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RADICAN'S Progress Wrestling Chapter 19: "Super Strong Style" (Day 2) Report 5/25 - incredible show with stand-out tournament matches, Sabre-Ospreay finals, more

Sep 11, 2015 - 5:26:35 PM

By Sean Radican, Torch columnist


MAY 24, 2015

The show began with a highlight package showing highlights from the previous night of first round tournament action.

Jim Smallman did his standard introduction to the show. Smallman warned the fans it was going to be a long show. He told the fans to have a great time. He said the fans have been amazing and now people in other countries are starting to take notice of Progress Wrestling. He mentioned they had gotten a plug on Steve Austin’s podcast recently. He said they would start with the four second round matches once John deemed the fans had chanted “This is Progress” loud enough. The music then played to start the tournament.

(1) Will Ospreay vs. Mark Haskins in a Second Round SSS 16 match. Ospreay got a huge pop coming out for the opener. They had a great fast-paced exchange during the early going and Haskins avoided a springboard arm drag and eventually hit a back breaker. Haskins hit a slingshot double stomp a short time later to Ospreay’s back. Ospreay mounted a comeback and hit a handspring kick on Haskins and the fans fired up and chanted his last name. Ospreay hit a standing SSP a short time later for a 2 count. Ospreay booted Haskins to the mat a short time later and hit an asai moonsault for a 2 count. The fans chanted “This is Progress” as Ospreay went up top. Haskins avoided a 450 and Ospreay landed on his feet. Haskins eventually nailed Ospreay with some big kicks to the chest. They went back and forth and Haskins hit a capture lariat for a 2 count. Wow! Ospreay went for a kick from the apron, but Haskins blocked it and kicked him in the leg. Haskins then hit a dragon screw around the middle rope a short time later. Ospreay countered a dragon screw a short time later and hit a double stomp on Haskins’s chest. He then went for a standing moonsault, but Haskins got his knees up and applied an ankle lock. Ospreay struggled, but managed to get to the ropes. Ospreay countered a pump-handle suplex into a dragoncanrana for a near fall. Haskins rolled to the floor, but ended up surprising Ospreay with a sit-out powerbomb after diving back into the ring for a 2 count. Haskins yelled at the ref as the fans applauded. Haskins went after Ospreay’s leg and nailed it with several kicks. Ospreay went up top, but Haskins tripped him to the floor. Haskins went for a leg submission, but Ospreay countered it into a pinning combination for the win.

Winner: Will Ospreay to advance to the Semi-Final Round of the SSS 16.

Star rating: (***1/2) – This was a fantastic way to kick off the second night of Chapter 19. These two had a really good match with Haskins having an edge while working over Ospreay’s back and then leg. Ospreay ended up being able to just stay ahead of Haskins before coming up with the rollup win.

Smallman said he had forgotten to go over the rules of the show. He said the one simple rule was don’t be a dick. He said Noam Dar wasn’t medically cleared to wrestle tonight.

(2) Rampage Brown vs. Roderick Strong a Second Round SSS 16 match. Brown got a big reaction during the formal introductions. The announcers billed this as a former Progress Champion vs. the current PWG World Champion. The fans chanted about Strong’s boots and he got upset and left the ring. Strong teased leaving, so Brown broke the ref’s count. The fans continued to sing about how s----y Strong’s boots were. Strong eventually got into the ring and went at it with Brown. Strong quickly bailed to the floor once again after Brown got the upper hand. The fans chanted for Brown to take Strong’s shoes off. Brown dove at Strong’s feet and he bailed from the ring once again. The fans continued to sing derogatory songs about Strong’s boots and he flipped as many fans off as he could. Strong played to the crowd during a fast exchange and Brown made him pay for it with a big dropkick. Brown mounted Strong in the corner and hit a series of punches, but Strong slipped under him and eventually dropped him off the turnbuckles and into a lung blower. Strong hit a series of big chops in the corner. He then mounted Brown and hit a series of punches and the fans booed. The fans then began singing songs about Strong’s hair and hit played with it with both hands before going after Brown once again. Strong continually jawed with the ref, who shoved him away into a rollup from Brown for a 2 count. Strong immediately took Brown down and worked him over. Brown fired back and hit a shoulder tackle off the turnbuckles. They had a fast exchange off the ropes and Brown finally caught Strong with a powerslam for a 2 count. Strong fired back and hit a pair of big strikes in the corner and then an Olympic slam for a near fall. The fans sang about Strong’s boots once again and Strong glared at the fans. The fans then transitioned into singing “You suck” to the beat of Angle’s old WWE music.

