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RADICAN'S Beyond Wrestling "Greatest Rivals Round Robin" review 9/26 - incredible show of the year contender, Busick-Edwards top-flight MOTYC, more!

Oct 2, 2015 - 3:28:48 PM

by Sean Radican, Torch columnist


SEPT. 26, 2015

Busick got a giant pop coming out for the opening match. Denver Colorado and Emil Jay are in on commentary. The fans continued to chant Busick’s theme after the opening bell rang. Busick offered a handshake and Gulak accepted.

(1) Drew Gulak vs. Biff Busick in a GRRR match. The announcers ran down Busick and Gulak’s history together including their first match in Beyond at “Swamp Sessions” in 2012. They also won the TFT 3:16 last year as a tag team. Busick worked a headlock on the mat for a long period of time with Gulak trying to find a way to escape. Gulak got a headlock takedown as well. Busick escaped and both men traded bombs. Gulak began targeting Busick’s leg on the mat. He eventually hit a dragon screw before locking in a nasty bridging leg submission. Busick kept going for a half and half suplex, but Gulak was able to block. Busick finally hit a huge clothesline and both men were down. They battled on the apron until Busick managed to hit a neck breaker. Gulak caught Busick in a modified dragon sleeper in the middle of the ring. Busick eventually rolled on top of Gulak for a 2 count to escape. Busick absorbed a couple of big chops and began firing up. He nailed Busick with some big chops and eventually Gulak caught him with a shotgun dropkick. Gulak hit another dropkick in the corner and slammed Busick right into the ropes for a 2 count. Gulak eventually got an ankle lock and Busick went towards the ropes, but Gulak pulled him back to the middle of the ring. Busick eventually got the ropes and the fans applauded. Busick countered Gulak as he went for his legs several times before going for a pinning combination for a 2 count. Both men went head-to-head. Busick and Gulak began trading some huge slaps to the face. They continued to go back and forth and Busick got a single leg crab, but Gulak kicked him off. Busick hit the half and half a short time later for a 2 count. The fans fired up big time and Busick hit the headlock takeover and applied the bank statement for the win. Wow!

Both men shook hands after the match as the fans applauded.

Winner: Biff Busick 1-0, Drew Gulak 0-1

Star rating: (***1/2) – This was a really good way to kick off GRRR. Gulak went to work on Busick’s leg, but Busick mounted a comeback and they had some good back and forth exchanges before going to a hot finish.

Ashley Tremonte was introduced as the new Beyond Wrestling ring girl. The fans didn’t seem to excited, but the ring announcer got them to pop.

(2) Timothy Thatcher vs. Eddie Edwards in a GRRR match. Both men shook hands and this is a first time match. Colorado talked about Thatcher and how he watches a ton of wrestling, including stuff he’s never heard of. Both men traded some big forearms after going back and forth on the mat. Thatcher went after Edwards’s back and hit some headbutts and then a big knee strike before they broke apart. Thatcher hit some big European uppercuts in the corner. They began trading strikes a short time later, but Thatcher hit some huge uppercuts that sent Edwards into the corner. Edwards fired back and grounded Thatcher with a big chop. Edwards went after Thatcher’s leg with a couple of knee drops. Thatcher fired back and went after Edwards’s arm. He then got on top of Edwards and began manipulating his arm. Edwards got a fishhook to escape and then nailed Thatcher with a big chop. Thatcher fired right back and hit a curb stomp on Edwards’s arm. Edwards managed to fire back and hit Thatcher’s leg. The fans chanted back and forth for both men. Thatcher countered and went for the Fujiwara arm bar, but Edwards was in the ropes. Thatcher got a kimura, but Edwards managed to get to the ropes quickly. Both men went back and forth and Edwards caught Thatcher with a running knee out of the corner and both men were down. Edwards got up and hit the machine gun chops on Thatcher in the corner. Thatcher fired back with a sick headbutt for a near fall. He then went after Edwards’s arm, but he escaped and chopped Thatcher in the face. He then applied a heel hook and Thatcher tapped.

