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TNA Impact
CALDWELL'S TNA IMPACT WRESTLING REPORT 10/20: Complete "virtual-time" coverage Bound for Glory fall-out, TNA World Title match

Oct 20, 2011 - 10:02:22 PM

TNA Impact Wrestling Results
October 20, 2011
Taped 10/18 in Orlando, Fla.
Aired on Spike TV
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

[Q1] This week's Impact following the Bound for Glory PPV started with a video package looking back to 10-10-10 at last year's Bound for Glory when Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff took over TNA from Dixie Carter, then Sting went on a year-long mission to "open Hogan's eyes." They showed clips from Bound for Glory of Sting beat Hogan, then Hogan turning on Bischoff and Co.

Impact Zone: The show opened in the arena with Sting's music. Out came Sting dressed as Steve Borden sans make-up with jeans, a Hogan t-shirt, and sunglasses. Sting fired up the crowd as Tenay and Taz recapped the events at Bound for Glory when Jackson James (Garrett Bischoff) stood up to his dad. Apparently the big vanity story of the show will be the Bischoffs dealing with Garrett's actions.

In the ring, Sting spoke over piped-in loud noises that he accomplished two goals at BFG: get TNA back in the hands of Dixie Carter and get Hogan to open his eyes. Sting continued to talk, but the piped-in noise was so loud that Sting was almost drowned out. Sting said his journey was all worth it when he made Hogan aware of the cross-roads he was at: (1) continue to go down the wrong path with Bischoff or (2) do the right thing for the wrestlers in TNA and the fans. Sting paused for a "Hogan, Hogan" chant before asking Hogan to grace everyone with his presence.

Cue up Hogan's theme music to bring out Hogan back in the red and yellow. Hogan milked it for a while before entering the ring to shake hands with Sting. After a hug, Hogan milked the crowd some more before opening his promo. Hogan said he's been wrong for the last year. He said he has no one else to blame except himself. He went through the personal issue problems and said maybe he started to become a follower instead of a leader. Hogan said he started following Bischoff's lead, but now that he's breathing fresh air, he realized Bischoff was wrong. Hogan said it's not Eric's fault, though, because he chose to follow, not lead.

Hogan said Sting is the guy who put up with all of his crap for over a year. He called him the true leader who went above and beyond to take every bullet that was shot at him. Hogan said when he was in the corner watching Immortal tear Sting apart, he saw exactly what was going down. He saw the light. Hogan said he saw as clear as ever that he was hanging with the wrong crowd. Now, brother, Hulk Hogan is back. Hogan did the catchphrase, then shook hands with Sting. They posed in the ring before Hogan continued the promo. He said this run has been amazing, then he shook Sting's hand again. He said he will never forget what Sting did for him. Cue up Hogan's theme music and some more handshakes over the piped-in noises.

Hogan left the ring before Sting spoke again inside the ring. Sting said he needs Dixie Carter to come on down next. Out came the president with a big smile on her face. Tenay said the much-anticipated, epic Sting/Dixie reunion is next.

[Commercial Break]

[Q2] Impact returned with Sting and Dixie in the ring. Sting said it's a night to celebrate the rightful owner getting her company back. But, it doesn't erase what happened 18 months ago when he tried to talk to Dixie and show her the light, but she ignored him. Sting said it's a tough business and he's extending his hand of grace that even though the company was lost, they have it back now. He said Dixie did the right thing and when he thought he was done with wrestling, she gave him a second chance right TNA. But, from here on forward, Dixie is going to have to surround herself with people who have the best interest of the wrestlers and the fans. There's no room for error anymore. It's her second chance.

