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TNA Impact
CALDWELL'S TNA IMPACT REPORT 2/17: Complete "virtual-time" coverage of Impact on Spike TV - Against All Odds fall-out, Flair's TV return, TNA World Title match

Feb 17, 2011 - 10:00:33 PM

TNA Impact Results on Spike TV
February 17, 2011
Taped 2/14 in Orlando, Fla.
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

[Q1] Opening: Impact went straight into a video package on Jeff Jarrett being congratulated by Karen Angle after his victory over Kurt Angle at Against All Odds. Angle was shown talking about going home and thinking about whether he wants to continue wrestling after teasing retirement at the PPV. They cut to Jeff Hardy on a training table after winning the TNA Title at the PPV. And, a TNA Title match tonight with RVD looking for redemption against Hardy. Show title: "The Boy is Back In Town."

Impact Zone: Impact opened with the standard Immortal theme music to bring out Eric Bischoff followed by the other members who lost at the PPV, Matt Hardy, Gunner & Murphy, and Rob Terry. Taz noted RVD got through an obstacle, Matt Hardy, at the PPV on the way to facing Jeff for the title tonight. Once in the ring, Bischoff introduced the new World Hvt. champion, Jeff Hardy.

Jeff entered the ring and received congratulations from the other Immortal members. Bischoff began talking up Jeff, who stared straight ahead in a standstill position. Jeff then held up his TNA Title belt and cursed the crowd. They cut to a split-screen of Ric Flair exiting his limo backstage. Back to Bischoff, who said Immortal is here to stay. He said Terry, Gunner, and Murphy went toe-to-toe with Beer Money and Scott Steiner, saying they are indeed..."the better athletes." Back to Flair walking backstage on the split screen.

Bischoff resumed talking to Jeff. He said Jeff proved to the world that he's the most supreme athlete in the business. Bischoff said he knows he promised Jeff some time off before his next title defense, but he got a call from the network and they want ratings, so they want Hardy to defend his title tonight...against RVD. Jeff sold being upset by this bit of news.

More talking. Bischoff said everything is fine with Immortal with Hulk Hogan coming back soon, but he needs to know where Ric Flair's mind is at. Bischoff said he was giving Flair until next week to come explain himself. Cue up Flair's theme music with an interruption. Flair walked out, heavy bags noticeable under his eyes. Bischoff nodded along as Flair entered the ring with So Cal Val's assistance. All of Immortal clapped for Flair, who knocked fists with the Immortal members.

Flair's music slowly faded out as Flair took the mic. He made an ex-wife joke that fell flat before addressing Bischoff. Flair said everyone grew up on Ric Flair and no one tells him when to do it, how to do it, or where to do it. Flair congratulated Jeff and said the Hardys and he are tight. He said he's getting tight to Bischoff, but he won't have his integrity questioned. "Have we forgotten I'm a wrestling god?" Flair asked Bischoff, who sold concern. Flair said he'll tell Bischoff and Hogan something. He said he'll bring together or separate the family. They cut to a close-up shot of Bischoff, who was mouthing Flair's promo lines. Flair said he'll make it clear where he stands later tonight. Flair left the ring while Bischoff huddled up Immortal.

Via Satellite from Orlando: Jeff and Karen were shown getting massages and Karen joked about Kurt getting fitted for a tuxedo at their wedding on March 3. Jeff said this wedding ceremony will be for the whole world to see and it will be magical. Karen said Kurt will be so happy for them. Jeff said every male is going to be wondering how Jeff got Karen. "Because I'm a role model for every man in America because I know how to treat a woman," he said. Karen rubbed Jeff's arm before Jeff offered a sexual innuendo feeding to break.

[Commercial Break]

Backstage: A.J. Styles and Matt Hardy were randomly fighting back from break. Fortune and Immortal then got involved and the fight continued. Scott Steiner then got involved. I think he was just looking for another beer from a fridge that was taking a beating during the melee. The obligatory Agents Cameo ensued with Al Snow and D-Lo Brown helping break up a fight.

