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RADICAN'S RPW "Summer Sizzler 2015" Report 6/14 - Styles-Scurll, Ishii-Damo, Strong-Nakamura, Sydal-Ospreay MOTYC

Jul 4, 2015 - 8:15:31 PM

By Sean Radican, Torch columnist


JUNE 14, 2015

The show began with Joel Redman missing his tag partner Mark Haskins to defend the British Tag Team Championship. Jake McCluskey ended up replacing Haskins in the match. Andy Quildan filled in for Oliver Bennett on commentary, much to the dismay of Andy Boy Simmonz that heel commentator.

(1) Undisputed British Tag Team Champions Joel Redman & Jake McCluskey vs. The Revolutionists (James Castle & Sha Samuels). McCluskey ran wild on Castle during the early going. He capped a big sequence by standing on his back and hitting a moonsault for a 2 count. McCluskey and Redmond eventually hit a 3D variation on Castle, but Samuels wiped out Redman. Redman ended up dragging Castle by his foot to his own corner to tag in McCluskey, which was pretty funny. McCluskey went for a moonsault on Castle a short time later, but he got his knees up. Castle and Samuels tagged in and out to work over McCluskey.

The crowd tried to rally behind him, but he couldn’t tag out. McCluskey finally made the hot tag and Redman ran wild with a variety suplexes on Samuels and Castle as the fans fired up. Castle broke up a suplex attempt on Redman and they went for a double suplex on Redman, but he countered it and suplexed both men at the same time. Redman hit a knee drop off the top on Samuels, who rolled to the floor. Castle tried to surprise him by coming off the top, but he nailed him with a spinebuster. Samuels broke up a double team attempt. Redman fended off both men, but ended up getting sent to the outside. Castle hit a low blow on McCluskey with the ref distracted and got the pin for the win.

Winners: Sha Samuels & James Castle to become the new Undisputed British Tag Team Champions

Star rating: (**1/4) – The action was decent, but the match didn’t really get a chance to build until the end. The fans really carried the action trying to rally behind the champions throughout the match.

Ishii got a gigantic pop coming out to face Big Damo in his Revolution Pro debut. He got into the ring and bumped chests with Damo.

(2) Big Damo vs. Tomohiro Ishii. Damo overpowered Ishii during the early going. Damo is a very large man. Ishii tried to hit several forearms on Damo, but Damo decked him with a single forearm. Ishii went for a shoulder tackle a short time later, but Damo leaned into him and sent him down to the mat. Ishii hit two shoulder tackles but couldn’t send Damo off his feet. He finally hit a third shoulder tackle that sent Damo through the ropes to the floor. Damo tried to charge at Ishii against the ringpost a short time later, but he got out of the way and Damo ended up going into it shoulder first. Ishii began nailing Damo with headbutts and big chops back inside the ring. Ishii set up for the Ishii driller, but he couldn’t get Damo up. Damo ended up countering it into a big suplex. Damo began nailing Ishii with forearms. Ishii told him to bring it, so Damo grounded him with a big uppercut. Damo continued to dominate Ishii. Damo stood over Ishii in the corner and Ishii spit at him, so Damo kicked him several times and choked him with his boot. Ishii fired back and hit a suplex on Damo and the fans gasped.

Ishii dragged himself to his feet as the fans fired up. The announcers said that was the first time Damo had been suplexed like that. Ishii hit a big clothesline that sent Damo down to one knee. He then nailed Damo with a huge running clothesline for a 2 count. Ishii went for a piledriver, but Damo fought out. Ishii hit a clothesline, but Damo didn’t go down. Damo then hit a huge clothesline of his own for a 2 count. Damo stood on top of Ishii and fell down into a senton for another 2 count. Ishii slipped out behind Damo and went for a German, but he couldn’t get him up. Ishii then hit an enzuguri and a release German, but Damo kicked out at 2 and the fans gasped. Ishii went for a sliding clothesline, but Damo caught his arm and hit a Finlay roll. Damo went up top, but Ishii popped up and nailed him with a punch. Both men ended up going at it on the turnbuckles. Ishii set up for a superplex and hit it and the fans gasped. Holy s—t! Ishii followed up with a huge diving clothesline, but Damo kicked out! Damo fought out of the suplex position and boosted Ishii onto his shoulders. Ishii punched his way out of it and walked right into a big boot. Ishii no sold the big boot and they began exchanging blows. Ishii hit several forearms on Damo, but Damo fired back out of the corner with a huge dropkick. Damo got Ishii back on his shoulders again and hit a sit out falcon arrow, but Ishii kicked out at the very last second. The fans chanted for Ishii, but Damo put the boots to him in the corner. Damo then went up top on the opposite end of the ring and hit a coast-to-coast dropkick and a senton for the win! Holy crap!