Brown fired back and got the upper hand. Brown went for a piledriver, but Strong blocked it and hit a jumping knee. Strong then hit several forearms and a jumping knee in the corner. Strong set up for a superplex and hit it, but only got a 2 count. The fans fired up and chanted for Brown. Strong picked him up and hit a lung blower, but Brown popped up and caught him with a huge lariat for a 2 count. Brown signaled for the piledriver, but Strong popped over him and got a pinning combination for the win.

Strong will face Ospreay in the Semi-Finals of SSS 16.

Winner: Roderick Strong to advance to the Semi-Final Round of the SSS 16.

Star rating: (***) – The action was solid, but this match didn’t feature anything particularly memorable other than the fans heckling Strong. Strong took a lot of shortcuts and got under the fans skin throughout the match, but the story was Brown being unable to hit a piledriver during the match.

(3) Marty Scurll vs. Dave Mastiff in a Second Round SSS 16 match. Scurll jumped Mastiff at the bell and took him down with a flurry of strikes. Scurll hit a senton, but Mastiff got right up and walked behind Scurll. Mastiff eventually caught Scurll coming off the ropes and hit a long delayed vertical suplex and by long I mean really long. Mastiff went for a senton, but Scurll got out of the way. Scurll then went up top for a 450. Mastiff got out of the way and Scurll rolled through only to eat a huge dropkick from Mastiff. Mastiff set up for a charge in the corner, but Scurll rolled to the floor. They went at it on the apron and Scurll punched Mastiff away before nailing him with a missile dropkick for a 1 count. Mastiff fired back and took away Scurll hair elastic and used it on his beard. Scurll pulled Mastiff down throat-first over the top rope and went back on the attack. Mastiff no-sold a couple of chops and laughed at Scurll. Mastiff then decked Scurll with a big overhand chop. Mastiff then went to multiple corners and nailed Scurll with big overhand chops to the chest until Scrull caught him with a jawbreaker. Scurll went for a Mexican surfboard of all things on the massive Mastiff, but ended up just stomping down on his knees. Mastiff ended up on the floor and ate a superkick and then another from the apron, but he wouldn’t go down. Mastiff then blocked a hurricanrana off the apron and powerbombed Scurll into the ringpost. Mastiff hit a deadlift suplex from the apron into the ring and followed up with a deadlift German with a bridge for a 2 count. Scurll fired back and poked Mastiff in the eye. He went for the chicken wing off the turnbuckles, but Mastiff shook him off. Scurll got out of the way of a cannonball and hit a big satellite DDT. Scrull then applied the chicken wing, but Mastiff rolled through and hit a German that sent Scurll flying into the corner and both men were down. Noam Dar came down to the ring and the fans fired up. He got up on the apron. Mastiff went to confront him, but Scurll nailed him with an umbrella with the ref distracted. Scurll then got the chicken wing and Mastiff tapped.

Scurll walked by Dar on the outside after the match, but didn’t look at him. Dar got on the mic and said he could beat Mastiff inside the ring. He asked Mastiff to call it even between them now and left the ring. Mastiff grabbed the mic he said he appreciated the fact that they both respect each other. He said what happened last night had to happen. He said the ref could have stopped it, but Dar told him no. He said all he did was take the opportunity that was presented to him just like Dar had at Progresslemania. He said if Dar wanted another concussion, he could just name where and when they would face off.

Winner: Marty Scurll to advance to the Semi-Final Round of the SSS 16.

Star rating: (***1/2) – This was really good with Mastiff overcoming Scurll cheating throughout the match and showing his power. I liked how the finish set up a future big match between Dar and Mastiff as well. This was good stuff all-around.

(4) Tomasso Ciampa vs. Zack Sabre Jr. in a SSS 16 Second Round match. I love Ciampa coming out to “Psycho Killer” in Progress. Sabre got a big ovation during the formal introductions. The fans then began singing Sabre’s name. Both men shook hands after the opening bell sounded. The fans went silent as both men went to a Greco-Roman knuckle lock spot. They fired up as Sabre got a takedown out of the position. Sabre then flipped Ciampa over his head and held onto the knuckle lock for a pair of 2 counts. Both men then did a neck bridge and began exchanging slaps before Sabre got the knuckle lock again and sent Ciampa to his knees. They came to a brief stalemate and went back and forth with both guys missing stuff until they came to a stalemate. They did some comedy inviting the ref in for a triple threat before the ref backed down. Sabre got a nice pinning combination with a bridge for a 2 count. They went back and forth and Ciampa hit a snap German and then a running knee that sent Sabre to the floor. Sabre fired back and went for a kimura, but Ciampa ended up sending him throat-first over the top rope. Ciampa tried to lift Sabre onto his shoulders on the apron, but Sabre fought out. Ciampa hit a big chop to maintain the advantage. Ciampa placed Sabre up top a short time later and tried to lift Sabre onto his shoulders, but Sabre twisted his arm up at a bad angler and then hit a double stomp. Ciampa fired back with a flat liner variation of draping Sabre’s legs over the top rope for a 2 count. Sabre fired back and hit a leaping uppercut off the turnbuckles. He then nailed Ciampa with a series of kicks to take him down a short time later before going after his arm once again. Ciampa blocked a penalty kick, but Sabre countered it into an arm bar. Ciampa quickly got to the ropes.

