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TNA Impact
CALDWELL'S TNA IMPACT RESULTS 6/17: Ongoing "virtual time" coverage of Impact on Spike TV

Jun 17, 2010 - 10:05:52 PM

TNA Impact Results on Spike TV
June 17, 2010
Taped 6/14 in Orlando, Fla.
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

The TNA Impact following Sunday's Slammiversary PPV opened with a video package from Slammiversary, with focus on Tommy Dreamer's TNA debut, Kurt Angle going over Kazarian to become #10 ranked in the Championship Rankings, A.J. Styles's "future in jeopardy" after Jay Lethal beat him, Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson going over Beer Money, and, of course, Jeff Jarrett interrupting the PPV main event because TNA has spent eight years trying to get him over.

Bischoff's office: They cut to a shot of Eric Bischoff addressing the camera from his face to talk about being in TNA an honor and a privilege. Bischoff said the Championship Committee has decided to strip The Band of the TNA Tag Titles due to Scott Hall's actions. The camera pulled out to show the TNA tag title belts on his table. Bischoff said a tournament begins tonight, with the winning team facing the Motor City Machineguns at the Victory Road PPV.

Impact Zone: On cue, The Band of Kevin Nash and Eric Young came out for the first round tournament match. Okay, this makes no sense since Nash, Young, and Hall had "Freebirds rules," so they should have kept the belts even without Hall. Anyways. Ink, Inc. came out to face The Band to start the show.

1 -- THE BAND (KEVIN NASH & ERIC YOUNG) vs. INK, INC. (SHANNON MOORE & JESSE NEAL) -- Semi-final #1 contender tag tournament match

Mike Tenay plugged tonight's main event of Abyss vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson because the Championship Committee was "deadlocked" on who should be the new #1 contender in the new Championship Rankings. No explanation on how they arrived at these mystery rankings. Taz said there will be another tournament match with Team 3D vs. Beer Money. The winners face each other next week. Tenay also plugged Jeff Jarrett calling out Sting tonight. Shouldn't it be the other way around after Jarrett cost Sting the "most coveted prize in entertainment" at the PPV? Tenay then plugged a full revelation of the mystery Top 10 Rankings.

As for the match, they built to a hot tag to Moore, who cleaned house and dropkicked Nash off the ring apron. Moore then attempted a top-rope huracanrana and they avoided disaster executing the spot. Moore tried a cover, but Nash broke it up. Nash then set up Moore for a Jackknife Powerbomb, but Neal speared Nash after Nash waited for Neal to get in position. Neal and Moore then hit a double-team finisher on Young for the pin and the win.

WINNERS: Ink, Inc. in 7:00. Ink, Inc. moves on to face the winner of Team 3D vs. Beer Money. Neal is still really green in the ring as TNA continues to push him before he's ready. The match was fine, but Nash could be better utilized as a big-man commodity the promotion has on their roster. (*1/2)

Slammiversary video: Tenay and Taz recapped big moments from the PPV on Sunday. Tenay then recapped the Championship Committee not being able to agree on the top three contenders following the PPV. So, it's Anderson vs. Abyss vs. Hardy to determine who faces RVD for the TNA World Title at Victory Road.

Impact Zone: Ric Flair's music hit and out came the legit Ric Flair and not Jay Lethal. Backing him up on the stage were Beer Money, A.J. Styles, Desmond Wolfe, and Kazarian. Poor Kazarian was stuck in the back of the line-up with no camera time. Flair said he's about to make a "history making" announcement. He started walking to the ring as they cut to break.

[Commercial Break]


Backstage: In the "Reaction" camera filter, they showed Chelsea begging Abyss to keep her around because Desmond Wolfe has been abusing her for years. Chelsea cried and cried, but Abyss told her tonight is not the night. He's too tired. Abyss put his hands on her shoulders and said she really won't want to be around him after tonight. Abyss walked off and Chelsea held her face selling distraught.