The fans applauded as the announcers sold shock at Damo’s upset of Ishii. The cameras panned the crowd and you could see the shock on the fans faces.

Winner: Big Damo

Star rating: (****) – This was a fantastic match. It started a bit slow, but once they told the story of Ishii having a great deal of trouble dealing with Damo’s power, the match really got rolling. This was one heck of a war and told a really good story to make Damo look fantastic.

A commercial aired for “Uprising 2015” on October 2. They announced it as a co-promoted show with NJPW with Gedo & Okada vs. Liger & Tanahashi as the first match. The video said this is just the beginning.

Roderick Strong was out first to a big pop to take on Nakamura. Strong was a last-minute replacement for Ricochet. The fans then went nuts when Nakamura made his entrance complete with a dancing woman. The woman came out first and then Nakamura came out and the fans fired up huge as he shimmied down to the ring. The fans then began a Nakamura chant. Strong shoved Nakamura away before the opening bell rang. The fans then taunted Strong with a s---ty little boots chant. Strong got out of the ring and teased leaving as he flipped off the fans. The fans continued to sing about Strong’s boots. The announcer got on the mic and told the fans Strong was asking them to stop. He then told the fans that he wanted to remind them that his boots are not s---ty. Strong went to the back and Nakamura bowed for the fans. Strong then came back out from behind the curtain and came down to the ring. Strong slid into the ring and then walked up the entrance ramp. The announcer said if the fans don’t stop calling his boots s---ty, he will not come to the ring. Nakamura smiled as he looked on from the ring while the fans continued to sing at Strong. Strong teased taking his boots off, but ended up walking back into the ring. The fans chanted for Strong to take his boots off. Strong teased taking his boots off once again and ended up walking up to the entrance ramp. Strong sat down and laced his boots up again. The ref tried to get Strong to get back into the ring. The fans sang about Strong’s boots to the tune of “Hey Jude,” which was tremendous. Strong told the fans to shut the f--- up on the house mic. The fans then sang about Strong’s boots. Strong got into the ring and walked right up to Nakamura, who was sitting in the corner. Nakamura smiled and got up and walked towards Strong, who went out on the apron. The fans then began chanting for Nakamura.

(3) Roderick Strong vs. Shinsuke Nakamura. Strong backed Nakamura up against the ropes and offered a clean break. He then backed away and did Nakamura’s signature pose against the ropes. Nakamura then backed Strong up against the ropes and did his signature clean break. The fans continued to chant for Strong to take his boots off and he yelled at the fans. Nakamura and Strong then went at it. Strong avoided a foot stomp to the head on the mat and lit up Nakamura with a series of chops after absorbing a kick to the chest. Nakamura fired up with a knee to the gut. He put Strong over the turnbuckles and went for a running knee to the gut in the corner, but Strong got out of the way. They went back and forth on the outside until Strong caught Nakamura with a dropkick through the ropes. Strong then began working Nakamura over back inside the ring. Nakamura finally fired back and caught Strong with a spin kick. He nailed Strong with several knees to the gut in the corner. He then hit the vibration boot, but missed a running knee in the corner. Nakamura caught Strong with a knee to the gut as he charged. He then placed him up top and hit a running knee to the gut for a 2 count. Strong fired back and lifted Nakamura over his head before dumping him to the mat for a 2 count.