Winner: Eddie Edwards 1-0, Timothy Thatcher 0-1

Star rating: (***3/4) – Thatcher and Edwards put on a really good back and forth technical match with Edwards going after Thatcher’s leg and Thatcher going after Edwards’s arm. The crowd was into the action and the announcers did a good job selling Thatcher tapping out quickly to save himself for his other matches in the round robin.

David Starr came out first for the next match. He was wearing a Gage Fears Starr shirt. The fans chanted for Gage. Unfortunately for this rivalry, it appears it won’t be happening anytime soon with Gage in jail. Starr said that Gage was avoiding him by getting arrested on purpose. He then said he wanted to talk about Rory Gulak. He said Gulak was step one until he wins TFT4. He said Starr is the best thing in Beyond Wrestling today.

(3) David Starr vs. Rory Gulak. Gulak made his entrance and walked up to Starr and punched him right in the face. Starr fired back and hit a springboard clothesline to the apron. Gulak fired right back with a flip dive through the ropes to wipe out Starr a short time later. Starr missed a chop on the floor and hit the ringpost. They said Gulak was a totally different person from the last time we some him in Beyond as Rory Mondo. Gulak hit a hurricanrana off the VIP stage to the floor, but it looked like he hurt himself in the process. Starr ended up poking Gulak in the eyes once they got back into the ring to get the upper hand. Starr worked a rear chin lock on the mat, but Gulak fired back with a series of slaps. They went back and forth until Starr backdropped Gulak into turnbuckles. That looked like it sucked. Gulak mounted a comeback, but the crowd was flat. Starr countered a suplex and hit a neck breaker over his knee. Starr then hit an arm capture suplex with a bridge for the win.

Winner: David Starr – They had some decent exchanges, but it seemed like they were on a different page at times and this paled in comparison to the previous matches.

(4) Brian Fury vs. A.R. Fox (w/Mrs. Fox). Fox got a big pop when he was introduced, despite playing a heel in Beyond Wrestling recently. This is another first time ever match. Colorado said this is a big match for Fury. He also ran down a list of notable names that Fury had trained and said it’s time for Fury to get his due. Colorado mentioned that Fox’s opponents in recent months had found a hole in his game with Tracy Williams and Jonathan Gresham tapping him out on the last two events. They went to a fast exchange early and Fury went for the branding iron several times, but Fox managed to counter him. They continued to go at it and exchanged pinning combinations. Fox then did his rope jumping combination, but Fury countered his bulldog attempt into a back suplex. They went back and forth and Fury eventually hip tossed Fox into the turnbuckle. Fox countered a pop up powerbomb into a hurricanrana. Fury fired back with a kick out of the corner and went up top. Fox surprised him with Lo Mein pain, but Fury rolled to the floor. Fox hit Lo Mein rain to the floor a short time later and the fans went nuts. Fox distracted the ref so Mrs. Fox could attack Fury on the floor and the fans booed. Fox went to work on Fury inside the ring, as Colorado said Fox had become an all-around wrestler with the exception of his submission game. Fox choked Fury on the ropes before jumping on his neck. Fury tried to fire back, but Fox caught him with a springboard code breaker. Fury rolled to the floor and Fox faked a dive. Fury blocked a 6-1-9 and hit a hangman’s neck breaker to the floor from the apron. Holy s—t!