Impact Zone: Flair was in the ring announcing he's reforming the Four Horsemen. (Nice pop.) Only...only...only...he's going to call it Fortune. That got exactly zero reaction. Flair said it's going to change the direction of TNA forever. Flair said the Four Horsemen was the most dominant group ever because they lived, died, and breathed being The Best. Flair said he was the best love-maker in the business. Flair then got in A.J. Styles's face and told him he needs to be Arn Anderson. Kazarian is playing Barry Windham. Roode is Tully Blanchard. He gave them all pep talks that the Original Horsemen would eat all of them alive. Desmond Wolfe was left off to the side. Flair said he forgot about him. He said he's the Lex Luger because he thinks he's a big-time player, but he's nothing. Flair said it's Fortune, TNA, and it's time for a change.

Flair got in Styles's face again. "Lethal? Are you kidding me?" Flair said he committed suicide at the PPV on Sunday. Flair called Lethal a "piss ant from New Jersey" before Lethal's music interrupted to bring out Lethal on stage in a suit. Lethal interrupted with a Whoo! before doing his Flair imitation about hearing something about the Four Horsemen. Lethal said it looks like the Horsemen showed up, took a dump in the ring, and left what's in the ring. Lethal did his stylin' and profilin' Flair imitation promo and said they are no Horsemen. Flair, who was sweating up a storm, held the mic with a cocky grin on his face before saying Lethal sure isn't Ric Flair.

Flair started stripping before telling Lethal to come down to the ring. Flair wanted to see it. He wanted to see it real bad. Lethal took off his jacket and started strutting before dropping an elbow on his jacket. "You can't do me!" Flair shouted. They exchanged Whoos! before Flair repeated his limousine-riding lines. Lethal told Flair not to be upset because they tore down ol' Space Mountain. Flair said it's the oldest ride, but the longest line. Flair, sporting one shoe, dropped an elbow on the mat. "Did the other shoe drop?" Taz whispered. Lethal and Flair went back and forth with Whoos! before trying to outdo each other doing the gimmick. Flair repeated himself again before doing a crotch thrust. He gave another crotch thrust to a woman on the front row.

Desmond Wolfe tried to interrupt and called him a cheap imitation of a legend. He said he's out here trying to make a name for himself, so he suggests Lethal try to make a name for himself in the ring against him tonight. Lethal said it's big talk from a man who can't even control Chelsea. He said Chelsea told him he tried Wolfe, but the old man (him, I think) is a 60-minute man. Flair shouted at Lethal that he doesn't know what 60 minutes is in the bedroom or in the ring. Flair said he wants Lethal all night long tonight. Lethal repeated another Flair line, which prompted Flair to scream, "That's my line." Who's line is it, anyways? Flair chased off Lethal, then brought in Wolfe close. He said if he wins, he becomes the first member of Fortune. But, if he loses, he's history forever. Flair closed by pointing to a fan in the crowd that he wants her too. JC: Completely out of context, someone with no knowledge of wrestling or the angle would have thought Flair spent ten minutes on the mic suggesting he wanted to spend the night with Lethal. It was quite the bizarre, intense, made-for-TV segment that took the feud up another level. I'm just not sure if it was the right level. As for Lethal, what a performance. Even if the whole thing is completely absurd.

Backstage: From that interesting segment, they cut to a shot of Lacey Von Erich getting a full body massage on a massage table while wearing zero clothes. Taz said it's an interesting pre-match warm-up.


[Commercial Break]

Backstage: Someone caught up to Mr. Anderson as he was arriving in the building. He was sporting his trademark traveling backpack, athletic gear, and a ball cap. He was asked if they're going to see the real Mr. Anderson tonight in the three-way. Anderson said it depends on who think the real Anderson is.

Impact Zone: Hernandez came out for a random match. Tenay said Hernandez dominated his former tag partner at the PPV on Sunday. They're re-telling that story since it was poorly booked as an even-steven back-and-forth five-minute match before Morgan won via DQ. Samoa Joe then randomly came out to face Hernandez. This is similar to WWE giving away Chris Jericho vs. Evan Bourne on Raw with no hype.