Strong fired up with a flurry of offense in the corner capped by an Angle slam for a 2 count. Nakamura fired back and dumped Strong to the mat and set up for Boma Ye. Strong got out of the way and hit a gut buster. Strong set up for the sick kick, but Nakamura caught him with a running kick and both men were down. Both men got up and began exchanging blows in the middle of the ring. Strong hit a jumping knee to the head, a forearm and a Gibson driver for a 2 count. He then hit another gut buster and a sick kick for a near fall and the fans went nuts after Nakamura kicked out! Wow! Nakamura countered a suplex and hit a back stabber. He followed up with a reverse power slam. Nakamura set up for the Boma Ye, but Strong got out of the way. Nakamura went up top, but Strong caught him with an enzuguri. Strong then hit a big superplex, but Nakamura kicked out at 2. Strong went for the Stronghold, but Nakamura fought it. Strong partially got the hold on Nakamura and then sat back on it, but Nakamura managed to get to the ropes. Nakamura blocked a suplex with a knee strike. He then got a sleeper hold, but Strong drove him into the corner. Nakamura then got up on the turnbuckles and hit a Boma Ye to the back of Strong’s head. Strong then hit another Boma Ye, but Strong kicked out at the last second and the fans applauded. Nakamura set up in the corner for another Boma Ye. They went back and forth, but Nakamura caught Strong with a Boma Ye as he came off the ropes for the win.

The fans chanted for Nakamura after the match. The fans booed and Big Damo came down to the ring. He got in Nakamura’s face and Nakamura leaned into his chest and dangled his arms. Nakamura shoved Damo away. He then got on the mic and asked Damo what he was doing. Damo said he bet the fans want him to come back. The fans chanted for Nakamura to come back. Nakamura said for what and Damo said so he could kick his teeth in. Nakamura said he would think about it. Nakamura then said YeaOh! in response and went face-to-face with Damo before leaving.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura

Star rating: (***3/4) – The match was a little slow to get going, but Strong was tremendous stalling and getting heat from the fans. This was a different dynamic from their match in ROH in May with Strong playing a heel in this match. They had some excellent back and forth sequences down the stretch and some good near falls as well.

Matt Sydal and Will Ospreay both got big ovations from the crowd coming out for their 2/3 Falls match for the British Cruiserweight Championship. The fans started several enthusiastic chants for Ospreay before the opening bell rang. Both men shook hands before the match began.

(4) Undisputed British Cruiserweight Champion Will Ospreay vs. Matt Sydal in a 2/3 Falls match. Both men traded counters on the mat during the early going and came to a stalemate. Ospreay fired up and hit a pair of crazy arm drags and capped the sequence with a dropkick for a 2 count on Sydal. Ospreay went for a charge in the corner, but Sydal elevated him and crotched him over the ropes. He then clotheslined Ospreay down to the mat. The announcers pointed out Sydal was being more aggressive than in their previous encounter. Sydal dominated the action and Sydal rolled through on Ospreay and nailed him with a big dropkick that fired up the crowd. Sydal straddled himself on Ospreay from the side and began working over his arm before pulling his fingers apart. Ospreay tried to mount a comeback and went for a handspring, but Sydal turned it into a reverse hurricanrana. Holy crap! Sydal then hit a SSP off the top to go up 1-0 as the crowd lost their minds. What a sequence!
The fans began chanting for Ospreay after Sydal won the first fall and Sydal jawed with the fans a little bit. Sydal went right after Ospreay with a jumping knee to the head when the second fall began. He then nailed him with a sliding knee in the corner. Sydal went up top but Ospreay rolled to the floor. Sydal repositioned himself and nailed Ospreay with a dive to the floor. Ospreay countered Sydal on the outside and whipped him into the barricade. Ospreay was a bit slow to get back into the ring and walked right into a leg lariat from Sydal for a 2 count. Sydal went to work on Ospreay’s arm once again a short time later. Sydal locked in one of Ospreay’s arms between his legs. He then took Ospreay’s other arm and leaned back on it and the fans gasped, but Ospreay managed to escape. Sydal grabbed Ospreay’s foot and Ospreay managed to hit him with an enzuguri. Ospreay went for a suplex, but favored his arm. He lifted Sydal up, but Sydal managed to slip over him and hit his signature standing leg drop. Ospreay mounted another comeback and hit a handspring enzuguri. Ospreay fired up and capped a big sequence with a dropkick off the second turnbuckle for a 2 count. Sydal beautifully countered a yokuza kick and swept Ospreay’s legs out from under him. He went for a standing moonsault, but Ospreay popped up and countered it into a neck breaker. Holy crap! Ospreay went up top a short time later, but Sydal cut him off. Sydal went for a jumping hurricanrana up top from the mat, but Ospreay landed on his feet. Ospreay then reversed a pin attempt a short time later and managed to get a bridging pin to tie the match at 1-1. Wow! That was an insane sequence.