Sabre continued to target Ciampa’s arm, but Ciampa countered him out of the suplex position into a big knee strike to the head. Ciampa then hit a discus clothesline for a 2 count and the fans fired up and chanted “This is Progress.” Sabre countered project Ciampa and hit a penalty kick for a near fall. Ciampa kicked out right into an arm bar. Ciampa struggled, but managed to get to the ropes fairly quickly, despite taking the penalty kick. The fans fired up and chanted for both men. Sabre went after Ciampa on the apron and targeted his arm. Ciampa tried to counter twice, but Sabre held onto his arm. Ciampa fired back with a knee and then connected with an emerald frozien on the ring apron for a near fall. Ciampa sold disbelief and argued with the ref as the fans went nuts again. Ciampa went for project Ciampa again, but Sabre got Ciampa in an arm bar. Ciampa tried to roll through, but Sabre held on. Ciampa got on top of Sabre and lifted him into Project Ciampa! Holy s—t! Both men were down after that incredible exchange as the fans went nuts. Both men got up and began exchanging elbows. Sabre and Ciampa went back and forth until Ciampa hit a series of knees and strikes. Sabre then rolled around Ciampa and got a standing arm bar. He then locked in his signature double arm submission while stomping on Ciampa’s head for the win. Wow!

Sabre advances to the semi-finals against Scurll. Ciampa was left alone in the ring and the fans chanted “Please come back.”

Winner: Zack Sabre Jr. to advance to the Semi-Final Round of the SSS 16.

Star rating: (****1/4) – This was just a fantastic match with both guys going back exchanging hard-hitting moves and trading counters on the mat. Ciampa’s one-arm Project Ciampa out of an arm bar was incredible. The finishing sequence was fantastic as well.

Smallman announced that they would have the first ever women’s match in Progress momentarily. Smallman said they were on the show because they’re fantastic wrestlers and asked the crowd to show them the same respect they show the guys.

(5) Jinny (w/Elizabeth) vs. Pollyanna in a No DQ match. Jinny is the heel and Pollyanna is the face here. This is their first match on a main Progress show. They’ve wrestled on the ENDVR shows that are available on Jinny bailed to the floor during the early going and the fans chanted for Pollyanna. Jinny sent Elizabeth to get up on the apron, which allowed her to jump her from behind. The fans got under Jinny’s skin with their chants and Pollyanna surprised her with a spear. She then whipped her around the ring by her hair. Pollyanna went for a double knee charge in the corner, but Jinny rolled to the floor. Pollyanna got caught up in the ropes, but managed to kick Elizabeth into Jinny. Pollyanna got a Singapore cane, but Elizabeth took it from her before she could hit Jinny with it. Jinny got the cane and tried to hit Pollyanna, but ended up hitting Elizabeth when she got out of the way. Pollyanna set Jinny up in a chair and nailed her with a running double knee strike. She then tossed several chairs into the ring from the floor. She tossed Jinny back into the ring and made the cover for a near fall. Jinny fired back and hit a running knee in the corner. Pollyanna ducked another charge and went up top, but Jinny crotched her. They battled up and Pollyanna went for a sunset bomb, but Jinny held on and eventually connected with a face buster onto a chair. Jinny got the cane from her assistant, Elizabeth, and choked Pollyanna with it. She then nailed her with a cane shot that spilt the cane. Jinny then hit another cane shot and the fans gasped. The fans chanted “Jinny you’re a c—t.” She got on the mic and heeled on the fans. Elizabeth held her hands and she told Pollyanna to quit. She wouldn’t, so Jinny nailed her with the cane several times before Elizabeth let go. She then kicked out at the very last second when Jinny made the cover. The fans went nuts and chanted “This is Progress.” The fans tried to fire up behind Pollyanna as Jinny put a beating on her. They battled up top and Pollyanna fought Jinny off and she ended up on top of the second turnbuckle. Pollyanna then nailed her with a big double stomp. She slowly went over to make the cover and Jinny kicked out at 2.