Dixie spoke that Sting was right and she didn't listen. To him, the wrestlers, and the fans, she's sorry. Dixie said she promises she will not make that same mistake again. Dixie said her place is not here in the ring, but making sure this company can be the very best it can be. Dixie said she's a fighter and she will make this company the most successful in the world. Who cares? Let's see some wrestling. Dixie said in order to do so, she will have to focus a lot of her time in the office. She gave Sting ultimate authority to "turn this place around" and make it the best he can do. Dixie said they need Sting more than ever. Are you willing, Stinger?! Will you do it, Steve?! Sting said he's willing to do it. Dixie thanked him as she grabbed his hand. She thanked everyone for a second chance. Her music hit again and they stood there awkwardly waiting for something.

After a pause, Kurt Angle's music hit to bring out the World Hvt. champion. Angle will speak next after the break.

[Commercial Break]

Back in the ring, Angle marveled at two Superheroes in the ring. One is the Icon Sting. The other is Dixie Carter, the woman who lied to him and made him look like a jackass. Angle said they're one big, happy family. Angle said wasn't this spot supposed to be for Robert Roode? He said he knows Dixie is running the company and put Sting in control, so he's going to do what he does best: represent TNA as World champ whether Dixie likes it or not. Angle talked over the piped-in noise that all TNA did for the past 30 days is make Roode look like a hero. He exaggerated that he spent 30 minutes making Roode look like a loser. Angle said he's the better man and more dominant wrestler.

Cue up Beer Money's music to bring out Roode by himself. Roode stomped out to the ring with eyes locked on Angle. Angle sold fear as Roode hit the ring. "Roode got screwed" was the sign on the front row indicating Angle's non-clean win at the PPV. Roode asked Angle if he's kidding him. Roode stepped to Angle and asked Angle if he's really going to take that victory. Roode called him pathetic. He told Angle - an Olympic gold medalist - he had to screw him for that World Title by holding the ropes. Roode said for the last 13 years, he's given everything for that one moment and Angle screwed him. As a matter of fact, what Angle did was absolute bulls---. It was as if he were cutting a promo on Hogan. Roode said maybe there's nothing he can do about it now - pause for a "re-match" chant - and Sting cut in.

[Q3] Sting said he has an idea for tonight. Angle defending the World Title against Robert Roode right here tonight. Dixie liked it and pointed toward Angle that he's going down. Angle seethed, then smiled. Angle didn't like the re-match idea. He said when Roode signed the contract for Bound for Glory, he had Hogan and Bischoff put a little stipulation in the contract that Roode could only wrestle him once. Angle said they did it because Roode is a threat and the real deal, and, yes, he screwed Roode's ass. Angle said he did what he had to do to win. He said Roode's partner has that saying. How does it go?

Suddenly, "Sorry about your damn luck" came over the speakers. Storm walked out on-stage and took a swig of beer. Storm stared into the ring as Angle sold concern. They cut to break with Storm on the way to the ring.

[Commercial Break]

Back from break, Storm was in the ring with all the players. Storm sarcastically introduced himself to Angle before posing a question to him. He asked Angle if there's a clause in that contract about whether he can face...oh, I don't know..."me?" Angle shook his head that Storm isn't getting a title shot. Storm said Angle screwed everyone, including Roode, out of the title. With all of that screwing Angle has been doing, he also screwed the old Cowboy James Storm, so the have a problem now. Storm addressed Sting that considering they both wear sunglasses indoors, they're on the same page. He said these fans want to see a World Title match tonight. Angle told Storm not to drink on the job. He said there's ten guys in front of Storm. Sting interrupted and said he does have the authority. So, tonight, for the World Title, it will be Angle vs. Storm. Angle ranted and raved, calling it bulls---. Roode stood in the background not reacting before saying Storm's catchphrase in Angle's face to show support for Storm. Taz said Angle never expected this when he showed up tonight. Tenay said something's going down in the back right now.

Backstage: Hogan walked up to Bischoff, who was wearing some heat-magnet Cowboy jeans and flanked by Immortal and Ric Flair. Bischoff heelishly said they want to say good-bye to Hogan their way and he has something he'd like to share with Hogan. He told Hogan if he has any balls left after handing one over to Sting and one over to Dixie, he would like to share a word with "Hulkster" in the ring tonight. Ray did a balls motion as Immortal backed away, leaving Hogan to think about things.