Impact Zone: Tenay and Taz were shown on-camera. They recapped Kurt Angle being "overwhelmed with emotion" after losing to Jarrett at the PPV, and now he must walk Karen down the aisle on March 3. They cut to still-shot photos of Jeff Hardy capturing the TNA Title at the PPV.

Backstage: Hernandez walked up to Sarita and Rosita to have a conversation in Spanish. Sarita did all of the talking. Hernandez then took them by the hand and walked off.

Impact Zone: Doug Williams came to the ring for a match, then Hernandez ran down the entrance ramp and blasted him from behind. Sarita and Rosita followed behind encouraging Hernandez, who threw Williams into the ring.


Hernandez dominated Douglas once the bell sounded. The camera cut to Sarita, who cut a promo on Velvet Sky while action was ongoing in the ring. Suddenly, Velvet charged Sarita and a fight broke out ringside. More fighting ringside that brought Angelina Love to ringside to defend Velvet. Back in the ring, Hernandez choked Williams with a towel as they cut to a shot of the Knockouts brawling up the ramp to the back. Hernandez cockily set up for the Border Toss and proceeded to throw Williams dangerously onto the back of his neck. Hernandez then made the pin, and they replayed the finish.

WINNER: Hernandez at 1:58. That Border Toss looked so unsafe and amateurish. I don't think anyone in TNA would want to work with Hernandez after seeing that. Regarding Williams, why feed him to Hernandez in a two-minute squash? Example of misusing talent. (n/a)

Bischoff's Office: More Bischoff, as he was on the phone with "the network." Bischoff said he wants Spike to reconsider putting Jeff Hardy in a title match tonight. He said he thinks it would be best for Jeff to have a little time off. Bischoff said he understands ratings rule and they write the check. Bischoff played nice and told the Spike rep to have a good idea. He hung up. "Sonofabitch," Bischoff muttered.

[Commercial Break]

Impact Zone: And now for something different, "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero was randomly in the ring back from break. Pope had a giant pig on a table and the ring was made to look like a luau. Pope talked himself up before referring to the pig as Sloppy Joe. Pope said he's going to take this pig, and, like Jesus, perform a miracle feeding the entire crowd. He asked the crowd who wanted to be fed, but added there's a catch of $10 a pop.

[Q3] Suddenly, Samoa Joe's music hit. Joe walked to the ring and "Lone Ranger" Okada hopped on the apron to smash Pope with a kick to the mid-section when Pope tried to flee. Joe, who scored a victory over Pope at the PPV on Sunday that should have been the payoff, then delivered the payoff with a Muscle Buster through the table. Pope shook and convulsed while covered with trimmings from the luau. Joe stuffed an apple in Pope's mouth, then stood tall and joined Okada celebrating the "victory."

[Commercial Break]

Impact Zone: And now for something different, Robbie E. and Cookie were in the ring. Robbie complained about preparing for two dudes at the PPV, but TNA changed it to where he faced only one (Kazarian). Robbie said he's ready tonight. They cut backstage where Kazarian and Traci Brooks were randomly shown making out. Another random character introduction/re-introduction that loses viewers who are made to feel like they aren't "part of the club."

Kazarian made his way to the ring apparently to defend the X Title. Tenay said Kazarian "is X Division." In the ring, Kazarian said he made a promise that when he won this belt, he would bring the X Division back to the forefront of TNA. He said TNA was built on the X Division. Kaz insulted Cookie, then told Robbie here's the..."situation." He told Robbie to send Cookie to the back and they'll do this dance.

