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CALDWELL'S TNA AGAINST ALL ODDS PPV RESULTS 2/12: Ongoing "virtual time" coverage of live PPV - Roode-Hardy-Storm-Ray TNA Title main event

Feb 12, 2012 - 9:50:09 PM

TNA Against All Odds PPV Results
February 12, 2012
Orlando, Fla.
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

The second TNA PPV of 2012 opened with footage of Jeff Hardy arriving at the building "earlier today." Hardy did not say anything and simply walked into a production truck. The PPV then went to an opening video package, including Hulk Hogan's destructive promo from Impact two episodes ago and footage from the London Impact episodes leading to the PPV.

Inside the Impact Zone, fireworks shot off before Mike Tenay and Jeremy Borash (not Taz) introduced the show, focusing on Robert Roode faced with three challengers for the TNA Title tonight. Tenay and JB broke down the four-way match talking points, including Sting as ringside enforcer.

Impact Zone: Zema Ion was the first man out for a #1 contender match to the X Division Title. Tenay sent well-wishes to Taz, who has a death in the family. Jesse Sorensen, from down the road in Katy, Texas, was out next with football in-hand to challenge Ion. Tenay hyped the Katy Tigers high school football team as Ion and Sorensen did a bit with a ringside fan. Sorensen then popped Ion and the bell sounded.

1 -- ZEMA ION vs. JESSE SORENSEN -- #1 contender match to X Division Title

In the ring, Sorensen scored a quick two count before the two men traded pin attempts. Sorensen cleared Ion from the ring, then Ion tried to steal a football from the kid involved in the pre-match bit. Sorensen answered with a baseball slide kick, but missed with a plancha and ate the floor. Ion followed up with a springboard moonsault that KO'ed Sorensen on the floor.

Back in the ring, Ion did the belt-around-the-waist motion as the ref applied a ten count to Sorensen. The ref eventually checked on Sorensen again when Ion didn't respond to the ten count. The ref did the "X" signal before calling for the bell. In the ring, Ion gloated in victory before more medics came to ringside to check on Sorensen. So Cal Val announced Ion as the winner via count-out as they continued to focus on Ion without showing Sorensen KO'ed ringside.

Post-match: They went to a split-screen of Ion gloating and a replay of the match as Sorensen continued to be checked on. As more personnel continued to check on Sorensen, they cut to Tenay and Borash at the announce table to discuss the moonsault that KO'ed Sorensen. Tenay talked to Keith Mitchell and David Sahadi to get another look at the moonsault that KO'ed Sorensen with a knee to the head. They went to camera shots of concerned fans ringside as the announcers continued to fill time.

WINNER: Ion via count-out at 4:04.

Backstage: Christy Hemme brought in TNA World Hvt. champion Robert Roode, who was in a suit. Roode noted tonight's PPV is appropriately titled Against All Odds since the odds are stacked against him. But, Roode said he gets the job done every night by walking in and walking out as World champion. He cut a promo on each individual in the title match before noting he is the leader of the selfish generation. Roode said it will be so sweet to win the match and stare down the man, Sting, who tried to take the title from him.

Impact Zone: Back in the Impact Zone, TV champion Robbie E., along with Rob Terry, made their way to the ring for Robbie's Open Challenge. Robbie took a mic and noted he's the greatest TNA TV champ of all-time and has no competition remaining. He offered a title shot to anyone in the back, but noted that person probably won't be on The List. Pause, then Shannon Moore's music played to bring out Moore for a title shot. But, Terry clamed Moore wasn't on The List. Regardless, TV Title on the line here.

2 -- TV champion ROBBIE E. (w/Rob Terry) vs. SHANNON MOORE -- TNA TV Title match

Shannon quickly cleared Robbie from the ring, so Robbie and Rob threatened to leave with the title belt. They made it half-way up the entrance ramp before Shannon tracked down Robbie and threw him back into the ring. Back in the ring, Shannon scored with brief offense before Robbie cut him off as JB talked about hanging out with Robbie at the night clubs when they tour various cities.

Shannon tried to make a comeback, but Robbie cut him off before delivering a knee from the second rope. Shannon, who looked a bit sluggish in the ring, tried to show fire before teasing a comeback, but Robbie cut him off with a headlock. Shannon then delivered a dropkick to the head that both men on the mat. They came to their feet and Moore made his comeback before knocking Robbie to the outside. Shannon came off the second rope with a springboard moonsault, then scored a nearfall back in the ring.

