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RADICAN'S WSU "Full Steam Ahead" DVD Review 10/13: Martinez defends WSU Championship in Triple Threat Main Event

Jan 17, 2013 - 1:19:22 PM

By Sean Radican, Torch columnist


OCTOBER 13, 2012

This is WSU’s first show under new ownership.

The show started with Mercedes Martinez getting ready backstage. She was confronted by Sammy Geodollno. Sammy told Martinez she was in jail for burning some bitch’s house down. She told Martinez now that she was in WSU, she could help her out. Martinez looked bewildered to close the segment.

1 - - Kalamity vs. Leva Bates

Bates came out dressed like the lead heel in Saw. Jon Harder and Jennifer Cruz were in on commentary. Bates pushed the much larger Kalamity into the corner and flexed. This made Kalamity angry, so she tossed Bates to the mat. Bates fired back and got the last chancery on Kalamity, but she fought her way out. Bates took Kalamity down again with an arm bar. The crowd rallied behind Kalamity, who got to her feet and turned the submission into a leverage hold on Bates. Kalamity forced Bates to the mat, so Kalamity grabbed an arm wringing. Kalamity countered and hit a series of kicks and a running face drop for a 2 count. Bates fired right back and hit a running neckbreaker for a 2 count.

Kalamity and Bates went back and forth. Bates got a victory roll for a 2 count and transitioned right into a heel hook. Kalamity managed to kick her way out of the hold a short time later. Kalamity got a stranglehold on Bates. Bates released the hold and gave Bates a kick. Bates got her boot up on a charge in the corner. Bates ended up on the top turnbuckle and ended up taking a big powerbomb for a nearfall. Bates hopped up to the top turnbuckle to avoid a charge from Kalamity, who went shoulder-first into the ringpost. Bates followed up with a double stomp off the top. Bates hit a series of chops on Kalamity. She then ran at Kalamity, who caught her with a big spinebuster for a 2 count. Bates managed to counter Kalamity a short time later and hit a reverse DDT. Bates went for a crucifix, but Kalamity turned it into a magnum driver for the win.

Winner: Kalamity

Star rating: (**3/4) – This was a good back and forth opening match. Both women showcased some nice submission work and counter wrestling.

After the match, Kalamity helped Bates to her feet and shook her hand. The crowd applauded as Kalamity raised Bates’s hand. Cruz was not happy that Kalamity shook hands with Bates.

2 - - Tina San Antonio vs. Brittney Savage

Tina slapped Savage in the face during the early stages of the match. Savage fired back, but missed a charge in the corner. San Antonio slammed her head-first into the turnbuckle and tossed her by her hair across the ring several times. San Antonio worked over Savage for several minutes. They exchanged victory rolls, Savage nailed San Antonio with a kick. San Antonio raked Savage’s eyes and went back to work on her with some kicks to the back a short time later. San Antonio got a reverse Boston crab on Savage and turned it into a pendulum swing before slamming Savage down to the mat. San Antonio continued to target Savage’s back as she worked her over.

Savage managed to roll out of the way of a leg drop and the crowd fired up. Savage mounted a comeback and ran wild on San Antonio. Savage hit a big kick to San Antonio’s head, but she kicked out. The crowd fired up behind Savage as she went for a diamond cutter, but San Antonio rolled her up and pinned her with her feet on the ropes.

Winner: Tina San Antonio

Star rating: (**1/2) – The matched dragged when San Antonio was on offense, but the crowd fired up for Savage’s spirited comeback down the stretch. Cruz was funny on commentary cheering San Antonio for cheating her way to victory.

3 - - Addy Starr vs. Jessie Brooks

Brooks got the upper hand early and hit a suplex with a bridge for a 2 count. Starr caught Brooks with a DDT a short time later and tied Brooks in a submission in the mat. The announcers said someone was watching at ringside. She finally came into view on camera and it was Geodollno. Brooks fired back and nailed Starr with some hard forearms. Brooks got cattle mutilation on Starr. She locked her hands, but Starr would not submit and Brooks let go. Cruz said this is where Brooks gets into trouble when she gets frustrated. Starr grabbed a guillotine, but Brooks turned it into a release fisherman suplex and both women were down as the crowd applauded.

Both women got to their knees and began exchanging strikes. Starr fired up and nailed Brooks with several forearms in the corner. Starr hung Brooks between the ropes in the corner and spring boarded into a double knee strike the stomach. Brooks countered the acid drop into an arm bar. Starr wouldn’t give up and the fans rallied behind her. Starr eventually fought her way to the ropes to break the hold. Starr countered Brooks a short time later and hit a straightjacket neckbreaker and a diving forearm for the win.

Winner: Addy Starr –This was a solid six minute match. This came across as an upset given that it was an open challenge from Brooks. Both women were impressive.