[Commercial Break]

[Q4] Impact Zone: Back from break, time for a Knockouts Tag Title match 45 minutes into the show. Angelina Love and Winter, who lost the Knockouts Title at Bound for Glory, came out first as the challengers. Tag champs Tara and Tessmacher were out next on Tara's bike.

1 -- Knockouts tag champions TARA & MISS TESSMACHER vs. ANGELINA LOVE & WINTER -- KO Tag Title match

The heels tried a sneak-attack to score a quick pin to secure the titles, but to no avail. After the heels isolated Tara for a while, Tessmacher tagged in and the action broke down. After Angelina was cleared from the scene, Tessmacher scored the pin on Winter for the win.

WINNERS: Tess & Tara at 3:28 to retain the Tag Titles.

Still to come: Angle vs. Storm for the World Title. ... Backstage: The Jarretts were shown walking toward the Impact Zone, still carrying over an argument from Bound for Glory.

[Commercial Break]

Impact Zone: Jeff Jarrett's theme music hit to bring out Jeff and Karen Jarrett for a talking segment. Karen was not a happy camper. In the ring, Jeff gave Karen his AAA Title belt to hold. Jeff then took the mic and called out Jeffrey Nero Hardy because one way or another, he's going to finish the job from Bound for Glory.

Out came Jeff Hardy as Double J paced around in the ring. Hardy made his way into the ring and clapped toward the crowd while the Jarretts looked at him with disgust. Jarrett asked Hardy if he thinks he's just going to slide back into his main event slot now that Dixie's back in charge. Jarrett reminded everyone he originally brought Hardy into this company and Victory Road wasn't even Hardy's first offense because he screwed him originally.

[Q5 -- second hour] Jarrett said they might have a divided house with some people wanting Hardy here and some people not wanting Hardy here. As for him, he wants Hardy to have no part of TNA. Jarrett gave Hardy a choice to drop the mic, walk up the ramp, and never be seen or heard from again...or, Hardy can suffer the consequences at his hands. Jarrett ripped off shirt and stared down Hardy, who pretended to lower the mic before announcing the fans want him here. Hardy said Jarrett is the only one still bitching because it eats Jarrett up that the people react to him (Hardy) like they do. Hardy said Jarrett can't stand it that he will never light up a crowd like him.

Jarrett had enough and tried to get at Hardy with right hands, but Hardy cut him off and the fight was on. Hardy landed right hand blows before security hit the ring to try to separate them. They did the ol' pullapart routine breaking free of security, then resuming the fight. Time for the Agents TV Cameos with D-Lo, Al Snow, and Simon Diamond hitting the ring. Suddenly, Snow and D-Lo were the central focus fighting over which agent should separate them. Jarrett landed a cheap shot on Hardy during the confusion, then gave Karen a kiss and left the ring.

Backstage: Angle screamed at the roving camera that he'll whoop James Storm's ass over and over again tonight because no one puts one over Kurt Angle. No one!

[Commercial Break]

Last Sunday: Sting slapped on the Scorpion Deathlock on Hogan and Bischoff's son reluctantly rendered the submission. They showed Bischoff taking out his own son.

Backstage: Eric Young was ready for a calendar shoot. Robbie E. and Rob Terry then jumped into the shot and Robbie said that TV Title belongs to him. Robbie grunted that he's right. Young said it's obvious they're huge television stars and he dropped a Jersey Shore reference. Young told Robbie he's a fighting champion and he'll get the word from Sting, but if there's any non-sense from Robbie T., he has huge stars to bring in. Young name-dropped Ronnie from Jersey Shore and Robbie cut a promo on Ronnie. Foreshadowing.

Impact Zone: 71 minutes in, the first male wrestler of the evening...Gunner. Before that, some more talking. Gunner noted Immortal took out Abyss last week and the "scumbags" in the Impact Zone might not know this, but Immortal is For Life. Gunner growled that he volunteered to finish the job this week by facing Abyss. Abyss then stomped out to face Gunner, who jumped him before Abyss could make it into the ring.