Sydal quickly got the upper hand to start the final fall. He nailed Ospreay with an elbow drop on the apron that sent him to the floor. Sydal then put a barricade on top of Ospreay and stood on top of it, which drew some boos. Sydal then got the Cruiserweight Title and posed with it and the fans booed again. Ospreay fired back on the entrance ramp a short time later and hit a back drop. Sydal then responded with a suplex on the ramp. Sydal rolled into the ring and the ref began his count. Ospreay crawled down the entrance ramp and barely beat the 10 count! Sydal blocked a dropkick attempt from Ospreay off the turnbuckles and hit a standing moonsault for a near fall. The fans tried to rally behind Ospreay as Sydal stretched him on the mat. Both men began exchanging kicks, but Sydal got the upper hand and hit a running knee to Ospreay’s head for a 2 count. Sydal hit a kick to Ospreay’s head and the fans booed. Sydal worked a front choke variation and then let Ospreay drop down to the mat. The fans went nuts chanting for Ospreay. Sydal measured Ospreay and nailed him with several kicks. Ospreay began firing back and they exchanged slaps. Sydal nailed Ospreay with a big punch that decked him, but Ospreay fired right back with a huge falcon arrow for a near fall. Sydal hit a super hurricanrana, but Ospreay rolled through for a near fall. They went back and forth exchanging pinning combinations until Sydal nailed Ospreay with a huge kick to the head. They went to an insane sequence where Ospreay cut Sydal off up top and dumped him to the mat. Ospreay made the cover and Sydal kicked out only for Ospreay to hit a huge standing SSP for a near fall that left both men down. Wow! Ospreay was up first and he went up top slowly, but Sydal crotched him. Sydal then hit a hangman ace crusher. He then went up top and hit a SSP, but Ospreay kicked out at the very last second! WTF! Holy crap!

The fans fired up and Sydal nailed Ospreay with a kick to the chest. Ospreay managed to cut off Sydal up top. Sydal fought him and nailed him with a leap off the top. Sydal then hit a sit-out cradle driver for a 2 count. Sydal then went up top for a SSP, but Ospreay got out of the way. Sydal landed on his feet and Ospreay hit a springboard ace crusher. Ospreay then went up top and hit a huge corkscrew SSP for the win. Holy crap!
Ospreay teased leaving the ring, but got back in and pointed at Sydal. Both men then shook hands and the fans applauded. Sydal then handed the title to Ospreay and posed with him as the fans applauded.

Winner: Will Ospreay to retain the Undisputed British cruiserweight Championship 2 falls to 1

Star rating: (****3/4) – A simply amazing match. Sydal showed a great heel edge during the match and the fans really got behind Ospreay, as he fought from behind. Sydal worked over Ospreay’s arms for part of the match, but once Ospreay began to mount some momentum during the second fall, the match got really good. The final fall featured some of the most insane sequences I’ve seen in a long time. This match is worth going out of your way to see.

The Legion of Lords came out first to boos for the next match to face Colt Cabana & Matt Classic. Cabana lost a match to Gray with the stipulation that the loser would be out of RPW. Cabana came out without a partner. He got a big ovation. Gray cut a promo and said everyone knows that Cabana is Matt Classic. He said to play Classic’s music and bring him out. Nobody came out at first. Gray said to cut the music and said nobody would believe him. Cabana headed backstage to look for Classic. Classic’s music played again. Classic peeked out of the curtain and the fans roared. Cabana then made his way out from the other end of the curtain. It was obviously that Classic was Grado and the fans started a big Grado chant. This is hilarious. Classic was wearing a fanny pack. Gray and Gosh looked stunned inside the ring. Grado did Classic’s usual stretching routine. Gray protested on the mic as the fans chanted this is awesome. Ghosh said they always thought Cabana and Classic was the same person. He said they had been proven wrong. Gray told him that Classic was obviously Grado. The ref then asked Classic if he was Grado and he said no. The opening bell then rung.

(5) Colt Cabana & Matt Classic vs. Legion Of Lords (Rishi Ghosh & Lord Gideon Gray) – If Cabana’s team wins, Cabana is reinstated in RPW. Quildan told Simmonz on commentary he trusted the referees judgement that Classic wasn’t Grado when he protested. Classic got the better of Ghosh during the early stages of the match. Gray looked despondent in the corner as Ghosh went for a shoulder tackle and Classic absorbed it with his hands on his hip. Classic and Cabana stood tall in the ring and Classic accidentally did Grado’s strut but stopped himself. Cabana nailed Gray with some chops and made him do the Flair strut. Gray ducked an iron claw attempt from Classic. Ghosh tagged in and walked right into the iron claw. Gray eventually made the save. Ghosh tried to give Classic the iron claw, but Classic no sold it. He then made Ghosh give himself the iron claw and the fans went nuts. Hilarious.