Elizabeth gave Jinny another cane, but she missed Pollyanna. Pollyanna then went to town on her with the cane and the fans gasped. Elizabeth tried to drag Jinny out of the ring, but Pollyanna shoved her out of the way. They went to the turnbuckles and Pollyanna fended off Elizabeth before sending Jinny down to the apron. Several attendants came out to check on Jinny. Pollyanna went up top and wiped everyone out with a big summersault plancha and the fans went nuts. Jinny fired back and fired a chair into Pollyanna’s face. She then nailed her with a chair across the back for a 2 count. The fans chanted for Pollyanna and Jinny glared at them. Jinny set up a chair on Pollyanna’s back and hit leg drop for another 2 count. Jinny heeled on the fans as they chanted for Pollyanna. Jinny set up two chairs in the ring and placed Pollyanna on top of them. She went up top, but Pollyanna got up and tossed a chair at her. She then lifted her off the chairs into a face buster onto the chairs for a near fall. The fans lost their minds and chanted “This is Progress.” Pollyanna played to the fans before going underneath the ring to get a table. The fans cheered that big time. Jinny popped up and attacked Pollyanna with several modified curb stomps. Elizabeth gave Jinny lipstick and she put it on Pollyanna. She charged at Pollyanna, but she hit a drop toehold onto the chair. Pollyanna went up top, but Jinny crotched her. She then hit a hangman’s DDT off the top, but it missed the edge of the chair. Jinny made the cover, but only got a 2 count. Jinny set up the table and went back after Pollyanna ended up blocking a kick and hit a powerbomb through the table for the win.

The crowd gave Pollyanna a huge ovation after the match and continued to clap for her as she headed to the back.

Smallman put over the women after the match and said they’re no Divas. The fans chanted “That was wrestling.”

Winner: Pollyanna

Star rating: (***1/2) – The crowd made this match, as it seemingly went on way too long in my eyes. It was more forgivable with the crowd buying into all of the near falls. There were some awkward sequences early, but this match was awesome at certain points. If they had gone home a little sooner, this match would have felt truly epic. The crowd was insanely great here. That just has to be said.

Strong came out first for his semi-final round match against Ospreay. He got booed. Ospreay’s music played and he got a big pop coming out.

(6) Roderick Strong vs. Will Ospreay in a SSS 16 Semi-Final Round match. Strong jumped Ospreay and nailed him with a knee to the face and the bell rang. Strong tossed Ospreay to the floor and assaulted him with big chops before throwing him into the crowd. Strong lifted Ospreay onto his shoulders and threw him right into the ring ringpost. Strong got a running start and threw Ospreay as far as he could into the crowd. The ref backed Strong up as several attendants checked on Ospreay. The fans started a “F—k you Roderick” chant. Strong lifted Ospreay onto his shoulders and hit a huge back breaker on the ring apron. Ospreay barely beat the ref’s 10 count and Strong immediately put the boots to him. The fans started a song about Strong’s boots to the tune of “Hey Jude.” Strong set up for a big running boot, but Ospreay got his boot up. Strong tried to hit a back breaker off the turnbuckles, but Ospreay countered Strong with a kick to the head. Strong fired back with an enzuguri and a big slam for a 2 count. The fans were all over Strong as he continued to work over Ospreay. They continued to chant about Strong’s boots, so Strong began hitting kicks on Ospreay. Ospreay fired back and hit a big neck breaker that left both men down. The fans then began a huge Ospreay chant. They ended up on the apron and Ospreay nailed Strong with an enzuguri. He then wiped him out with a sick flip dive over the top to the floor. Ospreay went up top and the fans fired up. He hesitated and the announcers said he was struggling with his confidence after a neck injury.

Strong took advantage and nailed Ospreay with an enzuguri up top. He then hit a superplex, but Ospreay turned it into a pinning combination for a near fall. Both men got up and began trading blows as the fans fired up. They went back and forth and Ospreay countered a back breaker into a dragoncanrana for a near fall. Strong went for end of heartache, but Ospreay landed on his feet and hit as standing SSP. He then hit a corkscrew splash off the second rope for a 2 count. The fans freaked out and chanted “This is Progress.” Wow! They went back and forth and Ospreay caught Strong with a handspring enzuguri. He then went up top and the fans chanted his name. Strong popped up and grabbed his leg. Strong set up for a back breaker, but Ospreay fought him off and hit a kick. Ospreay went for a splash off the top, but Strong moved and hit a sick kick. Strong hit a lung blower and a big powerbomb. Ospreay kicked out right into the Stronghold. The fans chanted for Ospreay not to tap. Ospreay countered Strong into a pinning combination for the win.

Strong sold disbelief after the match. Ospreay went to the floor and sold exhaustion. A couple of attendants helped Ospreay to the back.

The fans chanted for Strong to come back after the match. Strong flipped them off and blew kisses before leaving.

