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KELLER'S TNA IMPACT REPORT 9/16: Ongoing "virtual time" coverage of Spike TV show with Jeff Hardy vs. Kurt Angle

Sep 16, 2010 - 10:12:29 PM

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

SEPTEMBER 16, 2010


-A great video package opened the show featuring Reaction-style comments from Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy, with candid sports-like post-match footage after their PPV classic two Sundays ago. Angle said, "I didn't even know it was a 20 minute time limit. If I would have known that, I would have picked up the pace more." Doesn't that make TNA seem absurd that a top contender in a major tournament match didn't even know there was a time limit - which was because TNA hasn't done time limits on PPVs before.

-The title of the show: "One More Time."

-Angle and Hardy stood in the ring at the start of the show as Mike Tenay introduced it. Eric Bischoff walked to his ring with his grand daughter. He said he wanted to congratulate Mr. Anderson for advancing to the finals at Bound for Glory and he'd be competing for the TNA World Hvt. Title. He said he asked Hardy and Angle to join him in the ring so he could address their controversial inconclusive finish. He said in his 24 years in the wrestling business, he's never had the privilege of seeing a match as intense and hard-fought as what he saw from them. The crowd chanted, "It was awesome!" He said it's truly an honor to be standing in the ring with them. Bischoff said he was putting them both in the title match at Bound for Glory, making it a three-way.

TNA President Dixie Carter walked out and congratulated Angle and Hardy for giving it all they had. She said it was truly one of her favorite matches. She said they and she and the fans were not happy with the finish. She said Hulk Hogan trumped a decision she had made regarding "Ric" (Flair), and she's going to steal a play out of his playbook and overturn Bischoff decision. Bischoff took a step back and looked a little uneasy. She said instead of a three-way at Bound for Glory, they let Angle and Hardy settle things on Impact in a no time limit match. "And this time there will be a winner," she said. That winner would face Anderson at BFG. "The boss has spoken," said Taz. Tenay endorsed the call. Dixie's theme song played. I know Vince McMahon has a theme song, but it sounded ridiculous to have that play as Angle and Hardy were shown absorbing the impact of the announcer.

-The Pope shook hands with Kevin Nash and Sting backstage. He said he's on his way to talk to Easy E to make things happen. [c]

-The roving camera caught up to Tommy Dreamer at a gas station. He asked what happens to EV2 given what happened on Sunday. Dreamer said, "Maybe we go home." The reporter asked if that's what he's got. He said, "That's all I got. Thanks." It was a chance for Dreamer to be shown driving a nice sports car. But really, TNA reporters have to chase down their own wrestlers at gas stations? That's just odd.


1 -- KEVIN NASH (w/Sting) vs. SAMOA JOE (w/Jeff Jarrett)

Thumbs down for throwing this match on TV with no hype or pre-match perspective or comments. This is a match you can build a show around if you do it right, or at least be one of two main events. It makes them seem like scrubs to have a one-on-one match just thrown out there like this. The crowd chanted "Joe's gonna kill you!" at Nash. Joe dominated early and stomped Nash to the edge of the ring apron. Nash yanked Joe to the floor and rammed his face into the edge of the ring. Sting took a shot at Joe as he began making a comeback against Nash at ringside. They fought to an early double countout. Jarrett ended up fighting Nash and Sting ended up fighting Joe at ringside as the bell rang over and over. Security intervened, but the wrestlers pushed past security and kept fighting.

WINNER: Double Countout in 2:00.

THOUGHTS: This quick finish explains why they didn't feel like the could hype the match, since there'd be that "letdown factor" of hyping it and not delivering much, but it still makes Joe and Nash seem well below top level stars to throw a singles match out there with no hype no matter what the planned finish. There are ways to hype a match that's booked to be short and still have enough strong content around it so fans aren't too let down. Also, the finish was just sloppy since the ref counted the wrestlers out, yet Sting clearly interfered against Joe at ringside and that should have been a DQ right there. I'm just so ready for wrestling writers/bookers to have an attention to detail and not just book backwards from their planned finish without any regard for consistency show to show and match to match.

-When it seemed security finally got between them, they cut backstage to Lacey Von Erich wrapped in a towel. Madison Rayne said she has a tag match with her later. Lacey said she hasn't made a decision yet on whether to team with her. Rayne scolded her for thinking because she might hurt herself. She said what happened a couple weeks ago was an accident.