Abyss took Gunner apart early on, so Gunner bailed to the outside, but Abyss threw him into the ring steps. Abyss spit on himself and threw Gunner back into the ring, but Gunner ran through the crowd and to the backstage area, selling fear. Gunner was counted out, giving Abyss the win. Taz said Abyss is in the zone and more whacked out and crazier than ever.

WINNER: Abyss via count-out at 2:01.

Still to come: Angle vs. Gunner for the World Title.

Backstage: Velvet Sky, wearing the Knockouts Title, talked about finally becoming Knockouts champion at Bound for Glory. Velvet thanked the fans for supporting her on her journey and said she will thank the fans up next.

[Commercial Break]

Backstage: Flair was with Bischoff, Ray, and Steiner. Gunner came running in saying it's no longer Abyss, but a monster out there. Gunner told "Mr. Bischoff" to do something. Flair told Gunner to get a grip. Bischoff said they'll deal with Hogan first, then Abyss.

Video package: Velvet Sky talked about her journey to becoming a wrestler and vowing to no longer be pushed around. Sky proudly displayed the Knockouts Title as she soaked in completing her journey.

Impact Zone: The aforementioned new Knockouts champion came to the ring for a celebratory promo. Velvet sold that she was overwhelmed by the moment and teared up talking about what she accomplished. Two minutes in, Karen Jarrett interrupted and dragged Traci Brooks to the ring to talk things over from Bound for Glory, noting she was KO'ed when Traci counted a three count for Velvet. Karen eventually called for security to come escort Traci away, leaving Karen and Velvet in the ring. Karen trash-talked in Velvet's face before bringing out Madison Rayne, who did the belt-around-the-waist motion to indicate she was taking Velvet's title.

[Q7] It turned out to be an ambush, as Gail Kim made her TNA return, jumping Velvet from behind as Velvet was occupied with Madison. Gail and Rayne beat down Velvet, then celebrated with Karen while standing over Velvet.

Still to come: Angle vs. Storm for the TNA Title. Backstage: Hogan was shown marching down the hallway in anticipation of his confrontation with Bischoff and Immortal.

[Commercial Break]

Last Sunday: Hogan helped Sting and turned on Immortal. The only man left: Eric Bischoff, who took a right hand from Hogan as Dixie shed tears.

Impact Zone: Bischoff, scowling, led Immortal out on-stage, then into the ring. Bischoff looked very uncomfortable walking into the ring in those jeans. Bischoff scowled toward the crowd as Steiner posed on the floor. Once in the ring, Bischoff took the mic and said he's going to take care of his son on his own time, but, right now, he wants to address Hulk Hogan. Bischoff said if Hogan has any balls, he will show up right now.

Cue up Hogan's theme music. Hogan slowly walked out in red and yellow as Bischoff sold anger in the ring. Hogan sized up the sharks around the ring before slowly entering the ring to answer Bischoff. Hogan told Eric he has one chance to spit it out right now. Bischoff said it's going to take him a while to get all of this off his chest. He asked Hogan how he explains turning his back on the guys who protected him for 18 months. And, if that wasn't bad enough, he turned his back on him. "The guy who made Hulk Hogan," Bischoff said. He said he made Hogan who he is today. Hogan stared down Bischoff, who continued that the worst offense Hogan committed was getting between him and his son. Bischoff said he had his son right where he wanted him: "becoming me" until Hogan got into his head. "How dare you," Bischoff said.