Tenay announced that Victory Road will feature Matt Morgan vs. Hernandez in a steel cage after Morgan's DQ win at Slammiversary. As for the match, Samoa Joe dominated Hernandez early on here. Joe then tried a running move to knock Hernandez off the apron, but Hernandez landed a flying shoulder tackle. Hernandez made a comeback with power offense, but Joe came back with right hand blows. Hernandez then came back with a shoulder block that sent Joe to the outside. From behind, Matt Morgan snuck in the back door and low-blowed Hernandez with the ref distracted. Big Morgan then slid out of the ring and very quietly sat down below the ring apron so he wouldn't be noticed. Good visual. Joe then hit an exploder suplex on Hernandez for the pin and the win.

Post-match: They recapped the finish and Joe saw the replay of Morgan helping him pick up the win. Joe started foaming at the mouth upset with the proceedings. Morgan started dancing in the ring telling Joe to come get some. Morgan was suddenly trapped between Joe and Hernandez, so he jumped over the top rope and smiled after escaping the trap. Morgan vs. Hernandez in a cage at the PPV.

WINNER: Joe in 5:00. Lots of stuff rushed here, e.g. a Joe vs. Hernandez match suddenly thrown out on TV and the steel cage match randomly announced, but Morgan continues to stand out with heel persona getting over his storyline. At least there's a reason for Morgan vs. Hernandez occurring in a cage at the next PPV. (*1/4)

Backstage: A.J. Styles walked up to Desmond Wolfe, who was getting ready to face Lethal. Wolfe quipped he's getting ready to do what Styles couldn't do. Styles said he heard Chelsea doesn't want to be with Wolfe anymore. He doesn't care what the issues are, but he needs to get his mind on wrestling tonight. Styles reminded him he's out of Fortune if he loses tonight. The segment painted Wolfe as a sympathetic figure (go figure on that two months ago).

[Commercial Break]


Backstage: Jeff Hardy, sans facepaint, talked about his #1 contender three-way match in the main event. Hardy said he's looking forward to the match with his new favorite friend, the asshole, and Abyss. Anderson then knocked on his door and asked "sweetheart" if he's ready. Hardy said he is, then Anderson walked off. "A-hole," Hardy whispered under his breath.

Impact Zone: X Division champion Doug Williams announcing the death of the X Division. Williams said he rendered every other X Division move redundant with one X Division move at the PPV on Sunday. He said they're going to see it again tonight, he guarantees it. Williams said the X Division will become synonymous with the mat-based, ground-and-pound style he's known for. And this makes him a heel because...? Williams said he's going to offer a presentation now. Out came GenMe's Max Buck to prove "his style works." What a half-brained storyline.

3 -- X Division champion DOUG WILLIAMS vs. MAX BUCK -- non-title match

The match started with some high-flying by Max as Tenay plugged the return of Angelina Love in the next segment. Williams cut off Buck's high-flying and began working him over on the mat. Williams delivered a vertical suplex into a gutwrench suplex into an exploder suplex for a two count. Williams then went to the second rope, but Max moved out of the way and hit a Blockbuster off the top rope for a nearfall. Williams then delivered a European uppercut and hit a flying Tornado DDT from the second rope for the pin and the win.

Post-match: Williams clutched Max in a cravate as ref Earl Hebner pretended to try to break up the pin. Suddenly, Brian Kendrick hit the ring and slapped on a chicken wing. Williams tapped out as Kendrick kept the hold locked in for a good, long while. The crowd was behind Kendrick, who was sporting one of the most bizarre-looking long-sleeve t-shirts ever designed, which fits his gimmick.

WINNER: Williams in 4:00. Fine match. The storyline is unnecessary, but they've managed to turn Kendrick babyface to set up a Williams vs. Kendrick re-match.

Video package: Sting and Jeff Jarrett. The voice-over man called them "two pillars of professional wrestling." The former in one person's mind. The video recapped Jarrett interrupting the PPV main event by going after Sting to allow RVD to retain the TNA Title. The next chapter is about to unfold. Still to come: Jarrett calls out Sting.

[Commercial Break]

Last Sunday: They showed clips of TNA president Dixie Carter unveiling the new line of Jakks action figures. The super-serious, James Earl Jones voice-over man gave this an epic announcement feel.