Winner: Will Ospreay to advance to the SSS 16 Finals

Star rating: (****) – This match had tremendous crowd heat and Strong assaulted Ospreay throughout the match. Ospreay mounted some comebacks, but seemed to be able to get on track with his hesitation to go up top after suffering a neck injury on a previous show. I wasn’t a big fan of the rollup finish, but this was excellent.

(7) Marty Scurll vs. Zack Sabre Jr. in a SSS 16 Semi-Final Round match. These two are former tag team partners. Scurll gave the ref a kiss before the opening bell sounded. The ref checked Scurll and slapped his backside much to the delight of the crowd. Scurll hilariously told the ref to do his bloody job. Both men shook hands as the fan did dueling chicken wing/arm bar chants. Sabre went after Scurll’s arm during the early going. Scurll did a very fancy counter and passed Sabre’s arm back and forth while moving his legs around it on his back. He finally got the advantage, but Sabre simply kicked him away. That was classic. They did some comedy with Scurll teasing that he wanted a kiss after offering Sabre a clean break. Scurll got the upper hand, but Sabre nicely countered him into a headlock on the mat before going after Scurll’s ankle. Sabre twisted back and forth several times. The fans chanted for Sabre to play nice after Scurll asked him to play nice. Sabre continued to twist on Scurll’s ankle. Scurll then told Sabre to watch this and tried a fancy counter that Sabre easily countered into a bow and arrow submission. Scurll tried to force Sabre shoulders down and he got on top of him, but Sabre held a bridge. The fans chanted about how they don’t judge. They ended up in another very erotic positon and the fans chanted that they don’t judge. Scurll then took the ref and shoved them in between their crotches and the fans gasped. Scurll forced Sabre into his crotch and gave him a hug, but Sabre shoved him back. They ended up with their legs locked doing an upside dead headstand. They exchanged slaps and finally broke apart. The fans chanted “Karma Sutra.” Oh boy, we’re off the rails here.

The fans chanted “Semi-Finals” as both men went at it again. Scurll got a rolling cradle, but Sabre ended up getting the leverage and got a 2 count. Both men went back and forth exchanging counters as they went for pinning combinations. Sabre eventually ended up crawling around the ring with Scurll on his back and he shook him off. They came to a stalemate and the fans chanted “This is Progress.” They went back and forth and Sabre caught Scurll in an awesome bridging pinning combination, but he managed to kick out. Scurll then countered Sabre and got a pinning combination of his own for a 2 count a short time later. Sabre got full nelson and the fans chanted we don’t judge. Scurll tried to escape, but Sabre kept reapplying the hold. Sabre then hit a dragon suplex with a bridge for a 2 count. Scurll fired back and hit a superkick to Sabre’s leg before dumping him stomach-first over the top rope. Scurll followed up with a diving European uppercut for a 2 count. Scurll signaled for the chicken wing. Sabre countered, but Scrull went for it again. Sabre rolled around him and went for the arm bar, but Scurll rolled on top of him for a 2 count. Sabre got Scurll’s arm and twisted his wrist backwards, but Scrull fired back and snapped Sabre’s fingers. Scurll hit a tornado DDT and went for the chicken wing, but Sabre rolled through for an arm bar. Both men ended up rolling into the ropes to force a break. Scurll hit a suplex and a superkick. He then hit a big back stabber. Scurll got the chicken wing and the fans fired up. Sabre managed to roll both of them into the ropes after a struggle.

Sabre fired back and went for a chicken wing, but Sabre countered it into an arm bar. Sabre managed to get out of it. They went back and forth and Sabre got the arm bar. Scurll tried to powerbomb his way out of it, but Sabre got the arm bar again and kicked Scurll several times before he tapped.

After the match both men slapped each other across the face and hugged. Both men then left the ring together.

Winner: Zack Sabre Jr. to advance to the SSS 16 Finals

Star rating: (***1/2) – They did a ton of comedy before getting serious during the second half of the match. Not that that’s a bad thing, but I wanted to see these two go at it and have a killer match in this environment. This match was awfully good down the stretch.

(8) Progress Tag Team Champions The Origin (El Ligero & Nathan Cruz w/Damon Moser) vs. Sumerian Death Squad (Tommy End & Michael Dante). Both teams brawled right away when The Origin jumped Sumerian Death Squad during their entrance. Ligero set up End in a chair and tried to wipe him off with a flipping senton, but End casually walked out of the way. The fans chanted for End as he put the boots to Cruz near the bar. Both teams brawled back and forth all over the venue for a long period of time and it was hard to see from certain angles. The crowd was happy to see end and Ligero brawl back to ringside, so Ligero took End back into the crowd, which was pretty funny. Moser tried to interfere, but End wiped him out with a big kick. Ligero then came into the picture and whipped him into a bunch of chairs. Ligero set up Dante on a chair and Cruz then hit a DVD on End that sent him right through Dante.