The action moved to the top turnbuckle, where Moore delivered a huracanrana that Robbie sold like a champ. A nearfall resulted. Next, they went to a pinfall exchange sequence before Robbie shoved Moore to the ropes, and Terry popped Shannon in the face. Shannon then rebounded into a swinging DDT from Robbie for the pin and the win.

WINNER: Robbie at 9:32 to retain the TV Title. Robbie really worked hard to make this passable for PPV, as Shannon appeared to be disconnected from the match. The crowd was disconnected, as well, which didn't help matters. Robbie is slotted as a lower-card heel, but he continues to show potential to offer more to TNA.

3 -- Knockouts champion GAIL KIM vs. TARA -- Knockouts Title match

After a video package highlighted the Knockouts Title scene, Tara came to the ring as the challenger. KO champ Gail Kim then came to the ring along with Madison Rayne. No shark cage this month, as TNA authority figures have apparently given up on preventing Rayne from interfering. About mid-way through the match, Rayne walked out on Gail, who waved her good-bye. Gail continued to dominate, then her over-confidence led to Tara snapping off a powerslam. Up-top, Tara went for a moonsault and connected, but sold a right knee injury. Tara talked to ref Earl Hebner, then they went to the finish of Gail nailing Eat Defeat for the pin and the win. Post-match: Tara continued to sell the right knee.

WINNER: Gail at 6:50. The injury seemed like an "out" for Tara to take the loss, rather than a legit injury, unlike the opening match.

Backstage: Hemme brought in James Storm to talk about his TNA World Title shot tonight. Storm said the last time he got a title shot, he took advantage with a shocking victory over Kurt Angle. Storm got fired up, then told everyone else in the title match, "Sorry about your damn luck."

4 -- TNA tag champions MATT MORGAN & CRIMSON vs. SAMOA JOE & MAGNUS -- TNA Tag Title match

The challengers were the first men out for the match. The tag champs were out next, with Crimson still billed as "undefeated." Tenay stressed that Crimson has not been pinned in singles or tag matches. Early on, the two teams traded control of the action with all four men tagging in and out, without much standing out. The challengers then double-teamed Crimson to begin wearing him down. Morgan pounded the top turnbuckle to try to rally behind Crimson, but the heels maintained control. The sleepy crowd woke up a bit when Joe delivered a stiff chop to Crimson's chest before stalking him to deliver more offense.

Crimson finally made a comeback and tagged in Morgan to a reaction. Magnus also tagged in, setting up a confrontation between Morgan and Magnus. Morgan then dropped Joe with a discus clothesline before ramming the challengers's heads together. Morgan, fired up, measured Magnus for a corner strike, but Magnus blocked, only to take a swinging frontslam from Morgan for a two count. The action broke down at this point. Morgan and Crimson called for the end, but Magnus broke it up. The challengers then had a miscommunication before Crimson and Morgan had a miscommunication. The end result was a snapmare into big elbow from Magnus on Morgan for the pin and the win. New tag champs.

Post-match: Joe & Magnus celebrated with the Tag Titles before Crimson re-entered the ring to try to make sense of what happened. They replayed the finish before showing the new tag champs celebrating again. They went to a final shot of Crimson half-way up the entrance ramp shaking his head.

WINNERS: Joe & Magnus at 9:58 to capture the TNA Tag Titles. The finish was foreshadowed when Tenay stressed at the beginning of the match that Crimson's "unbeaten streak" includes not being pinned in tag matches. The new tag champs make for a good pairing and it's a good stepping stone for Joe if TNA is going to get behind him again. The match was definitely better than last month's thrown-together match-up.

Backstage: Hemme brought in Bully Ray for an interview. Ray did his usual routine yelling at and disparaging Hemme. He then sent Hemme away after calling her a "feeble woman." Ray told Storm and Hardy that he has their "numbah" and he's in Roode's head. Ray called himself the favorite to win the title match and said he's in the best shape of his life.