2 -- X Division champion KAZARIAN vs. ROBBIE E. -- X Division Title match

Robbie jumped Kaz to start the match as Tenay said he just received word of Beautiful People vs. Sarita & Rosita tonight. Kaz made a comeback, then set up for his finisher, but Cookie stormed the ring and popped Kaz in the gut with a handbag. The ref threw out the match and the crowd went quiet. Cookie then tackled and choked Kazarian as the bell continued to sound. Traci was apparently in the restroom, as it took her about a minute to come make the save. Traci and Cookie brawled for a bit before their men separated them.

WINNER: Kaz via DQ at 1:58. Not enough time or focus for the match to stand out. (n/a)

Backstage: Ric Flair walked into Fortune's locker room and they acted like they hadn't seen each other in a while. Flair said he leaves for two weeks and Fortune turns things upside down. Flair told A.J. Styles to slap Hardy around like a red-headed stepchild tonight. Fortune told Flair how to do the hand signal, then Flair pulled out a present. He iced Styles again. Styles led a "chug, chug, chug" chant, then Flair, Roode, and Storm chugged the beverage.

[Q4] Up next: Tenay plugged A.J. Styles vs. Matt Hardy.

[Commercial Break]

Impact Zone: Matt "the social network" Hardy came to the ring for the next match on the show. Hardy opened his eyes wide and stared into the crowd before entering the ring to pose for the hard camera. A.J. Styles marched to the ring next wearing parachute pants that looked like a flashback from ten years ago.


Styles flew into the ring and attacked Hardy, knocking him to the floor. Styles then hit a flip-dive taking out Hardy. Hardy recovered, then knocked Styles into the guardrail. Suddenly, Styles was in his more recent full-length wrestling pants. Ric Flair then came down to ringside for a closer look at the action. Styles made a comeback with multiple clotheslines before teasing the Styles Clash. Hardy escaped, then tripped over Styles trying to run over Styles. Hardy then stumbled into a patented dropkick. Styles high-fived Flair, then went for a springboard flying forearm, but Flair shoved him down. Styles crashed and burned and the crowd was silent. Hardy then hit the Twist of Hate on Styles for the win. Post-match: Flair choked Styles with his jacket before Beer Money and Kaz stormed the ring to chase off Flair, who celebrated with Matt Hardy a safe distance away from Fortune.

WINNER: Hardy at 3:23. Another short match leading to another turn. They missed an opportunity to make Flair turning on his year-long protégé, Styles, a big deal with about four weeks of TV packed into 20 minutes. There's just no sense of pacing to these stories. It's amateur hour. (n/a)

Backstage: Mr. Anderson was shown marching down a hallway ready to rip someone's head off. "Bischoff!" he screamed as they cut to break.

[Commercial Break]

[Q5 -- second hour]

Via Satellite in Orlando: Jeff and Karen were in the pool sharing a strawberry. Karen was ready to leave the pool. Jeff continued to whisper sweet nothings to Karen in-between kisses.

Impact Zone: Instead of some reaction to Flair just turning on his year-long protégé in the previous segment, Mr. Anderson's music hit and Anderson stormed right to the ring in a long-sleeve t-shirt, blue jeans, and a cap. "Bischoff! Eric Bischoff, I want you right now," he shouted. Cue up Immortal's music to bring out Bischoff. Anderson got in his face and congratulated him on growing a set. He said he heard from some of the guys in the back that RVD is getting a title shot tonight. He said he thought "the champ" was first in line. Some idiots in the crowd chanted, "triple threat."

Bischoff said "the champ" is Jeff Hardy. He gave Anderson the excuse of the network wanting RVD vs. Hardy tonight and Anderson shot back wanting to know when the network has anything to say about this. Bischoff said this is the television network and Impact is a television show that airs on a network. So, if the network wants to see a match between RVD and "the champ," then it's their job to deliver ratings. Anderson said if the network wants ratings, then put him in the ring. Bischoff said perhaps the network didn't tap Anderson for a re-match is because of his coarse language and hand gestures. Perhaps Anderson needs to be more "PG" and family-friendly. Anderson calmly said perhaps they don't like certain words. Like..."asshole." He repeated the word over and over before screaming that he won't use the word "asshole" again. "Asshole." Bischoff said he has an offer. How about Anderson special referee for RVD vs. Hardy. Anderson sold being tormented before shaking hands. He then dropped Bischoff with the Mic Check. Anderson screamed at Bischoff