Hogan said he's learned a lot about Eric and Eric's son the last few days. The one thing he found out is Garrett is the man that Eric could never be. Eric looked down in disgust before trying to punch Hogan, who no-sold. Hogan did the big eyes and the "yoooooouuuuu" point before Eric bailed from the ring and Immortal slipped into the ring. Sting provided the back-up, though, and Immortal backed down. Eric told Sting and Hogan that this is not over. Suddenly, a man was on the stage behind Eric. Tenay said it's Bischoff's son. Eric then turned around after bumping into his son. Garrett stared down Eric, who trashed talk toward his son. EB called him a disgrace as Garrett tried to ignore his insults. Bischoff said Garrett doesn't deserve to be a Bischoff. Garrett had enough and decked his father on the stage. Garrett screamed down at Bischoff, "Screw you," before throwing a thumbs up toward Hogan and Sting in the ring.

[Q8] Up next: Angle vs. Storm for the TNA World Title.

Backstage: Storm was shown walking down the hallway with Roode behind him. Storm dejectedly said he just wishes he had a little more time. Roode shot back at him that he's been preparing for this his entire life. Roode said this is for the World Title and Storm is more prepared than ever for this moment. He said he could complain about what happened to him at Bound for Glory, but this is Storm's time. He told Storm to take it to Angle and become the next World champion. Roode said he believes it, the fans believe it, and Storm believes it. Roode said Storm was there to feel his pain; now he wants to feel Storm's excitement. Roode and Storm shook hands, then Storm took a swig of beer and stomped off toward the ring.

[Commercial Break]

Impact Zone: Back on the show, Tenay and Taz hyped the TNA World Title match up next. James Storm came out first, and alone, to challenge for the title. Storm shared some beer with ringside fans as Tenay noted it's Storm's first-ever TNA Title shot. Angle, with his leg taped up, then came out to defend the title after posing on the stage. Tenay noted how Roode was cheated out of the title on Sunday as Angle posed in the ring. In the ring, Jeremy Borash handled the formal ring introductions as the two men warmed up in their respective corners. The bell sounded five minutes before the top of the hour.

3 -- TNA World Hvt. champion KURT ANGLE vs. JAMES STORM -- TNA World Title match

After the bell sounded, the two men stood their ground before teasing a lock-up, but Angle kicked Roode in the gut to take early control. Angle continued a basic corner attack since he was physically limited, then he argued with the ref. Angle took his time returning to the corner and walked right into a Last Call Superkick. Storm made the cover and it was good for the win.

WINNER: Storm at 1:19 to capture the TNA World Title.

Post-match: Storm and Angle remained motionless on the canvas before Robert Roode stormed the ring to celebrate with Storm, who shed tears. Storm then ran into the crowd to celebrate. Fortune members came out to toss Storm beers as Storm continued to celebrate in the crowd as Taz put over the superkick catching Angle right on the button to get the win that quickly. Styles, Kaz, and Roode gave Storm a beer bath as Beer Money's music continued to play.

[Q9 -- over-run] Storm the mic and slowly walked around the ring surveying the scene. Storm soaked in the moment before noting he's been with TNA since Day One and watched people come and go. But, one thing's for sure is the Cowboy is here to stay. Roode smiled before Storm noted the victory was bittersweet. He said Roode is his best friend and they are the best tag team in the world, and this belongs to him. Roode accepted the title belt, then took the mic and said this looks real nice, but he agrees with the people that Storm deserves it. Roode then put the title belt around Storm's waist as Storm looked up toward the ceiling. Fortune then raised Storm's arms in victory as the trademarks were displayed. They signed off without commentary two minutes past the top of the hour.

FINAL THOUGHTS: This came across like a reflect/reset show the night after WrestleMania, just with a lot of non-wrestlers taking up TV time, with seven minutes of total wrestling in a two-hour show. I was told the majority of the roster would not be used on this show, and that was certainly the case. By the end of the show, TNA set in motion the James Storm Era, kept the Hogan-Immortal conflict going to continue featuring them on the show, and gave the Knockouts a big, multi-segment spotlight in-between. It was what it was from TNA.

We welcome your 0-10 score and comments on this show for an "Impact Reax" feature in the Torch Feedback section of To contribute your thoughts on Impact, click here.

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