Impact Zone: Alex Shelley came to the ring to challenge for the X Division Title. Next out was "your X Division champion," Austin Aries. JB noted that Aries like wrestling Shelley, as Shelley brings out the best in him in the ring. Before the match started, Tenay provided an update on Sorensen that he was sent to the hospital. He added that Zema Ion will get a future title shot against the champion after this match.

5 -- X Division champion AUSTIN ARIES vs. ALEX SHELLEY -- X Division Title match

Shelley was the aggressor early on and Aries tried to stall for time. Aries went for a jawbreaker across the top rope and some object went flying into the air, then to the mat. Shelley came back with a top-rope dropkick before Aries disappeared underneath the ring, then came out the other side to sneak-attack Shelley. Aries followed with a suicide dive that KO'ed Shelley on the outside.

Back in the ring, Aries dominated Shelley as the crowd tried to rally behind Shelley. Aries took forever to set up his pendulum elbow drop, allowing Shelley to move. However, Aries quickly recovered, only to take a kick to the chest, followed by left-hand jabs and a chop to the chest. Shelley followed with a knock-down clothesline before firing himself up. Shelley knocked Aries to the outside, avoided the same disappearing act trick from Aries, and suicide dive-splashed Shelley on the outside.

Back in the ring at 10:00, Shelley scored a close nearfall after delivering Finlay's Celtic Cross finisher. Aries came back with a pendulum elbow smash, then went for a brainbuster, but Shelley blocked. The two men then collided mid-ring and sold on the mat. The action moved to the ring apron, where Aries delivered a DVD across the ring apron. Shelley sold by staring straight ahead with his eyes popping out of his head. Back in the ring, though, Aries could only score a two count. Aries then went up top and missed with a 450 Splash before Shelley connected with Sliced Bread to much excitement. Shelley made the pin, but Aries grabbed the middle rope just before three, drawing gasps from the crowd.

The action reset with Shelley stalking Aries for a kick, but Aries ducked and floated over with knees to the head, followed by a running dropkick. Aries followed right up with a brainbuster and made a cover, but Shelley kicked out just in time. Aries, frustrated, tried another b-buster, but Shelley countered with a small package for a two count before landing multiple kick strikes to the head for another two count. Aries blocked another Sliced Bread attempt before nailing another brainbuster. He transitioned into the Last Chancery and Shelley was forced to tap out moments into the submission hold.

WINNER: Aries via submission at 15:08 to retain the X Division Title. Easily the best match of the show thus far and a very good showcase for both men. Aries vs. Ion is next up for the X Division, but an Aries-Shelley series would be good for the division. (***1/2)

Backstage: Hemme brought in Jeff Hardy, who was sporting odd headwear. Hemme wanted to know how Hardy's back is doing. Hardy said his back and neck have seen better days, but he sees gold. Hardy said it's Against All Odds and he's feeling lucky. He shouted out to his creatures to mount up before showing off his oddly-painted face.

Next: A.J. Styles vs. Kazarian. TNA introduced a video package on the Styles-Kazarian-Daniels issue over the past few months leading to tonight's match. Out first was a reluctant Kazarian, flanked by a jubilant Daniels. Tenay tried to get an answer from JB on what it is that Daniels is holding over Kazarian, but JB said he has no answers. A.J. Styles was out next sporting a red get-up this month.

6 -- A.J. STYLES vs. KAZARIAN (w/Christopher Daniels)

Kazarian was forced to wear Daniels's t-shirt to the ring and during the match. Kaz wanted a handshake, but Styles shoved him to the corner and ripped off his t-shirt. Kaz tried to respond, but Styles grabbed him out of the corner and applied a side headlock. The crowd shifted their focus to Daniels, chanting at him that he sucks. In the ring, Styles went for a leapfrog too early and Kaz nearly crashed into his crotch, so Styles chucked Kaz to the floor to reset. Back in the ring, Styles continued to dominate Kaz and the crowd continued to chant at Daniels. Kaz finally scored with offense at 4:30, but was reluctant to follow up, allowing Styles to clear him to the floor. Styles then flew off the ring apron with a flying forearm.