-Tenay hyped Angle vs. Hardy later and Jay Lethal challenging Douglas Williams up next. [c]

-Nash and Sting were backstage. Nash said Jarrett & Joe won't even make it to 10-10-10 alive. (He just broke Scott Hall's rule of never threatening death on a promo.) Sting said he took the gloves off and he's glad to see Nash's gloves are off. He said now it's starting to get fun.

2 -- DOUGLAS WILLIAMS vs. JAY LETHAL -- X Division Title Match

Nice early gut-wrench suplex from Williams. The crowd chanted, "Let's go Lethal!" Lethal elbowed out of a gut wrench attempt at 3:00. Williams climbed to the top rope and leaped at Lethal. Lethal caught him with a flying dropkick, though. Both were slow to get up. Williams kicked out of a Lethal Combination at 4:00.


Lethal went for a top rope elbow, but Williams moved. Lethal came back a minute later by blocking a tornado DDT and hitting the Lethal Injection finisher for the win.

WINNER: Lethal in 6:00 to capture the X Division Title.

STAR RATING: ** -- Taz called it a history-making moment, but the confetti and announcer accolades doesn't change the fact it was only six minutes and therefore didn't feel epic enough to be a big deal. But I suppose you have to give them some credit for doing the confetti and making a good attempt to salvage a six minute title change into something meaningful. [c]

-Backstage Angle said Hardy went the distance with him and proved he's an exceptional wrestler. He said Hardy is great, but not a champion. He said he is a champion and he will go on to win the TNA Title at Bound for Glory.

3 -- HAMADA & TAYLOR WILDE vs. MADISON RAYNE & LACEY (w/Tara) -- TNA Knockouts Tag Team Titles

Tenay and Taz talked about Abyss's promise to reveal "They" on 10-10-10. Taz said at first they thought EV2, then Fortune, but they were all wrong. (It's Bischoff & Russo. They're trying to take over TNA from Dixie & Hulk. Just a guess.) Hamada landed a moonsault on Lacey for a near fall at 2:00.


Wilde tagged in and hit Lacey with a flying crossbody for a two count. Rayne yanked Wilde by her hair and then ordered Lacey to tag her in. Taz said Rayne must be a handful to be in a relationship with. Hamada hot-tagged in at 3:00 against Lacey. She headbutted her, then tagged in Wilde, who charged and knocked Sky off the apron. Hamada and Wilde double-teamed Lacey and scored the pin.

WINNERS: Hamada & Wilde in 4:00 to retain the TNA Tag Team Titles.


-Afterward Rayne chewed out Lacey. Lacey had enough and shoved her. Tara then attacked Lacey. Angelina Love and Velvet Sky ran to the ring to make the save. Rayne and Tara retreated. Tenay asked who Lacey trusts now as she stood in the ring with the original Beautiful People.

-They showed the bearded Tommy Dreamer heading to the entrance tunnel. Tenay said they'd hear from him next. [c]

-Backstage Jeff Hardy talked about his rematch. He said he was happy with Bischoff's decision to have a three-way at BFG, "but when the boss says work, you work."

-Dreamer walked to the ring. He said he's alone without EV2, no tricks. He asked Fortune to come to the ring. Tenay and Taz questioned the wisdom of this invite. Out walked Fortune, all dressed in nice suits holding up their hand signal. Kaz wore a hit pink tie. James Storm had a suit and beer in hand. Matt Morgan had on cool sunglasses, doing his best Big Bubba Rogers impression. Dreamer told Fortune he's sick of seeing his friends get hurt, so he's calling a truce. "This is over," he said. Fortune had a collective laugh at his expense. He said when he first came to TNA, he tried to make a difference. He said, "There's a little Dreamer in all of us." He said this place is so damn special. He said he has personal history with each of the wrestlers in the ring. He said he has seen his company go away and they are the future of this company. He said if they can one day look at him, this is his last chance. He said he's happy to be there and happy to contribute. He said he's just looking for a place to call a home.