Impact Zone: Angelina Love was in the ring making her TNA return. She cut a babyface promo about not wanting to waste any more of her career because injuries can happen in an instant. She vowed to go through all of the Beautiful People before re-taking the Knockouts Title from Madison Rayne at the PPV. Out came Lacey Von Erich to face Angelina.

[Q5 -- second hour]


Angelina dominated the work-in-progress Lacey before going to the outside. She retrieved a chair and brought it into the ring to give Lacey a DDT onto the chair, prompting a DQ. Apparently Angelina isn't concerned about winning matches on her way through the Beautiful People.

WINNER: Lacey via DQ in 3:00. At least they kept this short with Lacey in the ring. (n/a)

Backstage: Jay Lethal was talking to Hulk Hogan in the documentary setting, with TNA yet again finding a way to get Hogan on the show in a filler segment. Hogan told Lethal they saw something big out of him when TNA wasn't doing anything with him. Hogan said they're trying to push Lethal to another level. He said it's big to see him going for "main event status" because it's not about the hee-hee ha-ha stuff. Lethal talked about being a fan of the old-timers, then Hogan told him he's got a big target on his back now, so be careful. Hogan told Lethal to work on a Hogan imitation.

[Commercial Break]

Backstage: Christy Hemme brought in Jeff Hardy. Apparently Hemme decided to dress-down for work, sporting a Saturday afternoon tank top and ripped jeans. Hardy said he's looking forward to the three-way, then Mr. Anderson interrupted and told Hardy not to listen to people trying to stir it up between them. Anderson reminded Hardy of him fighting with his brother all the time. Beat 'em up on Saturday, then hug 'em on Sunday. Anderson said they're going to fight tonight, but be friends after the match. Anderson knuckled up with Hardy and they walked off separately.

Impact Zone: Brother Devon came to the ring ahead of Brother Ray for the #1 contender tournament match. Ray told him not to be mad at him forever after what went down at the PPV with Jesse Neal. Devon walked off and did his own thing. Beer Money then came out to face Team 3D in a semi-final match.


5 -- BEER MONEY (JAMES STORM & ROBERT ROODE) vs. TEAM 3D (BROTHER RAY & BROTHER DEVON) -- Semi-final #1 contender tag tournament match

Taz, as the voice of the fan questioning the booking, recapped The Band getting the shaft tonight with the tag title situation. Team 3D worked together early on, including double-team moves on Roode. The crowd suddenly chanted, "You're a d-bag," toward Ray. Yes, it was bound to catch on from the PPV. Ray stopped upon hearing the chant and lost control of the match. Beer Money started working him over. Suddenly, there were visitors at the broadcast table with Ink, Inc. joining commentary. Devon was then cut off and Beer Money worked him over. Beer Money tried their signature chant, but Ray cut them off. All four men were in the ring and 3D hit a double-team clothesline on Roode for a close two count. Team 3D then teased a 3D, but Ray suddenly spotted Ink, Inc. at the broadcast table. Ray walked out of the ring and went after Ink, Inc., who acted like cowardly babyfaces trying to run off. A brawl on the stage distracted Devon back in the ring, then Devon took beer in the face and Beer Money scored the pin for the win.

WINNERS: Beer Money in 5:00. Next week, it's Beer Money vs. Ink, Inc. in the finals of the tournament. And the tension continues to be built between Ray and Devon. (*1/4)

Backstage: Wolfe talked to Chelsea in the Reaction camera shot. Wolfe told Chelsea she has a chance to redeem herself tonight. "Is it clear? Is it clear?!" he shouted. Wolfe was not presented as a sympathetic figure here.

[Commercial Break]

Impact Zone: Wolfe was in the ring flanked by Chelsea with a shot to join Fortune on the line. Jay Lethal then came out to face Wolfe.