Fury rolled Fox into the ring, but only got a 2 count. Fury caught Fox with a slingshot German with a bridge off the ropes for a 2 count. Fox went for a springboard, but Fury shoved him to the floor. Fury then dragged Fox up top with him. Fox shoved Fury down to the mat and went for a swanton, but Fury got his knees up. Fox matrixed out of a clothesline and hit an enzuguri. He followed up with a superkick after ducking an enzuguri from Fury, but he kicked out at 2! Fox went for a slingshot dropkick in the corner and Fury caught Fox in a Boston crab. Mrs. Fox tried to push the ropes towards Fox so he could grab it. Fury ended up dragging Fox and Mrs. Fox into the ring because she was holding Fox’s arms from the floor. Fox nailed Fury with a low blow. Mrs. Fox went for code red, but Fury blocked it. Fury took a springboard ace crusher and a 450, but Fury kicked out at the very last second. Fox went for Lo Mein pain again, but Fury countered it into a side slam. Fox caught him with a pinning combination for a 2 count. Fury then hit a pop up powerbomb and applied the branding iron. Fox struggled, but couldn’t get to the ropes and he tapped out.

The fans booed the finish. Fox is obviously way over despite being pushed as a heel in Beyond and it looked like he got the three count at one point. The fans started an A.R. Fox chant.

Winner: Brian Fury

Star rating: (***) – The level of wrestling in this match was much higher than the star rating. Fox being pushed as a heel just isn’t working and the crowd turned on Fury winning the match after it appeared Fox had gotten a three count. The work in the match was really good.

(5) Timothy Thatcher vs. Biff Busick in a GRRR match. The fans chanted “Biff’s gonna kill you” at Thatcher, which drew a smile from Thatcher. Thatcher got the upper hand in a test of strength during the early and he wouldn’t let Busick get up. He eventually used his leverage to drive Busick’s shoulders into the mat for a pair of 2 counts. Busick finally reversed the pressure and the fans fired up. Thatcher countered Busick and went after his fingers. He bent all of Busick’s fingers backwards and they ended up in the ropes. The ref finally separated both men. Busick sold his arm before they went back at it. Thatcher and Busick went at it again on the mat and Thatcher went after Busick’s arm, but Busick ended up driving Thatcher into the ropes. The announcers mentioned that both men had extensive damage done to their legs in their first match of the night in the GRRR. They went back and forth and Thatcher set up for an arm bar, but Busick got the ropes. Busick fired back on Thatcher and Busick nailed him with several big chops and elbows to the head. He then charged Thatcher in the corner only to eat a European uppercut. The fans tried to rally behind Busick, who glared at them and then sapped his fingers apart. Thatcher got a really sick leverage pin stepping down slowly on Busick’s arm and then turning it into a pinning predicament for a near fall. Wow! Busick fired back, but Thatcher took him down to the mat and went to work on Busick’s arm while bending his wrist backwards. Busick struggled, but managed to get to the ropes. Busick fired back out of nowhere and hit a half and half suplex and the fans fired up. Holy s—t!

Busick slapped Thatcher right across the face and Thatcher fired back with a headbutt. Both men ended up collapsing to the mat. Both men began trading again and hit forearms at the same time. Thatcher tried to use Busick’s headlock takeover, but Busick floated around and got a choke. He then hit the headlock takeover and applied the bank statement for the win. WOW! That was one heck of a war.

The fans chanted for Thatcher after the match. He left the ring and Busick signaled that he had one more match to go.

Winner: Biff Busick 2-0, Timothy Thatcher 0-2

Star rating: (****1/4) – This was an awesome technical display. Thatcher picked apart Busick’s arm for a long period of time with Busick making short comebacks until the finish where Busick pulled out a sick counter and finished off Thatcher. This was a tremendous match.

(6) Eddie Edwards vs. Drew Gulak in a GRRR match. The fans chanted for both men before the match began. Colorado said Gulak needs a win here to stay alive in the round robin. Gulak has had a long rest between matches. This is another first time singles match. They did face off in a tag match at “Point of No Return” in 2013. Edwards pushed Gulak into the corner and ripped his hand across Gulak’s face before the ref separated them. They went back and forth going for a standing arm submission before coming to a stalemate. Both men grabbed hands and then began slapping each other in the face before Edwards got the upper hand with a head scissors on the mat. Gulak tried to do a headstand, but Edwards elevated him and dropped him right on his head. The ref checked on Gulak and Edwards went right on the attack once the ref got out of the way. Gulak countered Edwards and got the GuLock while using the ropes for leverage, but the ref made him break the hold. Gulak went on the attack and hit a clothesline off the top. Gulak suplexed Edwards into the corner and Edwards sold his leg. Edwards fired back and hit some big chops in the corner. Edwards went for the backpack stunner out of the corner and made the cover for a 2 count. He immediately applied the heel hook, but Gulak got the ropes. The fans chanted “Beyond Wrestling” as both men regrouped. Gulak fired up after the corner and told Edwards to bring it. Edwards continued to nail him with some huge chops before teasing a chop and then slapping Gulak right across the face.