He said never in pro wrestling has anyone gone from a tag team that had as much success as America's Most Wanted to a team with as much success or more again with Beer Money. He compared him to Stan Lane going from the Fabulous Ones to the Midnight Express. He said Storm carries beer to the ring like Sandman, but he has more talent than him in his little finger, and he says that even though Sandman is his best friend. He told Kaz he got him his first job in WWE, but he left because he wasn't happy anymore. He said what was bad for WWE worked out for TNA. He said he remembered that kid that went to the Boston shows when he was six months into being a wrestler. He said if not for TNA, he would have never met his wife, just as was the case with him. He said maybe some day he'll have kids, and it'll be because of those three letters - T-N-A.


Dreamer said he remembered when Morgan was a bouncer at a nightclub (I once said he was a bartender, but he was actually a bouncer). He said Morgan was a bad-ass of the club, but he was also a nice guy. He said when he was in WWE, everyone said he could be the next Undertaker or Kane because of his size, but he came to TNA and he proved that next time when there's a big goofy kid there, they'll say, "That kid is going to be the next Matt Morgan." Morgan looked emotionally moved by Dreamer's comments. Dreamer told Robert Roode his tryout at WWE was against him. He said he had offered Roode a contract with WWE, but he turned it down to stay in TNA because he believed he could be a cornerstone and build TNA. He said he knows his favorite wrestlers growing up were Rick Rude and Curt Hennig. He said those two would stand up and say, "That kid's got it." Roode seemed moved.

Dreamer's voice cracked as he looked at Flair. He thanked him. He said he watched some of his greatest matches with his dad when he wrestled Ricky Steamboat for one hour. He said Flair doesn't get what Hardcore Wrestling is. "It's bleeding, working your tail off, performing night after night, hurt, when you want to be with your family," he said. He said if there was ever a hardcore wrestler, it was Flair. The crowd applauded and chanted "Thank you, Ric." He said he may say he's the dirtiest player in the business. He said, "I have to correct you sir. You are the business." He said the day he decides to stop walking the aisle is the saddest day ever. (Not counting all of the deaths.) The crowd chanted, "Thank you, thank you, thank you."

He turned finally to A.J. Styles. The crowd chanted Styles's name, which is both a compliment (to his TNA legacy and skills) and an insult (due to his inability to turn the crowd against him as a heel). He talked about Styles making Dreamer say "I quit." He said he helps elevate everyone's game he faces in the ring. He said he is the best in-ring performer in the business today. He said he couldn't find him that night after their match. He said he had to go to the hospital because he nearly ripped his eye out. He said if the opportunity was there, he'd have done the same thing. He said what he wasn't able to do was shake his hand. "A.J. Styles, you are better than Tommy Dreamer," he said. Styles seemed taken aback. Styles asked for the mic. This concluded ten minutes of Dreamer talking.

Styles and Dreamer shared a laugh after Styles nearly dropped the mic on a handoff. "I didn't drop the mic; I'm that good," he said. Styles said it takes a big man to come out and say the things he's said about Fortune, and that's commendable. He said he appreciates that. He said if there's one thing that can be said about Dreamer, "as bad as I hate to say it, you're all heart, all heart." He said he took a wrestling company in South Philadelphia and turned it into a revolution. He said he never asks for respect, but he always seems to get it. He said therefore he has his respect and he will shake his hand. Styles set his TNA Title belt down, bowed to him, and shook his hand. The crowd applauded. Tenay said, "I have to admit I was wrong. Surprised as hell about this, Taz, this truce called by Dreamer and Fortune." Styles asked if anyone else in his career made him say, "I quit." He said nobody else has. Styles said he doesn't need his endorsement or praise. He punched him. Fortune then attacked him. Tenay said he put the Fortune guys over like a million bucks and this is what he gets.

Brian Kendrick charged into the ring for the save and covered Dreamer's body. Fortune easily threw him to the floor and continued to beat on Dreamer. He crawled back into the ring, but Roode threw him aside. Styles then punched Dreamer. Kendrick dove onto Dreamer's body again. Security ran out to pull Kendrick and Dreamer from the ring. Styles took a few extra stomps. Styles told Dreamer if he wanted a truce, he's got it. A memorable segment, which is tough to accomplish in TNA, but in the end it's still Tommy Dreamer Getting 15 Minutes of TV Time Talking Like He's Something More Than He Is. That's a speech maybe Shawn Michaels or Ricky Steamboat gets to give, but Tommy Dreamer? Dreamer is very endearing and sincere in his role. He might ultimately be best as an on-air G.M. or authority figure representing law and order.