4 - - Mercedes Martinez vs. LuFisto

Martinez charged LuFisto as she made her entrance and the bell rang. They went at it on the outside. LuFisto ducked a charge from Martinez and she crashed into the guardrail. Martinez took control inside the ring and nailed LuFisto with a dropkick for a 2 count. LuFisto ducked a charge near the ropes and put the boots to Martinez. They went back and forth before going down to the mat. LuFisto worked a headlock, but Martinez countered it into a head scissors. LuFisto escaped and hit a big kick to Martinez’s head for a 2 count. LuFisto tied Martinez up in the ropes and grabbed her arms and pulled them backwards. She then hit Sheamus punches on Martinez against the ropes. One fan shouted out Sheamus and LuFisto said she doesn’t have red hair. LuFisto yelled at the ref, which allowed Martinez to take her down. Martinez mounted LuFisto and hit a series of blows across her face.

Martinez began working over LuFisto’s mid-section before choking her with her boot. They ended up back on the outside and the crowd clapped. Both women exchanged blows on the outside before LuFisto hit several forearms and tossed Martinez back into the ring. LuFisto hit a chin breaker followed by a running basement dropkick for a 2 count. LuFisto began working Martinez’s leg with a submission, but she kicked out of it. LuFisto continued to work over Martinez with submissions as the announcers mentioned LuFisto had cost Martinez the title during her last reign as champion, which lasted two hours. The crowd tried to rally behind Martinez, but LuFisto grabbed an arm bar. Martinez clenched her hands and Cruz said this was so good that she was going to tweet about it. Martinez escaped, but LuFisto grabbed a combination submission working Martinez’s head and arm. LuFisto got a dragon sleeper, but Martinez nailed her with a pair of knee strikes to escape.

Martinez fired up and hit a running kick in the corner. She followed up with a running dropkick in the corner, but only got a 2 count. The crowd fired up as both women were slow to get to their feet. Martinez hit several kicks on LuFisto near the apron and they brawled on the again. LuFisto fired back and hit a slam on the concrete before going back to the ring to break the ref’s count. They brawled near the announcers and LuFisto nailed Martinez with a big uppercut. LuFisto tossed Martinez into the corner and lit up her chest with a big chop. Martinez fired back and hit several forearms on LuFisto in the corner and she fell to the mat. Martinez followed up with a running kick to the crotch. She covered LuFisto, but only got a 2 count.

LuFisto ducked a charge in the corner and fired back with a cannonball in the corner. She followed up with a running dropkick in the corner and her momentum took her through the ropes. Martinez snapped LuFisto’s neck over the ropes and hung her on the ropes before hitting a neckbreaker for a 2 count. They went to another big forearm exchange. Both women hit forearms at the same time and bounced off the ropes before hitting a double knockout blow that drew an ovation from the crowd. Both women were down as the ref counted. They brawled back on the outside. LuFisto peppered Martinez with forearms against the guardrail, but Martinez fired back with a huge forearm. Martinez went for a fisherman buster, but LuFisto countered and hit a German. Martinez ended up rolling to the outside. The crowd clapped as LuFisto chased Martinez to the outside and nailed her with several forearms. She signaled for the burning hammer, but Martinez slipped out and hit a Saito suplex. Both women were down as the crowd clapped. LuFisto rolled to the outside and Martinez followed her.

The announcer said there was 10 minutes remaining in the time limit. Martinez tossed LuFisto back into the ring and covered her, but only got a 2 count. Martinez hit two suplexes, but LuFisto countered her and hit a snap German suplex and both women were down again. The crowd clapped as both women tried to recover. They went at it near the ropes and LuFisto dragged Martinez’s foot over the second rope and hit a DDT, but Martinez got her foot on the ropes. They ended up brawling up top. LuFisto fought Martinez off and hit a code breaker off the top. Both women were down again as the crowd clapped. The fans chanted for LuFisto as both women used the ropes to drag themselves to their feet. Men began exchanging hard chops and then forearms. Martinez shoved LuFisto to the outside and they exchanged more forearms. Martinez used her boot to choke LuFisto against the guardrail and tossed her into the crowd. They announced that there were 5 minutes remaining in the match.

They continued to brawl around the ring before Martinez tossed LuFisto back into the ring. Martinez got the Regal stretch on LuFisto. LuFisto managed to get the ropes, but Martinez continued to dominate the action. LuFisto avoided a dropkick and LuFisto applied a sharpshooter on Martinez. Martinez struggled, but eventually got the ropes. LuFisto hit a DVD, but only got a 2 count. The announcers said time was close to expiring. Martinez fired back and hit a fisherman suplex, but couldn’t cover LuFisto. The crowd clapped as Martinez crawled over to LuFisto and covered her, but LuFisto kicked out at the last second. LuFisto hit the burning hammer with a minute left. Both women were down. The crowd fired up as LuFisto crawled towards Martinez. LuFisto made the cover, but Martinez kicked out and the time limit expired.