Gulak went down after taking the slap to the face and the ref checked on him. Gulak fired back and hit a big chop. He placed Edwards up top. They went back and forth up top and Edwards sent Gulak to the mat with a big forearm. Edwards missed a double stomp and Gulak hit several dropkicks, but Edwards wouldn’t go down. Edwards countered Gulak and went for the heel hook, but Gulak countered it into an ankle lock! Edwards kicked Gulak off and they kept going back and forth until Gulak slammed Edwards into the ropes. Holy s—t! Gulak followed up with a dive through the ropes to wipe out Edwards and the fans went nuts. Gulak hit a German and got a 2 count. Gulak went after Edwards’s leg, but Edwards stopped him. Gulak then walloped Edwards across the face. Edwards fired back a short time later and countered a piledriver into a backdrop. They went back and forth and Edwards eventually lifted Gulak over his back and dropped him down with a reverse piledriver. Edwards then got a heel hook and kicked Gulak in the head repeatedly. The official eventually had to tackle Edwards to stop the match. That was tremendous.

Gulak took a long time to recover after the match and got a big applause when he got to his feet. The fans then chanted “Thank you Gulak” before he left the ring.

Winner: Eddie Edwards 2-0, Drew Gulak 0-2

Star rating: (****1/2) – This was a tremendous match. These guys unloaded on each other and engaged in a hard-hitting technical battle. The striking and fire these guys showed in this match was amazing. The fans were really into the match and this was modern technical wrestling at its finest.

(7) Team F—k The Police (Trevor Lee & Andrew Everett) vs. Team Tremendous (Dan Barry & Bill Carr). This is Everett’s Beyond Wrestling live event appearance. Lee and Barry did some comedy early before picking up the pace. Barry pointed an imaginary gun at Lee as he came off the ropes. Lee stopped and then grabbed his own imaginary gun and pointed at the crowd, Barry, and then himself. He then threatened to shoot himself in the junk, but Everett stopped him. Carr and Everett tagged in. Carr inspected Everett’s package and seemed to claim that he was packing heat. Everett flexed in front of Carr, which wasn’t very impressive. Carr then turned the tables on Everett and showed his agility by doing a cartwheel. The fans chanted “Holy s—t!” Carr went for a handspring off the ropes and managed to very slowly land on his feet. The fans went nuts and Carr got serious and wiped out Everett with a huge clothesline. Carr and Barry began tagging in and out to work over Everett. Carr went to bounce off the ropes, but Lee pulled them on him. Lee then nailed him with a running kick on the apron and flipped him off. Barry went after Lee and they went back and forth until Barry caught him with a kick to the gut. Lee ducked a charge from Barry and wiped out Carr with a dive through the ropes that the cameras didn’t catch well. Barry then caught Lee and Barry with an insane twisting dive over the top to the floor. The fans fired up and Andrew Everett was left alone in the ring. Everett set up and wiped out Team Tremendous with a springboard flip to the outside. Everett and Lee tossed Barry back into the ring and they worked him over with a flurry of moves capped by a standing SSP from Everett for a 2 count.