The match finally officially began with Ligero and Dante in the ring. Dante nailed Ligero with a back breaker that sent him to the floor. End and Cruz then ended up in the ring with Cruz in control. The match continued at a chaotic place and The Origin hit a suplex/top rope dropkick on End for a 2 count. The crowd was all over Ligero as he worked over End. He grabbed a chin lock, which pissed the crowd off. End finally fired back and tagged in Dante, who ran wild on The Origin. The action broke down with everyone in the ring. The sequence finally ended with a tandem suplex from the SDS on Ligero for a 2 count. Cruz and Ligero wiped out end with a combination of moves and then hit a combination of moves on Dante capped by a top rope splash from Ligero for a 2 count. End went for a kick on Ligero, but he pulled the ref in the way and the ref went down. Ligero then hit a big DDT on End. Cruz told Moser to get into the ring and he worked over End. End continued to take a beating from all three members of The Origin with Dante down on the outside. They got the tag shields and set up one of them on top of End. Ligero and Cruz then nailed him with a double dropkick in the corner. Moser got a chair and Ligero and Cruz held onto End. They told Moser to hit him, but he didn’t want to do it. Moser eventually turned around into a spear from Dante, but Cruz ended up nailing him with a chair. He then made the cover and another ref came down. Dante managed to kick out at the last second. SDS wiped out Cruz with a series of big moves. Ligero got into the ring and SES hit black mass on him for the win.

SDS got a big pop after the match and the fans chanted “You deserve it” as they held up the tag shields. Cruz was shown crawling back into the ring and he appeared very upset.

The fans chanted “You f----ed up” at Moser. Ligero and Cruz then put the boots to him inside the ring. The fans chanted “You’re sore losers” at them. Ligero nailed Cruz with a kick to the groin. Cruz followed up with a big running kick to Moser’s head. The fans then chanted “One day champs” at them, which seemed to upset them greatly. The fans continued to heckle Cruz and Ligero as they left with the goodbye song.

Winners: Tommy End & Michael Dante to become new Progress Champions

Star rating: (***1/2) – This match dragged in a couple of spots during the crowd brawling segment and with The Origin in control at times, but things picked up nicely late before End and Dante got the win. The crowd wasn’t as into this match as some of the other matches on the card, but they popped for the title change.

They showed clips from Havoc’s exclusive Q & A on

Gibson got on the mic before the Scramble match and asked the fans to be quiet, which made them get even louder. He said last night he had explained to everyone he had a broken finger and he said Sabre promised not to touch, but he did. He said Sabre had no class. He said Sabre cheated to win. The fans booed and chanted that he had tapped out. He said tonight the wrestlers should prove themselves by staying away from his finger and right shoulder.

(9) Zack Gibson vs. Big Daddy Walter vs. Jack Gallagher vs. Damo O’Connor vs. Eddie Dennis in a Scramble match. Damo nailed Gibson with a big headbutt and the ref rang the bell. Walter then hit Damo with a lariat and he didn’t move. They cleared the ring multiple times sending Gallagher and Dennis to the floor so that they could go at it. Walter eventually took down Damo with a big clothesline. Denis and Gallagher worked together to take out Walter and then Damo. They then went at it against each other. Walter and Damo ended up going at it on the floor. Gallagher tried to hit Damo with a dive, but he fended him off. Gallagher went for a guillotine, but Dennis wiped them out with a big dive. Damo was carrying Dennis and Gallagher and was about to give them a double suplex, but Walter ran up and suplexed all three men at the time. Gibson ran into the ring and tried to cover all the men that were down, but he couldn’t get a pin. Gibson took a fork out of his boot to use on O’Connor, but he slapped it away. He then hit a big sit-out slam on Gibson, but Gallagher broke the pin up. The action continued and nobody had a clear advantage. Dennis broke up a submission by Damo on Gallagher and hit him with the next stop driver for the win.

Winner: Eddie Dennis

Star rating; (**1/2) – This was find for what it was. I’m a big fan of O’Connor and would have preferred that he not take the pinfall here.

They went to a video package with Jim Smallman talking about the tournament. Part of his comments were censored. Smallman said it had been a great weekend. He said he now needs to sleep forever and he thanked fans for coming and supporting. Sabre gave a short interview and said it was a special thing to be in a tournament with 14 of the best wrestlers in the UK. He said he knew from the start this would be something special and talked about wrestling in the Electric Ballroom. He said he wanted to go back to Japan, but part of him just wanted to stay in the UK.