The crowd gave both women a big ovation when the time limit expired and chanted that was awesome. Both women crawled towards each other and began brawling once again. The crowd applauded, but several women ran in from the back to separate both women. Martinez escaped 10 women and went after LuFisto on the outside, but they were separated again.

Winner: The match was declared a time limit draw.

Star rating: (***3/4) – This was awesome. The crowd was tepid at first, but as the match built they got into the match. Martinez and LuFisto engaged in a hard-hitting war that saw both women go all-out for the duration. The big strike battles and the pacing of the match with both women hitting big moves, but being unable to make a quick cover, added to the drama. I like how this match will likely lead into another match between the two down the line given their chemistry.

5 - - Niya vs. Saturyne – Uncensored Opportunity match

Niya is making her return to WSU after losing a loser leaves town match awhile back. Cruz said she had gotten rid of Niya and was appalled she was getting this opportunity. The winner of this match gets full-time bookings in WSU. Saturyne got in some offense early, but Niya caught her with a backbreaker. Harder pointed out Cruz had cheated to beat Niya in their Loser Leaves Town match. Niya worked a single-leg crab, but Saturyne got the ropes. Saturyne fired back with a clothesline from the apron and followed up with a springboard cross-body. They went back and forth and hit roundhouse kicks at the same time that left both women down.

Niya got up and hit a pair of big clotheslines on Saturyne. She then hit a suplex, but Saturyne kicked out. Niya got a running start and hit a cartwheel into a moonsault for a 2 count. Niya went for a springboard a short time later, but Saturyne got out of the way and pinned Niya with a victory roll.

Winner: Saturyne to earn a full-time spot on the WSU roster – This was a solid match. Both women looked good here.

After the match, Cruz got into the ring and nailed Niya with a roaring elbow. Cruz then choked Niya with her scarf. Jenna ran down and tried to chase Cruz away. Niya and Jenna then went to town on Cruz. Cruz finally managed to escape the ring. Cruz got on the mic and told Niya she doesn’t belong in WSU. She said she’s the queen of WSU and was here to save the fans from people like Jenna and Niya. Cruz got booed by the fans before Niya chased her to the back.

6 - - Kimber Lee & Annie Social vs. WSU Tag Team Champions Allysin Kay & Sassy Stephanie – Non-title match

Harder was joined by Jenna on commentary. Kay and Stephanie jumped their opponents to start the match. Social eventually fired back on Kay with a pair of arm drags. She went to grab Kay’s chest, but ended up hitting the spikes on her ring gear. Lee tagged herself in and hit a dropkick on Kay. Lee and Social began working over Stephanie for an extended period of time. Social put Stephanie on the turnbuckles and kicked her in the crotch. Kay made a blind-tag, but Social avoided her attack and took out both of her opponents with a double clothesline. Jenna said she wanted to make Cruz’s life a living hell. Kay fired back on Social and nailed her with some big the corner. Kay targeted Social’s shoulder with another pair of big kicks. Lee ran into the ring, which allowed Stephanie and Kay to choke Social against the ropes.

Social tried to fire back, but Stephanie cut her off and taunted Lee. Social poked Kay in the eye, but Kay recovered and nailed her with a vicious kick. Kay and Stephanie then dragged Social to the ringpost and stretched her arms and legs around it. Kay taunted Lee and asked her if she wanted to tag in, but continued to take Social down. Kay taunted Lee again before nailing Social with a big kick to the chest. The fans tried to rally behind Social as she tried to fight out of a body scissors on the mat. Social fired back and drove Stephanie face-first into the mat. She finally tagged in Lee, who ran wild. Lee went up top, but Stephanie pushed her to the mat. Lee screamed and favored her knee. Social tried to check on her partner, but Stephanie nailed her with kissed by ass. The ref ended up calling for the

Winners: No contest – The ref called a no contest after Lee hurt her knee. The action was solid leading into Lee’s injury. Kay and Stephanie are a good heel unit.

7 - - WSU Spirit Champion Marti Belle vs. Nikki Addams

Addams tried to get some cheers from the fans, but they booed her. Belle controlled the action during the early stages of the match. Addams bailed to the outside and taunted Belle. Belle chased her around the ring. Addams caught Belle with a knee to the gut when she tried to get back into the ring and followed up with a running kick. The announcers said both women were relatively new to wrestling. Addams fired up and nailed Belle with a running kick. Belle sat up only to take another kick to the face for a 2 count. The fans tried to rally behind Belle, but Addams slammed her down to the mat.