Back in the ring, Kaz finally mounted some offense as Daniels pounded the mat to tell Kaz to finish him off. Kaz continued to sell reluctant as Daniels taunted Styles from ringside. Kaz grabbed a front facelock to ground Styles and continue to slow down the match while the fans occupied themselves with Daniels ringside. Styles and Kaz then traded blows mid-ring before Styles came back with a flurry of high-impact offense. Styles wanted the Clash, but Kaz blocked and landed a boot to the face.

At 13:00, Styles yanked Kaz off the ring ropes in position for the Clash, but Kaz countered with a bottle-opener twist to escape. Kaz then came flying over the top rope to slam Styles back-first across the ring apron. Styles tried to crawl back into the ring, but Kaz caught him with a cutter. The match moved up top, where Kaz wanted a top-rope suplex, but Styles elbowed out and both men fell to the mat. Styles then nailed his trademark reverse DDT, but Kaz came back with the Wave of the Future frontslam. The two men went through a sequence of pin attempts before Styles dropped Kaz with the Pele Kick. Styles then set up for a springboard splash on Kaz, but stopped his momentum and delivered a springboard moonsault onto Daniels ringside. Styles tried to follow up back in the ring, but Kaz nailed his Fade to Black reverse Tombstone Piledriver. Kaz with the pin and the win.

WINNER: Kaz at 18:45. About as Even-Steven as you can get with Daniels getting his comeuppance, which the fans wanted to see, and Kaz getting a pinfall over Styles. Overall, the match story was slow developing, which meant the match dragged at times, but they finished strong. (**3/4)

Backstage: Hemme brought in Eric Bischoff and Gunner. Bischoff said he's somewhat PO'ed about Hulk Hogan becoming a fatherly figure for Garett Bischoff, but he's also grateful because Gunner needs a father figure when Gunner destroys him. Eric mock cried about feeling somewhat responsible for this situation since Garett feels like he has to live up to his father's legacy. Eric handed a white towel to Gunner, symbolic of Hogan needing to throw in the towel when Gunner destroys Garett.

Impact Zone: Gunner and Eric Bischoff came to the ring for the match slotted in the semi-main event buffer spot. Hulk Hogan's music then played to bring out Hogan and Garett Bischoff, who was dressed in very shiny track pants and sporting his imitation Elvis sideburns. Before the bell sounded, Eric and Hogan traded verbal shouts from ringside.

7 -- GARETT BISCHOFF (w/Hulk Hogan) vs. GUNNER (w/Eric Bischoff)

Eric got involved early on by tripping Garett from ringside, which caused a stir with Hogan ringside. Back in the ring, Gunner tried to press-slam Garett, but Garett came back with a backslide attempt. Gunner then cut off Garett, which prompted Hogan to shout encouragement from ringside. Garett tried to make a comeback, but Gunner cut him off. At one point during the beat down, Garett seemed to be looking for a hot tag to Hogan, but Gunner cut him off. Garett came back with what looked like step-one of a spinebuster that he suddenly turned into a facebuster. "Oh!" JB shouted, surprised by the move.

Hogan told Garett to get back to his base, but Gunner smashed Garett into the top turnbuckle. Gunner then choked Garett across the middle rope before Eric slapped Garett to try to wake up the crowd. Hogan then walked over to Eric, spun him around, and decked Eric with a right hand to a reaction. Back in the ring, though, Gunner delivered a neckbreaker. Hogan told the "future of the business" that he has to get up. He did get up and took a blow to the neck from Gunner. Hogan then slowly crawled onto the ring apron with white towel in hand, but Garett told him not to do it, "showing heart." Gunner then caught Garett with a DDT for the pin and the win. Post-match: Eric slowly pulled himself up to the ring apron and laughed uncontrollably at the result.

WINNER: Gunner at 12:01. They should have ended this much sooner. Better yet, not booked it on a nationally-televised pay event. It seems like TNA takes a step back when Hogan is involved in something as of late (especially those counter-productive promos on Impact the last two weeks). Embarrassing for everyone involved, especially the announcers having to present this with a straight face.

Backstage: Hemme brought in a crazed man with blue and white facepaint screaming at the top of his lungs. "It's Showtime!" Sting declared. This led to a video package hyping the main event title match.