Lee hit a slam on Barry and went up top. Lee got up top and took forever to steady himself. Barry managed to get his boot up to block a splash. Lee managed to prevent Barry from making a tag and he tagged in Everett. Barry finally fended off Everett. Lee then went came off the stage to the ropes and ended up going right into Barry’s dropkick. The camera didn’t catch it to well, but that was great. Carr got the hot tag and went to town on Lee and Everett. Carr hit a double German that took out Lee. Everett managed to land on his feet, but he walked right into a superkick from Carr. The action broke down with everyone in the ring. Everett hit a flipping kick to Carr’s head and went up top. Barry then went up top on the other side of the ring with Lee down. Both men went for SSPs and missed. All four men were down and the fans went nuts. Carr and Lee went back and forth. Carr blocked a German, but ended up running into Lee’s signature power slam for a near fall. Holy s—t! All four men were down once again in the ring after that sequence. Barry and Lee went at it. Barry missed a moonsault press and Lee nailed him with a reverse hurricanrana. Everett went right into a standing SSP, but Carr tossed Lee into him to break up the pin. Carr hit a Bossman slam on Lee. He then hit a flipping piledriver on Everett. Team Tremendous hit a tandem sliced break on Everett, but Lee rolled up Barry for the win.

The Minute Men ended up at ringside and they pulled Carr out of the ring so he couldn’t make the save. The fans chanted for Team Tremendous once Carr but back into the ring. Team Tremendous seemed to be on the same page after the match.

Winners: Trevor Lee & Andrew Everett

Star rating: (***1/2) – The match started slow with some comedy, but really picked up during the second half with some incredible back and forth action. This was a nice buffer after the two previous GRRR matches. The only downside here was the hard camera raw footage didn’t catch some of the action.

(8) J.T. Dunn vs. Ricochet. This is Ricochet’s Beyond Wrestling debut. Ricochet hit a dropkick that sent Dunn to the floor after neither man got in much offensive during the opening minutes of the match. Ricochet hit some kicks and kept Dunn grounded. A fan said something to him and he did a standing flip in the ring. Ricochet hit a spinebuster and hit the people’s moonsault for a 2 count. Dunn finally fired back and hit a jumping clothesline off the ropes. Dunn hit the suck it bomb, but Ricochet managed to kick out at 2. They went back and forth and Dunn hit an ace crusher for another 2 count. Dunn missed a double stomp, but landed on his feet. Ricochet rolled through into a big DDT and followed up with a standing SSP for a 2 count. They went back and forth and Ricochet hit a Regalplex for a 2 count and the fans applauded. Ricochet missed a SSP off the top, but landed on his feet. Dunn ended up hitting a DVD into the turnbuckles, but Ricochet kicked out once again. They traded strikes back and forth and then traded counters until Ricochet hit a blue thunder driver for a 2 count. Both men were slow to get up, but managed to beat the ref’s count. They went right back to exchanging blows in the middle of the ring. Ricochet blocked a rolling elbow and hit one of his own. That fired up Dunn, who nailed Ricochet with a rolling elbow. Ricochet wouldn’t go down, so Dunn hit two more and followed up with a Canadian destroyer for a 2 count. Dunn went for another elbow, but Ricochet cut him off with a kick and then a suplex into a brainbuster, but Dunn managed to kick out at the last second. Wow! Ricochet went up for the benadriller, but Dunn caught the kick. Ricochet fired up with a meteora as Dunn came off the ropes. He then popped Dunn up into a huge benadriller for the win.

Ricochet shook Dunn’s hand after the match and the fans chanted “Thank you both.” Both men posed for the crowd before Dunn left Ricochet alone in the ring to soak up more applause.

Winner: Ricochet

Star rating: (***3/4) – The opening minutes of the match were dreadfully dull, but the match was tremendous after a long heat segment on Dunn. These two had some great fast-paced striking and counter exchanges building into the finish. Dunn took a sick bump on the benadriller for the finish.