Gray eventually made a blind tag and mounted a comeback on Cabana. Cabana took a sustained beating from Ghosh and Gray. They went for a tandem monkey flip on Cabana but he got his knees up on Gray. Classic then got the hot tag and ran wild with headbutts. Gray mounted a comeback and hit superkicks on Classic and Cabana. He tore his shirt open to reveal a leopard tank top. The crowd laughed at Gray. Classic caught him with an airplane spin that made him dizzy. He tagged in Cabana, who nailed Gray with the bionic elbow to a huge pop and a chant for Dusty Rhodes. Cabana then applied the Billy Goat’s Curse on Gray, who tapped out.

Winners: Matt Classic & Colt Cabana – Colt Cabana is reinstated in RPW

Star rating: (**3/4) – This was just what this card needed. The match was a nice comedic break after several intense matches. Cabana and Classic (Grado) were hilarious here and the fans ate their act up.

A.J. Styles was out first for the main event. He came out to a big pop from the crowd. Scurll was out next to a big pop from the crowd. The Revolutionists were out with Scurll at ringside. The fans chanted for both men once Scurll got into the ring. Scurll got a mixed reaction when he was introduced during the formal introductions. The ring announcer announced that The Revolutionists were banned from ringside and Scurll sold shock. The fans sang the goodbye song at The Revolutionists, who looked dismayed.

(6) Undisputed British Hvt. Champion Marty Scurll vs. IWGP Hvt. Champion A.J. Styles – Undisputed British Hvt. Championship match. They went back and forth during the early going and Scurll ended up backing into the ropes to force a break. Scurll went for the chicken wing and Styles rolled through and eventually went for the Styles clash, but Scurll managed to get to the ropes quickly. They went back and forth and Styles eventually caught Scurll with a dropkick as he came off the ropes. Styles then began working over Scurll. Styles had the upper hand for a long period of time. Scurll tried to mount a comeback, but Styles caught him with an elbow and he spilled to the floor. They went at it on the outside and Styles went to jump over the guardrail, but Scurll kicked it right into him. Scurll then got a running start and knocked the guardrail right into Styles and he fell under it. The crowd was split chanting for both men as Scurll went to work on Styles with a kick to the head from the floor to the apron. The fans tried to rally behind Styles and sang his name as Scurll worked him over. Both men began trading chops and Styles decked Scurll with a big enzuguri. Styles went for a springboard, but Scurll pushed the ropes on him and made a cover for a 2 count.

The fans chanted for both men and Styles began to mount a comeback. Scurll teased a superkick, but ended up kicking Styles leg when he tried to block. Styles fired back and caught Scurll with a back breaker as he came off the ropes a short time later. The fans chanted Styles’s name to the tune of the New Day sucks chant. Styles went to work on Scurll and hit a big neck breaker over his knee for a 2 count. Styles set up for the Styles clash but Scurll dropped down and eventually rolled him up for a 2 count. Styles went for his moonsault DDT, but Scurll countered it into a DDT of his own and followed up with a big running uppercut for a 2 count and both men were down. Wow! Styles blocked a tornado DDT and sent Scurll head-first into the turnbuckles. Styles went for the Styles clash again, but Scurll drove him into the corner. Styles went up top, but Scurll sent him to the outside with a jumping uppercut. Scurll then nailed Styles with a kick to the head from the apron. Scurll placed Styles on the top turnbuckle a short time later. Styles pushed him off, but Scurll crotched him when he set up for a dive.

Scurll set up for a big superplex and hit it. He rolled right through into the chicken wing and the fans fired up. Styles slipped out and they went back and forth. Styles rolled up Scurll for a 2 count and went right into the Styles clash, but Scurll kicked out of it. Styles then applied the calf killer and the fans fired up. Scurll struggled, but managed to get to the ropes. Styles went after Scurll’s leg, but Scurll punched out of it. They went back and forth exchanging blows until Styles hit a Pele kick that left both men down on the mat. Scurll slipped out of Styles’s grip and went after his fingers. He then hit a tornado DDT. Styles rolled out of the chicken wing, but Scurll drove him arm first into the mat. Styles countered Scurll and hit the bloody Sunday DDT. He then hit the Styles clash for the win as the fans lost their minds. Simmonz said this was a travesty of justice on commentary.

