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TNA Impact
CALDWELL'S TNA IMPACT WRESTLING RESULTS 5/31: Ongoing "virtual-time" coverage of live Impact in new timeslot - Roode vs. Sting

May 31, 2012 - 9:00:48 PM

TNA Impact Wrestling Results
May 31, 2012
Live in Orlando, Fla.
Aired on Spike TV
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

The first live Impact Wrestling episode of TNA's summer series in a new timeslot one hour earlier opened with a video package recapping Bobby Roode's TNA Title retention against A.J. Styles and Sting's return last week. A new voice-over man narrated the events.

Impact Zone: The show went live to the Impact Zone, where lumberjacks were already assembled ringside for the TNA World Title match. Mike Tenay introduced the show before World Hvt. champ Bobby Roode was introduced. "You suck" chants from the crowd as Roode slowly made his way to the ring. After Roode made his intro, Crazy Sting came out dressed in a t-shirt and scorpion pants to challenge for the TNA Title. Sting pointed to the babyface lumberjacks ringside as Taz said the "arena" is buzzing tonight.

1 -- TNA World Hvt. champion BOBBY ROODE vs. STING -- TNA World Title match that turned into a non-title lumberjack match

Sting flipped Roode upside-down in the corner early on before raking the champ's eyes. Taz noted there's a strong line-up of stars ringside as lumberjacks for this match-up. Roode tried to come back on Sting with chops, but Sting no-sold before teasing the Scorpion Deathlock, but Roode reached the ropes for a break. Sting then punted Roode to the outside and the face lumberjacks struggled to get him back into the ring. Apparently they're not used to the lumberjack concept. They got it right on the second try. Roode then turned the tables by knocking Sting to the heel side, and Sting took blows to the kidneys from the heel jacks.

Back in the ring, Sting knocked Roode to the outside at the feet of the faces, who quickly rolled him back into the ring. Roode then rolled Sting back to the outside and confusion ensued. They're really stalling here. Back in the ring, Roode rocked Sting around the ring with right hand blows before delivering a knee drop to the face for a two count. Roode went for a rear waistlock as the crowd tried to rally behind Sting. Sting eventually broke free, but Roode cut him off and continued the attack before chucking Sting to the heel side. Cue the music for a break 11 minutes into Impact as Sting tried to fight off the heels.

[Commercial Break]

[Q2] After a lengthy commercial, Impact returned with the action still going on in the ring. Roode stomped away at Sting as the announcers noted Roode was on the attack throughout the commercial. Roode then dumped Sting to the outside and the jacks began arguing amongst themselves. Back in the ring, Roode lit up Sting with chops before Sting started to no-sell. Sting delivered a Stinger Splash, then Roode bailed to the outside to the security of the heel jacks. Sting then splashed all of them before rolling Roode back into the ring.

In the ring, Sting teased the Scorpion Deathlock, but Roode countered into a Crossface. The crowd and face jacks tried to rally behind Sting, who eventually reached the bottom rope for a break. Sting then came back with a Scorpion Death Drop and applied the Scorpion Deathlock. After a few moments, Roode tapped out, making Sting the TNA World champion apparently. However, the announcers acted like they didn't know if it was for the title. Roode was shown clutching his title belt as Hulk Hogan's music played.

On-stage: Hogan said 53-year-old Sting is Impact's number one man. Hogan then booked the main event at Slammiversary - Roode vs. Sting. Didn't they just wrestle? Hogan said to add some icing on the cake, the World Title will be on the line. Roode freaked out in the ring as he clutched his title belt.

WINNER: Sting via submission at 13:39. This really dragged and confusion reigned with the match billed as a title match that apparently wasn't. Overall, the match just didn't click, and now they're booking the same match ten days later on the PPV.

Still to Come: A.J. Styles vs. Daniels, plus TV champion Devon's next title defense based on a fan vote. Also, Brooke Hogan makes her official TV debut.

[Commercial Break]

Dressing Room: Madison Rayne said she's going to get along just fine with Brooke Hogan. She wanted to make sure her secret crush was paying attention, too.

Impact Zone: Bully Ray was in the ring. A man dressed in a suit holding a bag of popcorn was watching in the crowd - Joseph Park. After identifying himself, Ray called out J. Park and asked him if he forgot what he did to him last week. Ray told "the guy in the truck" to roll the footage. They showed Ray beating down Park last Thursday on Impact. Ray said he wants to fight Park right now. In the crowd, Park sold concern over this challenge. He made an upside-down goofball face and bumbled down the bleacher stands toward the guardrail. Park pleaded with Ray that he doesn't want to fight. Ray called him a coward, said his mother is a coward, his father is a coward, and, most of all, his brother Abyss is a coward. Park had enough and tried hopping the rail, but security held him back. Ray said he'll take responsibility and told security to go away.