Kendrick grabbed the mic and called Fortune "low vibrational reptilians" whereas he is "a descendent god." He said he stomps out fear one more time. He asked which one of them is brave enough and courageous enough and bold enough to fight him now. Tenay said he's either the gutsiest or nuttiest guy in TNA. [c]



Morgan nearly decapitated Kendrick with a clothesline after the break. He continued his morph into Big Bubba Rogers with the button up shirt and dress pants. Morgan went for a cover after a few elbows and power moves, but lifted Kendrick before the three count. Tenay called Kendrick "courageous as hell," but wondered what he was thinking issuing that open challenge. Morgan checked his imaginary watch to see if it was Hellivator time. Kendrick recovered during that time and nailed Morgan with running kick to the face for the sudden pin. Kendrick fled the ring and celebrated up the ramp. Morgan threw a fit in the ring.

WINNER: Kendrick in 2:00.

-Morgan said that didn't count because he wasn't ready. He said he's in a $7,500 Armani suit. He tore off his shirt, with buttons flying everywhere. He said that doesn't count and he wants it stricken from the record book. He called him back to the ring, fuming and yelling. Tenay said it's in the record book.

-Backstage The Pope talked to Bischoff's well-endowed assistant, Miss Testmarker. He demanded to speak to Eric Bischoff. She was frustrated with how he treated her. The Pope said it was his bad and asked her to pencil in Pope for a 10:45. She said he'd be gone by then. He said he wasn't talking about Bischoff, he was talking about her. She suggestively said, "Maybe I can squeeze you in." One of the writers is so proud of himself.

-Tenay hyped that for the first time RVD (the centerpiece of TNA the first seven months of the year) would speak for the first time since his brutal attack and subsequently being stripped of the title. That's great. Would have been nice if they bothered to draw more attention to it before the 82 minute mark of the show, though. It's a pretty big deal when RVD, given his push, speaks for the first time since your "angle of the year." [c]

-A spot aired plugging upcoming house shows. They could really do more to put over these dates and cities. It'd be easy to miss your city flashing across the screen. Where is Freddie Miller when you need him.

-Backstage Abyss held his nail board Janice. He said behind every good woman is a good man. He had someone tied up in chains and another strapped down to a bed. He said you can't have Janice without Bob (named after Dixie Carter's father, Bob). He branded the man who was chained to the bed. The man screamed in agony. "That was sick, man," said Taz.


-They went to Tenay and Taz at their desk. They said they've never seen anyone suffer the type of assault that RVD did at the hands of Abyss. They interviewed RVD by phone. His sound level was low and the Impact theme music playing in the background nearly drowned out what he said. That's not bad, though, because he just spewed sports cliches about being better than ever when he returns. Taz asked if he was upset with being stripped of the TNA Title. RVD said he wasn't happy because he was taking TNA to new levels. He said realistically, he understands TNA's position doing what they felt they had to do because he vacated his position as champion. Tenay said they sympathize with his situation. RVD said he has enough sympathy. Tenay asked if his doctor has given him any indication when he might return to the Impact Zone. RVD asked if any doctor would recommend he return to doing what he does for a living. He said he'll be back in the Impact Zone next week. Tenay and Taz that's exciting news. RVD dared the doctors and airlines to try to stop him. Given what happened to his smoking buddy Sean Waltman this week, he ought not talk about airlines.

-Generation Me (Max and Jeremy Buck) walked out with a new heel persona. They're pretty hilarious here. Taz said he wanted them to get more of an edge, but they went a tad too far. The blond one said if you get too injured and can't defend a title within 30 days, that championship gets relinquished. The brunette said after what happened to Alex Shelley at No Surrender, "that dude won't be coming around for a very long time." Some fans chanted "You suck!" at them. The brunette said they represent the "Me Generation." He added, "It's all about us." He said it took the Guns five years to just barely win the TNA Tag Team Titles. He said they're not in TNA to pay any dues. He said they always get what they want. They were comically over the top in trying to come across as heels to the point that you really did want to see them just get their asses kicked. The fact that they look like 15 year olds cutting practice wrestling promos on YouTube actually helps in this instance. He asked Chris Sabin to walk out and hand them the tag titles. Sabin brought his tag title belt to the ring and then attacked both Max and Jeremy. They eventually double-teamed Sabin.