Styles held up the IWGP and Undisputed British Hvt. Titles. He put both titles down in the middle of the ring and the fans applauded. The fans started a huge chant for Styles. Styles got on the mic and said he knew he was in for a great match. He asked for the mic to be turned up. He said every match in RPW is a great match and this is no different. He put over Scurll. He told the Scurll he respects him and so do the fans. He offered to shake Scurll’s hand. Scurll shook hands with Styles and the fans applauded. Styles went to pick up his belts, but Scurll nailed him with a kick. He went to nail Styles with the British title, but Ospreay ran out to make the save. Ospreay picked up the British title and looked at it, but Styles took it from him. Scurll yelled at both men from the outside. The fans chanted for a triple threat match for the British title. Styles asked if the fans wanted it. The ring announcer said on Oct. 2 Styles would defend the British title against Scurll and Ospreay in a Triple Threat match. The fans popped big for the announcement. Styles was then announced as the new British Hvt. Champion and the fans applauded. Styles closed the show posing over the IWGP and British Hvt. titles

Winner: A.J. Styles to become the new Undisputed British Hvt. Champion

Star rating: (****) – This was an excellent main event. Once again the crowd provided a great atmosphere. They had some great counter sequences during the match. The main build was around Styles being unable to hit the Styles clash and Scurll being unable to get Styles in the chicken wing. They put together a really good finishing sequence and the post-match set up to build to the next big RPW show in October was very nicely done.

Overall thoughts: (8.5) – This was one heck of a show. The crowd atmosphere and match quality shined for the most part with the opener being the only lull on the entire card. Damo-Ishii, Strong-Nakamura, Ospreay-Sydal, and Scurll-Styles were all high quality matches.

This card did a fantastic job of setting up “Uprising 2” on Oct. 2. This time around, it will be billed as a co-promoted show with Japan instead of just a straight up RPW show. The first big match of the night was Damo vs. Ishii. They delivered a really good hard-hitting match. Damo is a huge man and Ishii had all sorts of problems with his power and couldn’t get Damo up for his finish. It was a bit of a shock to see Ishii lose and RPW did a good job of catching some crowd shots after Damo got the win.

Strong and Nakamura then had a really good back and forth match. It had a different dynamic than their recent ROH match and this match was just as good if not better than that one with Strong playing the heel. The fans were all over Strong and Nakamura seemed to really enjoy it before they finally went at it. Damo came out to challenge Nakamura to a match after he beat Strong and that got over big with the crowd.

The Ospreay-Sydal 2/3 Falls match for the Undisputed British Cruiserweight Championship was a classic. Sydal and Ospreay put on an incredible match that set the crowd on fire. There were so many incredible counter sequences and fast-paced exchanges. The match also built incredibly from the first fall to the last fall. I was on the edge of my seat during falls 2 and 3. You’re going to want to go out of your way to see this match.
The main event was stellar as well. With The Revolutionists banned from ringside, Scurll had to defend his title on his own. He and Styles then put on an excellent match that held down the main event slot quite well. They told a simple story and the action built from start to finish. The post-match setup for Styles to defend the British Hvt. Title against Scurll and Ospreay in a Triple Threat match at “Uprising 2” was nicely done as well.

Overall, this is a show worth going out of your way to see. The mix of talent on this show was fantastic and the show also did a fantastic job of building towards the next joint show with NJPW talent in October. RPW also recently added a second joint show with NJPW on Oct. 3 as well.

The production could use some slight improvements for the future. The camera seems to cut from angle to angle in rapid-fire succession too often and it can be a bit jarring at times to absorb multiple angles during one short sequence. The sound also needs to be balanced out for the commentators and house mic. It seemed to be low and with a raucous crowd, it was hard to hear both the wrestlers and commentators at times.

The match quality on this card was tremendous. The card was nicely balanced as well with a comedy match thrown in before the main event after a string of tremendous matches and angles. Ospreay-Sydal as it stands now is one of my top 5 MOTYC.

You can purchase RPW’s “Summer Sizzler 2015”as a VOD/MP4 download by clicking HERE or by visiting For more information on RPW, visit


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