They aired a SPLX ad before going to the main event.

Ospreay came out first for the main event and got a big pop. Sabre came out next with a SPLX flag. He was accompanied to the ring by Dave Mastiff, who is also sponsored by suplex. Mastiff displayed the SPLX logo on the ropes during the formal introductions, which was a nice touch. Both men got big pops when they were introduced for the main event.

Ospreay beat Ligero, Haskins, and Strong to make the finals. Sabre beat Gibson, Ciampa, and Scurll to make the finals. The announcer mentioned the winner would become #1 contender to Havoc’s Progress Championship.

(10) Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Will Ospreay in the SSS 16 Tournament Finals. They started off hot and heavy and Ospreay hit a big flip dive to the floor. He tossed Sabre into the ring and hit a springboard ace crusher for a 2 count. Ospreay hit another big dive on Sabre after nailing him with a bicycle kick on the apron. Ospreay waited in the corner, but Sabre made it back into the ring at 8. Ospreay went right after Sabre and nailed him with some big strikes in the corner. He then hit a big dropkick in the corner for a 2 count. Ospreay went for a handspring a short time later, but Sabre followed him and nailed him with a huge kick. Sabre set up Ospreay’s arm and stepped on it. Ospreay screamed in pain and held his arm as Sabre continued to pick it apart. Ospreay really sold his arm and Sabre nailed it with several kicks. Sabre set up Ospreay’s arm up at a bad angle and stomped on it. He was about to go after his fingers, but Ospreay got his foot on the bottom rope. Ospreay tried to fight back with slaps, but Sabre decked him with a slap in return and then a big kick to the chest. Ospreay fired back and went for a handspring, but hurt his arm in the process. Sabre then wound up and nailed him with a kick to the back of the head. Sabre tied up both of Ospreay’s arms at a bad angle before stomping down on his chest. Ospreay finally fired back and stepped up the ropes into a hurricanrana, He got stuck, but managed to hit a handspring enzuguri and then a twisting press off the second turnbuckle for a 2 count. The announcer pointed out that Ospreay still had a problem going up top to hit a dive. Ospreay went for another springboard, but Sabre caught him in an arm bar. Ospreay quickly managed to get to the ropes.

Ospreay fired back and hit a neck breaker a short time later. The fans fired up and Ospreay went up top, but looked unsure. Sabre popped up and nailed him with a headbutt. Ospreay slipped under Sabre and nailed him with a superkick before rolling him up for a 2 count. Ospreay followed up with a huge jumping DDT for another 2 count and the fans applauded. Ospreay hesitating going up top, but went for a standing moonsault instead. Sabre got his knees up and went after Ospreay. The fans fired up and chanted for both men. They went to a big strike exchange Ospreay ended up blocking a strike and went for a flying arm bar. Sabre countered him and stomped down on his face to break himself free. Sabre hit a penalty kick and a dragon suplex with a bridge for a 2 count. Sabre hit a second penalty kick, but Ospreay kicked out at one. Sabre hit a third penalty kick, but Ospreay managed to kick out at 2. The fans went nuts and chanted “This is Progress.” They battled up top and Ospreay fought Sabre off. Sabre jumped right back up and tossed him off the top right into an arm bar. Ospreay screamed and tried to keep his hands together. He nearly got a pin by leveraging himself on top of Sabre. Sabre continued to go for Ospreay’s arm, but he rolled him up for another near fall. Sabre then wiped out Ospreay with a massive running kick and the fans went nuts. Sabre put Ospreay on the top turnbuckle for a dragon suplex. Ospreay fought out of it and the fans fired up. Ospreay then hit a reverse rana off the top. Ospreay went up top and the fans fired up. Ospreay hit a huge SSP and Sabre was out of it. Ospreay went up top again and hit the red arrow for the win. Holy s—t!

Ospreay went over to Sabre, who was out of it and gave him a big hug. Both men sold emotion as they hugged each other in the middle of the ring.