Belle fired back with some chops, but Addams caught her with a big clothesline for a 2 count. Addams continued to dominate the action for several minutes. Addams went for a splash off the top, but Belle got her foot up. Both women traded blows from their knees. Belle fired up and took Adams down with the polish hammer! Belle followed up with a discus lariat, but only got a 2 count. Adams fired back and hit soul food off the top. She covered Belle, but only got a nearfall. Belle countered a tombstone into a head scissors takedown only to eat a big boot from Addams for a 2 count. They went back and forth. Belle caught Addams with a discus elbow and covered her for the pin after a double under hook slam.

Winner: Marti Belle to retain the WSU Spirit Championship

Star rating: (**1/4) – This was a solid match, but the crowd never got into it. Some of the spots were slow to come together and some of the offense from both women looked light, but the finishing sequence from Belle was executed nicely.

After the match, Ezavel Suena came out to ringside and indicated she wanted a shot at Belle’s title. Suena called Belle stupid in Spanish. She said some other things as well, but it was clear she wanted a shot at the title.

8 - - WSU Champion Jessicka Havoc vs. Lexxus vs. Alicia – Three-Way WSU Championship match

Alicia went after Lexxus while Havoc made her entrance. She then took out Havoc and took her a series of kicks in the corner. Lexxus ran in and took both women down with a head scissors/bulldog combination. Havoc and Alicia went at it on the outside. Lexxus teased a dive and then went back down to the mat. The crowd booed and Alicia and Havoc went after her, but she bailed. Lexxus stood on the outside and taunted both women with the belt. Havoc took Alicia down and began working her over. Lexxus came off the top and took Alicia down with a code breaker. She then went after Havoc and nailed her with a running dropkick. Lexxus ended up hitting a running senton on Havoc for a 2 count. The announcers talked about this being an elimination match. Havoc fired back and got a submission on Lexxus.

Havoc took control and began working over Lexxus inside the ring with Alicia on the outside. Havoc slammed Lexxus’s face into the mat several times. She then slammed her back-first into each corner of the ring. Havoc slapped Lexxus in the face and put her on the top turnbuckle. Both women battled up top. Alicia snuck up and hit the tower of doom on both women. The fans fired up with all three women down on Alicia hit headbutts on both women. She picked up Lexxus and hit a Samoan drop onto Havoc for a double nearfall on both women. Havoc caught Alicia with the air raid crash, but Lexxus broke it up. Lexxus hit a tornado DDT on Havoc and went up top and connected with a missile dropkick, but Alicia broke up the pin. Havoc ended up pinning Alicia for the win. WTF?

Winner: Jessicka Havoc to retain the WSU Title – This was really confusing. The announcers said this was an elimination match, but Havoc pinned Alicia and the match was over. There were some nice spots during the match, but this was a really weak main event.

The announcers said WSU management had changed the match to one fall.

They showed Geodollno talking to Brooks backstage. She told Brooks she didn’t stay on the attack enough during her match. Geodollno told her she deserved some title shots. She gave Brooks her card and offered her services.

Overall thoughts: (6.0) – This was a solid re-launch for WSU. The action up and down the card was fairly ordinary, but the show did a good job of setting some things up for future WSU shows. The opening match set the tone for most of the night. There were a lot of solid matches, but nothing stood out outside of the Martinez-LuFisto match.

If you want to see a really good women’s match, check out LuFisto-Martinez. The announcers filled viewers in on their rivalry and they went all-out putting on a hard-hitting back and forth battle that built and built until the time limit expired. I really liked how both women were allowed to showcase their talent and told a good story here. They did several spots down the stretch where Martinez or LuFisto would hit a big move, but couldn’t capitalize and the crowd grew hotter and hotter wondering if either woman could hit a big move on her opponent and then capitalize for a pinfall.

The Stephanie & Kay vs. Lee & Social match was off to a good start until the match had to be thrown out due to Lee hurting her leg after landing badly when she was pushed off the top turnbuckle. Stephanie & Kay work really well together as heels and showed good charisma in the ring.

The main event was a letdown. Alicia and Lexxus didn’t seem like credible opponents for Havoc right from the start. Havoc stands out in the ring and she has the potential to be a big star on the independent scene. The action itself was fine, but it was confusing to have the announcers say this was an elimination match only for it to end in one fall after 8 minutes. WSU is going to need to have some quality main events to stand out from other women’s promotions.

The production on this show was good. I could hear all of the promos and the graphics were nicely done. The crowd was hard to gage at times because the entire area outside the ring was cast in darkness. WSU uses some different talents than other promotions, so there’s some potential for the company to stand out down the line by offering unique matches. The re-launch wasn’t a home run for WSU, but they set the stage for a bright future.

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