6 -- JAY LETHAL vs. DESMOND WOLFE (w/Chelsea)

After a few moments, Tommy Dreamer quietly walked out into the crowd. It took a while for the fans to realize it wasn't just a tourist looking for his seat in the stands, but a nice surprise. Wolfe kept screaming at Chelsea throughout the match, then Chelsea tried to walk off, but she kinda tripped on the stage. Wolfe talked down to her and Lethal snuck up behind Wolfe to blast him with right hands. Dreamer was shown sitting down in a designated seat as Lethal went on the offensive in the ring. Lethal landed a springboard handspring elbow smash, but Wolfe rammed him jaw-first into the turnbuckles. Wolfe tried a left-arm lariat, but Lethal ducked and hit his finisher for the pin and the win. And Wolfe is out of Fortune.

WINNER: Lethal in 4:00. Lots of focus on Chelsea here. And the post-match took precedent over the match... (*1/4)

Post-match: Lethal jumped into the crowd to celebrate with the fans. Dreamer was shown clapping and nodding approvingly. Suddenly, Wolfe attacked Lethal from behind ringside. Wolfe sold that his head was about to explode. Wolfe took Lethal into the ring and beat him up before Ric Flair walked out to the ring. Wolfe held Lethal and Flair knocked him around with slaps and chops before hitting a low blow.

[Q7] Cue up Hulk Hogan's theme music. Hogan came out on stage and made his way to the ring as Flair and Wolfe bailed. Hogan told Flair he's done. Hogan then helped Lethal to his feet and raised his hand in victory. Apparently he's the new John Cena of TNA. Hogan took the mic and said this is the reason why TNA is on fire because of guys like Jay Lethal. Hogan recapped the "humble beginnings" story for Lethal before telling him he's so high on Lethal. Hogan said he forgot he's a TNA executive and since he's about to make this huge announcement, he needs the Dirtiest Player in The Game out here.

Flair came out on stage as Hogan talked about Flair trying to hold Lethal down. Hogan said imitation is the highest form of flattery, but imitation is going to fight Flair in the ass. He said Lethal is "running at Flair's main event level" and this little boy is acting like a man. Hogan then booked Flair vs. Lethal at the Victory Road PPV. Tenay said it's a "dream come true" for Lethal. Hogan kept doing the Savageisms before doing a Flair strut. Did everyone completely forget that Tommy "nice surprise" Dreamer was in the stands?

Rafters: Sting, as Steve Borden, was shown walking down the steps of the rafters. Sting and Jarrett's confrontation is next.

[Commercial Break]

Announcers: Tenay quickly listed the new Top 10 Rankings. #10 is Kurt Angle. #9 is Desmond Wolfe. #8 is The Pope. #7 is Jay Lethal. #6 is Samoa Joe. #5 is Sting. #4 is A.J. Styles. That leaves Anderson, Abyss, and Jeff Hardy.

Impact Zone: Jeff Jarrett was in the ring to call out Sting. He has some words to get off his chest. Cue up Sting's theme music to a babyface pop. Jarrett asked "Steve" to do something for him right now. He told Steve to take his glasses off and feel what he's saying. Really feel it. Steve removed the shades, which drew a pop. Jeff said he doesn't want to know "Steve's" reasons or excuses for what he's done. He said he called him when he first started TNA because he wanted his iconic status. Jarrett said he wanted Sting to work with him, not for him. Some folks started screaming in the Impact Zone for some reason.

Jarrett emphasized the "T-N-A" letters again. He said they haven't always been on the same side of the fence, but when they have always treated each other with dignity, respect, and honor, but that always ended at Sacrifice. He said that wasn't a wrestling match because Sting was hell-bent on ending his career. Jarrett said it must have been the demons possessing him. Apparently Jarrett is going to cast them out of Sting. He told "Steve Borden" he made one mistake leaving him standing. Sting smirked with his hands on his hips. "You think this is funny, Steve?" Jarrett whispered, apparently trying to audition for a movie. Some people in the audience were just way over-the-top screaming like mad here.

Jarrett pulled back and said Sting is dead wrong; 100 percent wrong about Hogan and Bischoff. Jarrett said Hogan has given himself...and his body to this company. He said when they have their re-match next week, he's going to fight for Bischoff and Hogan. Jarrett paused and said he's going to fight for the most important ingredient of all...the TNA fans. Jarrett wrapped up his attempt at an epic promo on that note and left the ring, leaving Sting standing with a mysterious non-reaction to the proceedings.


