on Hero capped with an exploder for a nearfall. Hero fired back and applied the iron claw. Hero hit a knee strike and then hit an iron claw slam. The announcers called attention to the fact that it was a tribute to the late Bison Smith. Hero went for a roaring elbow, but Mack caught him with a Samoan drop. Mack went for a standing moonsault, but Hero caught him in a cravat and nailed Mack with a twisting neckbreaker for a 2 count as the crowd continued to be hot for the action. Hero tied up Mack in the corner and nailed him with a running boot to the head. Mack ducked another roaring elbow and nailed Hero with a kick to the side of the head for a nearfall.

The crowd continued to chant for Hero, but some of the fans countered with a chant for Mack. Hero caught Mack with a boot to the face. He then nailed Mack with a big rolling elbow for a 2 count. Hero took off his elbow pad and went for a neckbreaker, but Mack got a backslide for a 2 count. Mack ducked another elbow attempt from Hero and nailed him with a German for a 2 count. Mack hit a running clothesline in the corner. He followed up with a springboard kick. Hero fired back and hit the cyclone kill, but Mack kicked out at the last second. The crowd chanted for both men after the nearfall. Hero slammed Mack and went up top. He went for a moonsault and landed on his feet after Mack got out of the way. Hero went for another elbow, but Mack cut him off with a clothesline. Mack hit a backdrop driver and another lariat for a nearfall. Mack then lifted Hero and the chocolate thunder driver for the win. This was fun to watch because of the crowd heat, but they seemed to repeat the same spots and the nearfalls at the end took away from the finish slightly. (**3/4)

The crowd chanted welcome back at Hero after the match. Hero asked for the mic, which seemed to be working now. Hero tried to talk, but it was hard to hear what he was saying. Hero talked about being raised in Dayton, Ohio, but only being able to go there a few times a year. Hero said he didn’t know if he was coming back, but wherever he goes, PWG is home to him. That was a nice post-match goodbye from Hero.

(6) The RockNes Monsters (Johnny Goodtime & Johnny Yuma) beat Future Shock (Kyle O’Reilly & Adam Cole). They did some comedy early with Goodtime hitting some fighting game style strikes on Cole. Future Shock eventually took control and nailed Goodtime with a combination of moves capped by a dropkick from Cole. Yuma tagged in and eventually nailed both members of Future Shock with a DDT/Stunner combination that popped the crowd. He then made the hot tag to Goodtime, who ran wild. Cole eventually fired back on Goodtime and nailed him with a DDT on the apron. They built to a big spot where O’Reilly hit seven butterfly suplexes on Yuma. Goodtime ran in and took several more butterfly suplexes before O’Reilly fed him to Cole for a combination German suplex, but Yuma broke up the pin and the crowd went nuts again. The action broke down with both teams going at it back and forth. The crowd chanted for both teams after everyone ended up down after a series of big exchanges. The RockNes Monsters got the win after a combination of moves on Cole capped by a frogsplash off the top from Goodtime for the win. This was a really fun match and the crowd was hot for much of the action. (***1/2)

(7) The American Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards) beat The Super Smash Bros. (Player Uno & Player Dos). The match started quickly with the Super Smash Bros. sending the Wolves to the outside. Uno then wiped them out with a dive through the ropes and the SSB posed for the crowd in the ring. The SSB worked over Richards for a short period of time before he mounted a comeback and tagged in Edwards. The Wolves took control and hit tandem elbows on Uno. The Wolves tagged and out to work over Uno for a long period of time. The action eventually broke down and the Wolves isolated Dos. Richards ended up nailing Dos with a missile dropkick for a nearfall. Richards grabbed an ankle lock on Dos. Uno tried to break the hold, but Edwards came in and put him in an ankle lock. The SSB caught Edwards and Richards with stereo rollups for a nearfall. All four men then exchanged big moves and the crowd went nuts with everyone down on the mat. Both teams went back and forth down the stretch. At one point, Uno and Richards had a big exchange of strikes in the middle of the ring and Uno made Richards spit out his mouth guard. The finish saw Edwards isolate Uno. He eventually got Uno with the Achilles lock while kicking him in the head, which forced Uno to tap. The crowd was really hot for this match and both teams delivered big time here. (***3/4)

After the match, Richards put over SSB on the mic. He then went to shake hands with Edwards, but Edwards pulled his hand away and walked to the back while Richards glared at him.