Segment Reax: The writing of that promo was that of a creative team hanging on by a thread completely void of any ideas using a Xerox of a Xerox of a copy of "insider shoot promos" from the late 1990s. Imagine CSI stopping in the middle of an episode to tell the audience they're keeping a character out of the next segment because that character doesn't draw a rating in the third quarter-hour. Anderson was very good in that segment, but the material and writing was way out-of-touch.

Backstage: The roving camera caught up to Velvet Sky telling Winter to stay away from ringside tonight or it will be the last thing she ever does. Velvet walked off, then told Angelina Love about Winter annoying her. In the background, Winter picked up a pair of scissors. Angelina told Winter they will have a huge problem if she interferes tonight.

[Commercial Break]

Backstage: A.J. Styles slammed his fist against the wall, then cut a promo on Ric Flair. Styles said if Flair wants him, come get some since he's been here for nine years. Styles offered Flair a one-on-one match next week.



Beautiful People's music hit to bring out Angelina Love, who was wearing one of the Knockouts division Tag Titles, and Velvet Sky. Sarita and Rosita were out next for the featured KO tag match of the show. They took their time entering the ring, so the BP jumped them on the entrance ramp to start the match. The match went back-and-forth before breaking down. In the confusion, Sarita covered Velvet for a pin as Rosita held down Sarita for additional leverage.

Post-match: Velvet grabbed a mic and cut a scathing promo on Sarita, who just laughed at her. Sarita responded by telling Velvet if she wants a one-on-one re-match, then put her career on the line. Velvet agreed.

WINNERS: Sarita & Rosita at 3:47. More build to the apparent blow-off match in the Velvet vs. Sarita feud.

Via Satellite: Back to Jeff and Karen talking more about the wedding, this time the wedding ceremony menu. Jeff talked up a filet for the main course and the dessert, leading to more sexual innuendos from Karen.

Somewhere in a dark parking lot: The roving cameraman caught up to Kurt Angle, who walked to his car and said he wouldn't miss Karen and Jeff's dinner party for the world. He sped off.

Still to come: TNA champion Jeff Hardy vs. Rob Van Dam.

[Commercial Break]

Backstage: Knockouts champion Madison Rayne was shown celebrating another victory over Mickie James at the PPV. Tara asked her to describe how she celebrated the win, prompting a monologue from Madison describing her eventful night.

Backstage: Scott Steiner looked into a camera and said Rob Terry wants a pose down, but he'll give him a fist in the throat.

Video package: They recapped RVD's time as TNA champion in 2010 before Jeff Hardy turned on him to become TNA champion. Tonight, RVD looks for redemption against Hardy.

[Q7] Backstage: Jeff Hardy was shown in a dark corner of the arena. He talked about putting RVD through more pain and torture tonight. He vowed to end RVD's career in the title match.

Via Satellite: Back to Jeff and Karen, who was complaining about the dinner meal. Jeff said they should toast to what's really important: Kurt Angle walking her down the aisle on March 3. Jeff and Karen toasted after finishing their third bottle of wine. Karen then complained about the wine and said she knows her wine. Suddenly, the chef was in the room. Jeff screamed at the chef for botching their food, then demanded the chef's boss right now. Kurt Angle stormed through a side door in a chef's jacket. He just glared at Jeff and Karen, who ran off. "What, no tip?" Angle shouted.

Backstage: RVD, with that glazed-over look in his eyes, looked into the camera and said he's getting his title back, but that's really just a bonus for tearing Jeff apart tonight. Tenay plugged the title match up next.