[Q3] Park slowly approached the ring steps as Ray told him to get in the ring. Park slipped into the ring, then backed away as Ray approached him. Park pleaded with Ray that he's not a wrestler, but an attorney. Ray then entered a plea of guilty on leaving Abyss for dead. "Now what are you gonna do, lawyer boy?" Ray asked. Park grabbed Ray around the throat and threatened to strike him, but Ray told him he'll sue him if he hits him. Park let up, then started to back away as Ray sold concern. "I will not stoop to your level," Park said in his best Damien Sandow voice. Ray told Park that he's just like his brother: nothing but a coward. Ray then dropped the mic and left the ring.

In the ring, Park called out to Ray to wait a minute. He asked Ray that if he wants to fight, they should do it right now. Ray asked him if he really wants to fight. He said they'll do it at Slamm-i-vers-ary. Boos from the crowd. Park sold concern after realizing he was now booked in a match that Ray apparently has the power to book.

Up Next: Austin Aries defends the X Division Title against remaining Motor City Machineguns member Chris Sabin.

[Commercial Break]

Crimson video package: A graphic claimed Crimson has been undefeated for 462 days, which led into highlights of Crimson's "total domination" in TNA. Backstage: Crimson was talking to no one in particular at the interview set that he can't be beat.

Impact Zone: Motor City Machineguns's music played to bring out Chris Sabin for an X Title challenge. Tenay noted Sabin has spent most of the past years as a tag team with Alex Shelley, he is an accomplished singles wrestler. They cut to a random shot of Austin Aries talking to D-Lo Brown backstage at the entrance location. Samoa Joe randomly walked past and was sprayed by Aries's mister. Aries then jumped through the curtain to come out for his title defense.

2 -- X Division champion AUSTIN ARIES vs. CHRIS SABIN -- X Division Title match

Quick action early on before Aries took control with flying offense. Suddenly, the men engaged in a pinfall exchange before Aries kicked Sabin to the outside. Aries then came flying through the ropes with a suicide dive. Back in the ring, Sabin missed with a corner dropkick before Aries came off the top rope with a missile dropkick. Aries then missed with a corner dropkick and Sabin cleared him to the floor before landing a flying splash.

Back in the ring, Sabin executed a snap suplex after draping Aries across the middle rope. Sabin and Aries teased finishers before Aries suddenly rolled up Sabin for the pin and the win. Post-match, Sabin sold frustration as Aries sold intensity following his victory.

WINNER: Aries at 3:50 to retain the X Division Title. It's unfortunate there was no back-story to why this match took place since Sabin's first singles match post-Shelley's departure could have meant more. Early on, the match looked like a lot of flying around without purpose trying to pack a lot of action into a four-minute window.

[Q4] Backstage: Hulk Hogan was shown talking to Taz. Hogan said he appreciated Taz keeping everyone in check during the Gut Check deliberations. Taz said he's going to be the real Taz (and not the fake color commentary guy) helping decide the future of the roster. Hogan told Taz to do what's right with the Gut Check. He said this is the future of the company, so do it right. There was no mention of this presumably being deliberations over Joey Ryan.

[Commercial Break]

TNA Office yesterday: Bruce Prichard is back on television. Taz was shown telling Prichard he expects them to butt heads from time to time during this. Al Snow was shown talking on the couch. They discussed Joey Ryan's look, calling it a unique look. Taz said he looks different and gets your attention. Prichard said Ryan looks like a 1970s porno reject. Taz said that's the gimmick. Prichard said they're trying to be reality and feature real people.

Prichard then said some of the fans who "came onto Twitter" thought he was better than Alex Silva, who actually got a contract by "swaying us at the end with a passionate promo." Taz said one thing that pissed him off was Joey Ryan "staying in character" but not looking like he was going to be in a fight. Prichard critiqued Joey Ryan's character, but Taz said these guys are trying to stand out with their one opportunity. Prichard said Joey didn't blow him away, but he remembers him. He said the positives and negatives have to be weighed. Prichard said Joey has one last opportunity to sell them. Snow said perhaps that's where he sells them. Taz said they'll see if he can cut the promo of his life.

Segment Reax: Okay, this just belongs on a completely separate show in a separate universe where TNA isn't trying to sell the audience on scripted matches, characters, and feuds in the segment before and the segment after. In the next segment, are they going to sit down and critique whether Chris Park sold versatility in his segment with Bully Ray earlier when they want the audience to believe Ray is really a bully and Joseph Park is really a separate person and not Abyss? You just can't mix the two approaches.