-They showed Hardy and Angle readying to come out for their match. [c]

-Another vignette aired hyping the pending arrival of Shore, a takeoff on Jersey Shore.

-The same good video package aired here that aired at the start of the show.



Hardy's ring intro took place first. Then Angle's. Tenay detailed the finish at No Surrender between these two. Taz talked about the "Big Match Atmosphere" he felt in the opening seconds as they were about to lock up. At 3:00, after a feeling out process, Hardy took control with a slidekick in the corner. He followed Angle to the floor and continued on offense against him. Hardy scored a two count in the ring and then settled into a chinlock. Angle came back at 4:00. Taz noted Angle was grabbing at his ribs, which were injured at the PPV. Angle slingshot over the top rope with a dive onto Hardy at ringside. Taz said he's surprised Angle would take that risk with the injury he has. Mr. Anderson walked out to the announce desk as they cut to a break mid-match. A rare mid-match break on Impact. I don't get why they never say one of the great things about PPV is no mid-match interruptions. But I suppose they don't want to draw attention to how annoying mid-match interruptions are. [c]

Anderson said he wanted a good view of this match, scouting his potential contenders in the finals. Taz asked him who he'd rather fight. Anderson said both of them and none of them. Tenay called him politically correct. That's not really politically correct. It's just noncommittal. The pace picked up in the ring with Hardy hitting a Twist of Fate for a near fall at 11:00. Anderson said he's a different person than he was six months or a year ago. Angle avoided a Hardy top rope move and then flip dove onto him for a two count. Angle, bleeding from the forehead by this point, applied an anklelock mid-ring. Hardy stood up, but Angle twisted him back down.


They went into an overrun at this point, an attempt to boost lousy and sinking Reaction ratings. Hardy landed a Swanton, but Angle kicked out. Hardy went for a Twist of Fate, but Angle moved and hit the ref. Anderson was talking so Tenay and Taz couldn't really react to it. Angle gave Hardy an Angle Slam. A second ref entered and counted a near fall. Angle bled more heavily now. Angle gave Hardy another Angle Slam. Hardy kicked out again. At 11:02 p.m. ET Tenay arbitrarily signed off Impact and said the match would continue during Reaction.

They immediately went to "Reaction," which looks a lot like Impact, I must say. They kept cutting to shots of Dixie at ringside with her intense concerned look. Taz said there's no time limit on this match. He said it segued onto Reaction from Impact. Angle settled into a rear chinlock. At 17:00 Hardy made a comeback and swing kicked Angle in the corner for a near fall. He then clotheslined Angle over the top rope. Tenay said when this match ends, they'll hear from both wrestlers. Hardy shoved Angle back-first into the edge of the ring. Back in the ring Angle gave five unreleased German suplexes to Hardy. Taz it's clear Angle is feeling the pain in his ribs as he executes them. At 20:00 Angle pretended he was having trouble standing up. (I assume he was pretending.) He climbed to the top rope and went for a frog splash, but Hardy moved. Hardy went for a Twist of Fate, but Angle avoided it and applied an anklelock. There were two active referees in the ring at this point, with Brian Hebner just recovering from his bump earlier. Anderson said he's rooting for Jeff "because he is my buddy." Angle had Hardy in a leglock. Hardy tried to counter with his own. Both of them had their shoulders down. Each ref counted one set of shoulders down at the same time. Tenay, I believe for the first time, said, "Kurt Angle's career is at stake in this match." He wondered what the decision was. Earl Hebner said Angle was the winner. His son Brian Hebner said Hardy was the winner.

WINNER: Double Pin in 22:00.

STAR RATING: ***3/4 -- A very good match again between these two.

-Bischoff walked out to the ring as they cut to a break. [c]

-Bischoff and Dixie talked at ringside. Bischoff entered the ring and said those two put on such an impressive effort, they both deserve to be in the match at Bound for Glory. He said they have nothing more to prove, so he's booking it back to a three-way match. Dixie looked surprised by Bischoff's announcement and shook her head. Dixie was then shown walking to the back as the two referees explained themselves to Hardy and Angle. Angle and Hardy had a quick respectful embrace. Tenay implored viewers to stay tuned as they interview Angle, Hardy, and Dixie.

[Check out James Caldwell's report on the entire episode of Reaction.]

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