(9) Timothy Thatcher vs. Drew Gulak (w/Rory Gulak) in a Greatest Rivals Round Robin match. Gulak and Thatcher are both 0-2 heading into this match. Both men right after each other trading big bombs. They were definitely wrestling like they each badly wanted to win. Gulak hit a Saito suplex and a knee to the head. He hit several big blows from the mount, but Thatcher broke free. Thatcher went for a headbutt, but Gulak cut him off with a big slap for a 2 count. Gulak went for a heel hook and Thatcher went for an arm bar. Both men ended up countering each other. Thatcher got a Fujiwara arm bar, but Gulak managed to roll through into a short piledriver. Holy s—t! Thatcher kicked out at 2. Gulak got a knee bar and Thatcher ended up tapping out. Gulak wouldn’t let go, but the ref finally got him to break the hold.

Gulak and Thatcher ended up shaking hands as the fans applauded.

Winner: Drew Gulak 1-2, Timothy Thatcher 0-3 – This was one heck of a deal here with both men going for broke. They traded bombs and submissions before Gulak tapped out Thatcher. It was disappointing to see Thatcher go 0-3.

Busick came out for a main event and got a huge ovation. The ring then flooded with streamers. The fans sang along to Busick’s theme as he posed on the turnbuckles. Busick got in the ring and went face-to-face with Edwards before they were separated.

Busick and Edwards both enter the main event with 2-0 records. Edwards was introduced to boos. Busick got a huge pop and then the fans hummed his theme music. This is amazing. A huge “Biff” chant then started. The fans then slowly began chanting “Eddie.”

(10) Eddie Edwards vs. Biff Busick in the Greatest Rivals Round Robin Finals. Busick went for a powerbomb on the floor early, but Edwards countered it into a hurricanrana. They went back into the ring, but Edwards whipped Busick so hard into the corner that he went over the top to the floor. Busick took a long time to make it back into the ring. Edwards continued to toss him to the floor each time he made it back into the ring. Colorado ran down the history between Edwards and Busick in Beyond as Edwards took the fight to the floor and went to town on Busick. The series between them in Beyond is tied at 2-2 going into this match. They brawled out of view of the hard cam at one point. Edwards had the upper hand and he got into the ring and acted arrogant, but Busick managed to beat the ref’s count again. The fans really fired up behind Busick, who had taken a beating so far in this match. Busick tried to fire up, but Edwards nailed him with a huge lariat. Busick kicked out at one and ate a sick lariat and a powerbomb. Busick got right up and hit a running spinebuster into the corner. Holy s—t! Both men were down after that sequence. The fans began singing Busick’s theme again. Busick got to his feet first and went after Edwards. Busick hit a huge running European uppercut to Edwards’s back. He put Eddie up top and he fought him off, so Busick hit another running European uppercut. Busick went for a half and half off the top, but Edwards landed on his feet! Edwards then got the heel hook. The fans sang Busick’s theme and chanted for Busick not to tap. Busick turned over and kicked Edwards off. The fans continued to sing Busick’s theme with both men down. This is crazy!

Both men got up and went head-to-head. Edwards told Busick to bring it and they began exchanging blows in the middle of the ring. The fans cheered for Busick and booed Edwards as they took turns exchanging. Both men paused before resuming their strike battle. Edwards ended up chopping Busick into the corner. Edwards hit the machinegun chops in the corner. The ref counted, but wouldn’t DQ Edwards when he wouldn’t break. Busick fired up and hit a series of running elbows in the corner. Edwards fired back and they continued to trade running elbows. Busick finally took Edwards down with a diving European uppercut. Busick hit a half and half suplex. He then hit two European uppercuts to drop Edwards for a 2 count. Busick then locked in the bank statement. He transitioned to a rear naked choke as Edwards tried to get up. Edwards blocked the headlock takeover and hit a German, but Busick got right up. Busick continued to no-sell Edwards’s offense as the fans chanted Busick’s theme. Busick finally rolled through on Edwards and grabbed a single leg crap. He then transitioned into the bank statement for the win. Wow! What a match!

The fans sang Busick’s theme and then “Thank you Biff.” The fans chanted for Edwards and he shook hands with Busick. They hugged and Edwards left Busick alone in the ring.