[Commercial Break]

Impact Zone: Ten minutes before the top of the hour, Mr. Anderson came out first for the TV main event three-way match. Anderson did his usual ring intro on the stage, then walked to the ring. Abyss came out second to Hulk Hogan's WCW theme music. Tenay said it could be a two-on-one situation against Abyss. That's inaccurate. Abyss counts for two men. Jeff Hardy then came out last to round out the field of the top three contenders. Of note, no sign of RVD on the show tonight.

7 -- JEFF HARDY vs. ABYSS vs. MR. ANDERSON -- #1 contender match to the TNA World Title

Abyss stood in one corner of the ring before all three started circling around trying to feel each other out. Anderson and Hardy then ganged up on Abyss early on and tried to chop him down. Hardy then flew off Anderson's back for a flying splash in the corner. The announcers debated which member of the Championship Committee championed for each of the contenders, with the conclusion Hogan backed Abyss. After a few minutes, Hardy and Anderson teased tension, leading to Abyss blasting them with a double clothesline. They cut to a random shot of Tommy Dreamer sitting in the stands watching. Hardy made a comeback on Abyss and hit the Whisper in the Wind that sent Abyss rolling to the floor. Hardy dropkicked him through the ropes, then Anderson snuck up behind Hardy and...dropkicked Abyss through the ropes. On the floor, Anderson landed punches on Abyss as the action continued on the floor. Suddenly, ref Hebner counted to ten in a rare count-out in TNA.

WINNER: Triple Count-out in 5:00. Classic TNA booking applying rules when convenient to escape a match finish. (*1/4)

Post-match: Abyss had a very sad look on his face after this ruling. Abyss then turned into a rage KO'ing Anderson and Hardy. Abyss threw Hardy out of the ring as the bell continued to sound. Abyss then dropped Anderson with the Shock Treatment. He grabbed a bag of thumbtacks and tried to scare away the cameraman. Abyss then retrieved some weapons, including a Kendo Stick. Hardy took a shot to the ribs, then back. Tenay said he hasn't seen the side of Abyss "for years." More like four days ago when he tried to put Wolfe through shards of glass on PPV. Abyss re-entered the ring with said shards of glass and spread them across the ring. Abyss then snapped on Anderson with Kendo Stick shots. He proceeded to drop Anderson into the "glass" with the Black Hole Slam.

[Q9 -- over-run] Abyss walked off and Hardy tried to fight back against him, but Abyss grabbed him by the hair and ripped his shirt off. In the ring, medics checked on Anderson to sell the angle. On the stage, Abyss grappled Hardy and gave him a chokeslam off the stage through a table below. Abyss did his heel posing, then Hulk Hogan walked out on stage asking Abyss what's wrong with him. Hogan was more concerned with Abyss than checking on Hardy's condition, asking Abyss, "What was that?" Abyss then did the big "Youuuu" finger point to Hogan and the show abruptly ended with Abyss and Hogan mid-confrontation.

It's worth noting how this is going to turn into next week's announcement of a four-way TNA Title match at the PPV, with Abyss being rewarded with a title shot despite "despicable actions" on tonight's show. After Sting was rewarded with a title shot last month after "despicable actions" against Jeff Jarrett at the Sacrifice PPV and Desmond Wolfe having no consequences after his "despicable actions" running Abyss over with a car before that, it reinforces the lack of consequences to anyone's actions in TNA, which continues to hurt the product. Viewers can't take the product seriously when there are no consequences to actions. It's not a money-drawing formula.

QUICK REACTION: There were some moments to really like, some moments that made no sense, some moments that were completely contradictory, and some moments that were way over the top - either good or bad. The show continues to feel like it's written by three or four different people with different agendas, and the result is a show that doesn't have an overarching context. It comes down to which segments viewers like, which segments viewers don't like, and pick your favorites with no regard for the storylines that continue to change on the fly and are subject to change on a whim. Again, that's not a money-drawing formula.

We welcome your 0-10 score and comments on this show for an "Impact Reax" feature in the Torch Feedback section of To contribute your thoughts on Impact, click here.

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