Smallman got on the mic and put over Sabre, who had flown into the tournament from Japan yesterday. Smallman then said Ospreay had started at 18 years old and improved with every single match. He then announced that Ospreay is the first ever SSS 16 winner. He also gets another crack at the Progress Championship in July. Jimmy Havoc’s music then hit and he came out with regression. Ospreay told Sabre he could handle them on his own. Sabre stayed in the ring to help Ospreay, but they were quickly overwhelmed. Havoc said nobody would come to save Sabre and Ospreay. Havoc said he came to see who the next person would be to prove himself to him. Havoc hit the acid rainmaker on Sabre. Havoc said London Riots weren’t here to save Ospreay before wiping him out with the acid rainmaker. The fans sang the Jimmy is a c—t song. He said Smallman is a c—t. He called his wife a c—t as well. Havoc called people in the crowd a c—t. The crowd urged Smallman to go after Havoc, but he didn’t move. I’m pretty sure he called Brian Leahy a c—t as well. He said the fans were c---ts because they think they’re some sort of family. He said they’re family because nobody in the real world wants to associate with them. Havoc got upset with the fans chanting boring and he went under the ring and got an axe. They set up Ospreay to bite the bottom rope. Havoc said he had a list of demands. He said if he wasn’t added to the download festival, he would cut off Ospreay’s head. He said his second demand was a pay raise. He said he’s been champion for over 500 days. He said his final demand was that him and Will Ospreay in July would be a No DQ match. The fans applauded and Havoc said Ospreay would die. He said he didn’t think Ospreay wouldn’t be there in July because he would bring his axe with him and take his head off. Havoc put his axe down and then hit a curb stomp on Ospreay. The fans chanted at Havoc again and he said he doesn’t care what they think of him. He said this would keep happening until Smallman shows him respect.

Smallman got on the mic and said he could have his demands, but for the championship match, the London Riots would be a ringside. Smallman said this has gone on long enough. He said his time is numbered as Progress Champion. Ospreay got on the mic and said Havoc wouldn’t s—t on his moment. The fans fired up and Ospreay slowly began to rise up. Ospreay said he has 700 people watching his back and he swore he would beat him for the title. Awesome promo from Ospreay. The fans then gave Ospreay and Sabre another round of applause.

Winner: Will Ospreay to win the first SSS 16 Tournament and become new #1 contender to the Progress Championship.

Star rating: (****1/2) – This was a fantastic cap to the tournament. Sabre murdered Ospreay’s throughout the match. They had some brutally stiff exchanges.

Overall thoughts: (9.5) – This was an amazing show and overall an amazing tournament as well. Will Ospreay vs. Zack Sabre Jr. capped off the tournament with an incredible match and the post-match angle was something that could only be pulled off with Jimmy Havoc. This was an incredible show from start to finish and although there were some small things that could have been changed, the tournament told a great story in taking Ospreay back to the mountain top to challenge Havoc for the Progress Championship.

The Progress fans are incredible and although the second round matches were good, the Sabre-Ciampa match was an absolutely brilliant hard-hitting affair that set the crowd on fire. Ciampa was really good in this match and although his performances in ROH were up and down, he’s shown that he’s quite capable of being a staller performer at times as he as was in this match.

The semi-final round matches were good, but Ospreay-Strong was outstanding. It was the right decision to go with a more light-hearted tone for the Scurll-Sabre match given how brutally stiff the Ospreay-Strong match was. Strong was tremendous in the match with the crowd chanting and singing about his boots to get under his skin. I wasn’t a big fan of Ospreay pulling out another win with a pinning combination on the same show, but I did appreciate how he was unable to bust out his top rope high-flying offense due to being nervous from suffering an injury up until the main event.

The non-tournament matches were all good. The crowd was insane during the Jinny vs. Pollyanna No DQ match. I thought the match overstayed its welcome a bit, but at one point the fans were molten hot for the action and it’s clear these two women made a big impression, especially given that this was the first women’s match on a Progress main show. I also enjoyed the brawling tag match between The Origin and SDS. The brawl dragged a bit, but overall it was good for what it was and it was different than most of the other matches on the card.

The finals between Sabre and Ospreay were fantastic. Sabre really did a great job brutalizing Ospreay’s arm throughout the match to set up a frantic finish that saw Ospreay hit an inverted rana off the top. He then finally got the coverage to do a move off the top rope and hit the red arrow for the win. This was a fantastic way to cap off the tournament.

The post-match beat down on Sabre and Ospreay by Regression was something that only Progress could pull off by painting their champion, Jimmy Havoc, as a complete psychopath for a long period of time. I normally wouldn’t enjoy an angle like this at all, but Havoc threatening to decapitate Ospreay with an axe if his demands weren’t met worked because of what they’ve done with his character in Progress. I loved Ospreay recovering after Havoc took forever to leave and getting on the mic to promise to beat him when he got his title shot in July.

This was a great show from Progress and their on-demand service is a steal. If you’re not watching Progress Wrestling, you’re doing something wrong. This tournament was fantastic.

You can watch Progress Wrestling’s “Chapter 19: SSS16: N2” via their on demand service by clicking HERE or by visiting This service requires a $7.99 monthly fee and includes most of the Progress Wrestling catalogue. You can also download Progress shows from this site for a flat fee. Progress DVDs sell out very quickly usually, as they make a limited run of each show, so if you’re interested in a show DVD now or in the future, keep an eye on For more information about Progress Wrestling visit


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