[Commercial Break]

Backstage: JB was with the four potential challengers to TV champion Devon. Robbie E. thought he would actually win the fan vote as Mr. Anderson, Rob Van Dam, and Jeff Hardy stood by. RVD's eyes were unbelievably blood shot. JB plugged the voting and told the fans to make their voices heard.

[Q5 -- second hour]

Impact Zone: At the top of the second hour, TNA president Dixie Carter's music played to bring out Dixie with a big smile on her face. Carter asked the crowd how they're doing tonight. She said it's hard to believe that in ten short days, TNA will celebrate ten years. She said she is so proud of all their success. Dixie thanked the fans for their support before saying they will celebrate ten years on "September 10" instead of June 10. Dixie said they will induct the first TNA Hall of Famer at Slammiversary, which is her big announcement.

Dixie then changed the discussion to Brooke Hogan, who she said will change the course of the Knockouts. Dixie tried to sell the audience on Brooke's addition. She asked the crowd to stand up and welcome her to TNA. Brooke came out on-stage as Tenay gave the formal introduction for Brooke. In the ring, Brooke and Dixie embraced before Dixie officially welcomed her to Impact Wrestling. Dixie recalled their conversation about Hulk Hogan being very supportive after Dixie told him. Dixie said she's excited about all Brooke is going to do for them. Brooke sold being at a loss for words before thanking her for the opportunity. The crowd was mixed in their reaction to Brooke, who asked for a reception.

Brooke said she is all about girl power and she will be focused on building up the Knockouts division. She said this is so close to her heart, the girls are amazing, and she will work her butt off. Brooke thanked the Knockouts. Dixie said they're going to have a lot of fun, then introduced Brooke again. No interruption.

Backstage: Daniels and Kazarian were shown watching the promo. Daniels said he can't believe Dixie didn't address the A.J. Styles pictures. "Talk about burying the lead," Daniels said. Daniels said after he beats A.J. Styles tonight, he'll show her the pictures again.

Still to come: Styles vs. Daniels. Up Next: TV Title decision.

[Commercial Break]

PPV Flashback: Nov. 13, 2005 when Christian Cage arrived in TNA. The now-departed Don West's voice was heard as he went crazy for Christian coming over from WWE at the time. Also, the size difference between Bully Ray then and now is quite noticeable.

Impact Zone: TV champion Devon came to the ring as Taz entered fake announcing mode plugging the TV Title match up next. They cut backstage where JB said the winner received over 40 percent of the vote. And, the winner is...Jeff Hardy, who stood still with his hands in his pants pockets. Hardy's music played, he casually nodded to the other contestants, and made his way to the ring.


3 -- TNA TV champion DEVON vs. JEFF HARDY -- TV Title match

As the match started, Tenay and Taz debated Joey Ryan's Gut Check chances. The two babyfaces felt each other out early on, then exchanged quick pins before coming to their feet for a standstill. Taz got excited about the MMA show coming up next as Devon cut off Hardy and took control of the action. Tenay then plugged comments from James Storm after this match. Suddenly, Hardy came off the top rope with a Whisper in the Wind for a two count. Devon came back with a flying neckbreaker out of the corner after cutting off Hardy, then both men sold on the mat.

At 3:00, the two men traded control before Hardy hit a Twist of Fate. After removing his shirt, Hardy climbed up top to hit the Swanton Bomb, but Robbie E. and T. hit the ring to attack Hardy. The ref called for the bell and Christy Hemme announced the match was thrown out. A week of hype and TNA makes a big production out of the voting for this finish? The faces then worked together to clear the heels from the ring. Rob Terry stood his ground on the outside as Robbie sold at his feet. The two sides squared off to conclude the segment.

WINNER: No Contest at 4:19. Why would anyone vote in a future poll when this is the result? Also, why didn't they cut backstage to show the writers and agents discussing the finish and arguing about whether it was a good booking decision to send the Robbies out to the ring to interrupt a match the viewers voted on?

James Storm's Home: Storm said being home is where he belongs riding horses with his daughter. Storm said he doesn't know if it hurt more losing to Roode or seeing the look on people's faces when he lost. He said he did the whole country music thing and let everyone down. Storm said his fans made him who he is today and he doesn't want to let down Dixie Carter. But, he's made his decision. His daughter asked if he's going back wrestling. Storm cut off the camera, not wanting to comment further.

Up Next: Gut Check result.

[Commercial Break]

Video Recap: Daniels and Kazarian holding scandalous photos over A.J. Styles.