Busick did a farewell speech. He teased not saying anything because it was late. The fans booed. He thanked his family. He then thanked Gulak, Thatcher, and Edwards. He thanked Drew Cordeiro and his family and the fans applauded. He said he wanted to thank the fans last. He said for some reason the fans got behind him and made him feel special and that’s something he will never forget. He said no matter where he goes or what he does, Beyond Wrestling will always be with him.

Winner: Biff Busick to win Greatest Rivals Round Rival

Star rating: (*****) – This was the perfect ending to Busick’s indie career. Wrestling Edwards put Busick on the map. This round robin with all of Busick’s biggest rivals from the independents was an incredible way for him to leave Beyond Wrestling before heading to WWE. The fans singing Busick’s music as he took a beating from Edwards throughout the match was incredible. The match really heated up when Busick did his fighting spirit spots and mounted a comeback before putting Edwards away to win the rivalry and Round Robin Rivals Challenge.

Overall thoughts: (10.0) – It’s going to be hard for any promotion to top this show. Biff Busick’s farewell challenging three of his biggest rivals in the promotion where he made his name made for an emotional night. This tournament was booked the only way it could be booked with Edwards and Busick facing off in the finals to give their rivalry a conclusive winner, as it was tied at 2-2 heading into the show.

I could go on and on about how good the tournament matches were. They all really delivered in their own way with technical wrestling and hard-hitting action. The GRRR really heated up with Thatcher-Busick and Gulak-Edwards at the midway point of the show. These two matches were both excellent and the crowd really got into them, especially the Gulak-Edwards match.

Eddie Edwards is so underappreciated as a singles wrestling doing the technical style with hard-hitting action mixed in. He had a ****1/2 and a ***** match on the same show, which is crazy, but that just goes to show you how talented he is. I hope he gets more opportunities in his career to make a big national name for himself as a singles talent because he is phenomenal.

The non-tournament action on this show was really good for the most part. The highlights were Team Tremendous vs. Lee & Everett and Dunn vs. Ricochet, which were both very good matches. Fox-Fury was good as well, but Fox just isn’t clicking as a heel with the fans wanting to cheer him.

There’s a huge backstory to the Busick-Edwards rivalry. They’ve faced off four times and their second match at “Americanrana 2013” put Biff Busick on the map and launched his career. Busick also became synonymous with Beyond Wrestling over the last few years. When you think of Beyond Wrestling, you think of Biff Busick. He made an amazing climb up the independent ladder to promotions like CZW, EVOLVE, and PWG in a short amount of time. Facing Edwards was the perfect ending to his story on the independent scene.

The match between Edwards and Busick was incredibly emotional to watch. The crowd clearly did not want to see Busick leave and they sang his theme during his entrance and then throughout the match as Busick had to come from behind to get the win. The second half of the match was off the charts with incredible action and crowd heat as Edwards and Busick built the match to a fever pitch and ended it at the perfect time. Busick might be leaving the independents, but he left behind one heck of a legacy in Beyond.

It’s very hard for me to get this excited about an independent show in 2015. This show was incredible with fantastic matches up and down the card, but what puts it over the top is the story of Busick wrestling his three rivals on the independent scene. What made the story perfect was that Busick ended up facing his biggest rival in Beyond Wrestling, Eddie Edwards, in the finals of GRRR.

This show was only a one-camera shot and it was hard to see certain things at times. I suggest getting this show right away and checking out the raw footage, but if you are the type that wants a full edit of the show and can wait, it’s definitely worth buying this show on VOD/MP4/Blu-ray when it comes out through SMV. I give this show my highest recommendation possible.

You can purchase Beyond Wrestling’s “Greatest Rivals Round Robin” raw footage by clicking HERE or by visiting This show will also be available on DVD/Blu-ray/VOD/MP4 at in the future. Also, for access to all Beyond Wrestling live events from the Fete Music era, you can subscribe to their monthly subscription service at


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-Decades of Torch Talk insider interviews in transcript and audio formats with big name stars.


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