Impact Zone: After a Tale of the Tape set to disengaging Las Vegas-themed music, Sting's music played to bring out the ringside enforcer for the main event. Bully Ray was the first challenger out and he made an effort to pick up the backstage exchange with Christy Hemme, who was in the ring to handle formal ring intros. From a faraway shot, Sting looked like a member of ICP pacing around in the ring. James Storm was out second, followed by Jeff Hardy to huge screams from the young ladies in the crowd. Hardy slowly made his way to the ring before TNA World Hvt. champion Robert Roode slowly made his way out to round out the field. Once everyone was in the ring, Hemme handled formal ring intros with ref Brian Hebner standing by. Ray interrupted Hemme's intro to announce himself before Hemme introduced Storm, then Hardy to screams, and then Roode. Roode tried to get Ray to work with him, but Ray stood motionless in the corner, no-selling.

8 -- TNA World Hvt. champion ROBERT ROODE vs. JEFF HARDY vs. JAMES STORM vs. BULLY RAY -- four-way TNA World Title match -- Sting ringside enforcer

The bell sounded and Roode continued to try to sell Ray on working together. Ray teased working with Roode, but then slipped out of the ring to stand ringside with arms folded. Hardy and Storm then took turns teeing off on Roode as Ray watched on the floor. As this went on, Tenay relayed an update on Jesse Sorensen that he's undergoing medical tests. Ray then found an opening to enter the ring, but the faces cut him off. Hardy then found himself on the outside, leaving Storm alone in the ring with Ray and Roode.

Suddenly, the old Beer Money duo executed a suplex on Ray. They came back-to-back very slowly as the crowd popped. Roode smiled and suggested working together, but he punched Storm in the face. They exchanged right hands before Storm gained the advantage. Hardy then re-entered the ring and hit the Whisper in the Wind on Roode for a two count. Ray then cleared the ring, except for Hardy. Ray picked apart Hardy in the ring while the former Beer Money partners battled on the outside.

At 9:00, Ray tried to give Roode instructions as Roode re-entered the ring. Ray wanted a spike piledriver, but Storm cut off Roode and Hardy made a comeback on Ray. Up top, Storm and Hardy set up for a double superplex, but Ray cut them off. Ray then helped launch the superplex spot and all four men crashed to the mat. Ray was the first man up, but could not score a pin. Hardy suddenly recovered and nailed the Twist of Fate, but could not make a cover, as Roode cut him off with a flapjack. Ray suddenly speared Roode, then the ref was predictably bumped. Ray hit the Bubba Bomb on Hardy, but the ref was KO'ed. Ray scored the visual three count, but ref Hebner was still out. Ray argued with Sting, then turned around to take a Twist of Fate from Hardy, and Hardy scored a visual three count of his own.

Storm hit a superkick on Roode, but Ray yanked the now-awake ref out of the ring. Ray and Sting argued with the ref in the middle, then Storm came flying over the top rope with a splash that hit the ref. Back in the ring, Hardy dropped Roode and wanted a Swanton Bomb, but Roode moved and Hardy was left alone in the ring. On the outside, Roode grabbed his title belt and tried to use it back in the ring, but Sting yanked the title belt away from Roode. Roode screamed at Sting, asking him what he's going to do. Sting teased popping him with the title belt, but Sting couldn't pull the trigger. Roode then spit in Sting's face, so Sting tried to smash Roode, but Roode ducked and he smashed Hardy with the title belt. Roode laughed as Sting called him sick. Roode then made a cover on Hardy and Sting reluctantly dropped down to his knees to count. One...Jeff! Jeff!...two...Jeff! Jeff!...three. Roode retains the title.

Post-match: Roode laughed in Sting's face before telling Sting to hand him the title belt. Sting was forced to raise Roode's arm in victory, then Sting dropped down to his knees to check on Hardy as Roode continued to taunt him. After a replay of the finish, they showed Roode celebrating ringside. "There's nothing you can do about it! Haha!" he shouted. In the ring, the Facepainted Brothers recovered as Sting tried to check on Hardy and apologize to him. They went to another replay of the finish and the announcers continued to talk before TNA signed off at 9:50.

WINNER: Roode at 15:08 to retain the TNA World Title. Another TNA PPV main event and another match that felt more like a TV angle than a match people had to pay to see. The match, which went just as expected with the heel champion using Sting's over-zealousness against him, advanced the Roode-Sting feud, but people shouldn't be asked to pay for this month after month. (**1/4)


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