[Commercial Break]

Announcers: Tenay and Taz were shown on-camera back from break. Tenay wanted to talk about a very disturbing aspect of something that happened at the PPV. He continued to dance around what he was talking about, then Taz said he's talking about Bully Ray's "despicable" actions against Brother Devon's sons. Tenay said Devon has been in seclusion since the PPV. Suddenly, Ray interrupted by walking to the announce position. "Time out, time out," Ray said. He got in Tenay's face and asked what he did was so vile that Spike TV won't show it? Ray cut off Taz trying to interrupt him. He said his only regret was not having another table to take Devon's other son through a table. Taz had enough and told Ray he crossed the line on Sunday. He told Ray to walk away. Ray said no one in this company can tell him what to do. "Walk away, walk away, bro," Taz repeated to Ray. Ray smacked Tenay's headset off his head and walked away. Tenay did his "I'm annoyed" face as Taz waved him off.

Impact Zone: Mr. Anderson walked out on-stage in a referee outfit. Anderson said he knows this is not about him, but he doesn't want to disappoint any a-holes in the building. Anderson did his usual ring intro, then stomped to the ring. RVD's music hit for the main event, but no sign of Van Dam. He eventually emerged and entered the ring. Anderson glared at him, then Jeff Hardy's music hit to bring out the champion.


5 -- TNA World champion JEFF HARDY vs. ROB VAN DAM -- TNA World Title match -- Mr. Anderson special referee

Tenay said he just received word Flair has accepted Styles's challenge for a match on next week's show. RVD dominated early on, then knocked Hardy to the floor. RVD connected with a spin kick as Hardy was draped over the guardrail, then sold a left knee injury. They cut to break.

[Commercial Break]

Back from break, Van Dam hit a slingshot leg drop across the middle rope and continued to sell the knee. In the ring, Van Dam hit another slingshot leg drop for a nearfall. Hardy begged off in the corner and RVD mockingly acted sympathetic, drawing a few bleeped comments from Hardy. RVD followed with a split-legged moonsault attempt, but Hardy got his knees up to block. Hardy then smashed RVD into the ringpost, sending Van Dam flying to the floor. Hardy did his dance as Anderson casually sat down on the ring steps to check on RVD.

Back in the ring, Hardy landed a front suplex for a nearfall. He tried to follow with Whisper in the Wind, but RVD moved and followed right up with a standing moonsault. Both men recovered to their feet, then Van Dam dropped Hardy to the mat and hit Rolling Thunder for a nearfall. Hardy came back with offense and a nearfall, prompting Hardy to get in Anderson's face to complain about his cadence. RVD used the opening to come back with a spin kick, followed by the Five-Star Frogsplash. Van Dam was slow to make a cover, though, and Hardy got his foot on the bottom rope for a break that Anderson acknowledged.

They went to the finish with Hardy teasing a ref bump in the corner, which prompted Anderson to get right in Hardy's face. That caused Anderson to miss Hardy landing a mule kick since Anderson's anger had him too focused on Hardy. Hardy then hit the Twist of Fate on Van Dam. Hardy made a cover and Anderson maintained eye contact with Hardy with each reluctant pound of the mat for a three count.

Post-match: Anderson raised Hardy's hand in victory, then dropped him with the Mic Check. Van Dam recovered and asked Anderson what was up with the finish. Van Dam was holding his crotch half-heartedly complaining, then Anderson dropped RVD with the Mic Check. Anderson tossed the title belt down to Hardy and left the ring as the only man left standing to conclude the show.

WINNER: Hardy at 12:12 to retain the TNA Title. Good story to a going-through-the-motions title match. The main objective here was obviously keeping Anderson strong, setting up a future re-match vs. vulnerable heel champion Hardy. (*1/2)

We welcome your 0-10 score and comments on this show for an "Impact Reax" feature in the Torch Feedback section of To contribute your thoughts on Impact, click here.

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