(8) PWG Champion El Generico beat Dick Togo in a Non-title Match. The crowd was red hot to start and reacted well to Togo. Both men built up to a series of stalemates. Generico offered a handshake, but Togo kicked him low and worked him over for several minutes. Generico mounted a comeback and pulled the top rope down on Togo as he charged at him. Generico then followed up with 180 springboard moonsault to the outside that set the crowd on fire. Generico dominated the action and the crowd chanted for him, but another portion of the crowd continued to chant for Togo. Togo fired back and nailed Generico with a series of kicks capped by a superkick for a nearfall. They built up to some great exchanges down the stretch with perhaps a few too many nearfalls as Generico kicked out of just about everything Togo dished out, including a huge senton off the top. Generico eventually hit a running Yokuza kick in the corner and a brainbuster, but Togo kicked out. The finish saw Generico fire up while down on the mat. He nailed Togo up top with a huge running Yokuza kick. Generico then hit the top rope brainbuster for the win. This was an awesome match with great crowd heat. (****)

After the match, both men shook hands. Generico then instructed the crowd to cheer for Togo and they went crazy chanting his name.

(9) Appetite For Destruction (Kevin Steen & Super Dragon) beat The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) to become the new PWG Tag Team Champions. The match started with a crazy brawl outside the ring with the crowd going nuts. Both teams exchanged chairshots that appeared to be protected to the head. The crowd went absolutely nuts as both teams went back and forth on the outside for a long period of time. They built up to a big spot where Steen powerbombed Matt on the apron. Nick then went for a dive, but Steen caught him and nailed him with a running slam into a pile of chairs, which set the crowd on fire again. Another big spot saw Super Dragon curb stomp Matt right into Nick’s crotch, which set the crowd on fire again. The Young Bucks eventually took control and Nick put Super Dragon through a table on the outside with a frog splash. The Young Bucks then went to work on Steen with Dragon down on the outside. Dragon finally managed to get back into the action. He eventually got Nick out on the apron and put him through a table on the outside with the psycho driver and the fans went ballistic again. The finish saw Steen lift up Matt for the package piledriver. Super Dragon then came off the top and helped Steen hit a spiked package piledriver on Matt for the win. (****1/2)

The crowd went nuts after the finish. Steen and Dragon tried to destroy the hideous looking PWG Tag Team Titles. Steen got on the mic and thanked Dragon for making him who he is by beating the crap out of him. He then said Dragon was dedicating the match to his girlfriend, who had beaten cancer. The crowd applauded Steen and Dragon to close the show.

Overall thoughts: (8.5) – This was a great show that featured some fantastic wrestling up and down the card. The last two matches are both well-worth going out of your way to check out, as Togo-Generico and Appetite For Destruction vs. Young Bucks tore the house down and the crowd was nuclear for both matches.

The undercard started a little slowly and the exchanges between LaRae and Joey Ryan’s team were a big turnoff, as they simulated sexual acts on LaRae throughout the match and the crowd actually chanted for it. Red-Strong was also disappointing because Red looked like he was having a hard time keeping his breath and some of their exchanges came off awkwardly.

There was some darn good tag action on the undercard. Future Shock vs. RockNes Monsters was a lot of fun and both teams pulled off some fun comedy spots before getting serious. It’s always nice to see some of the local talent get big wins in PWG and RockNes Monsters getting the win here was a crowd-pleasing moments. Wolves vs. SSB was also very good. They did a little comedy early, but once the action heated up, there were some intense exchanges, especially when Richards and Uno went at it strike for strike in the middle of the ring as the crowd went crazy.

Generico-Togo was a blast to watch. Togo can still perform at a high level and there were some great fast-paced exchanges in this match. They built up the action and slowed it down at the right times for most of the match and the fans reacted accordingly going crazy for both men. There were a few too many nearfalls down the stretch in my opinion, but the finish still came off well and it’s always fun to see Generico nail someone with the top rope brainbuster.

The main event with the Young Bucks vs. Appetite For Destruction was an all-out war with insane crowd heat. They brawled all over the building and built up to some big spots as the match went on. The Young Bucks do a really good job of playing the cocky heel role in PWG and the crowd ate it up when Steen and Dragon mounted comebacks on them. There were a lot of chairshots during the match, but they used plastic chairs and everyone appeared to protect themselves, so I didn’t have an issue with it, although some of the bumps these guys took were rough. Steen and Dragon winning the match set the crowd on fire, although I’m hoping PWG brings in some better looking tag titles after they were destroyed by Appetite For Destruction after they won the match. Dragon dedicating the match to his girlfriend, who had just beaten cancer was a great moment to close the show. This show gets a high recommendation.

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