[Q7] Impact Zone: JB was in the ring with Bruce Prichard, Taz, and Al Snow to decide Joey Ryan's fate. JB gave them formal ring intros before asking them if they have seen enough footage to decide on Joey Ryan's fate. Prichard spoke up that he's made his decision. JB then welcomed out Joey Ryan.

Out came Joey Ryan still doing his "sleazy" gimmick. Ryan checked his moustache in the camera before planting himself in the ring to pose for everyone. JB asked Joey if he put forward his best effort last week. Joey then asked them if they realize who they're in the ring with. Joey said right now, "Joey Ryan" is trending worldwide on Twitter. He said in an Impact online poll, 87 percent of fans voted for him.

Prichard spoke first. He said he looks at Joey right now and sees the whole gimmick. "You're a hell of a talent," he said. Prichard said Joey has been in the business for 12 years, so after all of that time, his answer is no. Joey removed his shades to sell disbelief. Al Snow spoke next as the dramatic music played. Snow said he doesn't like Joey, especially acting like he already has a job here. Snow said it's not about whether he likes or dislikes him, but whether he can be an Impact star. Snow said yes. So, it's up to Taz.

JB told Joey they're going to give him the chance to state his case. Joey said that for a company that prides itself on social media relevance, Bruce Prichard is irresponsible and he questions his leadership. Joey cut a promo for Taz that you don't leave money on the table because someone else might come along and pick it up. Taz said he's going to keep it real. He said if that's the promo to get a contract, then he's out of his friggen mind. Taz stepped up to Joey, who stepped up to Taz and told him he's a commentator; he said he's not the Human Suplex machine anymore. Taz shouted that his answer is no. Joey got in Taz's face and told him he made a mistake. Taz cut a promo on Joey to hit the road again, come back, and they'll see again. Joey continued to rip on Taz on the way out of the ring after an intense back-and-forth to conclude the segment.

[Commercial Break]

Dateline: London, May 25: Bobby Roode was shown doing his championship speech in front of Big Ben last week.

Announcers: Tenay and Taz plugged Roode vs. Sting for the TNA World Title at Slammiversary. Plus, Bully Ray vs. Joseph Park in a suit, and Kaz & Daniels vs. Angle & Styles for the TNA Tag Titles.

Impact Zone: Christy Hemme introduced the main event, starting with Christopher Daniels. A.J. Styles then came out to face Daniels.


4 -- TNA tag champion DANIELS vs. A.J. STYLES

The match started with a tie-up before Daniels slapped Styles across the face. Meanwhile, Taz talked about losing his cool with Joey Ryan and having the "character" and "gimmick," but not having the legs to go on the road. After a game of cat and mouse between Styles and Daniels, Daniels smashed Styles in the face with a right hand, bending Styles backward on the mat. Daniels then knocked Styles to the floor and Styles sold pain. Cue up the music and it's time for a break.

[Commercial Break]

Back from break, Daniels was working over Styles as Tenay noted Impact is live throughout the summer. Daniels executed a springboard moonsault before going back to work with a mat-based submission. Styles suddenly came back with corner offense before dropping Daniels with a roundhouse kick. After both men sold on the mat, Styles fired up with strikes and elbows and forearms before putting Daniels in the Torture Rack into a pin attempt for a two count.

The match moved to the ring apron, where Styles nailed a springboard forearm strike. The two men countered each other before Styles set up Daniels for the Clash, but Kaz hit the ring apron to distract Styles. Daniels tried to roll up Styles, but Styles kicked out. Styles came back with a reverse DDT for the pin and the win.

WINNER: Styles at 10:33. Your typical Styles-Daniels match, which was used to set up the post-match...

Post-match: Kaz attacked Styles and took out ref Earl Hebner in the process. Kaz and Daniels beat up Styles for a while before Kurt Angle's music telegraphed his arrival to take out the heels. Angle made Kaz tap with the Anklelock, but Daniels snuck up behind Angle with a low blow. The heels followed with high/low on Angle. Kaz then tied up Angle in the ropes with a wire before Daniels took out Styles with a belt shot to the head. Kaz couldn't secure Angle's right arm, so Daniels KO'ed Angle with a belt shot.

Daniels then took a mic to address matters. He said they have shown the crowd pictures and videos, but they still don't believe them. Daniels said they have proof of the affair between Styles and Dixie. Daniels rolled a phone conversation between Styles and Dixie on meeting up this weekend. It sounds like they were planning a surprise birthday party for Dixie's husband. Dixie Carter suddenly stormed the announce position and demanded someone turn off the audio. She told the guys in the truck to push a button. The video cut to Spike graphics as Dixie's voice continued to be heard telling someone that he's finished before the show faded out to UFC programming.


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